Married to the Prince Season 2 Episode 34 || 35 || 36



(Season 2).
Episode 34.
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Next Day=Royal Palace=Royal Palace).
Morning had reached her and almost her whole body was bandaged because of the wounds. She layed on the bed, thinking of what to do. Faruk entered the clinic with guards and Queen Dorah turned away from him in anger. He gave the order and the guards quickly left. He went closer to her and folded his arms on his chest. Two maids entered wot her breakfast and served it on a small table near the bed, they bowed down and left.
'' Mother,good morning ''.
'' Get out! After all I have done for you,this is how you pay me back isn't it? ''.
'' But what have I done? ''.
'' After fighting for twenty seven years so you could be king at last,you would rather listen to that stupid Rishi instead of me ''.
'' Don't call her stupid mother! I love her! ''. He said in anger.
'' Oooh, look at that. Do you know how stupid you look? You love her? Well,she hates you for killing her husband, you are her enemy. She is plotting against us and I know it ''.
'' You are very ungreatful mother! I mean,do you even know what Rishi has done for you? She just volunteered to go to the wishing stream today to wish for your well being ''.
'' Huh? ''.
'' See? She is going out of her boundaries for you. And you are here saying she is plotting against you and I ''.
'' You have allowed her to go to the stream? Oh son has being brainwashed. You stupid fool,do you know that Queen Meerah is free again? ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' And this time,there is no one to help us. My father has being gone seven years ago,and you are here fooling around ''.
'' if she is free,does that mean she's the one who dis this to you? ''.
'' Who else? Her of course! ''.
'' Oh no mother! What do we do now? ''.
'' She is more angrier and powerful now that her son is nor here anymore. I have a spiritual helper in Jhansi,I will go there soon to seek for her help. She also performs black magic. And good spirits like Queen Meerah yes black magic. I will teach her a lesson ''.
'' What do I do now mother? ''. Faruk asked with fright.
'' Are you now asking me what you should do? Why don't you ask Rishi, idiot! I don't want you close to that woman! ''.
(Queen Meerah's spirit quickly possessed Faruk and his fearful eyes turned into hate at Queen Dorah).
'' I will not even listen to your stupid advice mother! And I will not stay away from Rishi! It Queen Meerah is back,deal with her on your own. After all,you are the one who killed her. I will also be waiting for Majid's spirit to come and I will kill him over again ''. He said and left.
'' This boy is not going to spoil my plans! I swear that if he had an heir,I would kill him and make my grandson the king. I am even beginning to regret killing Charu ''. She said and pushed the tray of food away in anger.
(In the kingdom).

Everyone was busily rushing to the wishing stream with their golden coin. People were absolutely shocked to see the royal family arriving there as well since they were not to go three as well since they were not to go. Meerah, Marish and Priyanka quickly run passed the adults towards the stream chased by Kushi. Lakshmi tried running after them but she was stopped.
'' Remember, you are pregnant, you better be careful ''. Queen Sheena said.
'' Let's do this fast so Raj and I can go to the temple to offer offerings to lore Hanuman ''.
'' Are all your coins ready? ''. Queen mother asked and they all nodded.
(Majid arrived on a horse. He had arrived in Ujani at last. After almost seven years. Everything was planned. Two men also sat on a horse behind him and they were all disguised. Majid had disguised himself with a beard on his face,but he had not cut his hair because it also helped him not to be recognised. He had smeared some dark oil on his body,making him look like an ancient sark Indian. He was dressed up in nearly wretched cloth with the others. He saw thousands of people rushing to the stream and followed them with the others until they arrived at the stream were many people had surrounded to wish. They all stepped aside to make sure the royal family wished first. Majid turned to the stream and the first person his eyes landed on was his grandmother. Tears rushed down his cheeks).

'' Your highness, please....this is not the time...
'' Don't call me that right now Ashok. Can't you were we are on a deadly ground? ''.
'' Sorry ''.
'' Just call me Abhi for now. Due to our plans, we must act discreet. But I must be face to face with my grandmother today. She is the only one who will be able to help me get into the palace ''.
'' What do we do then? ''.
'' Follow my lead ''. Majid said and got down from his horse.
(Rishi went first and walked closer to the bridge. She took her coin in her hand and closed her eyes).
'' Eight years ago today,you answered a wish that came from my mouth. A wish that changed my life forever. A wish to be married to the Prince ''. She forced for tears not to come out from her eyes. '' Today,I wish that Faruk and his mother never have peace. Just like they took my happiness from me,take their happiness as well. I arise all the spirits of the people they have killed to torment them till their last breath. This is my wish,let it be so ''.
(She said and threw the coin into the stream and cleaned her tears. She left the stream and then Queen mother and Queen Sheena went there together. Rishi went into the crowd looking for Meerah and Marish and shouting their names. Majid walked through the crowd and got hit by a stick at his back. He turned his face backwards and saw Marish rushing to his side. She quickly his behind him,hiding her face in his shorts).
'' Don't tell my sister I am here okay mister? ''.
(Then Meerah and Priyanka quickly for there,trying to catch Marish).
'' We already caught you Marish! Come out now! ''. Meerah shouted with laughter. '' Mother will be upset if we don't get there on time,let's go ''.
'' Marish? ''. Majid whispered and bent down towards the children. '' Marish? ''.
(They looked at him in confusion as tears appeared in his eyes).
'' You...
'' Do you know me uncle? ''.
'' I...
(Rishi quickly arrived there in a haste and shouted their names behind Majid. He was shocked when he heard that voice. He got to his feet and turned his back,and there standing there was his beautiful wife. His eyes of affection increased and his hands were shaking, wanting to touch her so bad. The girls rushed to her aide).
'' Did I not tell you three not ti play around?! Why will you not let me worry less for just one day?! ''.
'' We were just playing! ''. Marish snapped.
'' Shut up! You are just as short tempered like your father, not wanting anyone to complain about tour bad deeds! ''.
(Rishi raised her hand to hit Marish but Majid quickly grabbed hold of her hand. People who saw this were shocked. How dare a strange commoner dare to touch the king's wife? They started murmuring to each other. Rishi herself was astonished, starring at his face and into his eyes. She get a sharp pain in her chest and took her hands away from him. They starred at each other for a while and some guards arrived there).
'' Do not hit tour child your highness. She is still a child, six years old and she is not matured ''. He said in a very deep tone.
'' did you...
(Majid said nothing and entered into the crowd with the others and was seen no more by Rishi).
'' Let's go tour highness ''. The guards said,taking Rishi and the girls away. Rishi kept looking back as she left.
(Majid arrived besides the stream were Queen mother turned and bumped into him. They starred at each other and tears fell from Majid's eyes. Queen mother was confused).
'' Grandmother ''. He whispered.
(Queen mother was about to scream her head off in happiness and Majid quickly shook his head).
'' Meet me behind the temple and let's talk. I will be waiting there ''. He said and she nodded then he left immediately.
(Rishi arrived there with the girls and everyone else).
'' We are all ready Queen mother. Lakshmi and Raj went to the temple to pray,the rest of us can go back to the palace ''.
'' No. I can't go to the palace right now. You all can go now,Rishi, go with Kushi, Sheena and I will pray a little in the temple and come back to the palace later ''.
'' You never said you would go to the temple. But anyways, please come back soon. You know Faruk and his t ''. Rishi said and left with Kushi and the girls with some guards ''.
(Major Temple).
Since Queen mother and Queen Sheena were least important in the palace, only one trusted guard of Lakshmi followed them into the temple. They called Lakshmi and Raj then they all rushed to the back of the temple. They looked around but there was no one. Until Majid arrived the with the two men he arrived with. Queen mother and the others turned and Majid removed the beard from his face in a haste. Queen mother rushed to him with opened arms and embraced him. Everyone was in tears. Queen Sheena embraced him as well and Lakshmi added up. They all went on their knees in full of emotions. After the emotional reunion, they slowly walked towards a bench under a tree and
Queen mother wouldn't let go off Majid. Majid told them everything that happened during the war and after, and how he loosed his memory.
'' Oh,this is the happiest day of my life. The happiest, it is a blessed day ''.
'' Where have you being Majid? How dare you...
'' Do you think this is the right time for this mother? I think we should save this for later ''.
'' I have to meet Rishi. Please, just let me see her,I want to...
'' You can't right now. Not ne ''.
'',what do you mean? ''.
(Queen mother narrated the whole story from the time his death was announced till now).
'' What?! ''. Majid got to his feet. His hands made of fist. '' Rishi and Faruk?! How..I can't....
'' Nothing has ever happened between them I promised you. But he would have killed Marish if Rishi had not accepted. All we need to do now is plan ahead. We should make plans of how to dethrone Faruk ''.
'' I can't believe he married my wife! ''. His anger took over him and pushed the bench away,breathing heavily. Queen mother got up and held his shoulders.
'' Majid, do not let your anger destroy what are we about to achieve. If Dorah acted this way,she wouldn't have succeeded in making her son king. You will surely meet Rishi again, but first, we need to get you into the palace first...but how do we do that? ''.
'' As a guard. Take me in as a guard. I will disguise myself like I have now and no one would recognise me. And then we will take our plans from there ''.
'' That's dangerous. But it might be the only option we have ''. Queen Sheena said. '' We will let Rishi talk to Faruk about this. You will be Rishi's personal guard ''.
'' Sushim will be very happy when he hears this when he hears it. Faruk has made him him his personal guard. He travels to Jhansi and other kingdoms with him ''. Raj said.
(They all got up and Majid put back the beard on his face).
'' Since the guards are so many in the palace, no one would tell whether you are new or old,except where you will sleep,some of the guards will realise that you are new. And we can't afford for you to be recognised now. So we shall prepare a safe place in one of the rooms in the palace temple for you to sleep, until we introduce you to Faruk as Rishi's personal guard ''. Queen mother said with a big smile.
'' Does that mean,we can go to the palace right now? ''. Majid asked in a haste.
'' Right now sweetheart. We are going to the palace now ''. She answered and hugged him tightly. '' This is the last fight Majid. Be brave and strong, we are never going to separate again ''.
(Royal Palace=Queen Dorah's chamber).
She was discharged from the clinic and her bandages were removed because she didn't want them. But some medicines were applied on her body. She looked into her mirror in anger on how ugly she had become. She turned to her bed and took a small pot from her drawer and sat on the floor.
'' Since I am on my own now,I have to contact my friend in Jhansi to help me with this current problem. I can't do this on my own ''.
(She closed her eyes,winning her hands all over the pot and breathing in deep. She opened her eyes and took a candle from under her bed and lighted it up. Queen Meerah appeared there and blew an enormous of wind from her mouth, increasing the fire and burning Queen Dorah's face. She screamed in agony and the candle slipped from her hand onto the soft carpet then the room caught fire. She was blinded but she could feel the room burning and full of smoke, she covered the burns on her face, screaming and trying to find a way out of the chamber but the fire spread and she screamed out loud for help).
'' I can't believe the almighty Queen Dorah. Queen of killings and black magic is on fire ''. Queen Meerah laughed out loud. '' Killing you today would be too easy for the thirty four years thirst for revenge ''.
(Queen Meerah said and snapped her fingers, making the fire go off. People started breaking the door open. Queen Meerah disappeared and the door swung opened and everyone entered. Faruk couldn't look at his own mother now).
'' Oh no. What have I done to deserve this? Get out all of you! Get out! ''.
'' What about your face mo....
'' Shut up and get out now! ''. She opened her eyes and the left side couldn't see. She screamed out loud in hate and everyone left the room one after the other. She closed the door and locked it up. She went into the secret room in her chamber and closed the door.
Queen mother spoke to Rishi about getting a personal guard and didn't approve but later understood to get the guard to also protect both Meerah and Marish and decided to go and try her luck with Faruk to see whether he would understand.
(Royal Kitchen).
All the maids had gathered there,preparing the afternoon meal. Meerah, Marish and Priyanka played all over the palace and reached the kitchen. They entered with their hands on their back. Every royal handmaiden stood in front, cooking the meals for their masters and mistresses. Avni finished cooking Queen Dorah's food and started serving it on a tray. Meerah quickly went closer to the tray and pushed it down, destroying all the hard work cooked food on the floor. Everyone was shocked, except for Marish and Priyanka who couldn't stop laughing.

'' Next time, show respect to us when we enter here ''. Meerah said and poked her tongue out.
'' How dare you?! You insolent brat! ''.
(She raised her hand to hit Meerah but Queen Meerah appeared in the kitchen and held her hand. People saw Avni's hand locked in the air but couldn't see who was holding it. Unless she herself saw Queen Meerah, burning with rage).
'' No! Queen Meerah?! ''.
(Everyone exclaimed when they ears her shout a dead person's name. Meerah rushed to Marish's side while Priya covered them under her caring hands).
'' Avni, are you okay? ''. Priya asked.
'' Talk Avni! Tell them...tell them you were Queen Dorah's accomplice. You insolent brat! ''. She shouted and slapped Avni hard across her face. Making her fall,face down into the spicy food on the floor.
'' Help me! I can't....
(Priya quickly took the children out of the kitchen).
'' Hurry! Go and call the royal doctor now! Hurry! ''. Priya told the kids.
(Queen Meerah disappeared. The rest of the servants were afraid to go close to Avni since she mentioned Queen Meerah's name. But Priya went closer to her. She helped her up and behold, her left cheek was swollen up into the biggest boil. The servants raced away from Avni whose eyes were closed and her face was tearing apart. Royal doctors arrived and took her away).


(Season 2).
Episode 35.
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(The king's chamber).
Rishi entered the chamber were Faruk was lost in a
deep thought on his bed. She stood a short
distance from him with hatred in her eyes.
'' You haven't seen anything yet. If as a human being
in this world, all you want is what belongs to
someone else,then lamentations will never pass
your home ''. Rishi thought to herself.
(She went closer to him and he raised his head. He
gave out a fake smile and also got to his feet).
'' Queen, I am pleased to see you. I needed your
presence to calm down ''.
'' Please sit down ''.
(Faruk sat down and she sat besides him).
'' I heard about what happened to your mother
again. They said her room was almost burnt down.
And her face too ''.
'' I don't know what else to do to stop this
happenings Rishi. I seriously don't want to loose
my mother. She is everything to me ''.
'' I believe that happened because she was
performing black magic. You should ban black
magic from the kingdom ''.
'' I don't think so. She has being performing black
magic even before I was born,and nothing like this
has ever happened. I think I should be the one to
go to Jhansi tomorrow. I have to go and see her
black magic friend and ask for help. I don't think
she is in any condition to go ''.
'' So you are leaving Ujani tomorrow? ''.
'' Yes. Would you miss me? ''.
'' In your dreams you fool! ''. Rishi thought and
'' Your beautiful smile brings happiness to my heart

'' Before you go,I just wanted to ask for permission
to get a personal guard for myself. With everything
that has happened lately in the palace, I feel unsafe
and I would love to get a guard for myself. What do
you think? ''.
'' I have already told told Rishi,you are my favourite
Queen. So I don't mind you doing what you want in
the palace. Who do toy want for that job? ''.
'' I don't know yet. But when I choose him,I will
surely show him to you ''.
'' Better. I have to start preparing myself for my
journey tomorrow, can you excuse me? ''.
'' Of course ''. She turned to leave and he held her
'' Not even a kiss for your King? ''. He asked and
Rishi's fave turned blank. He pulled closer and
kissed her lips. Her heart stopped.
'' Can I go now? ''
'' Yes ''.
(She left the chamber and closed the door. She
was so angry. She quickly tore part of her saree
and cleaned her lips with all her strength).
(In the Garden).
Majid and Sushim embraced each other tightly,
while Majid smiled, Sushim was in uncontrollable
'' I am now having human feelings your highness.
Now,I know that I have not killed you ''.
'' You ate not to blame for anything Sushim, it's my
fault. I trusted Faruk too much. He had acted too
sincere in front of me,so much so that I never
thought he had that mindset for me ''.
'' I am absolutely happy you are back. Now, we can
finally have a reason to still hope ''.
'' I have everything planned out before arriving here
Sushim. That is why I need your help in convincing
the soldiers to support us ''.
'' I really don't know about that your highness. Faruk
has really instilled fear in them. In fact,the most
fearless soldiers in the kingdom now even shiver at
the mention of Faruk's name. If anyone tried to plan
evil against him,black magic from his mother would
expose the person fast and they will immediately
be beheaded ''.

'' Just try and do what I have said. Just do
something. Because if we attack without their
knowledge, then they will also attack us. You are
one of them,you know those who are completely
loyal to Faruk and others who are not completely
loyal and hates him ''.
'' Those who are loyal to him are many than those
who are not. But I will try my possible best and
gather those who ate not loyal as one and talk to
them. But we have ti let them know you are still
alive before they will get the energy to support us ''.
'' Don't worry Sushim, we will get to that point ''.
Queen mother said.
'' What about the soldiers of Jhansi? They are also
very loyal to Faruk, they will attack if they hear that
we have attacked. And we will be no match for
them your highness ''.
'' The only way to get the Jhansi soldiers on our
side is when we reveal the truth to them that,Faruk
had a child with another woman before getting
married to their princess! ''. Lakshmi said with an
evil smile.
'' Exactly! That is true. We all know that one of the
greatest taboos in Jhansi is getting married to their
women when you have a child elsewhere. It is their
greatest enemy since the kingdom was established.

We have to get Charu to come here again very soon
''. Raj said.
'' Oh goodness! We shouldn't have let them go back
to Mumbai. How will we communicate then now? ''.
'' Go to NY chamber Lakshmi. Look into the
drawers, I forgot were I placed my phones. Just
take any of them and bring it to me to call Jimmy ''.
'' Right now? ''.
'' Now..just hurry! ''.
(Lakshmi nodded and left the garden immediately.
Queen mother entered with a smile and hugged
Majid tightly).
'' Grandmother, please control your emotions, we
will have a lot of time to embrace each other after
this fight is over. Else if someone sees us,there will
be a little suspicion ''.
'' Okay...okay fine. Rishi has spoken to Faruk and
she says Faruk has agreed for her to get a personal
guard. He does everything she says now. She also
said Faruk will be leaving for Jhansi tomorrow
evening ''.
'' He..for what? ''.
'' Some things has being happening lately to Queen
Dorah, and he wants to go and meet a grand black
magician to seek for help. That's what Rishi said ''.
'' Then I have to see Rishi tomorrow evening
grandmother. Please do this for begging
you. Rishi must know am here now,and she is no
longer alone ''.
'' Do you know how to make sure to convince her to
control her emotions then? ''.
'' Of course! I will. I will do whatever. Since you are
saying Faruk is leaving and Queen Dorah is nor well
it would be the perfect time to meet with Rishi
again ''.

'' Alright....okay. I will see what I can do. Tomorrow
night, you both will finally meet ''.
(Prince Majid's chamber).
Lakshmi entered quickly and started searching
though Majid's drawers and Rishi later entered
quickly and started searching though Majid's
drawers and Rishi later entered quickly. She was
shocked to see Lakshmi there since it had being
years and she was the only one who ever entered
that chamber. She knew all of the royal family
accepted that Majid was dead and none of them
ever entered his chamber since he was pronounced
dead. She also had accepted that he was dead but
she always entered the chamber to remind herself
that Majid was still with her in the spirit. She
cleared her throat and Lakshmi just panicked and
turned back to her. She his the phone behind her
and adjusted to her position as Rishi walked closer.
'' Rishi? You are here? ''.
'' I am always here. But you,I am surprised that you
are here after seven whole years. You never came
here because you said you didn't want to remind
yourself of any sad memories ''.
'' Well...I miss my brother Rishi. Is that bad? ''.
'' But you were searching in his things. What do you
want? You could have asked me,and I would have
taken it for you...are you alright Lakshmi? You and
Queen mother have being acting strange ever since
we came from the wishing stream this morning.
Queen mother has asked me to tell Faruk to allow
me get personal guard for no good reason, and
now,you are also here searching through Majid's
things. What is really going on? ''.
'' Nothing. Don't worry Rishi, very will
forget the pains of life ''. Lakshmi said and his the
phone behind her saree and quickly left the room.
'' Forget my pain? Are this people hiding something
from me? ''. Rishi just shook her head and left the
(Next Day=Afternoon=The temple).
Rishi knelt in front of Lord Krishna's statue, with her
eyes closed and was praying silently. Queen mother
and Queen Sheena entered the temple with Majid in
his disguise. Rishi felt their presence and opened
her eyes. She stood up and turned to them. Rishi
quickly panicked when she saw him,she
remembered him from the wishing stream as the
man who held her hand when she was about to hit
'' You? ''. When she exclaimed, they all panicked,
thinking she had recognised him. '' You were the
same man from the wishing stream yesterday,
right? ''
'' Oh Rishi,you know him? ''. Queen Sheena asked.
'' I met him at the stream yesterday. He stopped me
from...from hitting Marish. I can't believe you know
him. Who is he? ''.
'' He is your person guard now dear. This is the
man I was talking about all this while. His name is
Abhi. I have full trust in him. He is good and loyal,
and he will look after you and the girls very well ''.
Queen mother said.
'' Hm. Alright. I hope you have told him about how
stubborn the girls are and how ready he should be
for trouble from them ''.
'' Yes your highness... Am ready ''. Majid said.
(Rishi was shocked and she starred at him closely.
Tears appeared in her eyes).
'' Wow...
'' Are you okay Rishi? ''. Queen Sheena asked.
'' Yes yes...just,his voice. The voice sounds like...
(Faruk and three guards entered the temple in a
haste and Majid became stiff. He bolted his hands
into fist and was loosing control. Queen mother
touched his shoulder to com down. Rishi composed
herself well).
'' I am leaving Rishi ''.
'' So soon? I thought you said in the evening ''.
'' Yes. That is what I said. But I was told by one of
the Jhansi soldiers that the magician almost gets
powers to work on exactly 6pm in the evening of
eve full moon. Tonight is a full moon and I have to
leave now to arrive there early ''.
'' Oh okay. Have a safe trip then ''
'' Come and accompany me. Let's go ''.
'' Meet my personal guard here ''.
'' I really don't have time Rishi. I will meet him when
I get back. Let's go ''. He said and pulled Rishi
away with him.
(Majid loosed his mind and threw a blow against
the wall and groaned in pain and anger).
'' It is okay! This will last only a short time
sweetheart ''.
(Lakshmi entered with his phone and handed it to

'' I charged it the whole night just like you directed
me. You can now call Jimmy ''.
(He took the phone and dialled Jimmy's number. It
was quickly answered).
'' Hello?! Shit,don't you dare tell me this is my best
friend! ''. Jimmy screamed.
(Majid just laughed silently).
'' Yeah man...
Majid! Damn,it is really you. Oh God bro! I wanna
cry. Awww... I will not eat today,I swear! ''.
'' It's being a long time Jimmy. What's up? ''.
(Jimmy started weeping on the phone and Majid
comforted him and told him everything and what he
was planning).
'' Do you think it is safe bro? ''.
'' I will do whatever I can in my power to protect my
nephew Jimmy. Just bring him here by tomorrow
evening for the show to start ''.
'' I can't wait to see you man. And give you a tight
hug like a girl and her boyfriend ''.
'' too bro. Me too ''.
Queen mother and Queen Sheena had perfectly
decorated the palace stream side like a first time
honeymoon night. The same place Rishi and Majid
first gave into each other. But this time, they made
sure it was the most beautiful. With help from the
other trustees. They went into Majid's things and
brought out one of his never worn clothes and
secretly prepared him for the special night. They
tried hard to convince Rishi to allow herself to be
made up,they suffered before she finally agreed.
(Evening=Queen Dorah's chamber).
She was now wearing a mask to cover the burns on
her face. She refused any medical attention from
anyone and she was left alone in her half burnt
chamber. She wouldn't stop trying to contact her
black magician friend from Jhansi. Her friend finally
appeared in her crystal ball. She started laughing
and she lighted a candle.
'' What is it Dorah? ''.
(Queen Dorah told her everything that happened to
'' So what do I do now Santi? ''.
'' Dorah, just two things. Burn incense in your
chamber by using a strand of your hair. And you
will get rid of Queen Meerah's spirit forever. And
after that,sprinkle the ashes in your chamber to get
rid of any other evil spirits ''.
'' Only that? But that sounds too easy for a ghost
like Queen Meerah! ''. Queen Dorah asked
'' What?! Are you underestimating my capability as a
magician or what?! ''.
'' No sorry. It is just that,dealing with this
kind of things is not that easy ''.
'' I have being practicing black magic even before
you were born! And I know the simplest way to deal
with ghosts! So just do as I say ''.
'' Okay. I will do that exactly this evening. I will
contact you later ''.
'' Good ''.
(Queen Dorah wined her hand the magician
disappeared and she pushed the ball under her
'' I have to make sure everyone in the palace is busy
with their own things before I can start this magic ''.
She said to herself and finally walked out.
(But far in Jhansi,the magician she contact turned
into Queen Meerah who was laughing madly. She
looked aside and the real magician was dead under
a plantain leaf).
'' Oh Dorah...this is just the beginning. After this
ritual, you will loose all your insight on black magic
and that is when I will truly start torturing you for
good ''.
(Queen Dorah stepped out of the chamber and as
soon as she turned to check the palace, she
received a huge slap from nowhere. Her mask fell
down and she moaned in pain. Upon turning, she
saw the dead king).
'' No! ''.
'' Yes Dorah. Did you think I will leave this difficult
job to Meerah alone? I am here to torture you ''. He
said in a strange voice and begun to laugh.
'' This can't be! You are dead! ''.
'' Yes. Because you killed me! And killed Meerah!
And we are all here to take you with us ''. He said
and raised his hand at her.
(She quickly opened her chamber door to enter and
also met Preeta. Queen Sheena's best friend who
used to be a handmaiden with her to Queen
Meerah, and was killed because she revealed the
truth about Queen Dorah's black magic and no one
believed her. Queen Dorah gasped in horror. She
grabbed Queen Dorah's neck and strangled her. The
king caught her neck from behind and she was
loosing her breath. They pulled her into the
chamber and pushed her down and disappeared.
She had loosed great energy from her body. She
quickly started preparing the incense which was
directed to her).
It was very dark in the evening and after Rishi was
made up,she was confused. Queen mother
commanded most of the guard out of the guard out
of the way and they obeyed because Rishi was with
her. Rishi was dressed in a light white saree and
her hair was left down. Queen mother brought her
to the palace stream, far behind the palace and she
was surprised at the decorations. She had no idea
what was going on.
'' Stay here for a while. I will be back...okay? ''.
'' Queen mother, don't you think I should be asleep
by now? I mean...
'' Just keep quiet Rishi! ''.
'' I am confused! All of you refused to explain the
meaning of all this and you expect me to keep
quiet? Do you know the trouble we will face if Faruk
heard about this? ''.
'' He won't. He is far away now. Just stand here for
a while. I will be back. Okay? ''.
'' Queen mo...
(Queen mother ignored her and quickly rushed out
of the stream garden. Rishi took a deep breath of
the cold air touched the flowers which was
decorated around. She noticed there was a small
layed white sheets on the floor in the form of a bed
with pillows and flowers).
'' Ah...what?! A bed? Oh goodness, why would they
dress me this way and bring me in front of a bed,at
this place? ''. She asked herself and tears appeared
in her eyes. '' What is all this torture?! ''.
'' Rishi ''. Majid called her name,standing right
behind her.
(Rishi choked and hr eyes opened widely. She
immediately turned her back and was blown away.
Tears had now blinded her. Weakness snatched her
strength and her lips and body were shaking. Majid
just starred at her with desire in his eyes, a story on
his lips and longing on his face. He smiled lightly.
Rishi was shocked, she couldn't believe her
(Season 2).
Episode 36.
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Palace Stream).
The flower in Rishi's hand fell on the grass. Her mouth widely opened in shock. Majid was dressed like how he used to always dress. He was in all white shirt and jeans. His hair was still half long way ti his neck but he had shaved and looked like Majid of yesterday. That same Majid who she saw leaving the palace seven years ago. When Majid saw her tears,he couldn't hold his sadness. Tears also rushed out his eyes as well. Rishi was weak in her knees that she trued not to fall down.
'' No...this..this...this is impossible. This is just an imagination. Rishi how can you be so stupid is just not...this is my eyes deceiving me again ''. She said and cleared her eyes him. Then she turned and starred at him again. '' Ma..Majid? ''.
'' Baby ''. He whispered in a heavy voice.
'' Oh my God! ''. She stood there, about to faint.
(Majid walked closer to her and she smelled the scent of his body and realised he was real).
'' Ma..Majid...Oh God! ''. She embraced him with all her strength as they both fell on the grass. Majid's back touching the grass and Rishi on top,budding him tightly in a pool of tears.
(She just wouldn't let go off him. Burying her face in his broad chest. He embraced her in his arms,feeling her body again after many years. He swam his hand in her hair soft silky hair. Rishi sobbed deeply in his arms,it felt like her world was beginning to build up).
'' here now baby. Am here,and am never leaving your side. I swear. I swear on my life ''.
(She just couldn't stop weeping. The tears of joy had overtook her. Majid's entire clothes were nearly wet from her tears. She couldn't talk or breath easy but Majid kept stroking her hair gently whiles she layed over him on the grass).
'' Forgive me my love. I didn't mean to cause you this pain. Am sorry ''. He whispered.
'' I knew it...I never I... ''. She choked and tightened her embrace over him. '' I knew you wouldn't leave me that Majid. I missed you so much ''.
'' I miss you too sweetheart ''.
'' I can't believe this is happening ''. She said while sobbing and embracing him.
'' It is real love. I am not going anywhere again..promise. I am staying here with you and our children ''.
(Rishi was able to compose herself a little and raised her head from his chest and starred into his eyes. Her eyes were so red from crying and her nose as well. Majid starred back at her with intensity. She embraced him again and cried some more while Majid just held her like a little baby).
'' How dare could dare you leave me all this years when you knew you weren't dead Majid! Why?! ''. She cried while hitting him and embracing him at the same time. '' Do you know what you did to me? My mind,my heart,my body? I hate you! Why? ''.
'' Am sorry please ''.
(He swam his hand around the back of her waist and she shivered. He realised she had never being touched that way in years. Rishi raised her head and starred at his lips. There was no time to waste. That lips belonged to her and she kissed him. He kissed her back and their breath caught up. She kissed him like that she had not done it before. He tightened his grip on her waist and pulled his lips down her neck. He breath heavily on her skin let out a silent moan).
'' I need you Majid. Make me yours now ''. She said in a shaking voice and he smiled.
(He rolled over her got her up with one hand. He held her saree from the back and tore it up and she laughed shyly. He unbuttoned his shirt slowly and pulled her closer, kissing every tip of her body deeply. She shivered in his arms while he worked his hand to her breast,loosing her vest off her body,he placed one hand behind the skin of her waist and carried her in his arms. She wrapped her legs around her waist and he slowly walked towards the river were it all started before. She gasped as the water was so cold. She removed Majid's shirt and kissed his shoulders as if she was eating his body. Majid let her into the water and got out of his jeans and let Rishi's saree go into the water. He was the one wearing the necklace this time and he wouldn't remove it now. He ate up her face with kisses and caresses. She moaned happily while her fingers I to his shoulders deeply).
'' I miss you so much Rishi ''. He whispered while kissing her.
'' I miss you most sweetheart. Just shut and take me.
(Majid grinned and pulled her closer,squeezing her deep in his body and she gasped. Pain drew all over her face and body as she moaned louder. Majid stroke her gently and she held him tightly while crying silently. He was crazy over the moment. He bit her neck like a hungry hyena and she squeezed his hair in her hand with her eyes shut closed and mouth opened, with painful moans coming out while he thrust gently. The bed mat was just a little distance away from the river. He slowly got out,of the river, crawling on the grass with her under him. Holding him tight. He layed her on the while flower bedsheets and she breath faster and faster because he was too deep inside her now. He took off earrings and threw them off. He nearly swallowed her ears with kisses. He spared no part of her body as she squeezed her beast in his hands like his life depended on it. His back was now visible of the scratches from Rishi's fingers. He bent with his head to his stomach and kissed all over with his hands swimming on her breast side like a snake. She turned Majid down on the bed and took over by kissing him deeply, he let her take over and pulled her closer to his body and going right deep into her with full force. She grinded him like no one's business until ecstasy took over them and he rolled her down. They moaned into each other's sweats while breathing heavily. This two used all the six years of separating to make the craziest love).
(Queen Dorah's chamber).
After preparing all the things necessary, she cut a little strand of her hair and threw it into the fire and chanted. She looked around her chamber and realised the whole place waa calm and that made her happy and think that everything was working out. After the incense was burnt, the fire went off and she poured the ashes into a small pot and she held it. She got to her feet and closed all her windows.
'' The time has come to get rid of you once and for all Meerah. You are not going to be a bother to me and my son anymore. Never again ''.
(She said and sprinkled all the ashes to every corner of her room. Before she could realise, she saw all her black magic tools disappeared into thin air).
'' Huh? What is all Why? Where are my stuff,how will I survive without them? ''.
'' You won't survive Dorah. This is the beginning of the end...
(She quickly looked at her window and it quickly opened by itself. She looked behind her window and saw
Queen Meerah standing there with a smile).
'' You can't still be here when am done with the ritual! I command you to leave now! ''. She shouted and threw a candle at her,but it disappeared in front of Queen Meerah. '' You know what? Whether you get revenge or not,your son is already dead! And I succeeded in making Faruk the king. That was my only dream,whether you kill me or Faruk,Majid will never come back to life! ''.
'' Hahaha... Such a soft brain you have Dorah ''. The king said in laughter.
'' What...what are you...
'' Dying quickly would be too easy Dorah ''.
(Queen Meerah appeared beside the king with a whip as well. Queen Dorah turned to run but Preeta also appeared in front of her with a whip. They all pounced on Queen Dorah, whipping her mercilessly. She screamed in agony but no one could hear her cries in the palace)...
Episode 36 continuation.
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Palace Stream).
Rishi layed over Majid in her nakedness with her
hands all tightened over his entire body as if she
was preventing him from disappearing. Majid slept
straight on the cloth with his hands over her as
well,while looking into the beautiful sky.
'' I have ti go now Rishi ''.
'' What? ''. She said weakly,raising her head to look
at him.
'' We can't let morning reach us here. Servants will
come here to clean up this place in the
morning,and Faruk will arrive here in the morning
won't he? ''.
(Rishi was quiet surprise when she realised Majid
knew the truth).
'' Majid,you know that....
'' I know you are Faruk's wife now. I know
everything. Grandmother told me everything ''.
'' Majid I didn't want to marry him. He tried to kill
Marish if I refused ''.
'' Rishi, I know everything so there is no need to
explain ''. He said and sat up and started wearing
his shirt. '' You didn't have a choice, I get it! ''.
'' But,you sound very upset about it ''. She said and
sat up,covering her body with the sheets.
'' Of course am upset! Should I jump up high in joy?
He made up his mind to kill me,and after doing
that, he came here and married you! But I will not
spare him at all ''.
'' What? ''. She was shocked at his reaction since
she had no idea what they had planned. '' Majid, you
are acting strange. Tell me,as you are here now,are
we not supposed to take our children and secretly
leave this place for good? ''.
(Majid walked closer to one of the flower
decorations and took his guard uniform and wore it.
Rishi was astonished. She got on her feet and also
realised there was a new saree near the flower
decorations for her. She went closer and took it).
'' Majid I am talking to you! Faruk is not here
tonight, I can go and pack my things and the
children as well,and you can meet me at the
entrance so we can escape this hell! ''.
'' I am not leaving ''. He said in a cold and hateful
tone. '' I am here to kill Faruk,not run away with you
Rishi ''.
(Once again,tears rushed down her face by hearing
'' What did you just say Majid? So Faruk is more
important than me right? ''. She asked and gave him
a harsh stop across the face. '' How dare you have
the gust to tell me that?! Do you know how much I
have endured in your absence? You have not being
here for seven years! You have being out of our
lives,and I have being the only one to bring up
Meerah and Marish! And today,this is what you tell
me? Where have you being, where,when I was
suffering in Faruk's hands,hiding from him,here and
there just to escape his touches and rape? Why did
you keep too long in coming? Why? I am asking
you so answer me! ''.
'' Look, I loosed my memory okay?! It has being six
years since I loosed my memory. Maybe you didn't
realise the scar...look! ''. He shouted and opened
the uniform and showed her his chest. '' Look at
what Faruk did to me! He stabbed me and pushed
me into the water! And you want us to run away,now
that he us madly in love with you?! Tell me,are we
going to run with the kids? But is grandmother and
my mother not here? How about Lakshmi and
Raj,and how about your friend Kushi, and your
mother? Did you even think about them first before
asking me that? Or do you think I also don't want to
be happy and have peace? The only fucking way to
be happy is to eliminate Faruk and his mother! I
don't know where I was until I regained my memory
in a small town,where I was told how I was found
in water at the verge of death,all thanks to Faruk. I
am not backing out if my revenge, I am paying back
Faruk with his own coin ''.
'' But...
'' There are no buts demn it Rishi! You should know
better than anyone that is my responsibility. My
grandmother is aware that am going to kill Faruk.
My biological mother, she is responsible for all the
chaos in the palace now. I didn't believe it before
but...grandmother explained everything to me,that...
''. Majid break down and bent down. '' She still
needs me to be king. The throne is mine Rishi, I
won't give it up to Faruk...never! My grandmother,
my mother, father....even Queen Sheena...they all
fought hard,just so I could be the crowned Prince.
And because of that,Queen Dorah killed my mother
and father, she killed other innocent people, how
long do you think people can endure this? Tell
me,should I leave what belongs to me and run away
with you? ''.
'' Majid...
'' Grandmother told me that my mother's spirit is
hovering around, and is behind me in whatever I do.
We are near to our victory. Grandmother, Queen
Sheena, everyone supports me,we have planned
everything already ''. He said and got up and he
starred her closely, fave to face with a little space
between them. '' Are you going to support me or
not? ''.
'' Am...I don't want loose you Majid. I swear, I will
just die this time if anything happens to you. I don't
want at happened before to happen again. That's
why...I am scared Majid, do you know how much
Meerah and Marish needs you? I lied to them and
said you traveled even though I knew you were
dead,everything was complicated ina my life,just
waking up every morning and realising Faruk was
my husband and you were never coming back! ''. Se
held him close in pain. '' The pain I went through
after Faruk said you were dead,I almost went mad!
If you don't know,then am telling you ''.
'' Rishi, that is the more reason why this fight must
come to pass for victory to be mine,so that we can
start all over again sweetheart. It is not as if am so
interested in the throne, because I will never choose
the throne over you and our kids. But Faruk sitting
on the throne is a disaster and I must end his
reign...I have to. He has to pay for separating us,he
deprived u of our love for almost a decade, and you
want us to run away? Is that what you want?
Running away from what's ours? ''.
'' No ''. She whispered and wore the saree and
embraced Majid. '' I am afraid of what might
happened. Faruk is too dangerous. He's an animal.
What if he FINA out you are here and still alive? ''.
'' He won't. He is too busy trying to impress you
and finding a cure for his mother's madness. And I
will be busy plotting his downfall ''.
'' When will you attack him? ''.
'' Soon. Your mother is performing ritual around the
entire kingdom and she says it will last seven days.
She says it will block the four corners of Ujani and
humble Faruk's soldiers on that day of attack. So
yeah,we are attacking in seven days time ''.
(She tightened her grip and later left him. Majid
quickly destroyed the decorations and bed into the
lake since the honeymoon was over. He faced her
and gave her a deep kiss and turned to leave but
she held his hand and embraced him).
'' Promise me you will come and see me again
Majid. I don't know why,but I can't let you go now ''.
'' Rishi am always right here in the palace okay? I
won't go anywhere. Trust me,all this will be over
soon and we won't have to hide to be together
anymore. Just make sure to keep your emotions
intact, understand? I will protect you and the kids
until that day,then I will find a special place for you
until the fight is over ''.
'' Oh Majid.... ''. She kissed him and he pulled her
from him. I just...
'' I will see you tomorrow. I promise ''. He said and
left quickly before she could say anything. But no
matter what, at that moment, she was the happiest
woman in the world.
'' Marish and Meerah would be the happiest girls in
the world. I can't tell them now,but I know I will
surprise them tomorrow ''. She said and took a
deep breath and walked into the palace.
(Queen Ragah's chamber).
Ragah was so shocked about the news she
received from Lakshmi and the Queens. She
received the two most shocking news of her life
and she wouldn't stand still.
'' So that means, Priyanka is not Faruk's only child.
And Majid is also alive? Oh Lord. This is...
'' shocking? ''.
'' I am more shocked that Faruk would dare marry
me when he knew he had a child and killed my
father on top! That beast! ''.
'' That is why we need your help Ragah. Please.
Majid needs to take back his throne! Ujani belongs
to him ''.
'' I have always wanted to punish Faruk. And get
revenge for my father's death. But I had no idea
how to start ''.
'' Then is is your chance. It is against Jhansi's
customs for a man to get married to their women
when he has a child with another woman who is not
his wife. You are the princess of Jhansi. No one
has being able to take that place since you were
your father's only daughter. And you are their Queen
now,you are the only one who can easily convince
the soldiers to turn against Faruk. By revealing the
truth to them ''.
'' You mean,I should tell them Faruk had a son
before marrying me? ''.
'' Exactly ''.
'' That is easy. But they will need evidence, since
Faruk is king now ''.
'' His son will arrive in Ujani tomorrow with his
mother. Then we shall make the move from there ''.
'' I will gladly do that. I know he is Priyanka's father.
But he never showed her any fatherly love. And
Priyanka does not love him either. So where is
Majid now? ''.
'' I hope we can put or trust in you ''. Queen Sheena
'' I will never protect the man who killed my father
and betrayed my kingdom Queen Sheena. Trust me
'' Majid with Rishi now I guess. They needed this
moment to reunite ''.
'' How sweet ''.
(The four women held their hands together and
faced each other).
'' Seven days more,and all our nightmares will finally
come to an end. Seven days ''. Queen mother