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 Episode 101
“If you don’t have anything good to say let me start going” she said angrily.
“Relax am trying to think of something”
“Okay, what did you cook self?”
Without waiting for reply she stood up and walk to my pot, (after the bomb she dropped na food be her problem abi) she open it and saw rice and stew, she drop her pox and took the food out to warm, i remain in bed thinking of what to do, she said she has taken all drugs and it didn’t work, what else can i do? let me even call my doctor friend self.
I took my phone and dial his number, the number ring but he didn’t pick, i redial the number and still no response so i gave up and drop the phone, i will call him later.
I took my phone again and enter Google i started Searching for drugs that can be used to terminate pregnancy, i saw many results but i don’t know which one works better and risk free, though they are all risky but i don’t mind the risk so far the job is done, so far she nor die.
I wrote some of the drugs down and when Mitchele started eating i show her the drugs, she said she know them and she has even taken two of the five drugs i wrote for her, she said if she is not careful her womb might destroy that she will take the list to a doctor to tell her which one to take, i told her i will still call my doctor friend and seek for advice too, she really look scared and i don’t blame her because if our people find out we will be in deep poo.
We lay in bed and discuss more for more than one hour before she bade goodbye, she even kiss me before going and i look flabbergasted.

She is really down i guess she has been thinking and thinking, oh well if the thing no fit go na to deny am oh, i go deny am well well.
After she leave i took my bath and dress up to go to class, i bought some juice and drink for strength because am terribly weak, i didn’t even eat self.
I enter bus to the street of my center and then i started walking after coming down, i walk inside gently and look for a free computer, i bury myself inside and started playing game, i was playing chicken invaders, is very common around there, i was playing not that my mind is there, i would have remain at home but i know my manager will question me, there is no sign of Ngozi, i guess she won’t be coming back again, i think i will go visit them when am done here, she said she want to come and visit me i think it’s better i go her place, with the way things are going now it is better i stop entertaining visitors, anybody can come to my house anytime and after what i did to Ria, i don’t want to piss her off more than this, i will still make it up with her but not now, for now Mitchele pregnancy is my number one priority.
I did what i can and when it’s two i took my things and started going to Ngozi house, i got there and saw the padlock heavily lock, i dial both of their number but they were switched off, i hope nothing is wrong because am getting scared honestly, i return home and continue dialing their number, i even dial Ria number and she told me she’s working, she said she will try visit me weekend,.
The next day i tried Mitchele number but it wasn’t going, i keep trying throughout that day until evening when i saw her number calling, i pick it up and was surprised to hear her junior brother voice.
“John how far, wey Mitchele?”
“She they hospital oh, doctor said she tried to commit an abortion, she’s in a coma now” he said.
My mind skip

Episode 102
Episode 102

“What!” I said, sounding like I don’t know what he is talking talking about.
I quickly cut the call and quickly help myself with water before I pass out, after drinking the water I started breathing heavily like someone suffering from stroke.
After five minutes later I regain myself and started thinking again, so if the abortion didn’t work does that mean she’s still carrying the baby?

I hope not because it can’t happen at all, not now nor ever because my people will never hear something like that, it is an abomination, a sacrilege and can never happen.
I don’t know what to do again apart from walking round the room and sweating seriously, I think I need somebody to calm me down, I need a girl to talk to I just need someone to talk to, my mind is too filled up to carry this trouble alone, (na by this time I understand why stroke they catch people).
I dial temih number it didn’t go and I dial NGO number it didn’t go too, I don’t know anybody else to call, I don’t want to call Ria again because she told me she will only come weekend, I can’t call her again so it doesn’t look like am disturbing her, the only person that would have be of help to me is Aneeta but she’s gone and I can’t visit her now, she ran away on her own and she don’t want to see me so I have to leave her alone, at least for now.
Not knowing what to do I took some money and my phone and walk out of my house, I came to the main road and walk to my left for three minutes before I enter one local bear parlour with rugged guys smoking inside, not minding the environment I sat down on a round table and order for hot drink, I started drinking till night, I drank five bottle and still want more, I don’t want to leave so the bar man drove me off his bar, I lay a curse on him and started staggering home, I was seeing double figures, it was dark and I was eager to get home on time so I fasten my footstep.
After three minutes I stop in one compound thinking it was mine, I lay on the doorstep and slept there till the next morning.
Episode 103

The cold weather woke me up in the night and then when I find myself in front of another person door i quickly got up and took my phone, I ran home around twelve in the midnight.
At home i check my phone and saw many missed calls, all of them from Mitchele, I wanted to call her back but I kick against it because it’s midnight and she might be sleeping already, I thank God for making me to wake up on time, just imagine if police caught me there, that night kasala done burst be that, they done catch criminal ni.

I slept that night with one eye open, when its six exactly I dial Michele’s number but she didn’t pick, I dress up and by seven I got up from my bed and enter road to her house in Upper, on my way my mind was beating very fast, I don’t know what to expect if she has told everybody about the pregnancy or not and if she has also told them that am responsible I don’t know.
On my way I keep on trying her number to at least know what’s up but she won’t pick, I was frustrated but that didn’t stop me from going, I need to know what happened, going there is a risk I know but I just hope and pray that they don’t know everything yet, if I don’t go and they some how find out it will be hell for me, they will first call my mother before anything else, there is nowhere I can run to so am going there to discuss in case they know already and also to go see how Mitchele is doing.
As I was going on the bus I saw somebody on the road walking, the person looks like Aneeta because she was putting on nursing clothes and this place is where she work, the person is bigger or maybe her stomach is getting bigger, I didn’t see the person face but I sure knows its Aunt Aneeta and she’s pregnant.
If she’s really pregnant that won’t be a problem but as for Mitchele na no no, I can’t take that.
I got to their compound na there the worst happen, come see rushing.
Episode 104
Oh well call me a mad man or and idiot but she’s the second person that can help me now after Ria, since Ria is not available for now then I have to come here and hide, not only that, I also need to see how she is doing beside she’s going to be carrying my baby soon (I hope so).
I keep on knocking for three minutes seems like the person inside is sleeping or rather bathing, I stop knocking since nobody want to open up, I started thinking what to do before I heard a crack on the door, my heart started beating very fast because I don’t know what to expect, there is a gate before the door I stand in front of the gate looking at the door, the person open the front door, as she came out and ask who is there she saw my bright face standing in front of the gate, when she saw me her mind skip and she quickly turn back and lock the gate, that’s not what I expect though am not surprise.

“Please open up we need to talk” I said trying to find a reason for her to open the door for me, if she don’t open up there is nowhere else for me to go.
“Aneeta please”.
“ go home there is nothing for you here” she shouted from inside the house.
“Please Aneeta I don’t have any other place to go” I said.
“Then go and sleep on the street and leave my house, am going to bed now” she said still standing firm on her word.
I saw the sitting room light went off and then a little footstep inside the house and then nothing, no sound, no light and no hope.
Oh well what am I expecting before? To be welcomed with open arms? That’s not going to happen and I know it anyway.
I will just sleep in front of her gate here till the next morning where I will think of something else, my phone is down now I can’t make or receive calls, I wish I know what’s up with Temihsmart then I won’t bother coming here anyway, I have done many bad things but impregnating my sister is a big offence, it wasn’t my fault it’s her, why did she come to me when I visited them at their home? Now am suffering like a mad man.
I lay down in front of her gate and continue thinking, mosquitoes are everywhere but I can’t feel them because my heart is already hurting me, if I can power up my phone I will call her junior brother so that he will tell mW everything, he used to be my boy that time but now I really don’t know, are they going to remove the pregnancy or they will allow her to give birth? So many questions running through my mind with nobodg to answer, I wish I knew I would have just concentrate on my studies instead of all this wahala oh.
I slept in front of her gate and then when I started hearing morning crow I knew the day is fast approaching, I took my things and started walking back to my house, from sapele road to dumez that’s like one hour walk if am fast, I didn’t count the distance I just started walking immediately, I walk till I started sweating even though its morning and everywhere is cold, I sweat a lot because of the hairs in my body, that’s how God created me and I like it like that, some people like it while others don’t, oh well anything am with a lady all they stare at is my hairs and anything am with them in bed they always touch my hairs especially in my chest, some even offer to plate it self....
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I walk till I got to dumez road, I make sure to be looking front and back while walking because Benin is dangerous in the night, even day time Benin is dangerous not to talk of night.
Not only arm robbers operate in the night people flying to Dubai and India are the worst, I believe its because of them we didn’t have airport on time.

As I continue walking the darkness started fading away little by little.
I got to my street and enter inside, I pass my landlord house and walk through the back, I look at the key they used in locking my door, it’s very big, there is no how i can manage to break it.
I brought out my key, there is a sharp knife attached with my key I started using it to remove the panel of my door, luckily my neighbours doors are also lock meaning they are not at home. Maybe they went for holiday or they are writing exam so they went to sleep with their friends.
I continue scrapping the door for more than twenty minutes till the nail give up, I remove the first nail and the rest the rest give way easily, I remove the metal from the door and gently enter inside without anybody noticing, I close the door behind and relax on my bed, I just wanted to relax but I didn’t know when sleep enter my eyes and when I woke up again everywhere was bright and quiet, I quickly plug my phone and switch it on, the time say 11:05 AM, that means I slept for more than five hours, how can that be possible and why didn’t my neighbor or the landlord check to see who is inside the room, oh well am lucky and now that there is light I just need to charge my phone full and run away, I saw different messages but I close them without reading any of them, I don’t want to read them for now, I on my stove and cook indomie and ate.
I gently open my door and check if there is still anybody in the compound and after confirming that the compound is empty I quickly took some water and run to the bathroom, after bathing I came out and guess who I saw.
I saw my one of my landlord son (the guy i gave drink the other time) making fire maybe to cook something, when I saw him my mind skip at once.
“Good morning bros” he greeted.
“Guy how far na” I replied.
“Am fine, this one you scarce so I hope everything is fine” He ask.
“Yeah, everything is fine” I said.
“Okay na, by the way your sister came here yesterday, she told my mother to call her anytime you return” he said.

“Really, thanks I called her already” I lied.
“Okay na, I will tell my mother not to bother calling her again”. He said.
“ no need, just pretend like you didnt see me” I said.
“Okay then, no wahala” he said and continue making his fire.
I enter inside my room and started dressing up, immediately my phone started ringing, I was scared to even look at the screen because I believed the person calling is my relative so I totally ignore, the phone continue ringing for like five times, I finish dressing and manage to put my mind together, I look at the screen and saw Ria, I quickly pick the call immediately.
“Good day, I have be calling for like six times now, where did you go?” She questioned.
“Am sorry I was in the bathroom taking my bath” I said.
“Alright, so I hope you no longer moaning over your grandpa?”
“No am fine now”
“That’s good to hear, so what will u be doing tomorrow?” She ask.
“Nothing, just go to lesson and return back to rest” I said.
“Good, get ready am coming to take you out by four tomorrow, I have something for you”.
“What’s that?”
“You will know when we meet, for now its a secret” she said.
“Okay I can’t wait to meet you then” that’s what she want, to put me in suspense.
“Good, till tomorrow then, by for now”.
“Alright dear”. I said.
She cut the call, and I my mind change a little bit, at least I can take my mind off all those stuff disturbing me, I just hope I don’t get caught before that tomorrow sha.
After sometime my phone started ringing again, I look at the screen and saw my mum, of course I know she’s worried so I have to pick her call now, I don’t want anything to happen to her because she can think a lot.
“Hello mama” I said as I pick the call.
“Oz, thank God at last I get you, how are you?”
“Am fine ma”.
“ where have you been all this while?”
“Am sorry ma, I went out with a friend”.
“ okay, Oz is it true you impregnate Mitchele?
Episode 107

That question caught me off guard, totally off guard.
“What!” I said.
“My sister called and told me you impregnate Mitchele, am not trying to castigate you I just want to know so that we will know how to tackle it” my said said.
“Come on mum you believe something like that?” I ask.
“I don’t know that’s why am asking me, they cannot remove it oh and they are going to keep it, so if its true tell me now let me know how to tackle it before its too late”.
“No its not true mum, am innocent please nothing like that happen” I said.
“Alright if you say so no problem, just know that they will conduct text after she give birth” added my mum.

“No wahala na” I said.
“Alright, if things are hard there just come home okay?”
“Am fine mum, am trying to gain admission here I can’t leave now, and beside my training is not over yet”
“Okay then, try and call your sister, shes really angry”
“I will do so mum”
“Alright then take care” she concluded.
“Okay bye mum”.
I cut the call and heave a sign of relief, it wasn’t easy but I came through, I don’t know if I made a mistake not telling her it was me that knack her the akpako, but I can’t just open my mouth and say something like that na, if they want to find out they should wait till after the text, am not ready to confess to anything for now.

I sleep on my bed thinking about everything again, there is no way I can escape from it so far Mitchele has tried all her best to remove it with no success then the beans will finally come out one day, and it won’t exceed nine or ten months from now, that’s why am trying my best to get everything from Ria because when the truth finally comes out I will be left alone, nobody will sponsor my education again, I regret ever sleeping with her.
I took my phone and try NGO and Temihsmart number again but as usual their phone are still switch off, I don’t know how to get in touch with them, only NGO is through with her study not Temihsmart, the best I can do is to trace Temihsmart in that school of health because I really need to know what’s up with them, on Monday I will dress up and visit the school even though I don’t even know where to start looking for her but at least I know she’s studying midwifery I think, but I can’t just go to the department and start asking questions like news casters na, I need to know the exact level she is, oh well when the time comes I will know what to do.
I will also go to my center tomorrow and ask for my certificate, am tired of going to that center every day and now that am on the run I need to start packing my things and as for Aneeta I will devise a plan to see her but not now.
I remain indoor till evening when people has start coming back from work, I took my small bag with little money, my phone and charger and then I lock my door and just insert the nail so that when people see it they will think the door is lock, I walk out of the compound with my head on the ground, of course I don’t want anybody to see me so I have to lay low, I want to visit them NGO again before I visit fidelis, I will stay in her house till night then I will gently return hoping nobody will see me.
I enter the road to NGOs house and as I walk I keep checking my side till I leave the street and enter main road, I walk pass my computer center and I believe they would have close by now, I keep on walking for ten minutes till I reach their house, I walk inside the compound and check the door, the door is still lock with the same key, I was frustrated and angry also, where did they go to that they didn’t even bother to tell me before disappearing, didn’t they know I will be worried, the only thing they sent me was the heart breaking message that they need to see me, I was busy with Mitchele then so I couldn’t see them then, and now they have completely gone blind, I wish I know this is how things will turn up I would have try to see them then, I find my way back to my street and then I pass the school of health and turn to fidelis house, I just hope she will be at home this time because I have nowhere else to go, when I get there I will apologize for last time and try to play with her till night when I can return to my house, I get to the house and knock on the gate, one of the landlord daughter came and we exchange greeting..
Episode 108

remember the girl I gave my phone last time? She’s the one.she’s now even more beautiful than last time with her weaven waving like a running ocean, she opened the door for me and let me in, I ask if fidelis is around and she confirm that she is, I thank her and went to fidelis room to knock, she answer at first knock and came to the door.
She open up and saw me standing there.
“Oga you remember me today?” She said.
“i never forget you now just that I was afraid to visit you so that you don’t drive me away” I said.
“So what push you to come today, are you not afraid anymore?” She said.
“Please can I at least come in first?”

She open the door ajar signaling for me to come in, I enter the room and sit on the chair, with the way things are I guess she’s cooking, and am glad I came at the right time because am damn hungry.
“Am really sorry for last time please forgive me” I said.
“I have forgiven you since, so that’s why you stop coming to my house?”
“Yes oh, I was ashame” I said.
“Ha, and your wife has been asking about you since”.
“ which of my wife again?”
“Landlord daughter na”
“Ha abeg forget about that one, am already in too much trouble already” I said.
“What kind of trouble?” She ask.
“Don’t worry joor, how are you?”
“So you don’t want to talk, or is it the one that made your sister to visit me?” she said.
“What! Are you kidding me?”
“Am serious, she came here asking about here, I even called you that day but your line was dead” she added.
“Waoh, so someone cannot go to night party in peace again?”.
“ so you went to night party? Is that why she travel here to ask of you?”
“Its a complicated matter abeg just forget about that one, let’s talk about something else” I said trying to run away from much questions.
“Oh well if you say so” she said.
“So what are you cooking?”
“White rice and vegetation” she said.
“Thank God I came at the right time” I said smiling.
“Oh yeah I’ve missed you too”.
I stay with her till night, we talk about her school, her family in Delta, her fiancé and so many other time, when its time for me to go she became sad, she bade goodbye after giving me small rice and stew in cooler for me to eat at home, I bade her goodbye as she lock the main door behind me, I walk gently to my house and remove the key, as I was about to enter inside I heard from my back.
“Welcome bros, we done they wait for you since”
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The cooler I was holding automatically fell down from my hand and when I look back I saw them, my landlord and landlady coming out from their back door.

“Good evening ma, good evening sir” I said with a low tone and shaking voice.

“Welcome, sorry we startle you I hope your food no throway?” She said as they both came closer observing the cooler that fell down.

I pick it up and saw that the that the food didn’t open at all and I was glad.

“No e no troway” I said and then the landlord open up.

“Your sister and some other guys came to look for you they wait for hours and tried your line but we didn’t see you and your line was off, they said you are running away from them” he stop and wait for me to answer.

“So that’s why you guys change the key of my door?” I ask.

“No it is your sister that change it, so why are you running away from them?” He ask again.

“Am not running away from anybody I went to a night party and slept in a friend house and they didn’t have light to charge my phone, immediately I power my phone I called my sister and told her what happened” I lied.

“Okay that’s good because she told us to make sure you don’t run away again she will be coming back early tomorrow morning” he said.

“Am here am not going anywhere apart from my class which she know already” I said even though I don’t have class.

“She will be here before eight so you can still wait for her till she come” he concluded and started walking away speaking Bini language with his wife which I don’t understand

They left and then I open the door and enter inside, I fell down on the bed and heave a sign of relief, I know I must escape tomorrow morning before she returns because I definitely don’t have anything to say to her now, I impregnate Mitchele and even if I deny it I can’t lie forever because the result will surely come out, she doesn’t even know about Aunty Aneeta yet oh because if she manage to find out I just can’t think how she will react.

I called Ria to confirm our meeting tomorrow and I told her to pick me up on the express way before our street instead for her to drive in, I will wait for her outside the street because once I live this place tomorrow I won’t be coming back or so I thought.

They brought light and I make sure to plug my phone and set alarm before I sleep, I try to sleep but many things keep running through my mind, how the hell am I gonna get out of all this problem? Everything is just too heavy for me which make my head to start paining me as if someone took mortar and pestle and start pounding my head, I feel the pain till sleep finally swept me off.

I woke up some hours later by then the pain has multiplied, I didn’t know what to do because no chemist will be open by this time, I got up and drank some water I even wash my head with water to reduce the heat but it just won’t stop, I as angry asking myself why now that I want to meet with Ria, oh well if the head like let it keep pounding that won’t stop me from going out with Ria.

I couldn’t sleep any longer so I just remain awake looking at the ceiling and praying to God so that the day to break quick, I check my phone and saw that it past two, since I can’t sleep I started packing my things with my clothes, I pack everything and then arrange it in back of the door, I check the cooler and remove the rice I warm the food and then consume everything, I wash all the pot and then when am through with everything I check the time again and saw after four, I was glad and happy so I took my wallet and my phone plus the charger and set out exactly four thirty in the night, I followed the back and climb through the small fence because if I followed frontage now the landlord might see me so I didn’t want to risk it that’s why I followed the back, I put one small bag on my back while I carry the other one with my hand, I didn’t know where I am going to but t least I will safe knowing that am not in that compound, as I enter the express road my phone started ringing and when I look at the screen I saw Mitchele, my mind skip at once maybe she too can’t sleep that’s why she decided to call me, oh well I continue looking at the screen whether to pick the call or not, I decided not to pick because I still don’t know what to say to her, I have disappointed her so if I want to speak with her it will be direct face to face not through phone, she keep calling me and I didn’t bother looking at the screen again because I know its definitely her.

I keep walking even though I don’t know where I am going, I keep walking towards Temihsmart direction, I didn’t even know what happened to them because they just disappear without leaving a trace.

I walk for ten minutes or more till I get to their area, the compound is simple and their house is single too, so I just drop my things in front of the door and relax there, I know nobody will come because nobody live around this, this place is a market place.

I slept there and when I woke up I saw everywhere bright, I look at the time and saw past seven, waoh I simple sleep for more than two hours, that’s a good start anyway since the devil in my house won’t let me sleep, even the headache have started reducing.

I remain there because I don’t know where else to go except to return to village to meet my mama, but no because my sister can simply find me there, I remain there for hours until my phone ring, I quickly check the screen and saw Ria and immediately I pick it up,

“Hello” I said.

“Hello dear, I hope you are ready because am coming to pick you”.

“Of course am ready” I said

“Okay I will be in dumez in the next fifteen minutes” she said and hung up.

I took my small and hang it on my back while I took the other big one and hide at the back of their house where is gate, nobody can easily know that there is luggage there, I kept it there and started walking back to my area and keep on praying on my mind for my sister not to be around.

I got there before her and wait in front of one church so that nobody will see me, five minutes later I got her call telling me shes close, I came out so that she will see me and then immediately I came out she saw me. Guess who?
Episode 112
I saw her jeep coming close and she
stop in front of me, I open the front door
and join her.
“Good afternoon ma” I said.
“How are you deary?”
“Am fine just lonely”
“Sorry dear, now that am here I will make
sure you enjoy my company and every
bit of our outing” she said.
“Thanks love”.
She look me with surprise maybe she
didn’t expect me to call her love, she
then smile and take off, she reverse the
car through our street and when she
wanted to enter the express road back
there I saw them, Aunty Aneeta and my
sister coming towards us, before they
could get closer Ria speed off without
them knowing who is inside the car.
“Do you know them?” Ria ask bringing
me back to reality.

“Yeah they are neighbor”
“So why are you scared of them?” See
question oh.
“Nothing at all, I just don’t want them to
see me, my neighbor people they can
talk anyhow” I said.
“Oh I understand then” she said and
focus on her driving.
I don’t even know where we are going.
“Where are we going to by the way?”
“To Lagos” she said.
“What!” I shouted.
“Relax I will bring you back today, I just
want us to travel to Lagos together, they
are through with your visa, passport and
everything they just need you to sign and
your ID card before we travel out” she
“Are you serious” I said with a big smile.
“Of course dear” she said.
“Waoh, am so so happy, thanks love I
wish I can hug you now” I said.
“Oh well when we come down you will, I
hope you are with your ID card here?”
“Yeah am here with it” I said.
“Good, they gonna need it” she said and
focus on her driving.
[6/21, 4:55 AM] Olawale DePhysinews Admin: sex%2Band%2BcityEpisode 113
I was overjoy to hear the goodnews, I
just can’t wait to travel out of this
country to go and make money.
I was already alseep when she woke me
“Hello dear we are here” she said.
“Where are we?”
“In a hotel in victoria island”
“Oh, so we won’t be going back today?”
“If you want we can go back, its almost
four now and if we try we can still settle
everything before they close around five
but I thought you want to rest then
tomorrow we do everything” she said still
in the car
“Oh well no harm sleeping in a beautiful
hotel like this” I said smiling.
“That’s my baby, come on I have a room
already” she said opening her door.
I open my door and lock it then I follow
her from behind, the hotel is really
beautiful it looks like an Arab hotel
because of the Arab structure or maybe
the owner is a Muslim, we enter the
balcony and then straight to the elevator.
“Am taking you out this night with my
friends, I hope you won’t disappoint
me?” She ask.
“Of course I wont, why should I?” I fired
“I just want to show you to my friends
here in Nigeria too, I told them a lot
about you, you will see them when we go
“No problem, so far there is much food
to eat am ready to go anywhere with
Am just trying to play nice beside who
wouldn’t after seeing a money bag?
We enter one nice passage after leaving
the elevator, we walk few metres before
she stop and use her key to open the
door to her room, when I enter the room
I was like “mehn I swear na dangote go
get this hotel” at least it fit the
description because he is Muslim.
I started walking round the room, it has
one sitting, one dinning and two rooms
with separate bath, everywhere was
sparkling clean and so beautiful, who say
money no good? I must get that money
“So welcome to my little room” she said.
“You called this little? Mehn this is
heaven” I blasted.
I drop my bag inside one cupboard while
she enter the bathroom to take her bath, I
sat on the bed looking and then I return
to the sitting room, I check the fridge
and saw all kind of drinks in abundant, I
wanted to take one and drink but I stop
and return to the room, I heard water
splashing, I walk to the bathroom and
peep inside, I saw her bathing herself
with warm water, the sight of her
beautiful body automatically turn me on,
of course my body is a machine that
react whenever there is a beautiful
female body around, my Dickson react
first without letting my brain do the

thinking, that’s why my Dickson always
put me in trouble because anytime am
around Beautiful women my Dickson
always do the thinking.
I immediately remove my dress and step
inside the bath without her notice
because she was facing the wall with her
nice ass facing me, when I touch her
waist she was shock and then she later
smile and put my arms around her waist,
I turn her to face me and lower the
shower then we started kissing with me
rubbing her succulent boobson, I reduce
my height and bury my lips on her
boobson, after some seconds she
started her heavily moaning, I suck her
very softly and then she grab my already
hard weapon of mass destruction and
started stroking it, she later bend down
and started sucking it as if the bros will
run, she suck me for some minutes and
when I can’t take it any longer I raised
her up and make her face the wall
making sure her ass face me, I bend
down and insert my Dickson inside the
hot wet succulent puss, I hold her ass
and started ramming her gently, as I
ramming her I started to wonder how
fine ass like this that’s not even too wide
manage to bear two grown up son, I
don’t even know if she have other
“Faster baby” she started saying
Oh well I obey her and started ramming
her harder, as I ram her her boobson
started bouncing up and down like mercy
Johnson elephantiasis ass, I hold the
boobson and press it and she shouted
“yeah” I turn her and make her sit ontop
table and then I started fvcking her as
she face me, she shift my head closer
and wet my lips with hers,as I was
fvcking her the table started making a
kind of noise like a carpenter cutting
“Yeah, yeah oh baby I love you, come on
dont stop, ummmm” she continue
shouting like someone under the
influence of apostle Johnson anointing.
I switch on the water and then her noise
reduce, no be only we they hotel na make
we nor come go make frontage for
Nairaland tomorrow.
We sexx for thirty minutes before I throw
up, I came twice and she came thrice, I
don’t know what thrive me maybe its
because of the happiness of the visa and
passport, after sexx we became tired and
then with towel we lie down on bed to
sleep and that’s how we slept and forget
about our party till we woke up around
ten in the night.
“Oh well but I need to eat first or else you will have to admit me tomorrow” she said planting a kiss on my cheeks.

“Oh I see, I thought you can handle me self” I said.

“Yeah I can if I have the strength before we start, you know we’ve been on the road since morning and there is no strength in me again, don’t worry when we get to my country you will be crying, begging me” she said.

“Begging you for what?” I ask.

“To let you rest” she said.

“Oh come on am sex matchine I can never do that”

“Hmmm okay let’s watch and see then” she said and got up to open the door for the cook, the attendant walk in rolling the table on the ground, she greeted us and then spread the food on the dinning table, the attendant is slin with long beautiful hair like barbie, she has flat asss with big boobson, though she’s beautiful.

I wonder why she will have one of the thing men desire in women and lack the other, oh well she’s still manageable unlike others that don’t have any at all.

She drop them on the table and walk out, I don’t need to be invited before I got up holding Ria, we sat on the table and open the plate.

“Waoh” I said washing my hand, Ria took knife and fork and started eating, oboy no time for dulling oh as I wash my hands and started eating with my hand, Ria smile and then she wash her hand and join me too, we swallow the food together and even Ria started feeling love, she feed me and command me to feed her back, if I wanted to feed her I withdraw and swallow the food instead, we started playing like little children in love till we started coughing due to the pepper soup.

We relax and enjoy the bush pepper soup, I ate everything and then after eating we watch TV for some time drinking orange juice.

We enter bed around after twelve in the midnight, of course we sexx for thirty minutes before we call it a day.

I dream that night and in my dream I was standing on top a mountain, I was standing at the edge of the mountain and then I saw one white bird flying to the east, as the bird was flying other white birds came along and join the bird, the flew out of my sight and then from nowhere someone came from my back and push me from the mountain, as I was falling down I woke up breathing heavily.
“What is it dear?” Ria said touching me.

“Nothing, just a dream go back to sleep dear” I said as I lay down again.

I couldn’t close my eyes anymore as the dream keep reminiscing on my head, I stood up and check the time its almost six so I sat on the sitting room to watch TV, I took another juice and started watching kung fu panda, I love that cartoon very much.

Around seven Ria woke up and told me to prepare that we need to do everything quick or else we wont leave Lagos today, I took my bath and then wear my dress, she did the same and then we walk out of the hotel, she drive to another place in that Victoria island, we enter a big hall dominated by black and white people mostly Indians, some were in line but she took me to a room and then we saw one India guy, they exchange greetings and then he took my ID card, he gave me some papers to sign and after signing them he put them on envelop and hand it over to me including my ID, Ria gave him something and then we took our leave, back to the car she opened the envelop and then smile after reading some thing.

“What is it?” I asked.

“They gave you student Visa” she said smiling..b

“And what does it mean?”

“It means you will stay with me in India for five years or more”

“Waoh, did you tell them am going there to school?” I ask.

“No, I just told him to prepare a Visa for my friend, he only ask for your age” she said..

“Thanks very much dear” I said feeling Happy.

She gave me the document and when I read through it I saw that our journey to India is next week, a week from now, I was a bit disappointed because I was expecting something quicker because I have nowhere else to stay.

“What are you thinking?” She read my mind.

“Nothing dear” I lied.

“Come on dear, you can tell me anything” she said.

“Okay, I bade goodbye to my friends already in Benin, I told them I will be traveling out in two days time.”

“Oh well that’s not a problem, in two days you just pack your things and you come wait for me in my hotel in Lagos while I tidy things up before our final outing”...
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“Thanks, but how can I live alone in that big hotel? I will miss your presence na” I said.

“Come on, I will be visiting in two days interval, beside I will drop money so that you can go out and have fun” she said.

“I really appreciate dear, I don’t know where I will be without you” I said.

“I told you I will do anything for you, you just keep being loyal and watch me give you the world” she said.

I gave her a peck while driving and then she smile, she enter the road to Benin city and speed off.


The journey to Benin city was a quiet one as I keep thinking about my mum, how can I just leave without letting her know? She’s a very worried woman but I can’t let her know just yet, I will call her when I get to India, so far I tell her am schooling here with scholarship she will be okay. So far I keep communication with her she won’t worry much, but what about my sister? What about Mitchele and Aunty Aneeta? Hmmm I just hope before I return I won’t be tag baba NLA.

We bought some things to eat on the way since there wasn’t any time to buy food in lagos, we enter Benin city around four in the evening and of course the red sand in Benin is always Happy to welcome you, we enter benin and she drive straight to Kada kitchen at sapele/GRA junction.

She told me to remain in the car while she went out, I remain in the car enjoying the blue music coming out from the speaker with the working air condition, money is really good.

She return some minutes later with two white nylon, she gave me one while she kept the other.

“Something for us to eat at home” she said.

“Thank you” i said.

“You welcome”.

She drove me to my street which I told her to stop and not to take me inside base on the reason you know of, she stop and then I gave her a two minutes kiss, as I was kissing her I wanted to play naughty so I started touching her boobson which she succumb to, my Dickson started reacting like Nigeria Twitters that can react to anything reactable like chemical. I thought I could do a quickie so I put my right hand inside her gown and then she stop me.

“Not her dear, keep it till I come visit you in Lagos,” she said.
I was disappointed because I wanted a little
action before she leave, I put down my head
and its like she knows am not fine with it so
she raised my head up and say.
“Am sorry dear, just that am going to a
meeting now and I can’t go there looking
rough” she said with innocent face.
“Its okay I understand, I don’t mind waiting for
you in Lagos, okay and drive safely” I said
trying to change the topic.
“Alright honey, now take this money and use it
for your up keep and transport to Lagos” she
said giving brown envelop.
“Thanks dear, I will be waiting for you there” I
said feeling the weight of the envelop.
“Here is the key to my room in V.I” she gave
me the key and then place a Peck on my
cheek, I smile and got off while she speed off
horning to me as a sign of goodbye.
I make sure her car disappeared out of sight
completely before stopping a bus, I enter the
bus to Ngo and Temihsmart house where I left
my luggage, once I get there I quickly check
the place I kept it and saw that its still intact,
still no sign of Ngozi and Temihsmart yet.
I check the envelop and saw currencies in
thousands, I believe it will be up to hundred
thousand because the money is damn plenty.
I took twenty thousand out of it and hide the
rest inside my luggage, I sit in front of their
house and started eating the fried rice Ria
bought for me, I finish the rice, finish the
chicken and finish the bone.
After drinking the fruit juice inside I rest for
fifteen minutes or more and took took my bag,
I check the time and its past five, I think I will
still get a bus going to Lagos so I took two
drop to iyare motor, the park is even filled up
with passengers going to different places, I
stand in the line and then book a ticket to
Lagos, I look for the bus and enter, within
thirty minutes the bus has filled up already.
Am going to Lagos but I won’t check inside
the hotel until two days so that Ria won’t think
It was night before we get to Lagos, the bus
stop at iyana paja, no need going far this night
so I just look for a cheap hotel there in paja
and pass the night,.
I woke up the following morning looking tired,
I got up and took my bath, I took my bag out
and count the money, my eyes were wide open
when I finish counting the money, Ria give me
a whooping one hundred and fifty thousand
naira, I was dumbfounded and happy, I wanted
to call her and thank her but I later kick
against it, she will call me when she’s less
busy, I prepare myself and went out to open a
GTBank account since their international
transaction is better, I use my ID and my hotel
number to open the account which they told
me to come the next week for the completion
of the account and activation, after everything I
went to one beer parlour and eat pepper soup I
also drank some palm wine, when its three in
the evening I return to the boring hotel and lay
down in my bed, I took my phone and switch
it on, then I started playing game till sleep
took me off.
The next day in the afternoon I was already in
front of Ria hotel, I talk with the attendant
there which he call Ria to confirm before
allowing me to go inside the room, I enter
inside and walk straight to the fridge to take
some wine, I tidy things up and then relax in
front of TV, I called the cook and within
minutes that same girl enter again.
“Good day Sir “ she said as she walk in with
her tight skirt.
I turn to her and smile.
“Why would a beautiful girl like you be working
in a hotel?” I ask her.
“Oga no work na if you get better one for me
am willing to start immediately” she said,
arranging the food on the table.
“Hmmm, fine girl like you should be making
thousands everyday, how would you like to
make twenty thousand just for this night?” I
ask her.
“How Sir?” She seem interested.
“Now why don’t you finish with the plates and
then join me let’s eat, after eating then we will
I said smiling.
She carefully arrange the plate and then relax
on one of the sit looking at me.
“Why are you not eating?” I asked.
She look at the food and then join me to eat, I
just keep starring at her big boobson, we eat in
silence and after ten minutes I broke the
“It’s gonna be a very long and cold night, and
am not use to sleeping alone especially in a
hotel” I said and pause for a moment. She
look at me like she knows what am talking
“So I was hoping you could join me” I finish.
She pause for a moment and then open up.
“No sir, I don’t do such” she said still eating
my food.
“Not even for thirty thousand?” I said looking
at her.
“I don’t do such Sir, am a Christian and a very
strong one” she said.
“Oh that’s good, am a Christian too and a very
tight one, but that doesn’t mean we should not
enjoy ourself”
“It is against our belief in church, you are a
Christian from which church?” She ask from
“Am an saint, and you?” I ask.
“Deeper life” she said.
When I heard the name deeper life I take deep
breath and then wash my hand, she wash her
hands too and then pack the plates up, she put
them on the table and started rolling her table.
“Thanks for the flood Sir, I appreciate” she
“Oh, you welcome” I said as she walk away,
getting to the door I open up and said.
“You won’t do it for even fifty thousand?”
She pause for a moment and then continue
rolling the table away, she pass the door and
shut it.
I wonder why she didn’t reply me again or
maybe I angered her so she just decided to
walk again than for her to say something that
will hurt me, I don’t blame her though I have
heard about deeper life and yes they are really
deeper when it comes about serving God, I
understand their belief but ………. oh well let me
say what’s on my mind.
I took my bath and relax on the chair to watch
movie till night, I was planning on going out
this night to see the beauty of Lagos by night
but it seems am too weak to even get up, I
walk outside the hotel and bought some drugs
and of course some Viagraa, I took them and
relax on the mind, I was planning to just rest a
bit and continue my movie because I love
movie alot but it seems the bed was just too
soft that I didn’t know when I slept off.
I was woken up a heavy knock on the door, I
wonder who the person is because I don’t
think Ria said anything like coming today, I
was tired but I manage to walk to the door
and open it, guess who I saw in there?
“Hey” I said as I saw the beautiful girl in front
of me.
“Can I come in” she said.
“Of course, come on in” I shift and let her
come in, I lock the door and then walk to meet
her in the sitting room, she was already sitting
sipping fruit juice.
“Are you surprise to see me” she said as she
read my thought.
“Of course I am, I didn’t know you will come” I
“Oh well, after you the last negotiation I didn’t
day anything, I hope the offer still stand?” She
said still sipping her drink while I remain
standing there like and idiot still on my night
“Of course” I said.
“Good, then let’s get started” she said and
drop the cup on the table. She stand up and
walk to me, she took my hand and place it on
her boobson, she feel like am not interested so
she pause and ask.
“What is it?”
“Nothing, am just confuse not really sure you
are here” I said.
“Then I need to wake you up” she said and
place a kiss on my lips, I felt the kiss like an
electric shock which brought me back to my
senses, she remove her lips and look at me, I
smile and raise her up directly to my bed, I
place her on the bed and pounce on her like a
“Take it easy am not going anywhere” she
said, laughing.
I remove my robe and then remove her shirt
leaving the bra, I saw tip of her succulent
melon, “oh boy” I pounce it oh and as I suck
her melon she moan a lot and wine her waist
like Shakira, she turn me over and then remove
my boxer, she rub my oga before putting it on
her mouth, she started sucking while I enjoy
the pleasure, she suck me so hard that I didnt
know when I release on her face, she lick
She started sucking again and then my oga
started rising like deep sea, she suck me so
hard that I started wondering if she really is a
deeper life member, I wonder how deep her
well will be, I can’t wait to taste it.
I don’t want to release again without going
inside the honey well so I draw her closer and
she place her lips on my mouth and we lock
ourselves kissing like lion and tiger that want
to tear themselves apart, she remove her below
dress and put her pussay on my face, I didn’t
know when I started kissing it and then licking
it and then chopping it, she was winning on
my face like a possed witch, when she can’t
take it anymore she stop me and balance
herself on top me, she took my Dickson and
insert it on the disk, mehn the DVD started
playing the disk with fast track, no slow
She ride like a professional and I won’t lie,
surprise was written all over my face, she fvck
me so well that I didnt want her to stop, I
don’t even want to leave the bed again, when I
saw her boobson bouncing up and down like
felele ball I grab it and started sucking it, I sit
up and suck it while she continue grinding me
like grinding stone.
I so much suck that boobson that some milky
substance started coming out from it, you
won’t blame me now would you because that
boobson is just too big for me to ignore, she
fvck me so hard that I didnt know when I
release inside her.
“Why didn’t you tell me you want to release?”.
She blasted.
“Oh sorry, i just know know” I said and faint
on my bed.
She stand up and walk to the bathroom, I
thought she is done but I was surprise to see
her giving me energy drink and then rubbing
my Dickson, oh boy today Na today.
I woke up feeling tired and weak, I look my
sides and no sign of the girl, I don’t even
know her name self. I check my money and
was glad that it’s still intact.
I look my phone, the time is past ten, waoh.
I manage to get up and take my bath which
after then I walk to the sitting room and saw
delicious yam and egg prepared already on the
table, I smile and walk up to eat, I saw a little
note there which read.
“Hello dear, last night was wonderful and
delicious, I left without waking you up because
I don’t want to disturb you please eat the food
on the table, I will come later today to collect
my money though you can still call anytime
you want somebody will attend to you but
today is my day off, I will only come to collect
my money take care”
Oh well, I would have love to go out with her
since today is her day off, but Ria might come
any moment from now so I don’t want any
trouble that will jeopardize my travel plans.
As expected she later return that night to
collect her money and we even did one round
before she left, Ria called the next day that she
can’t make it, she promised to come the next
day which she also failed to keep, I didn’t
bother Sha because I was enjoying my time
with the mysterious hotel attendant which I
don’t even know her name, the funny thing is
that I don’t want to know her name.
I keep enjoying myself with the girl everyday
since Ria don’t want to return until the last
Wednesday, two days before my journey to
India, oh well they say everyday for the thief
and one day for the owner.
On Wednesday me and the unknown girl went
out to party, she is not on duty today so
nobody is going to disturb her, as for me Ria
said I should flex and enjoy till she return and
yes am really enjoying myself.
We went to a party, they won’t allow us enter
until we show them our ticket, the attendant
brought out her ticket and show the big man
on the gate, he allowed us to enter and I ask
the girl why we need ticket to enter. She said
today is “lady’s night out” and they don’t allow
anybody to enter except by invitation or you
can follow a friend with a ticket.
We enter inside and everywhere is already
booming with music and all, we walk inside to
find a place to sit down, on our way by my left
there I saw some fat lady’s smoking like
ganga men, infact the way they are smoking
those ganga guys are learning.
We walk pass them and enter the cript where
the real show is happening, the MC is saying
some things while people that care listen to
him while others concentrate on one thing or
the other, everywhere was filled up that we
have to find a place upstair to sit, even if we
go upstair we can still be seeing everything
that’s going on because the upstair has a nice
view like a church, I don’t know what to call it.
We climb up holding each other’s hand and
then we find a place and sit down, she
excused herself and walk out to get some
drinks, she brought suya meat too which I
can’t wait to devour.
The show start with a dance and then later on
they started doing competition which I refuse
to join even after much persuasion from the
unknown girl, since I don’t want to join nor
dance she stood up and started dancing in
front of me, she started twerking her ass as if
she have it, she don’t have big ass but the
little she has she really knows how to shake it
like Shakira.
The place is really good because I enjoyed all
the show even though I refuse to participate,
we remain there till two in the night, I didn’t
bother because nobody is going home so I
just feel unconcern, beside no one is going to
spank me if I don’t return to the hotel on time
after all Ria won’t return until tomorrow
The dance floor was booming in that the
Unknown left me to join them downstair, I
didn’t bother I just concentrated on my drink, I
look at other table and everybody has gone
downstair to dance except for few, I saw a
white girl dancing alone beside one table and
even though her step didn’t correlate with the
song at least she’s trying. E no easy to learn
naija style.
The way she’s dancing like snake make me
wonder if shes from snake kingdom, I wanted
to know where she’s from so I stood up with
my glass of wine on my hand, I walk up to her
and ask.
“Why would a beautiful girl like you be dancing
alone when there are hungry guys everywhere?”
“Hello, good morning to you too, am not alone
my guy went downstair to dance” she
answered in a friendly mood.
“Oh well my lady is down there too dancing,
since we both free I hope you don’t mind if I
join you here?” I asked.
“Oh well, I don’t mind but my guy will soon be
here and i don’t want to provoke him” she said
taking her sit.
I join her on the sit too.
“Am Ozila by the way and you?”
“Am Angela, what’s the meaning of Ozila?” She
“Oh well, it’s just a short form of my full name
Oziegbe, meaning endurance” I said.
“Oh cool, I like people that can endure I hope
you can endure too?” She said smiling.
“It depends on what we are enduring, so where
are you from?” I asked.
“Am from South Africa, I came here to visit my
boyfriend” she said.
“That’s great, and how are you enjoying
Nigeria?” I ask her again.
“Oh well, it’s not that bad as people portray, I
wanted to visit south east and north but my
guy won’t allow me”
“He won’t say, he just don’t want me to go
there, I was hoping to visit every region here.”
She said.
“Let me give you my number, anytime you
return to Nigeria you can call me and I will be
glad to show you around.” I said.
She thank me and gave me her Samsung
phone to type my number, I type and return it
to her, we talk about Nigeria culture and our
mass languages, we talk for thirty minutes or
so before my friend return, she said it’s time to
go so I bade my new friend bye and we both
left the hall, unfortunately my unknown friend is
angry that I was discussing with the white
I don’t know what’s wrong with her oh, we only
had an agreement that she will make my living
worthwhile while I settle her. Why is she angry
now or can’t I talk to anybody again. Is she my
girlfriend? Is she my wife? Is she my sugar
I tried to talk to her but she won’t reply, I
decided to keep quiet till we get to the hotel
which she escort me to my room, she went to
the bed and sit down.
I walk up to her and ask.
“Baby, what’s wrong?”
“Don’t even ask me any question, give me my
money let me go” she said.
“Come on, it’s past three, why not spend the
night as usual then in the morning you leave” I
“No, I want to go now, just give me my money
let me go” she concluded.
I didn’t want to argue more so I gently gave
her some money and then she walk out, I relax
on my bed waiting for morning to come, Ria
will return in the evening and then our travel
process will continue, I just can’t wait.
I was so tired that I slept till ten in the
morning, I woke up and started arranging
everywhere so that Ria won’t see the mess I
made in her absence, I arrange everywhere and
call the cleaner to clean the remaining ones I
couldn’t finish, he finish cleaning and walk
away with the trash.
I was hungry so I called the cook, I don’t know
if my unknown friend will be the one to serve
me all I know is that am hungry and I want to
eat, I don’t care who serve the food, to whirl
away time I walk to the kitchen and boil water
for tea, I made tea and then walk up to the
sitting room to continue my film, I was
drinking tea and watching movie when I heard
a knock on the door.
“You can come in, the door is open” I said and
as expected the cook came in with my food.
“I don’t even know your name” I said as she
walk in gently.
“You dont want to know” she said as she
started arranging the food on the table.
“Of course I want to know, just give me a
name to call you”
“You didn’t ask all this while why do you want
to know now?” She questioned.
“Oh well, my journey to Asia is near, this
weekend precisely and it won’t be fair if I don’t
know the name of the lady that help me feel at
home in Lagos” I said.
The moment she heard journey to Asia she
became interested, she pause for some
minutes and then continue her work, I stood up
and walk to the table, I started eating while
she watch me with keen interest.
“So you are traveling outside the country?”. She
“Yeah, that’s what am waiting for here” I said.
“Hmm, okay I wish you safe journey” she said.
“Thank you”
I eat in peace while she continue watching me
as if am running away today, I finish eating and
then she pack the food and walk out without
uttering any word.
I took some drinks from the fridge and
continue my movie, almost twelve I heard a
knock on the door, I open the door and saw
my mysterious friend.
“My name is Maryjane, MJ for short” she
said and rush me with kiss without
allowing me to lock the door, I wanted to
resist because I know that it’s risky base on
the coming of Ria, but my dick won’t stop
bulging and with MJ delicious boobson I just
can’t resist, she push me to bed and remove
my trouser with force.
“Why not take it easy?” I said.
She didn’t listen as she remove my trouser and
suck my already hard Dickson, I grab her
boobson and press, I place hand on her ass
and squeeze it, she moan and then remove her
white shirt. She pull her pant down and draw
her tight skirt up, she balance on me and
insert my Dickson inside, she started ramming
me, cowgirl style.
She was fvcking me very hard and fast that we
didn’t know when somebody opened the door
with ease and, annnnnd, annnnnnnnnd.
As I said before the apartment have two
rooms, one dinning and one sitting room,
when you open the door the first thing you
meet is the sitting room containing expensive
chairs and other things, then in front of the
sitting room you will see the dinning chamber,
and then on the left there is one room and on
the right there is another room with both
having their own toilet and bathroom.
When the person open the door we heard the
sound and pause.
“Who is that?” I said softly to myself.
“Are you expecting anybody?” the attendant
ask with soft voice.
“Yes, my madam” I said and then she quickly
jump from me and started putting on her dress
while I ran to the bathroom and jump inside
the bath.
“Honey where are you?” I heard Ria voice from
the other room, she probably went to check
the other room first and before she come into
our own the girl has finish putting on her dress
and she’s even cleaning the room.
“Hey, what are you doing here?” Ria ask the
girl the moment she enter the room, I was
hearing everything from the bathroom but I just
pretend as if am taking my bath with ears
“Good day ma, am cleaning the room ma” she
said with calm voice as if nothing happen.
“I thought your job is to serve food?” She
“Yes ma, but amanda my friend call in sick
and she begged me to help her clean up
because she can’t tell our manager” she said.
“Oh I see, so where is my boy?” She ask.
“He is inside the bathroom ma” she said.
I heard everything they discussed but I just
kept shot, I was taking my bath and am
enjoying it, I don’t want any disturb.
Talking about disturb, I heard the door to my
bathroom open softly and then when I turn
back I saw my Ria standing naked beside me.
“Ria” I said forming surprise.
“And how is my baby doing?” She ask and join
me on the bath tub, she sat at the edge beside
“Am okay, just that I miss you” I said
increasing the water.
“Oh, that’s why am here now even before the
expected time” she and swim to my side.
“And how was the journey?” I ask.
“Very sweet and boring because I don’t have
you by my side, though no problem because
you are here now” she said and grab my
Dickson, she started stroking it and looking at
me eye to eye, she climb on top me and
started kissing me softly.
“I really miss it” she said and continue
stroking me gently, I pressed her boobson and
draw her closer, since I can’t take it anymore I
guide my Dickson inside her and then she
started fvcking me gently.
“Is she gone” I ask.
“I don’t think so, and how does it concern us?”
“Won’t be nice if she’s still there and we are
here having sex” I said without thinking.
“She’s doing her job” she said and covered my
mouth with her lips, I press her boobson and
she continue fvking me, the way she’s eating
me I can really confirm that she really missed
I raised her up and took her to the wall bench
in the bathroom, I sit her down while I remain
standing ramming her like a vampire, of course
if the attendant is still there she will definitely
hear us, the sound was like a slap from a
I ram her for so long and am yet to release,
am even tired.
I make her lie on the ground and continue
ramming her, she later turn me and started
fvcking very fast till I came inside her.
We both lie on the floor receiving our breath
like someone that just run Olympic race.
“So are you ready for the big day tomorrow?”
She ask.
“Of course am ready and desperate” I said.
“That’s my boy, everything is set we will be on
our way early tomorrow” she said.
“Thank God” I said and got up, I clean myself
and return to the bedroom while I wait for Ria
to clean up, The attendant is gone already and
am glad.
I enter the freezer and collect juice drink, I sip
the cold drink and then dive inside the sofa
bed and slept off.
I slept off like a baby feeling tired, I woke up
later around eight and got up to the sitting
room, I saw her watching tv series can’t even
remember the title,.
“Baby you are awake” she said shifting for me
to join her.
“Yeah, couldn’t sleep much” I said.
“And why is that?” She ask.
“Oh well maybe am overjoy, I still can’t believe
am traveling out of this country, I think am still
dreaming” I said.
“Oh well, when we enter India then maybe you
will believe and wake up from your dream” she
said giving me a peck.
We talk till sleep finally took over.
I woke up around one in the midnight and then
I took Ria inside the bedroom and arrange her
well, I couldn’t sleep maybe because am over
delighted or maybe because I already slept in
the afternoon, I think of what to do and nothing
came so I decided to play a gamble.
I walk out from the room and look for their
bar, I saw the bar close to their swimming
pool, everywhere was shinning and there are
securities everywhere so I wasnt really afraid.
I pull down my dress and enter the water
gently, very cold water and then I started to
swim, enjoying myself as if this is the last day
on Earth, oh well this is my last day here in
Nigeria unless am coming back from travel.
I took a balloon and climb it, I was inside the
balloon floating inside the water.
“I see you are enjoying yourself” I heard from
my back.
I was shock to the point that I jump out of the
balloon and dive inside the water, I wasn’t
expecting anybody, I came out from the water
and look up, there I saw her standing close to
the water facing me.
“What the hell are you doing here?” I said,
bringing my balloon closer to me after the
“I am working, this is my working place
remember?” She said.
Of course you know who the person is I don’t
need telling you.
“Oh well, since you are here why not pull of
your dress and join me” I said looking her nice
“So you want to risk traveling abroad with your
sugar mama?” She said folding her hands like
an inspector.
“Who told you am traveling to India with her?” I
“Oh come, am not a kid” she said and started
walking away.
“So you are leaving?” I said watching her small
“Oh course I don’t want to loose my job, and I
don’t want you to loose your Visa, you know I
love you.” she said and disappear out of site.
I was disappointed, I was hoping to feel her
nice boobs again before I travel out, I hope to
see her again because she’s fun to be with,
and beside she said she love me.
I continue my enjoyment and this time I
opened my eyes wide to avoid any surprise
again, everywhere was quiet and I really love
the environment, this is the kind of place
where the common man can’t visit, I don’t
even know how much to Lodge in this hotel all
I know is that Ria is taking good care of the
bill, with the type of exotic cars here it’s
obvious only the rich can Lodge here.
I was so carried away with the view, I started
thinking about the journey to India and then I
remember, we were suppose to start preparing
before six so I quickly jump out of the balloon
and swim out of the water, I took my dress
and walk back to the room, I check the time
immediately and saw that am right on track,
just after five.
I clean up and then walk to the bedroom, I
climb up and relax on Ria body.
“Sweetheart” I called her as I touch her.
“Yes, dear” she answered with sleepy eyes.
“It is time” I said.
“Oh really? Then le…….” She didn’t finish her
statement then she feel my body and ask.
“Why is your body so cold, did you sleep
inside the fridge” she ask and I laugh so hard.
“I went to swim” I said.
She turn and face me.
“You went to swim and you didn’t bother to
call me to join you?” She ask..
“Come on, you were sleeping like a baby,
won’t forgive myself if I wake you up from your
sweet sleep” I said.
She smile and then said “so you were
watching me sleep?” She smiling.
“Oh course, thanking God for giving me a
beautiful angel like you” I said.
“Oh baby, I wish I meet you before my
husband” she said and got up.
She walk to the bathroom while I remain on
the bed.
She came and said.
“What are you still doing there, go and prep
up” she said.
I finish preparing already so there is really
nothing much to prepare, so I just wash myself
up inside the bathroom and put up my dress,
when it’s six we are already ready to sign out.
We sign out and then she return the car and
register it under my name so that anytime I
return I can take it, so the car is officially mine
from now on.
We took a taxi directly to Murtala Muhammed
international airport Lagos.
We got to the airport and everywhere is already
filled up with people going up and down, even
the ticket hall is filled up and I begin to
wonder if Lagos people sleep at all.
I continue following Ria with my luggages of
course this is my first time so I have to follow
her lead, Airport personnel check us and stamp
our particulars after standing on the cue for ten
minutes, they check our luggages and clear us,
then I followed her to one big hall I thinks it’s
the waiting hall before departure, we wait there
for many minutes before we finally hear from
the microphone that our flight is ready, I
followed Ria and everybody and then we climb
inside the plane and sat close to the window
after keeping our luggages, the flight was quit
sweet and what do you expect from first class?
They serve us throughout the journey and I
slept also.
Our flight arrive in the beautiful city of Mumbai
on Sunday, we arrive at Chhatrapati Shivaji
International Airport Mumbai.
Everywhere was crowded, even worst than
Nigeria, if you say Nigeria is too populated
then try and visit India you will see over
We came down from the plane and
immediately they saw me they took me into a
room even when Ria tried to talk to them they
didn’t listen, they took me to an unknown room
and started searching me everywhere, all my
bags were thoroughly searched and all part of
my body too. After satisfying themselves they
took me out and there I saw Ria waiting for
me, they apologize to her for the inconvenience
and she just look them with one eye and take
my hand, we took our bags and walk out of
the airport using luggage Carrier, there are
many taxi waiting, they were in line. We board
one and then Ria tell him Marashkatra.
“Am sorry for what happened at the airport,
they thought you are a drug pusher” she said.
“Nah, don’t worry they are only doing their job”
I said.
“Thanks” she said.
While on the taxi I was looking at the beautiful
city, the city is not that beautiful anyway just
scattered houses like Lagos, I think Mumbai
should be the most populated city in India just
like how Lagos is the most populated city in
Mumbai is beautiful but not that beautiful, but
the express roads are better than Lagos road,
there are fly over everywhere and train station,
it is expected because of the population, I
hope Lagos get there rail line working soon.
Idon’t know were we are going so I can’t really
explain it, the driver took us to another city
inside Mumbai I think the city is called
Marashkatra and it is also populated.
Ria direct the driver to one small street with
houses on both sides no sight of bush no
farm, the driver stop in front of one upstair
building and then the driver pack in the front of
the building with small wooden gate, more like
to drive domestic animal because this
definitely cannot keep criminals out.
“We are her” she said.
I came down and look at the environment, it is
not bad.
Passersby keep on starring me as I remove my
bags from the boot, Ria settled the driver and
then I followed her from behind as we open
the gate and walk inside the green compound,
she open the door to the house and then invite
me in.
“There is nobody at home, so feel free and be
at home, I know this place is different from
Nigeria but trust me you will like it here more”
she said.
“Of course I will like it, thanks alot” I said.
“Okay, come on you will stay upstair” she
I followed her upstair and then she opened the
door to the only room in the stair, I look inside
it is small but good, it has big wooden bed,
cupboard and small TV, and of course rug. It
was clean as if someone cleaned it up.
“I like it” I said dropping my bag beside the
“Good, this is your new room.” She said and
continue “you should rest and later when my
husband and daughter return from work then I
will introduce you to them okay”
“Okay ma, no problem” I said as she lock the
door and give me space.
I saw a beautiful picture on the wall and when
I get closer I saw a resemblance of Ria
meaning the girl is her DAUGHTER, waoh this
is interesting, my Dickson is already rejoicing.
I took the picture from the wall and look at it
very well, the girl sure look like her mother,
she dress normal with a graduation gown, so
it’s either she’s done with school or just
I return the picture to the wall and look around
very well, I walk to the window and from there
I can see who is coming to our house, I can
even see the road from here and that makes it
perfect, I can always know when somebody is
coming in case of any emergency.
I removed my wears leaving just my trouser
and then lie on the bed to sleep, it didn’t take
long before I was taken to dream world, you
won’t blame me now would you? Because I
have been on the road for long I seriously
need to rest, I know night will soon reach but I
can’t just wait because my eyes were heavy.
I wake up when I heard a little crack on my
door so I opened my eyes gently only to see a
beautiful girl starring at me, she was putting on
trouser with nice t-shirt, she then back it up
with a sweater, she was carrying a school bag
on her back too.
Immediately I saw her I gently close my eyes
again because I believe she think am sleeping,
she walk to the cupboard and remove some of
her things, she left me alone after giving one
more stare.
I opened my eyes and realize that night has
come, I know we have introduction to do and
food to eat beside am seriously hungry, so I
got up and put on my singlet with same
trouser, I came out from my door and started
walking downstair gently, there was noise
inside the parlour and when I got there I saw a
man watching TV alone.
He didn’t see me because he was backing me
so I greeted him.
“Good evening sir” I said and he quickly turn
around to see me looking at him.
“Waoh, at last you are awake, come and join
me here” he said with a smile even though his
English is not that good at least he is trying.
“Okay sir” I said walking to him and I sit
opposite him.
“So how are you?” He ask.
“Am fine sir” I said.
“Welcome to India, and I hope the journey
wasn’t so rough?” He said.
“No, It was great” I said smiling.
Maybe they heard our voice inside Ria and her
daughter came out from the back, maybe from
kitchen because the girl was holding a tray
filled with Tomatoes.
“Ozila you are awake” Ria said coming with her
“Yes ma” I said standing up to greet her.
“Oh well this is good, and here is my
daughter” she said touching her daughter on
her shoulder.
“Hello, am Riana, please to meet you” Riana
said giving me her hand.
I was amazed at her gougeous voice and nice
sets of teeth, not to be talk of her beautiful
body, she’s just like a goddess and I am very
sure that she will make me worship her soon, I
won’t mind worshipping her because her
beauty deserve it, I wish I can just make her
love and then I steal her to Nigeria and marry
her, that will be a dream that can never
happen, beside I don’t want to risk anything
here that will see me deported, not to talk of
their evil magic, I might decide to sleep with
her now and then my dick will stuck inside her
pussycat, I don’t want to take that risk.
“Thank you Riana, I am Ozila” I said Shaking
her soft hand after coming back to my senses.
“And here is my loving husband Mr Rowan”
she said pointing to her husband.
I walk to him and shake him very well and in
my mind I was like “so na me and you they
share her Honeypot, no wahala I go leave her
for you since Virginnn meat they house
(referring to Riana)”
We were all happy and laughing at the same
time and after the intro Ria and her daughter
return to kitchen leaving me and her husband.
Her husband lock me up with a long
discussion, asking so many questions about
Nigeria, he told me he have two sons working
in Nigeria that’s why he was desperate to
know about the security there, I assure him
that he has nothing to worry about that Nigeria
are loving people.
He told me what I will like to do in India and I
told him I want to school, he laugh and I
started wondering why he is laughing,.
“You see Ozila, it wasn’t my wife idea to bring
you to India, it was mine” Mr Rowan said.
“Really?” I ask.
“Yes, am running some business and I need
someone like you, a man from Africa with nice
athletic shape to complete the business” he
“Okay, what is it about?” I ask with keen
“No worry my friend, let’s eat and rest,
tomorrow my wife will take you there and tell
you everything about the business” he said
putting me in suspense.
“Okay Sir” I said foolishly.
“And about the school, if we see how well you
handle the business we will enrol you into this
school you saw on the way while coming” he
“I will do my best sir” I said.
We discussed other things and then Ria called
us to join them in the dinning, they prepare rice
for me with stew while they eat another thing
containing stew.
They pray and started eating, I pray on my
mind too and started eating, the food was
sweet and I wonder how they manage to cook
it, maybe Ria later learn how to cook the food.
We eat in peace and I keep starring at Riana.
After eating we all gather In the parlour to
watch movie, They told me they will show me
around tomorrow that I should rest today very
well, I thank the loving family for their care and
then I retire to bed upstair, I kneel down and
pray and lie in my bed to sleep, minutes later I
fell into deep sleep.
I woke up the next morning to a beautiful day
and the sun was shining straight inside my
room, I was surprised to see a blanket on my
body Because as far as I can remember I
didn’t cover myself before I sleep, I wonder
who came inside to cover me with this blanket,
maybe I will start locking my door, but how
can I lock the door of a room I don’t have? I
stood up and open the curtain and there I saw
people moving about on the road, I came out
from my room and walk down the stair, I saw
Mr Rowan preparing for work,
“ Good morning Sir” I greeted.
“Ha, Mr Africa how was your night?” He ask.
“Fine Sir” I said.
“That is good, am going to work so take of
the family since you are the only man in the
house now” he said laughing.
“Okay Sir, I will” I said.
“Come and see me off, take my bag for me”
he said.
I took his bag and we both walk out together.
“So what kind of work are you doing Sir?” I
“Am a construction worker, we have company
everywhere and even in your country, that’s why
my sons always travel to Nigeria to supervise
things” he said.
“Waoh that’s great” I said.
“Yes it is, my wife will take you to the place
today, maybe in the evening or in the
afternoon” he said.
“Okay, I can’t wait to see it” I said.
“You will see it, and please Mr Africa, don’t
disappoint me because I strongly believe the
business will boom if you agree and we will
pay you handsomely” he said.
“Let me just see it first” I said.
we talk till he stop a taxi and enter inside, I
wave him bye and walk back inside the house
where I saw Riana brushing her teeth.
“good morning Riana” I said as I saw her.
“Morning Ozila” hope you slept well?” She ask.
“Yes sure and you?,”
“yes, I slept well” she said. “I hope the
blanket wasn’t too big?” She added.
“No, not at all and thanks very much for the
blanket” I appreciate her.
“you are welcome” she said.
She gave me brush and then walk me to every
corner of the house showing me things, like
where to bath, kitchen, small garden and other
things, she love talking, I think that’s her
hobby, because she enjoy it.
After few minutes she left for school leaving
me and Ria in the house, we watch TV together
and I was surprised that when I tried to touch
her she stop me without saying anything.
“What’s wrong Ria?” I ask feeling
“Nothing” she denied.
“Come on, stop saying that I know when
something is wrong with you, I understand you
completely and tell me please what’s wrong?” I
ask again.
“and I said nothing, what makes you think
there is something wrong with me?” She fired
“Because you don’t want me I inside you,
which is unusual” I said.
“How can I let you when we are in my husband
house?” She defend herself even though I know
something is bothering her.
“But they are not at home” I said.
“dosnt matter, look from now on we will do no
such thing okay” she said.
“Okay then” I said even though I don’t agree
but I don’t want to anger her, but my Dickson
is hard and I need to sexx.
Later in the day when everybody return from
work, around seven she took me out to a nice
and beautiful bar, the bar is big where there
are many strippers both male and female, she
introduced me to her big friends, they all
welcome me with smile, we even drink
together and laugh together, some of them can
speak English and one thing I observe is that
all of them were looking at my Dickson part all
through, I wonder what my job here is.
She took me to the center of the club and then
we started watching the male stripper.
“So this is a strip club?” I ask
“Yes, and as you can see that guy don’t know
how to strip, do you think you can do better,
ladies here will die to see a black man strip
for them especially with your big Dickson, you
will make alot of money if you try it” she said
with a smile.
I think about it for some minutes and reject her
offer because I can’t fit be seeing my pictures
on the internet.
“I think I will pass ma” I said smiling as the
music keep on playing with people drinking
while some are dancing.
“You don’t get it Ozila, this is the work my
husband was telling you about last night” she
“What! You brought me to India to become a
stripper?” I shouted.
“Relax, what’s bad in it? beside you will make
big money and return to Nigeria as a
millionaire” she said.
“You can’t be serious” I said.
“Oh well, you don’t need to start it now, we will
give you time to think about it, anything you
conclude will depend if we will keep you in
India or not” she said and walk away.
I was surprise, I took a drink and watch the
male stripper in front of me, how can she be
doing something like this to me? I thought she
love me more than her husband, she promised
to take me to school when we get to India,
why is she all hard on me now, she won’t even
let me sex her, did I make a mistake coming
to India? Should I let her deport me back?