✍️✍️✍️✍️ Sweet Mistake Episode 11 ✍️✍️✍️✍️

Dedicated to my late brother❤️
Stanley Asamoah Frimpong.

(every bad boy wants a good girl he can control, but she's not gonna have that👊🏾💪🏾).
Episode 11🇰🇷
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara.

(Outside the mansion).

Lisa and I kept standing on the compound. A maid walked to us with a smile and pointed to the silver door of the mansion.

'' the boss👱said that you can come inside ''.

I could see how Lisa blushed so hard and that made me laugh so hard🤣.
She held my hand tightly and pulled me along.
We got to the silver🥈door and it suddenly felt like we were about to enter I to the gates of heaven🌹.
The servant opened the door and a fresh breeze of wind blew in our faces. It was so fresh that we almost slept standing.
We entered and OH MY GOD! I mean,I knew the outside of the house 🏢itself was beautiful than my life but the inside was something else. It was surprising that,with all the many decorations, there were still enough of space which contained bright flowers🌺and a fish pond🐠. The servant turned to us and ushered us to follow us to the hall.
WHAT?! This is not even the hall? Oh wow.
We quietly followed her and entered the hall which was on the left side. She asked us to take a seat. We sat down and that was the most comfy chair I had ever sat on.

'' Do you want anything young ladies? Water? Juice or...
'' No no madam...we are okay,we just want to see Sehun that's all ''. Lisa said.
'' And here I am teddy bears! ''. Sehun shouted as he rushed down from the stairs in happiness. His hair bounced up and down and he rushed  to our side with a bright opened smile😆. '' you can go and clean the gaming room Lily🎴🎮🎳🎲♣️♠️. Jimin just finished taking his bath and you already know how angry he will become when he arrives there uncleaned ''.
'' Ye...yes boss! ''. The maid answered and rushed away to the right side of the hall.
'' So...Lisa and Karina,to what do I owe this visit? ''.

We both quickly got to our feet and smiled.
Hm! So first of all,I am a simple New Yorker who arrived in South Korea like,two weeks ago with my mother.
South Korea is a huge country which contains so many kinds of people. And unconsciously, my mother and I landed in no other place than one of the areas which belongs to one of the most famous and richest celebrity family in Asia.
Is my life a fairy tale? Because right now, I am standing in one of the celebrity halls and my ears just heard that Park Jimin,the nation's pretty boy just finished taking his bath.
I can die peacefully. I slapped my head and concentrated on Sehun.
It's not my fault though,it had being one week since I layed my eyes on my crush. So near,yet so far away.

'' I think that,because of the renovations going on besides your house,the WiFi connections in the estate has being tempered with.
'' that so? I am so sorry about that ''.
'' We really need it fixed Sehun. We need to find the answers to the economics questions for tomorrow's test. And we need to fix it fast online! ''.
'' sorry Lisa. The thing is,the WiFi connection completely cut off and the dish caught a little burn. So I don't think there will be any WiFi available right now until next Friday ''.
'' Oh shoot! We are doomed then Karina ''.
'' No you are not. If you want,I can give you my tablet 🤳for studies. I have all the answers on it. Did you bring your phone? ''.
'' Sure! ''. Lisa said and took out her phone from her pocket. She turned to me. '' Kar... did you bring your phone? ''.
'' No...Jeee...what...
'' Don't worry...I will copy it to my phone so we can go okay? Where is your phone Sehun? ''.
'' Upstairs in our library....shall we? ''. Sehun asked and took the lead.
'' Wait for me here Karina. I will be back ''.
'' can't leave me here alo...

Before I could finish,she shut me up with her hands and rushed upstairs behind Sehun.
My body suddenly tensed up and I felt like I was in a strange land. I kept looking around the hall and sat back down,hugging my knees. I felt thirsty and stood up.
I don't know what to do now. I didn't know where the kitchen🔪was,I should have asked for water when I had the chance. I walked to the right side of the wall,where I saw the maid passing and appeared in front of a heavy made glass gate which was half opened. I slowly entered and saw maid arranging things there.
The place was neat and beautiful, it had the most biggest fast screened TV I had ever seen on the wall. Painted in white and filled with all kinds of modern day games.
She stretched herself and turned to the door. I could see she panicked when she saw me.

'' I am sorry miss...can I have a bottle of water please? ''.
'' that all? ''.
'' Yes please ''.
'' Wait for !e right here,I will be back. And don't touch anything. Neither roam about or else you might get lost. The house is really big ''.
'' Yes...okay I won't ''.

She quickly walked out of the room and I kept admiring the beautiful room.
So this is the gaming room after all. I kept checking the place out and I couldn't help myself but touch the remote for the XBox.
I suddenly felt a heavy shadow behind me. I stretched myself up and turned my back. My world suddenly turned upside down.
Park Jimin.
Looking hotter🌶️than ever. And he was holding a dog🐶. A small white puppy who had a small color around it's neck with the name '' Christian '' on it. The dog started barking at me and I flinched. I starred at Jimin's face and he smirked at my reaction.
He is really enjoying is isn't he? I am surprised because he doesn't look surprised to see me there. Because I never mentioned my name with Lisa.
He was in transparent white crop top which transparently showed his naked torso. And I swallowed hard in my dry throat that I almost chocked on my saliva.
He walked closer and I cleared my throat. He was right in front of me,his face,so close to mine. His dog growled. It was too cute for a wild personality. But I guess he picked that dog according to his attitude.

'' What are you doing here? Looking like this? ''. He asked in a low tone,as he walked passed me and sat down in one of the wide chairs,relaxing as he raised his legs to rest them on a glass table in front.
'' Could you please control your little devil dog? ''.
'' His name is Christian ''. He said and kissed💋the head top of the dog. And it suddenly stopped barking and licked his hands. '' Yeah... I don't have the whole afternoon so tell me what you are doing here ''.
'' I..well,the thing is,my friend andi are here to see Sehun...because, well...the WiFi connection was cut off. And it stopped working...
'' are using my WiFi ''.
'' Urrrmmm yes,because I live in this estate too,so it's for the whole estate right? ''.

He chuckled and plugged in his games and everything lighter up in the room. There was a low hip hop music coming out from the loud speaker🔊.

'' I didn't know you were given the password to my Wi-Fi. I would have stopped that ''.
'' But...why? ''.
'' Because you like me...but I don't like you ''.

Ouch! That just pierced my heart like an arrow.
Jee...I never knew these kind of words will ever hurt me so much. Well,the truth hurts though...really hurts. I want to scream so hard t him but who am I kidding? If I hadn't being stalking him,he wouldn't even know I existed and that's the truth. His world his too far from mine. Those words are like alcohol in a deep wound.
He took the TV remote and switched it on. The first thing that appeared on Tue screen was his picture.
I bit my lips so hard,it almost drew out blood.
He was half naked. It looked like a photoshoot. He was in a tight black jeans with no top at all. And his abdomen was so beautiful I almost went blind. I quickly kept my eyes away from the screen so he didn't notice.
He said it so honestly with no feeling at all. If he doesn't feel anything, why did he kiss my neck that night?
He placed a disk game in the XBox plate and lifted his gaze at him.

'' Why are you quiet? Did I hurt your feelings? ''.
'' Pssst.... Of course...why should that hurt my feelings? ''.

I swallowed my broken heart decided to leave.
I started walking away and two maids quickly entered with some trays of three bottles of water,some snacks, fruit juice,chewing gums and noodles.
I stopped walking and waited for them to leave the door. They arrived in front of me and placed the foods on a table besides me. One of them took a bottle of water and handed it over to me.

'' Here you are miss ''. Lily said.
'' Thanks ''.
'' Boss,everything is ready ''.
'' You may leave now ''. Jimin said and got to his feet. He placed the puppy in his comfy chair. '' The boys are coming, so let them come straight in here when they arrived ''.
'' Yes boss ''

The maids left and before I could think of following them out,Jimin shut the door in my face.
I jumped backwards ask wasn't expecting that. The water bottle slipped out of my hand as I starred at him,getting closer to me.
I started walking backwards as he kept walking closer. Why was he doing this?
 Having him this close to me was still so surreal for me. I can see every detail of his face. His soft white skin,without any spot of acne,his plump lips,his hair all over his face.
Life is so unfair. He has everything. Money,beauty,intelligence and he is a Human Killer.

'' You should make yourself look more clean and girly ''.
'' Oh,I am sorry Your Highness that you had to set your eyes on my poor unworthy self ''.
'' Being clean has nothing to do with money phyco ''.
'' Don't even dare start with me. You don't even know me that well...and ever since I started stalking you,I don't even have time to...

Shit! Why did I say that....WHY?!
I should learn to control my temper from now.
I saw his lips turn itself into a smile. Smiling from both ears. A mocking look on his face.

'' You stalk me more than you think of cleaning yourself huh? ''.
'' No! That's... that...hey,that is not what I wanted to say ''.

He took another step closer to me and I became stiff.
I fell into one large comfy chair behind me and he bowed himself over me,both of his hands on the chair I fell in.
His eyes became so dark,they didn't move away from my face. He moved closer and closer that he forced me to open my legs to let him through.
He learned in to me,his face was just a few centimeters from mine.
My brain turned dead. My bones were paralysed.

'' Wha...what are you doing? ''.

He didn't answer me.
He run his hand through my thick curly hair,analysing every inch of my face and he smirked.
He brought his hand behind my waist and pulled me closer towards him.
I was about to die because my heart stopped beating.
He held my waist tighter as his lips gently brushed against my cheek and slowly moved towards my ear.
Gosh....I think I am making a big mistake. What am I doing? I want to stop. But this mistake is too sweet to stop!
I could feel his cold breath against my neck which sent chills all over my body. He smelled so good!
His voice became low but very deep.

'' you want me? ''

I caught my breath and a trace of sweat appeared on forehead.
He is so intriguing and intoxicating. With those few words,my world turned upside down. Yes I want him. I want him so bad that I want him to be mine.
I slowly nodded my head and I felt him smirked against my neck.

'' I want you to say it  ''.
'' I...I want you ''.

He moved away from my skin.
But he was still so close to my face that,my vision blurred. I could feel his lips,almost touching mine. His eyes pierced into my soul.

'' are going to be mine Kristina ''..