Chapter 38

***CRYSTAL'S P.O.V.***
“Please Key-key, you don't have to do this.”, I said
just as she
plunged the knife into my stomach.
I screamed out in pain hoping Casper would hear
me, she pulled the
knife out and plunged it in repeatedly. I felt
someone knock Kiara off
of me and I felt the shaking of my body. My body
felt cold, I knew I
was dying. Soon everything went black, and that's
all there was.
I was surrounded by the blackness, it was like I
was being
suffocated. I felt like I was moving, but my body
was still lying
completely motionless.
“What's going on?! What's wrong with me?!”, I
No one answered me, I couldn't hear anything but
could feel
everything. Out of nowhere I felt this stinging pain
in my neck, a fire
raced through my body. Something both sweet and
salty touched
my tongue and ran down my throat.
“Someone answer me!”, I said starting to panic.
The sweet and salty liquid continued to run down
my throat for a
couple of minutes, then all of a sudden it just
stopped. What is it?
Am I dreaming? Before I knew what was happening
everything just
stopped, I couldn't see or hear anything. The fire
that was running
through my body got hotter, it felt like I was lying
on a bed of hot
“PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!”, I screamed.
Sometime later I felt someone grab my hand and
something, I still couldn't bring myself to open my
eyes. So I just
gently squeezed the hand that held mine, I heard
mumbling and
people moving around but I still couldn't open my
“Come open for fucks sake!”, I yelled at myself.
It seemed like hours later when finally I managed to
peek out of my
right eye, the light was so bright I could barley even
see. I still knew
who it was sitting by the bed holding my hand
“Casper.”, I said. My voice sounded very week and
I saw him turn his head towards me and he looked
so relieved.
“Oh pretty girl.”, he said. He then leaned over and
pressed his
beautiful sexy lips against mine. I had to pull away
“Turn the lights off please, it's too bright my eyes
are sore.”, I said.
Suddenly my throat started to feel like it was on
Quickly the lights flicked off and I slowly opened
my eyes a little
more, then little by little I was able to open them
all the way. The
strange thing was , I could see perfectly even
though it was totally
dark inside the room.
“What's happening?”, I asked as I raised my hand to
my throat.
The burning was getting stronger and I felt really
thirsty. My throat
has never burned before just because I was thirsty.
“Here drink this.”, Casper said as he handed me a
I knew instantly that it was blood.
“Why are you giving me blood?”, I asked.
“Does your throat feel like it's burning?”, he asked.
“Yes, but why?”
He didn't say anything, but I had a feeling that I
knew why. I took
the bottle and unscrewed the top and took a sip, I
couldn't help but
spit it out.
“What the hell is that? It smells disgusting.”, I said.
“It's blood.”, he replied.
“No shit! I figured that out all on my own.”, I spat.
“Try this one.”, he said handing me a different
I did as he asked me to and took the bottle, I
unscrewed the cap and
took a sip. This one wasn't bad, it had a very nice
sweet taste to it.
“Nice.”, I said and then I drank the rest of the
“O negative it is then.”, he stated as he handed me
another full
“What happened?”, I asked.
“We were about to leave after you threw the
bouquet, but someone
you know caught the flowers.”
“Kiara.”, I said interrupting him.
“So that's her name. Well while I was helping fight
off the Vampires
who came with her, she attacked you.
“I know all of that, what happened after she
attacked me? Is she
dead? Why did you turn me? Would I have been
saved if I wasn't
turned?”, I asked one right after another but I
needed answers.
“You didn't want to turn?”, Casper asked with a
worried look on his
“Of course I want to be with you forever.”, I replied.
“To answer all of your other questions, yes she's
still alive she is
being kept in the dungeons. I turned you in order to
save you and no
you wouldn't have been saved if you weren't
turned.”, he replied.
“Can I see her?”, I asked him.
“No. Absolutely not, I won't allow it.”, he replied in
an angry tone.
“You can't stop me, I'm a grown woman and I need
to see her.”, I
“Is there anything else you'd like to know about
being a Vampire?”,
he asked me.
“Yes plenty, but first I want to see her.”
“No.”, he said.
“Yes.”, I stated. I went to get up out of bed, but
was quickly pushed
back down.
“Not until I know you can control yourself. Now ask
me what you
want to know.”, he said.
“Can I read your mind now?”
“We won't know that for a few weeks.”, he replied.
I was a little bummed about that, he could always
read mine and
hopefully I'll be able to read his too.
“Can you still read mine?”, I thought to myself.
“Of course I can.”, he replied while giving me a
sexy as sin smile.
“Can Vampires have families?”
“You mean have babies?”, he asked.
“Yes have babies.”
“Of course, how do you think I was born.”, he asked
“Don't you think that's something you should have
mentioned before
we were married?”, I asked.
“I didn't think it was important.”, he replied. How
could he think
something like that wasn't important?
“Could I have fallen pregnant by you if I was still
human?”, I asked.
“No, it's impossible for a human to get pregnant by
a Vampire.”
I couldn't think of any other questions, so I sat up
in the bed and
stared at the wall in front of me.
“It looks so funny.”, I said out of nowhere.
“You'll get used to it.”, he replied.
“What else can I do?
“Everything will be a little new at first; you can see
better, smell
better, hear better, and run faster.”, he replied.
“Okay I asked all my questions, now can I go see
I could tell he was considering it by the look on his
“Damn! How the hell am I meant to say no to
you?”, he asked as he
kissed me on my nose.
He helped me up out of the bed and held my hand.
“I am able to walk on my own.”, I said feeling at
little frustrated.
“I know, just let me help you.”, he said.
I didn't argue with him, I just held his hand as we
walked towards
the door. We didn't make it out of the door,
because I stopped and
stared into the mirror in front of me.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing, the person in
the mirror looked
like me but wasn't me it seemed. I was looking so
beautiful like never before. Even more than the other
female vampires who I've been secretly jealous of.
My hair was longer and lighter and
I looked thinner, my skin was as white and as
smooth as Casper's.
My eyes were no longer brown like they used to be,
they were now a
very light green. They looked very similar to
Casper's, although his
were still brighter.
“My eyes...”, I trailed off.
“The green eyes come from my family, when I gave
you my blood
you took in parts of me.”, he explained.
“You look as beautiful as you did before.”, Casper
“Really?”, I asked.
It was a huge shock, I didn't really expect anything
to change. Really
I thought I'd remain the plain old boring me. I
stopped looking in the
mirror and turned around to face Casper.
“I love you.”, I said as I wrapped my arms around
his neck.
I didn't realize I was squeezing him tightly until he
tried to pull away.
“Try not to squeeze me so hard.”, he said smiling.
“Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.”, I said
“You're a little stronger than me for the time being,
so you just have
to remember to take it easy.”, he said as he
laughed a little.
I just nodded my head because I was unsure of
what to say. I was
actually stronger than Casper, I never thought that
would be
possible. Casper grabbed my hand and walked me
out the door
towards the stairs.
“Do you still want to go see her?”, he asked.
“Of course.”, I replied.
There's no chance she can kill me now and
Casper's with me, so I
have nothing to worry about. I just want answers as
to why she
turned on me so quickly, she was my best friend
we grew up
“She tried to kill you.”, said a voice in the back of
my mind.
“She was upset and didn't mean it.”, I tried to
reason back.
“Come on then.”, said Casper. He led me down the
stairs through
the formal lounge room and dining room. Then
finally towards the
back of the kitchen and down into the basement.
We stood in the basement, only a door and air were
between me and
Kiara. I listened carefully and I could hear that she
was crying. I
realized in that moment that it didn't matter what
she did, she was
still my Key-key and my best friend.
“She's upset.”, I said to Casper.
“Yes honey. She thinks she's about to die.”, he
“No you can't kill her.”
“She tried to kill you, she deserves a very painful
and slow death.”,
he said.
“I don't care, she's still my best friend.”, I replied.
I won't let her die I still love her no matter what
she's done. I already lost a good friend in Sapphire
by letting her die but I won't repeat the same
mistake with Kiara. If she
hadn't of almost killed me, I might have made the
decision not to
change. I honestly don't know weather I would have
chosen to
become a Vampire, she decided that for me by
doing what she did.
Plus she was hurt over the loss of her mate Jasper,
god only knows why he was chosen to be her mate.


Chapter 39
“If that's what you truly want, my love.”, he replied.
“I mean it Casper, I won't let you kill her.”, I said
He just nodded his head in agreement. He opened
the door that led
down into the dungeons. I've never been down here,
so I didn't
know what to expect.
We walked down the stairs and soon enough the
smell of this place
hit me. It smelled of blood, dirt, and sweat. It was
so strong that I
was sure I was going to throw up. I held Casper's
hand as he led me
to where Key-key was. Even though I could have
found her on my
own, all I had to do was follow the sound of her
heart beating. She
had a very enticing smell, which is probably why
Casper is keeping a
hold of my hand.
I grabbed Casper's hand a little tighter, but still
making sure I didn't
hurt him. I hope I don't try to eat her and my
stomach turned at the
thought. As we got closer to her, her heart beat was
drawing me to
“Casper please don't let me hurt her, she just smells
so good.”, I
said softly.
“It's okay. Just hold you're breath and that will keep
you from
smelling her scent.”, he replied and squeezed my
“Easier said than done.”, I mumbled.
I took a deep breath and realized that I didn't need
to breathe at all.
It was a very strange feeling, one that I can't really
“You can leave.”, Casper said to the guard on duty.
The guard walked out of the dungeons and I took a
step towards the
metal bars. I was still holding my breath, but I
knew she was there. I
could see her sitting in the corner, with her legs
pulled into her
chest. The worst thing of all though, was that fact
that I could hear
her heart beating rapidly.
“Why?”, was all I could say.
She didn't reply, and I could tell that she was
shocked to see me.
She must have thought that I'd died.
“Answer me Kiara. Why did you do it?”, I asked.
“You killed Jasper, my soul mate. My heart was
broken and I felt like
I had to get revenge, so I did what I had to do.”,
she finally said.
“I was your best friend, how could you even
consider doing that to
“I thought you were dead, but when I'd seen you
before I knew that
wasn't the case. Even though the police told us all
that you were
dead, I knew otherwise from seeing you with my
own eyes.”
“You saw me and knew that I was alive, so it
doesn't matter what
the police said.”
“I know and I'm so sorry, I'm just glad that you're
okay.”, she
“You know that I'm not just okay, Kiara.”
“Yes you are, you're alive.”, she said confused.
“No, I'm not alive. I've changed.”
“You're standing right in front of me, you are alive.”,
she said
starting to panic.
“I'm not human anymore, I'm now a Vampire.”
“Like Jasper was?”, she asked.
“Well yes like Jasper, he was a Vampire. So when
someone says
that they're a Vampire, it means they're a Vampire.”,
I said nastily.
How dare she compare me to Jasper, he was a
sick twisted
monster. Casper must have read my thoughts,
because again he
gave my hand a light squeeze.
“What are you going to do with me?”, she asked.
I really don't know what's going to happen, I don't
want my best
friend to die.
“Your punishment has not yet been decided.”,
Casper answered.
“Punishment.”, she repeated.
“You tried to kill my wife and Queen, of course
there will be
punishment.”, Casper said.
That seemed to have shocked her, did Jasper not
tell her about
Casper taking the throne? Shit that reminded me.
“When is the ceremony?”, I asked him.
“The crowning happened while you were changing,
so the ceremony
will take place the day after tomorrow.”, he replied.
“You're already King?”
“Yes honey, that's why they call me Majesty.”, he
“That means...”, I didn't even have to finish that
sentence. Casper
nodded his head yes at my unspoken assumption.
I forgot that I was standing in front of Kiara, until
she actually moved
forward and placed her hand on mine.
“You've always been a leader, you can do this.”, she
“Move back!”, Casper snarled.
“It's okay.”, I told him.
He moved back beside me, but he never took his
eyes of Key-key.
***CASPER'S P.O.V***
I was fine with Kiara talking to Crystal, but as soon
as she touched
Crystal I stepped in.
“Move back!”, I snarled at her. How dare she lay a
hand on my wife
and the Queen after what she tried to do.
It's okay.”, Crystal said.
I moved back beside Crystal, but I never took my
eyes of Kiara. I
knew she couldn't do anything to my wife, but I still
didn't trust her.
I was sick of being down here in this horrid place.
“Come on love, it's time to go.”, I said.
“Can she come out please?”, asked Crystal.
“Casper she's my friend.”, she pleaded with me.
“No. Right now she's a prisoner, not your friend.”, I
“It's okay Crys.”, Kiara said.
“Okay then, I'll stay down here until her punishment
is dealt.”,
Crystal said.
“No, I don't think so.”
“Are you going to stop me?”, she asked.
“I'm your husband, I want to be able to enjoy time
with my wife. Not
to spend it worrying about who's wondering around
the palace and
what they might do next.”, I said.
“Well at least put her in a room.”, she said with a
sad look on her
“Fine. It will have to be under lock and guard, we'll
talk more about
this tomorrow.”, I finally said.
She seemed please with that. After all we are meant
to be on our
honeymoon, but thanks to her so called “best
friend” we aren't
getting to travel around Europe.
I unlocked the gate and grabbed Kiara by the arm. I
knew not to grab
her too tight, as she was a human. I led her through
the dungeon
door and into the basement. From there we went up
the stairs and
through the kitchen. Back through the formal dining
and lounge
room, then up the stairs opposite ours to the wing
with the guest
bedrooms. Crystal followed us and I could tell that
she was a little