馃尭馃尰 THE BAD ASS GIRL馃尭馃尰
馃尯Episode 14馃尯
Min hu pov
I woke up verly early ,brushed my teeth ,changed my clothes and went straight to jiwoo house ,since i got her address,
The cab man stopped at a very magnificent building ,i stepped down and walked to the gate ,two guard were standing outside armed
"who are you looking for one of them asked
"am looking for jiwoo"
"sorry but shes out of the country "
"do u know when she might be back "
"no miss"
Alright thanks i said and left them
So jiwoo knew what she did and ran out of the country,no problem ,i know one day we must surely meet even if its in the future i will still make her pay
I picked my phone and dailed my dads number still not reachable ,i used my back hand and cleaned the tears threathning to fall,am having a bad feeling about my,what if something happened to him,i cant afford to loose him ,,i kept muttering prayers till i got to the hospital .
School is about to end ,bye to high school,its now time for those who wants to enter college ,just few more days to go anf we will be done with our exams,i tried my best ,and for this few months seo and i are more close our love grew more stronger and tighter ,kyle ,seo and i are always there for lya we visit her always ,,kun and i have been intouch he also visits me sometimes and we also talk on phone ,he also told me about his missing sister and i pray he finds her soon
Mr Choi woo pov
I dont know why is have weaklings as men ,everytime you allow that small boy to pass you by ,now this is your last warning
"is either the boy dies or you all die ,do i make my self clear"
" Yes sir"
"Now leave immediately"
I dont know if i am to be scared or what but kun is really something else ,i want that boy out of the way as fast as possible ,i know he came back for his property and i dont know why he hasnt made a move on me yet but i have to remove him out of my way
Grinnn grinn 
Conversation between mr choi woo and his daughter
馃摓Appa i miss you
馃摓Dont you dare call me appa , How can you leave seoul withou telling anyone
馃摓but appa i wrote a note down,didnt you see it?
馃摓a not is not enough ,i wonder what you did this time,Just be careful
馃摓okay appa
Call ends
Min hu dad pov
I wonder how my lovely daughter is doing right now ,i miss her so much ,but i cant call her because she might be traced and get into danger ,i wished i explained to her better before leaving ,but right now its too late ,the people looking for me wont stop until the get what they want 馃様
Kun pov
I really want to know who is after my life ,that person is so bent on killing me ,he /she has tried many ways to kill me but to no avail all thanks to min ,she has been my protector and fighter i know shes God sent,since i met her i have been more happy,she taught me how to fight ,moves on how to excape in times of danger and how to confuse those after my life ,i am sure if she havent come into my life i will be dead the moment i entered seoul,,i am in love with her and i plan to tell her immediately i find my sister ,and about my sister i think am one step closer to finiding her ,i met one of my guaidian in the opharnage recently and she was able to help me with the address of the lady who adopt my sister
I just arrived at the house ,i must say my sister will be living fine because the house looks okay ,i wore my face mask and step out of the car ,on reaching the gate i saw a female figure at the gate that must be my sister ,i ran to her while she was trying to open the gate
"hi i said nervously
She turned to me
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE ,we said together.
馃尯Episode 15馃尯
Min hu pov
wow that means lya is your sister
"Yes" he replied
"Do u remember my friend i always told you about that is in the hospital ,well that is lya"
"What ?you mean my sister is in comma,how did it happen" kun asked
I took my time and explained everything that happened to him and we went to the hospital
Kun pov
it still hard to believe all min said is true ,so she has been taking care of my sister all this while and the evil girl who did it to her ran away
We entered the ward ,and i saw a girl about min age on the hospital bed ,she looked pale and there was a resemblance between us,we had the same nose and lips ,look at what this people made my sister go through ,i went close to her and took her hand ,i tried to control my tears but it wasnt possible ,after all these years of search
"Lya please wake up,your brother is back ,dont leave me like mom and dad did to us please lya i need you "
I felt a hand on my back and it was min ,so soft ,i could see her fighting her tears too,she blames her self for what happened to lya
The door opened and two guys walked in
"Wow is this not superstar kun one of them asked "
"yes he is the one" min replied him
"kun this is kyle ,lya boyfriend (so my sis has a boyfriend his cute tho) and this is seo my boyfriend
What!! i cant believe my ears so min has a boyfriend ,his not even handsome than me,i have money,,,,,i just cant help but feel jealous ,i was planning to confess my feelings for her
"Kun",,,,min called snapping me out of my thought
"nice to meet you guys i finally said
Look at them ,they are even kissing in my presence ,and giggling ,gosh min have broken my heart,why didnt she tell me since,i taught she felt the same way for me ,i have been a fool since ,i excused my self and went out before i die in jealousy and anger
Mr choi woo pov
Grrin  Grrrin
Conversation btw mr choi woo and one of his men
馃摓What is the update my choi woo asked
馃摓We just found out he has a sister sir
馃摓Of course i know he has a sister,but has he found her
馃摓Yes sir
馃摓You morons ,how can you let that happend
馃摓Sorry sir
馃摓Find her location and everthing about her ,i want her dead ,you have only one week for this
馃摓yes sir
Call ends
Damn that guy is so fast,how was he able to find his sister,well am sure if i cant get him first
Three day later
馃尯Seo pov馃尯
School is over and i have been spending more time with min the love of my life ,anytime i think about her i cant stop smiling sheeplessly ,I took her to the jewellery store and bought a cute pendant for her am so happy she liked it
"Min thanks for coming into my life , i promise never to leave you,i will always love you i said
"Awwn i love you too seo "she said and we kissed
we had endless fun ,moving from one place to another and eating what ever comes our way,,i took min home because she already fell asleep in my car,i took her straight to her room removed her shoe and used the duvet to cover her placed a kiss on her fore head and left
When i arrived home it was late i packed my car and began searching for my phone,i couldnt find it,,i searched and searched and finally gave up ,,i will just get a new one tomorrow
I opened the door and met my parent seated ,seems they have been waiting for me which is unlike them
"seat down dad said in a seriou tone(okay this is awkward)
"You will be leaving seoul ,tomorrow morning to start a new life in America,i have made you the head of my conpany there and you will be getting married to malisa the daughter of a minster and my very good friend ,,get prepared you flight leave by 6:00 am tomorrow,,dad blurted out
"What ??this is impossible ,,there is no way am doing any of there or going anywhere
"that is the best and final for you son"my dad said and walked out
All he just said sounded like bomb in my ears and difficult to digest ,marry another girl,leave tomorrow ,,God am finished ,,i slumped on the floor and cried my eyes out.
馃尯Episode 16馃尯

Min hu pov
I woke up panthing heavily,,okay this dream is very bad,i think something bad is about to happen but i dont know when and where ,,i stood up and went to the bathroom
Come to think of it ,how did i even end up in my bed room,am sure its seo handwork,i looked at the pendant he gave me ,so beautiful ,i kissed it and began brushing my teeth ,took my bath and put on simple out fit ,soon i was done with everything i i went out hailed a cab and straight to the hospital
When i reached the hospital i went to lya's ward and met kun already there,,and recently kun has been acting differently with me maybe is because of what happened to his sister ,i cant blame him
"Hi kun " i said
"Hi min " he replied coldly without looking at me
"i need to that to you about something" i said
"Go on "
"well i been having a bad feeling about this hospital and i think we should move lya to another hospital " I said
"ok i will just go meet the doctor and arrange the transfer paper" He replied
" Thanks " i said and he stood up and left ,i picked up my phone and tried my dad number still the same thing,i tried seo number switched off ,,okay thats weird why will his phone be off ,,,,,i called kyle and told him about the transfer he was happy because he said he has been having the same feeling too
Three days later
"Am really worried kyle ,what if something bad has happend to him " i said in panic
"Dont worry min ,am sure he has a good explanation for not showing up this days"
Am really worried i havent seen seo for the past three days and his phone has been switched off ,who know if he has been to the other hospital looking for us
I took a cab to his house ,i have been there twice ,,,,,soon i arrived at his house i took my backpack out and paid the cab driver ,i arrived the gate i knocked and the gateman opened
"How may i help you" he asked
"Am looking for seo" i replied
"he not staying here again"
"wait do u mean they relocated ?" i asked
"Am not suppose to be telling you this but since i have seen you here before let me tell you,seo left few days ago for america and am not sure he is coming back" the gateman said and closed the gate,i was dumfounded ,i cant believe my ears,is this a prank or what ,he said he love me,he told me he will never leave me,he left me when i needed him most ,how can he do this to me ,,i slumped on the floor as hot tears bega falling from my eyes
Kun pov
I dont know why i have been behaving that
way towards min she dosent deserve it ,,but i cant help it knowing that she can never be mine but i keep falling inlove with her ,i wanted to apologise to her,when i saw her walked out of the hospital,i dont know why but something told me to follow her ,i followed her until she arrived at a gate,she talked to a man and next things i saw ,she slumped on the floor and started crying for the first time since i know her she broke down like this,i hap no option that to rush to her ,i used my tumb to wipe her tears
"He left me kun"
"he said he loved me "
"he said he will never leave me "
"He promised to be by my side always"
She kept saying and crying ,,she really loved Him,how can a guy be like this ,he left her without a word ,which guy will have min as a girlfriend and treat her this way
"Lets go " she said and stoop up ,she wiped her tears with the back of her hand and we head to my car ,she sat down and kept looking out side without uttering a word as we drove off
"I think we are being followed kun "
i sat down in the front seat ,and faced the window as the breeze kept blowing my hair to my face,i looked at the side mirror and my fale looking pale with swollen eyes ,i kept looking at my face until i noticed a black van behind us,i kept looking at it till i noticed it has been following us
"i think we were being followed kun" i said
"What " he shouted
Kun increased the speed of the car and the increased their
"Be fast kun they are getting close"i yelled
he kept driving fast trying to loose them but they were fast also,and suddenly the started shooting
"its time to end this"
"Lets exchange seat fast "i said
we quickly swtiched seats and i put on the crazy korean girl mood
I increased the speed and began driving
Kun kept shouting and screaming like a baby ,i turned the car arround and faced the people chasing us ,am sure they were suprised when they saw us stopped and faced them they stopped their car also ,four men came out with gun coming to us(kun was already crying saying this is how he is going to die without Having a family and so on) i reached out for my back pack and brought out a toy gun which looks real and handed it to seo he quickly collected it thinking it was a real gun and pointed it to the men ,,i brought out a fake bomb which i made my self ,but when it hits the floor it is going to sound like bomb due to the amount of knock outs i put in it , i threw the fake bomb and threw it at them ,they saw it and ran back to their car leaving one of the who fell down on the floor and pass out and drove off

The crazy korean girl is back ,,no one messes with my family (kun,lya,kyle ....Seo)...