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馃{Love Is A Crime}馃


There was blood flowing everywhere like water by the time she was done.

She had stabbed Danny once a day was about to stab him again when she heard the voice that told her to leave the house.

She cleaned her dagger on his body and went to the door.

She glanced back at Danny once again before leaving the house.


Agnes was crying uncontrollable at the station.

There was no single trace of how her friend and husband died mysteriously.

She had arrived the house just few minutes after their death.

She had promise Esther to come that very day but when she called her line,she wasn’t picking it.

The dead bodies were deposited in the mortuary as the police investigated around the house, trying to find what happened but all to no avail.

Agnes wondered where their daughter could be and prayed she was save


As soon as she left the house after killing her parents,she went straight to Agnes’s house, looking as sober as ever.

Her face was full of tears as she shooked all over.

She sat outside the compound and wrapped her arms around herself.

She refused to go inside when the kids invited her in.

She sat outside there, waiting for Agnes.


Agnee returned home very late after depositing the bodies in the mortuary with the help of the police.

All the way home,she was confused, guilty and sad.

She had come to preach the word of God to her friend, Esther.

Over the years,she had become a born again through a pastor who transformed her life entirely.

She stopped taking people to wrong places for pregnancy all because of money. Three years after Cassandra was born, she gave birth to her first child,Victor.

She recently put to bed a baby girl whom she named Victoria.

The only problem she had and was still praying about it was her drunkard husband, Osmond.

As she went home,tears flooded her cheeks. Only of she had come earlier on to convert her friend to Christ,she would surely be in heaven now.

She also thought about Cassandra and were she might.

She was confused and enraged. Where would she start looking for this little girl?

As soon as she entered her compound,she saw Cassandra sleeping on the floor outside her door.

She rushed to her, lifting her up.”Cassandra!What are you doing on the floor!”

Agnes was alarmed. Why didn’t Osmond bring this girl inside?

Cassandra burst into tears as Agnes hugged her, sobbing too. “Stop crying and tell me what happened to your dad and mum. Did you see anything?” Agnes asked.

Only if she knew she was holding the devil herself……..

“Yes. Some men came inside our house after my daddy came back from work and killed my parents then took away a large quantity of money.

I escaped through the backyard and ran here.” Cassandra said in a sad small voice.

Agnes burst into tears before taking the girl inside.

Her children were already asleep. Osmond layed on the chair,drunk. Immediately Cassandra set her eyes on him,
her passion to kill roared to life. She hated him immediately that she found it hard to keep up with the meek act.

“Osmond for Christ sake,you are drunk again! What’s your problem!” Agnes shouted at her husband as she put Cassandra aside.

Osmond squatted to his feet,waving a furious finger at Agnes.

“Did you just shout at me? Do you want me to beat you up right now!” Osmond said,his voice so dull and unstable. His whole body wrecked of alcohol.

“Just take a good look at you. A family man.

I feed the family! I do everything. Cook, clean,wash and even starve sometimes just to feed you and the kids and all you can do is to sit all day getting drunk!”

Agnes sobbed. This sorrow was becoming too much.

“It is you who caused it…..for wrecking this family with your lustful desires. You are a bad woman and I’m sure all your children will be bad!” Osmond spat out.

“I reject it in Jesus name. Lazy man!” Agnes shouted,a d made to pass pushing him out of the way as she took Cassandra’s hand.

Osmond landed in a heap on the chair and remained there. He couldn’t stand up.

“You dare push me out of the way, right? Okay,we will know who the boss is in this house.” Osmond said, trying to stand up and fell back.

Agnes hissed and took Cassandra to the children’s room. She checked on her children.

Victoria, her three months old baby was soundly asleep on her little bed while Victor was also asleep on his bed.

Agnes brought out an extra foam for Cassandra and told her to go to sleep after she had petted her.

Cassandra layed down and watched Agnes switch off the light and left the room.

As soon as she left, Cassandra sat up and looked around the dark room which was gently lit up by the moon penetrating through the windows.

She smiled to herself. What a good act. Queen mother would be proud of her fir a brilliant performance.

She layed back down, closing her eyes to sleep and go to the ocean where she would be congratulated on her success…….
Cassandra jerked up,wide awake at the sound of a loud disturbing cry. She was mad and furious.

She was enraged as she sat up to see where the cries were coming from. She was enjoying her moment in the water with queen mother when the annoying cries started.

Cassandra glanced over at Victoria’s bed and frowned deeply.

It was coming from the baby’s bed.

Couldn’t this stupid woman hear her baby crying?.

Why should she be the one, getting disturbed?.

Cassandra rose up in her feet,walking to the baby’s bed.

One glance at her,she got more angry at the way she sucked her hand, moving her head about and crying more.

Cassandra looked on at her baby and waved her hand in front of her face and immediately,the baby stopped crying and went back to sleep.

Cassandra breathed in and turned to go back to sleep but she stopped and turned around again, looking back at the baby.

Kill her…..kill her….kill her…!!

Cassandra moved closer and closer,her eyes becoming bright red as she lifted her hands, bending down towards the baby to grab her neck………

馃{Love Is A Crime}


Agnes suddenly jerked up, panting heavily.

“No! God forbid!I reject it in Jesus name!!” She whispered, looking around.

She just had a terrifying dream of her baby, Victoria…. falling inside a well.

What could that mean?

Jumping up from bed, she ran out of the room.!


As soon as her hands touched the baby’s neck,she heard Agnes leaving the bed and running straight towards the children’s room.

In a flash,she left the baby’s side and the door burst open as Agnes bounced in, running to her baby.

She carried her and heaved a sigh of relief then looked around.

Everyone was asleep and everywhere was so quiet.

She carried her baby and walked out of the room.

As soon as she left, Cassandra sat up her eyes glowing with fierce anger….

The next morning,Agnes came into the children’s room and woke them up.

She bathed them and clothed Cassandra in a pyjamas promising her she would go back and bring her cloth for her from their house.

Cassandra acted total meekness, crying at every given opportunity.

Later that morning after breakfast,she could hear Osmond’s angry voice in their room,argueing with Agnes.

“Don’t tell me that girl is going to stay with us from now on! Are you out of your mind,Agnes?” Osmond fired furiously. He was yelling.

“Osmond,calm down and listen to me! That girl is my late friend’s only daughter! She has nobody else now! What do you want me to do?

“To abandon her? Throw her into the circus? To pretend I don’t even know her? Let me tell you ,I won’t do it! I will not!”Agnes yelled back.

She was actually furious. How could he be so mean and callous?

“Okay. We will k I who will surfer feeding an extra mouth in this house.

Stupid woman with chicken brain! Nonsense!” Osmond spat out, storming out of the room.

He saw Cassandra who stared back at her in the living room,hissed and walked out.

Cassandra closed her eyes in fury as a voice rang in her mind.

He is the next to go…..

Agnes burst into sobs at the kind of insults she was getting from someone who said he was her husband.

How could she have married such a man?

She knew it was God’s way of punishing her and she was prepared to live by it.

Cassandra stayed in her own in the children’s room, sitting on her foam and staring into space.

The thought of Osmond filled her mind with irritation, permission to kill and evil.

How could he have made such references about her?

An extra mouth?

Well,we would see who an extra mouth is. She would deal with him and send him to his early grave.

The smell of Agnes’s food from the kitchen reached her nose and filled her with another hatred.

She tightened her wrist, knotting them into a tight fist.

Only if she could throw it away,far into the river…..

The people she had killed so far appeared in front of her, crying out blood and trying to reach her but couldn’t.

They were drowning, drowning and drowning.

She stared at them,in front of her crying and crying but their voice couldn’t disturb her.

She saw her grandmother,her first victim,crying angrily at her. She smiled mockingly as though she was watching film.

Then something occurred to her.

Danny,her dad was not among bit every other person was.

Aunty Aishat…her mum….what of her dad? Was it possible he couldn’t be among?

Well,she will go to sleep and ask queen mother. Cassandra layed down and her eye lids fluttered down,then she went into a deep sleep,to journey into the water kingdom.

Agnes finished cooking and brought the food into the dinning. She had a provision store which continued to blossom everyday even though she made large expenses from it.

Infact she was planning to employ a sales girl to help her with the sales.

Victor ran to the table, jumping up to sit down.”Mummy,carry me.” He said in his little voice.

Agnes looked down at him and smiled.

“Go inside your room and call Cassandra. Then you can come and sit down. Big boy!”Agnes said, playing with his cheeks before he ran off, going towards the room.

Victor playfully entering into their room,calling Cassandra.

He got to Cassandra’s side and hit her lightly on the arm.

“Cassandra! Mummy say we should come and eat!”Victor called bending over Cassandra who remained as still as death. She was fast asleep and only the the trumpet of life could awake her.

Victor started playing with her hair, making the sound of “voooooom” with his mouth.

He knotted her hair laughing and called her again.”Cassandra wake up leh go an eat!” He said but there was no reply.

He looked at her neck and saw her medallion.

“wow I…love it!” He cried out in jubilation and lifted the medallion, twisting it here and there, playing with it.

Suddenly,it came loose. Victor stopped as the medallion fell on his little hand.

“Aahhhh.” He said and stood up. He swayed the medallion here and there with it’s rope, running around the room and playing with it.

He hit his leg against the drawer and fell, hitting his head on the floor.

The medallion rolled away from his hand and sank into the little crack on the wall.

As soon as Victor burst into tears, Cassandra jerked up from sleep…….


馃{Love Is A Crime}馃


Cassandra immediately knew something was wrong with her as her eye changed colour for a moment.

She glared at Victor who was still crying on the floor and stood up.

What had he done to her?

Suddenly,her hand flew to her neck, searching frantically fir the medallion which she couldn’t find.

Perspiration and anger took over immediately.

Before she could take any other action,Agnes burst into the room.

She heard her son crying non-stop from the dinning.

Cassandra could hardly hide her true self. She was enraged.

Where could he have taken her medallion to? She searched his hand and the floor frantically with her eyes as Agnes lifted up her son.

“What happened, Cassandra? Why I’d he crying?” Agnes asked.

“I….just woke up now…I think he was playing and tripped.” Cassandra replied.

“Oh my God . Come downstairs and eat. Food is ready.”Agnes said and left the room, carrying her son with her while saying sorry to him.

Cassandra searched the room frantically,but it was no where to find

What if water touches her…what was she going to do?

She would turn into a mermaid and disappeared back into the water kingdom,then queen mother would be disappointed at her and others would jubilate.


Cassandra locked up the door, panting and looking frantically about the floor.

Surely it would be in this room since the kid did not take it outside.

But how sure was she?

She had to find that medallion! She had to.

She examined the place where Victor fell and found nothing.

She pushed the drawer away, expecting to see it there.


Then she noticed something shinning inside the little crack on the wall and stopped.

She dipped her hand inside it, drawing out the medallion………



Cassandra, fully grown into a beauty sat at the principal’s office,patiently waiting for Agnes to finish talking with the principal,with a large smirk on her face.

Over the years,she had waited, waited as queen mother instructed her to wait.

She was instructed to kill Agnes’s family they she might have brought her up.

She stared straight at the principal’s desk, hating everything around around.

Hating and despising the people around her.

She smiled to herself, assuring herself that the time to take off was near.

She would kill this woman who thinks she could order her around, telling her what to do and what she should not do!

Great Leaders high school was her fifth school that year and she was already in senior school two.

She was rather waiting patiently for the principal to stupidly send her back to her previous
class just like Aunty Aishat so she could begin her killing expedition from him but the principal didn’t.

He only told her to be a good girl before they left the office.

“Cassandra, please…for me. Try to be nice to your class mates and make friends!

Stop acting wield for them to start calling you a witch, please!” Agnes pleaded.

Cassandra only looked at her and looked away laughing out loud in her mind.

She doesn’t even know I’m more than witch and she’s getting nearer to her stinking grave!

Agnes later left the new school to drop off her kids in school while Cassandra traced her class.

She did not even need to ask questions. She knew where it was before she saw it.

She climbed up the landing stairs and stepped into the noisy class, adjusting her back.

Dozens of eyes stared at her as she came in.

Everywhere remained as silent as a grave yard.

Cassandra stared back at them, looking around for an empty space.

Bunch of saps! What are they staring at?

She started to go to the left side,where she saw an empty sit when yelled from the back.

“Hey, newbie! Won’t you introduce yourself?

Why would you walk in like that? Are you an intruder!” The boy yelled and half of the class burst out laughing.

Cassandra stopped walking and glance at the boy who spoke.

She smiled warningly and continued walking.

Students murmured within themselves deciding immediately that she was the snubbing and pompous type.

Anymore insults from you…..you will be the first to go…..

Cassandra got to the empty seat brought down her bag and sat down.

She sat still and stared at the board. Their noises irritated her.

Couldn’t normal human beings sit still and think?

How could they be so stupid to talk always!!

Some students walked to her,wanting to know her name and introduce their selves but
Cassandra bluntly ignored them and they angrily walked away naming her,”the silent snub”.

Cassandra’s fury rose. Her fist tightened.

She wanted to kill…to destroy right now!

As she started to breath heavily,she felt a hand touch her shoulder from the back.

Cassandra’s body shooked and her heavy breathing stopped.

She felt lightening all over her body!

Who had touched her!

Cassandra began to turn…for the first time in her life,fear! Fear entered her spirit.

When she turned and met the two pair of eyes that stared back at her,fire burned from it, penetrating into hers!

Cassandra let out a gasp, blinding her eyes against the light and stood up.

A guy…..with the face of a lamb.

Before she could ask him who he was,the boy stared at her medallion and stared back into her face.

“Who are you?”

Cassandra flinched and her eyes widened at the question.

It was her first time to feel this way,the very first time someone’s voice would sound so deeply in her soul, bringing out new strange feeling.

What was this? What is happening to me??….just who is the guy!!…………
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