Chapter 6
Staring down at the plate of food, my stomach
began to growl with how hungry I was. I picked up
the plate; it had two pancakes with butter and
maple syrup, a bowl with blueberries, sliced
strawberries, and sliced bananas, and a slice of
toast on the side. I demolished the whole thing,
especially since it had been days since I had a real
meal. Casper had only given me a slice of bread
and some water, just enough to keep me alive.
With a satisfied stomach I started to drift off to
It should have been the middle of the day, but it
was night time. As I walked down the street, I
realized that nobody was around, it was like a ghost
town. There was a slight breeze blowing and there
were a few street lights, but not enough to cast
much light. I began to panic, where the hell was
The wind began to blow a little harder, so picking
up my pace I walked faster down the street.
Thinking that I heard footsteps walking behind me, I
turned around. The street was completely empty, so
I began walking as fast as I could. Once again, I
heard the footsteps behind me, and this time I
didn't bother to stop and look behind me. Instead, I
started to run as I heard the footsteps quicken to
keep up with me.
Running around the corner of the sidewalk, I ran
into someone. “Please help me!” I begged them as
I looked behind me. “Please someone is chasing
me, I need help please!”
Finally, I looked up into the face of the stranger. I
realized that I had crashed into Casper, my
kidnapper. I turned quickly trying to run, but I wasn't
quick enough as he grabbed me by my hair. He
began pulling me after him as roughly as he
possibly could. It wasn't until we reached an
abandoned cabin that he finally spoke.
“Shut the hell up, and stop trying to run away!” he
hissed angrily.
He slapped me across the face so hard, I fell
backward and slammed my head against a coffee
table. Blood ran down the side of my face and
soaked into the floor, where I lay frozen with fear.
I woke up gasping for air like I couldn't breathe. “It
was only a dream," I said to reassure myself.
Walking over to the window, I pulled the thick heavy
curtains open. Looking out, I was shocked to see
the sky as black as it was in my dream. This was
no dream; this was a nightmare.
I was lost in my own thoughts and didn't realize
that Sapphire was standing behind me until I turned
around and nearly ran into her.
“I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you, I should have
said something,” she said looking down at the cold
wooden floor.
“Or, you could have knocked, that's what normal
people do!" I spat back at her.
I was over all of this shit, all I wanted to do was go
“Why am I here?" I asked her again.
“You're my brother's new slave," she replied

Chapter 7
“You're joking right?!” I said whilst looking at her in
She had to be joking, it's the twenty-first century!
No one has slaves in this day and age.
“Let's get one thing straight, I am nobody's SLAVE!”
I growled at her.
How can things get any worse than this? Casper
was in for a rude awakening, if he thought for one
minute that I was going to be his slave! I'd never
been a slave and I never EVER plan on being one!
“I'd watch what you think, we can hear you," I heard
Sapphire gently say. “If you disobey my brother, he
won't bother to hold back. He will hit you even
more than he already has, he has a very bad
temper. I will try and help you as much as I can,
but please make sure you don't anger him!” she
With that I collapsed on the bed and cried, as I
finally realized that I wasn't going to be able to go
home. Casper won't ever let me leave and at this
rate I'm probably not going to survive very long. I
was sure he would kill me, especially with all these
thoughts running through my head.
“Did you listen to me at all?" I suddenly heard
Sapphire call out in frustration.
“Little bits," I replied between my chest racking
Sapphire handed me a pile of clothes and gently
lead me towards the bathroom. I stood in front of
the mirror above the sink, staring at all the cuts ans
bruises that reflected back at me. Surprisingly my
face looked like it had almost finished healing. It
was at that moment, that I realized my ribs didn't
ache like they did when I first awoke.
“Sapphire, why am I healing so quickly?"
“It's from the tea,” she replied while filling the bath
with hot water.
“How can tea heal me?”
With a small chuckle Sapphire simply said, “Stop
asking so many questions and have your bath, I will
be out in your room waiting.” With that she left the
bathroom closing the door behind her.
Like the good little hostage I was becoming, I got
into the bath. It was still hot and felt very
refreshing. Grabbing the shampoo and conditioner
that were on the side of the bathtub, I washed my
hair. It took three applications of shampoo, to get
the blood and all the other crap out of it. I still
wasn't ready to get out, so I closed my eyes and
tried to relax. A knnocking on the door broke me
out of my new state of bliss about forty minutes
“Come on, it doesn't take that long to get clean,"
Sapphire said through the door.
“I'm coming!” I replied angrily. I really hate being
pushed around.
Getting out of the bath, I dried off and put on the
clothes that Sapphire had left for me. She picked a
light yellow sundress with thick straps ,a soft
square neckline and it stopped just above my
knees. Once I had adjusted the dress and
accompanying underwear, I slipped my feet into a
pair of white flats. I'm not sure how she knew my
size, but everything fit perfectly. After running a
brush through my hair and gathering it up in a
messy ponytail, I walked back into the bedroom
where Sapphire was waiting.
“Well it's about time! Follow me," said Sapphire in
an annoyed tone.
As she led me down a long hallway with doors on
either side, I decided to ask her where she was
taking me.
“Casper wants to see you, he has a few chores for
you to do.”, she answered my thought with a sad
look on her face..
Groaning in my head, 'Great just what I need!
Spending the rest of my night slaving over some
abusive, arrogant jerk!' I complained to myself.
Sapphire's gentle voice broke through my silent
“Remember what I told you, he can hear everything
you think. If you think like that, we'll both be in
As we walked through a massive set of solid
wooden doors, I assured her I would try my best.
“LEAVE!” Casper screamed towards us angrily.
Turning to leave, Sapphire grabbed my arm, shaking
her head indicating that I had to stay. With that she
turned and walked straight back out of the room,
leaving me alone with her monster of a brother.