✍️✍️✍️✍️ Sweet Mistake Episode 10 ✍️✍️✍️✍️

Dedicated to my late brother❤
Stanley Asamoah Frimpong.

(every good girl wants a bad boy who will be good,just for her🌷).
Episode 10🇰🇷
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara.

She got to her feet and took her handbag from besides her chair and wore her hospital coat.

'' rule number one1⃣,you are to come home before 10pm. Rule number two2⃣,no exquisite clothes okay. Is that clear? ''.
'' yeah mum ''. I cleared my throat in excitement.
'' since you have decided to invite stress in your life,you can carry the burden of it. I have to get use to the fact that you are growing up now. When are you starting work? ''
'' we already went to see the man two days ago. He was hesitant at first,but he finally accepted and said I could start on Monday ''.
'' You really are serious about all this? I never imagined how my baby is already a grown woman now. Anyways, I understand. I will spare time and go with you next week to see the place. Then I can at least be sure you will be absolutely safe there in case you are alone ''.
'' okay...
'' right! I will be back in the morning okay? Take care of yourself. You too Lisa! ''. She said and picked her small bag from the floor and walked out the door. '' Bye ''.

She blew me a kiss💋and exited the door.
Lisa and I starred at each other.
We screamed in happiness and embraced each other tightly as we cleared the table and washed the dishes. We quickly cleaned the whole hall and rushed back into my bedroom.
Yes,we walked to my window and rolled it up and starred outside together. The estate was getting more beautiful than ever. There was a renovation going on. The next two houses besides the Park Empire was being demolished.
Yeah,you heard right. It was being destroyed.
Park Jimin gave them their advance and let them leave the estate,just so he can demolish the houses and extend the backyard of their house to build a basketball demo.
And guess what? The basket ball demo🏀 will be right besides our house. When I look out my window, now I will be able to clearly see into the backyard and the demo. And more interesting, see his bedroom through my window even clearer.
The renovations are almost done since they started two days ago. Well yes,rich people gets things done so fast. I mean,it is money💰that makes the world🌏go round⭕ actually. I kept starring at the strong energetic men working their heads off on this renovations as others were also painting, while the rest brought in things of basketball games.
The problem is,of has being a week,and I had nor layed my eyes on Jimin. I kept wondering many things but things never added up😮. And no one even knew I had spoken him to him before,well...except Lisa of course.
I was so ashamed to ask Sehun. But anyways, who the hell do I think I am? I am a nobody, I had no rights to wonder where he was.
He only caught me following him one faithful night and spoke to me. That was it! That was how lucky I was.
He probably doesn't think of me as someone serious. I am just an immature joker to him I guess. Jeee Karina...I slapped myself out of an imagination which was impossible.
He is one rich and famous business mogul from a likely royal family, and yes....he is Asian! And his family might have even betrothed him ti a beautiful Asian girl who is probably also from a rich family. That is how it is.
I did my research very well. And I might be wrong but,majority of Asians are racists. And the most racist Asian country is South Korea. And they are also too polished and loves themselves too much. They want their world to be as perfect as heaven. Their definition of perfection???
1⃣White body
2⃣Smooth Skin
3⃣lSmall face
4⃣Pale skin colour
5⃣Long shiny black hair
6⃣Act like Barbie and Ken
7⃣Speak their Language
8⃣Have a lot of aeygo
And 9⃣Being a Korean.
No wonder he told me.....I wasn't his type.
I have brown skin,got a long face,has heavy curly hair,don't have any character resembling Barbie, I look matured,I don't speak Korean, i am not Korean....SNAP OUT OF IT KARINA!!!🔨
I am just happy I got to make some friends who doesn't look down on me and treats me like themselves.

'' what?! ''. I quickly turned my head behind and realised Lisa was on my bed with her phone,and she had a shocked face. '' this can't be! ''
'' what happened? ''.
'' there is no Wi-Fi connection anymore Karina! Oh my God! I was almost done downloading the answers to the economics test! We are doomed! ''.
'' but how? ''. I walked to her and took my phone from under my pillow and checked. '' Wait,what's going on? I think everything has gone off! Totally off! ''.
'' what are we going to do now?! Professor Weiyoung will blast 💥the whole class of we don't get ready for this test. I thought you said it was the Park Empire which provided the estate with Wi-Fi? ''.
'' yes...I wasn't lying ''. I quickly walked to the window and looked into the Park Mansion and my eyes opened widely. My jaw dropped all together and Lisa walked to stand besides me.
'' what now? ''.

Is that a car parked on the front compound? And that car belongs to no other than Park Jimin.
Come on! Everyone knows the car belongs to Park Jimin because the number plate said so. PARK JIMIN 6(SK.69).
It's being one whole week,and I never saw a car in that mansion... Is he back from wherever he came from. The only car I always saw was Sehun's car,which obviously disappeared now and then into the garage after he was dropped from school.
Lisa clapped her 👏her hands loudly in my fave and I panicked.

'' yes...what? ''.
'' what are we going to do about the Wi-Fi? Time is far spent and we must study the answers before Monday! And...tomorrow is Monday! We are going to school! ''.
'' urrrmmm... sure,yes. What do we do Lisa? ''.
'' I think the renovations over there caused the problem ''. She said,pointing at the workers being done a mile away. '' we have to go to the Park Empire to let them know this,so we can fix it ''.
'' what?! ''.

Is she just setting a death trap for both of us? First,my mum will kill me and second....
We should enter into the Park Mansion? No way am I going to do that! I mean,that is the house of my greatest obsession. No,I can live a day without Wi-Fi! I will take park of my picket money to purchase a cheap Wi-Fi disk from the store and use it on Monday.

'' what? We don't have a choice because the Wi-Fi belongs to them. Look,we have to do this,if my house wasn't far,I would have let us go there to download, but it's like 8 miles from here! ''.
'' Lisa...that is Park Sehun's house,you know that right? ''.

I saw her cheeks burning red as she secretly bushed.
Hey,I know she likes Sehun,but I wasn't speaking on her behalf but for me. Haha...I can't go in there. I have never gone there. I don't know how it looks like or how they treat people. People like me.
I just want to use Sehun to make her change her mind.

'' yeah whatever. He probably must have learnt all the answers already. You know how he is the best student in the class? Because I don't think he wastes his time talking about girls with his friends like we girls talk about our crushes! We better go now! Else I will have to go back to my house now! ''.
'' oh no! Bit you promised you were going to sleep over! We have to learn together! I can't do this alone! ''
'',shall we go now? ''.

I tilted my head to the side uncomfortably. I hesitated for a while and nodded my head.

(Ten Minutes Later=Park Empire🏢).

And that is how we ended up standing in front of the Park Empire. The house which is probably bigger than New York city. We looked up the house,outside the big metal gates. And the guard outside smiled at us. He opened the gates for us and let us in because he knew me in the Estate, after telling him why we were there.
Both Lisa and I walked into the compound and WOW!
Just woe! I don't know how to describe it anymore as I have no words. This is pure gold and I have nothing more.
We walked closer to Jimin's car parked in the middle and the front door was opened but there was no one in. We both opened our eyes in awe when we saw a big bundle of money💵left in the other seat in the other seat of the front. The money just laying in there like it was nothing. A guard walked up to us and we jumped aside from the car.

'' who ate you,and how did you get in here? ''. He asked with a cold voice.
'' we are....eeerrm, we just want to see Sehun ''. Lisa replied.
'' you didn't answer my question ''.
'' we attend the same school and I am here for books I gave him ''. She lied so easily. And I was so shocked. But I didn't dare look at her,least the guard suspected us.
'' and you are? ''.
'' just tell him,Lisa Manoban is here ''.

The guard said nothing and walked back inside the big house.
I turned to Lisa.

'' did you have to lie? ''.
'' look at us Karin...just look at us. We look like church treasures. Do you think he will entertain us if I had told him we were here because we couldn't connect to the Wi-Fi? He could get annoyed and kick us out! ''.
'' okay...good point ''.

(Jimin's Bedroom🛏).

He threw his jeans on his bed and removed his shirt👕,getting ready to take a quickly shower. And Sehun entered the room holding some snacks and crunching on them.

'' hello ''. Sehun said and let himself fall on Jimin's bed. '' you are welcome back ''.
'' what do you want? ''.
'' straight. Don't you miss me at all? You've being away for like...six days? And mum is not here either ''.
'' where's she? ''.
'' she went to Japan yesterday. Since the other business deal flopped, another one opened in Japan so she's going to take care of it ''.

Jimin tuned to the direction of his bathroom🛀🧼and started walking there.

'' grandfather👴is arriving here tomorrow Jimin ''. Sehun added.

Jimin quickly stopped walking and quickly turned to Sehun in shock.

'' what?! Why? ''.
'' what do you mean why? I have no idea but he said he will arrive first thing in the morning from Busan ''.
'' why am I the last one to hear about everything that goes on here ?! ''. He licked his lips nervously.
'' Jimin, why are you always acting like this brother? ''. He got closer to Jimin. '' why do you hate people being around you? We haven't seen grandfather for the passed two years. I thought you will be happy hearing this like I am now. I mean...
'' Listen! You have no idea,what is like being controlled! He likes ordering me around, and I don't like it! The only person who always made me happy was fa... ''. He held back his emotions as much as he could. He never wanted to show any emotions in front of anyone.
'' what about me brother? ''. Sehun asked,tear about to fall from his eyes. '' am I not important to you at all? You don't talk to me,you share nothing with spend your everyday life with your friends alone..with Yoongi hyung, and I am the one who is your brother! ''.

Jimin was shocked at how Sehun poured out his emotions.

'' how dare you tell me that Sehun? You are my brother and why do you think I am working my head off and opening ten thousand businesses around the world? Just so.....

One of the mansion maidens in uniform knocked on the slightly opened bedroom door. Then the boys turned to her. She stepped in while starring at the ground because Jimin was half naked. But as perverted as he was,he didn't mind at all.

'' good afternoon boss ''.
'' anything wrong Lily? ''. Sehun asked.
'' there are two young ladies outside looking for you boss. One goes by the name,Lisa Manoban. And she is looking for you ''.
'' Lisa? ''.

Sehun just tilted his head aside and blushed so hard.
Jimin saw this and laughed sarcastically, shaking his head.

'' your girlfriend? ''. He asked.
'' what?! No way! ...I just...she is..well...
'' whatever. Prepare the gaming room for me Lily. And leave a bottle of red wine there ''. Jimin said and entered his bathroom.
'' yes boss ''.
'' let them inside the hall Lily...and tell them to wait for me ''. He said and they both walked out of the bedroom...