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✍️✍️✍️✍️ Sex And the City 馃敒馃敒 Episode 21 -52 ✍️✍️✍️✍️✍️

Strictly 馃敒馃敒
Episode 21
Sex And The City
oh yeah am damn right something must happen, na only fool go spend this much and don’t taste anything in return no be say I be worker oh na my sister give me the money. Temih: so Mr oz where do you live? Me: dumez.. Temih: oh cool close to school of Heath right? Me: yes, so which state are you from? (na now I know say I wan ask questions) Temih: am from Ondo, Ifon precisely. Me: oh that’s cool, so what do you do for a living? Temih: nothing, am studying nursing in school of health here. Me: oh so you can start giving us injection abi? Temih: hahaha I don’t need to na since your sister can do that. Me: I will still prefer another person instead of my sister. Temih: ha you be bad boy na. NGO: na wetin una dey talk like that? (she said as she came in) Temih: knowing ourself. Me: it getting dark do you think we will still go outing today? NGO: I don’t know yet let’s finish eating first before we talk about that. Me: okay no problem. : NGO continue her cooking while me and temih continue eyeing each other inside discussing about our past. after she finish cooking she arrange everything ontop table and called us to eat, I nor dey shame for food at all especially food wey I like, if u want to poison me use two things food or pussi. I even standup before temih self go wash my hand, when I see the palatable EBA omo my tummy make noise. we sit round the table and I prayed in my mind before eating, EBA with afang soup. Me: you said you are not Igbo so who taught you Hw to cook afang soup so well. NGO: ha na only Igbo they cook afang soup? Me: I think so na. NGO: no joor, let’s eat please before talk. : I they hate that talk “table manners” oh yeah it good to maintain eating but na by then me they talk pass, I can’t eat in silence oh because na when something they sweet me I go they remember sweet something to talk about. we ate in silence and before one hour time we don consume everything for plate finish, NGO arrange the plate while Temih showed me the bathroom to shower because am sweating very well, I enter shower and took my bath before I return back to parlour, I check the time and it pass seven now. Temih: your house far from here oh when u wan go house? (when girls they talk that you know say them want you out.) NGO: Temih leave him na, he will sleep here oh. Me: ha hahaha that will be nice. temih: see you. they took their bath one after the other and then we started watching movie, Temih sat in bed while me and NGO relaxed on the only chair in the room. after sometime NGO sleep on the chair putting her two legs on my laps while I adjust to make her comfortable, then she WhatsApp me on my phone. “I hope you are comfortable?” Me: “yes thanks for the food i really enjoyed it” She: “ha I should thank you na you made it possible dear”. Me: “thanks, I think I will be going now” She: “come on, are you telling me you can’t go home by 12, or you are not a man”. Me: “lol no am not” She: “ha story for the gods” she use her leg to touch my oga Sir, and then she replied. “even the man don wakeup” Me: “now you know am more than a man” we continue chatting like that and she wore a long gown, I use my right hand to reply her while I started using my left hand to rub her leg, i was massaging it very well moving up at every minute. She: “na wetin you they do” Me: “helping you massage your leg for stress of today. ” She: “hmmmmmm.” and then I saw her go offline and after she went offline, Temih phone ring for some seconds and stop, then temih took her phone, stood up and left us alone in the room. Me: where did she go? NGO: to buy something I guess. she drop her phone and concentrate on the movie facing front while me drop my phone too and face her leg concentrating this time, as I rub her leg she adjust also to make sure I touch the right spot,. Me: you have beautiful legs. NGO: thank you. : am now alone with what I want but the confidence is not here, I just stay there rubbing her legs for almost ten minutes when I realize the amount I spent on her then my confidence came back, she have fresh body just that she’s fat, I continue rubbing her leg and this time moving up her big ass, I started touching her body from her laps to her waist and then her ass, she didn’t even make any noise and that give me the courage to move further into complete romance, I bend and turn her to face me while I sleep ontop her, I touch her hairs with my hands and balance her head, I look her straight in the eyes and said “oh god you are so beautiful and your lips so tempting. Me: errm thank you, and wat are you waiting for if its tempting? lobatan, that’s all am waiting for, i kissed her sweet lips, she didnt bulge, I remove my head and use my right hand to press her right boob, she moan loudly opening her mouth then I kiss her again and this time she kiss me too, she put her two hands around my head and open her legs wide to comfort me, we kiss for minutes and also pressing her Boob’s to put her in the mood more, I move my right hand down and press her v side, she moan again and then I bend down, I shift her gown up and saw her white pant, I started kissing her v through the pant and the odour coming out from there can be used to soak garri because it was cool, I started licking it and then I use my right finger shift the pant to one side, she was damn wet like kilode, i put my tongue and lick the juice, as I was licking it she use her two hands to hold my head there like magnet make I nor commot am again, she was moaning loudly twisting her ass like twister, I manage to rescue my head from the grip and then I insert one finger and she moan again, then i insert another and the moan multiply by two, i was fingerbleeping her while my trouser wan tear because of my dick, after some seconds her pussi don wet again, then she hold me up and said “can we do it now?”. I stood up and remove my trouser and my shirt, she was still lying on the chair when I walk to her and make her to touch my Dickson. she started playing with it while I also rub her boobs, she stroke it for some time before she insert it inside her mouth, she was lying on the chair sucking my Dickson, I was enjoying it too Cus she knows how to do t very well, I was in cloud nine I even saw myself in heaven begging god not to make me wakeup again from this dream, I release I was in cloud nine when I release on her face, then she swallow it and smiled “you never start work you they release abi” Me: e mean say the future is bright. she started stroking and sucking again after five minute’s my anaconda don rise like full moon ready for battle, she pushed me down and then I relaxed ontop her, I started kissing her again while she use her hand to guide my dick inside her, I started fucking her slowly, I was naked ontop her but she still wear gown but her pant is off, i started slowly before I increase my pace, she was using her two hands to be hitting my ass as she moan in pleasure, I continue digging faster and faster, I love fat girls, the hole no dey end at all not like slin girl wey u go dey touch intestine all the time, I fucck the hell out of her for five minutes when she push me out of the chair and stand up releasing something like fluid, she bend down putting her two hands ontop table, I didn’t stop I meet her and enter from behind, I started digging again as her Boob’s bounce like felele ball, after two minutes she release again, the fluid push my dick commot for her pussi self, the thing they come out like tap (borehole). after she piss finish I enter again and start digging, I hold on and remove her gown completely before I continue, “oh yeah fuck me faster pls, yeahhhhhh” i was doing it faster even table wan break before her water push my dick out again, I will fuck for some minutes and she will release, I didn’t enjoy it as I plan because she too get oil joor, we fuck for 30 minutes plus before I release, we slept on her bed like dead wood, not minding if anybody enter or not. later in the midnight I felt someone touching my dick, I open eye and saw Temih below me sucking my dick.. Me: Temih Temih: shhhhhhhhhh Me: what time is it? Temih: pass twelve.
Episode 22
Me: pass twelve and what the hell are you doing? Temih: quiet na abi you be Jew? she said and continue sucking my dick below, i look at NGO and saw her sleeping quietly, it won’t be bad if I gently sex Temih na abI? after all that’s why am here. I shift away from NGO a little and shift Temih upward she was still rubbing my dick with her left hand, I shift her up and kiss her and then start massaging her soft breast, she wore black gown, we were kissing gently so as not to wake NGO up, as we continue kissing I remove my right hand from breast and move it down her pant, I smiled when I put my hand inside and realize she wasn’t putting on any pant at all, I dip my hand inside her pussi and start penetrating her, she was also stroking my dick that is already hard and waiting for action, we remain like that for minutes till I told her to climb ontop me but she refuse, she said that we will wake NGO up and that she have a better idea. she turn facing NGO and backing me, I raised her gown up and shift my dick closer to her and then I move in from behind, the road was very soft and hot also, I enjoyed it that I enter quickly again, “awwwwww” she screamed. Temih: gently na. Me: am sorry. I started going in and out of the well gently and slowly and I was enjoying it because she’s quite tight and horny sweeter than NGO I must say. the pleasure was too much that I didnt know when I started going in faster and faster and this time Temih didn’t complain she was even meeting my stroke self which make the noise louder, she was making little noise and then later she started screaming, I stop and shift my body closer to her and then I put my right hand on her mouth and cover it, then I start fucking her again slowly, she bend her ass to me so that I will go in very well, I fvck and fvck and fvck till madam wakeup, I didn’t know how but I closed my eyes enjoying the show and when I open it again I saw her sitting up and facing us with her eyes red like fire, she sat, turn and face us NGO: so this is who you are Ozila? my dick still inside Temih pussi, don’t know what to do, even the temih still hold my hand tight. Me: NGO Temih: we are sorry. NGO: sorry for what? after all he is not my boyfriend, so you are free but am I permitted to join am cold. : me and Temih look each others in disbelieve. Temih: of course you can join. NGO: tnx. she remove her cover body and came closer, Temih got up and kiss her very well, then NGO came to me and start kissing me while Temih focus on my dick, she suck my already hard and then remove her gown completely, she sat on my dick backing me and then continue fvcking, NGO sat ontop my head opening her wide pussi wide for me to consume, I started licking it eating the meat like real meat meanwhile below Temih is killing me with her tight pussi, after sometime I release and NGO lick it and start sucking my dick again, within minutes my dick Don stand gan like Aso rock, she took me up over to the table, she lay on the table facing ceiling and opening her leg wide while I spit on her pussi and use hand to rub it before inserting my dick again, Temih went to the top of the table and started kissing her, sucking her boobs also. the sound coming out from our thrust is like a pistle gun. “kpa kpa kpa kpa” as if na mosquito we they kill.. I fvck her on the table for minutes till I tire and then I sat on the chair, she climb me and start moving up and down while temih climb the table and start masturbating. she fvck so well and even me grab her boobs and start sucking but I can’t concentrate because the rate at which she move is like a madcow1. I came later on and I thank God but I didn’t know they are just starting. as I release I was so weak that I went to put the fan on the highest speed, I walk to their fridge naked and saw apple, I took it to the bed and start eating while they buckle up, NGO went to cupboard and brought something, she took water and gave to me. Me: what’s that? NGO: man power I don die
Episode 23
Me: no no no I think am exhausted already I need to sleep now please. NGO: come on don’t tell me you are tired already even though, that’s why I want you to drink this, it will boost your energy. Me: I know everything about manpower and I know the side effect too. Temih: let’s leave him to rest there is always another day (no be me and una). Me: now you are talking. : I took cloth and cover myself and within seconds am already sleeping. I wokeup the following day feeling weak and my eyes turning me, I saw Temih and Ngozi beside me sleeping naked, when I look at NGO fat ass omo I tell you that ass can make a Reverend father commit sin, They were sleeping gently and slowly, I stood up and as I want to wear my trouser I look at NGO ass again mehn that ass is so tempting it will be a sin to my dick if I don’t do anything since my dick is already streghting neck for it. I pull the trouser off and climb bed again, I sleep at her back and spread the leg a little, I put spit on my hand and put it on her pussi then I climb her though I use my two hands to support myself with the bed so that my body won’t touch her, I shift the leg again to have clearer view of her pussi, and then I insert the weapon and start gboging her slowly, and within minutes her pussi don they sleepery already, I was going in and out without any hold up nor traffic jam, and when I look at her face I saw her smiling, she open her leg wide for better penetration and I didn’t fail to deliver, I was doing it faster this time and am even surprise Temih is still sleeping, is she that tired? after some time NGO got up and told me to sleep, I sleep and face up and she came ontop me facing her ass at me, she put my divk inside her and start fucking me badly, she na real bad girl badder than rihanna, she continue fucking me and the thing be say na only her ass they move her body no they move follow her, at first I even thought I will release on time so that I will be on my way but I was wrong, she dig me for almost 30 minutes before I later came. guess what after I came she want us to do again,. Me: come on that should be later am going home now NGO: alright I really enjoy myself sweet. Me: me too dear
Episode 24
I sleep at her back and spread the leg a little, I put spit on my hand and put it on her pussi then I climb her though I use my two hands to support myself with the bed so that my body won’t touch her, I shift the leg again to have clearer view of her pussi, and then I insert the weapon and start gboging her slowly, and within minutes her pussi don they sleepery already, I was going in and out without any hold up nor traffic jam, and when I look at her face I saw her smiling, she open her leg wide for better penetration and I didn’t fail to deliver, I was doing it faster this time and am even surprise Temih is still sleeping, is she that tired? after some time NGO got up and told me to sleep, I sleep and face up and she came ontop me facing her ass at me, she put my divk inside her and start fucking me badly, she na real bad girl badder than rihanna, she continue fucking me and the thing be say na only her ass they move her body no they move follow her, at first I even thought I will release on time so that I will be on my way but I was wrong, she dig me for almost 30 minutes before I later came. guess what after I came she want us to do again,. Me: come on that should be later am going home now NGO: alright I really enjoy myself sweet. Me: me too dear
Strictly 馃敒 馃敒
Episode 25
I Peck her on her head and wear my trouser quickly, I look at Temih and saw that she’s still sleeping like a baby, I smile and rush out of the room with NGO waving goodbye. I came out and saw that people have already started going to work, I came out from their place and face road to my home, I walk for five minutes before I reach my computer center, within three minutes more I reach school of health And technology Benin. I turn to my left and continue walking for another ten minutes or more before I reach my street, I enter my street, I pass mama favor shop and saw her bringing her goods out already.. Me: good morning mama favor.. Mama: ah ah where you they come from this early morning? Me: I go visit my aunt for it upper. Mama: okay hope she they fine sha. Me: yes. see you later make I go prepare for lesson. Mama: no problem, try come see me today oh. Me: okay no wahala. bye. I left her and pass the building separating us before I reach my house, I enter room and relax on my bed, as I wanted to get up and get ready for lesson I felt some pains on my body so I lay down back, am feeling pains because of what NGO and Temih did to me and instead of them to give me body pain drugs they were giving me manpower for more sex, thunder wey go fire them still they do press up for heaven. I relaxed back and within minutes my phone started ringing, I look at the screen and saw that it is Mitchele and even my battery is almost down it remaining 5 percent, I pick it up. Me: sweetheart how far? Mitch: lovie I they oh how are you? Me: am fine too whats popping this one wey u remember me today so. Mitch: you nor they even Shame to talk am Me: wetin you mean? Mitch: how you go just forget me like that eh? Me: sorry no vex dear na lesson cause am. Mitch: na wa for you oh, where you they now? Me: I they house now. Mitch: why you nor go lesson? Me: babe I they feel my body like train they move inside me. Mitch: wetin you do? Me: nothing oh . Mitch: you sure? Me: of course na. Mitch: okay I they come I go buy body pains for you. Me: really? Mitch: yes, within one hour time I will be there. Me: alright thanks sweet I they wait.. Mitch: no problem
Episode 26
she cut the call and I drop the phone ontop bed and started thinking, now that she’s coming much fvcking must happen oh and I don’t even have strength self, oh well let me go to mama favor store to buy some things that will give me strength. i enter her shop and saw that she’s not around but her things are outside, I enter passage and check out cynthia and Aneeta, both of them are not at home too so I return to mama Favor’s shop and sat at the bench I sat there and after some minutes I saw her coming from the main road wearing rapper and one simple shirt, she came and ask. “since when you they here?” Me: not more than ten minutes. Mama: alright I carry my children go school. Me: oh na im make here they quiet like say nobody they stay here. Mama: yes na everybody don go work, make I open door first. Me: okay what of your husband? Mama: go work too. Me: aiit.
Episode 27
i watch her big ass as she walk to her door and open it, the store has two doors, one from the parlour and the other from frontage where there is big gate, she shade inside and outside too, she came out from the outside gate and open it.. Mama: so how you they na? Me: I just they manage oh since my sister commot na managing things. Mama: no be only you they manage na everybody. Me: hmmmm, so why you they call me? Mama: you know say you owe me one favor abi? Me: I remember so wetin be the favor? Mama: no be that one I call you for first, I want make you help me with the fan wey they our room. Me: oh your husband no fit do am? Mama: anytime I ask him na tomorrow tomorrow im they talk, you nor fit help? Me: of course why not? show me the fan. Mama: okay follow me.
Episode 28
i followed her inside their parlour and then her room, I look the fan, I took one chair and climb it to get a clearer view, she walk out maybe to her store, I check the fan and saw that the wire burn at one end, so I started fixing of course I off their metre before fixing it, when she came in again. Mama: Jesus why you they sweat like this? Me: na work I they oh. Mama: ha make I prepare water for you to baf after you finish. Me: no worry I go baf for house. Mama: tar you nor fit go house like this. without arguing she went to the bathroom inside the room and arrange water and I finish everything up, I came down and sat on the chair sweating like Xmas goat. Mama: jeez no be small work I give u oh. : she took Handkey from bed and started using it to clean my body, as she bend her breast was visible to me and am starting to gain attention so I quickly took the handkey from her hand and started using it myself. Mama: you need to go baf oh. Me: alright tnx. I got up and walk to the bathroom, very clean bathroom with shower, they have nice bathroom while their tenants they share yeye one for backyard, na wa oh. I back the door and off my clothes, this is strange I know but I don’t want to refuse her offer, I remove my clothes and begin shower, one minutes later the door open and I saw her standing on the door with white pant and bra, they are just to big for me to reject. I came to buy energy boost but instead she want collect the small wey remain, there is god oh.
Strictly 馃敒 馃敒
Episode 29
Me: Mummy Favor what are you doing? Mama: time to repay the favor you owe me. She came to me inside the bathroom and back the door, she was starring at my dick while i stare at her gigantic boobs. Me: mummy favor come on you are marrie…….. She use her finger to quench my mouth and then push me closer to the wall, she grab my dick with her right hand and then started robbing it. Mama: you dont want but your dick want it huh? Me: come on what of your husband? Mama: he will soon come so you better do it quick if you dont want him to catch us like this. : my dick is hard already and if i dont do it is a crime to me so to make it easy for her i push her to the wall and grab her boobs and then i started sucking it, since she said no time then let me just do the koko and leave before my cup full. We romance each others and then i pull of her big pant and raise one of her leg up with my right hand, i use my leg to hold her leg on the wall so that i can penetrate very well, then i started kissing her again she took my dick and insert it inside her pussi “aaaaaah” she hala at the first stroke, i continue fvcking her slowly before i put more jar, at each stroke she will shot “yes, yes yes,” like danny obrian (i heard he retired is it true). I raise her leg on the wall very well and i must confess her pussi is sweat and hot also, after some time she pushed me to the floor and make me lay down facing the ceiling, she climb me and started ramming me very hard, as she was fvcking me she wall also smiling licking her tongue, i was lost in fantasy even though we nor balance but e sweet die, she was still ramming me when i pump into her with my acamu, it was after i release that i remember condom, i just hope she dosnt get pregnant for me because there is no way i will get her to abort the baby because shes a married woman, come to think of it all the ladies i have hit i didnt use condom, i hope i wont be the father of all nation like 2baba.
Episode 30
As i released inside her she rest on my body breathing like crazy goat. Me: mummy favor stand up make i go house before your husband return. Mama: no worry my husband wont be coming back tilll eve………. She was still saying when we heard horn in front of the house. Me: who is that? She quickly jump up from my body and switch on the tap, before i know it someone knock on the door and shout “honey where are you”. Me: jesus your hus…. : she covered my mouth with her hands and then push me to the back of the bathroom door. Mama: darling am here. “oh you are bathing?”. Mama: yes darling why are you home so early? “came to collect something” Mama: alright dear will be done in a minute. “never mind am on my way already”. Mama: okay take care then. : i heard his footstep as he came inside the room and then walk out again, but as he was going out he pause and came back. “honey who owns this shot?”. Mama: oh it belong to a guy, i was searching for the button that will suit it. “i told you to always put all your sowing materials on the shop”. Mama: i dont have it so i decided to check inside house. “okay bye”. Mama: bye dear. : i thought he was going but instead he open the bathroom door and pip inside, i saw his big aboro head through the door but he cant see me, . Mama: i thought you are going? “just want a little peck from my sweeteheart before i go”. Mama: oh dear. : she peck her and then the man grab his head and kiss her, he wanted to come in and do more but mama favor push him out and they both left the bathroom. Mama: go work na, i just want to bath and return to shop. “come on five minutes quickie wont be bad” (na pastor they yarn like this). Mama: no return back from work and you can have me all for yourself. “come on you know the children will be disturbing”. Before i they hear another word na “ah ah ah” i look through the door and saw the man pouncing mummy favor, mummy favor lay on the bed facing it while daddy ram her from behind, i was so angry as if mummy favor is my wife i started getting jealous, he fuck her for five minutes truly before he buckle up and then hit his hand on her ass and left her on the bed, he left the room and within two minutes i heard the sound of his car leaving the compound. The door to the bathroom open and mummy favor came in.
Episode 31
Mama: time to go Oz. (she tie rapper i wonder wetin she they hide wey i don ram her already) Me: i cant wait. I pass her and took my clothes and then i ran out of her house like madman, i reach house and saw Mitchele waiting for me sitting on my frontage with her black mama’s bag. Me: mitchele? Mitch: Ozila Me: how long have you be here? Mitch: not too long. : i sat in front of my frontage with her. Me: how are you? Mitch: i just they, where did you go to? Me: oh i went to check the next premier league features. Mitch: did you fight there because you look rough. Me: i was running to welcome you unfortunately you are the one welcoming me now. Mitch: so can we go inside now? Me: sure. : i opened the door to my room and then hold her hand in, as i was backing the door i saw my neighbour that beautiful girl starrring at me from her window facing kitchen, she rolled her eye for me and then thumb me up, i just smile and lock the door. Mitch relaxed on the bed. Me: so whats up? Mitch: whatsup? Oh well maybe you can tell me. Me: how (i join her on the bed). Mitch: how? Oh well you can start by explaining why am having nightmare about you. Me: really? Mitch: the latest one i saw myself with big tummy and was running away from home. Me: haaa who are you running to? Mitch: i was running after a plane going to India. Me: ha na india man come give you belle? She pinched me. Me: awwww sorrry, oh well it is just a dream. Mitch: it look so real maybe its the future. Me: oh come on stop it will you like to have that kind of future. Mitch: oh well its not that bad if i know who is inside the plane. Me: you can forget about it because we dont have anybody in in…… (and then i remembered the indian woman i was involve with).
Episode 32
Mitch: what is it Ozila? Me: nothing i mearnt we dont have any relative in India or do you? Mitch: no. Me: good so its a just dream nothing else, is that the dream about me. Mitch: yes. Me: but i wasnt involve. Mitch: oh well i started dreaming about it after we had sex, and there is another where they lock both of us in a cell, they chain our hands together and use cain to whip us. Me: now am getting scared. Mitch: do you want me to finish it? Me: i have heard enough abeg, but know that they all dream and nothing else, nothing will hapen to both of us. Mitch: am scared. Me: dont be, oh come here. : she came closer and hug me, i can feel her heart beat and it was beating fast. she free herself from my grip and then i use my two hands to hold her head looking her straight in the eyes before i kissed her with slow motion, and then i later stop and told her “am having feelings for you mitchele”. Mitch: me too but you know we are related. Me: it dosnt matter dear, if we are related as you said then where is the libido for sex between us coming from? Mitch: i dont know. Me: good, lets forget about this we will talk later in the night hope you are staying the night? Mitch: of course, do you think i will leave all this foodstuff for you alone? Me: hahahaha then i guess we start cooking now. Mitch: you rest since you are not well while i prepared delicious food for you. Me: hmmmm your stay here will be fun but why cant i join you? Mitch: because you are not too sound by the way i bought some drugs for you. Me: thanks alot i will take them after i finish eating. Mitch: alright, rest then. Me: yes my love. I rest on my bed while she got up and change to something comfortable because she want to cook, the dresses are comfortable to her but to me they are not because my dick is shouting below “let me up, let me up, let me up”. I was annoyed that i shouted at my dick “keep quiet”. Mitch: what? Me: sorry not you am talking to my phone.
Strictly 馃敒 馃敒
Episode 33

Mitch: oh okay. And guess what the strategy work my dick didnt disturb me again, at least make e sleep small because since i enter Benin i havent even stay one month and i don taste many local government starting with the India woman. Wait oh, Mitch said she was running after a plane going to India i hope its not me i can take that am going to India but i cant take it getting my sister pregnant, i cant take it at all and beside me and the india woman have no business together again, it was just a one nite fling, but she gave me her card and i dont even know where i kept it, oh well it is better i forget about her and not just her but everything that relate with her, i was lost in my thought but my eyes started turning me, i guess i need to eat because i have used so much of my strenght and i need to reshuffle my arsenal or else Since Ngo, Temih and Mama Favor have killed me already then Mitch dont need to Kill me again she will just bury me. I cant bear the hunger that i got up and took carrot from what Mitchele is cooking, i took two carrort and ate them before i they look again i don enter dream world. I wokeup and saw Fidelis starring at me, i quickly got up and look around. Me: how did you get in? Fid: your sister let me in. Talking about my sister Mitchele walk in. Mitch: how your sleep? Me: fine. Mitch: good your friend came to visit, am coming let me buy pure water (she said and walk out i look at her eyes and saw she feel sad, maybe shes in love with me truly but what of me am I in love with her? Oh no am just having fun.
Episode 34
me: whatsup? (i said sitting up) Fid: am fine, so you are not feeling fine and you didnt bother to tell me ehh? Me: ha I was planning to visit you this evening sha. Fid: lie. Me: truth oh, i was planning to visit you before my sister arrive. Fid: eh you can still come na even though your sister is around. Me: maybe we will come together tomorrow. Fid: you sure. Me: yes na so far you cook correct jollof rice. Fid: if you make me cook and you guys didnt come eh. Me: like seriously we will come, just call me when you finish cooking. Fid: hmmm okay oh no wahala, so tell me how is your lesson going? Me: very well ma. Fid: you know if you need anything you can always come to my side and take. Me: i appreciate dear but you are a student na, am the one that suppose feeding you self. Fid: hahaha forget that one joor, am your senior and your sister is my friend so if you lack anything just ask okay. Me: alright ma. Fid: okay i better be going now. Me: why? Fid: let me go and continue my assignment. Me: stay and eat with us na. Fid: no i ate rice at home already and as you can see my stomach is already filled up. Me: hmmmm okay oh, let me see you off. Fid: alright. : i stood up and took my phone, i put on my sweater and as i was about locking the door i saw my sister mitchele coming with bag of pure water. Mitch: she they go now now? Me: yes, make i see her of. Mitch: alright, bye aunt Fidelis. Fid: take care of my boy for me oh. Mitch: of course i will. : i escort her to the front of our house and bade her goodbye after she made me promise to visit her tomorrow. As i turn back to return to my yard i saw constance coming, my fine neighbour. Me: constance how far? Const: am fine sir, you escort your friend? Me: yes, where you from they come. Const: from church. Me: which church? Const: Jehovah witnesses. Me: waoh cool. : we gist together till we enter our yard, her room is at the right side of mine and she live with Evelyn her fat roommate, Constance is dark, average height, shy, a true christian and she always dress well, shes shy but when you start conversation with her you will be begging her to stop talking, she talks like kilode. i enter room and saw Mitchele sitting on the ground with food in front of her. Me: waoh. Mitch: welcome back my love. Me: see you, am your love and you told Fidelis am your brother. Mitch: ah ah now, i dont want her to suspect anything. Me: make she suspect na, i dont want to hide my love for you. Mitch: hmmm do you realize shes still in contact with sister Joy. Me: oh i get now. Mitch: good, lets eat. : she pray on the food and then we started eating like husband and wife, the food is quite delicious and melodious (if there is anything like that). Me: this your food sweet oh. Mitch: thank you dear. : as we continue eating someone knock on our door. Me: who is that? “na me Aneeta”. I stood up and walk to the door, i open it. Me: good evening ma. Aneeta: open door joor, because you get visitor you nor want make i enter again? : she push me out of the way with her muscle and enter inside the room. Aneeta: i talk am you they hide something, Mitchele na when you come? Mitch: hahaha good evening aunt Aneeta. Aneeta: you come and you nor even call me and this yeye boy they hide you she took spoon from the basket and sat with us, she wore long shot and singlet and thats how her big breasts were starring at me, shes the girl of my dream and I must fvck her oh, just imagine how it will be like to bury my head between those mountains, oh my god marely looking at it is making my dickson hard, I was looking at the Bob’s and didn’t know when the rice I took fell from my spoon and burn my leg, I shouted “Jesus”
Episode 35
Me: i know say you go join.
Aneeta: na im make you nor want open door for me abi, make i wose you slap now.
Mitch: abeg leave am oh, him no well oh thats why i came.
Aneeta: who nor well?
Me: me na.
Aneeta: you wey don go fvck up and down finish you come here they form
sickness (how the hell did she know that).
Me: hahaha me nor they do like that oh.
Aneeta: na you sabi abeg let me enjoy this food joor.
we talk and eat together like family, even the food finish but Aneeta
went to the pot to fench another, shes the big girl am eyeing here and
i will go heaven and earth to get under her pant.
we finish eating and then me and Mitchele escort Aneeta to her house,

we reach her yard and enter her room.
Mitch: aunt Aneeta you nor they change room.
Aneeta: money no they na.
Mitch: you don forget say na worker you be now abi?
Aneeta: no worry next time you come dumez na my flat i go carry you come.
we gist for some time before we later left her place before seven i
guess Cynthia havent close from work yet.
We enter room and then Mitchele took water outside to go and baf while
i took my phone and called Ngozi.
Ngo: baba how far?
Me: i they oh, how class today?
Ngo: nna eh very fine oh, why you nor come?
Me: i just sleep as i return from your place before i they wake up time don go.
Ngo: chai na wa oh and i be they expect to see you oh.
Me: why anyshow?
Ngo: no na, i be wan follow you go house at least make i know your house now.
Me: not bad, at least tomorrow still they.
Ngo: yes sha.
Me: so how Temih?
Ngo: she they fine, she they ask of you since.
Me: greet her for me you hear.
Ngo: alright.

I cut the call before Mitchele came in tying towel.
Mitch: go and baf oh.
Me: leave me abeg cold too they joor.
Mitch: come on i wont sleep with you on that bed if you dont get up
and go baf now oh.
Me: hahaha you will joor.
Mitch: you think am joking abi?
Me: okay put water for fire for me let me use hot water.
Mitch: you nor well, na only lazy men use hot water.
Me: ha you know say i nor well na.
she was rubbing cream while i stared at her lap as she raise her leg
up and put it on the chair to rub cream.
Me: you are beautiful.
Mitch: i know.
Me: how do you know.
Mitch: because people tell me.
Me: which people?
Mitch: my boyfriend and others na.
Me: eerm so you get boyfriend.
Mitch: of course i have, but i love you pass my boyfriend.
Me: what ever (i stood up and took water to go and baf).
Mitch: hmmm so my love is angry.
Me: leave me joor (i said and walk out )..
i finish my bath and return inside the room, as i turn back i saw
Mitchele with short open skirt and a singlet showing her nipples i
Me: blood of jesus christ..
Mitch: what is that?
Me: ermm sorry (still forming vex) nothing.
Mitch: good.
i drop the rubber and then i join her in bed, i didnt really sleep on
the bed i just relax on the carpet and rest my head on the bed.
Mitch: wont you join me?
Me: no.
Mitch: why?
Me: nothing.
Mitchele: hmm so you are still angry because i told you i have a guy right?
Me: what ever.
she came down from bed and join me on the carpet, she sleep and rest
her hand and leg on my body touching my hairy chest.
Mitch: you know if i dont love you i wont tell you i have a guy, i
love you thats why i told you the truth and beside its been long i
heard from him so you are my ife okan mi.
Me: what, you can speak yoruba?
Mitchele: a little, so smile for me na.
Me: hmmmm (forming).
Mitchele: mabinu ife okan mi.
Me: i really dont know what you are saying.
Mitchele: i said you are the love of my life.
Me: you mean it?
Mitch: of course, mo ni fe o.
Me: i love you too.
Mitch: oh so you hear that one.
Episode 36
Me: yeah my friend temihsmart thought me.
Mitch: so out of all is only that one she can teach you.
Me: yes na, i need it more than others.
Mitch: okay oh.
we kept quiet for sometime before i started playing with her
long hair while she continue disturbing the many ants on my chest, she
put her mouth on my small booobs and started sucking it slowly and
then she bite me.
Me: jesus, you bite me.
Mitch: sorry, i was looking for milk.
Me: jeez i be girl?
Mitch: hahaha some guys do have milk on their booobs.
Me: thats a lie joor guys dont have milk maybe they are transgender.
Mitch: okay. (she continue sucking my booobs).
Me: dont bite me again oh.
Mitch: i wont.
she was sucking me and then she move her right hand from my chest to
my belly, from my belle to my waist and from there she put hand inside
my boxer and started touching my dicksonson, she was rubbing it slowly
and also sucking my booobs, she bend down a little and shift my boxer
down, she spit on my dickson and started sucking it very well, she suck
for some time and then she stop and use her hand to jack it, i turn
her ass to my head and then spread her legs of course shes not wearing
any pant, i shift her skirt up and use my tongue to touch her red
puss, i spit on the puss and use my index finger to spread it all
over her puss, i put my tongue inside and started eating her puss
as if am eating meat, i use my hand to open the puss wide and lick
the entrance, i then put my tongue inside and started sucking it as if
there is a gold inside, as i was sucking it and she was turning her
ass also, i didnt know when i release down there but she lick it up
and get my dicksonson to stand up again.

meanwhile i was battling with
her puss ontop as milk has started coming out from her puss thats
how i lick them all, i dip my hand inside and started fvcking her with
my finger, i will finger her and then lick my finger to make sure no
obstacle drop on the ground.
After some time i turn her over and push her to the bed, i make her
climb ontop me and then she put my dicksonson inside her wet puss.
As my dicksonson enter inside her puss she close her eyes and open her
mouth in pleasure facing up (maybe she was seeing angels).
She started moving up and down gently with her eyes still close and
her head facing up, her two hands on my chest as she started fvcking
me, after sometime she rest on my body and started kissing me still
fvcking me, she was kissing me very fast and then mistakenly bite my
mouth again, she saw that am bleeding profusely she put her mouth on
mine again and started sucking the blood while still fvcking me, she
suck the blood and put her tongue on my mouth and make me to also suck
my blood from her mouth, she fvck me for minutes till i release inside
her and we both slept off.
I wokeup by twelve midnight feeling hungry, I stood up and walk to the pot, I fetch some rice and started eating, while eating I look at Mitchele beautiful body and then my dickson started rising.
Strictly 馃敒 馃敒
Episode 37
After eating i drop the plates took pure water to drink, i sat on the
chair drinking the water while i bring out my dickson through my boxer
and started rubbing it, i was looking at mitchele as i jerk off exploring her
on my head like a fantasy, i close my eyes and drop the water and then
i concentrate on my fantasy relaxing on the chair and starring at the
ceiling i was so lost in it that i dont even know Mitchele has wokeup already and when i saw her i was shock and a little bit embarras.
Me: you are awake.
Mitch: you are not doing it right let me help you.

She crawl to me and kneel down in front of me, she open my leg wide
very well and started romancing me softly, she tongue my dick licking
the tip before spitting on it, then she swallow my dick and started
destroying it, she suck it so well that i started rubbing her head
with my hand and starring at the angels in heaven, after some minutes
suck she set her hand like a pussi and then started jerking me off, as
she was doing it she was using her other hand to rub her pussi
licking her tongue and looking at me mysteriously, she stop and then
climb ontop me putting her two hands ontop my shoulder while i guard
my dickson inside her wet puss, then i draw her closer and kiss her
wet mouth that looks like wetlip, then she started jumping up and down
like frog running from snake, oh yeah she is running but this time the
snake is my dick afterall it looks like a snake.
As she was jumping up and down with her big breast my lap started
paining me because of the chair so i raised her up while she hold me
tighter i push her to the wall with both of her legs still hanging on
the air, i started fvcking her there with power mehn e no easy to
carry girl up and fvck her oh because when you are through you muscle
go show you pepper and the kind sweat wey go worry you even aso rock
air condition no fit cure am.
We fvck for minutes before i released inside her and then we both
faint and sleep like dead people, the next morning we wakeup come see
as our bed they smell like people wey consume rotten egg come mess
I got up and took my bath getting ready to go to class.
Mitch: how we go do this bed?
Me: if everybody leave carry am come out and dry because i nor fit
sleep for this bed today.
Mitch: na you cause am na.
Me: abegi joor forget that thing.
i took my things and started going to were i study, on my way i branch
at Aneeta house but didnt meet anybody but i saw mama Favor in her
store arranging things and when i try to sneak out again as i sneak in
she shouted.
Mama: omohe lo hwa (big boy).
Me: mummy favor good morning.
Mama: you they go work.
Me: yes oh how family?
Mama: we they fine when you come make we see na.
Me: okay na no problem bye.
Mama: okay dear.
as she don talk am na say make we see to pass her frontage now go they
hard me and the worst thing be say e go affect my plans with Aneeta, i
want to date Aneeta because i love her out of all the girls na only
Aneeta they my mind or maybe na because i never gbog her like others,
oh well make we they see how the show go be first.
I reach class and enter my computer sharperly i saw Ngo smiling when i
walk in i wonder wetin they make her laugh oh, after some minutes one
of the girls working came to ask why i didnt come yersterday so i told
her i was ill and she started complaining why i didnt drop any message
that if i repeat it she will suspend me for three weeks so i apologise
and told her that it wont happen again.
The rest of the day went well untill closing hour, Ngo was first to
leave i wonder why she didnt say anything to me oh, one hour later i
took my things and sign off, i wait in front of the center for ten
minutes waiting for that angel to appear again but she didnt so i walk
out of the street, as i came out from the street and as i wanted to
turn to my right were my house is somebody called me from behind, i
turn and saw Ngo and Temih coming to me.
Ngo: hello love.
Me: how far where are you going with all these loads.
Temih: to spend the weekend with you (omo see gbege)
Episode 38
Me: really?
Ngo: yeah any problem?
Me: yes oh am going to my aunt house now in Upper you should have told
me in computer center just now na.
Ngo: just wanted to surprise you na afterall we plan that we
will visit you anytime.
Me: i didnt know na am sorry we have to postpone it to another time.
Temih: hmmm now that we want to enjoy your house abi?
Me: am really sorry.
Ngo: oh well no wahala we will visit another time.
Me: okay na make i escort una go house i go pass there go upper.
Ngo: no dont worry just enter bike from here we will find our way.
Me: alright dear, am really sorry.
Ngo: no problem.
i stop bike in their presence and enter, i wave them goodbye, heading to my street i told the bike to stop and then
i came down and pay the bike man, as the bike zoom off i saw Aneeta
with her big boobs coming with her white and white uniform (na that
uniform they make me like nurse because they always look sexy on it),
i decided to wait for her so that we walk together.
“good evening ma” i greet her as she came closer.
Aneeta: small boy were you go?
Me: coming from my training.
Aneeta: and you use bike?.
Me: no actually i pass there go my friend house.
Aneeta: oh so you don they get friends now abi wey you go dey enter
bike go their house.
Me: na just one na since una no they they house wetin you want make i do?
Aneeta: no worry on sunday i will take you out with my friends just get ready.
Me: really?
Aneeta: yeah to a birthday party.
Me: waoh i cant wait, thanks alot.
Aneeta: you welcome, your sister don go?
Me: no shes still around she will leave today and i will be lonely.
Aneeta: if you are lonely come to our house and stay na.
Me: even in the night?
Aneeta: you nor well, call your girlfriend make she keep you company
in the night.
Me: i nor get girlfriend joor.
Aneeta: see who they talk later joor.
Me: okay ma.
She enter her house while me continue going till i reach mine thank
God i didnt see mummy favor in front of her shop maybe she went to
bring her kids from school, i followed back and enter my yard only to
see my door well locked.
I took my phone out and call Mitchele.
Mitch: hello.
Me: how far were you they na?
Mitch: i went to buy medicine am having stomach pain, i will be back soon.
Me: and you didnt drop key?
Mitch: sorry just give me five minutes i will be right back.
i cut the call with anger and sat in front of my room pressing my
phone, i was down pressing my phone when i saw constance coming from
school (the jehovah witnesses girl).
Me: contance welcome.
Const: how far this one you sit for front of your room so hope all is well?
Me: yeah am waiting for my sister to bring key.
Const: wait you mean that girl is your sister?
Me: yes why are you surprise?
Episode 39
Const: nothing oh, am just surprise because the kind of noise that was
coming out from your room yesterday looks like battle ground.
Me: so you were awake?
Const: i was even here in front of my room reading when you guys
started disturbing.
Me: hmmmmm.
Const: so tell me story, is she your sister?
Me: no shes my friend.
Const: aha but i know her as your sister because i use to see her with Aunt Joy.
Me: so if you know shes my sister why are you asking again.
Const: am just curious to know whats going na, you dont need to squize
your face.
Me: what ever, shes my sister and nothing is going on, the noise you
heard in the night is not us but the film we were watching.
Const: really because i really know your voice.
Me: can you let it go why are you so curious?
Const: oh sorry i will let it go.
Me: better (she open her door and ran inside).
After two minutes Mitchele arrive and she opened the door, i enter
inside and saw everywhere sparkling clean and neat with blue carpet,
blue light with fine cuttains with good smell.
Me: waoh, how come?
Mitch: you like it?
Me: of course i love it, where did you get money to buy all this?
Mitch: oh well i just manage the one on my account.
Me: waoh thanks so much dear come here.
I draw her closer and sama her delicious kiss,
Me: thanks dear, i love you.
Mitch: love you too baby, you know i will do anything for you.
Me: i really appreciate.
Mitch: no problem, sit down let me give you food.
Me: okay i should take my bath first.
Mitch: no, in the night we will bath together.
Me: together? You want people to talk?
Mitch: oh come on am going tomorrow morning so the little i have i
want to enjoy it the way i like.
Me: okay i want that too so no problem, but after eating we will go
visit Fidelis.
Mitch: only you can go am not going anywhere again i told you i have
stomach pain.
Me: oh sorry, have you taken the drugs?
Mitch: yeah i have.
Me: whats the cause?
Mitch: i dont know oh.
Me: are you sure is not women thing?
Mitch: about that i suppose to see my period two days ago.
Me: so why have you not seen it?
Mitch: i really dont know
Episode 40
Mitch: no fear no be belle.
Me: how you take know say na wetin i they think?
Mitch: i don see your face na.
Me: ha i nor fear joor why i go fear?
Mitch: i nor know oh.
Me: hmmm.
She dropped the food for me on the ground and i started eating, i ask
her to join me but she refuse she said she ate already so i enjoyed my
meal by myself.
Mitch: so how was the lesson today?
Me: it was cool, did you miss me?
Mitch: of course i missed you, good to have you back darling.
Me: good to be back.
I concentrate on my food while still wondering why she hasnt seen her
period yet, am a little bit scared so i device a plan for her, i will
poison her drink with a hard drug to flush my sperm of her, i finish
eating and then join her on the bed, resting my head on her body.
Mitch: are you not going to see fidelis again?
Me: of course i will go, i will go by six.
Mitch: its after six now.
Me: waoh seriously?
Mitch: yep.
Me: then i better start going.
I kissed her before leaving, i just wonder why i will be sleeping with
my sister isnt it a blashphemy? Oh well this will be the last time she
will visit because am not going to entertain any of her visit again, i
have lots of girls now i can sex with so my ties with her must be
The only girl i want is the big breast Aneeta, shes a successful
woman, a working class and a beautiful woman, but she senior me with a
large gap and there is no hope, even though there is no hope that
doesnt mean i shouldnt try, but me telling her i have feelings for her
will warrant me a dirty slap so i really cant do that except magic
happen, i was thinking about Aneeta till i reach Fidelis house where
they dont allow boys to enter, i reach the gate and knock but nobody
answer, i knock again and this time the ajebo girl (landlady
daughter) came out..
Girl: what do you want?
Me: i want to see Fidelis.
Girl: sorry shes not around. (she said and wanted to lock the door back).
Me: wait please.
Girl: what (see her face like shit).
Me: can you open the gate let me sit here and wait for her.
Girl: sorry we dont allow guys inside our house.
Me: am not coming in just let me sit down outside here and wait for
her i really need to see her
Strictly 馃敒 馃敒
Episode 41
Girl: are you aunt Joy brother?
Me: yes.
Girl: you should have said so now, come on in please (i didnt know she
can be this nice).
Me: thanks.
She open the front gate and i enter and sat on the frontage.
Girl: you dont want to come inside?
Me: no am okay here, let me even call her.
I brought out my phone and dial Fidelis number and she told me shes
still in school and she return in the next ten minutes, i cut the call
and decided to wait ten minutes, is not that far.
I remain there pressing my phone, the girl came outside again and saw me.
Girl: is she coming?
Me: yeah, she said she will be here soon.
Girl: okay, let me join you here.
Me: thanks (i shift for her as she sat with me).
Me: so whats your name?
Girl: am Gift and you?
Me: nice name, am ozila.
Gift: okay so what do you do?
Me: am learning computer for now at least till i gain admission.
Gift: okay am still a secondary school student.
Me: i know about that, what about your dad and mom?
Gift: my dad is not always around, he is a soldier (i almost get heart
attack) and my mum is a trader, she always come home late.
Me: thats cool, what about your other sister? (the fat one)
Gift: she followed some guy out and shes yet to return.
Me: okay so you just alone?
Gift: yeah, is that tecno m3?
Me: yes.
Gift: its a nice phone can i see?
Me: sure.
I gave her the phone and she started pressing i just pray she didnt
see the blue film i stored inside oh, we gist for five minutes till
Fidelis return, i followed Fidelis inside her room but my phone still
with Gift because she beg me to leave it with her.
Fid: how far this one you visit me so. (she said dropping her things on the table.
Me: i they miss you na. (i sit on the bed, facing
her reading desk)
Fid: oh really (she remove her shirt remaining handless top and then
she sat on her chair crossing her leg, I was seeing her thigh).
Me: yes na, how far wetin they pot?
Fid: now wey i nor cook anything na now you they come.
Me: so you mean nothing for me abi?
Fid: nothing oh, okay wait make i bring fanta for you.
Me: no worry i nor need fanta.
Fid: so wetin you come need?
Me: nothing actually, i just want to see your beautiful face.
Fid: hmmmm. (she crossed her leg and my dick triggered)
Me: wetin happen?
Fid: my ugly face you mean?
Me: oh come on you and i both know you are even more beautiful than a goddess.
Fid: oh stop abeg, hope you know i senior you by far.
Me: age na number joor, you are the only one i know here so i want us
to be closer.
Fid: closer like how?
Me: i mean like boyfriend and girlfriend.
Fid: hahahahahahahahaha.
She laughed so loud in that i was wondering if i said something wrong.
Fid: you are joking right?
I moved from my bed closer to were she sat, I put my right hand on her lap looking her straight in the eyes.
Me: I truly have feelings for you fidelis if you can open my heart you will see my heart beating for you.
Fid: did you drink?
Me: come on na am serious, I can prove it, I stood up and try to kiss her (biggest mistake but I was tempted), the next thing I heard was a double slap on my cheeks.
Episode 42
Oh come on guys dont be so surprise na she was giving me green light
before so why would she design my face now just because of small kiss?
As if am going to chop her,she should Even be happy that fine boy like me
want to kiss her self.
Me: am sorry, i didnt know what went wrong.
She walk to the door and open it.
Fid: get out. (see yawa don gas oh)
Me: fidelia am really sorry now i dont know what came over me.
Fid: i said get out now.
Me: come one dear.
Fid: get out (she screamed as if she will swallow me).
I ran out of the room feeling very bad, and yes am ashame of myself
and of course i should be, i walk out from her room and went to gift
parlour and as i wanted to knock i started hearing noises
from my phone “oh yeah fvck me, harder”.
I was confuse whether to knock or to just leave, if i meet her now
like this she will feel embarrass because shes watching adult movie on
my phone, oh well i think i will leave it with her she will probably
return it to me at least i can chyke her when i will be escorting her
back to her house, it was a good idea so i gently walk pass their
parlour and went to the door to open the gate, i open and walk out
majestically without any block, i just hope she return to the phone to
me because if she dont i dont think i can come to this place again
because of Fidelis, i went to far trying to kiss her and now am
blaming myself, thats why some guys will prefer to be single or go to brothel than for
them to approach any girl because they are afraid of rejection, you can
say i didnt do it well but she was giving me green light na so wetin i
suppose do?
I nor blame her self na the thing between her leg cause am, i nor even
know wetin carry my leg go her house wey better one they house they wait
for me.
When i remember Mitchele i started smiling because na fire for fire
today for me and her, na tomorrow she they return so this night we nor
go sleep be that oh, i cross the road that lead to my house and almost
getting to my house now something from up hit me
Episode 43
i look down and saw
a balloon rolling on the ground, i took the ballon from the ground and
look the upstair beside me there i saw a little baby like 2 years, a
beautiful girl she looks like an angel, yellow with flashy hairs, i
look the compound and saw one hummer jeep and a camry 2.8 inside the
compound, the compound is fenced with barb wire with sexy lights ontop
the gate making the whole compound shinning like day, with a heavy
gate, i was looking at the baby when a beautiful lady came out from
the room ontop the upstair, she saw me with the balloon and then she
look the baby and saw the baby pointing at the balloon, the lady look
at me and then wave her hand for me to throw the ballon to her.
I look at the balloon oh boy this balloon fine oh, i for just carry am
go house go they use am play as Fidelia don break my heart so.
Still wondering whether to return the balloon or not then i heard
“hellloo please throw the balloon, thank you” oh mehn the voice bring
me back to life, i throw the ballon inside the compound and the
beautiful lady thank me.
I reach the front of my compound and saw sunday (landlady son) sitting
in front of their house playing prince of persia with his nokia phone,
i decided to join him and gist a little.
Me: guy how far.
Sunday: bros i they oh.
Me: how your babe na?
Sunday: ha i nor get babe oh i still they secondary school na.

Me: which class?
Sunday: ss3.
Me: so you they join them write exam this year.
Sunday: yes bros.
Me: no wahala na you still fit get babe na you don reach, you know who they stay that house? (i point to the house).
Sunday: yes, na the chairman for this area oh, na the man get this street.
Me: really?
Sunday: yes, the man na old soldier oh.
Me: na only him they stay the house?
Sunday: no, him and his new wife.
Me: so na two wife him get?
Sunday: no three, all of them and their children they abroad but na
only this last one they here with him.
Me: how old be the man.
Sunday: him go they go 60 or 70 now oh and the new wife na young woman
oh like 20 years.
Me: na why she go come marry person wey reach to be her father?
Sunday: na money na, the man get money die.
Me: hmmm okay later na make i go sleep.
Sunday: alright bros bye bye, nothing for me?
Me: take one drink tomorrow morning i go give you money. (him mother
they sell provision stuff)
Sunday: okay thank you bros.
Me: no shaking.
I left him there and started thinking about the old man and the
beautiful girl including her baby, the girl is so beautiful like
her daughter, the man might not be the father since Sunday said “new wife” money can make some girls do a lot of things just like
the governor of my state, importing girl from another country when we
have many beautiful girls here, the worst thing be say since that lady
come our governor no they do any better thing again for our state, oh
well i pray God bless their marriage.
I saw some strange sleepers in front of my door so i open door only to
meet Cynthia with mitchele laughing out loudly.
I enter inside and saw them laughing out loudly.
Mitch: welcome Oz.
Cyn: Oz welcome.
Me: thanks miTchele, Cynthia how far na this one u visit me today so
hope all is well? (i was saying sitting on the chair because cynthia
sat on the bed with Mitchele)
Cyn: see you, you wey no they try abi?
Me: how na wetin i do?
Cyn: when last you don ask of me?
Me: you know say you nor they always they house, you they leave around
six and return around eight so how i want take see you?
Cyn: so you want tell me say you nor they comeout by nine?
Me: of course but not regular, okay i go they come see you by nine
every evening now.
Cyn: na you sabi, anyhow you want infact come escort me self make i they go.
Mitch: ha cynthia na oz come they drive you?
Cyn: no na, you know say e don tey wey i come.
Me: which time you come?
Mitch: immediately you left.
Me: ha you don tey then you don try, what of aunt Aneeta?
Cyn: she they house they sleep already.
Me: okay oh.
She stood up getting ready to leave, while Mitchele walk her to the
door me i was already out waiting for her outside.
After she bade Mitchele goodbye she walk up to me and we left the yard together.
Outside our house.
Me: how far na?
Cyn: na wa for you oh, you nor even fit call me self na so you be?
Me: i nor get chance na them seize my phone for were i they learn
computer since two days.
Cyn: ha wetin happen?
Me: no worry about that one i go collect am tomorrow, how Efe and Adesuwa na?
Cyn: them they fine oh them they ask of you self.
Me: greet them for me oh.
Cyn: you nor get their number abi?
Me: i told you they seized my phone.
Cyn: okay oh, we they go outing on sunday Efe and Ade go come too,
hope you go follow?
Me: i never know oh, make i they look first sha if i get chance i go come. (same date with Aneeta outing)
Cyn: no wahala.
Almost getting to her house, she stop telling me to go now.
Me: just like that, no kiss or hug?
Cyn: they go abeg, i nor want make eyes see us oh.
Me: come on just a kiss.
Cyn: you nor well, ehen about last time.
Me: what about last time?
Cyn: never mind.
Me: say it.
Cyn: hmmm do you mean those words you said?
Me: of course i do, what you think am joking?
Cyn: no not really, just want to confirm.
Me: so we are officially dating now right?
Cyn: why?
Me: because i love you.
Cyn: no, i dont want.
Me: why, what about the things we shared?
Cyn: see i’ve got many heart break, i dont want to enter into anything
serious now please.
Me: hmmm so what do you take me for then.
Cyn: lets just start with friends please.
Me: okay anyhow you want to play it so far you take good care of my heart.
Cyn: no oh keep your heart for now, lets just be friends will think
about what you said and i will answer you tomorrow.
Me: thats what you said last time oh.
Cyn: i promise tomorrow.
Me: okay oh, so i can get my kiss now?
Cyn: come on, bye joor.
Me: i wont leave here till you kiss me oh.
Cyn: stay there na.
I stood like iroko tree as she left me dead, as she want to cross to
her house she look back and saw me still standing crossing my hand
then she came back.
Cyn: you self.
She unfold my hand and i use them to hold her closer as she gave me a
resounding kiss, oh men the kiss make my dick hard i tell you.
Cyn: now you leave okay?
Me: okay dear, you go first.
I watch as she leave and enter her house, i turn back as started
thinking about her, i think shes falling for me she want to be just
friend but she has already started romancing my lips (i told you guys
nobody can resist my lips, dont mind that village girl called
fidelis), i know she just say friends, but to me i take it as friends with
benefit, when she come fall in love and i later leave her she wont
have any case because from the beginning she said “just friends” so
she wont have any case at all.
As i turn to my house there on the wall i saw Mitchele waiting for me
there, i was so shock.
Me: mitchele?
Mitch: hmmmmmm.
chai see yawa don gas oh no pussay for me today again be that wey
e be say i be they plan to destroy her pussay, chai na wa o who i go
come gbog na?
Episode 45
Me: mitchele.
Mitch: dont even start please i dont want to hear any explanation.
She was damn serious as she walk back to the room, with me following
her from behind and calling her name every seconds.
“Mitchele am sorry, please let me explain, is not what you think.”.
She didnt even listen she just burst inside house and went straight to
bed, i enter and close the door, i went to her and started begging,
she didnt want to listen so she bury her head inside her pillow, i
kneel down on the ground trying to beg her but all my plead fell into
deaf ear.
I know she was hurt alot and i have to make it right before tomorrow
morning when she will leave, i try to play gentle and use my hand to
touch her on her shoulder, immediately she feel my hand she shouted
“take your hands off me, and if you dare put your hands on my body
again i will leave the room for you”.
She was really angry and i dont blame her at all, i was the fool so
all blame should be on me, anyway she was a short time girlfriend
before maybe its time we part ways, but she wasnt just my girl she is
sister too, oh well she is my sister meaning we shouldnt be dating in
the first place, all blame should be on her because she throw herself
on me then when i went to her house for visit, i wonder how we even
manage to come this long, oh well now that everything is over the
guilt i feel inside me for dating my sister will go.
She made it clear she dont want me to disturb her again so i took
another pillow from the bed and relax on the floor, the floor is very
cool but i dont care anyway its better than sleeping with her on same
The crime didnt stop me from sleeping infact i slept better without
any disturbance, the next morning when i open my eye i saw her
dressing already and she has already took her bath, she wore short
flip up skirt and nice handless shirt.
Me: mitchele.
Mitch: i told you dont bother to explain.
Me: okay at least let me say am sorry.
Mitch: no need i should be the one apologising.
Me: how and why?
Mitch: for coming into your life, it was a mistake and am sorry.
Me: come on mitchele dont be like this.
Mitch: from now lets move on as relatives and what happen between us
should not be mentioned to anybody.
Me: just like that, i thought we had something.
Mitch: nothing please, so goodbye ozila see you another time.
She took her bag and face the door, i stood up and block the door, i
really dont know why i block the door because am happy she is leaving
maybe its just to show her that i will miss her and i truly love her.
Mitch: what are you doing?
Episode 46
Me: am really sorry, you came and gave me everything and trust me i
really appreciate but with you leaving like this is something i will
never forgive myself for.
Mitch: ozila i forgive you and i understand am not angry with you, if
you call me i will pick but there should be a boundary now between us.
Me: you see that is something i cant take because am really into you already.
Mitch: you are not, and even if you are then you have to stop because its over.
Me: come on dont be like this, what about what we had together? the
love we shared?
Mitch: all in the past now and dont ever bring it up, now please let me pass.
Me: mitchele.
Mitch: i beg you if you respect me as your senior let me pass.
Me: i cant.
Mitch: why?
Me: because i will miss you and i cant leave without you.
Mitch: oh god.
Me: okay if you really have forgive me give me a kiss then i will let you pass.
Mitch: you must be mad.
She drop her bag and try to push me away from the door but i hold her
close and try to kiss her, she free herself from my grip and gave me a
dirty slap, i felt the pain over to my brain and then she started
breathing faster and faster then pounce on me with kiss, kissing very
fast as if very soon the world will end, i quickly pull off her shirt
and raise her up to the bed, i sleep ontop her and shift my boxer
down, we were still kissing when i locate her pussy and shift her pant
sideway, then i insert my dickson inside her and she scream, i started
fvcking her with anger and she was enjoying it, she turn me over and
started moving up and down making me feel like am in heaven, she was
fvcking me very well and she was screaming rubbing her boobs, within
minutes i turn her over again and raise one of her leg up, i remove
the pant completely and put my dickson inside again, i was hitting her
very fast like a car with no break, we continue like that before i
came inside her and rest on her body, i remain there till i slept off
and when i wokeup again she was nowhere to be found, i came out from
my compound with ordinary boxer but didnt see her, i return to my room
and quickly search for her number but i didnt see it, she delete her
number from my phone.
When i go through my contacts for fifth time and i didnt see her name
nor number i gave up and faint ontop my bed.
Episode 47
She was fun to be with and i must confess that her time with me is the
best moment so far since i came to Benin city, she did many things for
me using her own money, and she even fvck me after she knows that am
cheating on her, shes a girl that her future husband will be proud of
so yes am happy she left to sought out her life.
I was still thinking when my phone started ringing i thought it was
her so i rush the phone and saw my sister calling.
Me: hello ma.
Sister Joy: ozes how you they?
Me: fine ma how work?
Joy: fine fine, hope no problem?
Me: no problem ma.
Joy: okay come carry some foods and money month end.
Me: okay thank you ma.
after the call i relax on my bed thinking what next to do, i have two
outing today, and both of them are from two sisters, Cynthia and
Aneeta, for sure i wont miss Aneeta own for anything because since i
came she has been the girl of my dream, big breast and average ass
with good looking face and a working class (nurse), i have always
dream of dating her i dont care about her age after all they say age
dosnt really matter in a relationship, she is the girl of my dream and
if i can get her for sure i will stop womanizing and breakup with
other girls, she is nice and caring too, i have sex her sister
Cynthia, Cynthia is cool big breast and big ass and shes tall also
just likr Yvonne nelson, shes got everything except her “i dont care
attitude,” but i dont want her anyway i want her sister and i will do
everything in my power to have her.
I stood up and brush my teeth and then i took my bath and ate what
Mitchele cook yesterday, as i was eating the food i started missing
her again, and for her mind now she thought i cant get her contact if
i want to, i can call her mum or my sister to get it but its better i
let go.
I took my phone after eating and dial aunt Aneeta’s number.
Aneeta: hello.
Me: hello ma.
Aneeta: yeyeboy boy how you they?
Me: fine ma, i wanted to ask when we are going out.
Aneeta: should be around seven i will call you when its time.
Me: okay mama.
Aneeta: yeye boy.
She said and cut the call, i really dont like that name yeyeboy at all
she should try and stop calling me that oh. She said we are going out
by seven so what should i be doing till then now?. I dont want to go
to church my sins are too much for me and beside i dont like that
church is not exciting at all, i need to change my church oh..
Episode 48
I play game on my phone till twelve when i ate and sleep till four,
then i wokeup and took my bath again waiting for aunt Aneeta to call
me, i cant wait again so i took my phone and lock door to go meet her
in her house, when i get there i saw mummy favor.
Me: good evening mama favor.
Mama: omohe lokwa, ogbe e.
Me: fine ma.
Mama: i nor they see you again.
Me: na study ma.
Mama: okay oh abeg come tomorrow one of my fan spoil (as usual).
Me: okay i will try.
Mama: no be try oh you better come if you nor want the cat out of the
bag (is she threatening me).
Me: hahahaha i will.
i left her and walk to Aneeta’s door to knock, i heard “come in” from inside.
Me: good evening ma.
Aneeta: yeyeboy you don ready finish.
Me: yes oh i nor get any thing to do for house.
Aneeta: i just finish taking my bath now.
Me: okay what of Cynthia?
Aneeta: she don go out.
Me: okay.
Aneeta: she said she invited you, why didnt you follow her?
Me: no oh, i prefer to follow you because i dont want to spend any money.
Aneeta: hahaha and who told you you wont spend when you follow me.
Me: na your oga go spend na.
Aneeta: see you, go outdoor joor let me dress up. (like seriously).
Me: okay.
I walk out from the room and wait for her outside, i didnt see mummy
favor again only her daughter.
After thirty minutes aunt Aneeta came out looking so georgeous.
Me: waoh (i open mouth immediately she came out).
Aneeta: person die?
Me: haha, no oh.
Aneeta: why you come open mouth like that?
Me: na your dressing, e dey bam.
Aneeta: na you sabi.
she took her phone out and called somebody.
“am through and am outside my house now” i heard her saying on the
phone and then mummy favor came out.
Mama: ha na two of una they go out, una fit each other oh.
Aneeta: hahaha no reason am like that oh, him too they stay inside
house so i want show am Benin small.
A car pull over in front of us and a guy came out to open the door for
her after hugging her, she told me to enter the back sit and i did, i
look from the window and saw mama favor wink me.
The guy is handsome and i believe this honda civic belongs to him,
without doubt he must be her fiance meaning i stand no chance at all,
the guy start the car and took off, they both occupy the front sit
gisting while i balance on the back like the boss i am, with the way
they are talking it will be really impossible for anything to come
between them but nothing is out of bounds when it comes to love and
war, the rules of hard play are acceptable in war, in other words, in
a war between love and hate, anything is acceptable or fair.
馃敒 馃敒
Episode 49
We left her shop and enter main road, the car is cool it looks
like a new ride, they were discussing some things which i cant hear
because of the music coming from the player, they look nice and sweet
and it will be bad for them not to get married because they look like
a couple already, i just focus on my phone not minding what they are
saying even though am jealous, i dont know where we are going self i
dont want to know so far i enjoy myself, the guy drove for like ten
minutes or more before he turn at one junction, i thought he wanted to
enter into GRA but instead he enter one big building, i dont really
remember the name but the buiding is tall with nice paint, we came
down and we walk inside the restaurant, everywhere is filled up
already with people going up and down, they have upstairs incase you
want to stay up or down, i followed Aneeta and her friend anywhere i
dont want to stay alone i need to keep an eye on Aneeta afterall shes
my love, they walk to one corner and then the guy arrange the sit for
her to sit down, after she sat already the guy sit close to her while
i move two steps forward and sit on one table having four chairs,
there is still space for me to sit with them but it wont be nice now,
they wont be comfortable speaking freely even though they cant voice
out, i sat alone like the alone man i am, i called the attendant and
ask her what she have, the attendant wore tight jeans with a red shirt
i think they wrote Kada kitchen on her shirt.
I asked if she have correct river fish and she said yes, i told her to
bring cooked river fish for me, as she was going i told her to bring
smirnof for me to use and cool myself while i wait for my river fish
to arrive, she went to the shila and brought the drink, i spy on
Aneeta and saw her laughing with her guy and then my jealousy increase
from 50 percent to 60 percent.
I took my phone and called Cynthia, i didnt hear her well because her
place was very noisy i think they are in a party, i wish i knew i
would have agreed to follow her because there will be much fun there,
here is just boring mehn i feel like leaving oh.
I drink my smirnoff gently patiently waiting for my river fish and
then my bladder started disturbing me, i think i need to pee now, i
stood up and meet another attendant and ask her where i will ease
myself, she told me to go front and follow my right, i thank her and
walk out of the restaurant, as i wanted to turn to my right a nice
infinix jeep stop in front of the restaurant.
i was walking looking
back to know who is inside the jeep, as i was looking a beautiful girl
came down from the jeep “oh mehn” i they use slow motion waka also
they look her”, na so her gown they fly follow her like magic, e be
like i don see my future wife oh because when she came down breeze
blow and according to one believe once you see your future wife breeze
go blow and birds go fly,.
I turn around and continue watching her as she walk pass everybody
starring and walk inside the restaurant, oboy piss no worry me again
oh, i quickly followed her inside the restuarant and started spying on
her, she walk to the stand and order for some things, i was standing
beside one chair watching her, they gave her a takeway nylon and then
she started walking back to her car, oboy na wetin i go do because
once she leave here shes not coming back oh, i quickly walk out of the
restaurant and turn back walking inside again with haste as if
something is chasing me, she was coming out and wanted to open the
door and walkout while i was going in with phone on my ear making
call, so i turn as if i want to greet person that was when she open
the door and we jam like two hummer jeep, the fish pepper soup she
bought open and pour inside my body, i shouted when i feel the hotness
of the soup it was like hot furnace,.
The girl was like “oh my god, am really sorry, oh shit, please somebody help”.
I was on the ground pretending like a baby, while the girl was panting
up and down, she called the attendant and they quickly came and
ushered me inside, the girl was just saying “am sorry, am really
sorry” she was saying following me from behind, when we get to were
Aneeta is i quickly bend my head and so that she wont see me, i think
she didnt see me because if she did that girl don enter am, they took
me to men’s room and gave me everything i need for me to freshen up,
they wait outside while i took my time to clean myself up, now let me
see how this girl wont ask for my number after hurting me so badly,.
The attendant knock on the door and gave me a t-shirt to wear, i put
my shirt inside the nylon and wear the t-shirt, after i finish
dressing i came out and then the girl start.
Girl: am really sorry, please lets go to the hospital for checkup.
Me: no need am okay now.
Girl: please i insist, you cant be okay please lets just go i beg you,.
Me: okay if you insist though am okay.
I followed her from behind as i focus on her heavy ass, we came out
and enter her car.
Episode 51
I followed her inside her jeep and sat close to her in the driver sit,
she never stop apologising also, i wonder how Aneeta didnt even know
what happened earlier she was suppose to be taking care of me but she
just shun me totally focusing on her boyfriend alone.
Girl: so whats your name sir
Me: am Ozila.
Girl: okay Ozila am Sharon and am really sorry for what happened, i
swear i didnt see you coming.
Me: dont worry, its okay.
Sharon: thank you, i will take m you to a hospital and see that you
are perfectly fine before i leave you.
Me: thanks i appreciate.

from her accent i guess shes new around here, she stop in front of a
hospital and then we came down and walk inside the big hospital, we
met a nurse on deck and then we explained why we are here, she direct
us to another door and when we enter we saw one man on suit sitting
comfortable on his desk, i guess he must be a doctor,.
We greeted him and he offer us chair to sit, i explain to him what
happened and then he told her that she did the right thing by bringing
me here because the hot pepper will have effect on me later even
though am not feeling it now, he describe some drugs for us and he
even wrote them on a piece of papper, he gave it to us and then he
direct us to another room where they will give us the drugs, we thank
him and left after Sharon drop something for him, we went inside the
other room i think it a chemist store, we gave the nurse there the
paper and then she went inside to bring the drugs, she gave us a
receipt which Sharon took care of before giving us the drugs, we left
the hospital and then turn to the road leading to the same restuarant.
Me: thanks for the drugs.
Sharon: no oh, it is my duty please i wish i can do more self.
Me: you have done enough ma, where do you base?
Sharon: i came from abuja yesterday to visit my graduating sister in uniben.
Me: oh cool, what do you do in abuja?
Sharon: am a teacher, i teach in a government secondary school.
Me: waoh, thats nice so when are you going back?
Sharon: probably tomorrow.
Me: oh so you want to run away so that i wont arrest you abi you dont
want to take care of me?
Sharon: ha not like that Sir.
Me: no i was only joking,
Sharon: oh but you are right though i should make sure you are okay
before leaving town, here put your number (she gave me her Iphone).
Me: okay
Episode 52
I put my number on her phone and use it to call mine, i gave it to her
and then she drop me in front of the restuarant after she promise to
call later, she gave me some money which i reject, it was dark already
and i must say my plan worked exactly as i want, i went inside the
restaurant and there i saw her, Aneeta sitting alone on her chair with
hands on her jaw as if something happened, i walk to her and sat.
Aneeta: Oz where you go since?(with sad face).
Me: i went out oh since you and your guy no even look my face.
Aneeta: i was waiting for you.
Me: really where is he self?
Aneeta: he left na.

Me: and you didnt follow him?
Aneeta: and leave you alone, i tried your line it wasnt going so i
decide to wait.
Me: and why will he just leave like that na?.
Aneeta: there was an emergency where he work so he had to go.
Me: hmmm okay oh, so how far make we stay flez small na.
Aneeta: you nor well abeg make we they go.
Me: come on na, na just me and you they afterall you promise me i will
catch fun oh.
Aneeta: so what do you want us to do?
Me: stay and party for like one hour.
Aneeta: okay be dancing let me be watching you na.
Me: hahaha, bar man bring one bottle of farouz for me.
I sat with her watching a guy and girl dancing nicely, the bar man
brought the drink and in turn Aneeta told the man to bring heineken
for her, i was surprise.
Me: i thought you dont drink.
Aneeta: you thought wrongly.
The attendant brought the drink and come and see how Aneeta was
gulping it, i was like “did something happened when i was away?” i was
confused because she was behaving somehow, she finish the drink and
ordered for another one, i was troubled because i dont want to carry
her on my back home, i look at the time it past nine already, after
she finish the second bottle i told her we should start going but she
refuse “lets have fun, give me more drink” i think thats the heineken
speaking, i told the bar man not to give her again that the one she
took is okay already, i stood up and went to her trying to raise her
up so that we will start going but she still refuse.
Aneeta: you think am drunk right, am not you here.
Me: if you are not you should have known that there will be scarcity
of bike if we dont get going now.
Aneeta: oh i forgot.
She stood up at last and we took our takehome stuff and left the
building, it took ten minutes for us to see a bike, he charged us
heavily even though am not okay with it i agree anyway because i dont
have another choice, am still thinking what happened to aneeta when we
enter the bike home, before we get home she has started sleeping
already, the bike drop us in front of her house, i paid the bike....