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Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved
Chapter 17
18+ read at your own risk.
Author POV
Everyone was having a memorized time. Bryan keep staring at Anika. She’s so damn beautiful. He has fallen. Yes he has fallen in love with her.
A rich guy went by Anika. Family friend though. Hey miss, how are you? He asked Anika. I’m fine, Anika said smiling.
I’m Josh, he said carrying his hands for a handshake. Bryan grab his hands.
He sqeeze it a little tightly before dropping it down. I’m sorry Josh,gotta take my girl with me, Bryan said as Anika look at him.
He’s so nervous now. He wanna tell Anika something when the projector come on.
Anika I…. He said but his gaze turn to the projector. It display Anika in the street selling rice cakes with rag on.
As she passed through the cars to sell her mother market. The video also changed to a club which Anika was also dancing in with big men wasting money on her body and slapping her ass.
She was actually hard because Carolina drug her and made her to do those things. And later a recording was played which they didn’t know who recorded it.
Anika is not who she claims to be. She’s a poor and desperate bitch and a prostitute as you can see her stripping for money.
She’s a scammer. Used big guys for their money and dump them, the voice play and everyone turned their gaze at her.
Her eyes was already red and she couldn’t do anything. She look at Bryan.
I swear that’s not true,she cried. His mother went by his side. I knew you was no good but I didn’t know you was a poor scammer.
How could you think of coming into our family? A girl from the slums? You might have the gust to do that.
Now my Bryan will hate you for life. You just made the biggest mistake of your life.
You’re a prostitute and a poor, his mother said.
Enough mother!!!!!! He exclaimed. He turned to Anika as she shake her head. She wish the ground could open and swallow her.
She regret why she didn’t tell him ever since. The humiliation could have been better then this. She didn’t regretted coming from a poor family or slums either.
Bryan I made a mistake. Yes I’m poor from Cebu providence. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you all this while but I didn’t claimed to be rich either,she said.
So what Anika? You thought you could fool the almighty Bryan without him finding out?
I Know you’re poor as you don’t speak English fluently and don’t Know how to pronounce most words fluently and also doesn’t know most words meaning.
I knew all that but I don’t know why I didn’t react that’s because I love you Anika, Bryan said.
Yes I hate the poor and they are incurable disease that spread in your entire body and nerves and soul .
Fortunately for me I don’t wanna be cure. I love you so much. What is wealth? Fuck wealth, fuck prestige. I now announced to everyone in this room that I don’t care about all those things anymore.
I just want you. I just want us. And it happened you’re the first richest woman in the Philippines as I have credited your account with 90billion$
Your mother and brother is living a wealthy life here but I told them not to tell you.
If you’re a scammer I want you to scam me Anika. If you want all I own tell me and you will have it all to yourself that’s how much I love you.
No class can change that, he said leaving everyone Speechless. Tears blink down her eyes. She can’t believe what Bryan has just said and do.
Rosie begin to clap follow by his brothers. His mother and father stomp out of the party because of the humiliation their son carry out.
He look at Anika and pull her to himself. I love you, he whispered and she just look at him dump fully whether to answer or not.
I love you too, she said and he didn’t even wait. He pulled her into a deep kiss. He kissed and she responded to it.
Aww, Rosie said holding her cheek. So cute, Hayden added.
Meanwhile, Caroline was angry. This is not what she planned. How could he changed out of sudden.
Instead of he disgracing her she brought them together. How could that even happened?
Karma is such a bad bitch but she still has a plan B which won’t fail. Bryan you’re considerate but let see how Anika will react, she said leaving the party before she’s spotted.
She went out and took a cab home. Anika can’t get that rich guy. I will do all I can to destroyed him.
I don’t want to be with him and o won’t allowed Anika be with him either. She’s supposed to be poor and die poor. But 90 billions$? That’s not a small money.
She’s a billionaire and I can’t allow that happen. I know Anika very much. She won’t used that money. Due will surely return it to him.
She likes to work for her own money.. she will give him back the money that’s how I will come in and strick my plan leaving her poor and broke Carolina said to herself….
Unknown POV
Yes Mom, I’m coming to the Philippines next week, I said. You’re show about this? My mother asked me. Yeah I was young back then and I acted absurdly mom.
But he can’t turn me down as I was the only girl he has ever love and asked to be in a relationship with.
Besides he doesn’t have a woman yet and he will be so glad to see me, I said.
Hope so dear. Mother o have gotten to love him. I actually regretted my actions back then but it’s never late.
We were meant to be together, I said. Okay dear, talk to you later, she said and I hung up.
I look at his picture. So handsome and sexy as hell and rich to top it up. ..
I’m coming back for you babe. I’m coming in the country I plan not to return for your sake and o know you can’t turned me down.
I smiled as I sip the wine from the wine glass.
Bryan POV
Umm, breakfast is ready Anika, I said waking her up from her room. Can’t believe she spent all night crying thinking I was going to hate her forever.
The woman who give me her virginity? She thought I could believe some absurd words from someone calling her a prostitute?
There’s one thing for sure. Whoever did that knows her well. They just make me love her mom.
She got up but not before her feet kicked me to the ground. What? Did you just do that? I asked her.
Do what? She asked rubbing her eyes. This, I said pointing to me on the ground. Oh no… she said and I look at her. What is it? I asked her.
Bryan you’re a nasty liar. How could a girl kicked you and you fall so far from the bed? She asked. A sleepy girl to top it off,she added.
I roll my eyes. Okay fine Anika, I said in surrender. There is know way I’m gonna argue with her this morning because she just doesn’t understand and doesn’t draw back from argument.
What a woman. So what? Why did you wake me up this early? She asked me. So unromantic, I muttered.
Say that? She asked. Umm nothing. I said I personally made you breakfast and we’re going out later like a date, I said and she just nodded instead of smiling.
So very unromantic, I said again. She hot up and went to the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and came out.
You should just move into my room,I said and she look at me. Not possible,she said. Why you haven’t said anything nice since you woke up? I asked her
So you’re saying I’m not nice? She asked me. Not that Anika. I’m just saying. You know what? Forget it, I said and she nodded.
We got down and I draw a chair back for her to sit and she did. Egg and speggette? She asked and o nodded.
It’s nice have a taste, I said and she look at me. Hey I’m a good cook, I said dipping the fork in the speggette. Ha open up, I said and she did. Hmm yummy, she said and I smiled.
And she finally says something nice today. Eat all up, I said feeding her.
She got through and I carry the dishes to the kitchen. I quickly wash it and went back to her. Where are the maids? She asked me.
I told them to take a day off,I said. I look at her. Gosh her pink lip is so soft. I couldn’t help it anymore when o kiss her. She responded.
I kiss her earlobe to her collarbone. She moan as she responded. I lifted her up by her butt and she wrapped her feet around my waist.
I begin to climb the stairs with her. I enter my room and gently laid her on the bed . She begin to run her hands in my hair making me to groan.
We pull apart. I think I need to shower, she said and I nodded. She went on my bathroom.
I sit ony bed doing some office work in my computer.
Few minutes later she came out with a towel wrapped around her.
Umm I’m gonna get dress ,she said but I ignore her as she was tempting. He pulled her to himself and the towel loosen
OMG, Anika said. Bryan lifted her up and put her on the bed. He climbed on top of her. I slowly crush my lips on her and run my hands on her thighs.
She let out a moan as she give in. I pull my tongue out and run it down her tummy. She pull my shirt off me and run her hands on my chest.
I love you,I whispered in between the kiss. I went for her nipples and gently suck it. Her breast is so firm and beautiful.
She push my trauser down a little giving her the opportunity to run her hands on my d**k. I groan.
I went down to her V area and lifted her feet up a little. I run my tongue down her V and she let out a loud moan as she grabbed my back tightly.
I didn’t relent as I continue to explore my tongue inside. She was so wet. She had her first orgasm. I was already hard.
I gently slide into her as she scream. I begin to move slowly but she demanded I moved faster.
I begin to ride her faster and faster as she scream the hell outta my name. Scream for Daddy babe, I said and she look at me.
She begin to scream louder
This is for me only as well as small Bryan belongs to you only, I said while riding her.
After 15 minutes we both climax. I turned her over making her to laid in my chest. I want you to be my children mother and my wife, I said and she smiled.
I love you So much Anika, I said and she smiled. I love you too,she said falling asleep in my chest.

Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved@
Chapter 18
Anika POV
I got up and met a dress laying on the bed beside me with a note saying,wear my by 8pm.
Gosh where Bryan has gone? That reminds me… I will have to return the money he gives me. I don’t want people thinking I’m a gold digger.
Besides I wanna earn my own money not someone else. I love being independent. I took my phone and call my mother.
Her phone ring for once as she picked it up. Hi mother, I said. Hi sweetheart, how are you? She asked me. I’m fine mother but I’m angry because you didn’t tell me you was here in Manila,I said.
I’m sorry sweetheart.. Bryan made me promise to him. Sweetheart he’s a nice guy. For a guy to love you for who you are in this century,it’s quite hard.
I hope you take care of him and one day don’t give up on your relationship with him.
You already know he will have many girls out there who want him. Don’t be jealous of them. Just Know that he choose you over them and he loves you that’s what matters.
Stand strong. Hold your ground like a woman. Bombs will be thrown at you but always dodged it or take precautions, mother said.
Thanks mother, I said. You’re welcome sweetheart,she said. Mother I’m Disturbed.
Bryan has credited my account with 90billions and the money is so huge. I don’t want that amount. Not from him mother. I want to work for my own money, I said.
Sweetheart,I will advice you return the money back to him. Seem here he credit your brother account with 50 millions.
You should passed for it later and tell him we’re grateful but you have a dreams on your own to fulfill and you need to do that alone not when he’s helping you.
Okay mother, I said. Okay sweetheart,take care, she said and I hung up.
So boring. I went downstairs and took a carton of pizza from the fridge. I sit on the couch and begin to devour it. I put the television on and begin to watch fast and furious.
My phone ring and I picked up. It was Rosie. Didn’t talk to her since the function.
Hi Anika,she squeal happily. Hi Rosie,I said sounding a little shy because I didn’t tell hrty identity.
I’m okay Anika. Haven’t heard from you doing,she said. Yeah,I’m sorry for lying to you. Not lying to you persist but I’m sorry for not saying the truth earlier,I said.
Oh that. Don’t worry. You Know, you and Bryan took the spotlight at the function and you was lovely and romantic. . Besides I was thinking,can we go shopping? She asked and I chuckled.
Yeah, I think we can do that. Been awhile I left this place,I replied..
Okay I’m coming,she said. Okay,I’m gonna get dressed up,I said and hung up. I went upstairs and grab a blue fitted dress with a white sandals.
I came out and grab ice cream from the fridge and begin to lick it while waiting for Rosie.
Few minutes later she came in. I was already on the third cup. She look at me weirdly.
What’s that look? I asked her. Nothing,she said smiling. Okay let’s go, I said and we both went to her car.
We got in and she drove to her mall. I’m not the fan of too much clothes or buying but I find myself buying enough things. Anything that comes in my way I will just buy it.
Rosie was a little shocked by my behavior. Even me was shocked…
What? It’s not bad to look beautiful something,I said. Have you started class? She asked me. Ah no, I totally forget about that and Bryan didn’t even remind me,I said getting angry at his behavior.
Anika calm down. Breathe, she said and I did. Okay I’m calmed,I said and she smiled. We paid for the things and went home.
Okay will see you tomorrow,she said going home okay sweetheart,I said.
I look at the time. Almost 8pm. I went in the kitchen and prepare noodles. Not that it’s my favorite though.
After preparing it I suddenly lost my appetite to eat it. I took the ice cream and devour it.
I fall asleep on the couch.
Bryan POV
I quickly hurry up with the work I was doing. I know Anika must be waiting. I got in my car and drove home. Strange… I met Anika sleeping on the couch with lots of ice cream bowl on the floor.
I tap her and she got up angrily. Hey babe, I said but she slap me instead.
Okay…. What’s her problem? Anika what’s the matter? I asked her. Can’t you see I’m sleeping? She asked. Okay you could have said that instead of slapping me.
Come let me take you to the room, I said.. what do you mean? I’m not able to walk the stairs? She asked me.
Not that Anika. I’m just being a good boyfriend, I said … so I’m not a good girlfriend? She asked.
I’m sorry, I said not wanting to argue with her. Can we go in the room? I know I’m late, I said. She smiled and follow me. Finally,I breathe in.
I guess our date doesn’t hold right?, I asked her. Yeah, I’m a little tired,she said and I kiss her forehead.
I wrapped the duvet on her and went in the shower… I had a cold shower and came out.
I was drying my hair when a strange call came in. I answered and that voice. It can’t change today and tomorrow.
Hi Bryan, she said from the other side of the phone. Hi Angela, I said and I guess she’s smiling now.
She always wore that cute smile on her face. Bryan can we meet tomorrow? I wanna tell you something please, she said and my heart skip a beat.
What you want from me Angela? I have already move on, I said. I know Bryan. Just a little apologies which need to be done in presence.
I’m staying at Salvador resort.. Room 202. She said hanging up.
Gosh what she wants? After all she did to me? She rejected my love and made me cold now she wanna apologize?
Yeah she cause me alot of emotional damaged into my life and I just can’t forgive her, I said going to bed but I couldn’t sleep.
Anika POV
I got up with a little headache and decide to go for checkup but without Bryan consent. Today is Saturday Bryan,where are you going all dress up? I asked him.
Umm, I’m having a meeting with some of my investors at my office, he said and I nodded.
Okay bye… take care, I said kissing him but he was in rush as I missed his mouth..
Is he angry about last night? I didn’t mean to slap him though. I’m gonna make him his favorite food when he’s back, I said to myself.
I waited after 30minutes and I made the driver to drive me to the hospital.
I just kept having feelings I don’t know why. We got to the hospital and I got down. I already made an appointment online this morning.
I went straight to the doctor office. What wrong with you ma’am? She asked. I don’t know. I wouldn’t come to you if I knew what happened to me, I said.
I’m sorry ma’am, she and I nodded. Let me carry on your test, she said and I nodded. She did some test on me and made me wait a little.
She came back few minutes. Congratulations ma’am. You’re three weeks pregnant, she said. Oh mind. Bryan and i had sex on his wedding.
Is this good news or bad news? That explains the slap and the curvings…
Thanks ma’am, I said leaving the area. I held the results on my hands. Gosh, I enter the car and my phone pop out a message.
Me Bryan at the Salvador resort. He’s in another woman arms, room 202 the message reads.
I read it more the 12 times. I wanted to go home but gosh no. I know that’s not true. I trust Bryan but it won’t kill to check.
Bryan at his office now…. At the Salvador resort, I said and the driver turn the car around.
Bryan POV
When I got to the resort,I met Angela sitting sipping her wine. She look expensive what I expect? She loves expensive men not poor men…
Hey Bryan,she said coming to me. Hi Angela, I said and she smiled.
She brought me a glass of wine and I held it in my hands. Bryan I’m so sorry for what I did to you back then. I couldn’t faced you so I traveled to the States,she said and I nodded.
Her eyes suddenly begin red. Hey what happened? I asked her. He beats on me Bryan.
He fool me. It’s so painful,she said crying. I’m so sorry, I said and she hug me. I give her my shoulder to cry on and she did. She suddenly stopped crying and she stared at me.
She crush her lips on mine and I tried resisting but I just couldn’t. I find myself kissing her too.
It happened so fast our clothes was on the ground and I was over her. I put my rod in her and begin to ride her so fast as she scream..
She got over me and begin to used so many style on me and I was enjoying it like hell.
She pulled me back over her and I took over again.
BRYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I heard my name. Oh mine, I know that voice so much. I quickly got down from over Angela.
Anika… I’m … I didn’t finish when she landed a slap in my face again.
How dare you Bryan? I hate you so much. You said you was having meeting with your investors? Is she the investors? What? I couldn’t offered you a better sex? She’s better in bed then me huh?
I hate you, she said nagging my chest and my heart hurts to see her hurt. Babe I can’t explain anything now. I’m wrong but I’m sorry.
I love you so much… I said. Look girlfriend, Bryan is mine. You’re too low to be his… just leave, Angela said.
Shut up your piece of garbage you called mouth, Anika said slapping Angela hard in the face. Angela was about to hit on Anika but I held her hands.
Don’t you dare try that, I said.. Anika look at me with so much disgust even me feel disgusted by my act. Why couldn’t I control myself?
Good bye Bryan. Don’t ever in your misirable life look for me,she said crying while running out.
Anika wait, I said but she was out of sight. I wore my clothes and run out but didn’t see her. I went home but she was not there.
I met enough cash on the bed. Oh God what have I done? I called Rosie but she said she didn’t see her.
Where will she go?
Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved
Chapter 19
Anika POV
How could Bryan do that to me. I look at my phone and saw mother call coming in. I look at it and cancelled it. I’m sorry mother but I can’t answer you now.
I know I promise to fight for him but I’m so frugal and weak. I can’t take it mother. He cheated on me.
I mean my body was already his since he accepted me as his girlfriend. How. Could he made love to her?
How dare you hurt me Bryan? I love you so much but I hate you more now.
I hate you with so much passion.
I cry my eyes out…
Thank God I don’t owe you anything…
I took few of my clothes and took a cab to the airport. I wanna leave my past and start afresh with my babe..
I’m gonna love it so much and care for it.. I’m gonna work hard to be a better person in the future….
I’m saving Bryan the trouble. After all his mother doesn’t approve of us.
There’s a saying that your first love will always be your love…
I book a plane to Seoul…
Caroline POV
I smirk as I sip my wine. Seems karma is such a bad bitch. I didn’t do anything to Anika.
All I did was follow Bryan ups and downs… luckily mother virgin smile on me when I saw him entering that resort..
I have my way of getting informations. I just send her the address and room number
Anika is such a bitch and a weakling.. She get mad over things easily..
And my plans work so bad…
Now I’m even with her..
Flash back
Anika and I used to be best of friends. Yeah.. We were more like sisters.. She like me and I like her more..
We attended the same school.. I had a crush on this guy. He’s super cute and rich. More over he’s a Korean
He doesnt talk to students. He’s so special and it had all the girls drooling on him including me.
Who wouldn’t fall in love with Kristen? He’s cute and has all the figure..
Everyone love him all accept Anika… she hated him to the Coe.. I watch him from distant and love him from a distance..
Bad thing.. He hated me so much for know reason… it hurt so much. I turn sick because of that.
Anika asked why and I told her my reason and she hissed.
Anika You’re the only one that hate him.. Its hilarious but can you please take to him on my behalf?
What? Hell no. That proud jerk I can never do that… she said. I’m begging you bestie,I said and she finally agreed..
She went to him and talk but he didn’t give a respond.
To my utmost surprise, Kristen and Anika began buddies. Like in best buddies… I was like wtf? Anika and Kristen friends?
Okay I was some how happy because I could win him easily and we could also become friends since he’s friends with my best friend.
Kristen never do friends and Anika was his first and only friend he had in school and our of school…
Anika stop hanging out with me.. She’s always with Kristen in the name of helping him with his notes…
I begin to feel a hint of jealousy.. It begin to built up in me.. People in school thought Anika and Kristen was the perfect couple..
I didn’t believe it till I met them in the classroom studying together. I stood there watching them.. He lend closer and kiss her cheeks..
My world shattered… I hated her.. Yeah I did with so much passion… she won’t smell the taste of happiness as long as I’m alive…
Since that day I haven’t seen Kristen in school. He later went back to Korea to inherit his family properties
I made them to remove Anika from the school making her to not graduate from high school… she will be illiterate for the rest of her life.
I hated her from that moment till now. My goal is to ruin her. She’s a back stabber and a cheap whore to top it up…
Anika this is just the beginning of your torture. You gonna feel the pains I felt back then.
It gonna pierced your heart like a knife being plug into your heart…
Hahaha, I said laughing.
Anika POV
What a hectic ride to Korea. I got down from the plane and admire the beauty of Seoul..
I wanna start a new life here. Far away from pains. I know people will say my decision was rash but that’s my life
I’m sorry mother for leaving without telling you. Hope you forgive me in the future..
I wanna archived my goals far from you guys. I wanna be responsible and independent..
Mostly I want the best for my child. I want to rise him with so much love and affection.
I don’t want many people who doesn’t deserve it to be around mother.
Hope you understand my decision.. For a fresh start I will need to get rid of this phone.
I throw the phone away on the airport
I don’t want to be bother with old things…
I hail a cab. To any local hotel sir, I told the driver. Okay ma’am, he said smiling…
I got in and he put my luggage in the booth…
He drove to a nearby hotel and stop. Here ma’am, he said. Thanks sir, I said getting down…
I paid him his money… thanks ma’am and have a nice day in Seoul, he said and I smiled…
I entered and make a reservation for 6days. Within that period of time I’m gonna get myself an apartment..
My room was 102. I collected the keys and went to my room. Cheap and affordable..
I throw my luggage down. I will need to shower. I entered the bathroom…
I got a pair of siscor and begin to chop my long hair short. This is for a new life. I’m gonna live all over again..
I’m gonna be happy but careful…..
Short hair suits me after all.
I turn the shower on and begin to bath. Uncontrollably tears begin to flow from my eyes. This is my last tears and I promise that.
I’m stronger then this…..
After three days
Anika mother POV..
I feel so hurt seeing him like this. Yes he made a mistake. Yes he’s wrong and deserve a second chance.
Anika is so crazy and doesn’t know life stages. She didn’t heard me out after all.
He looks so frustrated and pale. He cheated on her but he’s hurt then her.
Her absence is killing him slowly.
He begin to cry slowly. This past days he doesn’t work. He spent his time crying and drinking and even smoking over Anika.
His sister asked me to talk to him but it seems like he can’t be talk to. He only needs time. Seems Anika needs time too.
I look at him.. Son go and shower, I said. Yes mother, he said walking upstairs to his room.
I learn that he fired all his maids. I went to the kitchen and cook him brown rice with chicken soup..
I served his food and got him a fruity juice..
He came down and look at him. Come have dinner. I assure you its tasty…
He crept smile.. He look at me and sit down. He begin to eat bit by bit.
You know son, love is not so easy so you will always excise patient. Give Anika some space.
Go back to normal work. Reinstate your maids also. Lastly, don’t forget her.
Always love her in your heart and carry that love around with you where ever you go..
You both love each other so fight for each other. If she gives up don’t.. You’re a man and a very good one too..
I’m sorry she left you now. I said and he nodded. Thanks mother, he said…
Fire and ice
By Aaliyah Anderson
All rights reserved
Chapter 20
6 months later
Anika POV
Gosh. Work is so hectic.. running a restaurant is sooo hard.
Being pregnant makes it harder… I’m three more months to due..
I’m running my own restaurant here in Seoul. Even though I have workers, but I like doing almost all the work. I’m not the lazy type though.
A guy enter the restaurant wearing mask with lots of securities in and out of the restaurant..
I’m thinking he’s very rich and classic. I walk up to him. What are you taking sir ? I asked him.
A glass of hot chocolate,with milk added to it, he said not removing his mask.
He made me think about Kristen back in school. Well that was way back and Kristen happened to disappeared after he kissed my cheeks and confessed his love for me but I told him no and my friend Carolina is inlove with him ..
He said it’s either me or no one else…since that day I haven’t seen him.
What are you waiting for? He asked. I’m sorry sir, I said going to fix the chocolate..
I came back with the chocolate. He kinda slide the mask a little bit. Krish? I called silently. He look at me.
Oh mine. Wait is this really you or I’m dreaming? He asked me..
Yes Krish this is me, I said and he removed his mask completely. Anika, he said hugging me tightly.
Easy I’m pregnant, you don’t wanna removed my child,I said.
You look so beautiful and sexy and even pregnant… he said looking at me. You look so different.. what with the mask? I , him.
Seriously? Haven’t you heard about KRISH? The famous Korean pop star? He asked. I do but I don’t know if it was you.
You never love people calling you that name so I didn’t expect it to be you… besides you have become so handsome and dreamy…
Well you loved to called me that name in the past so I used that as a rememberance of you…
Besides it’s a cute name also… can we go somewhere quiet to talk? People attention are trying to drew on me, he said..
Yeah sure…. Just a sec, I said and he nodded… Nana you’re in charge of the area, I said grabbing my bag…
Yeah ma’am Kylie,she answered…
Good, I said going out… Kristen securities open the car and we both entered…
So tell me how you end up here and pregnant already. Don’t tell me that you’re already married, he said and I smiled… he’s still sweet and funny…
Never been more open to anyone other than me. Do you have any friends? I asked changing the topic…
I guess I’m supposed to have only one and that’s you. Fate have it own way, he said and I smiled. You’re changing the topic Anika, he said…
It’s Kylie Krish.. I said. Oh…. There is more to this then just you being pregnant and here.. you also changed your identity and oh your hair is short. Love the hair cut…
We could do something about that like putting a colorful dye in it, he said and I chuckled…
So naughty. The car came to a stop and we got down… my penthouse, he said..
Wow, so beautiful. Ia that a waterfall or what? I asked him. Yeah it’s, he answered… come in. He said and I followed..
The interior was just so hot.. my design just can’t make this..
He took off his mask and cap he had on. His soft pink hair.. cute..
His diamonds earrings was visible.. he has two diamond rings on his fingers..
What can I get you to drink? He asked me. Umm mango juice, I said and he nodded… he came back later with a glass of mango juice..
It’s fresh.. since you’re pregnant I blended it for you, he said and I smiled.. I missed you so much Anika… I mean missed Kylie, he said and I chuckled..
You’re still fun to be with Krish, I said.. why did you disappeared back then? I asked him..
He sighed.. well I was heart broken… you was my first love and first friend… I wanted time to think about it so I came back here..
Within that time, my mother and father passed out so I couldn’t returned..
Mom wished was for me to take over my dad company. You Know the thing about wishes.. I wanted to become a musician but mom wished got in the way..
At the age I begin to run companies.. imagine how that feels like… age 15 I had big men working under me.
Because of that I grew many enemies… people begin to plot against me because the wealth was so pronounce you Know how it’s..
My uncle send assassin’s to killed me but I survived… I changed my looks…
Changed the Kristen to KRISH… that’s how I hide under the disguise as a pop star and watch over him..
I’m gonna take my revenge on him but when I gathered evidence… I’m certain he’s the one who killed my parents but he’s gonna paid, he said…
Wow, that was one of a story, I said and he smiled.. now it’s your turn, he said..
Umm let just say I expected too much from myself knowing my background… I fall in love with Philippines youngest Tillionaire Bryan Salvador….
That’s a forbidden love though.. things was cool even though his parents doesn’t approve of us but his siblings are all cool..
I fall like a fool.. I caught him having sex with another woman when he was supposed to be at a meeting, I said…
Oh… Kristen said.. so he’s the father of your babe? He asked and I nodded.. did you tell him that you’re pregnant? He asked me..
I don’t want him in my child life Krish. I said.. okay so what your plans? He asked me.
I don’t have one yet, I said. How about you be a star here. It will be easier for you because you can sing and dance.. you can even be a model..
You remembered back then it was always your dream, he said.. yeah but don’t you think it’s ruined? I mean I’m having a child Krish…
I know Anika.. you will give birth.. if you want me to spend 100 millions on a nanny or nannies I will do. You’re beautiful and gorgeous..
Your dream Anika.. chased it and become someone.. you can always go back to your country but not the Anika they know but billionaire or Tillionaire Kylie…
What you say? Umm we can form a team..THE BOUBLE K.. Since you’re Kylie now… he said and that sounds wonderful..
To him he was thinking about my success but to me I was thinking about making the Salvador work for me.. mostly his mother..
I smiled.. sure thing Krish. I have three months to due after I can join you, I said..
Good thing. First now I know the place you live is not really up to standard now so I’m gonna buy you a house or you can move in with me, he said and I smiled…
You know, you’re the only rich guy I know who doesn’t make me inferior.. you’re so sweet Krish …
Yeah that because I love you and still love you Anika.. maybe one day you gonna marry me or make me be your babe daddy since Bryan is not around…
You know everyone or every child wants a complete family..
I don’t mind being there for the babe even though I know we won’t work.. I mean I love kids,he said in a playful manner and I run my hands in his hair…
You look dashing when you talk playfully, I said and his mood suddenly change…
Hey what is it? I asked him.. I want revange so badly Anika.. I want my uncle to pay for what he has done to me and my parents..
I want him behind bars Anika.. as it’s now, he have the authorities on his side because of my wealth.. I need evidence to lock him up…
He needs to suffer, he said.. tears drop off his eyes.. I wipe it.. I will help you gathered evidence Krish.. this is the least I can do for you, I said and he smiled…
Thanks Anika.. no thanks Krish, I said to him.. remember back in school, you always helped me out with things o don’t understand this is mine way of saying thanks, he said..
Now make yourself feel free I’m gonna be back in a hour, he said and I nodded.
I begin to check the place out.. how I wished Carolina was here to see her crush..
He’s more handsome and caring.. don’t worry Caro.. I will paid you back every good Krish do to me in the future..
You guys are the brother and sister that I couldn’t have..
I put the television on and begin to watch VAMPIRE DIARIES Such a beautiful and scary film,I said.. my favorite character is Demon..
He’s so himself and doesn’t pretend to be good like his brother Stefan who pretend to be the good guy while he’s the rapper and even join his brother into vampirism.
Good thing Elena end with Demon…..
Damit why I’m I being personal on the movie? I just hate people who pretend to be good and they’re not..
Just like Bryan pretent to be a white sheep not knowing he’s sheep in wolf clothing…
I just can’t believe Stefan turned his switch off.. now he’s Klaus killing machine..
Krish said he will be back in a hour but he’s not here yet.. I trace his kitchen and met lots of vegetables and fruits.. I’m cruving for something that I don’t even know…
I put banana, tomato,mango and pineapple into the bladder and blands it well..
I took a clean glass and pull it in it.. I walked back to the loving room and met Krish bringing things in..
You scare me, I said holding my chest.. what is it you’re bringing? I asked him..
Umm the babe things. I just guess girl so I bought girls stuff..
Well you guess right.. I actually wanted a boy but seems like I’m borning me after all..
I didn’t even think about buying babe things for my child.. how forgetful of me.. not that I don’t have the money but I was thinking about shopping one month to the time..
Early preparation is better he said… I’m not having a twin Krish.. that so many for one person…
You don’t know Anika.. she’s a princess being born by a queen so she needs to be treated like one..
Besides this is just small.. I’m thinking about going back tomorrow, he said.. Krish…. I called him yeah mommy Anika…he said
I smiled.. oh I forgot. Tomorrow I’m gonna take you to the house. Already funish… securities all around to guide you.. cars at your disposal… he said.. but o don’t drive, I said..
Your driver is also there Anika, he said.. how will I pay all that people salaries? I asked him.. already paid them two years, he said…
What? Okay I get it.. I will paid you back in the future, I said and he nodded…

Thanks again, I said and he smiled..
I can’t believe everything that is happening? I mean in one day time and all this? Thanks destiny for being on my side, I said to myself…
3 months later
The fuck? Can you just hurry the fuck here? I shouted breathing heavily..
I’m so gonna kill you after this moment, I said sweating..
Anika just a sec, he said… what the fuck? I asked him. I’m bringing the babe things, he said…
Is that fucking necessary? I’m fucking dying and you’re looking for things? You’re a roasted chicken Krish, I said and he chuckled..
He came down with the babe bag and look at me I’m a confuse way.. what now Anika? He asked..
Carry me in the dam car and drive to the the hospital before k give birth in your misirable face, I said and he smiled..
I know you don’t mean all that Anika, he said. Shut up pink face, I said and he smiled the more..
Krish POV
She’s so cute when In labour.. I carry her I’m a bridal style to the car.. I drove with speed…
I didn’t wear my mask gosh. I came down quickly and brought her outside..
We put her in the stretcher and the nurses carry her inside.. Krish don’t you dare leave my side.. come here, she shouted and I followed behind her..
Bryan don’t let me meet you in the future.. I might just give you a huge blow for making me to passed through this instead of you…
But I somehow like it since it’s here.
She held me tight.. he nails even dig into my skin when she was pushing..
Man she’s so strong.. gosh did she slap me? Or mine Anika.. krish?!!!!!!!!!!!!! She scream my name while pushing.. she began to breathe..
Breathe ma’am, the doctor said.. what you think I’m doing huh? She asked the doctor..
Bryan I’m so gonna killlllllllllllllll youuuuuuuuuuuuu
uuuu……. She said pushing harder this time..
The cries of a babe fill the room as Anika passed out.. it’s a girl, the nurses said..she’s so cute.. can I hold her? I asked with tears..
Yes sir but we need to clean her first… you also need to bandage your hand, a nurse said…
Okay, I said. Another nurse did my first aid while another one carry the babe to clean up..
She came later and hand over the babe to me. She’s so cute… I quickly took a diamond necklace from my pocket and put it around her neck..
It actually has her name on it.. “Krishan” thanks Anika for naming her after me, I said smiling..
Krishan I’m gonna be your daddy till mommy decide to go back to Bryan okay, I said rocking her..
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