Chapter 14
Casper's P.O.V
We sat in the room watching The Notebook. I really
hate this movie,
it's one of Sapphire's. I could tell Crystal was
getting tired because
of the difference in her hear beat.
She fell asleep sitting against the arm of the chair.
What I wasn't
expecting was for her to move her head into my
lap. I froze unsure
of what to do, so I left her alone. I turned off the
TV because I was
too afraid to move in case she woke up.
I sat there for a good two hours just listening to her
heart beat, and
watching her eyes move behind her eye lids. I
could of listened in on
her mind to see what she was dreaming about, but I
decided I was
going to keep out of her head.
I couldn't help but think of how horrible and mean I
was to her when
I first brought her here, but I'd had my heart broken
in the past. I
had suffered betrayal and loss, and I knew what
women meant when
they talked of heartbreak.
******** FLASHBACK*******
It was the early 1900's and I had decided to go for
a late night walk
one night. I was aimlessly walking through the
streets when I thought I
heard a voice I knew too well. I walked around the
corner, and there
she was against a wall. Some guy stood in front of
her, his hands
were all ever her. He had his mouth on hers, and
her skirt was up
around her waist. His pants were down around his
ankles and one of
her legs was hitched up on his hip.
“ Mary?” I asked in disbelief.
She didn't say anything, she pushed the stranger
away and told him to
run. He did as she asked, and me being the killer I
am, I should have
gone after him. I couldn't move though, I had just
realized my Mary
was a whore!
“ Please just listen to me!” Marry pleaded.
“ Why should I? After what I just saw, I should rip
your throat out!” I
snapped at her.
“ Please just listen I had no choice, I had to," she
“ You had to screw some dirty man? Please don't
give me that, 'I had
to' shit!" I said as I turned to walk away.
Mary grabbed me by the arm and tried to turn me
around, but I stood
my ground not saying a word to her.
That's when it happened, someone jumped out of
the shadows and
staked me. Of course it wasn't a killing blow, but it
paralyzed me.
“ Quick take him to the house before someone
sees," I heard an
unfamiliar voice say.
It sounded like a male and from what I could tell,
he was tall and
muscular. He outweighed me, and his scent told me
that he was too, a
Vampire. He was also younger than me, but had
caught me off guard.
How could she do this to me? I loved her and she
hurt me, more than
I could ever imagine.
****** END OF FLASHBACK******
I was brought out of my dream of the past,
because Crystal started
to stir in my lap. I didn't want her to wake up, she
looked so
peaceful. I know that soon, I'm going to have to
apologize for the
way I treated her. I was so cruel to her when she
first arrived. I will
tell her the truth, but right now I can't. It still brings
back too many
memories and emotions.
When it started getting dark, I decided to carry
Crystal up to bed. I
didn't take her back to one of the guest rooms, I
took her to the
room beside mine. I'll feel better knowing she's not
on the other side
of the house.
Usually, I would stand at her door listening to her
heart, but now
there's no need. I can hear it from my own bed. I
laid her in bed and
covered her up, before turning and closing the door
behind me. I
went into my room and got ready for bed, and that
night I slept like a
baby for the first time in years.
I awoke the next day to hear that Crystal was still
sound asleep.
That made me smile. I know she was up during the
night, because I
heard her stumble across the room looking for a
light switch.
After deciding to get out of bed and get dressed, I
made my way
down stairs to start on breakfast.When I got down
to the kitchen, I
was trying to figure out what I should make.
“What is her favorite?” I asked out loud.
“Bacon and eggs.”
Without me noticing, she had walked into the
kitchen and was
sitting at the table.
“Crap you scared me,” I said laughing.
“I'm sorry I thought you would have heard me."
“I was too busy trying to think of what to make. So
would you like
bacon and eggs?” I asked.
She didn't answer me right away. So I thought that
maybe she
hadn't heard me, but then after a moment she just
nodded her head
yes. So I got out everything I would need and
started cooking.
“Do you like your bacon crispy?” I asked her.
“A little but not too much, and I like my eggs sunny
side up.” she
said with a smile.
'Gosh she has the most beautiful smile' I thought.
While I was
cooking I noticed she would take a quick look, and
quickly look away
like she would get in trouble. 'I'm not going to hurt
her ever again,
how am I going to prove that to her?' I thought to
myself. I need a
plan to show her I'm not really like that.
A party. That's what I'll do, I'll throw a party and
invite my close
friends and family. I'll get Sapphire to organize it,
because that's
what she's best at.
I finished cooking and placed the food and plates
on the table. She
didn't even have to think about it before she reached
for some
bacon and eggs off the plates.
“Do you have any sauce?” she asked.
“Of course,” I replied as I walked towards the
pantry and grabbed a
few different ones. I walked back to the table and
placed them in
front of her as I sat down across the table from
her. I filled my plate
and began eating, enjoying the comfortable silence.
I needed to do
something to keep her occupied. I'll take her
shopping. We're
nowhere near where she used to live, so I don't
need to worry about
her being seen. Plus this is a Vampire community
after all, and I
know no one will hurt her because I'll have their
head if they try.
“How would you like to go shopping today?” I
asked as I put the
plates in the dishwasher.
“Really?!” she asked.
“Really, we could go buy you some new clothes," I
“I'd love to go shopping, but I need to go home and
get my credit
cards. I left them at home the night of my party."
“You can't go home Crystal. I'll pay for whatever you
may need," I
I could see the hurt in her eyes but I can't let her
go, I don't want her
to leave me. She was made for me I just know it.
After all, she's my
soul mate.
Chapter 15
Crystal's POV
I woke during the night to find that I wasn't in my
room. Casper
must have put me in here after I fell asleep. The
last thing I
remember is sitting in the lounge, watching 'The
Notebook'. I
stumbled around the room looking for a light
switch so I could see
where the bathroom was. I finally managed to feel
around in the dark
until I found the bathroom. I felt along the wall until
I felt the light
switch, flipping it on I gasped at what I saw before
The bathroom itself was huge, and so beautiful!
The floors were a
pretty gray marble, and the walls were tiled a pale
cream. In the left
hand corner was a shower big enough to hold 5
people easily, and
there were three different shower heads in it! In the
center of the
room was a huge black marble bathtub, and in the
right had corner
was the toilet and sink next to it. Once I was done
in the bathroom I
switched the light off and made my way back to
the bed. 'This bed
is even bigger and more comfortable than the other
bed I was
sleeping on,' I thought to myself.
I climbed under the blanket and fell right back to
screamed as I ran
through the dark forest.
The thing that was chasing me didn't stop or speak.
It just kept
running, and it was getting faster and faster. I was
out of breath and
couldn’t breathe properly, but I pushed past the
burn and tried to make
my legs run as fast as possible.
I stumbled over a root from a big tree nearby. As I
fell to the ground I
cut my leg, the blood started to poor out of the
gash. The monster got
closer and I tried to stand and run but my legs
wouldn't work. I
couldn’t go anywhere so I laid on the ground, and
waited for whoever
or whatever it was that was chasing me.
I closed my eyes and waited, but out of nowhere I
heard a big loud
crash. I looked up and saw Casper with his hands
around the throat of
a man.
screamed Casper.
“ You know I'll get her eventually," Jasper said in a
calm tone.
That's when I woke up.
I sat up in the bed and realized I was sweating
significantly. Who
was that man in my dream? I felt sticky and nasty,
so I went to take
a shower. Once I finished, I came out of the
bathroom to find that
some clothes had been laid out for me. There were
a pair of dark
skinny jeans,a black long sleeved v-neck shirt along
with a knee-
high pair of black high-heeled boots. There was
also a black lace bra
and panties, along with some socks. I quickly got
dressed and
walked down to the kitchen to get some breakfast.
“What is her favorite?” I heard Casper say.
I walked as quietly as I could, being in heels and
all, into the kitchen
and sat down at the table.
“Bacon and eggs," I said.
I knew I startled him but come on, he's a Vampire
for crying out
loud. He has really good hearing so how could I
have startled him so
“Crap you scared me,” he said laughing.
“I'm sorry, I thought you would have heard me," I
said looking down
at the table.
“I was too busy trying to figure out what to make.
So would you like
bacon and eggs?" he asked.
I didn't answer him straight away, as I couldn't help
but think of how
much he's changed. I keep wondering if he will go
back to being
abusive. Not that I want that Casper back, but this
one kind of
freaks me out a little.
I finally nodded my head yes and watched him walk
around the
kitchen. “Do you like your bacon crispy?” he asked.
“A little but not too much, and I like my eggs sunny
side up," I
replied with a smile.
While he was cooking I would quickly glance his
way. When I
thought he would notice, I would quickly look away
so that he didn't
catch me. I didn't want to get into any trouble for
staring at him. He
moved so freely around the kitchen like he did it all
the time.
He finished cooking and placed the food and plates
on the table. I
didn't even think about helping myself, I just
reached for the bacon
and eggs and placed them on my plate. I asked for
sauce, and he
came back with several different ones. We
continued to eat in
peaceful silence until Casper finally spoke up.
“How would you like to go shopping today?”
“Really?!" I asked suprised.
“Really, we could go buy you some new clothes.”
“I'd love to go shopping but I need to go home and
get my credit
cards, I left them at home the night of my party," I
“You can't go home Crystal. I'll pay for whatever you
may need."
Those words tore at my heart. I know he said I'll
never be allowed to
go home, but I thought because he'd changed he'd
let me leave. I
just want to see my parents and friends and let
them all know I'm
alright. I don't want them all to worry about me. I
need them to see
I'm alive and tell them I miss them.
“Go grab your coat from the lounge and we'll go
shopping," he said.
“Okay," I agreed.
I walked into the lounge room and found my coat
hanging on the
coat stand and put it on. I went to turn around and
bumped into
“I'm sorry I should have been more careful," I said.
“It's my fault not yours, I shouldn't have been
standing so close," he
He put on his coat as we walked towards the door.
“Would you like to drive? I'll give you directions.” he
“No thank you.” I replied kindly.
I was stupid, I know. I'd do anything to be able to
drive his Ferrari.
Though I was too afraid I'd hit something, or worse
total it. I walked
to the passenger side and went to open the door
but Casper beat
me to it.
He held the door open while I hopped in , then
closed the door and
walked around to the driver's side. I smiled at him
when he got in,
and thanked him for being such a gentlemen.
The drive felt great, the sun was shinning and I
could feel the
warmth through the windows. Casper didn't speak
so I didn't try to
make conversation. My surroundings didn't look
familiar, so I didn't
think that I was anywhere near home. After about
forty minutes, we
reached the shopping center. It was massive! Even
the one back
home couldn't compare to this. I know if I was to
come here on my
own I would get lost. Casper parked the car as
close to the doors as
possible, which wasn't hard considering we got a
spot right in front.
It was marked with some kind of weird looking
symbol on it. It had
some sort of shield and a crown in the middle, and
some sort of
writing that I couldn't understand.
“Where would you like to go first?” he asked as we
walked through
the doors. I couldn't believe my eyes, it was just as
amazing on the
inside as it was on the outside. I spun in a circle
checking out the
shops on the bottom level.
“Crystal, where would you like to go first?" Casper
repeated with a
smile on his face.
Crap, he was talking to me and I didn't hear him.
How many times
did he ask me the same question?......