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πŸ”ͺBITTERSWEET WIFEπŸ”₯ (She is his Enigma). Episode 25. Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara. (Quality Hotel). Their cars arrived on the big compound. Taehyung parked exactly at the entrance. Their ride was awkward because none of them spoke to each other. They were the only ones in that car but everyone was silent. What could they say? There was nothing to say. Clara stepped put of the car without any sign of interested communications. She just walked straight into the building. Taehyung stepped out of the car and closed the door. His friends walked closer, looking at the entrance and held his shoulder. '' so..is the honeymoon over? ''. Hoseok asked. '' well,obviously ''. Jimin said. '' she gave me back the ring ''. Taehyung said and his voice break. '' she finally... Removed it when I also finally decided to accept my feelings ''. '' damn bro. Am sorry ''. Yoongi said. '' so you are giving up on her? ''. Jungkook said. '' I mean...it won't be hard to win her back now that she's in pain. She is going to need a shoulder to cry on. Use that to your advantage ''. '' you don't know her. She's not easy as she seems. And besides,we both married without love. I am the one who has fallen in love with her...she doesn't feel anything for me. All she wants to he divorced so that she can go back to her old life to pursue her career as a model. That's the only thing that will make her happy ''. '' are you sure about that? Women are enigmatic bro. You'll never know what they ate thinking until it happens ''. Seokjin said. '' come on Taehyung, this is the first time you have actually admitted with tears that you are truly in love. This feeling will never return of you let it go ''. Namjoon said. '' yeah. And Clara's sweet side will come out sooner or later if you truly. Will be sincere with her. You just have to take the bitterness in her away ''. Taehyung starred on the floor for a moment and walked into the building. (Room 13). Clara had removed all her clothes from the wardrobe and opened her traveling bag and placed it in the bed. She started packing her clothes and arranging them into the bag. Taehyung entered the room and froze on the spot when he saw her packing. '' I am a nobody. I don't have money or power,you are the one who bought me here,so please...take me back to New York city now ''. '' I can't ''. Clara laughed sarcastically. She shook her head and continued packing. '' okay...I will go on my own. If I have to swim the ocean to reach there or walk on the desert,fine. I am not interested in whatever has to do with any of you anyways ''. '' I can't let you walk on the desert or swim in the ocean! ''. He said and walked closer to her,grabbing Ber hands tightly and placed them on his chest. '' I want you to stay here! ''. Clara was a little shocked. But she pushed him away. '' stay where? In there?! ''. She said pointing at his chest. '' I am okay outside. What do you think of me? A selfish woman who kicks your lover and her baby from their original place. That is where Bella and your baby deserves,leave me out of this ''. '' Clara, I just found out she was pregnant this morning, I swear I didn't intend for all this to...if she had not said this,I was about to break up with her ''. '' what happened? What changed Taehyung? Why are you suddenly explaining your life decisions to me? Who am I huh? Didn't you say you couldn't wait to get me out of your hair? '' '' I know I said all that... '' enough! ''. She screamed and break down in tears. '' can we skip this and accept reality? I was so happy with my life before existed in it! ''. '' why are you so angry? Which of us are you angry at Clara?! Your mother or me?! ''. The room was suddenly quiet and gloomy. Clara kept starring at the entrance while Taehyung starred at her. Her facial expression completely changed when Rose entered the room with Maria. Her eyes were red. She was confused, being in denial for a while before she bent down and zipped her bag closed. Rose walked closer to her and fell on her knees in tears. '' Clara, I will die of you leave this time around. I will die because I am ashamed of myself...but you need to hear my side of the story,I already imagined what your father might have to... '' don't mention my father! If he had not educated and took care of me,you wouldn't have being here,acting so great. I don't need you in my life,I would rather beg on the streets! ''. '' Clara, she had loosed her memory for many years... '' don't interfere in this Maria! She abandoned me when I was just five! ''. '' that is because your father was a criminal and a murderer! ''. Clara loosed balance and almost fell in shock. One eye let out tears and Taehyung just stood there watching the scene. He walked closer to Clara, trying to hold her but she raised her hand at him. '' don't touch me! Let me listen to this liar and attention seeker ''. She said,facing Rose with all the hate. '' my father is a murderer huh? Who did he kill? ''. '' I have all the evidence in box I swear! He used to tell me everything he did sweetheart ''. '' don't call me that! I hate you ''. She cried and took her bag in her hands. Clara started walking away. '' don't leave me Clara ''. Taehyung said in a low deep tone. '' please... I have so much to tell you ''. '' what is there more than what I have already seen and heard? ''. She said and turned to Taehyung and went on her knees,putting her hands together. '' please take me back to New York city and go back to Bella. Please! ''. She said and stood up and went back to take her bag. '' I will be waiting for you on the car so you take me to the airport ''. She said and left. Rose couldn't control her tears. Taehyung's phone beeped loudly. He switched it on and looked at the screen. His straight face switched. He was horrified. Teats appeared in his eyes. Both Maria and Rose's phones also beeped and they all looked on the screen. Taehyung's couldn't move. He was paralyzed. All his friends and their wives also arrived there in shock with their friends. Clara sat at the backseat of the car and her phones beeped as well. She looked at the screen and she almost got a panick attack. Taehyung's phone fell from his hand and he was still unmovable. '' what?! This is impossible! ''. Maria shouted. But Rose was not surprised. She kept nodding her head in tears. '' it's true ''. She said. Everyone turned to her,except Taehyung. He looked depressed and uncertain. AMERICA NEWS: MRS KIM NANA HAS BEING ARRESTED BY THE POLICE THIS MORNING FOR ILLEGAL ADOPTION OF HER SON,KIM TAEHYUNG. E NEWS: THE SOUP IS BOILING AS IT HAS BEING ALLEGED THAT KIM TAEHYUNG IS ACTUALLY AN ILLEGITIMATE CHILD OF THE KIM FAMILY. WHAT'S HOT?: KIM TAEHYUNG IS NOT THE BIOLOGICAL CHILD OF THE KIMS. PARIS NEWS: FAMOUS MUSICIAN KIM TAEHYUNG OF BTS IS ALLEGED OF NOT BEING KIM YU'DAN'S BIOLOGICAL SON. AFRICA GOSSIP: MR KIM YU'DAN HAS FINALLY CONFIRMED THAT KIM TAEHYUNG IS NOT HIS BIOLOGICAL SON. EUROPE'S NEWS: KIM TAEHYUNG OF FAMOUS BOY BAND BTS IS AN ILLEGITIMATE SON OF THE KIM FAMILY. ASIA NEWS: WHAT'S NEW? THE NEW NEWS IS BOILING AS THE WORLD HAS COME TO KNOW THAT KIM TAEHYUNG OF BTS IS NOT MR KIM YU'DAN'S SON. '' Rose... What do you mean this is true? ''. '' it is true that Taehyung is not Mr Yu'dan's son. Kim Nana bought him from a hospital in South Korea twenty five years ago. And it was my husband who helped her ''. '' you mean Clara's father? ''. '' yes. He was her driver. I found everything out when I one day saw the documents in his things,and the gun he used to kill Mr Yu'dan's first son's mother ''. Taehyung came back to himself and immediately walked out of the room. .πŸ”₯ ........ πŸ”ͺBITTERSWEET WIFEπŸ”₯. (She is his Enigma). Episode 26. Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara. '' Taehyung! ''. Jimin shouted,quickly following him with the others. (Outside Hotel). Clara finished reading the news headlines and her heart was beating like crazy. She raised her head and saw Taehyung walking out of the hotel and quickly sitting in one of the cars in front of the one she was sitting in. She quickly stepped out of the car and started running towards the car Taehyung was in,bit before she could reach there,he already started the car and drove speedily out of the hotel. Clara rushed back to the car and entered the front seat to follow him but realised the car keys were not in. She hit the steering wheel hard in anxiety. Namjoon and the others arrived outside and Clara quickly rushed them immediately. '' Clara! Where is Tae? ''. Jimin asked. '' he just left! ''. She said,out of breath. '' in a car...did he read the news? ''. '' yes. Everyone in the world know now ''. Seokjin said. '' but who the hell must have done this?! How did this happened? I don't believe this is true ''. Jungkook said. Clara raised her phone to dial Taehyung's number. '' don't bother yourself... He left his phone ''. Yoongi said,giving Tae hyung phone to Clara. '' oh my God! ''. She cried. '' where are we going to find him ''. '' Urr...Taehyung once told me he had a house here in Paris ''. Jimin said. They all turned to him shock. '' what?! Where? '' Yoongi asked. '' I don't man...he just said it was a birthday gift from his dad...like,five years ago. But he said he went there only once and that's all. He never showed me where it was located neither did he seem to be interested in going where again sp I don't really know ''. '' then that means,his father is the only one who knows where the house is and can show us ''. Hoseok said. '' you mean... His step father? ''. Jungkook said. '' shut the fuck up Jungkook ''. Seokjin said and took his phone. '' I am calling Mr Kim now ''. (American=New York city=Kim's Mansion). Uncountable media personalities had flooded the Kim's estate and the mansion with microphones, cameras,pens and books,recorders and others,screaming on top of their voices for answers from the Kim family. It was already very dark in the night and the whole place was noisy. Mr Kim's doctor took out a sedative so he could inject him and help him sleep. His heart problems had arose, with all the problems that had come to him in just a single day. Hadid,Luna and Taehyung's mother stood there with anxiety as they didn't know what to do. The nurses besides the doctor checked on Mr Kim's pulse and they shook their heads. '' wha...why are you shaking your heads? What is going on? What's wrong doctor? ''. This is getting serious Hadid...your father must be taken to the hospital immediately ''. '' what?! But... '' it doesn't matter what we do here,we have all the tools in the hospital to take care of him there,not here. His condition is getting worse ''. '' how can we take him when this vultures of journalists has flooded there? ''. '' command your guards to kick them away... Please! We must take him now! ''. Hadid rushed to his father's side in tears. '' now you too dad. Don't leave me like mum did please dad! Please... '' Hadid... '' get the car ready now Luna! Hurry ''. Mr Kim was unconscious in the large bed of his master bedroom, he was oxydated and motionless. Then he suddenly opened his eyes in a heavy breath. He was shaking, his eyes were popping out of his head. The doctor's rushed to his side and started pressing his chest. '' call 911! He's having a cardiac arrest! Hurry! ''. The doctor shouted and Hadid quickly dialled on his phone. The doctor tired his possible best. He pressed Mr Kim's chest as professionally possible as he could. But Mr Kim suddenly stopped reacting. His eyes were left opened. He gave up on life and died at that instance. Hadid saw this as his phone slipped off his hands. He loosed balance and fell on the floor. Luna arrived in the room and froze behind her husband. '' I am very sorry..he is gone ''. The doctor said. Taehyung's mother went closer to Hadid to caress him and gave him comfort as the doctors started packing their tools. (America's Airport). Bella was in disguise. She was in an all black clothes with a black spectacle like a widow. She walked awkwardly to the airport's basement so she could finally make it out of there. Bella suddenly saw some of the policemen and women at the airport, checking on people and looking for someone. Bella suddenly saw some of the policemen raised her and her mother's pictures up on a board to shoe to the public as WANTED people. People were shocked and all whispering to one another. As she kept starring at the policemen and walking away,she bumped into someone and they both almost fell on the ground. She raised her head and saw that it was her mother who was also in disguise. Wearing a blonde wig and heavy make up. Her mother didn't recognise her though. '' where are you going? ''. She asked her mother in a different voice. '' what?! I..I am going to Mexico..excuse me ''. Edna said and started walking away. Bella quickly stretched her hands behind her mother and pulled off her wig and shouted. She grabbed tons of attention. '' criminal! This is Edna Bello! ''. Bella shouted in a different voice and Edna was shocked she was caught. Bella took to her heels in the mists of the thousands of people. Edna started running too but unfortunately, the police grabbed hold of her. When they caught her,that's when she realised that it was actually Bella who had also disguised herself to expose her instead. Tears rushed down her face. '' that was Bella! That was BB ''. She shouted. '' where is your daughter Mrs Bello? ''. '' she run away! She's back from Paris and is in America ''. The police quickly took her away while calling the next force of policemen. NATIONAL NEWS: BELLA BELLO (BB),THE MODEL IS WANTED BY THE POLICE FOR AN ATTEMPTED MURDER ON KIM TAEHYUNG'S WIFE. GOOD NEWS: SHOCKING NEWS=ROSE GABANNA IS THE BIOLOGICAL MOTHER OF KIM CLARA. GOSSUP: BELLA BELLO,WANTED BY THE POLICE. ROSE GABANNA FINDS OUT KIM CLARA IS HER DAUGHTER. Every news platform was flooded around the world. Comments: '' doesn't matter whether Rose Gabanna is her mother. Armies hate her! ''. '' I wish Bella Bello actually killed her so she left Taehyung ''. '' whatever... All I wanna know is...is she dead or not? ''. '' then that means,Bella was actually in love with Taehyung ''. '' our V seems very unhappy with her so...no problem if she dies ''.. It kept coming and coming.. LATEST NEWS: KIM YU'DAN HAS BEING PRONOUNCED DEAD THIS EVENING AT HIS HOME. OMG NEWS: MR KIM YU'DAN,THE BUSINESS TYCOON IS DEAD. TELL IT: MR KIM YU'DAN HAS DIED THIS EVENING IN HIS NEW YORK'S MANSION. (France,Paris=Quality Hotel). '' what?! ''. Seokjin shouted into his phone on his ears. '' what happened?! ''. They all asked. Seokjin hanged up the phone. His face was red and he faced them all. '' Mr Kim has just died... '' oh my God! ''. Clara bent down in tears. Rose tried touching her but she got up and pushed her away. '' don't even dare! ''. She said and faced Seokjin. '' and Taehyung? ''. '' Hadid says that he doesn't know where the house is ''. '' oh my God! How will we find him now?! ''... .......
πŸ”ͺBITTERSWEET WIFEπŸ”₯. (She is his Enigma). Episode 27. Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara. (2 Days Later). Omar and Bella's personal assistant Cameron were arrested and transferred to New York to face trial after Cameron confessed all the things Bella commanded him to do. (Quality Hotel). Clara sat in bed, with Taehyung's laptop in her laps,she searched all possible clued but she found none. They had informed the police to look for Taehyung but they told them to make the search very private so the entire world wouldn't assume That Taehyung was missing. Clara's eyes were red and swollen from crying. She had being checked by the doctors and all the wounds were healing very good,all the plasters and other this he were removed from her body. Rose and Maria entered the room with breakfast. Clara's eyes fell on Rose and her mood changed. '' are you still here? I told you to leave my life! ''. '' I brought you food ''. '' is there not poison in it since it has being touched by you? ''. Rose's face changed into pain. !aria went closer to Clara and sat in front of her. '' I am very disappointed ''. Maria said as she set the food. '' the Clara I defended against Bella, is now turning worse than her ''. '' what?! You are blaming me?! ''. '' this is exactly how Bella treats her mother ''. '' at least I have a reason! Maybe no one has abandoned you when you needed them the most ''. '' Clara,she's your mother. She accepts her mistakes. But she didn't abandon you for a man like your father made you believe ''. '' so my father is a liar ''. '' yes! ''. Rose said. '' don't even involve yourself! ''. '' enough Clara! Stop disrespecting me! You are going to listen to me now! ''. '' you don't have any rights over me! Clara said and got up on her feet. '' get out ''. '' your father came home one night with the documents he got from the hospital that gave Taehyung to Mrs Kim. Mrs Kim trusted him and asked him to get rid of the documents, but he was planning to keep them to blackmail her in future when he needed something from her. And also a gun that he used to kill Kim Hadid's mother. Mr Kim's secretary. Mr Kim had married Nana for a long time and she wasn't getting pregnant, so he cheated on her with his secretary who gave birth to Hadid. And that is why Nana asked your father to kill Hadid's mother. She finally gave a false report to Mr Kim that she was pregnant and wanted to go and give birth in South Korea. That's where she bought Taehyung when he was just a new born. I only found out the entire truth when you were four years old, after discovering a recording of confession from your father's clothes. I told him I wanted a divorced. I had to report him...I had to report him..I had to save us both from his monster side,then on my way to report, I had a terrible accident. I woke up in a hospital and couldn't remember anything, the doctor who took care not me was a French doctor. Little by little, my wounds were healing and he took me to France and we got married. I couldn't remember anything Clara! ''. Rose cried. '' I don't believe you! ''. Clara said and sat back into the bed,looking into the laptop. '' all I want now...is to find Taehyung ''. '' make a video then ''. Rose said. '' what?! '''' I said...make a video. The police are still searching for him. Whether dead or alive, we don't know... '' Taehyung is not dead! ''. Clara shouted,tears falling out her eyes. '' no...am not saying he is. I am sorry. I am just saying, his phone is not with him and we don't know where he is. We don't know how long the police are going to take to find him. So,if he made a video and posted it online, maybe....he would see it and call you? ''. '' oh my God Rose! That's a perfect idea ''. Maria said. '' but...we all agreed that the world mustn't find out Taehyung is missing,else it would create a big commotion right? ''. '' so what if it does? Besides,Clara doesn't have to make it sound like he's missing. She just have to deliver a loving message to melt his heart. That's all. How bad do you want him back Clara? ''. '' I need him. So bad that I want to tell him I am stupid and crazy but...I love him ''. She said while in tears. '' okay....then prove it. And trust me,a mother's instincts are never wrong ''. Rose said with a bittersweet smile. Clara saw this and got on her feet. She rushed to Rose and embrace her tightly in tears. '' thank you! Mum ''. She said. '' welcome sweetheart ''. Rose responded, being overwhelmed. Maria smiled and wiped a small tear from her eyes. They left food there,leaving Clara alone in front of the laptop. She wiped her tears and took a deep breath. She switched the laptop to video mode and looked into the camera. She pressed on the record and tears fell down her eyes. '' I'M TRYING TO HOLD MY BREATH. TAEHYUNG, I WANT TO TELL YOU THAT,YOU HAVE SET A DREAM IN ME. AND YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SHARE THAT DREAM WITH ME. ALL THE SHINE OF A THOUSAND SPOTLIGHT,ALL THE STARS WE STEAL FROM THE NIGHT SKY WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH IF YOU AREN'T WITH ME. EVEN IF MY MOTHER IS ROSE GABANNA, I WOULD GIVE UP MY MODELING CAREER FOR YOU. YOUR FATHER MIGHT NOT BE YOUR REAL FATHER, YOUR MOTHER NIGHT NOT BE YOUR REAL MOTHER...BUT I AM YOUR REAL YOUR WIFE ''. She broke down into tears on LIVE camera, while the whole world watched. '' I LOVE YOU TAEHYUNG. IT DOESN'T MATTER TO ME,YOUR REAL IDENTITY ''. She tried wiping her mining tears, but she beak down more. '' I WANT MY WEDDING RING BACK KIM TAEHYUNG,BECAUSE I WANT NO ONE BUT YOU. PLEASE LOVE,COME BACK ''. She said and blew a kiss to the camera, then ended the video. She held her head and cried. Comments: '' what is going on with Taehyung? ''. '' oh my God! Is V missing? ''. '' We need an explanation right now BigHit! ''. '' okay...is anyone hearing this? ''. '' armies should arise! ''. '' I don't think this is true. That bitch wants attention. If it was true,BTS would have said something ''. The comments went on and on... The boys and their wives comforted Clara until she slept. (America=New York City). Bella was looking wretched and hungry. She hid in a small cave a little bit away from the city and she held a gun in her hands. She looked into the sky and took a deep breath. She had read the news headlines on her phone and also saw the video Clara made and she smirked. '' she has him for herself now. But that doesn't mean she doesn't owe me. The fact that I first spread the news of Taehyung, not being Mr Kim's son,doesn't mean where it started from is not guilty. If this bitch had not come my way,Rose Gabanna wouldn't have discovered her. And if Rose hadn't discovered her,she wouldn't have for her memories back and everyone wouldn't know Taehyung was illegitimate. And he and I would have being enjoying our lives by now. I am WANTED by the police now,all because of her ''. She said and scratched her messy hair up. '' I have nothing to loose now. I can't live in this world anymore ''. She said and pointed a gun at her head. '' but Clara has everything to loose. So I will wait for the perfect time. Four bullets on this gun. Two for me.....and two for her ''. She said,laughing.. ............... HIT HERE FOR SEMI / FINAL EPISODE