✍️✍️✍️✍️ 𝕭eauty And The 𝕭east New Story ✍️✍️✍️✍️

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, not everyone has your best interest at heart….
MAY 9TH, 2007
The morning sun pierced my face from the curtains and I groaned turning to the other side.
I sat upright and scratched my head. it was such a long night at the bar and I’m having a hangover. it’s even worse than a migraine.
My eyes had dark circles around them. I quickly picked up the bottle of aspirin on my desk and gulped it down with a bottle of water I found on my desk too.
I picked up my laptop and searched the news for headlines.
*Myer’s daughter Frolicking with a group of gangsters*
I scrolled through the comments and my eyes caught one.
*Probably feeling bad about her sad low life. who would’ve thought that the rich could also be a nuisance too*
I shook my head and read on. All I saw were demeaning comments but I didn’t feel bad and neither did I cry. for what anyway? after all everyone knows not to trust things on the internet.
and besides that’s not even the real news. but everyone could say anything to get noticed. people.
The door flew open and dad walked in with a tray of tea and muffins.
I quickly shut my laptop and threw it on the bed. I don’t want him to see any of it. but I know he has already.
“Are you up?”
“Yeah” I said and took the tray from him “thanks for this dad”
“Hope you don’t have a hangover?” he said and I stopped halfway through my burger and gulped.
I couldn’t finish the sentence
“You came back drunk and wasted. I quickly brought you to your room. you don’t have to do this to yourself Amber. you’re not the cause of your moth… ”
“please dad” I cut him off “don’t start please. I don’t wanna talk about it.”
“but it’s been thirteen years already. you have to let go and move on.”
“it would’ve been easier if I wasn’t the cause of everything” I said sipping my tea.
“You’re not only hurting yourself but others as well. because of this, my business is suffering badly. Do you think it’s easy for me. I have to spend every second of my life cleaning up your mess. And I know that it’s only a matter of time before I loose investors as well. I miss my daughter Amber.” he sounded like someone who’s about to cry. “the one who draws and makes me smile not this version of yourself” he said pointing at the walls of my room.
Ever since mom died, I changed.
not just a mere change or phase as you would call it. I completely changed.
I cut my hair, and changed my clothes. my room had posters of guy celebrities hanging on them. Instead of a normal teenage girl room, it was more of a guys room or a dark room just like dad calls it.
I was more of a tom boy. The only difference was that I had boobs hanging on my chest.
I pierced different parts of my body and hanged out with male friends instead of females. I don’t even have friends to begin with so I hang with pretty much everyone who was just like me.
“You better heal the wound that hurt you before you bleed on those who didn’t cut you” he said before walking out of my room. I pondered on his words.
I know dad had already seen everything on the internet but he loves me very much cause in his own words, I’m just like my mother and he loves her very much too.
I love my father a lot too. Despite being a billionaire and a proud owner of MYER’S PRESTIGE, he was the best father that I could ever wish for.
Even though I was a handful and a pain in the beak he was always there for me. At a time, we used to be the portrait family. something everyone wished to have. our love and bond was remarkable but when mom dad, I lost touch. Deep down I know I caused everything. I took away the only source of our happiness. I made dad a widower. Dad always believed that I was still traumatized from what happened and that I would get over it soon but it never happened. Everyday I woke up with a constant reminder that she’s no longer here with us. Dad waited for me to reach out to the world, to him but I couldn’t. it was just too hard for me and so I kept blaming myself for everything.
After eating, I dashed into the bathroom and had my bath.
I wore a pair of black pants with black T-shirt and sneakers.
I picked my phone and the keys to my motorcycle.
Dad bought it for me on my 16th birthday and I painted it black as well.
I walked outside my room to the living room and saw dad already dressed up.
“Where are you off too?” I asked cause he never goes out on Saturdays.
“I’m going to work. Stella accidentally scheduled my board meeting today. now I have to meet with our investors” he said knotting his tie.
“OK then”
“So your birthday is tomorrow. any plans?”
“No. I don’t wanna celebrate. I’ll just hang out with my friends” I lied. that’s what I tell him every year but I never celebrate. I just visit mom’s grave and grab some drinks at the bar. my birthday reminds me of sad memories.
“OK. I wish you could visit the company. everyone is asking of you especially Chairman Kim. I wish things would just go back to how it used to be” he said and held My cheeks lightly.
“You know, everyone misses your collection. your designs and everything”
“I don’t wanna do it Dad. I don’t like drawing anymore. I hate it now” I tell him. Actually, I had scribbled some designs on my sketch pad.
Dad’s company designs bags cause its a fashion company and at a time I was his best designer, hoping to take over the company someday. I design bags and they make it.
my designs had gone far across the globe and I had was hoping to win an award someday.
“it’s okay. l hope you’ll change your mind very soon. Anyways I’m off” he said and kissed my cheeks.
He took his briefcase and we both walked outside. I mounted on my motorcycle
“Tell Jerry to drive you”
“I’m okay dad”
I started the engines and drove off.
I had zero idea on where to go but I just kept driving around to clear my head in order to think straight. It wasn’t just me anymore, even dad thinks I’ve got to let go of everything and focus on what lies ahead. Do I even know what the future holds for me? I’m just a lost sheep trying to navigate through the crowd. Maybe Dad was right. maybe there’s a future out there waiting for me. I’ve got to….
Arrrrgggghhh!! !” I yell when I realized what was about to happen.
There he was lying on the ground. I almost hit someone with my motorcycle. why me? why do I constantly want to end the lives of people? am I cursed? fuck I need answers.
I quickly shut the engines and climbed down to where he was on the ground. “A.. Are you okay? are you hurt?” I said but he didn’t respond.
I quickly removed the helmet from my head. that’s when he looked at me but he gave me a weird look I couldn’t comprehend. “I’m fine OK” he said.
I nod and extended my hand to lift him off the ground and he took it. “Thanks” he said when he got back on his feet.”
“You’re welcome”
“I’m Chad by the way” he said but I pretended not to hear and mounted back on my motorcycle. “I’m glad you’re still alive”
I started the engines and placed the helmet back on my head. I caught him staring at me from the corner of my eye.
“I guess I’ll see you around.”
“If fate wants us to” I replied before zooming off.
I drove to a nearby bar and get some shots occasionally thinking about how I would’ve been arrested if I had killed that dude. My life is so messed up.
I gave the bartender her pay before heading back home.
I need to rest and probably think about my life…
“Happy birthday sweetest” dad said kissing my cheeks. I woke up to embrace the familiar scent that filled the house.
“Morning dad and thanks”
“I made you a cake since you said you don’t want to celebrate”
I shrugged “fine. what’s the worst that could happen”
he brought the cake and it was half burnt.
“You forgot to check the timer on the oven didn’t you?” I grinned causing us both to laugh.
I took a slice of cake and placed it in my mouth.
“hmm yummy. dad’s such a great baker” I said munching on the burnt cake. it wasn’t that good but for the fact that he made it just for me and with good intentions then It’s the best cake I’ve ever tasted.
“don’t eat that or you’ll have your stomach to deal with later” he said placing the rest on my desk.
“here I’ve got something for you” he said placing a small wrapped gift in front of me.
“What’s this?” I asked getting excited
“open it” he cajoled
I tore the ribbons which was beautifully decorated to get to the inside. I paused when I saw it lying there.
“Happy birthday dear Amber, happy birthday to you” dad sang and I felt the tears building up. I brought out the necklace which was embedded with diamond stones. it wasn’t just an expensive necklace but it was my mothers.
“Here let me help” dad said taking it from my hands. he unhooked it and placed it on my neck.
“your mother always wanted you to have this. she wanted to give it to you once you turned eighteen but I guess everything happens for a reason”
“it’s beautiful” I complimented “I miss her. I just wish she never died. I wish she was still here with me.”
“we all wish for that too and trust me if wishes were horses then I’d ride one and bring her right back us.”
“Thanks for this dad. I love you”
“Happy birthday honey. I love you too” he said pulling me in for a long hug.
I guess that’s what I needed right now.
I bought chrysanthemum on my way to see mom. she loves that flower and today is her death anniversary. my birthday and her death.
I got to her grave and placed it on her stone
*Kathleen Myers, died May 10th 1994*
“Hi mom, how’ve you been? well I just came to see you and I bought you flowers too. Dad also got me this necklace. he said you wanted me to have it. ” I said tears rolling down my cheeks. “You know I’ve been trying to cope with everything that’s been happening so far and I just wanted to tell you that… that” I said breaking down “I miss you mom. so much that it hurts. all this isn’t just me. you were the only one who could put things together and I’m just a complete mess without you. Dad, has been doing all he can to be a good father but it’s not enough. why’d you have to leave. you didn’t say a proper goodbye and you just left. I hate myself mom. I hate the world. I just want you back” I cried more as I fell down to her grave.
I cried my eyes out.
that’s how my birthday goes every year. and this year isn’t going to be an exception.
I wiped my tears and walked out of the cemetery. I mounted on my bike and drove off to only God knows where.
I was supposed to be in college but I dropped out after my high school days were over.
I arrived at the bar and ordered my favorite.
I sat down on the bar stool as the waitress placed the order in front of me.
I gulped down the substance and hit the glass on the table indicating that I wanted a refill. I think she got the message cause she poured more into my glass.
Today was Sunday so the place was a bit quiet. it wasn’t as crowded as it was on Fridays and Saturdays.
Someone walked in and sat down next to me on the counter.
“hi” he greeted and I turned to look at him. took me a second before I realized that he was the same guy I almost knocked down with my motorcycle. but why was he here or better question, is he following me?
“Hi..” he called again but this time waving his hands across my face.
“I can hear you so there’s no need for that” I primped
“Sorry.. I guess fate wants us to meet and that’s why I’m here”
“or that’s why you’ve been following me?”
“So… girl I don’t know. what are you doing here?” he asked taking another shot and completely ignoring my question
“Celebrating my birthday. anyways drinks on me” I said picking up the bottle and pouring a glass for him.
“And I thought a normal teenage girl’s birthday is supposed to be with best friends and stuff like that”
“That was supposed to be like thirteen years ago when I was the other version of myself” I said and cringed on my words
“so this is another version.”
“yup. anyways Chad thanks for sharing some bottles with me, this is the best birthday party I will never forget” I said and stood up.
I paid the bill and headed out the bar.
“Can I drive you home”
“thanks but that’s what my motorcycle is for” I said turning him down
“At least I get to know your name right?’
” Let’s see. why?”I asked and got on my bike
“You know as friends”
“I don’t recall calling you my friend”
“but you bought me drinks”
“fair enough. call me Amber” I say and before he could utter another word, I was already off. I got home and passed through my secret passageway to my room.
Dad built it just in case there was an attack or anything. only mom, dad and i knew about it, not even the maids in the house.
And the password has always been my name for years. so most times, I get into the house without anyone knowing.
As I got to the stairs, I heard voices coming from the living room.
what is dad up to now?
I quickly placed my things and walked back to meet him and there she was sitting on the couch, giggling and making funny faces at my dad.
“Hi daddy” I greeted disrupting their meeting. he walked up to me and kissed me on the cheek. “so how was the celebration?’
” I enjoyed it ”
“Happy birthday Amber. your dad told me that it’s your birthday today” she smiled and I nodded but didn’t respond.
“Dad what is she doing here? who is she?”
he ran his hands through his hair before clearing his throat.
“This is Tasha. My fiancee” he said and my eyes flew open. “Tasha, this is my daughter Amber” he said and she extended her hands for a shake but I didn’t take it.
“I don’t understand” I blurt out
“Listen to me sweetie. Tasha and I have been friends for a while now and I think.. . ”
“I need some air” I tell him before walking out on them and climbing up to my room.
“Amber?” he called after me but I didn’t respond. I just kept on walking.
Few minutes later, he opened the door and walked in.
I placed my ear buds in my ear which is to say that I don’t want to talk to him.
“Amber” he called but I pretended not to see him and focused on my laptop but he shut it forcefully making Me yelp.
“what gives?” I asked pulling the buds from my ears. “is your fiancee gone already. I thought you guys were having a great time and I didn’t want to intrude”
“Amber… ”
“how long have you two been together? were you dating her even when you were married to mom? have you been cheating on mom?”
“Amber I would never.. . ”
“then who is she dad? I didn’t say I wanted another mother. no one can ever replace mom in my life” I snapped
He sat down on my bed “I met Tasha five years ago after your mom died. we met at a coffee shop and got talking. She also lost her husband and has a daughter quite about your age. Everything happened so fast and before I knew it, we were already dating. she usually visits me at work and we’ve been going out on dates and I just decided to make it official. And since we’re engaged, we’ve been planning to get married but I wanted you to know about it before we take it further” he concluded but I stared at him in awe.
I blinked twice, no thrice, in fact I think I’ve lost count.

“I don’t want another mother” I finally managed to say after the long silence.
“But Amber I’ve thought about it and i think it’s better if we just start afresh and put what happened thirteen years ago behind us”
I turned to face him “you think it’s easy? She died when I was five. I grew up with her by my side but she died. and now you just want me to accept your marriage and move on?”
“yes!” he yelled “I figured you needed a mother figure in your life to bring you out of this nonsense you call a life. I’m doing everything in my power so that you don’t end up regretting this decision for the rest of your life. I’m sick and tired of watching you ruin your life. you think that I don’t know about the fact that you’ve been drinking, clubbing and spending your birthday at the graveyard?” he asked but I chose to remain silent
“but I never said a word because I love you and I care about you. Maybe Tasha is the woman to bring you out of this cause if you ask me, I’m out of options Amber”
“Fine I’ll change my looks, I’ll go back to how it was before but please don’t replace her” I begged allowing the tears to pour and just then there was a knock on the door.
She stuck her head inside before saying “I’m sorry, but is it OK if I come inside?”
I looked at my dad and he gave her a slight nod.
“OK” she said pulling the door and letting herself into my room.
“You know Amber, I’m not trying to change anything neither am I trying to take your mom’s place but I just want you to know that if you need anyone to talk to. you know like a friend, I’ll be right here for you. your dad told me everything and I know it’s not easy for you trust me, My daughter was also like this when she lost her father but your dad has been trying his best to fill in that emptiness and if you give me a chance then I’ll be willing to do same OK?” she asked but I didn’t respond.
She pulled me in for a hug and I reluctantly accepted it.
“Thanks for this Tasha”
“Anytime Dear” she responds and for the first time in ages, I saw my dad give a genuine smile.
He’s only smiled like this when mom was alive and deep inside me I was truly happy to see him like this but I don’t know why something deep inside me keeps telling me that Tasha will be the death of both of us…

I walked into the house feeling tired, confused and most importantly very hungry.
it’s been a long day and heaven knows that I didn’t sign up for any of this.
I just need to eat and rest for a very long time.
“You’re back home early” my mother asked stopping me in my tracks
“Aren’t you supposed to be busy?”
“I’m done for today mom” I tell her but she scoffs
“how on earth did I give birth to a useless child like you. I gave you one simple task and you can’t do it”
“Mom it’s not easy. I’ve been trying. that girl is broken and she needs a lot of fixing and I don’t think I’m the right guy for that” I replied earning me a slap across the face. I held onto my cheeks as I stared at her. did my mother just slap me?
“She needs fixing and you can’t fix her up. I will not let you destroy my plans to get a better life. you will make sure to follow her everywhere until she gives in to marry you” she said shocking the wits out of me
“Marriage now? I’m pretty sure she’s not my type and will never be” I tell her
“You do realize that we’re doing all this for your father right? Her father humiliated your dad and he was locked up in jail for a crime he didn’t commit and I promised him that we’d pay them back in full, you made that promise and now you’re saying that you can’t do it?” she asked tears glistening in her eyes.
The last time I saw my mom cry was when dad was locked up in prison. Myer’s company actually fired him for embezzlement of the company’s fund. He was fired from his office and sent to jail. Since then, mom nurtured nothing but hatred for the Myer’s family.
She promised to make them pay for everything and when she knew that he had a daughter, I became a pawn in her game as well. She made me put a tracking device on her bike the first day she supposedly knocked me down with her motorcycle. The plan was to stalk her till she eventually falls in love with me. The day at the bar, wasn’t just a coincidence, I followed her there. And I’ll keep on doing so.
“Fine I’ll make her fall in love with me till she wishes to marry me and then I’ll take over everything” I said and she looked at me as she tugged her face in a smile.
“Thank you son” she said hugging me”
“They will pay for everything mother I promise”
“I know you won’t let me down Chad, I trust you completely” she said still not disengaging from the hug.
I’m sorry Amber but I have to do this to restore my father’s honour.
“Here you go Amber, I made these bread rolls especially for you and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it” she said placing the plate of bread rolls in front of me as she took her seat right next to my dad.
We are having a family breakfast together, dad’s idea by the way.
He said it’ll give us enough time to bond and get to know each other before the wedding.
Tasha has been living with us for the past few days but I don’t just like her.
And just yesterday, she brought her daughter to come and live with us and dad has been going all out to make her feel comfortable.
“Denisha do you like your room? is the space big enough for you?” he asks but she only nods.
“You know you can tell me anything and I’ll have it fixed.
And I called my interior designer, she’ll decorate your room and make it just the way you’ll like it” he said to her she gave a bright smile “thank you daddy I’d like that”
“Anytime” he said then picked up the napkins to wipe his hands
“Honey I’ll be leaving for work. please take care of the girls”
“Sure sweetheart”
he kissed her cheeks and ours before leaving for work.
the room became silent and awkward. And I just can’t take the tension when I noticed Tasha’s eyes on me. “Excuse me?” I managed to ask breaking the silence
“you were staring at me. is something wrong?” I ask
“not really. I just love your hair and have you always had that mark on your arm or is it part of the piercings?” she asked and I flushed “it’s a birthmark. I think I’ll just excuse myself” I said and stood up for my chair as I made my way upstairs to my bedroom. I just can’t stand her.
something’s not right about her and I just can’t put my finger on it. what if Tasha is just using my dad. I mean he’s filthy rich and any woman would give up anything to be with him. And Dad loves her so I can’t tell him anything or he won’t approve. Or is all this just in my head. what if I’m only imagining all this and it’s not really the case. what if she’s nice and just wants to be with my dad.
Gosh I’m so confused.
maybe I’ll go for a drive to clear my head.
I picked up my keys from the dresser and headed downstairs.
I saw my supposed sister sitting on the couch watching a movie.
we locked eyes for a few minutes but I turned my head to the other side as I made for the door.
“Where are you going?” she asks immediately I touched the door knob
“is there a problem?”
“you’re supposed to tell mom where you’re going so that dad won’t kill himself if you don’t come back on time” she rolled her eyes at me. Bitch!
“Don’t worry, Dad knows that I always come back. I don’t need permission from anyone” I point out to her.
“Attitude. I guess that’s why your mom had to leave” she said taking her seat on the couch.
“for someone who lost her dad, you sure know how to bug people”
“What do you think you know about me?” she asked and I suddenly went dumb.
What is she trying to tell me?
I decided to ignore and quickly left the house.
these people are definitely up to something.
I got on my bike and left almost immediately.
I went to a bar but I didn’t order any drinks. I came to think.
He quickly sat down right next to me.
“Hi Amber, how are you?”
“I’m good.”
“No drinks today” he asked as he pointed at the table but I shook my head.
“that’s weird and so unlike you”
“What do you mean? you don’t know me to say that” I fired at him
“Sorry. I just thought that you’d… never mind. so what’s on your mind?” he asks and I ponder on whether or not I should tell him.
he’s the only sane person I can relate with right now.
“My dad is getting married and I don’t trust the lady he intends to spend the other rest of his life with” I explain
“The other rest of his life? what are you even talking about?”
“He spent half of it with my mom”
“OK I get it. have you tried talking to her?”
“no… I mean I want to but I can’t. there’s something odd about her”
“try talking to her. you might be able to tell the kind of person she is.”
“OK” I say and then we got talking. I don’t know why but the more we talked, the more I got to know him and I could already feel the chemistry between us.
Chad was really fun to be with I’ll admit.
I felt someone’s eyes on me from the corner of my eyes and I turned to see who it was. I say a guy on a black robe and his eyes were hooded so I couldn’t decipher who he was. And the light from the club was dim so his face was unrecognizable.
“is everything okay?” Chad asked and i turned to face him.
“yeah… yes I am” I quickly replied but when I turned to look at him again, he was gone.
Am I seeing things now?
A bartender brought me drinks and handed me a piece of paper.
“What’s this?”
“someone said to give it to you”
“Who?” I asked
“He didn’t say” he said and walked away.
I opened the paper and I suddenly felt cold all over
the paper read:
“Trust no one. she’s not what she appears to be”
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing” I said with a smile “nothing at all”
So I couldn’t wait for you guys to reach the target…
I’ll post when I have to though
so what do you think of Chad??