Chapter 30
“This is it!”, he exclaimed.
“What is it?”, I asked.
“Just what I needed. One of the guards on duty
during one of the
times Sapphire was here, thought he saw someone
who looked just
like me. Only the man he claims to have seen, had
black hair.”, he
“So it was Jasper then.”
“Yes it was Jasper. I know it, I just know it, Jasper
and Sapphire
killed our father.”, he said in a deathly tone.
“What will happen now?”, I asked.
“I'll send the guards to get Sapphire and have her
taken to the
dungeons,she shall be sentenced to death after
questioning. Then I
shall send guards out to hunt for Jasper.”
Casper called in the guards and ordered them to
take Sapphire as a
prisoner, and ordered another group to hunt down
his monstrous
brother. I sat there in silence watching Casper order
people around,
and it brought back so many memories from when I
first met him.
“Why was I marrying him, he never explained why
he abused me. I
should be scared of him right? For some unknown
reason I wasn't
scared of him, but I did need answers though.”, I
thought to myself.
“Casper, can I ask you something?”
“Of course you can”, he replied.
“Before I marry you, I need to know why you were
so mean and
abusive to me.”
I saw him tense up so I knew that I caught him off
guard with the
“I knew you would ask me this sooner or later.”, he
He continued to sit at his desk, so I walked over
and sat in the chair
on the opposite side of the desk.
“Please tell me, I have to know.”, I whispered.
“It all started with this girl named Marry, whom I
thought I loved. I
came to learn, however, that she was nothing but a
bitch.”, he said. With that he went on to tell me the
story of how she
had betrayed him and played a hand in his mother's
“So you see when I first met you, you reminded me
so much of that
girl that murdered my mother, but I had killed her. I
though maybe
you were a descendant, and I planned on getting
revenge. If you
were in fact a descendant of that girl, then that
would have made
you a Vampire. I couldn't smell it on you but I
thought you were
some how hiding it, since you were with a group of
humans. So I
kidnapped you and brought you to my home, all the
while degrading
and beating you. I waited for you to try to attack
me back, and that
would prove whether or not you were a Vampire. I
kept thinking that
you might be able to read my mind and know that I
killed that
woman, hoping to trigger your want for revenge. I
discovered much
too late that you were in fact human, and could in
no way be of her
bloodline. Once I had figured that out, I realized I
was being drawn
to you out of love, not revenge. I knew then that I
loved you, and you
were my soul mate.”
I didn't know what to say. He said at first it was a
test to see if I
was a Vampire, and therefore a descendant of the
girl who murdered
his mother. Does he know how stupid that sounds?
“You thought I was a descendant of the girl who
killed your mother,
and would realize that you had in turn killed her?
Then upon realizing
this, would come after you for revenge of my own?”
“Yes. Vampires are very vengeful creatures. They
will kill an entire
bloodline of someone who has wronged them,
especially if they've
killed a loved one. It's in our nature, it's who we are
and I was willing
to wipe out that girls whole family. That's why it's
also hard for me
not to kill Sapphire and Jasper myself, I loved my
father and they
took him from me. That is not the way it's done
here though, there
is a procedure that I have to follow.”
I moved around the desk to stand face to face with
him. I placed
both hands on either said of his face.
“How could you possibly think that I was that kind
of a person? Even
if I had been a Vampire and a descendant of hers,
how could you
think that me of all people could try to kill
someone?” I whispered.
“I know and I'm so sorry. I never should have
assumed, you just
looked so much like her. I can't ever take back
what I did but if you
give me the chance, I will spend forever trying to
make it up to you.”
he said sincerely.
“Its okay I can forgive you for making a mistake,
and I will let you
prove to me how sorry you really are. I'm sorry that
I had to bring
this up. as I can see it causes you great pain for
many different
reasons. I would now like to put this behind us and
move on from it,
I don't want to dwell on this anymore.” I stated.
“Okay we shall put this behind us. I love you so
much Crystal, I want
you to know that.”, he said looking straight into my
“I know you do, and I love you too Casper.”
The rest of the evening flew by, and Casper finally
made his way up
to bed to cuddle me. I can't wait to become his
wife. I know people
think I might be crazy for loving Casper after
everything he put me
thorough, but honestly it's all in the past just like
we said earlier. As
long as it never happens again and I have no doubt
that it ever will,
I'll be happy.
It's been just over a week since Casper found out
Sapphire was
helping Jasper. Casper's tried to talk to her a few
times, but so far
hasn't had any luck.
There's only six days until the wedding and I'm
starting to get
nervous. Casper asks me if I'm nervous all the time,
but I tell him
I'm not. I don't want him to think I'm going to back
out because I
do want to marry him, I'm just scared about
everything else. Will I be
made to change into a Vampire? Will Casper always
love me? Will he
get tired of me when I age and he doesn't?
I decided to walk around the palace gardens. It was
nice outside
today, the sun was shining. I realized that didn't
happen often,
especially over the last few weeks. It's usually
raining, which it looks
like it's getting ready to start.
Casper was going to try to talk to Sapphire again
today, to try and
figure out why she had done it. She hasn't been
talkative lately, she
mostly just stares at the wall. I didn't want to be
there while she
was being questioned, because I had been friends
with her. I guess
that just goes to show that you really never know
someone as well
as you think.
I was so lost in thought that I didn't realize
someone was beside
me, until I heard them clear their throat. I turned my
head to my right
and saw Jasper standing right next to me. I tried to
scream but by
the time I opened my mouth, Jasper's hand was
already over it. He
quickly picked me up and ran towards the wall that
separated the
palace from the forest. I tried to pry his hand off
my mouth so I
could scream, but I couldn't manage it. I also tried
kicking and biting
his hand, but I didn't have any luck considering how
strong he is. He
just kept resisting all my attempt to thwart him off,
leaving me helpless.
I closed my eyes and mentally screamed for Casper
to come help
me. I knew he wouldn't hear me, but I desperately
wished that he
could. I prayed someone would realize I was
missing soon, at least
then Casper would have a good idea of where to
find me.
After was seemed like a considerable amount of
time, Jasper
decided to stop suddenly. We were still in the
forest, although I
couldn't tell you where.
“Finally, I have you all to myself.”, he whispered in
my ear.
“DON'T TOUCH ME!”, I screamed.
“Now why would I listen to you? It would ruin the
fun if I did that.”
“CASPER WILL KILL YOU!”, I screamed in his face.
“That's only if he finds you in time.”, he said.
“He will!”
I was so scared right now, and I knew Casper
would look for me. I
also knew that he'd kill Jasper for sure, given the
“Please find me”, I thought.
Jasper grabbed my arm and pulled me further into
the forest. He
drug me to this cave that was built into the side of
a cliff. I should
have known he'd come after me again. I should
have stayed in the
palace, but why didn't the guards stop him?
“To answer your questions, the three guards that
were on duty are
dead. That's why they didn't inform my brother in
time, or try to stop
me.”, he said with a smug look.
“He will kill you!”, I shouted. I didn't have time to
see it coming,
before I knew it my face was stinging. It took my
brain a minute to
realize that Jasper had slapped me. I quickly put
my hand where he
hit me, it stung so much and was starting to swell.
“Don't touch me.”, I said in a strong tone. Deep
down I knew that I
shouldn't have said anything.
I went back to the time Casper had told me about
his brother.

Chapter 31
“Remember how I was before, well Jasper is worse
and he's like that
all the time.”
I was standing in the corner of the cave, which was
being lit with a
single torch. It didn't seem like much, but it was
enough to cast a
slight glow all over the cave. I could see Jasper a
few feet in front of
me, he was pacing in circles like he was waiting for
“Why are you doing this?”, I whispered. I knew he
could hear me so
I didn't yell, because I didn't want to anger him
“Because my dear brother is going to pay, that
should be me taking
the throne not him. He is nowhere near strong
enough to lead our
kind.”, he said in a bitter tone.
“He will make a great King, I believe in him.”, I
“You know nothing your just a ploy to lure my dear
brother here, so
that we can finish this once and for all. Besides you
know nothing of
our kind, and you don't know anything about our
history. So please,
do tell me how you plan to rule our kind by his
side. You don't even
want to become a Vampire, so why should you
become the Queen
of our kind?!”, he shouted.
He started to walk closer to me and I could feel my
heart begin to
race, I knew I should keep my mouth shut but I
couldn't help myself.
“I'm marrying your brother, and there's nothing you
can do to stop
it.”, I said out loud. I didn't yell or scream, but I
spoke loud and
“Don't push me. I could kill you so quick, you
wouldn't even see it
coming. I'm not going to do that though, not yet at
least. I'll wait
until your precious Casper tries to save you, and
then I'll kill you.
After you're dead, I'll kill him and get everything I've
wanted.”, he spat in my face.
Before I had a chance to say anything, I was thrown
against the wall
and pinned by my throat. Jasper's hand pushed
hard, and I couldn't
breathe. I felt as though I were going to pass out,
but he released
me before I did. He continued to keep a strong hold
of my neck
though, and brought his mouth down towards my
“No please don't!”, I begged. I didn't want him to
drink from me.
“I don't like beggars.”, he whispered.
Damn he sounded so much like Casper when he
said that. What if
he drinks from me and doesn't stop?
“As I said, I'm not going to kill you just yet, but I
am a little thirsty.”
That's when he sank his fangs into my neck, I tried
to move away
but couldn't and the pain was unbearable. The more
I tried to move,
the worse it felt. I could feel my skin ripping, and I
tried to fight the
pain as much as possible. In the end the pain won
and I passed out.
“ CASPER PLEASE HELP ME!”, I screamed. It was
like the same dream
I had a while back, but this time I was in a cave
not a forest.
“ He can't hear you, he's not here.”, said the voice
that was hiding in
the shadows.
I knew who it was instantly, he said he'd come back
for me and he
has! Why is he doing this to me? Why me ? Was all
this because of
Casper? All because Jasper wants the throne? Why
am I thinking of all
these questions, I know the answers already.
It was because I was human and marrying the
Vampire Prince, soon
to be King. It was mostly because Jasper thought
he should be the
King instead of Casper.
I couldn't help but think that I didn't really want
Casper to come to my
rescue. I don't want him to die because he tries to
save me, I'd rather
die than see him get hurt. “Please don't come
Casper, please don't
rescue me.”, I thought.
I tried to stand up and make a run for it, and I
knew I had no hope but
tried anyway. I couldn't stand up, I felt completely
paralyzed. I couldn't
even move my arms, and I started to panic. I need
to get up so I can
“ Oh god please let me get out of here, let me get
up.”, I begged.
Just like nothing had happened, my eyes closed
and all I could hear
was Casper.
***CASPER'S P.O.V***
I was in the dungeons speaking with Sapphire, well
at least trying to.
She wouldn't say a word, and I was getting sick of
her not listening
to me.
THIS?!”, I screamed at her.
But like every other time, I didn't even get a reaction
out of her.
I could hear a guard running down the steps. I had
a feeling it was
important, as I had told them not to interrupt me.
“What is it?”, I asked before the guard even made it
to the bottom.
“Sorry for interrupting sir, but we have a problem.
Three guards are
dead, and Miss Crystal is missing. The guards have
searched the
palace, and she can't be found anywhere.”, the
guard stated.
I didn't bother to respond, I ran as fast as I could
out of the palace.
Once I got outside I could smell her scent in the
gardens, there were
eight guards behind me.
“This is where she was last.”, I stated.
I knew the other scent all too well, as it was very
similar to mine.
“Jasper has taken her and I want her back safe and
sound, and I
want Jasper dead!”, I shouted.
They've been gone at least thirty minutes, they could
be anywhere
by now. It doesn't take very long to travel,
considering how fast we
can run.
“I know my brother, he would have stayed close. He
knows that I'll
come looking for her, that's what he wants.”, I told
the guards. With
that we made out way to the forest.
“We'll find them sir.”, replied one of the guards.
I began to follow the scent of Jasper and Crystal,
and at one point
that had us going in circles.
“He's trying to distract us.”, I said to the guards
behind me.
“We know sir.”, the replied.
“We'll find them and she will be fine.”, one of the
guards said.
He must have been able to tell by the sound of my
voice, that I was
getting anxious. Our wedding is in six days, I need
her back safe and
sound. I need my pretty girl by my side, I can't live
without her.
We've been going around in circles for fifteen
minutes, but we can't
seem to find them. The scent isn't as strong as I
need it to be.
“Please be okay Crystal.”, I thought. I couldn't bear
to loose her, it
would kill me.
Just when I thought I'd never actually find her, I
came across her
scent. I followed it down a path that I knew lead
towards the cliffs,
her scent was now getting a lot stronger. I could
smell her, she was
hurt and bleeding. The closer I got the more
worried I became. Was
she badly hurt? What had Jasper done to her? I
knew he was still
there, because I could smell him too.
I knew Jasper could tell I was close, so I stopped
my men and told
“He knows we're here. He'll attack me and then
come for the rest of
you. None of you are to kill him, he is mine!”, I told
“Yes sir.”, the all agreed.
“One more thing, when we move in you go straight
for Crystal. Get
her our of here as fast as you can, do you
understand?”, I said
pointing to one of the guards.
He acknowledged me with a nod. I knew he'd do as
he was told.
Jasper will be out numbered,
he doesn't stand a chance in hell!
I held my fingers up, We moved
in and entered the
opening of a cave on the face of a cliff. I
immediately saw Jasper to
my right and I was right, he was alone. I looked
over to my left and
saw Crystal on the floor, she wasn't moving.
“Get her!”, I shouted as Jasper ran towards her.
“Don't you dare touch her!”, I growled. I ran at him
and slammed him
into the wall before he could even make it near
“You're too late brother.”, he said with a sickening
“You're lying, did you forget that I can hear her heart
beat brother?”, I
asked with a smile.
Before Jasper had a chance to respond, I grabbed
his head in both
of my hands, and twisted as fast as possible. You
could hear his
bones and ligaments cracking and snapping, as I
twisted his head
off his shoulders. His body fell to the ground and
within seconds, he
was nothing but ash.
I turned around and realized all the guards but two,
had left the cave
along with Crystal. I need to see her, I need to
know that she's okay.
I rushed out of the cave, and saw the guards
surrounding her body.
She lay on the ground and I was by her side within
a second.
“Come on pretty girl, it's time to open your eyes.”, I
said to her.
I continued to try and get her to wake up for five
minutes, I know
she isn't dead so why won't she wake up?
“She's lost a lot of blood sir.”, one of the guards
“I know.”, I replied.
I thought of giving her my blood, but I wasn't sure if
Jasper had
released venom into her system when he fed from
her. If I give her
my blood and she has venom in her system, the
she'll start the
change. “Is it worth the risk? I don't even know if
she wants to be
changed.”, I thought to myself.
I couldn't risk her life, I released my fangs and bit
into my wrist.
Once the blood started to drip out, I placed my
wrist to her mouth. I
rubbed it slightly to try and get her to latch on.
After a minute she
finally opened her mouth, and let my blood pour in.
“That's my girl, drink up.”, I whispered.
“Mmm.”, I heard her moan.
I tried to pull my wrist away, but she had a pretty
tight grip on my
“Come on pretty girl, that's enough.”, I spoke
She finally released my arm, and pulled her mouth
away. Without
thinking about it I placed my mouth on hers, and
kissed her deeply. I
broke the kiss and picked her up to make our way
back to the
“Where is he?”, she whispered tiredly.
“He's dead, he won't hurt you ever again.”, I replied.
“Now sleep, you'll be home in a minute.”, I told
She didn't hesitate and within seconds he heart beat
was steady
and her breathing became deeper.
“I love you. I can't wait to become your husband,
you had me so
worried today pretty girl. I don't know what I would
do without you.”,
I whispered to her as I laid her down in bed.
I lay next to her and let sleep over take me, and
soon I was sound
asleep holding the woman who owned my heart.