馃摑馃摑馃摑 The Mermaid ( Love Is a Crime) Episode 11 || 12 And 13馃摑馃摑馃摑


馃{Love Is A Crime}馃


Cassandra stared at the boy in front of her for a long while before she lowered her eyes.

His eyes seemed to penetrate more into hers. She decided to hide this feeling,in the best way she

“Who are you?” She asked him too and he stared at her, looking at her somehow.

“Guess I asked that question first.” He replied and Cassandra looked up at him again. She could not help it.

“Why must I tell you who I am?” She threw back, clenching her fists.

There was something definitely strange about him too.

“Immediately you walked into this class,the air changed. The atmosphere became troubled.

That was why I cane to ask you who you are. I saw deep within you….a tormented soul… seeking for help.” The boy said and Cassandra glared up at him.

She? Seeking for help? How?

Before she could start to say anything,the boy stretched out his hand,and flashed her a smile.

“Let me say hi first. Hi….my name is Johnny.” He said,his hand still outstretched.

Cassandra glanced down at his hand with the perfect long nails and before she could stop herself,her hand were already inside his and he covered it with his.

It felt so smooth and soft against hers and Cassandra found herself gazing back at him,the fire she felt in his eyes reducing to smoke.

This was her first time doing this, shaking hands with human.

She took her hand away and turned abruptly daring not to believe that she was even blushing at his smiles.

Johnny laughed silently at her action and left for his seat and just then,the teacher for the first class came in.


During lunchtime, Cassandra sat alone in class,her though filled with the strange guy she met.

She tried to fight against the feeling bringing down her powers but she couldn’t. What was happening to her?

She tried to dismiss his image I her head but the more she thought about the lightening that took over her body when he touched her,the more she thought about him.

She could hardly keep up with her real personality and make up evil plans.

She looked around. The class was almost empty as everyone was going out for lunch.

The thought of food stirred her anger.

Cassandra thought she was going to go crazy.

She was becoming vulnerable. She was about to stand up,to storm out of this class when Johnny entered and her heart did a double flip. She dropped back to her seat, and stare at him as he approached.

Johnny day next to her on the next seat.”You look so troubled. What’s the matter?” He asked as Cassandra looked away.

“Talk to me. I can help out, really. And wait,you did not even tell me your name. What’s your name?” Johnny asked and instead of answering, Cassandra stood up and rushed out of the class.

Johnny was startled. He looked thoughtfully for a minute. “There is something with her and I must find out. She seems do afraid to even talk with me.

She’s afraid even now that I sat close to her. And my heart bleeds to find out that thing which causes her fright whenever she sees me. God, please,help me.”


Cassandra ran to the girls Loo and locked herself in, coughing and throwing up. She felt feverish and strange. She sat on the water closet,resting her head on her palm.

A knock sounded on the door. Cassandra washed her face severally and stood up.

She walked to the door and opened it ready to go out to let the intruder in but she stopped when she noticed who it was.


He had followed her. Cassandra felt more weak as she stared up at him.

Her eyes lashes fluttered down and she collapsed against him……


Cassandra woke up with a start and stared around the bedroom she was in.

She was also on a bed. She sat up, confused. She even had an headache.

So many strange feelings filled her body and she felt like fainting again.

“Oh, you are up already.”A voice said from behind and she saw Johnny coming in,still in his uniform.

“Where is this place?, How did I get here?” Cassandra asked, trying to track down where she was but her brain failed her this time.

She was alarmed as she looked around.

“You don’t need to be scared. You are on save hands.” Johnny said and put a ass of water for her on the drawer.

“I want to go home right now.” Cassandra said in a shaky voice.

“You still need rest. What if you collapse again?”

“It’s none of your business.” Carrisa said, losing her temper. Her voice became hard but not as hard as she wanted.

“Okay. Let me take you home. Let’s go.” Johnny said.

That was how Cassandra found herself walking home with him.

Johnny said a lot of things on the way. He made jokes,told her how beautiful she was and also mentioned a name.

When she got into the compound,she tried to remember the strange name he had called.

The name started with the letter,G …she tried to pronounce remember but could not.

She was still trying to remember when she entered the living room and saw Osmond, laying down on the chair,drunk as usual.

She glared at him, disgustedly.

It would be so easy to kill him now,to take his life but her mind wasn’t free for it. It was filled with the thought of Johnny.

“Come back here, little witch! Don’t you even know how to greet? Or don’t you greet your miserable father when he was alive?” Osmond said, staggering up as Cassandra turned to go.

Cassandra stopped and looked at him as he got up.

He was pushing her to the wall.

“Are you deaf? Can’t you greet? En? Ever since you cane into this house,my wife no longer cares about me. Look at me…see how old and tattered l look! You little wrench!”

Osmond barked staggering towards Cassandra.

He raised his hand to slap her,but Cassandra held it.

She held it more tightly and twisted.

Osmond yelped out in pain, falling to his knees.

The drunkenness was gradually leaving him at what he was experiencing. could a girl do this to him? With which strength. He tried to get up but Cassandra held him down.

Kill him…..kill him….kill him!!

The voice rang in her ear and she sat on top of him, raising her hand to grab his neck but
all she could see as she stared down at Osmond’s confused and dumbfounded face was something else entirely.

Cassandra stopped,her hand still raised up,unable to bring it down…to do the work.

Johnny’s face appeared, disappeared and reappeared, making her shook her head, confusion written all over her face.

What are you waiting for, Cassandra? What are you still waiting for! Do it and get out of there! Someone is coming!!

Queen mother’s voice screamed at her but Cassandra’s eyes filled with tears, shaking her head. She cold not do it this time…she couldn’t.

Cassandra! What are you waiting for! Do it! Right now!!

“No……….. I can’t!…………” Cassandra cried, rushing up and fled out of the house.

As she ran,it seemed her heart had stopped breathing or perhaps, queen mother would want to take her life now fir disappointing her for the first time in years.

She found an empty house and creeped in,to hide herself entirely if possible from queen mother. But she knew that would never be possible.

No matter where she hid herself, queen mother would always find her.

Cassandra touched her face and realized she was actually in tears.

She sat down there for hours, afraid to go back home.

She could not understand herself anymore.

Recently,she had started becoming scared of things.

She wasn’t like that before, Cassandra though to herself as she awaited what was in store for her,from queen mother.

Now she needed help,to shield away from her but who do she run to?

Johnny….yes. Johnny came to her mind. Maybe if she was with him, queen mother would not be able to find her.

She desperately wanted to know who Johnny is…where he came from and why his face kept appearing when she had wanted to kill Osmond.

But as she stood up to go,a girl came into the building,staring at her.

Cassandra’s mouth moved to say something but nothing came out.

“Almighty you? What happened to your high ranking boldness?” The girl asked and Cassandra looked away,breathing angrily.

“Don’t insult me,Aquaria. You never can tell if I might just kill you here right now.

You’ve always been on my neck ever since we were kids in the water.

You’re always jealous, gossiping about me. Don’t you think I could kill you here?”Cassandra asked, furiously with clenched teeth.

Aquaria laughed and stretched out a jewelry box to her.”I’m not here to fight you,Anna.

I’m here because queen mother sent me. She said someone is about to cause your downfall.

She said that must not happen and you must fulfill your mission here in the human world.

She said to give you this.”Aquaria said and Cassandra glanced down at the jewelry box,then looked up back at her.

“What I’m I supposed to do with this?” Cassandra asked, taking it from her. She opened the little box and saw a golden ring inside it.

“That,you know very well contains poison from the bottom of the ocean.

And you know what it can do and how powerful it can be.

Get closer to the person who is about to cause your downfall….and poison him with this. You surely know who we are talking about…the boy named Johnny. His power his pressing on yours and even gradually in the ocean.”Aquaria said and Cassandra looked up sharply at her.

Johnny?? How could she…kill him?

“Yes,you must! If you must survive. This is queen mother’s order! You must kill him!!”

Cassandra began to move back, shaking her head,the jewelry box almost dropping from her hands.

How could she kill Johnny? How could she? The only person whom she had wanted to run to,for help?

How….just how could she??…….

馃{Love Is A Crime}馃


“You have to believe me,Agnes!! That girl tried to kill me! Her powers…she was so powerful!” Osmond shouted, breathing fire and brimstone.

Agnes laughed at her husband.”Osmond,you are always drinking doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have common sense.

Please,if you are drunk and trying to make sense,just ho and sleep. I’m sure Cassandra will have a good reason to stay out late like this.” Agnes said, dismissively.

“Believe me Agnes. Although I was drunk,I know what I saw. She ran out of the house…she…”

“Osmond, please. Give me a break! Haah!” Agnes said, hissed and left the sitting room. Osmond felt like going crazy.

Or was he really dreaming?.


Cassandra walked so slowly on the road, thinking. She felt like crying but she fought back the tears that threatened to fall out.

When she got in front of the house, she stood outside,resting against the wall.

She brought out the jewelry box and looked at it.

Then the tears pored out. She couldn’t hold it anymore.

Johnny…how could she kill him?

Cassandra cleaned her tears and entered inside the compound.
Victoria was washing her school uniform outside when she walked in.

She looked up and wondered at her reddened eyes.

“Aunty Cassandra,are you crying.” Victoria asked but got snubbed.

“Why can’t you just answer a question for once in your life? I’m seek and tired of your snubbish character.” Victoria pouted.

Cassandra ignored her and entered the house.

As soon as she entered, Osmond jumped up from the chair he was sitting, pointing at her.

“You…you! Do t think I don’t know ow what you did to me! You tried to kill me.” Osmond raved on.

“You must be dreaming sir.” Cassandra quickly said when she saw Agnes coming out of the kitchen.

“I told you so. Please, Cassandra! Don’t mind him.

But why are you coming home by this time?” Agnes asked.

“I went out.” Was all Cassandra said and entered her room, locking the door.

She put down her bag on the bed and brought out the jewelry box, hardening her face and getting herself ready for the task ahead.

Tommorow…. tommorow…she will begin her newest mission.

Osmond spat walked quietly and slowly to the passage leading to Cassandra’s room around 12pm. He needed to see things himself if possible.

He knew what he saw.

Even if he was drunk,he knew what that girl did to him.

He tiptoed to her door and put his ear on her door but heard nothing.

He listened again but everywhere was as still as ever.

He turned to go and almost screamed when he cane face to face with Cassandra who stared at him with an expressionless countenance.


Mrs Adeola came into the class early the next morning, to teach her subject, Literature.

Students settled down,happy to see her. They love seeing her talking for her own accent was so sweet and different.

Cassandra’s mind drifted away from class and entirely from school, thinking about how best to go about her mission.

She glanced back and her eyes met Johnny’s. He looked at her too and smiled.

She smiled back and turned to see the teacher, looking in her direction.

“Get up,young lady.” Mrs Adeola said a d Cassandra stared at her, wondering whether to one for the first time or do what she was best at.

“I said,get up, young lady.” The teacher says again and Cassandra breathed in, getting up.

“Are you new here?”

Isn’t that obvious. Cassandra wanted to ask but she refrained herself.

“Yes.”she answered.

“Okay. Try a different concentrate when in class, okay?” The teacher asked.

Cassandra sat back down looking at the wall clock.

She couldn’t wait for lunchtime.

When the bell finally rang lunchtime, Cassandra reached into her bag and brought out the jewelry box.

She had a perfect idea on how to go about it.

“Hi, Cassandra.” Johnny said behind her and she quickly dropped back the Jewelry box inside her bag.

She tried her best to be conversant.

“Hi”she replied, feeling her heart beating fast.

Johnny sat next to her, looking curiously at her.”You look like you want to tell me something. What’s it?” Johnny asked and Cassandra looked at him.

Only if he knew he was sitting with the devil who’s going to send him to an early grave.” I only wanted to show gratitude for your help yesterday when I collapsed. I’m… really grateful. Thanks.” Cassandra said, trying everything possible to avoid eye contact with him.

Johnny stared at her medallion.”I haven’t seen something like that before. Where did you get it from? To me it doesn’t look ordinary.” Johnny said and Cassandra looked straight into his eyes.

She could not help it.”It’s…it’s… mother….I…it…was actually a gift.” Cassandra replied, looking away from him immediately.

Johnny shrugged and looked down at his wrist watch.”Care fur lunch? There is still plenty of time.” He said and Cassandra’s heart beat a fast retreat.

It was time……

They made their way to the cafeteria and found an empty seat.

“I will go to the counter and get our food.” Johnny said and started to stand up when Cassandra he his hand and made him sit back.

“I will go instead.” She said, secretly bringing out the jewelry box from her bag.

As soon as it reached her hand,she covered it tightly with her hand.

Johnny smiled at her.”Okay,I will be waiting.”he said,suspecting absolutely nothing.

Cassandra stood up abruptly and walked to the counter,her back turned against Johnny.

Johnny’s food came first…Jollof rice and fish. Ever gently and quietly,she brought out the ring inside the jewelry box and wore it, tapping it twice on Johnny’s food so some drops of poison would drop inside the food.

she quickly put it back as her own food also got ready. She carried the tray to Johnny who took his own food with delight.
“That is what I like most about this school. They have the best eatery time and place.” Johnny said,taking his spoon and getting ready to eat.

Cassandra looked away, unable to look. She could not.

He was going to eat it and die.

It was such a powerful one. Cassandra wanted to stand up,
to run away from ever but she couldn’t as she quietly sat there,her while body paralysed.

How can I watch him die?
The very first person I tried to run to,for help?

Who made me felt what I have been able to feel in a whole lot of years.

How is he going to cause my downfall?

No…. queen mother…I’m sorry. I can’t do this!


“Come on.whats wrong? Let’s eat.” Johnny said and lifted a spoonful of rice to his mouth.

As if in a slow motion, Cassandra’s eyes jammed with the speed of the spoon and before she could stop herself,she jumped up and knocked the spoon out of his hand.
As soon as she jumped up,the rice in the plate tumbled over and scattered all over the place together with the spoon……

馃{Love Is A Crime}馃


Everybody turned to look at them. Johnny was both surprised and amazed.

Cassandra flushed will embarrassment as she managed an apologetic smile.

“Sorry….I….saw something in your food.” Cassandra stammered.

Gradually, people turned their attention away from them and Cassandra sat back down.

“What did you see in the food that made you react like that?” Johnny asked, brushing away grains of time from his clothes.

Cassandra said nothing. Her face twisted in pain.


She get out a sudden scream, clutching her stomach.

Johnny leapt out of his seat and rushed to her, holding her from falling.

“What’s it? What’s wrong!” He queried but Cassandra said nothing.

Her screams only increased. Everyone stared at her, wondering what was happening to her.

Suddenly,she went out of breath and collapsed.

Johnny was alarmed.

Everywhere was in chaos as they tried to revive her but Cassandra remained as still as ever.

It was beyond their control.

Johnny shouted her name, shaking her shoulders but Cassandra remained still.

He removed his jacket,threw it to the floor and carried Cassandra out of the cafeteria.


*****IN THE OCEAN*****

Queen mother was furious. So furious to see what was happening out there on Earth. How could she have destroyed her own plans with her own hands?

“Queen mother,are you going to take her life?” Aquaria asked.

Queen mother breathed heavily, wanting so much to destroy Cassandra for daring to disobey her. Protecting a human!

“I don’t want to believe what my instinct is telling me!

I don’t want to believe she’s trying to go against the rules which is going to bring down her powers and destroy her,cutting short her mission!” Queen mother said, hitting her staff on her palm.

She was furious, devastated, enraged.

“There is only one thing which I’m going to do to her to lock all feelings away from her and that is what I’ve just started. By the time she wakes up!

Her mind will be lost!”Queen mother said and all the mermaids in the water gasped.

“Queen mother…..don’t tell are going to….Lord of the realms!

That would be disastrous. She’s going to kill anyone at sight!” Aquaria shrieked.

Queen mother laughed.” Since she has allowed stupid feelings into her… she’s gonna pay by showing her real self to the world.

None of you should worry a bit. Even if her power fails,I won’t fail to go out there and fight for her.

From now on, Cassandra will become fierce…. merciless….no family….no home…

I’m going to cast away her memory and her heart…she will have no mind of her own as soon as she wakes up from her faint.

That boy!”Roared queen mother, banging her fist in her thrown handle.” Could even the first victim for he could be there when she wakes up. Haa haha! haa!!!

How surprised he’s going to be! To see her eyes…..change colour!

Let me see how this will go on. Cassandra arise! Arise and bring more souls!”

Queen mother screamed out the words and laughed evilly.


Cassandra gasped and woke up as soon as she heard queen mother in her sleep.

She opened her eyes and two pair of green eyes spackled.

Her mouth slipped open,as she breathed in fastly.
She looked around,trying to remember where she was and how she got here and who brought her but everything eluded her mind.

Slowly,she got up from the bed,her finger nails longer and fierce.

She wanted to kill! Wanted to kill the world! Her body shooked from the want if killing.

Her eyes were wide open, refusing to even blink.

She was in Johnny’s house.

She found the door and opened it, unaware of who she was,her name and even where she came from.

She just wanted to kill…wanted to destroy as many as possible.

No one was in sight as she walked down the stairs,into the hall and outside the compound.

Johnny was in the kitchen preparing an olive oil for her when he saw her from the kitchen window, leaving the compound.

His eyes flew wide open.

Right now as he stared at her back and his spiritual eyes opened wide for him to see who she really was.

He saw her tail, shinning in the ocean…just behind her as she walked out of the gate.

He dropped the glass cup in his hand and it broke.

“Johnny! Don’t tell me it’s the olive oil you are making for your friend that is falling!” A woman shouted from upstairs. It was Johnny’s mother, Maggie.

Johnny was too shooked to talk,he was too shooked to talk.

Cassandra….a mermaid??

His spiritual views never failed him.

He shared the same power and gift with his dad.

She had left the compound but he still stared on,glued to that spot when he heard a powerful voice…from above…which roared with the unpredictable thunder that roamed the sky that moment.

…She needs help……help….help…. people are in danger…..danger….

The voice rang continuously in his head and Johnny jerked up,getting hold of himself.

“Help? How do I help a mermaid which must be destroyed!!” Johnny said aloud, unconsciously and stopped,waving at his head and realising that even though it was hard to believe,he would never be able to see her destroyed!

“What did you say?? What? Where!! Where did you see a mermaid!!”

Johnny turned towards his mother who stood by the door.

Without any other words, Johnny picked up a hot race and ran out of the kitchen.


Cassandra had killed two school kids on her way,by barely looking into their eye balls with her greenish eyes.

She got home and jerked the gate open, slipping inside with ease as though she was walking on air.

Her hands were a little wide apart from her body as she walked like a ghost.

Anybody who saw her coming would run for dear life!

Cassandra walked into the living room and saw Osmond, coming out of the room just in time.

This time, Osmond wasn’t drunk.

His heart almost jumped into his stomach.

He moved back as soon as he saw her.

She was terrifying,with her long hair covering some part of her face.

“You…..I said it! I said it! You devil! Get away from me!!” Osmond cried and turned to run back into the room but alas! It was miraculously locked!

He turned back again, falling to his knees and raising two of his hand up, shaking his head,as Cassandra closed up on him.

“No! No!! No!! Somebody help!! Somebody,help me!!!” Osmond cried out but Cassandra’s hands were on his neck now, choking him… choking him till he could no longer talk….till he could no longer breath…and then….his head ducked to the side,his tongue ripping out.

He was dead!

Cassandra stood up her hands like claws as she walked up the stairs…..up the stairs where Victoria was taking her nap.


Johnny panted heavily as he came to an halt at the junction where he and Cassandra stopped at,on the day he escorted her home.

He entered the street and stopped, confused.

He looked around, panting heavily.

He had been running, running heavily to catch up with her but couldn’t.

He did not even see her back on the road.

Where is her house? In which house…. does she lives here? Where! Where!

Johnny looked confusingly around,not knowing which compound to enter.

He quickly dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out his cell phone, hastily dialling a number.

“Hello,dad!! Where are you!… please,I need your help!!..Yes… right now!!”

Johnny said aloud into the phone and after saying a few okays,he hung up the line, looking around.

“God! Show me the way! Please!!”


Cassandra jerked the bedroom door opened and entered like a ghost,her green eyes going straight to Victoria who was sleeping on the bed.

She started walking towards her, walking towards her with her hands like claws,ready to twist her neck…..ready to grab her neck….!

She was almost there….. closing up on her….. climbing into the bed and no one was stopping her….!!

No one was… stopping her!!…..
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