Chapter 36
The walk seemed to go on forever, but I knew it
shouldn't take a
whole lot longer. Just as I was about to look up, I
knew I was
getting really close. I could feel his eyes on me,
and I finally looked
up to see the most handsome man. He was waiting
patiently for me,
while holding his hand out to take mine.
I put my hand in his and came to stand in front of
him, and the
minister began.
“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in
presence of these
witnesses, to join Casper and Crystal in Matrimony.
It is commended
to be honorable among all men. Therefore, it is not
by any, to be
entered into unadvisedly or lightly. It should be
reverently, discreetly,
advisedly, and and solemnly. Into this holy estate
these two persons
present, now come to be joined. If any person can
show just cause
why they may not be joined together, let them
speak now or forever
hold their peace.”
No one said anything and I had a feeling nobody
would, but I was
still glad when no one spoke up.
“Who gives this woman to be wedded to this man?”
“I do.”, said Lucas. He then placed my hand in
Casper's, and took a
seat in the front row.
The minister was now going to do a reading, and I
couldn't help it
as tears fell down my face. Casper lifted this other
hand under the
veil to wipe the away.
“Please face each other and take each others hands,
so that you
may see the gift that they are to you. These are the
hands of your
best friend, young and strong, and full of love for
you. They are
holding yours on your wedding day, as you promise
to love each
other today, tomorrow, and forever. These are the
hands that will
work alongside yours as together you build your
future. These are
the hands that will passionately love you and
cherish you through
the years, and with the slightest touch will comfort
you like no other.
These are the hands that will hold you when fear or
grief temporarily
comes to you. These are the hands that will
countless times wipe
the tears from your eyes, tears of sorrow and joy.
These are the
hands that will tenderly hold your children, the
hands that will join
your family as one. These are the hands that will
give you strength
when you need it, support and encouragement to
pursue your
dreams and comfort through difficult times. Lastly
these are the
hands that even when wrinkled and aged will still
be reaching for
yours, still giving you the same unspoken
tenderness with just a
touch.”, the minister read.
“Casper, would you like to read your vows?”, the
minister asked.
A huge smile spread over his face, and then he
spoke his next
“Crystal, I am proud to take you as my wife. For the
time we have
been together, there has always been love and
understanding. I feel
this can only be shared when there is true love. You
have helped me
triumph over challenges presented, encouraged my
personal growth
and boosted my self-esteem. You have helped me
become the
person I am today, and with your help I will be a
better person
tomorrow than I was yesterday. I love the way you
love and care for
me. I love the way you trust and believe in me. I
love the way you
always look your best for me. I love you and I love
my life with you.
Today as we begin our lives as husband and wife, I
commit myself to
you. Your are my soul mate, my sweetheart, and my
dream come
true. From now until the end of time, I give my
heart and soul to
you.”, he finished.
“Crystal, would you like to say your vows?”, the
minister asked me.
I couldn't speak so I nodded my head yes. I
calmed myself down a
little and then spoke.
“Casper I take you as my husband, to say that I
love you, is not
enough. To try to condense the depth of my
feelings into a few
words is impossible. It doesn't tell of the respect I
have for you as
an individual, nor how I appreciate how tender and
caring you are.
Nor the joy I find in your laughter, not the tears I
hold back for your
pain. Nor the strength you give when I need it, nor
the pleasure I feel
in your touch. If to say I love you means all these
things, then let me
say I love you more each day.”
I swear I saw a tear run down Casper's face, but if
there was I
missed it. Because when I looked at him again, he
was staring at me
with his big beautiful green eyes.
“Now the exchanging of the rings. Casper repeat
after me.”, the
minister said.
“I give you this ring to wear with love and joy. As a
ring has no end,
neither shall my love for you. I choose you to be
my wife this day,
and forevermore.”, repeated Casper as he slipped
the ring on my
“Crystal, repeat these words after me.”, the minister
“Casper, I give you this ring as a symbol of my
love, as it encircles
your finger, may it remind you always that you are
surrounded by my
enduring love.”, I repeated.
“I will wear it gladly. Whenever I look at it, I will
remember this
joyous day and the vows we've made.”, replied
“I love you.”, whispered Casper.
“Now for the sand ceremony.”, said the minister.
Both Casper and I moved towards the table that
had different colors
of sands. Casper picked up the funnel and placed it
over the bottle. I
poured in the first color which was pink, then
Casper poured in blue.
So it went on until we had pink, blue, yellow, green,
purple, and red.
“By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you
husband and wife.
You may now kiss the bride.”, the minister said.
Casper didn't have to be told twice, he lifted my
veil and kissed me
gently and passionately. I could hear everyone
clapping, but I was
too busy kissing my husband to pay attention to
“I present to you the newly married couple, Casper
and Crystal.” the
minister finished.
We didn't have much time to speak to anyone, as
we were walked
from the garden to the ballroom.
“I love you, my beautiful wife.”, Casper said as we
made our way
“As I love you, husband.”, I replied.
“I can't believe I'm married.”, I thought to myself.
The ceremony was
just what I dreamed of, it was romantic and
beautiful. This smile
hasn't left my face since I saw Casper standing at
the altar. We were
at the reception and everyone seemed to be having
a great time.
Guests were dancing and talking between one
another. Casper and I
were still sitting at the table, giving each other little
pecks here and
“I love you.”, I said against his lips.
“I love you more.”, he said right before he smashed
his lips against
I was over the fact we were kissing so much, this
was our day and
we should be able to experience it the way we want.
I was a little
disappointed that my family and friends weren't
here to celebrate
with me, as far as they know I'm dead.
I couldn't help but let a tear fall down the side of
my face. Being
with Casper was what I wanted. The past is going
to stay in the
past, now I'm going to spend the rest of my life
with the man I've
grown to love with everything I am.
“Care to dance?”, Casper whispered in my ear.
“I'd love to.”
He stood up and held his hand out to me, and I
placed my hand in
his as he led us towards the dance floor. Casper
held me tight and
gently moved to the music which was “I Swear”, by
Boys to Men.
This would have to be another one of my favorite
love songs. As the
music played we continued to dance. “I don't ever
want him to let
me go.”, I thought to myself. It's like his arms were
made just for
As the song came to an end, the DJ came over the
speaker and
announced that it was time for the father-daughter
dance. I didn't
think I'd get a chance to do that dance, but Lucas
came over to
dance with me.
“Shall we?”, he asked.
I just smiled and nodded my head yes. Once again
I was back on the
dance floor, this time slowly swaying to the song
“Butterfly Kisses.”
I always dreamed I'd dance to this song with my
dad at my wedding,
but that's not possible now. He thinks I'm dead, and
I might as well
be because I'll never see him again. I mean since I
married the Prince
of Vampires, there really isn't a way to have them in
my life.
I could see Caper out of the corner of my eye.
“How could I have
fallen in love, with the most handsome man to walk
this earth? Most
importantly, why would he love plain old boring
me?”, I wondered.
The song slowly came to an end, and Lucas bowed
and kissed the
top of my hand before leading me back to Casper.
The reception
had been going for nearly two hours, and finally the
food was
served. I have to admit it was the best I'd ever had,
the meats were
so tender and juicy.
I sat at the table watching Casper talk and dance
with his family and
friends. I was quite comfy just sitting there, and I
slid my heels off
to give my feet a break. I was getting a lot better at
picking out the
Vampires and humans, the Vampires seemed to
have an elegance
that the humans didn't. I was really shocked to see
how many
Vampires were actually dating humans, it's not as
rare as I thought it
would be.
It was starting to get late and all I could think
about, was where we
were going on our honeymoon. Casper wouldn't tell
me anything, it
was all a big surprise.
“How are you feeling?”, Brooke asked me.
“I'm fine, just a little tired.”, I replied.
“Did everything turn out the way you wanted it to?”,
she asked.
“It was a dream come true.”, I said honestly.
Nothing was said for a few minutes, until she finally
sat down.
“I hope I find my mate.”, she said out of the blue.
“Oh, I thought you already had one.”, I replied.
For some reason I thought all the girls I went out
with last night had
mates. None of them tried to pick anyone up, they
didn't even seem
interested in trying to find a guy.
“Nope I was in love about ten years ago, but it
turned out he was
already married and had a family. I haven't found
anyone since and
he wasn't my soul mate, I know there's still
someone out there for
“You'll find him one day, you just have to be
patient.”, I said.
She said her goodbyes and walked over towards
Casper, and he
leaned down so she could say something in his
That's when I thought I saw someone I knew, it was
a quick glance
so I pushed the thought to the back of my mind. I
watched Casper
as he made his way towards me. I started to feel
my body tingle, and
he wasn't even close enough to touch me.
“How are you feeling, wife?”, he asked.
“I'm good husband.”
“You sure you're not lying?”, he questioned me.
“No I'm fine, just a little tired.”
“We'll get going in a few minutes.”, he said.
“It's okay, we don't have to leave yet.”, I replied.
“Yes we do, we have a plane to catch.”, he said. He
had a huge smile
on his face, making his eyes look even more green.
Is that even
He walked over towards the DJ, he must have told
him to tell the
guests we were leaving.
“Okay ladies and gentleman the bride and groom
have a plane to
catch, so they will be leaving us. Now all you single
ladies gather in
the middle of the dance floor, the bride is going to
be doing the
flower toss.”, the DJ said over the speakers.
It was a mad house and before I knew it, there were
girls piled in the
middle of the dance floor. Each one was hoping to
catch the
bouquet, so I made my way to the edge of the
dance floor and
turned my back to them.
“Throw it to me.”
“Over this way.”
“No to me.”
They were all yelling out at me, and I honestly didn't
care who
caught it. I didn't know them well enough to care,
heck I didn't even
know all their names.
I quickly threw the flowers into the crowd of girls,
all of them were
waiting to catch it. I could hear people fighting over
it but when I
finally turned around, I was met by the person
holding the flowers. It
was someone I knew all too well, I was frozen and
unable to move.
“Well what have we here?”, she said with a smirk.
“Why are you here? What are you doing?”, I asked.
“I lost someone I really cared for.”, she spoke.
“I'm not dead, it's just everyone back home thinks I
am.”, I said to
“No you're not dead, well not yet at least.”, she
Casper started to walk towards me, but all of a
sudden people were
running around everywhere. Except for her, she was
still in the same
place she was before. I didn't care what was
happening, all I cared
about was who stood in front of me, and why she
was here.
“What's going on!?”, I shouted. The noise was
getting louder and I
could see people falling to the ground.
“I'm here to kill you.”, she said.
“No. You can't do that, why would you want to do
that to me? We
are supposed to be best friends remember?”, I
rushed out.
“Our friendship ended when you didn't come home.
I went looking
for you, but I never found you. It was like you
vanished, bet here you
are alive and well. When I went out looking for you
one night, I came
across this man who said he would help me. I was
a little hesitant at
first, but after an hour of searching I realized he
wasn't so bad after
all. He helped me look for you for two weeks, and
then he told me
he liked me and what he was. I was so over the
moon because I
really like him too, and I didn't care that he was a
Vampire. We found
you a while ago, but he wanted to play a little at
first. Then one day
he never came back for me, he said he loved me
and that he would
be back in a few hours. I felt this horrible pain in
my chest, and I
knew instantly that he had been killed, guess who
did it, his evil twin.”, she finished.
“Jasper.”, I whispered.
“Yes I was his soul mate, and you took him away
from me , you and ur evil vampire husband.”, she
as tears ran down her face.
“He tried to kill me, Casper killed him to save me!!
”, I yelled.
I was fed up with this shit, I'd had more than
“Casper get me out of here!”, I yelled but I couldn't
see him.
“He's busy.”, Kiara said.
I turned to walk away from her, but she grabbed my
shoulder and
turned me around.
“At least he didn't turn her.”, I thought.
“You do know you won't get out of here alive.”, I
“I know.”, was all she said before she swung at
I ducked before she could hit me, and moved to the
left. She quickly
threw another, but I dodged that one as well. As I
was moving to the
right, she kicked me. I didn't even have time to
move out of the way,
and I doubled over in pain as she knocked the wind
out of me.
I was kneeling on the floor when I felt her push me
down. I landed
on my stomach and rolled over so I was on my
back. Before I knew
it she was on top of me, and I swung up and
punched her in the
jaw. It didn't phase her much and the next thing I
saw, was her pull
out a knife from her jacket.
“CASPER!”, I screamed.
“As I said before, he's a little busy.”, Kiara said.
I can't believe this was happening, my best friend
Kiara who I've been longing to see actually wants to
kill me because she blames me for the death of
that evil Jasper who she fell in love with. How I'm I
gonna explain to her that her beloved Jasper was
the evil twin and not my husband.
“Please don't do this, you don't need to do this.”, I
begged her.
“You took him away from me.”, she sobbed.
I could see the hurt in her eyes, and I knew she
didn't want to do
“Please Key-key, you don't have to do this.”, I
She turned her head away and plunged the knife
into my stomach,
and I screamed out in pain. She pulled it out and
stabbed me again
multiple times. She was thrown off of me, but I
couldn't see who did
it. I could feel someone shaking me, and I started
to feel cold. That
was the last thing I remember before everything
went black.

Chapter 37
***CASPER'S P.O.V.***
I was so busy helping fight off some of the
Vampires who crashed
the reception, I didn't realize that Crystal wasn't
beside me. I quickly
rushed back into the ballroom, and that's when I felt
like my heart
was being shattered. I could smell the blood, and I
knew instantly
that it was Crystal's.
Sitting of top of my wife was a girl that was at the
club the night I
met Crystal. She was plunging a knife into my
beloved's stomach. If
I remembered correctly, it was her best friend.
Without realizing it I
thew myself towards the girl, knocking her off of
The guards were right behind me, they restrained
the girl that I was
about to kill.
“Baby, can you hear me?”, I asked.
She didn't answer me and I could hear her heart
slowing down.
“I know what I have to do, but is it what she would
want me to do?”,
I asked myself. I didn't have to think twice, I leaned
my head
towards her neck and released my fangs. I let them
sink into her
flesh and let out as much venom as possible. I
pulled my fangs from
her neck and bit into my wrist. The blood came to
the surface and I
shoved my wrist to her mouth.
“Come on!”, I shouted.
She wasn't getting enough of my blood, so I
opened her mouth and
tore my wrist open. The blood was now pouring
out, and I watched
as it ran into her mouth. I hoped it was working, but
I wasn't sure.
“I've never done this. What else do I do?”, I asked
“Just let it keep flowing into her mouth.”, a guard
answered my
unspoken question.
I did as he said, but I still couldn't see any
changes. It's been a
good three minutes, it should be working by now.
The cut in my
wrist started to heal and I panicked.
“It's not working, she's dying!”, I yelled.
“I can't lose my wife on our wedding day.”
“Just give it time.”, someone said from behind me.
I can't lose her, that bitch is going to pay dearly. I
sat on the floor
next to my dying wife, her heart has nearly stopped.
It's so weak I
can barely hear it, pulling Crystal into my lap I
started to rock back
and forth.
“Come on baby, open your eyes.”, I kept saying
over and over again.
The guards took the girl to the dungeons, because
right now I can't
deal with her. I carried Crystal to our room and laid
her down on the
bed. Her heart beat was still there, but it was
gradually becoming
more quiet and slow.
“It's not going to work, she's going to die.”, I kept
I lay down beside my wife and hugged her tightly. I
laid there with
her in my arms for another hour, before I heard the
worst noise I
could possible hear. Her heart stopped completely.
“No, no, no! Come on pretty girl, please don't leave
me!”, I yelled.
As the time ticked by I got even more worried. “I
couldn't even save
my own wife, how am I meant to lead all
Vampires?”, I thought to
myself. Ten minutes had gone by and I hadn't hear
her heart beat
Just as I felt tears start to form in my eyes, I heard
the strangest
noise. I looked down at my wife and noticed she
was breathing. Her
heart beat was there, but it wasn't like her normal
heart beat.
“Can you hear that?”, I asked excitedly to who ever
was in the room.
“No your majesty, I can't.”, replied one of the
guards. The other
three guards all shook their head no as well.
I watched her chest and all of a sudden it stopped,
again it only
lasted a few seconds before she started breathing
really fast.
“It's working sir.”, one of the guards said.
“It is?”, I asked.
“Yes sir it is, but I think you should let her rest. The
process could
take up to a day or so.”, he replied.
“I don't want to leave her.”, I said.
“At least come and eat, then you can come back.”
I kissed Crystal on the cheek and followed a guard
out. I agreed to
eat, only if two guards stayed with her at all times.
“You still need to deal with the girl in the dungeons,
your majesty.”,
said the guard. I think his name was Alexander, but
I wasn't too
“Not right now, she can wait a few days. I just
really want to focus
only on Crystal right now.”, I replied as we walked
into the kitchen.
I didn't need to think of what I was getting, I walked
straight to the
fridge and grabbed a bottle of blood. I placed it in
the microwave for
a few seconds. When it was ready, I went and sat
at the table and
slowly drank it.
“She's really changing?”, I asked the guard.
“Yes sir, she is. I've seen someone go through the
before.”, he replied.
I relaxed into the seat and drank my bottle of
blood, as I sat there
thinking of nothing in particular.
“Sir? Sorry to interrupt, but do you have blood in
here for Miss
Crystal?”, the guard asked.
“Shit! No I don't, and there won't be enough for her.
Would you go
to the blood bank and get some? A little of each
blood type, since I
don't know what she'll prefer.”, I said.
“Of course sir. I'll go to get some just as soon as
you head back up
to the room. For the time being, you cannot be left
alone.”, he
I sat and finished off the last of my blood, before
heading back up
to the bedroom. Once I opened the door Alexander
the guard I was
with in the kitchen, headed straight back towards
the stairs.
“Don't forget a little of everything.”, I said as he
walked away.
I knew he heard me because he gave a slight nod
of his head, as he
continued to walk back down the stairs. I walked
into the room and
closed the door behind me, one guard stood by the
window and
another by the door.
“Thank you.”, I said as I took a seat by the side of
the bed.
I picked up Crystal's hand and held it as tight as
possible, without
breaking it of course. I could feel the difference in
her skin already,
she was colder than she normally was.
“Would I miss the feel of her warm skin?”, I asked
The hours went by slowly, it's been about fourteen
hours and she
still hasn't opened her beautiful eyes.
“How much longer?”, I asked Alexander. He had
gotten back from
the blood bank and came straight up here to help
guard Crystal.
“I don't know your majesty, it all depends on her
now.”, he replied.
“Come on pretty girl, open your eyes for me.”, I
whispered to her.
I felt her hand twitch in mine, but she still didn't
open her eyes. I laid
my head on the bed beside her, I'd wait as long as
I had to.