Chapter 28
“What would that be?”, I asked.
“You.”, was all he said.
I was absolutely speechless. I know he said he
loves me, but there
is no way that I am more beautiful than this
amazing place. The
water was so clear and blue, and the trees and
flowers were
amazing. The glow of the sun starting to set made
this place look
I was staring at the lake when I felt Casper brush
his hand down my
right cheek, and I turned to look at him. He had a
look of pure
adoration on his face, and I hoped my face mirrored
his. Before I
could say anything he leaned in and softly kissed
me, his lips felt
amazing on mine. He licked my bottom lip asking
for entrance, and
without thinking I gave it to him. As soon as his
tongue touched
mine, there was this explosion of nothing but pure
throughout my whole body.
He slowly pulled back and I was a little upset, I
didn't want him to
stop. Almost as if hearing my thoughts, he softly
grabbed my face
between his hands. This time he kissed my
forehead, both my
cheeks, my nose, and then finally pecked me on the
“When I said I loved you, I need you to know I
meant every single
word. I do love you with all my heart, you are my
soul mate. The one
who is meant just for me, and I you.”, he whispered
inches away
from my lips. I knew that I should say those three
little words back
to him, but when I went to speak nothing cam out.
Why can't I tell
him that I love him? I know that I do with everything
in me, and I
need him to know it before he is forced to marry
someone else..
“It's okay. You don't have to say anything.”, he said
like he knew I
wanted to say it but couldn't get it out.
So I said nothing, and sat down on the grass.
Looking out over the
lake, I watched the water change colors with the
setting sun. My
eyes kept drifting to this one tree, it was the most
gorgeous tree I
had ever seen. It looked to be many years old, but
was still
magnificent all the same.
All the sudden I had this urge come over me that I
couldn't explain. I
had to tell him how I felt, it was now or never.
“I love you too.”, I suddenly said. It felt so good to
finally admit that
to him, but I didn't get the reaction that I thought I
would. I wanted
him to kiss me again, to whisper that he loved me
too. I would
always want to hear him say those words to me,
and I would never
tire of hearing them.
After about five minutes had gone by without him
saying anything, I
finally began to get nervous thinking maybe I
shouldn't have said it
at all. Then in the blink of an eye he had grabbed
me around the
waist, and lifted me so I was sitting with one of my
legs on either
side of him. He looked deeply into my eyes, and I
saw his love for
me shining in them. Then his lips were on mine
once again, and I
felt that same rush of pleasure come over me. I
moaned into his
mouth and he reached up to tangle his fingers in
my hair, as he
slowly ran his other hand down my back. I reached
up to run my
fingers through his hair too, and it felt so smooth
just like silk. He
smelled amazing and that only added to my want
for him and I knew
I had to stop before I couldn't. As I pulled away, I
looked over my
shoulder at that tree again.
Removing myself from Casper's lap I asked him,
“What is the name
of that tree?”
“That's a Bloodwood Tree.”, he replied looking at it.
He suddenly became very still, and looked as if he
were deep in
“Are you alright?”, I asked.
“That's it!”, he replied.
“What?”, I asked confused.
“That's what killed my father!”, he said.
“A tree killed your father?”, I asked totally lost.
“Not the tree, the sap.”, he said.
“So someone killed your father with the sap from
that tree?”, I asked
just to make sure I understood correctly.
“Yes! You helped me figure out how my father
died!”, he exclaimed.
“I only asked about the tree, because I thought it
was beautiful.”, I
“Well then thank you for being so curious.”, he
whispered then
kissed me.
We made our way back to the palace, and
immediately went looking
for Sapphire. It wasn't too hard to find her, as it
seemed that Casper
could sense her.
“She's out by the pool house.”, he said.
We walked towards the pool house and were very
surprised, as
Sapphire wasn't alone.
“Leave now.”, Casper demanded.
The boy stood up and quickly ran out of the pool
house towards the
“Damn Casper, you sure know how to ruin a girls
night.”, she said in
a hurt tone as she tied her bikini top back on.
Thankfully her back
was towards us so we couldn't see anything. I
know her body is
perfect and all, but I really don't want to see her
bare chest.
As she turned around her eyes zeroed in on mine
and Casper's
hands interlocked with each other.
“Crystal and I have figured out what killed father.”,
Casper said to
“How did you do that?”, she asked with a weird
look on her face.
“She asked me about a Bloodwood Tree and I
realized that's where
the poison came from.”, he stated.
“Bloodwood, how could I have not thought of that
sooner. Especially
since it's the only poison that can actually kills us.”,
she said angrily.
“The question remains though, who would want
father dead?”, she
I didn't want to interrupt them so I stood by
Casper's side and
waited till they were finished discussing the issue.
“We need a list of all the guests that have visited
the palace and
have guards search all the rooms of the palace. I
want it searched
from top to bottom.”, he demanded of Sapphire.
She didn't argue with him at all.
“I'll go inform the guards right now.”, she replied
and left the pool
“How about we get you to bed.”, Casper whispered
in my ear. He
then picked me up bridal style and I couldn't help
but giggle.
“Casper, put me down.”, I said as I laughed.
“Nope.”, he stated.
I thought he was taking me to my room, but we
went right instead
of left.
“Where are we going? My room is the other way.”, I
said curiously.
“Oh you're coming to my room,”, he said in a sexy
“Hang on a minute. I am not just going to have sex
with you, we
have a lot to discuss.”, I said.
“As much as I would love to throw you down on my
bed and ravish
your beautiful body, I promise you that I will not
force myself upon
you.”, he said honestly.
Then it hit me that he is soon to be King, and for
that he has to be
“When are you getting married?”, I asked as he
carried me to his
“Soon.”, was all he said.
“Is your future wife beautiful?”, I asked though it
pained me to do
Now I realized why I didn't want to tell him that I
loved him, because
he was to marry someone else and I'm going to be
left heartbroken.
We reached his room and he walked us inside,
closing the door
behind us and placed me on the ground. He
dropped to one knee in
front of me and I was shocked to say the least.
“She's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I'd
be the happiest
man in the world if she'd accept my hand in
marriage. Crystal, I
know it's sudden and I haven't even had the chance
to date you. I'm
sorry that I am asking this way I would love to do
something more
romantic, but I haven't been giving that kind of time.
I love you so
much and I would be so honored if you would
marry me.”, he said
looking at me hopefully.
I wasn't expecting this, as I really thought he would
have to marry
another Vampire, but he asked me!
“Yes I'll marry you, I love you.”, I said as tears ran
down my face. I
was getting to marry the man of my dreams, the
one who owned my
“I love you too Crystal, so much.”, he replied
looking at me with
nothing but love shining in his beautiful green eyes.

Chapter 29
It's been two weeks since Casper had asked me to
marry him. The
wedding is in two weeks' time, just before Casper is
crowned as
King. The wedding arrangements are going great, I
think that's
because I have so much help. Now that I'm
engaged to Casper,
Vampires know that I'm off limits and if they touch
me they will die.
So I was free to explore the palace on my own, as
Casper was busy
trying to figure out who murdered his father.
Sapphire has been
helping him, so I haven't seen much of her either in
the last few
days. Although Casper does come to bed every
night to cuddle up
to me and I love it.
The maids, Sapphire, and her cousin Peyton are all
helping with the
arrangements for the wedding. Sapphire hasn't
helped as much as
the other girls, but she is busy helping Casper most
of the time.
The color scheme is already picked out, it's going
to be black,
maroon, and white as it's the royal color. The
flowers are finalized,
invitations sent out, and my dress was being made.
So hopefully I
would be having a dress fitting to finalize the dress
within the next
few days. We still need to pick the music for the
reception and write
our vows, plus we still haven't picked the flavor for
the cake yet.
So today we were going to be finishing the last few
details except
my vows, as I still had sometime to work on them.
I was meeting the
girls in the formal lounge room, that had been
transferred in to a
room full of bridal magazines and different types of
materials and
“About time.”, said Peyton.
“Sorry.”, I replied.
Gosh I was only ten minutes late I mean I know the
wedding is soon,
but I shouldn't have to apologize for being a little
late. These
Vampires can be pretty pushy and demanding when
they want to be.
“Okay, first up is the music.”, said Peyton.
“Are we having a DJ, sound system, or a band?”,
asked the maid. I
think her name is Haylee.
“I think we should have a DJ.”, I said.
“That sounds great! So then we don't need to worry
about the
music, as it will all be up to him.”, said Sapphire
as she walked into
the room.
Great that's another thing sorted and I was really
looking forward to
the cake tasting. I want to try as many different
flavors as possible,
that way I know what all my options are.
“Okay now for the cake. A maid will bring in some
samples of
different flavors for you to try, that they've come up
with. So until
then we can go over everything else, and make sure
we have every
little detail planned out.”, Sapphire said.
“Can I ask about the honeymoon? When will we
discuss that?”, I
“The honeymoon is taken care of already.”,
Sapphire and Peyton
said at the same time.
“Well...what are the plans?”, I asked really curious.
“It's a secret. Even we don't know about it, Casper
organized it all
on his own.”, Sapphire said.
Just then the maid walked in with a trolley full of
different cakes,
and all I could do was drool. How am I mean to
pick a favorite, there
are just so many. I'll want them all!
“Okay now grab a piece of paper and write down
your three favorites
in order.”, Sapphire instructed.
“Okay.”, we all said.
I went through them one by one, and every single
one of them
melted in my mouth. At the top of my list I had the
caramel and dark
chocolate, followed by the banana and mango, then
the last was
raspberry and white chocolate.
“Can I have three different types on each tier of the
cake, because I
have my three favorites and I can't decide between
them.”, I asked.
“The cooks can make whatever kind of cake you
want.”, said Casper
from the door. I hadn't even realized he was
standing there.
“Of course they can.”, the maid Haylee replied.
“May I steal you for a minute?”, he asked me.
“Of course you can.”, I replied.
I handed my list of favorites to Sapphire and
walked to my future
husband. He held his arms open and I walked into
them and put my
arms around his neck.
“I love you.”, he whispered as he kissed my neck.
“I love you too.”, I replied giggling. He was tickling
my neck by
licking right below my ear.
He picked me up and carried me to the office that
was now his. His
father had a ton of unfinished business and Casper
was trying to
catch it up He was trying to take care of quickly,
while still trying to
find his fathers murderer. He walked into the office
still carrying me,
and closed the door behind us with his foot.
“I've missed you.”, I said. Casper sat on the lounge
with me on his
lap and hugged me tightly.
“I know, I've missed you too.”, he replied.
“I found some information on who killed father.”, he
said out of
“Who was it?”, I asked.
When Sapphire was here a few weeks ago, she had
a few visitors.
One of them went by the name of Christopher. At
the moment it's
just a hunch, but I think she was meeting up with
Jasper.”, he said
“Why would she do that?”, I asked.
“I don't know, that's what I need to find out. I think
she and Jasper
have slowly been poisoning father to death over the
last few weeks.”
“How could this have happened? Casper told me
that his father
disowned Jasper years ago. Why would Sapphire
work with him?
“How did he get into the palace without your father
“I'm not sure, that's why I assume Jasper is
Christopher. It was a
name he used many years ago.”, he said.
I grabbed Casper's face to make him look at me,
and I kissed him
passionately. Then laid my head down onto his
“I could stay like this forever.”, I whispered.
“I could too, but right now I have a lot of work to
“You're going to be King, you'll always have a lot of
work to do.”, I
replied with a sad look on my face.
I was right and I knew it. He would soon be King
and I'd never get to
spend any time with him. I wasn't sure if we'd go
back home or if
we would stay here in London.
“Will we go back home? Or will we stay here?”, I
“Depends on whether or not you want to go home
or stay here, it
doesn't really matter I can do my work from
“I'll miss April if we stay here, she was really nice
to me.”, I replied.
“We could bring her over here if you want.”
“I can ask her.” I don't want her to move all the way
over here and
leave her family. Maybe she could bring them with
We sat in silence for a little while, until Casper said
he had a little
more digging to do. I sat on the lounge and
watched as he made a
few phone calls and dug through stacks of papers.
He finally lifted
his head with a paper in his hand.