– Tonight’s Clash of Champions go-
home edition of WWE RAW opens
live from Madison Square Garden in
New York City. The music hits as
WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin
comes out to to a big pop.
Michael Cole welcomes us to RAW
as Mike Rome introduces Stone
Cold. Cole is joined by Renee Young
and Corey Graves Austin catches
beers in the ring and starts
celebrating early as the music and
the beverages continue. The ring is
set up for a contract signing.

Austin hypes his MSG return and gets
his signature “What!?” treatment from
fans. Austin talks about some of his
MSG memories before hyping up the
WWE Universal Title match contract
signing for Clash of Champions. CLICK HERE TO WATCH HIGHLIGHT & VIDEOS

Austin gives it up for RAW Tag Team
Champion Braun Strowman and out
he comes to a pop. Strowman hits
the ring and has a staredown with
Austin. Fans chant “Austin!” as they
stare each other down. Austin turns
away and introduces RAW Tag Team
& WWE Universal Champion Seth
Rollins, and out he comes to a pop.CLICK HERE TO WATCH HIGHLIGHT & VIDEOS

Austin shakes their hands and says
we have business to get to. Austin
isn’t sure why they keep having
trouble signing this contract but he’s
here to make sure it happens. Rollins
wants to say a few words first. He
gets the crowd hyped up and is
ready to burn it down. Rollins tells
Austin that “this big goof” thinks they
have it in for him. He goes on and
it’s downplayed. Rollins talks about
how good he is and how he will be
the champion after Clash, but he gets
booed by some. Rollins signs.
Strowman says he grew up watching
Austin and has nothing but the most
respect for him but let’s be honest,

– a rattlesnake is still a snake.

Strowman tells Rollins he’s not going
to turn his back on him, and loves
being tag team champions, but he’s
going to also love being the WWE
Universal Champion. 
borrows a quote from Austin and
says he’s going to open up a can of
whoop-ass on Rollins, and he’s going
to get these hands. Strowman signs
and the music interrupts as The OC
comes to the stage. WWE United
States Champion AJ Styles takes the
mic as Luke Gallows and Karl
Anderson stand next to him.
AJ mocks everyone in the ring and
talks trash to the fans, telling them to
shut up after he gets the “What!?”
treatment. The OC gets closer to the
ring. AJ tells Austin to stay out of
this because it has nothing to do with
him. The fans boo AJ more and he
says this is why no one likes coming
to NYC. The back & forth goes on as
The OC stands at ringside now.
Everyone chants “asshole!” at AJ. AJ
says Austin has turned into a real
asshole in his old age. The OC is in
the ring now. AJ calls Austin an “old
fart” and fans boo him some more.
The two sides face off a AJ keeps
running his mouth. Austin moves the
table out of the way, which was
separating the two ides. Austin says
he doesn’t know where AJ is coming
from, but he knows where AJ’s
going. Strowman and Rollins attack
The OC as Austin watches. Strowman
goes out of the ring and runs over
Gallows on the outside, and then
Anderson on the ramp. AJ ducks a
Stomp in the ring, then sends Rollins
out of the ring to the floor. AJ runs
his mouth as Austin sneaks up from
behind. Fans cheer as Austin waits.

AJ turns around to a big Stunner from
Austin as fans go wild.
Austin drops down and gets in AJ’s
face as the trash talking flies. Austin
calls for some of his Broken Skull
IPA beers to be tossed in the ring,
then hits the corners to pose as the
music hits. AJ is laid out on his back
in the middle of the ring as Austin
makes his exit to the back.

– Still to come, the Four
Horsewomen in tag team action. We
go to commercial.
Cedric Alexander vs. AJ Styles
Back from the break and we see AJ
Styles recovering from the Stone Cold
Stunner. Cedric Alexander makes his
way out and we’ve got a match.
The bell rings and Cedric goes right
to work on AJ. AJ goes to the floor
for a breather but Cedric clotheslines
him from behind. Cedric with more
offense on the outside before
bringing it back in. Cedric with
shoulder thrusts in the corner. Cedric
with more offense and a takedown
for a 2 count. AJ looks to mount
offense but Cedric lands a kick to the
face, sending AJ to the floor. Cedric
runs the ropes and leaps out, taking
AJ down on the floor again.
AJ ends up going to work on
Cedric’s arm, dropping it over the
rope. AJ with another shot to Cedric
to keep him down. We go to
commercial with AJ in control.CLICK HERE TO WATCH HIGHLIGHT & VIDEOS

Back from the break and Cedric tries
to mount offense but AJ shuts him
down. They trade strikes now. AJ
focuses on the arm. Cedric catches
AJ with a big Michinoku Driver for a
close 2 count and a pop. More back
and forth now. AJ eats a big elbow.
Cedric with a big kick to the head
from the apron. Karl Anderson and
Luke Gallows come over and
interfere, pulling Cedric to the floor
for the disqualification.


– After the bell, Gallows and
Anderson work Cedric over and toss
him back into the ring. The triple
team begins until the music hits and
out come The Viking Raiders. Erik
and Ivar take out Gallows and
Anderson at ringside. They hit the
ring and double team AJ now for
another pop. Gallows and Anderson
hit the ring but The Vikings take them
out as well. They hit Viking
Experiences and then celebrate with
Cedric as their music hits. Cedric
stands tall with Erik and Ivar to end
the segment.

– Still to come, the first King of the
Ring Triple Threat, plus the Four
Horsewomen team up for a tag team

– Sasha Banks and Bayley are
backstage. They say Becky Lynch and
Charlotte Flair should be mad for
what happened last week, and they
are officially back together now. They
hype the match up some more as we
cut to Flair and Becky getting ready
in another area of the locker room.

– We cut to Bray Wyatt at the Firefly
Fun House with his puppets. He will
be back later for a new edition of the
segment. We go back to

– Back from the break and Michael
Cole leads us to a video package on
Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.

– We go to the stage and out comes
Roman Reigns.

Reigns talks about announcing his
return from his second battle with
Leukemia, and thanks everyone for
their support. Reigns says this
changed his outlook on everything
about life. He goes on about wanting
to use this WWE platform in other
ways, to give back and give support
like fans did to him. Reigns mentions
some of the visits to kid’s hospitals
he’s made as of late, including some
in New York City. Reigns says he’s
brought the kids to WWE now, and
all of these special visitors are locals
from the area.

Mike Rome introduces several young
kids and out they come to join
Reigns on the stage. They are
dressed up as the pro wrestling
characters that they came up with,
and Rome announces them by their
wrestler nicknames. Reigns says they
have been through the biggest fight
of their lives, and they’re still
standing here as strong as ever.

Reigns talks more about the fight
against cancer and calls on fans to
join him in cheering the young
Superstars on. Cole plugs and Reigns
hugs the young fans to end the
segment as his music plays.

– Still to come, Lynch and Flair vs.
Banks and Bayley. Back to

Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch vs.
Sasha Banks and Bayley
Back from the break and out first
comes RAW Women’s Champion
Becky Lynch, followed by her partner
Charlotte Flair. We get a video
package with recent happenings that
led to this match. Sasha Banks and
SmackDown Women’s Champion
Bayley are out next.
The two teams meet at ringside and
here we go. Banks and Bayley get the
upperhand but Lynch comes right
back and unloads. Lynch takes both
out and takes Banks in the ring.
Lynch mounts Banks and unloads.
Bayley makes the save. Banks and
Bayley double team Lynch as the
referee tries to break it up. Flair runs
back into the ring with a steel chair.
Bayley and Banks retreat to the floor
to avoid the chair. RAW goes to
commercial with Banks and Bayley
looking on from ringside as Flair
checks on Lynch.

Bayley tags in early on and goes at it
with Lynch after a tag out. Lynch
rams her into the corner and starts
brawling. Lynch unloads and takes it
to the outside but brings it back in
for a 2 count. More back and forth
now. Flair tags in from the corner,
then slaps Bayley around before
stomping away. Flair takes it to the
corner and keeps control. Bayley
drops Flair out of the corner and in
comes Banks. They double team
Flair in the corner as the referee
counts. Banks unloads on Flair until
the referee has to warn her again.
Bayley comes right back in for more
double teaming on Flair in the
corner. They slam Flair and Bayley
covers for a 2 count. Flair turns it
around and unloads on Bayley in their
corner. Lynch tags in and keeps the
attack going on Bayley. Bayley rocks
Becky and sends her to the apron
Lynch fights Bayley off and then
Banks as she charges on the apron.
Bayley takes advantage of the
distraction and drops Becky to the
floor. The referee is distracted by
Flair, allowing Banks to deliver more
cheap shots on the outside. Banks
with more shots to Lynch on the

Banks brings Becky back in for a 2
count. Banks with a big suplex for
another 2 count. Bayley comes back
in and they keep the attack going
until Lynch drops Bayley out of
nowhere. Banks and Flair tag in at
the same time as the crowd pops.
Flair gets the upperhand and goes
wild on Banks. Flair catches a
crossbody and launches Banks. Flair
kips up and then drops Bayley off the
apron with a huge boot. Flair ducks
Banks, then hits a neckbreaker and
sends her face-first into the second
turnbuckle. More back and forth until
Flair hits a neckbreaker. Banks kicks
out at 2. Banks ends up applying the
Bank Statement on Flair but Flair
gets out. Flair goes for the Figure
Eight on Banks. Fans pop. Bayley
runs in but Becky cuts her off. Bayley
blocks the Disarm Her and sends
Lynch into the Figure Eight to break it
up. All four Superstars are down as a
“this is awesome!” chant starts up.
The referee checks on them. Banks
with the Meteora to Flair on the floor.
We go to commercial.
Back from the break and Banks is in
control of Flair. Banks with running
knees in the corner for a 2 count on
Flair. Fans try to rally for Lynch to
get the tag. Banks taunts Lynch.

Bayley tags in and chops away on
Flair as Banks holds her. Flair fights
back and rocks Bayley. Bayley
grounds her a bit in the middle of the
ring now. Bayley takes Flair back to
the corner for shoulder thrusts. Flair
sends Bayley head-first into the
second rope. Lynch finally gets the
hot tag and unloads on Bayley as
fans pop. Lynch with more offense
and a flying shoulder tackle. Banks
comes in but Lynch catches her with
a Bexploder. Banks goes to the floor
and Becky hits her with a baseball
slide to send her back to the floor.
Lynch with another big shot to Banks
on the outside. Bayley turns it back
around on Lynch in the ring now.
Lynch looks for the Disarm Her on
Bayley but Banks runs in with the
Bank Statement.
Flair with a big boot on Banks to
drop her. Banks and Bayley go for a
double suplex on Flair but she lands
on her feet. They miss clotheslines
and turn around to a double missile
dropkick from Lynch. Lynch goes to
the second rope as Flair tags in.
Becky drops a flying leg on Bayley.
Flair climbs up and follows up with a
moonsault on Bayley but Banks
breaks it up at 2. Banks pulls them
to safety on the outside. Banks
decks Flair and sends her into the
steel ring steps. Becky with the
Disarm Her on the floor. Banks taps
and Bayley breaks it with a big boot
to the head. More chaos on the
outside now. Bayley drops Flair on
the floor with a Bayley-to-Belly. All
four are down on the floor now as
fans chant “this is awesome!” again.
Bayley brings Flair back into the ring.
Bayley climbs to the top for the
flying elbow but Flair gets her knees
up and Bayley lands bad. Flair waits
but Banks comes from behind as the
referee is tending to Bayley. Flair
fights back and knocks Banks to the
floor. Bayley with a close 2 count on
Flair off the distraction and the roll-
up. Flair comes right back with a
Natural Selection on Bayley for the
pin to win.

Winners: Charlotte Flair and Becky

– After the match, Flair’s music hits
as we go to replays. Banks and
Bayley recover on the ground at
ringside as Lynch and Flair celebrate
in the ring.
– Cole gives us another look at the
King of the Ring bracket. Still to
come, Joe vs. Ricochet vs. Corbin in
a KOTR Triple Threat.

– Still to come, a new episode of
Firefly Fun House from Bray Wyatt.

– The announcers show us a replay
of what happened in the opening
segment with The OC, Steve Austin,
Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman.
Sarah Schreiber stops The OC for
comments backstage now. AJ Styles
says The OC isn’t packing their bags
and leaving because they run RAW,
not Cedric Alexander. Robert Roode
and Dolph Ziggler walk up and taunt
The OC for saying they run the place.
Ziggler says they have enemies in
common and tonight, they will take
care of business one way or the
other. Ziggler asks The OC where
they stand, and it looks like they are
all on the same page. Ziggler and
Roode walk off after they shake.
Rey Mysterio vs. Gran Metalik
We go to the ring and out first comes
Rey Mysterio. Back to commercial.
Back from the break and out comes
Gran Metalik representing Lucha
House Party, as Rey Mysterio waits.
The bell rings and they lock up,
trading holds. They break and lock
back up. Rey gets the upperhand
after a back & forth. The back & forth
continues as they show each other up
again. Metalik catches Rey but Rey
drops him into the middle rope for a
619. Metalik ducks the 619 and rolls
Rey up for a 2 count.
They face off and Rey seems
impressed or maybe confused. They
lock up and go at it again. Rey
dumps Metalik over the ropes to the
floor, landing hard. Rey runs the
ropes and slides under the bottom
rope but misses. Rey comes right
back up but Metalik superkicks him
to the ground. Metalik goes back in
and runs the ropes, leaping out to the
floor to take Rey down. Rey is
stunned now off the dive from
The referee checks on Mysterio at
ringside, as does Metalik it appears.
Metalik grabs Rey and brings him
back into the ring. The announcers
speculate on Rey being hurt. Metalik
brings Rey in and springboards from
the apron for a big senton. Rey kicks
out at 2. Metalik keeps control in the
ring now. Metalik with chops and
more strikes in the corner. Rey sends
Metalik face-first into the middle
turnbuckle. Rey goes to the top and
hits the seated senton. Rey follows
up with the crossbody.
Rey keeps going but gets dropped,
then hit with a missile dropkick into
the corner. Metalik takes Rey to the
top but Rey fights back. Rey with a
headbutt. Metalik leaps and takes
Rey to the mat on his head. Metalik
with a close 2 count. More back and
forth now for several minutes. Rey
ends up hitting the 619 and the big
splash for the pin to win.


– After the match, Rey stands tall
and has his arm raised as the music
hits. We go to replays as Rey
apparently approaches Metalik to
help him up. Rey extends his hand to
Metalik and helps him up as fans
cheer them on. Metalik bows and
shows respect back to Rey.

– Still to come, the first-ever KOTR
Triple Threat.

– We see Braun Strowman and Seth
Rollins backstage talking to Cedric
Alexander. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and a big 10-
man match is announced for later 

The OC, Dolph Ziggler and Robert
Roode vs. The Viking Raiders, Cedric
Alexander, Seth Rollins and Braun

– We go backstage to WWE NXT
Superstars Montez Ford and Angelo
Dawkins, The Street Profits. They
hype tonight’s matches and Sunday’s
Clash of Champions pay-per-view.
After previously commenting on WWE
Women’s Tag Team Champion Nikki
Cross, Dawkins is not flirting with
Sasha Banks. They lead us to a video
package on Roman Reigns, Daniel
Bryan and Erick Rowan from
King of the Ring Quarterfinals Triple

Threat: Samoa Joe vs. Ricochet vs.
Baron Corbin

We go to the ring for the final red
brand quarterfinals match for the King
of the Ring tournament. Samoa Joe
is out first. Back to commercial.
Back from the break and Baron
Corbin is making his way out.
Ricochet is out next. The bell rings
and Corbin is sent out. Ricochet and
Joe go at it. Ricochet sends Joe
flying and then dropkicks him. Corbin
runs back in and levels Ricochet for
some boos. Corbin works over
Ricochet but Ricochet comes back
with offense. Ricochet unloads and
hits a Shooting Star Press for a 2
Corbin gets sent to the floor and
Corbin follows with more offense as
fans do dueling chants. Ricochet runs
in and leaps out the other side,
taking Joe down. Ricochet runs back
out of the first side, taking Corbin
back down. We go to commercial
with Corbin and Ricochet down on
one side, Joe down on the other.
Back from the break and fans do
dueling chants as Ricochet goes at it
with Ricochet. Ricochet leaps off the
apron but Corbin catches him on the
floor, launching him face-first into the
ring post. Joe charges at ringside
and levels Corbin, taking him down.
Joe grabs Ricochet and sends him
face-first into the post. Joe brings it
back into the ring and trades big
shots with Corbin in the middle of
the ring. Corbin unloads with body
shots. Joe fights back and gets a
pop. Joe catches Corbin with the
inverted atomic drop and a big boot.
Joe with a senton for a close 2 count
as Ricochet breaks it up.
Ricochet trades strikes with Joe in
the middle of the ring now. Joe takes
several and then drops Ricochet with
one big chop. Ricochet comes back
but Joe catches him with a big
powerslam out of nowhere. Ricochet
kicks out at 2. Ricochet tangles with
both in the corner now. Corbin levels
Ricochet with a huge clothesline. Joe
takes Corbin down. Joe turns around
to a big kick to the face from
Ricochet. All three Superstars are
down again. Corbin and Ricochet
trade strikes. Corbin bounces off the
rope and levels Ricochet with a huge
boot to the face. They tangle again
and Ricochet rolls Corbin for a 2
count. Corbin powerbombs Ricochet
but he comes right back. Corbin
catches him with Deep Six but Joe
pulls Corbin out to the floor to break
the pin.

Joe applies the Coquina Clutch to
Corbin on the floor as fans pop.
Corbin tries to break it but Joe
eventually drops to the ground and
tightens the hold for a pop. Ricochet
leaps off the apron and lands on both
opponents, breaking the hold. More
back and forth now. Ricochet goes
for the 630 on Joe in the ring but
Joe moves. Joe with the Coquina
Clutch on Ricochet now. It’s broken.
Ricochet with the Recoil on Joe.
Ricochet goes to the top for a 630
on Joe and he nails it. Corbin pulls
Ricochet out of the ring and launches
him into the crowd over the barrier.
Corbin comes back into the ring,
covers Joe and steals the pin to
advance to the finals.


– After the match, Ricochet can’t
believe it as Corbin celebrates on the
outside as his music plays. Corbin is
all smiles as we go to replays. We
get an updated look at the brackets
as Corbin goes to the stage to pose
on the KOTR throne with the crown
and scepter, all smiles.

– Still to come, a big 10-man tag
team main event. Back to
– Back from the break and Cole
plugs WWE RAW being nominated
for an E! People’s Choice Award.
Lacey Evans vs. Natalya
We go to the ring and Lacey Evans is
waiting as her music plays. We see
footage from last week’s win over
Natalya. Out next comes Natalya for
tonight’s rematch.
The bell rings and Evans backs
Natalya into the corner but she’s
warned. Natalya unloads out of the
corner and works Evans over. Natalya
takes Evans down and keeps the
quick offense going, focusing on the
legs for the Sharpshooter. Natalya
wraps Evans’ legs up and takes
advantage of the 5 count. Natalya
continues pounding on Evans against
the ropes as the referee tries to back
her off.
Natalya drops Evans with a discus
clothesline for a 2 count. Natalya
goes for the Sharpshooter in the
middle of the ring but Evans
scrambles for the bottom rope and
retreats to the floor. She suckers
Natalya in on the floor and drops her
with a neckbreaker. Evans sends
Natalya into the apron and puts boots
to her face a few times. Evans covers
Natalya’s face with the apron cover
and pulls it down, choking her with it.
Evans brings it back in the ring and
drops Natalya again for a 2 count.
Evans stomps away in the corner
now and plays to the crowd. Evans
with more offense for another 2
Evans keeps Natalya grounded in the
middle of the ring now. Natalya
tosses Evans but Evans comes right
back and drops her. Evans with a big
moonsault but Natalya moves.
Natalya talks some trash and tells
Evans to bring it. Evans brings it with
a big kick to the ribs. Evans slams
Natalya’s face into the mat several
times. Evans manhandles Natalya in
the corner some more. Natalya
blocks boots in the corner and
applies the Sharpshooter. Evans taps
out after controlling most of the


– After the bell, Natalya keeps the
submission locked in as Evans yells
out. She finally lets go and has her
arm raised as the music hits.
– Still to come, a new Firefly Fun
House segment. Back to

– Back from the break and we see
how NBA star Enes Kanter won the
WWE 24/7 Title from R-Truth at the
pre-RAW Main Event tapings, then
lost it right back to Truth.

– The announcers go over the WWE
Clash of Champions card.

– We go to Bray Wyatt for a new
Firefly Fun House segment. WWE
Hall of Famer Steve Austin is
mentioned and all the usual puppets
are here. “Stranger Danger” is the
theme and the puppets keep chanting
it over and over. Wyatt yells at them
to be quiet and we see the first sign
of The Fiend. Wyatt fixes Abby The
Witch’s clock by turning it to 11:19
from 3:16. Wyatt says those bozos
took something from him and that
brought out The Fiend. He calls
Austin a rattlesnake that does
rattlesnake things. He says strangers
are just friends you haven’t made yet,
and he mentions al of the new
friends for Braun Strowman and Seth
Rollins, but unfortunately friends
won’t help them where they are
going. Wyatt says friends forget but
The Fiend never forgets. Wyatt
laughs, says “See you in hell!” and
waves goodbye to everyone to end
the segment.

– Still to come, our big 10-man tag
team main event. Back to
Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins,
Cedric Alexander, Erik and Ivar vs.
Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, AJ
Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl
Back from the break and WWE
Universal and RAW Tag Team
Champion Seth Rollins is also out.
RAW Tag Team Champion Braun
Strowman waits in the ring with
Cedric Alexander and The Viking
Raiders, Erik and Ivar. Robert Roode
and Dolph Ziggler are out first for
their tag team. Out next comes The

– WWE United States Champion
AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl
Ziggler starts off with Rollins and
they go at it. Rollins gets the
upperhand early on and tags in Ivar.
Ivar with a big knee to Ziggler’s gut.
Ivar slams Ziggler and in comes Erik
for a double team slam. AJ breaks
up the pin attempt. Cedric runs in
and attacks AJ, which leads to a
bigger brawl breaking out as the
referee tries to get control. Ziggler
comes off the top but Strowman
catches him in a big chokeslam. We
go to commercial with Strowman
standing tall and yelling out as some
of his partners join him in the ring.
Back from the beak and Anderson is
going at it with Cedric. Anderson
takes it to the corner and works
Cedric over. AJ tags in and stomps
away on Cedric now. Cedric drops AJ
and they’re both down as their
partners wait for tags. AJ drives
Cedric’s shoulder into the mat to
stop a tag. Gallows tags in and
unloads in the corner. Roode comes
in and puts boots to Cedric in the
corner. Roode keeps Cedric grounded
with a headlock now, then focuses on
his arm. Cedric fights up and out but
Roode takes him back down by his
arm for a 2 count. Roode drops a
knee on Cedric for a 2 count. Roode
with another pin attempt.
Cedric catches a kick and levels
Roode with a big shot. Fans pop and
rally for Cedric now. Rollins and
Anderson get the hot tags. Rollins
unloads and hits a Slingblade, then
an enziguri to Gallows. Anderson
sends Rollins to the apron. Rollins
flies in with more offense and a
Falcon Arrow for a 2 count as Roode
breaks it up. Everyone gets involved
no, hitting their finishers as chaos
unfolds. Rollins takes out AJ and
stands tall for a pop. Rollins and
Strowman then take turns on their
– Strowman running
around the ring and leveling guys as
Rollins runs the ropes and nails
suicide dives on them. Strowman
comes in and hits a running
powerslam on Anderson. Rollins
stands guard while Strowman covers
for the pin on Anderson, but Roode
and Ziggler run in to shove Rollins
onto Strowman, breaking up
Strowman’s pin.
Strowman doesn’t realize what just
happened with Roode and Ziggler
shoving Rollins into him to break the
pin up. Braun looks at Rollins and
they start arguing. RAW goes to
commercial with Strowman and
Rollins having words.
Back from the break and Ziggler has
Rollins down in their corner.
Anderson tags in and keeps the
attack going. Anderson slams Rollins
for a quick pin attempt. Anderson
keeps Rollins grounded in the middle
of the ring now. Rollins fights out and
leaps for a pin but Anderson catches
him in mid-air with a big Spinebuster
but Rollins still kicks out.
Roode is in with Rollins now. Rollins
counters and drops Roode. Ziggler
tags in but Rollins blocks the Fame-
asser and delivers a big Buckle
Bomb. AJ tags in and stops Rollins
from tagging. Rollins counters and
Braun tags in. Braun runs over AJ
twice and levels him with a big boot.

AJ blocks a running powerslam and
Strowman end sup running into the
ring post. Erik tags in and takes out
Roode and Gallows but AJ drops him
with a kick. Ivar tags in and takes out
AJ. Ivar goes to the top and leaps
out, taking down everyone on the
floor with a dive, except for Cedric
and AJ, who are in the ring alone.
Cedric tagged in as Ivar dived to the
floor. More back and forth between
AJ and Cedric in the ring. Cedric hits
the Lumbar Check in the middle of
the ring for the pin to win.
Winners: Cedric Alexander, Seth
Rollins, Braun Strowman, Erik, and

– After the bell, the glass breaks and
out comes Steve Austin to a big pop.
Austin calls for beers and has a
celebration with Rollins, Strowman,
Alexander and The Vikings in the
middle of the ring. They all go wild
as Austin calls for more beers to be
thrown in. Erik and Ivar are especially
excited. The beer bash continues as
Austin hits the corner to pose for th
fans. The Garden cheers on Austin
and friends as the final RAW before

Clash of Champions goes off the air.
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