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[May the best player win ] by : chidinma Jerry. m.
[star – queen]
EPISODE 91(Season 3 Episode 24)
he hastily pulled out my gown from my head and I pulled out his shirt.
I let him do what we both wanted and it was painful but memorable. i felt him with me and he felt
me with him.
I let him see and touch every part of me.
I allowed my blood to flow for him..
I love you and i can’t wait to be your wife.
Liam hugged me tight after our least next time won’t be so painful.
I smiled happily
malcoms p.o.v // morning.
Anna pushed me to the wall,she must be relaxing like a winner but I still have one card left and
this last card will get me everything I lost. its time to use my last card and my last card is
blinded by love Anna Signed every single hospital branch under her mother’s name. all 200 of
a.g.h.c hospital’s are under issabella’s name .
apart from the main branch which she was supposed to sign over before her accident and after
her accident her mum was kidnapped by Tonia who wswonin or me, why won’t tonia work for
Me..Daniella is not her child so this means Tonia is not a true Grande but only I know this
secret…the secret behind Daniella..her real name is not Daniella her real name is “Mackenzie”
“Mackenzie ” …… you are Tonia’s biggest secret .you are much more than you even think you are
but you will only get your shares when your real parents find you… you are as rich as Anastasia
even more richer because you are royalty. ” Mackenzie”.

Daniella (mackenzie) you are my biggest hold on Tonia Alexandra Grande as well as her biggest
downfall and weakness.
right now issabella should have come back to her senses unless she is pretending to be mad.
issabella its time to sign off everything you have to me …after that i will shoot you and its game
just then arora walked in.
” sir issabella is sane, her brain is back
” good is she signing the files
“she said she forgot her signature,we all know she is lying… she needs some torture.
” and I will give her that ,let’s go..Tonia is on her way
” ok.
Clara pov
I defeated malcom and I feel like resting or going on a vacation with Ryan in Miami but I can’t.I feel
so bad.
I feel like malcom is going to hit me so hard.I feel like malcom has another card and this card must
be a strong card.i feel it so strong that it is getting me scared…. I just need assurance from Mr
kang and I have been waiting for him.. finally he walked in.
” Mr Kang
” Anna I told you to relax , Malcom has no plan , he used all his cards..I am sure because I even
eaves dropped in his office count less times , what exactly can malcom do with an Empty bank
” are u sure?
” Yes…you need to rest madam we won and we defeated still have your last card and
that alone will be his doom
” ok
” meanwhile ..Tonia Alexandra Grande is back
” when
” now
” ok.
he left.
well i guess I have to force myself to relax… lia said she wants to meet so I am going to meet her
and I will not worry because nothing is happening.
I entered my car and soon I arrived the hotel.lia walked in holding a car key.wait is this lia? She
looked so expensive not only did she wear a diamond stonned canvass. she wore white shirt short
gown which was very short and a diamond ankelet on her leg at least she is looking good and
dressing hot as herself. lia is better than me because without this mask i am nobody… i wont even
afford this hair band. lia hugged me deeply and I held her tight after which she lay down and
hugged me again
” Clara are you happy?
I smiled
” Ryan is the only thing that is keeping me happy lia..he makes me forget reality.
I hugged her again and noticed the ring in her finger
” Liam engaged you
“Yes …this morning…he already saw dad.
I hugged her and we both fell on the bed laughing
” I can’t belive you are going to be a mother lia
” no wife first
we both smiled
” so dnt I deserve the detail
she smiled shyly and whispered in my ear
” I did it, finally” I smiled and hugged her tight.
” when is your wedding
” hahaha well both families are still planning..he’s mum is coming today as well as his kid sister..I
pray they like me
” lia they must like you …. you are wonderful
she smiled and I hugged her deeply.
” Liam is a good guy lia am glad I didn’t sleep with him then I would be feeling bad now
” Yes …all thanks to Ryan..but do you think he doesn’t like women anymore
” Yes .. I am sure he would change for you. we both smiled and hugged each other again
” Clara do you know what I wish
” what
” both the grandes and the dervantes will accept you happily and Help you attain your goal in life.
you will be rich , reknown , happy and loved.
we both hugged each other deeply..
” am happy for you lia
” me too.
” how Is mum
” sick , weak from missing you.
” I miss her we too
we hugged tightly again
” so how was it
she fell on me smiling shyly
” painful , i look forward to next time
we both laughed as I dragged her weight to fall on me she laughed and i held her tight. Ryan
thought me this bad habit.
soon I entered my car and headed home Ryan didn’t have surgery today he must be waiting. I had
already arrived when Mr kang called me I walked out of my car and picked the call while looking at
our door.
” Anna there is fire on the mountain
” what
” I was wrong , malcom has a last card.
” what do you mean
” I don’t know , this plan is so discrete I dnt know all I know is that Malcolm will hit you hardest and
you will loose all your branches but not new York branch.
” how
” I don’t know, he left with arora ..I don’t know what this plan is but if malcom succeeds its over!
I dropped the call and called Ryan he picked I saw him from the glass door he was setting the
table for two but I need to be at anna’s suite right now and I don’t want him to feel bad.
” Clara where are you
” ryan I can’t come home tonight
” why
” well am kinda busy
” just come for few minutes
” sorry…I love you
” ok.
I watched him pull down the plate from the table and drop his phone
I hastily entered the car and headed to Anna’s suite.
Arora’s pov
malcom walked in , we had been watching issabella here for a while and she doesn’t want to sign
anything.if malcom tortures her she might die.
” sir issabella won’t sign anything.
Malcom faced her
” issabella why are you pushing me
” malcom over my dead body will i sign off Annastasia and Mackenzie’s birthright to you.
” issabella you are indeed mad , Mackenzie is dead so it’s only Anastasia’s birthright you should
she started crying.
” issabella sign those files to avoid torture
“I won’t
“you will ,In just few minutes.
Malcom stood up and Rushed out I followed him
” sir who is Mackenzie?
” Mr grande’s second child , aaliyah.
” the dead one
” yes the dead girl.
“Ok but sir have you figured out a plan on how to make issabella sign those papers
” If I didn’t do you think I will be so relaxed
” what’s our plan?
“kidnap Anna ,torture Anna in her presence…she must surely sign..this is my last hit I can’t miss it.
” but where is Anna?
“her house where else … no one should harm Mr dervantes child ..dabrelle is still struggling to
come out of coma, don’t hurt Ryan to avoid another attack from dervantes
” ok, am sending in our men now we have to kidnapp Anna
” as soon as possible.
“ok sir .
claras pov
I arrived Anna’s suite ,i can’t believe I am here alone well i have so many questions which only the
file here can answer.but If I knew I would have called Jake or Chris or Rachel..Ryan is not option
when I am with him all i think about is love. I removed my cloths but I don’t understand why I don’t
feel safe. I feel , i feel so scared…
Clara forget fear and focus on why you came . I removed my jacket and ran into her study. I
uncovered all the files there .. and looked at them one by one.
what kind of plan can ever make me loose all my hospitals to malcom , what kind of plan can
malcom possibly have..
I had to call Chris on phone.
” Clara
” what
” I know it’s you just tell me what it is
” but how
” I found you out
I smiled..thank God he knows because the question I want to ask him is something Anna should
know I was still thinking of how to twist it
” Chris what is the possibility of malcom getting a.h.g.c for himself
” that’s impossible
” how
” he can’t just wake up and grab a.g.h.c unless a true blood signs it over to him there are only 4
people who have that power.1) Mr Grande and Mr Grande is not stupid to do that even If he was
he can only sign the ones in his name.
” oh
” yes Anna is in London so you can’t tell me she is busy signing files with malcom
” that’s right
” Miss Grande the second is dead
” wait is there another girl
” yes aaliyah , aaliyah Alexandra grande the second but her royal name is Mackenzie.
” ma what
” Mackenzie, she died few weeks after birth…but she was born on the same day as Anna’s
grandmother who is royalty so she was given the name Mackenzie by Anna’s Grand parents
before her death.
” I never heard about her.
” are you sure you are current..have you ever head of M.A.G.E.
” Yes its the name of one if the biggest estates in New York
” that estate with Millions of security which is built with gold is where mackenzie is burried.
” what
” her wealth is different from that of Anna , you know the grandes are not in good terms with their
grandparents . Mr Grande is at war with his their wealth is very different.
have you heard of g.g.c.s. Grande Grande constructions.
” no
” well it belongs to Anna’s grandparents. then m.m.c , Mackenzie mining company.
” that’s the biggest mining company in the world.
“it belongs to the grandparents but signed under Mackenzie’s name then a.g.h.c was signed
under Anna. Mackenzie was the key to uniting the family because she was Born the same day as
her grandma (kenzie). which is the date most of Their ancestors where born so it was more like a
sacred date.they grandparents loved her so much and almost everything they own , all their wealth
which is different from that of the Alexandra’s was and is still in Mackenzie’s name…even in her
death she is living in paradise.
” wow …… if someone like malcom or Tonia kidnaps someone like this
“they would have her sign everything to them ,everything… she is too expensive her net worth is
more than the presidents 1000 year income.
” what
“maybe her death was the best way to secure her.
“she should have lived, Anna needs a real sister.
“there was this secret rumour that Daniella is Mackenzie and Tonia stole her in other to use her in the future.
” Tonia can do that for sure
” it’s possible , as i was saying, since malcom doesn’t have Mackenzie which is impossible
because she is already dead and he doesn’t have issabella because she is missing then it is
impossible for malcom to wake up one morning and claim anything that belongs to a.g.h.c.
I took a deep breath
he dropped the call.
wait, If malcom doesn’t have issabella, what if malcom has issabella. where is that letter Anna’s
mum left her.
I hastily opened my purse and saw the later, so this was what she meant by ” ” ” if anything
happens to me hold tonia or malcom.” so malcom kidnapped issabella
i need to…………………………………. …………………………………………………………… just then I felt my
first door opening. i forgot, if malcom has issabella he would need to kidnap Anna in other to
make issabella do what he wants. if he kidnaps me then then he would find out that I am
Clara…what do i do… who are these men?
I watched 15 masked men rush into Anna’s suite ..I don’t have time what do i do?
one of them pushed the door open
[May the best player win ] by : chidinma Jerry. m.
[star – queen]
EPISODE 92(Season 3 Episode 25)

Victors pov
I love the way malcom thinks,he knows better than to send dummys on this kind of mission. Anna
was not at home so we where smart enough to come here. we made sure Ryan didn’t notice us
because Mr dervantes is really dangerous and Lucinda is still in coma as well as dabrelle. Malcom
is avoiding Mr dervantes as much as he can right now so we made sure the boy didn’t notice our
presence because he might call his dad and say he was almost attacked .
making Mr dervantes attack us again.
I and my boys rushed into Anna’s suite its obvious she is here alone,perfect. we strolled in and
searched.we turned the house upside down but no sign of Anna. my boys went the suite round
and I personally went to the back yard no one is here.
I tried walking out when I heard sounds from the pool. I looked into the pool but theDaniella ooks
I saw bubbling inside the calm water…hmm could Anna be………
I tried removing my shoes to dive in when my boy spoke into my ear bud
” Mr dervantes only son is here
“he came with security
” what
“we need to leave … Malcom said we should avoid anything that concerns Mr dervantes
“he came with 20 guards…let’s leave quietly because even if we engage in a battle they will beat
” coming out
I hastily ran off with my boys thank God we found our way
Clara pov
I instantly came out if the pool crying. all thanks to my ability to swim I would have died there.
thank God I called Ryan where is he . malcom what did this family do to you. Anna am glad you
fell sick cos I don’t think you can really fight what I have fought for you I wiped my tears and
started coughing.Ryan rushed in and hugged me deeply just what I need….he held me tight
” ryan
” it’s ok.
he wiped my tears and carried me up soon we entered the house.
” Clara are you okay?
” malcoms men ..they want to kidnap Anna so they can use her to blackmail issabella into signing
the files.
“why didn’t you tell me before..we would have tracked them down
” this is the judgement night Ryan I don’t want to get only malcom.I need to pin down both malcom
and Tonia with one stone..
” what’s your plan
” am still trying ..trying to create one
Ryan pulled me in and hugged me deeply even in my wet cloth , he unlocked and I kissed him for
long minutes. I unlocked and kissed him again
“ryan don’t follow me please
“where are you going to?
” I need to work please wait here don’t go anywhere
“you know I can’t do that
“ryan i can’t have you with distract me ..but am distrusted too if i am thinking about your
safety. if you want me too defeat malcom and come back you need to assure me that you are safe stay here with your guards… there is food in the kitchen.Malcom knows you are my biggest
weakness he would try to harm you I dont want to think of that I need to concentrate.
I hugged him then kissed him deeply for a long while after which I let go and removed my cloth I
ran away.
I called my Chris
” Chris go to our research department
“i am here Clara …
I entered my car and the driver took off.soon I arrived I checked my time 7:50.only Chris was there
only him is enough.
“Anna I am sure malcom will find another way to convince Isabella to sign
“I know but we won’t give him time ..I need to u to hack into tonias line and send her a text
message to meet malcom exactly where issabella is, you know how to put it.
“ok…I will send this text but what if she doesnt go
“she would cos she belives the secret is only between her and malcom as well few of malcoms
trusted men
“ok…I will try.
I hastily placed a call to Anna’s dad
” dad
“my love
” I want to tell you something about Tonia
“Anna don’t start again
“dad follow Tonia…not only you…follow her With all your men
“Tonia is not going out
” she will.
i dropped the call now it’s time to involve the law I called my favorite prosecutor on phone.
finally Emma picked up
” Anna
” Emma issabella has been found
” good
” do you need info on who kidnapped her and also locked her up for months
“Yes…we have been on this case for long
” Tonia Alexandra Grande just left her house,..follow her.
“ok…I will
Emma dropped the call and I looked at Chris
” the game is about to end” I said
” Yes
“won’t you go?
“no issabella will I know that I am not her child ..she can’t expose me in that kind of crowd.rather
when she comes home I will tell her the truth that i am Clara and I am just helping anna
“ok good luck
auroras pov
I can’t belive issabella agreed to sign this just after malcom threatened her with Anna’s life.I
handed her the file and she opened it malcom smiled.
just then Tonia rushed in
” malcom what is so important ” Tonia said
“what …did i call you?
“you didn’t ?
“did you receive………… shit everybody clear..clear..move issabella now , I think Tonia was
before we could all take one step forward Mr Grande arrived with thousands of men blocking us.
oh no its too late…. Malcom has too surrender.
” Tonia so it was you ?” Mr Grande said
“Grande I am…….
“I will make sure you rot in jail… you both.
Malcom smiled and dropped his file
” let me go grande am innocent.
few seconds to the statement prosecutor Emma arrived with alot of officers she arrested both
malcom and Tonia but I know malcom will come out of this because it was all Tonia . I too was
arrested as well as all of our boys.
Mr grandes pov.
I hastily hugged issabela she looks so slim..I can’t believe tonia did this. I carried issabella up
and she fainted in my arms… Malcom and Tonia would never leave prison, never.I carried
issabella home.
Clara pov
“it was successful Clara…they where arrested.” Chris said
“I pray malcom doesn’t walk out
” finally issabella has been found… you should be proud.
“Anna will be so happy.
I left and Chris left .I walked down and got near my car when I saw Daniella
” Ella?
“why did you arrest my mom?
“Ella your mum kidnapped my mum
“your mum? you are not Anna!
“I kept quiet because I knew you want to help her secure the company and that’s not my business.
I only care about two things my mom and Ryan .
you took Ryan now you want to take my mom too. get ready because this war is between me and
I will expose you, I dont know who u are but I know you are not Anna.
you have pushed out the enemy in me and I will be your new enemy.
the real Anna is dead and I will expose you and you will go to prison for impersonation.
then i will take that position fRom you because I will expose you And frame you with so much lies
that my dad will hate you.
the girl who killed Anna and took her place must be stoned to death
you pushed me now wait for me.
” Ella
she rushed out.
Anna where are you? its time to wake up and come back I have been found out.
my good act can’t be used against me…if Daniella lies that i hurt you and took your place I will be
doomed before u even return.
[May the best player win ] by : chidinma Jerry. m.
[star – queen]
EPISODE 93(Season 3 Episode 26)

I was so scared ,so scared I couldn’t breath. how can I help someone achieve her dreams only at
the cost of loosing of my own . I entered the car hastily and the driver took me back to Anna’s
suite. I rushed in and hugged Ryan tightly we both balanced on the floor
” Ryan ….am so scared” I said leaning on his shoulders
” what happened
“Daniella found me out and she ,she threatened to frame me ryan. if she exposes me and lies
against me who will believe me?
” Clara its ok…Ella can’t do anything I will talk to Daniella for you.
“no dont..I know how females brain work. she has a powerful tool for blackmail she would ask you
to be with her
“you know I can’t
“just don’t meet her ,I will surely find a way around this. if only Anna’s mum didn’t faint maybe I will
tell her the truth and ask her to claim me as Anna.
” issabella fainted but we don’t know when she would wake up…I was called on phone but I
couldn’t go sincebe ou told me to wait for you.
I held Ryan tight and gently kissed his chest.his fragrance and warmth made me feel care and
Tony’s pov
surgery was completed and stated successful but my Anna doesn’t want to wake up.
just then my phone rang it was clara
” Clara
“oppa where is Anna,is she not okay yet
” getting better
“am really scared I was found out and Anna needs to return before they harm me
” who found you out
“did Ryan talk to her
“I don’t want him to
” Anna’s surgery was successful we are just hoping she wakes up…she will return home as soon
as she wakes up.
” Ok.
I dropped the call, Anna Clara sounds so scared you need to wake up you have been treated.
Anna wake up its your turn to Protect her just like she protected you too. if she is exposed and
framed she would suffer you know your dad loves you to blindness..he will hurt Clara if she
doesn’t provide you and now she knows nothing about where you are. Anna don’t think of dying
please no one wouldn’t defend that innocent girl if you die…she needs you now.
I fell on her chest and slept off. with my face on her still not the sick one but
restlessness has made me weak.
next morning
Daniella’s pov.
seems issabella is getting strong ,i can’t get distracted I need to meet with malcom ..yes he was
released, i knew he would be’s time to expose the face behind the mask and he alone
can help me solve this case.
I hastily wore my slipper when Anna walked in or should I say the stranger. if I return and she is
still here I will get into a cat fight with her and expose her face for all to see.
I walked past her and just when she thought wanted to pass I dragged her back.
” what are you still doing here?” i asked
“Ella I don’t know what you drank, I don’t have to defend myself for you to be satisfied. I am not
Anna? what nonsense!! if I am not Anna am I daniella?
“there is no need lying i will expose you in the most painful way.
“I don’t know your plan but you will
disappointed because I am Anna..I am Anna!!.
she entered issabella’s room…don’t worry when I expose you you will realize how wicked issabela
and Grande can be when it comes to ANNASTASIA, they won’t hear any words until you give
them their daughter, they won’t belive anything you say …they already lost one child ,they don’t
joke with this one.
claras pov.
I just pray issabella doesn’t recognize me ..soon anna will come back I just want to do this work in
a clean manner and go… no one should find me out ,God please help me…if they catch and take
me to jail I don’t know what to say , there is no proof that Anna begged me herself…I don’t even
know where Anna is.
miss issabella all I know is that you are beautiful but I really don’t know the kind of heart you are a mother I know you will recognize me the moment you see me but I really pray you
don’t..I pray.
saving you was one of the main reasons why I decided to act as Anna I am not a bad person the
universe bear me witness.
I opened the door and she was on her bed taking a drip. her eye was open and I am happy. I
smiled and walked towards her…she smiled at me as she forced her eye to widen
” mom
“come closer” she said .I nodded and rushed after her she hugged me tight pulling me to herself
on the bed.
this woman didn’t recognize me .
after a while she unlocked.
” thank you so much for finding me my child
” I am glad I did….. I really couldn’t do anything without you mum.
she smiled and took my hand to herself she looked at my hand for while and kissed it.
” how Is Ryan,
“he’s fine…i left him at home
“I missed you baby ” she pulled me into another hot deep hug I was so happy…at least she
doesn’t recognize me.Daniella please wait lemme go in
after a while I rushed out of the the room and picked my call, Emma was calling.
” Emma
“Anna malcom was set free
“I expected that …. let’s meet,i know exactly everything we need to arrest mAlcom again and send
him to jail this time.
I dropped the call
malcom left?….. he really has so much power but he Wont know what hit him.
Tony’s pov.
I don’t care what the records are saying or how Anna is reacting all I know is that Anna must wake
up.I haven’t visited her today i pray she is safe when I do.I carefully arranged and organised her
stuffs so it won’t ‘be hard to pack up.Anna needs to go home immediately she wakes up. she
needs to be there before Clara is ever exposed.
after packing I kept the bag and headed to the hospital.
I walked down to where Anna lay on the bed.she is still lyng the same way it means she didn’t
wake up.I met Shane
” Shane is there still no hope?
“actually there is,Anna should wake up before night fall.
“not sure ….but we saw some reactions
I smiled and rushed towards her then I hugged her tight.
Anna wake up okay…please.
Daniella pov
finally I arrived malcoms office,distance made me think I will never her here. I rushed in and
malcom was busy making calls like he had only 2 minutes on earth.he saw me and dropped his
” Daniella
” I have information for you malcom
“tell me
“Anna seems dead.
“hahaha what are you saying.
” the person whom we have been seeing and working with is not Anna
” its not Anna rather a masked impersonator
” wow no wonder….the I.q was so different.
“yes ,i need to expose her but also in such a way she would go to jail and I will take Anna’s place.
“I will help you pull the impersonator Down its not a big will be in such a way that even
issabella or Grande won’t save the is law. only a true blood should sit on that
chair and seems Anna is dead so u will take over Ella.
” yes I should , its my right… but whats your price.
“after I helped you I Wil tell to how to pay me back Ella
I stood up and headed out.
malcoms pov
hahaha I taught as much. I Wil expose the fake Anna and the next Grande which is Ella must sit.
Ella is so bent on saving Tonia not knowing that Tonia is her enemy who kidnapped her because
of her net worth.
after Daniella takes Anna’s place she will be my puppet just like her mum was… she is Mackenzie
she has the power to sign both a.g.h.c and m.m.c to me ..more power, more wealth .
I am glad u to came to me, when time hits I will blackmail you or even kidnap you ….. all i know is
that you will sign everything grande has to me.
hahahahaha so Anna is dead ,a.g.h.c is weak.Arora walked in
” arora
“get me a meeting with Mr Choi..I need the biggest and most powerful shareholders meeting to be held in a.g.h.c
“also invite the lab technicians,there will be an open blood test of the person impersonating Anna..
“what If it is Anna.
” the blood test will prove it…
“Ok sir
she left.
I can’t wait to see the brain behind everything that has been happening in a.g.h.c.
Clara pov.
I am going to meet Emma now,its time to place malcom where he belongs ..just then Rachel
” hello
” Clara there is a problem
“you have been summoned to one if the biggest share holders meeting in the history if a.g.h.c
“what Is the topic of discussion so I can read up
“topic is you
” I don’t know how it spread but all the shareholders know that you are not Anna so you are
summoned to the meeting to prove your self…even Anna’s parents will be there.
I dropped the call and my phone fell of.