Chapter 32
The days have been flying by, my wedding is in two
days! I've been
having dreams nearly every night since Jasper
attacked me. In away
I'm glad Casper killed him, now I don't have to
worry about him
coming after me again. Casper looks like he's
getting nervous, but I
know he's being crowned King soon. He says he
isn't at all nervous
about the wedding, but I think he is a little.
The plans were all sorted and my dress was
delivered three days
ago. It was amazing and without a doubt the most
beautiful dress I
had ever seen. The flowers will be delivered the
morning of the
wedding, guests will start arriving today and up until
the wedding.
The food is set to be delivered a few hours before
the ceremony.
I want the wedding to be as normal as possible, so
there will be
humans there as well as Vampires. None of my
family or friends will
be there, but the guard who carried me out of the
cave has offered
to give me away.
I admit I was starting to get very nervous, I just
kept thinking that
something was going to go wrong. I knew Jasper
couldn't ruin our
special day, but that doesn't mean that something
else couldn't
happen. I haven't been for a walk on my own since
Jasper took me,
and Casper tells me all the time that it's okay. He
assures me that
nothing is going to happen, but I still worry.
I walk into the kitchen to find something to eat
since I couldn't be
bothered to cook. I didn't want a maid to cook for
me either, so I
grabbed some chocolate ice cream from the
freezer. Then I went
and grabbed some chocolate topping and whipped
cream from the
fridge. I placed all of it on the table and went to get
a bowl
down.“Can I have some as well?”, I heard my sexy
fiancèe ask from
the doorway.
“No because you don't even eat ice cream.”, I
“I could always pretend to like it.”, he whispered in
my ear.
Lately I have wanted him so badly, my body craves
his. I've tried to
seduce him a few times, but he shuts me down
every damn time.
“It's too dangerous.”, is his answer every time I ask
why we can't.
So for now I have given up asking, but hopefully on
our wedding
night I can get him to cave. Just because he's a
Vampire doesn't
mean that I don't have certain needs, and I know he
wants me
because I have felt his erection. I know he wants to
have sex just as
much as I do, he just won't give into those urges.
“Nope. You're still not getting any.”, I said as I
poured the topping
and whipped cream onto my ice cream.
“You're one mean woman, you know that right?”, he
“Yep just like you're one mean Vampire.”
“Oh no, please don't bring the sex issue back up.”,
he said
“Why not? You won't hurt me, and it's normal for a
woman to want
to have sex with her man.”, I argued.
“Not every woman is having sex with and marrying
the Prince of
Vampires, it's completely different.”, he tried to
argue back.
“Okay fine, but I'll get my way eventually. You won't
be able to resist
me forever.”, I thought.
I didn't reply back to him, as I put the ice cream
back in the freezer. I
picked up my bowl and walked out of the kitchen
without saying
another word to him. Why should I have to
continually be frustrated
and left wanting, all because he is too afraid.
I walked to the lounge room and turned the TV on.
I flicked through
the channels because there was nothing on. Out of
all these
channels you'd think I'd be able to find something
to watch, but not
one single thing. So I turned the TV off and just
continued to eat my
ice cream.
“Stop being a baby pretty girl.”, he said from behind
Damn Vampires and their sneakiness!
“You do know that tonight is the last night we will
get to sleep in the
same bed together, until after we are married right?
I wanted to
spend some alone time with my future husband, and
he finished all
his work last night. Or should I say this morning,
since he didn't
bring his sexy ass to bed until after 2. So from now
until after the
honeymoon, he didn't have any work unless
something came up.
“I know.”, was all he replied.
“So what do you want to do?”, I asked.
“I think I might catch up on some sleep.”, he said.
Then he turned
around and walked away from me. I watched him
walk towards the
stairs, but from there I couldn't see if he went up
them or not.
Of all the nerve! He doesn't even need to sleep...the
Secretly I was hoping he was reading my thoughts,
even though he
promised he wouldn't I still wanted him to know. I
sat in the lounge
room for about another fifteen minutes, before
getting up and taking
my bowl to the kitchen.
“I'm going to go find him.”, I said out loud.
“That won't be hard Miss, since Master has gone to
his room.”, a
maid said from the kitchen doorway.
“Thank you.”, I said and started to walk towards our
I had so many thoughts running through my head. “I
wonder what
he's doing? Is he really sleeping? Should I try to
make a move on
him?”, I thought to myself.
As I got closer to the room I couldn't hear anything,
maybe he really
is sleeping. I got to the door and turned the handle,
I opened the
door and he was laying on the bed. He looked like
he was asleep, so
I quietly walked into the room so I could sneak up
on him for a
change. Without any warning I jumped on top of
He woke up and gave me an angry look. “What do
you think you're
doing? I said I was going to sleep.”, he said in s
stern voice.
“Oh come on! I'm bored.”, I said.
Just then he flipped me underneath him and started
tickling me.
“Please no, stop please!”, I said gasping for air.
I hated being tickled and he knew it, so he did it on
purpose. I have
yet to find where he's ticklish. Do Vampires even
have ticklish spots
I wondered.
When I finally thought he'd stopped, he gave me a
devilish smile and
started all over again. Damn it!
“Please stop, I need to go to the bathroom.”, I
He finally got off me and moved out of the way so
I could get up.
Except I didn't really need to go, so once I was
standing I turned to
face him. I jumped right onto him wrapping my
arms around his
neck, and my legs around his hips.
“Tickle me again, and the wedding is off.”, I
threatened him.
He probably knew I was just kidding, but I still said
it anyway. The
look on his face made me laugh, he looked heart
broken yet happy
at the same time. How does he do that I wondered.
“Aww don't look at me like that.”, I said with a
straight face.
“You'd leave me all because I tickled you a little too
much?”, he

Chapter 33
“You're a dumb ass if you really think that.”, I said
and smacked him
on the shoulder.
I gave into him because I needed a kiss, and he
wouldn't give me
one unless I made it clear that I wanted one. So
most of the time it
was me that had to make the first move. Once our
lips touched I felt
that same rush of pure pleasure run through me, I
would never get
sick of this feeling.
I ran my hands through his hair and he moved his
hands up and
down my back. I really wanted him to lay me down
on the bed and
caress my breasts, I was aching for him to touch
me there. It may
have sounded a little slutty, but I am only human. I
can't help it that I
get these urges, and the fact that he is so damn
sexy doesn't help at
He finally sat down on the bed with me still
wrapped around him,
and then he rolled us over and was laying between
my legs. “Yes!
I'm going to get what I want!”, I thought happily. I
was wrong, as not
even two seconds later there was a knock on the
door. Casper tried
to ignore it as he kissed and sucked on my neck,
but finally he gave
in and went to open the door.
“Sorry to bother you sir, but the council has decided
Lady Sapphire
be executed in just under an hour.”, said the guard.
Casper didn't say anything, he just gave a slight nod
and closed the
He didn't have to be there today for the verdict,
since she's family
they thought it best if the wasn't there. I didn't even
know there was
a trial until yesterday. She still refused to say why
she did it.
“I knew it's what I had to do.”, she had stated. That
was all she
would say about it.
“Are you okay?”, I asked Casper.
“I'm fine. I knew this was going to happen anyway,
so it's no
shock.”, he replied.
He laid back down in bed and I cuddled up to him.
I wasn't going to
try to get him to have sex with me again, I'll wait
and try during our
honeymoon. As we lay there together we finally
drifted off to sleep.
***CASPER'S P.O.V***
Today is the day before the wedding, and the last
of our guests are
arriving today. A lot of them are staying here at the
palace, after all
most of them are family and wouldn't agree to stay
Crystal went with a few of my aunties and cousins
to have a girls
day of pampering. They were getting mani's, pedi's,
and facials, and
I have no idea what any of that stuff is. It was good
for Crystal to
have this day to prepare herself and just relax. I
really wanted to
spend my last few hours of being single with the
woman I'm going
to marry, but she wanted to have a traditional
wedding. So I got
stuck with my uncles and male cousins. It hit me
all at once as I
thought of the fact that mum and dad won't be here.
wouldn't be here (not that I wanted his ass here
anyway), and
Sapphire won't be here, because they are all dead.
I'm the only one
“Come on!”, my cousin Nathan shouted.
“I'm coming.”, I said. Great I'm soon to be King,
yet I still have to
listen to my family boss me around.
Their idea of a good time is sitting around drinking
blood laced wine,
and playing cards. Come on they're older than me, I
don't want to
play cards, how frigging boring. I walked towards
the game room,
and then it hit me. Everything sounded different, I
couldn't hear any
games. I also couldn't smell the awful cigar smoke
that usually
came from the room. Then I thought of father, it
was always him
that had the cigar.
When I opened the door I was shocked, not one of
them had a game
going. There were no cards on the tables, but what
did stump me
were the poles in the center of the room.
“What the hell are these?”, I asked.
“Poles.”, replied my cousin Adrian.
“No shit. Why are they in the middle of my game
“They are for the entertainment.”, said my Uncle
Great! Just frigging great! They booked strippers,
why in the hell did
they do crazy things like this? I didn't want to see
some skinny chick
dancing around half naked on a pole. If I wanted to
see someone
naked, I would have taken my future wife up on her
“Oh the big bad Casper hasn't screwed the shit out
of the human?”
asked my cousin Ian.
That's it! I reached out and grabbed him by the
“Don't you ever speak of her like that again. Unlike
you, I have
respect.”, I sneered in his face. I wouldn't hurt him
this time, but if
he spoke of her like that again I'd kill him.
“Now come on boys, no arguing we're here to have
fun.”, Uncle
Richard said.
Then before I knew it the blood wine was being
passed around the
room. Uncle's didn't spare any expense, they got
the most
expensive bottles. For some reason though I think
the wine was
meant more for them, than it was for me
considering I didn't drink it
in excess.
After all it was my last night as a single Vampire,
so I caved and had
one glass. Before I knew it I was on my fifth, and I
was starting to
feel the buzz. The strippers hadn't shown up yet,
but Uncle Roy said
they'd be here within the hour. So I sat back and
drank a little more.
“That's it!”, I spoke a little too loudly.
“What?”, they all asked looking at me like I'd lost
my mind.
“The quote Father said to Mother in his vows.”
“Oh what about it?”, Uncle Victor asked.
“I need to put it in mine.”, I said.
“Sounds good cousin.”, Adrian said.
“You're a dumb ass, you don't even know what I'm
talking about.”, I
He didn't reply and I started looking for paper and a
pen, I needed to
write it down before I forgot.
“I remember the beginning, but not the end.”, I
“What part do you remember?”, asked Uncle
“You are my soul mate, my sweet heart, and my
dream come
true...that's all I remember.”, I answered.
“The rest is... from now until the end of time, I give
my heart and
soul to you.”, replied Uncle Victor.
“You are my soul mate, my sweet heart and my
dream come true.
From now until the end of time, I give my heart to
you. It's perfect!”,
I said.
Just as I finished writing the entertainment showed
up. “Great just
what I want, I wonder if they'll notice if I slip out.”, I
I was about to make my way out the door when
Adrian grabbed me
by the arm and walked me to the front of the room,
and then pushed
me down into a chair.
“You must be the lucky man.”, one of the strippers
“Yes I am, and I'm not interested in a lap dance.
One of my crazy ass
cousins can have it.”, I said.
One queue all of them said, “Pick me!” They were
even jumping up
and down like a bunch of idiots.
I sighed. “Thank god I'm not sitting in that chair.”, I
thought as I
walked out of the room. I will let them enjoy the
rest of their night,
while I get a good nights sleep. I was shocked
when I got back to
the bedroom and Crystal wasn't there, then I
remembered I'd be
sleeping alone tonight thanks to the traditional
wedding crap. I
jumped in the shower and washed myself. I couldn't
help but think
of how Crystal's night was going. I finally got out
and dried myself,
then I got dressed and climbed into my big empty
bed. I laid there
and waited for sleep to over take me..