✍️✍️✍️ All For Love Episode 1 , 2, 3, 4 ✍️✍️✍️


*👏All For Love❤
*Episode* 1

The result of the waec is out and every body who sat for it in Godly international *collage* was very happy and joyful apart from one person who is Edward.

Although he passed very well, he had been sad ever since he got his result because he know pretty well that he is not going any further because of their financial status.

His mother can not afford to sponsor him in the university, his uncle don’t want to see him with his two eyes and he himself had nothing doing to give him money.

More over, he knew how hard they struggled in other for him to register the waec.

All these caused him a sleepless night.

No matter how hard his mother tried to console him, he won’t get his thought over it. By the way, this morning made no different like the others.

When he got up from bed, he quickly brushed his teeth and on returning to his room, his phone began to ring.

He picked it and it was Rose calling.

They had been friends since secondary school.

Rose: good morning how was your night? (He knew that he had a cruel one but he won’t just tell her that

. he managed to lie saying)

Edward: hi, it was fantastic. How about yours.

Rose: good, it just that i spend all the night reading.

I hope you revised your book?

Edward: (surprise) reading for what!

Rose: jamb of course.

Edward: (placeing his left hand on his head) jamb???

Rose: what are you talking about

. Don’t you know we are taking jamb today? Edward: i did not register for it.

Rose: (in disappointment)but why?

Edward: i don’t have money for it now. May be next year.

Rose: you should had told me nah. I would had been of a help.

Edward: that is good of you. Any way don’t worry it will be alright .

I wish you the best luck ever.

Rose;(:(sadly) am not happy at all

Edward: am sorry i did not tell you.

Rose : okay then bye.

Some drops of tears forced themselves off from his eyes immediately after the call.

Just then he turned back and noticed that his mother was busy staring at him.

He immediately cleaned the tears in his eyes as his mother walked close to him and said.

Mrs. Helen: are you crying again son?”

Edward: its not that i am crying, I’m just feeling like i am left out. But it shall be well Mum. I know that it is exactly what you are going to tell me.”

Mrs. Helen: your food is at the big cupboard in the kitchen. I’m off to the market now.”

Edward: mum you don’t have to bother about ME ”

Mrs.helen: yes, i have to bother much because you are the only hope i have. I noticed you have not been eating properly. So this is why i have to dish it out my self because i know if i tell you to dish it out your self , the food will wait for me untouched”

Edward: okay, good bye mum.

. Then she left with a basket she packed some foodstuffs she would sell. Edward immediately took his bath dressed up and walked up to the kitchen to eat. He had barely taken a spoon when his phone rang again. He picked it up knowing that it was his best friend Thomas.

Edward: hello T

homas: hello Edy. How are you? Have you dressed up for the jamb?

Edward: no I’m sorry to disappoint you. I did not register for it”

Thomas: no way! Tell me you are joking.

Edward: i wish i am

Thomas: but why didn’t you register?

Edward: i told you before that no one is going to sponsor my tertiary education. By the way, a super good luck to you.

Thomas: oh no i am feeling very bad that i can’t even help my best friend.

Edward: their is no problem.


Soon the jamb result was out, Rose passed and had already gone for admission with her dad. And now she is on the preparation to leave for school. Two days before she left she met with Edward at cool restaurant and they got to talk together.

– Edward: rose, i am happy for you. Rose: i am not happy at all.


*👏All For Love 
– Episode 2* ❤
Two days before Rose left for school she met with Edward at cool restaurant as scheduled so they did have intent time together.
And then discuss on some certain issue most especially, fair well issue.
– Edward: Rose, i am happy for you.
Rose: i am not happy at all
Edward: i know you have all reasons to be angry at me right?
Rose: no of course
Edward: then why aren’t you happy? At least you will be going to the university to study………(He left the sentence incompleted waiting for her to complete it.)
Rose: medicine . ( she then reached Edward’s left hand with her right hand and continued) i haven’t even travelled but i have started missing you already.”
Edward: (surprised) sure! You are just kidding me right?
. You Then the both of them began to laugh. When they were done laughing, every where fell silent between them for a while. Later on, Rose broke the silent saying with an eye fixed on the diamond necklace hanging around Edwards neck.
– Rose: i have noticed that you like wearing this necklace so often
Edward: yea, its from my late father. ( his aptitude change, he looked nervous and tensed up. Its obvious he has something very important to say) Rose i have some thing important to tell you
. Rose: what is that?, go one
Edward: (starmering) i…i…i…. (Then Rose cut in) Rose: say it out!!
Edward: i love you. (He managed to say at last). – Now Rose was all smiles immediately she heard that, that was the first time some one did ever tell her that so she quickly replied
– Rose: i love you too and will ever do. – Then the both of them gave them selves the first hug ever.
Edward: please dont forget me oh.
Rose: i will never ever forget you.
. You Will always be in my mind. – Soon it was the D-day that Rose was travelling to school. Edward did a lot of wrestling with his mind weather to visit her to say good bye or not. At last he decided to remain at home and disturbing her withall lot of text messages.
soon enough, Rose got used to university life, the way they study the way they behave. She adapted to the environment ASAP .
But then.
Edward remained in her mind presenting and hijacking her thoughts.
She did missed him so much.
Most times, She forgets herself each time she receives a call or text message from him. In fact, one can obviously tell that she is really in love.
One day as she was returning from lecture, she unknowingly smashed her right foot on a stone and that threaten to send her crashing on the floor.
She managed to wedge her self and hold balance but that did not hinder the books in her hand from falling to the ground.
She immediately picked the first and second up and then tried to pick the last one up when some one did that for her.
She looked up immediately to realize that it was Dandy.
She knew him right from secondary school. He was her senior then who admired her so much.
He had tried severally to win her heart but could not. till the very moment, he had never given up on her.
Back to the point .
Rose was very surprise to see him.
– Rose: Dandy, is this you? Dandy: of course its me Rose.
How are you?
Rose: very fine. What about you? Dandy: I’m okay, honestly, i am very happy to see you. How long have you been in this school?
Rose: three months ago.
Dandy: oh no, i have been very blind to be seeing you just now
Rose: smiling) oh don’t say that okay
Dandy: okay. So can we go out tonight?
Rose: no, i have something doing Dandy: oh please, let us seat down and talk c’mon.
Rose: i said no!
Dandy: please just to talk only please…..
*👏All For Love❤
*Episode* 3
Rose: okay then but i won’t be very late.
She agreed and then they walked their way home.
Around 7.pm Dandy came and picked her up with his car to a restaurant and there, they get to talk.
– Rose: so why did you bring me here?
Dandy: i just want to ask you a favour. Rose; what favour is that?
Dandy: really, i want us to be friends
. Can you be my girl friend?
Rose: but we are friends already.
Dandy: no not that kind of friend. I am talking about girl friend.
Rose: I’m sorry ,i can’t, try another girl because my heart belong to some one else.
Dandy: i know who, i know its Edward. But remember, i tried you before him back then in secondary school but you refused me.
Rose: that’s because i don’t want to have you as a boy friend!
Dandy: look rose, that boy is so poor, i think he is not meant for a rich smart girl like you. The fact that he can sing doesn’t make him perfect.
Rose:angrily) like wise you. The fact that you are rich doesn’t make you perfect.
. And perhaps, how dear you dictate whats good and what not good for me? – She then stood up and got ready to leave but before she left, dandy said to her
– dandy: look rose call it any thing but one certain thing is that I’m not ready to give up on you
. (Then she left). – Like he had said , he did not give up, he kept on pestering on her for her to agree. despite all the fancy necklaces and flower he purchases for her, she still can’t find a reason to accept him. But when finally, he helped her convince a lecturer who wanted to give her a carry over, she accepted his friendship. Their friendship grew to the extent that they goes to parties together and has wonderful time each time they goes out on a date.
soon they graduated and after their NYSC service they got back to their city.
Now problem began.
Edward was very happy for Rose that she is finally a graduate.
At least he won’t be missing her so much.
He tried calling her for both of them to share some happy moment together some where.
But he can’t reach her no matter the numerous number of times he called So he left her with a text message telling her to meet him at cool restaurant that evening at 6.pm.
Before the time reached, he was already their waiting for her but to his disappointment,he waited all through the night but she did not show up.
He was very upset as he went back home.
He tried many more calling her but to no avail so he decided to visit her the following day to know exactly what is wrong with her.
The next day, he went to her house and on finding himself in front of their gate, he felt a huge tension and anxiety to knoke.
He stood there for a while thinking of what to do when he heard footsteps approaching the gate.
He immediately ran to a hidden coner around the flower and hid himself because he was very shy then staring at the gate to know who was really approaching the gate.
To his greatest surprise, he saw Rose together with Dandy walking out together.
They looked more like a couple smiling and chatting with each other.
Edward was really provoked.
Now he understood why she had been neglecting his calls and text messages.
He decided to go and meet her and talk to her, finally seek answers of what she is doing from her.
When Rose had bade fare-well to Dandy, she turned around to enter the gate and was very surprise to see Edward.
Then Edward pretended as if he had not see them .
– Edward: hi
Rose: Edward! How are you? (She asked happily running to him)
Edward: fine. (She immediately gave him a tight hug saying)
Rose: i missed you so much, really i did missed you. – At length Edward managed to push her away from his body and said
– Edward: but it really seemed you don’t.
Rose:(surprised) i don’t understand you
Edward: (gave her a suspicious look.) you know all, don’t pretend. Why aren’t you answering my calls?
Rose: i lost my phone a month ago. I did changed the line and perhaps, i know that you do not have the number yet.
Edward: sure! But i think i saw you with a guy, isn’t he in place of me?
Rose: of course not! He is just a friend.
*❤All For👏 Love 
– Episode 4*
Rose: of course not! He is just a friend. But don’t worry, you are the only one i will always love. I was even thinking of visiting you today.” – now Edward could see the truth in her eyes he then apologised to her.
– Edward: i am very sorry for suspecting you.
Rose: its nothing.
– Then they gave themselves another warm embrace.
After they had pulled out of the Hug,
Edward said:
– Edward: to me every minute that passes by is unqualified when you are not with me. Rose: you are kidding me
. Aren’t you Edward: no nah, trust me, i only acted like that because i felt betrayed. To prove that i love you. I taught i was loosing you then
Rose: and now .
Edward: i am on top of the world!!! – Then they began to laugh together.
– Rose: you are funny. What about your career, are you still pursuing it or have you given up?
Edward: eh ehm, the truth is that i have been saving money to go to high institution. When it is enough, i will then go and witness university life my self but then you are going to tell me every thing that goes on there. Rose: you are absolutely right.
But i was talking about your music profession.
Edward: okaaaaaay! We have a lot to talk about so can we meet up this evening around 5.pm?
Rose: sure, where?
Edward: at cool restaurant.
Rose:okay i will be just there.
Good bye. – they said good bye with a departing hug before Edward left.
. rose stood smiling and waving at him as he disappears.
Soon Rose got dressed up for the date she had with Edward as she tries to leave the house, Dandy came in and on seeing her leaving the compound, he stopped her and requested of where she was going but she gave him an ill responding telling him that she is meeting up with some one then she drove off.
Dandy decided to get her followed since he did not know who she was meeting up with.
So he did exactly just that unknown to her following her car around till she got to the venue.
Edward was more than enough happy to see her when she approached.
Edward: welcome, I’m really happy that you made it.
Rose: how long had you been waiting?
Edward: not long shaa – then they placed their order as she sat right opposite to him.
Main while, dandy arrived and on getting out of the car, he saw them seated together.
He was extremely filled with jealousy as he stood leaning against his car staring at them both with passion of anger.
He felt like going up there and make a scene but at the same time felt it was a bad idea because rose with hate him for that.
so at last he ignored them for the main time.
He re-entered his car and left.
As soon as the both lovers had gotten their order, they began a discussion Jovially
– Edward.: you were asking about my music career right?
Rose; yea. You use to make me happy with your songs back then in secondary school. How far had you gone with it?.
Edward: i am singing and banking it in my note just as i am waiting for an opportunity to enter the music industry
Rose: i wish you would be successful
Edward: amen – soon silent crept in as they ate their meal. The only audible sound between them was made by there spoon. Soon Rose broke the silent
– Rose: when will you be coming to meet my dad?
Edward: when you are ready.
Rose: i am always ready, can you make it tomorrow?
Edward: sure,.
– The next day, Edward wore the most exorbitant cloth he had, the best shoe and wrist watch.
He also applied perfume on his body so that he can smell refreshing.
Over viewed him self at the mirror to make sure that he appeared very good and attractive, when he was through, he got into a bike giving him a direction where to stop him and when finally he got to the gate, another tension held him but at last he summoned courage and knoke at the gate.
Immediately , the gate man banged out and opend the gate to see him posing like a guy man.
– Gateman: Mr.Man ,who you de look for?
Edward: i came to see Rose. Gateman: o Kay make i call am.
– Then he locked up the gate again. Few minutes later, the gate got opened and this time it was rose who opened it. She gave him a hug as soon as she saw him. – Rose: you are welcomed to our house . Come in.
– She finally said after the hug.
Then she took him by arm heading to the sitting room.
Their at the sitting room, Mr. titus (rose dad) was busy reading news paper but on hearing foot steps approaching the sitting room, he suspended what he was doing and kept staring at the door.