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Mr devans pov
Ryan was serious ..this will only happen over my dead body.arrrgh who is the stupid girl .
I called Anna on phone
” Anna!!
” yes dad
” why did you lie to me.
” actually
” send me the profile of that Clara girl
” what
” right away
” actually we no longer…
” am waiting ,Dont get me annoyed.
i want to know everything about her.
” ok dad
my boy rushed in
” anna is being weak ,go to a.g.h.c and get me the profile of that stupid clara david ,i guess making
her an orphan will make her leave my son.
” yes sir
he rushed out.
” you Victor
” yes sir
” follow Ryan ,i know he is going to meet her
” yes sir
“if it’s unclear to shoot her from far without hurting him wait once he leaves u shoot her .
” yes.
” we need to act fast Ryan doesn’t give empty threats ,he will surely sign off his shares to
Carlos.he wants to ruin his life .
” ok sir.
arrrgh Ryan is so stupid… does he think only r.d belongs to him.even if I didn’t tell him,even if I act
cold towardsPOVm everything I own is under his stupid name.every single damn thing. and he wants
to give it to Carlos,does he know what he is giving out.does he know how rough his future will
be…. who is clara.killing her will drive him out of this madness.it’s better he mourns her death at
least his birth right will be secured. get me her fucking profile so I will start by warning her parents
with a bullet each,idiots.!!!!.
Anna’s pov
omg, clara….. i stormed out of my office leaving my door open .i ran into the methrons office.
” mada….
” Clara , where is her profile
” what
” where is claras profile
” Mr dervantes worker just took it
” what
i stormed out of the office into the yard….
Ryan did you forget how your dad thinks its all my fault I forgot to tell you that your dad already
knows about Clara … Clara where are you… you are not safe …… run for your life
i stormed into my car I called Jake on phone
” Jake where is Clara
” I don’t know ,I will track her down
” I need Clara to meet me , create a scene for Clara to come to me before Ryan gets to her.
“ok.but where are you going too.
” I am going to see grande
” also send someone to follow ryan
” come on he’s dad can’t possibly hurt him
” I trust his dad but not his dad’s boys
“if possible ryan must never meet Clara ,they are following him around for sure
” ok I will look into that.I think it’s time Clara traveled Anna,she needs go go to Utica
” does she have someone there
“ok work on it
” Anna drive safely
i feel so weak ..i feel pains all over .all the signs Ryan listed I am getting them all.but I can’t die… i
will surely visit Sam at the hospital later I Wont forget this time…if I die no one will fight for
me.daniella will marry Ryan and the merger will continue after all ,all Ryan’s Dad cares about is
his money …and growing his money.. i have so many reasons why I can’t fall sick again,I can’t get
weak ,I can’t die.who will find mom,protect dad,defeat tonia,pull malcom down, secure a.g.h.c .if I
die I won’t be happy even in heaven cos it is a painful death… living like a robot and dying like a
robot.is that life, won’t I enjoy this life…i am saying all this cos I feel death so close to me…i feel
like I won’t last the month . i feel so weak and pained ..but no one must find out…tonia can’t find
out I am weak if she does she will take a.g.h.c from me that’s more reason why am scared to visit
Sam at the hospital tonia or malcom none of my enemies can find out that I am dying..God help
me I can’t die and I can’t visit coma again….i dunno how you will do it but just do it ,do it for me. i
wiped my tears and coughed out more blood.i wish I could tell Ryan but i don’t want him to love
me out of pity.
I drove to sir grande office.
I arrived at a.g.h.c I think I can trace Clara from here . oh God where is that claras best friend .
finally I saw Diana rushing out my guards rushed after her they dragged her to me.
” Diana where is Clara
” sir ryan Clara is gone
” where is she
” I can’t tell you that .you can’t be with my best friend anymore clara is too fragile and you just
keep hurting her
” Diana please … tell clara to meet me at the beach.I will wait for her..by 3
I want to tell her something important
I won’t hurt her anymore I promise
Diana walked away. Clara please come .I will wait for you till morning I swear.I will wait till u come.
I headed for the beach.

Ryan is waiting for Clara ,i wonder what he wants to tell her.should I tell Clara ,anyways I know
they deserve a chance to be together. I will surely tell Clara when I arrive home.I strolled out of the
hospital and took a cab.I headed to claras house.I am sure she is at her new job right now .I Will
wait for her .
I arrived at Mr grande office and stormed inside in a haste.he sat with his legs on his table.his gun
sat on the table its always there. I walked up to him
” Dad
” Annastasia why did you lie to me
“I didn’t lie,I told you that my marriage to Ryan is secure and Clara is not a problem.
” how Is that… he’s phone rang he picked up and put it on speaker..
“tell me Victor
” we located her house ,we are there now.her mum is outside while her dad is inside.a young girl
is outside and one is inside although both of them none is Clara.
he looked in my face my heart beat sank.
” Dad hear me out please
” sir who should we kill first as warning
“hold but stay there
“Anna if what you have to say is not convincing I will tell them to do what they have to do Cox I
can’t sit back and watch my only son give his birth right to Carlos.
what!!, was that Ryan’s plan ,is Ryan drunk…what about his future
“Dad ryan Wont do that cos Clara won’t go anywhere with him.
” how are you sure
“I promise you dad Clara is travelling,its my duty to secure this marriage …Clara will leave this city
just give me time dont hurt her
“what if your plan doesn’t work.what if she elopes with Ryan and he successfully denounces his
birth right
” no Ryan won’t ,I Wont let that happen I don’t want to marry Carlos but not only for my sake I care
about Ryan’s future I can’t let him do this dad. trust me
“ok Anna you have 8 hours,I am watching you ,Clara,Ryan.
“ok dad ,thanks.
” 8hours,Clara is dead

I stormed out.God what if Clara gets drunk in love and decides to follow Ryan’s plan ,that’s why I
can’t let them meet i rushed into my car.I called Jake
“tell me
“ok the first step to making her move was firing her from the new job and it was successful.
“the second step is chasing them away from home
” good
“but I don’t know if there is any assurance we can stop her from meeting Ryan
” has ryan told her to meet
“he told her best friend and she is in their house I am sure she is waiting to tell her.
“is there no way you can send Diana out of the house
” am working on it.
he dropped the call.gosh u both really deserve to meet again Clara..I know how much need you
have for him.but I swear this might be your last.if you decide to follow Ryan you will eat pain.I don’t
know how I will tell you this and you won’t think i am jealous.
I can’t believe I got accepted,it feels like a dream but i got a job.just now one of the workers came
to me
“clara David right
“yes ” I said smiling
“ok,the manager is calling you
“ok. I walked out and moved into his office
” good day sir
” actually dear,your services won’t be needed anymore
“you are fired
“but I just …
“we are sorry
I wiped my tears and rushed out.this is painful and embarrassing.when did my life become a joke.
I walked for awhile then I sat on the road side and tears just streamed out.Anna why are you so
cold towards me,why do u hate me so much..my father’s debtors are coming tomorrow how do I
pay them .where do I get the money. it started raining but pain didn’t let me move.I sat quietly
crying my heart out soon i was so wet and I thought the rain would wash away my pain.that was
when I noticed two boys following me.ever since the hospital and even now when I stopped here
they are still hovering around .are they really stalking me.I stood up and walked slowly in the rain.if
they are killers they should kill me cos my life is useless. people watched me from stores and
houses.they wondered why I walked in the rain ,they don’t understand that pain had made me
psychotic love had made me loose my mind. missing Ryan has dried me up inside.I am just an
empty vessel walking the streets in the rain. soon I arrived home.
my mom sat outside with lia,I bowed and walked past her.she knows better than to ask me why I
am wet ,I will just start crying a fresh.
I met Diana on my bed
“clara ryan is waiting for you
” what
” Ryan is waiting at the beach you missed him so much go to him.
I wiped my tears
“forget the past Clara just go to him,if nothing else just hug him cos u missed him…hug him like
your life depends on it.
I stormed out even with my wet cloth ..God I missed you so much Ryan.
and just like Romeo and Juliet Clara died for love and Ryan killed himself. she really love him like
( star – queen)

I stormed into the yard smiling in tears ,Ryan wants to see me ,I wonder how he is.just then I
barged into 6 men. they where dressed in thick black suits. some held brief cases and some wore
I moved back ,my mom stood up with lia.
Diana rushed out with my dad.
” how may we help you” my mom asked
“you have 30 minutes to leave this house
“what!!”my mom said
“why ” my dad said
“what’s going on ” I asked
“we are no longer renting this building” the man said
“but people are still living around” my dad asked
“sir your rent is obviously delayed so you do not have any right to say all the things you are saying
…guys move inside and help them pack.
the boys stormed in, my dad placed his fingers across his face. Anna again.what did that girl
drink…it’s obvious this is her hand work.why Wont she stop I ran out of the house.. I moved my
wet hair and ran faster…I took the bus I was freezing cold .people didn’t even realize my clothmorningg
wet. minutes later I arrived a.g.h.c ,I stormed upstairs and stormed into her office.her
secretary ran after me. there Anna stood looking out her window.she told her secretary to
leave.she sat down on her table.am i seeing red marks on her neck or am I seeing things.and why
is the front of her hair getting scanty most importantly why is her eye dimmed is she okay..
anyways that’s not why am here.
” clara welcome” she said sitting in her chair” why are so wet ,u might want to change in my room…
” really, do you think I trust you enough to do that you might as well kill me in there just ..just
because of man…
” clara shut up you are talking rubbish” she said opening the file on her table.
what kind of creature is this girl I am taking and she wants to read… I moved over to her table and
pulled all the files to the floor .she looked up at me. my tears streamed down just like a wounded
” what Is your problem Anna,why are u ruining my life ,I left Ryan for you was that not enough u
demolished my dads shop now he is owing thousands of people ,u sent us out of our house what
do you want me do for you this girl.I screamed at her.
” go to Utica clara
” what
” go to Utica and I will stop,I will stop ruining your life.
” how can you be so heartless
” am not heartless,u said you left Ryan right but you were going to meet him even in your wet
cloth ..is that how to leave someone…is that how to move on , if u didn’t want to see ryan today do
u think I will try to demolish your house huh!!!.
” wow so its all because of Ryan ,its still all because of a ryan
” man , because of a man.do you think I am stupid. look at this.. she switched on her projector
and showed the video of the two guys who had been following me since morning where they hid
waiting for me with their guns.
Anna’s pov.
” am sure you are smart u must have seen them DiD you wonder why they are following you.no I
am sure you didn’t.
I called Jake on phone
” Jake send me a live video of the men waiting in her fathers house.
he started videoing and I previewed it for her to see. where they hid with their guns…Clara used
both hands to cover her mouth.I switched off the projector…
“Clara you are not safe… I sent those men to your house so they can push u to come see me.
your parents are not safe , your best friend is not safe your cousin is not safe Clara and once u
follow Ryan they will die.they will all die but don’t think u will be saved because ryans dad is
following Ryan too if you meet him Clara his dad will kill you.if you agree to follow Ryan you will die but not only you all your family members .Ryan found a way to separate the marriage he found
a way to separate the marriage without separating the merger.should I tell you what he decided he
decided to sign off his birth right to his cousin ..he decided to live as pauper for life ,he decided to
start live afresh as a nobody.I will be forced to Marry Carlos and I don’t mind I will do it for the
merger , you, u Will loose your family , Ryan will loose his birth right and start life afresh like a
pauper ,he’s parents will never forgive him ,u will surely become an orphan are you ready to do all
this for love,are you ready to let all this happen just because of love.. if u think I am fighting
because I desire Ryan then u must be blind.I am fighting for you and Ryan and if you truly love
Ryan Clara u would know that running away is not an option … giving out his birth right is not the
bezt option.the ball is in your court and my men won’t follow you again.if u still want to meet Ryan
you are free but if i were u i will go to utica and let fate do the rest , it’s your choice clara .Anna sat
on her chair
how could ryan make such a childish decision…just when I thought i will finally be happy my pain
toppled.I sat down on the floor of Anna’s office and started crying.I cried my heart out Anna looked
up for a while she doesn’t want to shed a tear she stood up and walked past me. I stood up and
walked out of the office crying…. Anna is really heartless , who trained her to be so cold , she
couldn’t even console me and the only time she touched me was to slap me.i really wanted her to
hug me and tell me sorry now but am I drunk,she’s dry I am wet,she’s looking rich I look dirty … I
don’t know why I even love her so much… after all she did to me i still like her. Ryan i know u
won’t go.u won’t leave that beach. u would stay until I come.that’s how u are .u might even wait
till morning.I checked my time 6pm its going to get dark soon.I took a cab and headed for the
I know Clara will come ,there is no way she won’t come.I sat back on the floor waiting for her just
now she walked out .she looks so wet from hair too toe.she slimmed down and pain is written all
over her, is ok Clara ?
she moved closer to me, no smiles,no tears, I missed her so much on seeing her tears filled my
eye.I pulled her closer and hugged her like my life depended on it.she didn’t talk she finally
( oh God i cried when writing this part)

” Clara
“sir Ryan,the way I broke up with you was very wrong so I came to break up with you the right
way… please stay away from me , we are done for good.
I wiped my tears
” clara what are you saying.
“Ryan i don’t love you anymore ,stop calling me,stop looking for me ,stop sending people to call
me , you doing all this is irritating me.
I fell to my kneels and she looked up seems she doesn’t want to shed a tear.
I took her hands and she looked down at me that was when her tears streamed down.
” clara please don’t kill me,I love you so much,we made promises,we shared moments , you said
you loved me Clara I know you love me very much .
” no i don’t !!, .Ryan I loved you,past!!! ” she shouted.I stood up in tears almost limping.
I took her hands.
” clara noo
” I desired you ,past!!!.
” I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you ,past!!.
“clara please
“I wanted to be in your arms ,past !!!” she said in tears
” Clara I can’t leave without you
” I dont love you anymore ryan …don’t ruin your life for me.I don’t feel anything for you.she tried
rushing out I pulled her into my arms and hugged her tightly.
” clara I love you ,present !!. ()she started crying like a baby.
” I need you Clara ,now!!
“Ryan let me go
“do I miss you ?,every day !!!
“can I live without you ,no!!.
” clara please don’t do this to us .I don’t know what They told you but I really love you very much.
I knelt down and wrapped my hands round her waist. she cried more and hastily wiped her tears
” Ryan let me go ,I don’t want to be with you…i love someone else ,I dont love you.
I stood up like I was drunk.I pulled her into myself with my hands on her waist
” say it to my face Clara and I will let you go.
she looked into my eye and tears streamed down wetting her beautiful lips.
” clara just say.say it one last time.say it to my face. she ran her eye behind Me like she saw
someone. whoever she saw gave her courage to look me in eye.
” I don’t love you Ryan.I don’t love you anymore.she said this looking into my eye and streaming tears.
I fell back to the sand
” go …. I am letting you go . I will always love you even if I do it alone.I said to her and she turned
her back on me. as she walked I saw her Hands cleaning her tears…. Clara moved on from me so
quickly.did she really ever love me… she isn’t worth it .she isn’t worth the sacrifice I made to be
with her… I feel so dead…Iost the only reason behind my smile I watched her walk away gently.
clara pov.
ryan I love you ,I love you so much that I can’t let you ruin your life for me.I want to go with you but
not at the cost of innocent lives.I know we will meet again.I love you more than life itself.I love you
more than God himself.I love you more than love can ever describe. I love you Ryan so Much that
I will die and kill for you.if I was the only one your dad wanted to kill then I would have died for
you…. just go now Ryan.go now cos I want to start my own life afresh lets leave like we never
met.. I looked into the ocean and it roared heavily just like it did that very day I and Ryan went to
the beach.I want to make a wish but what do I wish for.knelt Down in the water and I saw ryan
kneeling down at the other side. what will I wish for what does he want to wish for.
” dear holiness, I am here again just like I came before.I have only one wish.. allow me to meet
Ryan again but let it be in a way everyone will be happy ,Anna,Tony,Ryan,Liam,Mr Grande,Mr
dervantes, Isabella . I want to be with ryan till I die but not at the cost of anyone’s life,not at the
cost of anyone’s happiness.I have so many needs and wishes but all I ask you for is ryan.give me
a chance to love Him.give me a chance to love Ryan and watch him love me.
Ryan’s ~~
dead goddess,I dont believe in u but Clara told me that you are real.and I have a wish.all I really
want is Clara.it seems impossible but you are the only one who can bring Clara back to me in a
way everybody will be happy.I have a lot of things to wish for but all I need is Clara.
I opened my eye and the water over flew getting me very wet.I turned and Clara got wet too.I
wonder what she wished for.I stood up and walked into my car.
Claras pov.
I stood up and headed home,its time to go to Utica and start my life a fresh . i arrived home
everyone already packed. Diana was outside.
” come on Clara ,leaving for Utica is our best option” my dad said
I nodded
“clara Diana helped you pack.” my mom said
I hugged Diana deeply.
“clara I will miss you
“it’s just two bus drives
“I know
she hugged me deeply..
minutes later the car arrived and we left…I sat quietly crying to myself..i hope my fathers debtors
won’t find us here too.
Anna’s pov
I sat on the bed i already bathed..I waited for Ryan to come back that’s if he would come back.
finally he walked in ..so much tears.he sat beside me on the bed.
” Anna Clara left…Clara said she doesn’t love me anymore ,she said she moved on from me.” he
said I pulled him into my arms and hugged him tightly.
” Ryan I am sorry,everything will be fine I know.
he tightened the hug and I held him tight.God I never wished for any of this to happen.he unlocked
and I wiped his tears.
” Ryan am sorry
” Anna Clara really left.she left me.I should let her go right ?,I should let her go now.I hugged him
tightly again.
Ryan i want u both to be one but not at the cost of your birth right Ryan not at the cost of innocent
lives.Clara really acted smartly.
Mr Dervantes pov
my boy just walked in.
” sir Anna was right ,the girl left.
” wow how far is she
“hmmmm that’s not too far
“at least Ryan can’t look for her sir ,she dumped him.
“yes she said she doesn’t love him anymore.
“too bad…ok good job.
he walked out.Ryan must be in so much pain right now well if Anna is smart she should console
him and use this opportunity of his weakness go get pregnant that way no one can separate them
ever again.
claras pov/morning
wow new environment new feeling.I love this place and I love my room the best.I can’t believe am
now living with lia she Wont escape to visit me again.moving in was not really bad.we are all set
actually. mom went on a job hunt and dad well he is still here.he is always moody I guess loosing
that super market must have really killed him.he Is in his room.lia went to college and Clara is
going to look for work.yes if I stay home I will just keep thinking about sir Ryan and I don’t want
I strolled into yard in my pajamas and Jesus Christ those men my dad is owing how did the find
this place.
” hey there’s that rude girl that said she would pay us today ,they think running can save them.
I used both hands to cover my face and ran away.
“hey catch her
they all ran after me yes that’s my plan I don’t want my dad to see them it will make him too start
“hey stop there
“can’t you people come next week.
” stop there
” please we will pay
” catch that girl.
I increased my speed and ran into the streets .
” hey do you want to die
” hey pls ..we will surely pay.
they increased their speed finally one of them caught me .I smiled at least they are not in my
” listen Ajussi
“Ajussi what ,where is our money
” but wait.
“we were asked to bring a member of the family to the station , we are taking you.
“no u can’t
I tried running away but they caught me and carried me up .
they tried moving when a car pulled over.then another car.wow this person must be rich.
4 guards came out.then they opened the door for him.he walked out .
” how can you carry a woman like this?” he asked .
I tried seeing his face but i can’t because of how they carried me
” sir she is owing us
“just that,bring her down i will pay you” he said
omg who is that angel.
he turned to his assistant
” handle the cost
“yes sir.
” so can you bring her down now.
“of course,sorry.
they pulled me down to my feet and faced his assistant. I hastily bowed without even looking at his
face .
“thank you sir
” welcome Clara .
he knows my name,he knows me.I lifted my face and Jesus I can’t believe it’s him
” clara hi ” he said
I tucked my hair behind my ear
“what !!
hmmmmmm who did Clara meet.
best guesser.
Hey!,u are special
( can’t stay mad at you )
2 in one.(longest)

Danny Hoffman oh my God.I smiled and bowed again
” Clara right
” yes
” where are u coming from ” he looked around
” well home
“ok I will just call your boyfriend
” me noooooo
‘ wait.
he placed a call and put it on speaker
” hey fish
” Danny
” Liam I saw your one
“which one
” ok tell me the place
” mmmmm Kendall
” no
” Ashley,Brianna or Sheryl
” no
” uhmmmm Asia?
” stop the cute one , the innocent looking one.
” omg Clara…what is clara doing there
” well I dunno
” Danny am coming don’t let her go.I don’t have strength to look for her
“ok I will just take her to my hotel
‘ Daniel
” shut up,am engaged
” am not in support of hotel take her to am eatery
” no…in fact girls choice.
Danny took my hand and I looked into his eye
” Angel will you go to a hotel with me ?” he said.
I didn’t even know when I nodded.how can a man be so beautiful.
” hear that Liam.. meet us at silver rain hotel.
” Danny I don’t know wahouse on’t trust you
Danny laughed
” come on cutie lets go to my hotel room and cuddle each other.” Danny said laughing
Liam shouted
” Danny, u are dead
Danny smiled
” come on Clara, he took my hand.”Liam get out of my phone.he dropped the call and opened the
car door for me.I sat in
” are u in a serious relationship with Liam?
” no
” thank God
” why
” nothing..
I know ,Liam likes women. soon we arrived at the hotel.Danny took the keys and we went up. he
opened a door for me
” Liam is coming … wait inside
I looked into the room and nodded
“but what about u
he pointed to the next door
” that’s my room
” oh really. just then a woman’s voice spoke
” Danny who are u with
ahhhhhhh so him and Liam are born womanizers. he looked at me and I winked at him .he smiled
and opened his room door.I wish I can see her… what kind of woman does Danny like.I ran after
him and once he locked the door u knocked.
” honey someone is knocking
” please open up
she opened the door
” uhmmm hy, are u looking for Daniel.she looked around.I can’t believe it’s her ,she’s real.I always
thought she was a mermaid.5th most beautiful in the world
” Daniella Daniel I shouted
she laughed quietly.
” hy, Danny I think u have a visitor.
Danny came out
” Clara,I thought we were over
I smiled
‘ no oopa I came to see her
she smiled
I nodded.Danny walked in she opened the room door and fell on her bed.. she cleared the bed for
me to seat. omg I just interrupted some things.I saw Condoms in the bed she moved them to the
counter.I smiled.her skin is so pretty she wore Danny’s shirt
” uhmmm what are we talking about my new friend she said
” no i just like looking at you
she smiled
” so how did u meet Danny
” Ella she’s liams new bae” Danny shouted
daniella frowmed
” Liam ,Liam king..is he your serious date
“no . just a friend
“thank God.
omg Liam must have a high level of womanizing
just then Liam opened the door.
” where is Danny
” shower…. welcome.” daniella stood up and coveted her hip well then she hugged him…shit nice
” hy Clara ” Liam said
I smiled and bowed
” ok she’s shy ,I will leave you both . I smiled as she ran to the shower door and knocked Danny
opened and dragged her inside and minutes later they flinged her shirt out of the door and locked
it I smiled.sex in shower I suspect…. awwwwn I wonder what that’s like but mum said its
dangerous and not healthy secondly condoms won’t guarantee protection. I will surely try it with sir
…..Jesus Clara what are thinking.I looked up and Liam was looking at ne
” what where u thinking
” no no nothing.
he smiled
“let’s leave them alone
of course
I stood up and we walked into the other room he locked the door and I bowed.
” uhmmm why did u bring me here,its almost late.
” I wanted to tell you something
” oh what
he pointed at the bed so I sat down.
” uhmmm I dont know how to say this but the truth Is I am in love with you Clara
” I swear..I want u alone,I know how our first meeting was ,requesting to have u for 3days against
ur will or permission I know it totally painted the kind of man I am.I know and I understand I but I
am changed I swear don’t let that be the reason why u would reject my love clara.
” actually all I know is that you are nice person…but .well…actually…the truth is
“u don’t really like me
” well not mostly it.I really like u very much but
“but U love Ryan
I nodded
” then since u accepted my love can u at least be a friend.just until u are free to accept me…Clara
I know Ryan and Anna are together I just need u .I don’t care If u use me to move on.just as long
as its you.
” well
” it’s ok I understand and I am waiting
I nodded.
” uhmmm its getting really late
“I will drop u
he took me home lia stood outside with my mum she had a towel round her chest. I and Liam
walked out I signaled her to thigh her towel tight..my mom was scolding her
” hy mom,lia
” Clara welcome,she bowed to Liam i saw the way he looked at her I smiled.somethings can’t
change easily but u know lia is irresistible she’s very pretty.and just like me no boyfriend.until sir
Ryan came but she I don’t think anybody came cos am clumsy and she is troublesome.acts like a
” lia I thought the priest warned u to stop swimming in the afternoon in that lonely place
” but i was hot
“u know u look like a water goddess… one day they will think u are one of them and drown u
lia frowned her blue eye is very enchanting
” so I Wont swim because am pretty
” yes
” fine.
she stormed into the house the towel fell to her lower waist she held it tight to her chest.her long
hair covered her back but her amazing waist curve was very obvious I looked at liam omg liams
eye already Got my virgin sister naked.I tapped him and he smiled and bowed to my mom
” hy mom
” welcome.
we both walked in.
” so this is my house Liam.my mom,lia my mom’s sister’s child she is few months older than me.
my dad and me.just then lia stormed out with her mum chasing her.omg thank God ryan changed
me.lia wire a big blue Jean and a guy’s polo.she used a black hat to cover her face. she looked
like a man.
” lia won’t u ever dress like a girl
” ohhhhh mum…my friends are waiting at the field
yes she likes basket ball and all her friends are male.
liam smiled at her.she bowed again and dragged my shirt
” Clara diana is at the field
” well I have a visitor
” really him….. well he’s handsome assuming I liked men I would have liked him
liam chuckled… yes everyone once thought she was a lesbian.
” bye ,bye , mom am coming back don’t tell dad I took his jean understand.Clara bye” .she bowed
to Liam again.liam kept laughing into his fingers.liam might love me now but i know that love is not strong I felt a beautiful spark whenever lia looks at him.who knows he might be her own ryan.I
smiled at Liam.
” uhmmn clara i have to go
” ok.bye
” ok.
I ran into my house Liam drove off.my dad was dancing.
” dad what is it
” I just got a new free supermarket and its stock loaded
” what
” yes
I jumped up and hugged him my mom hugged me too
” I got a job clara.I jumped up again we all danced around… thanks Anna.
liams pic
I really love clara so much.but i dont know how to control my behavior and my desires gosh being
a play boy has ruined my life.I can’t believe I couldn’t stop looking at lia with lost.. i know clara will
change me like celinde changed danny. finally i saw lia sitting with a group of guy’s I parked my
car and looked at her . ahhh too much male company .. one of them wore her cap and the other
rested his hand on her shoulders.she must be a little wild.mmm finally she stood up and threw her
ball into the net successfully .one of the boys hugged her.hmmm must be her boyfriend.oh gosh
Liam drive.just then she rushed towards me,how did she see me
” hy sir” she said waving just like clara
” ummm hy
” are u going this way
she pointed right
I nodded
” can u drop me at My friends place
I nodded and opened the door she stormed in she sat down with both legs open . with one on
top.i swear this position just turned me on. is this a woman.
” uhmm can’t u sit properly
she looked at her legs and forcefully closed it.
‘ sorry ,actually that’s y i never wear skirts I like being comfortable
” how old are u
” just claras age
I looked at her from hair to toe
” 21?
” yes ” soon she pointed at the window.
” stop stop ,there’s he’s house
” a man
” yes.thank you” she bowed the guys were waving at her I looked up not one man but 4 Jesus can
she manage all that.
” lia hurry …u will miss it
” am coming ” she bowed and rushed up.
I drove away.thank God Clara is not this wild.i looked down wow she forgot her wallet I smiled
and drove home
Ryan’s pov
I walked into the room just to find Anna on the bed .she fainted.the towel she was holding was
filled with blood what’s wrong. I hastily pulled her up. Its pointless taking her to r.d I am not the
doctor in charge of her and her health is very delicate.. i rushed into the car with her and took her
to a.g.h.c Anna please be safe.i headed to the hospital soon i arrived.Samuel came out with few
nurses and took her upstairs to her room they lay her on her bed on the same coma bed.. Anna
would be so pained to see herself on this bed
” Samuel are You her doctor
“is Anna ok
“I need to run a few tests Ryan , Anna is too reluctant with her health.
“ok…i will be outside
“no i advice you go home i will Handle this ,I Wil send the test results to you as well as her health
records then you can as well take over from me.
i rushed out and entered my car.how could Anna fall sick.i can never leave Annastasia again.i will
marry her and take care of her.Carlos won’t take care of Anna for me she deserves love and i will
give it to her…God please save Anna. she can’t die, i promise to love her now I will take care of
her i swear just please send her back to me.
Samuels pov
yes and just like I suspected Anna has cancer thank God it’s just the first stage but if she doesn’t
commence treatment there will be a serious break down now the question is will Annastasia
Alexandra Grande leave work and focus on her health .Anna needs to travel for surgery and this
surgery is not Ryan’s specialty this surgery is doctor shanes specialty.he treated my mum.and
kept her on treatment for one month and when she came home nothing was the same.i wish
Anna will just go fight for her health am just scared cos a.g.h.c might be taken away from her when
she returns.i already gave her some drugs she should gain fake consciousness.i call it fake
consciousness cos she will break down again.
” send the test results to Ryan ” i said to my nurse
“ok sir.
just then Anna grabbed my robe.
” wait
“ok sir.
” Sam don’t tell ryan about my health.
“I am begging you…don’t do that. i have my reasons.
” I have cancer right
” yes how did..
“I over heard you but it’s ok” she wiped her tears
” Anna your tissue cancer is as a result of too much chemical intake especially when you were in
” what do I do now.i can’t die who will protect dad,mum,a.g.h.c who will take my place.
” Anna you Wont die of only u can meet Shane
” Shane is in London and he can never come here
” Anna u need to go there.please u need to live you have a lot of reason why you must live.
she fell weakly to her pillow. her phone rang.
” help me pick up.
i picked up
” madam the board meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow
i dropped the call
” the meeting
she held her face in her hands.and started crying I pulled her into a deep hug.
malcoms pov
i sat quietly in my office when my assistant rushed in
” tell me
“good news sir
” what
“Anna has been admitted in the hospital
“it’s true sir , she seems very sick
” hahahahahahahahahaha I love this news
“ok sir.
she walked out.Anastasia scheduled a board meeting she can’t attend.i love this.this is our
opportunity to dominate.hahahaha just what I wanted Anna is weak.
Ryan’s pov
finally I received the report
Anna is ok,she has just been stressed out for the while.she will be fine..i smiled finally.i rushed
over to the hospital in a haste.she sat quietly on the bed
” Anna
” Ryan
she opened her hand crying and I hugged her.
” listen you will be all right,I won’t stress you anymore,I won’t make you think anymore .Anna that
merger is safe.i will take care of you ,I will marry you.i hugged her deeply.i will love her now even if
I love her out of pity.she touched my hair gently.
” Sam can i take her home now
“no u can’t
” why
‘ we still need to watch her and watch her closely.
“ok.i will stay here too.
” Ryan please ,u know being in a hospital room for long makes you fall sick.we both can’t fall
sick.just go I will come home tomorrow.
” will she come home?” i asked Sam
” yes she will.
i hugged her again
“ok I will just stay for few hours here. i moved her hair and hugged her.Anna suffered all her life…i
saw her list of all the the things she wants to try in this life.God you can’t die Anna.you cant
die.please don’t die.i hugged her tightly.
after sometime I left and headed home
while driving all I remembered was claras words
” Ryan I love someone else ” actually Clara you just pushed Me into loving someone else too…
being without you makes me meaningless.no matter how much i try to force myself to love Anna
you are still the only woman in my heart.
claras pov
i stood facing my mirror and looking into the cloud
sir Ryan are you okay ,are u missing me no you must not you must have moved on with Anna by now but i still love you and I still miss you every day.i traced the moon and walked out of my room
I sat outside in the open heaven facing the cloud.my dad will pour me water of he catches me
sitting here on the roof top.he doesn’t like it..he’s scared
Ryan I wish I could see you through this beautiful moon.i miss you so much ryan I can’t even
explain or say it enough.but it seems the world want us to be apart.i remember our love,our
hugs,our kisses ,our romance .i remember the only day you touched me I am sorry we only had
one opportunity to consummate our love I promise not to go into the arms of another man Ryan I
wish u never sleep with another woman too.but who am i to wish that I already told you to go.i told
you to move on so I will love you alone just like I am doing now.Utica is good Ryan but nothing in
my life seems the same without you.i wrote you a letter but i can’t send it to you.thank you God for
giving me an opportunity to meet someone like Ryan.he’s my angel. i smiled and tears streamed
down. soon it started snowing I couldn’t even stand up.i just sat missing and loving Ryan.God I
miss him so much.
next morning
Sam’s pov
anna stood from the hospital bed and hastily pulled off the drips and the oxygen . she pulled off
everything on her
” what are you doing Anna
“I have a board meeting to attend
” are you drunk,Anna you are too weak to attend a board meeting
” I don’t care.i can’t miss this meeting.
the nurses took her into the shower minutes later she walked out fully dressed
” Anna you shouldn’t be stressing yourself.
“I don’t have a choice.she rushed to the door just then she held her heart tight
” Anna wait
she wiped her tears
” you don’t understand I need to go.
she took another step and blood streamed down her nose. she coughed and more blood
” Anna they will laugh at you like this
“tonia will take over of I don’t show up.don’t u get it.
she walked further that was when her breathing seized.she fell but i caught her. she got
unconscious she couldn’t even talk again… she only shed tears.i lay her on the bed.
” Anna I booked your flight to London
she closed her eye and more tears streamed.
Rachel’s pov
i still need to attend the meeting to take note for Anna I stormed in and tonia was already on
Anna’s seat ,so soon.how did she know Anna’s condition.. and malcom when did he become our
share holder.oh gosh Anna doesn’t want to tell anyone of her sickness not her dad not Ryan’s Dad
..if she did he wouldn’t have traveled
” please proceed ” tonia said
” the main reason for this meeting is to talk about how to penetrate Chicago but tonia why are u in
Anna’s chair and why did Anna miss this meeting” one investor said
” Anna is dying and it is only right I take her place since I am the next highest share holding true
” what do you mean Anna is sick
” Anna is dying she Wont even last the day if u think I am lying why won’t she come out.
” this is bull shit we shall see for ourselves” md said
“of course,shall we?
all the men stormed out and arrived at Anna’s room the stood outside I switched on the intercom
so Anna can hear and speak to them.
” my lady , what are we hearing ? the shouted.
no reply…… Tonia smiled
” Anna if you are all right come out and prove it to us.
” Anna is ok ,she is just taking a break” Sam said
” bull shit,we all know Anastasia is in there if she is healthy she should reply us,all she has to say
is one word ” tonia said
no reply my heart beat heated.
” u see ,Anna might even be dead by now…
” you are right tonia,Anna you have 5 minutes to say a word or else we will believe you are
critically ill and unfit to carry out your responsibility as the heir of a.g.h.c
no reply……
tonia lifted her timer.
” ok five minutes is over ” tonia said
( star – queen)

five minutes past and no reply the men walked back into the hall.
” so I believe I can continue talking now ?” Tonia asked
” so I have 40 percent of shares and I just need few active share holders to join their shares with
me and move me to the position i should be .the position of CEO of a.g.h.c..
most share holders started nodding and whispering.
” will the dead rule us ?,of course no.
her assistant moved the file and 12 active board members transferred their shares to Tonia
the voting list was moved and all of them voted tonia in after few minutes it was done malcom
stood up clapping.everybody started clapping.
” and today by the power of true blood and active shares Mrs Tonia Alexandra Grande is now the
CEO of a.g.h.c. and owing to this it will no longer be a.g.h.c but t.g.h.c. ” the lawyer said.Tonia
stood up clapping for herself.everybody stood up clapping for tonia… gosh where is Mr dervantes.
i rushed to the front and watched Anna’s name being removed and tonia was hastily replacing
her…i wiped my tears what will Anna do.
Didis pov
i am the nurse in charge of Mr grande and I swear there is no improvement.just now the video of
Anna’s replacement previewed and the news of Anna’s sickness came out.
Anna’s dad rose up in shock
” sir
” what’s going on
” sir
” what Is this hand me my phone.
he tried moving and froze.he placed his hands on his heart and fell to the ground. his legs seized
” my legs I can’t move them
” sir
“my legs.
my team came in and started treatment after a while a wheel chair was pulled in.it was confirmed
that he is still taking the poison and it crippled him.total stroke he couldn’t even talk.but I know i
taste all his food,how could he even be taking Poisson.
Sam’s pov /hours later
Rachel rushed in panting
” what’s it
“Mr dervantes can’t walk again.
Anna pulled her self up
” what
” your dad is crippled Anna.he can’t even talk or move he has become nothing.
Anna wiped her tears what is going on.
” madam most share holders still want to give you a chance there will be another meeting in 7
days madam.
” no she Wont attend it , Anna is going to London.she too can’t move anymore
” what
” she is too weak.shes dying
i looked at Anna and my tears streamed what is going on.
just then Ryan rushed in
” Anna what’s going on
“sir Ryan its time for your surgery ” a nurse said
” 5mints” Ryan said
he sat facing Anna
” Sam u thougt u said its just stress
“yes it is
” then how did tonia…
” it’s a test Ryan,I wanted to know what tonia will do if i fall sick.
“but you are all right Anna
“yes I will attend Monday’s meeting
“yes ….go you have surgery
Ryan stormed out.

” Anna please travel tommorow please” Sam said
” i need to meet someone
” who
“the person who will replace me
“but who ,u know your shares are not movable.so how will u employ someone to take your
place.the board won’t agree
“that’s not my plan,I will text you my plan if the person agrees
“ok.i heard nurse del is returning
“yes i called her.
Anna stood up ,Rachel moved the drip and followed her
“Rachel be careful with the drip
the both walked out and her guard’s surrounded her.it’s already evening.they entered the car
Clara pov
omg its getting late i better lock our gate.i rushed out and just then a car drove in i moved back a
guard opened the door and they helped someone walk out it was Anna. she was even taking a
drip her assistant moved the drip with her.she looks so dead. i bowed in tears why am i tearing up
I feel like I am feeling the pain she is in.( Jesus story make me cry )
” Anna,are you ok,what did they do to you again?
she smiled out of tears then she signaled her guards to leave her.she forcefully pulled out the
injection and walked to me almost falling …my tears kept streaming.
i ran towards her and she fell to her kneels In front of me shedding tears I fell to my own kneels
too why is my sleeping beauty crying.
” Anna,are you ok,tell me ,tell me who hurt you !!!” I shouted.
she signaled her guards to go away only her assistant remained. she moved closer to me and
moved my hair into my ear
” I am sorry that the best time I touched you was to slap you clara , you are really beautifull just
like you told me ” she said smiling in tears I started crying heavily.
” Anna are you okay ?” i asked her
“no i am dying ” she said and coughed heavily I lifted her face and wiped the blood,I moved my
fingers to hair and gently pulled it
” Anna you have cancer?
she nodded
i hugged her deeply she gently pulled out and took my face into her Palm
” if I don’t travel for surgery i will die
” what
” yes I need to travel tommorow Clara ,I already lost a.g.h.c…i can’t stay here if I stay I will die and
if I die I will loose more so I need your help
” tell me ,I will do anything for you, I swear,I wiped my tears.
” actually my life is anybody’s worst nightmare but Clara can you be Annastasia Alexandra Grande
for some time
“will you fight for me ,will u be the helper and sister I never had
” but why me Anna ,am not classy,I am not as smart as you ,I don’t walk or talk like you…even if I
wear your face they will catch me
” no they wouldn’t,no one will, the mask is exact I created it when I loved sneaking out of work and
my best friend wore it to pretend as me
“but why me, you could choose anybody else
” because I love you Clara ,because I trust you ,because I know you ,because you are the only
one I have…i have no one else so tell me will u help me…will u fight and die fighting for me.
” yes i will fight for you Anna they better watch out. i will solve all the problems of your life Anna , I
was created for you.i held her face and looked into her eye which was streaming tears
” I will bring tonia down ,I will restore your fathers health,I will secure the merger , I will find your
mum ,I will get a.g.h.c back.,I will take malcom to were he should be .I Clara , I will do all that for
you Anna.travel,do your surgery and come back i promise you that I will solve all the problem you
left behind.as long as I am alife no one will make you cry not malcom,not tonia,no one .I am your
Angel Anna.
she started crying I hugged her tightly again why did she have to suffer like this.