I opened the door to one of the guest bedrooms
and walked her
“You will stay here and be under lock and guard day
and night. Not
once will you be left alone, so if I were you I
wouldn't try anything.”, I
told her.
“Thank you.”, she replied in a tone of gratitude.
“Can I stay and talk with her a while, please?”,
Crystal asked.
“No, it's getting late.”, I replied.
They said good night to one another and then
Crystal and I left.
Crystal and I walked back towards our bedroom
and I wondered why
she was fighting me so much on this. I mean can't
my beautiful and
too trusting wife see that I'm only trying to protect
her? While we
were down in the dungeons, I had a few of the
guards decorate our
room. I wanted it decorated with candles, roses,
and some blood
laced wine. As we arrived in front of our door, I
looked down at my
beautiful wife.
“Are you going to open the door?”, she asked
looking confused.
“Oh sorry.”, I replied
I then leaned down and picked her up bridal style.
“Now I'll open the door.”, I said.
She was giggling and was asking me to put her
down, but she
wanted a traditional wedding. From what I can
remember, the groom
always carried his bride over the threshold.
I opened the door and looked around to see
everything is just as I
wanted, so I kicked the door shut. I could feel her
reaction, because
she tensed and took a deep breath. I placed her
down on her feet,
she then turned around and smiled at me.
“It's so beautiful.”, she said. She then leaned up
and pressed her
lips to mine, kissing me very passionately.
“It's not Europe, but it will have to do for now.”, I
replied after she
pulled her mouth away from mine.
“We were going to Europe?”, she asked.
“We can still go, we just have to wait a little
while.”, I replied.
She started to towards the bed swaying her hips
back and forth
seductively. She then crawled up onto the bed and
laid on her back,
but propped herself up on her elbows so she could
look at me.
There were rose petal all over the bed and around
“You look so beautiful, yet sexy at the same time
baby.”, I said. Her
beauty was something that still left me speechless
at times.
“I'm not as sexy as you, husband.”, she said
I started walking slowly towards the bed, my eyes
raking over her
curvy body. As I reached the bed I gently sat down
on the side, I
leaned down and pressed my lips to hers. I started
off softly just
lightly pecking her lips with mine, but the I started
to kiss her a little
more roughly. I softly bit her bottom lip asking for
entrance and she
gave it to me. Once I plunged my tongue into her
mouth, a rush of
pure pleasure hit me and I couldn't wait to have her.
I started
running my hand up and down her sides, only lightly
touching the
sides of her breasts, I knew she was getting
frustrated from the way
she was moaning into my mouth. She pulled out of
the kiss and
started to lift her top above her head.
“What are you doing baby?”, I questioned. Just the
sight of her bare
skin was enough to make me instantly hard.
“What does it look like? I want you, husband.”, she
I'd been waiting for this every since I figured out
who she was to
me. I didn't stop her as I watched her pull her shirt
off and throw it
onto the floor. She was wearing a sexy red lace bra
that pushed her
breasts up. She then started to shimmy out of her
pants, she got
them all the way down her long legs and threw
them onto the floor
as well. There she was laying all spread out with a
lacy red thong
that matched her bra. It made want to rip them off
and take her hard
and fast.
“Perfect.”, I purred at her.
She reached for my shirt and started to undo the
buttons. I pushed
her hands away to do it myself, but she pushed
mine away.
“My girl is sexy when she's bossy, I like that baby.”,
I said.
She smiled up at me as she finished undoing my
buttons and pulled
my shirt off. I stood up from the bed and slowly
started unbuttoning
my pants, I wanted to tease her to make her just as
hot as I was. I
finally unzipped them all the way and pulled them
I stood there in my black silk boxers, and ran my
eyes up and down
her delectable body. I felt Crystal grab my arm and
next thing I know
she's pulled me onto the bed. She got on top and
straddled me, and
leaned down to kiss me. I kissed her passionately
as I unclasped her
bra and gently pulled it down her arms. Her breast
were right in front
of my face, so I took one of her nipples into my
mouth. She threw
her head back and started to moan, so I reached up
and started
massaging the other one. Things started to get
really hot as she
started grinding her spot against my erection. I
rolled her over and
pulled her panties down her legs, then I started
kissing down her
stomach. When I got where I wanted to be, Crystal
was moaning
and grinding her hips towards me. So leaned down
and started to
lick her special place, as I was licking her I pushed
two fingers
inside. She was nearly convulsing around my
fingers, and I knew she
was about to come. I stopped all together and
heard her moan in
protest, so I ripped my boxers off and climbed up
between her legs
so that my erection was at her entrance.
“Are you sure you want this?”, I asked her.
“More than sure.”, she said breathless.
I slowly ran my erection up and down her slit a few
times and then
gently pushed my way inside her. She felt so good
and I nearly came
right then, I stayed still so she could adjust to my
size. She started
to moan and grind her hips against mine, so I
started to move. I
started out slowly trying to make this as
pleasurable as possible for
her, but I couldn't help it as I gradually started to
speed up. I got
faster and harder with every thrust until I was
pounding into her. I
sat back on my heels and pulled her thighs over
my legs as I
continued to thrust inside her, I then grabbed her
perfect round
breasts and started to roll and pull softly on her
nipples. I leaned
down and took one into my mouth while still pulling
and massaging
the other one. I then leaned over to suck on the
other one, I sucked
as hard as possible, and lightly bit down. She was
moaning loudly
and trying to meet me thrust for thrust. I could feel
Crystal getting
close so I leaned up and pulled her legs over my
shoulders, then I
stated to pound into her as hard and fast as I
could. Suddenly she
cried out and I could feel her tightening around me,
I circled my hips
to make her orgasm last longer, and when I knew
she was finished I
thew my head back and called out her name as I
came insider her. I
gently pulled out and laid down beside her and
pulled her as close as
“That was amazing.”, I panted out.
“Mmm.”, was Crystal's response.
“I love you pretty girl.”, I whispered.
“I love you too.”, she replied.
We fell asleep wrapped up in the sheets and each
It's been a month since I was changed, Casper still
hasn't decided
what to do with Kiara. Every time he goes to punish
her I stop him.
“I thought I told you that you weren’t going to kill
her.”, I said.
“She tried to kill you. It's been long enough, she
needs to be put to
death for what she did to you.”, he stated.
“NO!”, I screamed.
I'm not arguing over the fact that she tried to kill
me, she loved
Jasper and was devastated when he was killed. I
would have done
the exact same thing if someone ever killed Casper.
I'm arguing with
him because no matter what she tried to do, she's
still my best
“She's my best friend Casper. If it was you who was
killed, I'd kill the
person who took you from me.”, I said. Tears were
running down my
face, I was so afraid that Kiara was going to be
“Honey, be reasonable.”, he said while pulling me
into his chest.
I just continued to sob, I couldn't bear to see my
best friend killed.
Okay, I won't kill her but something needs to be
done.”, he finally
I didn't say anything, I just nodded my head in
agreement. It was
nearly lunch time, I knew this because I started to
fell light headed.
Every four hours my body needed blood and when
the time came, I
knew instantly because I would start feeling that
“Come on, lets go get you something to drink.”,
Casper said.
“When will I stop feeling this way?”, I asked feeling
“Within the next month or so.”, he replied as we
made our way to the
I didn't really want to know what Casper was going
to do with Kiara,
I knew he wouldn't kill her because I'd begged him
not to. I believed
him when he said he wouldn't, he wouldn't dare to
hurt me that way.
I was arguing with myself all the way to the kitchen,
a part of me
wanted to know but another part of me didn't. I
finally decided that I
couldn't take not knowing.
“What will happen with Kiara?”, I whispered.
“A number of things could happen.”, he replied.
“Are you sure you want to know?”, he asked me.
“Yes.”, I whispered feeling unsure of whether or not
I really wanted
to know.
I took a seat at the table while Casper walked over
to the fridge and
got out two bottles of blood. He popped them into
the microwave,
once the blood was warm enough he walked back
to the table. He
sat my bottle in front of me and sat on the other
side of the table
directly across from me.
“As I said a lot of different things could happen to
her. I can lock her
in the dungeons and feed her three times a day, but
that would be all
the privilege she would get. She could become a
blood whore for the
guards who still drink from the source, or she could
be turned. She
could be sold as a slave, in which we could also
use her as a slave
here.”, he said.
I lost track of what he was saying, it was all too
much to hear. She's
my friend, I can't let any of those things happen to
“Maybe she can be turned and stay here with me.”,
I thought.

“If she's turned, can she stay here?”, I asked.
“I don't know.”
“Why not?”, I asked.
“Because she tried to kill you.”
“I'm not going to argue over this.”, I replied.
“You need to understand that just because she's
your friend,
doesn't mean that she gets special treatment. I can
not and will not
bend the rules for her, that's not the way it works
when you are a
leader.”, he said.
“I'm not going to let her be mistreated or used and
thrown away. If
she's turned then I want her to stay here.”, I replied.
I'm getting sick of arguing about this, I'm sure if he
had a best friend
he'd try his hardest to help him. Kiara is more like a
sister then a
friend, and I just couldn't let anything horrible
happen to her. I
quickly finished my blood, and threw away the
bottle in the bin and
walked to the library.
I loved sitting in the library, the smell of old books.
It reminds me of
the times Kiara and I said we were going to the
library to study, but
instead we'd end up at a small book store. The
store would be filled
with all kinds of old books. There were times we
really did go the the
library to study, but sometimes we would just go to
the store
“So you want her changed?”, Casper asked from the
“Yes, but only if she can stay here.”, I replied.
“Okay.”, he said. He then turned his back and
walked away.
I quickly got up and followed him, he was walking
towards the stairs
that led to Kiara's room.
“Where are you going?”, I asked stupidly.
“To tell Kiara that her punishment has been
decided.”, he replied.
“Now? You're going to change her now?”, I asked.
“No I'm not, Alexander is.”, he replied.
“Why now?”, I asked feeling a little panicked.
“Because it's been a month and people need to see
that things have
been dealt with.”, he replied as we reached her
door. The guard
stepped aside so Casper and I could walk through.
I saw Kiara sitting on the bed with a book in her
lap. She was
reading a Vampire book, just as I thought. I couldn't
say I've read it,
as I didn't recognize the cover. She was worried, I
could see it in her
eyes and could hear hear heart pounding.
“Hey Key-key, what are you reading?”, I asked.
“We're not here to chit chat.”, Casper said.
“Why are you here?”, Kiara asked.
“Your punishment has been decided.”, Casper said.
“Mm-my punishment?”, she stuttered.
I swear I heard her heart stop beating for a second
and then all of a
sudden, it sounded like a jet plane about to take
“It's okay Key-key it's not bad.”, I said as I went
and sat on the bed
beside her.
“What is it?”, she asked.
“You will spend eternity living the way we live. You
will stay here and
live by our rules, you will never go back home. For
as long as you
live, you will never hurt Crystal in any way again.
Vampires can be
tortured just as badly as humans can be, Vampires
don't die from
being tortured either.”, Casper said.
“NO, NO, NO!”, Kiara screamed.
“Key-key it's okay.”, I tried to calm her.
“No it's not okay, I don't want to be like you guys. I
don't want to
have to drink blood, I'd rather die.”, she said.
“Well I'm not going to let you die. I was worried
about drinking blood
as well, but it's actually really nice.”, I said to her.
I didn't have time to fully calm her down, because
Alexander walked
into the room. When his eyes landed on Kiara, I
thought I saw
something in his eyes. Before I could say anything
about it, it was
“Who's he?”, Kiara asked.
“He'll be the one to turn you.”, I answered.
“No.”, she said. She pulled away and moved as far
away as she
could, but the headboard on the bed stopped her
from going any
“Do it.”, Casper demanded.
I couldn't watch them do this, I quickly ran out of
the room. I ran
down the stairs and outside. I wanted my friend
alive, I didn't want
her to die. There was no way I could sit and watch
what they were
about to do.
I sat near the fountain surrounded by roses, I didn't
even realize
Casper was standing beside me until he cleared his
“She'll be okay.”, he said softly.
“I know, I'm just sad she didn't want to change.”, I
He sat beside me and pulled me onto his lap.
She'll come around once she's awake.”, he said
trying to soothe me.
“I hope so.”, I said as I started to cry.
I was about to ask Casper about the look I saw on
Alexander's face
when he first saw Kiara. I didn't have to though
because Casper
beat me to it.
“I think Alexander found his soul mate.”, he spoke.
“Kiara.”, I said.
He didn't say anything, he just gave me a slight
“I thought I saw a strange look on his face when he
walked in the
room, but it disappeared as quickly as it came.”, I
“She'll be okay, he'll take care of her.”, Casper said.
He could tell I was still stressed about how Kiara
would be after she
woke up.
We walked back to our bedroom and I quickly fell
2 Months Later.............
Everything happened so fast, Alexander and Kiara
were happily getting married today. I feel so happy
seeing how fast my best friend quickly forgot about
Jasper, and is now deeply in love with someone
with a kind heart like that of Casper. She's now a
vampire just like I am, and we seem pretty ok
about it. At least, we get to be together like old
Who could have thought that a plain boring me
would one day get married to a very Handsome
Demi-god Vampire Prince and be the Queen of
Although, I still miss my parents and family and
long to see them. I know that someday, I would
have to go see them, even if I spend just a day with
them, to let them know that I'm very much ok and
even the Queen of a kingdom, so their grieve for
me each passing day would disappear. I know
nothing can be compared to this very life I have
now, and I never want it to end....... Casper told
me, I could live for hundreds of years and that
could mean like forever, the thought of that alone
sends chills through my veins. If only he knew that I
didn't want to live forever if he won't be by my side.
Our love for each other has grown over the weeks,
we can't spend a minute without each other and
neither can we keep our hands to ourselves, last
night I discovered I'm carrying his child. It makes
me want to cry. The thought of bring a mother to a
healthy baby vampire, and heir to the throne.
Even though, Jasper is dead, I still get nightmares
frequently, and sometimes, I just get the feeling that
something bad is going to happen, or an enemy is
going to attack us, but when I remember that my
husband is Casper, the vampire king, who never
fails to protect me, I go back to sleep peacefully,
knowing fully well that no harm could ever come to
me again, as long as I have Casper.
The End!!!