(Season 2).
Episode 28.
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(In the evening=The kingdom's temple).
After leaving some herbs with the royal family, she left the palace and arrived at the temple. It was very cold in the evening and lightening stroke in the sky. She went closer to Lord Hanuman's statue and frowned.
'' What have we done to you?! What?! You have finally proven how powerless you are! Then why are we still even following you?! You are the worse! Why have you kept quiet?! You stay quiet for the king to die,fine...he was old. But what did Majid even do to deserve this end? What did Rishi do to become a widow at this young age?! How can she live without her husband? ''. She fell on her knees and wept. Priest Chanakher walked our from one of the praying rooms and walked closer Ri her from behind.
'' Bhavna ''.
(She stood up and faced him).
'' You are here priest ''.
'' you need anything? ''.
'' Why do I feel like you are not worried or affected by Prince Majid's death? Ujani will be thrown into darkness tomorrow after Faruk is taken as king,and you are looking relaxed? ''.
(The priest chuckled and went closer to the statue. He took a plate and lighted a lantern).
'' It is not as if I am not affected dear Bhavna. But what can we do? It is what it is...and whether we cry or not,Faruk will be made king tomorrow because he is the only heir left ''.
'' I don't know what to do. How will he even rule the kingdom with his wicked personality. He will burn us all alive. Lord Hanuman is just sleeping! ''. She snapped angrily.
'' You are wrong ''. He said and looked around and outside the cold weather. '' Listen, I saw something, almost a year ago. It was terrible. Evil spirits summoned themselves and !ade incantations on Lord Hanuman ''.
'' Are you serious? ''.
'' Just look closely to the statue and are what I am saying ''.
(She turned to the statue and started at it closely. She took a deep breath and widened her eyes and saw a drop of dark blood on too of the statue's head. She came back to herself and looked back at the priest in shock).
'' What?! This..this...
'' Exactly what I was saying. The spirits performed black magic here and blocked lord Hanuman ''.
'' Black magic?! Wow...this is strange. That is the same thing I saw in the mountains ''.
'' You did? ''.
'' But who would even dare disobey our rules and perform black magic? ''.
(Two women walked into the temple in full strength and determination. One of them was Savitri).
'' Queen Dorah performs black magic priests! ''. Savitri shouted.
(Bhavna and the priest turned in shock to see Savitri and her sister).
'' Savitri?! ''. Priest Chanakher said in delight. '' You are well! You are finally doing okay ''.
'' Yes priest ''. She said and touched both their feet.
'' Who are you? ''. Bhavna asked.
'' My name is Savitri. From the house of the Sultans of Ujani Kingdom. And I used to be Queen Dorah's handmaiden and the leader of the palace maidens ''. She said and bowed down to Lord Hanuman and turned back at them. '' And I have a story to tell about Queen Dorah ''.
'' We are all ears ''.
'' Queen Dorah is the devil in a woman's form. She has being performing black magic in Ujani for twenty seven years now. And she killed Queen Meerah! ''
'' Oh lord! How did you...
'' I was her accomplice and I will never stop regretting my actions. But the lord has given me another chance to atone for my sins ''.
(She told the whole story from head to toe and how she got better from the stroke Queen Dorah charmed on her).
'' So Queen Meerah was going to kill you,but she spared you because you had sincerity in your eyes? ''.
'' Yes priest. And that is how she healed me thirteen months ago. Bit I was too afraid to one out and expose Queen Dorah...but Queen Meerah tormented me until u never saw her again. And my sister encouraged me to come here and see Priest Chanakher ''.
'' I have seen Queen Meerah ''. Bhavna said in a low tone.
'' You have?! Bhavna say something now! Because lord Hanuman never lies! He ordained Majid as king even before he was born. Queen Meerah was the chosen Queen, and her entire generation must be royalty. They must never luck. Where have you seen Queen Meerah...we need her free to let us know whether Prince Majid is really dead! ''.
'' She is on top of the mountains! She has being turned to stone by that same spirit who blocked lord Hanuman! ''.
'' Lord...
'' She is in a cage. It is like..she has died all over again priest. I think Queen Dorah knows about this. Because I saw images of her and an old man in my vision ''.
'' How do we free her then? I think they did that to her because of her revenge ''. Savitri said.
'' We need some time. More time to do deep rituals to know what to do. Will you help me priest? ''. Bhavna asked.
'' I will gladly help you dear. And you Savitri, please...go back home. I will call you when I need you ''.
(They all departed from there).
(Next Day=Royal Palace=Prince Majid's chamber).
She layed on the floor. The room was scattered and little drops of blood stained the floor. With the room messed up. She opened her eyes and they were red as blood. She was silent and motionless. Tears fell out of her eyes as the memories came bit by bit. She slowly sat up. A knock came in and a voice shouted.
'' Rishi! Please open the door! Marish has cried since yesterday and has not stopped. The babies are hungry, please don't punish them! ''. Kushi shouted.
(Rishi got to her feet and quickly walked to the door and opened it. Kushi held the two girls in her arms and starred at her friend with sadness. Rishi looked exhausted and dead. She took her babies and entered back into the chamber with Kushi. She sat down on the bed and placed them at her left and right and breakfast em both,still looking dead).
'' Rishi,the burial will start soon. Please...
'' Majid is not dead Kushi. My husband will come back to me..I know it. I know Majid is alive and just lost so I am not going to any burial! ''.
'' Hmmm...I just,I know Prince Faruk is responsible for this! ''.
'' If bit him,who else? I don't believe his pity story and crocodile tears. So the tradition says what,a woman must pass through fire for her husband's protection? I have done it before and I will do it again Kushi. Majid will come back ''.
'' I don't know Rishi...I seriously don't think...listen,Prince Faruk will be ordained as king today ''.
'' Wha...
'' Majid does not have an heir Rishi. You know girls can't be Kungs. So that is it. Wake up Rishi, if this is how you are going to act,how will Meerah and Marish react? Accept the truth ''.
'' What is the the Kushi? ''.
'' That..Rishi, am sorry but the truth came by itself. Prince Faruk finally succeeded in killing Prince Majid ''.
'' Let him be king. But it won't be king for the rightful heir to come for what is his ''.
'' Gosh,the room is so messed up ''. Kushi said and got up. '' I hope you accept the truth one day Rishi ''.
(Jhansi Kingdom=Royal Palace).
Queen Salma held her husband's sword and screamed in tears. One Jhansi war soldier stood there with his head bowed down. She held the sword in a strong right arm and faced the soldier.
'' Repeat what you said again ''.
'' I saw it with my own eyes your highness. I was the one protecting the king at his hideout. After Prince Majid and Faruk killed our soldiers, I his behind one of the stones and saw Prince Faruk stab the king and pushed him down the deep waterfall ''.
'' That traitor! How could he do this? How?! ''.
'' And he killed Prince Majid as well ''.
'' I should have known. I should have known Dorah and her son were traitors and snakes! How dare she do this to me! They planned all this! ''. She snapped angrily and slew the soldiers, blood splashed on her face as the soldiers fell to death.
(Suddenly, guards from nowhere came out and grabbed Queen Salma nd pinned her down. She tried resisting but they were too strong. They snatched the sword away from her).
'' What?! I am the Queen of Jhansi! How are you filthy people touch me?! ''.
'' The war is over and Ujani wa victorious over Jhansi. So you are no longer the Queen of Jhansi. Prince Faruk will be ordained as king today in both Jhansi and Ujani. So he and his mother shall rule now. The new rulers are,King Faruk, Queen Ragah and Queen Dorah! ''. One guard said.
'' How dare you...Ragah is my daughter! ''.
'' Yes. But Queen Dorah prefers you be our prisoner. Let's take her to Ujani guards! ''.
(They forced her up and took her away, they went into the king's chamber and took the crow in a bass along).
(Ujani Kingdom=Royal Palace=Temple).
The priests gathered and were doing the burial rituals. Everyone was in white. They were all in the temple, in silence and sadness. Rishi entered the temple with the babies in white as well. Queen mother got up and took Marish while Rishi held Meerah. When the rituals were done,they all got up. Queen Dorah stepped a foot in front of lord Krishna's statue.
'' Okay it is enough now. Enough with the tears now. The dead cannot come back so it's enough! ''.
'' Are you mad Dorah?! ''. Queen mother snapped angrily.
'' Don't talk to my mother like that grandmother ''.
'' What is even going on now? ''. Queen Sheena asked.
'' My son is the king now. Because the throne is empty and he is the only heir left ''.
'' So...
'' Priests! Let us go and ordain Faruk now! ''. Queen Dorah ordered.
'' You don't have any rights to do that Dorah. I am the only one who has that right to join the ordinances and sir the new king on the throne ''. Queen mother said.
'' Yes Queen Dorah. Queen mother will decide when to begin the ceremony ''. One priest said.
(Queen Dorah angrily removed a sword from one guar behind her and slew the priest down,blood splashed on the floor and everyone was shocked. Rishi quickly took Marish from Queen mother and took two steps back).
'' Not anymore. I make the rules now mother! ''. Queen Dorah said and turned to the other palace priests. '' What about the rest of you? Will you make Faruk the king today,or you want to end up like your colleague? ''.
(They shook in fear).
'' Guards! Stop her! ''. Queen mother shouted but all the guards stood there like they didn't hear her. Then she realised everything. '' Oh I see,clap for yourselves now. You finally got what you wanted after twenty six years right? You have planned with Faruk, and after killing Majid, now the throne is yours right? ''.
'' Shut up mother! All you should know is,your reign is over is either you obey the new era...or you die. Let's go and make Faruk king now! ''.
'' How could you do this dare you disrespect our customs and traditions? ''. Rishi shouted.
'' Oh look at that. This one also has mouth to talk ''. Faruk said in laughter and started walking closer to her. '' Shut up Rishi...if you don't want the little last memory you have of my brother also die in your arms. Think of you daughters ''.
(He tried to touch Meerah and Rishi quickly placed the babies down on the floor and removed a sword from a guard behind her and pointed it at Faruk in anger and fearlessness).
'' I am not that easy Faruk! Don't you even dare come close to my children...your wife is pregnant, when she gives birth,you can touch your own evil offsprings! But I swear on my unhappy destiny, that if you dare let your shadow even fall over either Meerah or Marish, I will behead you! ''.
(Queen Dorah and Faruk himself were shocked. Queen Dorah pulled Faruk way from her).
'' We will get time for her son. Let her go...for now ''. Queen Dorah turned to the priests. '' Ordain him now! Bring the crown! ''.
(The people of Ujani opened their mouths widely in shock. The guards arrived with the crown in a glass. The Queen mother shared tears with the rest).
'' I am not watching this nonsense ''. Rishi said and left with her babies, followed by Queen mother and the rest.
'' Don't be bothered my son. When they stay here,it won't change anything. You are going to sit on the throne, that is all that matters ''.
(The people gathered there shook their heads and didn't even wait for the ceremony to start. They all turned their backs and left the palace. Faruk became red with fury).
'' If it was Majid, they would have being glorifying him. Let them leave and wait till I sit on the throne, and they will all be sorry ''.
'' Now...let us begin this ceremony priests ''.
(The priests begun everything. Burnt incense and incarnated and finally put the crown on Faruk's head and pronounced him king of Ujani and Jhansi)...
(1 Month Later=Far Away on waters).
The river was rushing to the east of the small Krishi Tribe far away behind mountains and deserts. This was a tribe created many years ago. They slept in tents and ate wild foods, found in the forests and they lived a happy life. The family of the Ratord created the tribe in a land of nowhere and they had multiplied through the years. The chief of the tribe lived a little luxuriously than the tribe members. The chief's family lived luxuriously by precious stones and silver they sell to far away kingdoms to get money to manage and take care of his people. The tribe men were strong and hardworking while the women were submissive and helpful. He walked down the slopped stones with his precious daughter and son and wife. They got ti the running wide river in front of their little town and he pointed straight.

'' They said they found precious stones over there last we shall send men to go and collect them tomorrow morning. It is getting late ''.
(The river washed a body down from far away,pushing it closer to the town. Sindoora saw this and gasped,then pointed at the water).
'' What is that?! There is something coming over here! ''.
(They all turned their eyes to the direction and the the men removed their swords and got ready for anything).
'' Oh goodness! I think it is a person! ''. The mother said.
'' What?! Mother, are you sure? ''. Ashok said.
'' We have to help! Boys,go check it out now! ''.
(Three men threw their swords aside and rushed into the angry running river. The water pushed the body towards the dry land and the men quick rushed there and bent towards the body. They studied the person for a while and gave a signal for their families to come forward. Some of the tribe people saw this and rushed there as well. The men turned the person up and there was a knife in his chest,his forehead was cut with dry blood,his back and body were wounded, his clothes were wretched and his face as white as snow. They panicked. Sindoora bent down close to the body).
'' I think he is dead father ''. One of them said.
'' But...who is he? Where does he come from? ''.
(Sindoora slowly placed her hand around the knife and took a deep breath. She used all her strength and took out the knife from the chest and fresh blood oozed out immediately. He coughed out blood and collapsed without opening his eyes).
'' He is alive! Help! Oh father...please we have to help him...I think ''.
'' But,what if he's a dangerous person father? Look at how someone stabbed him ''.
'' Shut up Ashok! Father please. He is loosing a lot of blood. Let us help him now before he dies! He needs us! ''.
'' Hmm...okay! Come,carry him and let's quickly go back home to treat him boys! Now! ''. The chief shouted.
(They nodded and quickly carried Majid in their arms into the town,followed by everyone)....
(Season 2).
Episode 29.
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Ujani Kingdom=Royal Palace=Royal Army School).
Rishi stood at where the swords were hanged with Kushi,Lakshmi and Shiv. She removed Majid's necklace from her neck and took one if the swords and placed the necklace on a table. Kushi and Lakshmi held Meerah and Marish.
'' Are you sure it will still be powerful after dividing it? ''. Lakshmi asked.
'' I don't know. But my own got missing in the lake and Majid gave this to me. And I don't need this anymore because my girls will need it more than me. Now that Faruk is king ''.
(They all chuckled).
'' You are right. I will never turn my eyes off this beautiful angels ''. Kushi said.
(Rishi tore the rope on the necklace into two and placed the elephant on the table. She raised the sword up and cut it into two equal parts. She asked for help and Shiv used a nail and hammer to make a hole in both the parts. Rishi placed the ropes in both the necklace and tired it on the girls. They opened their arms and she took them in her arms. They looked so beautiful and healthy. They were identical but Marish had her father's eyes while Meerah had his nose and lips. She put them both down and they did their baby walk,holding hands together, followed by the adults).
'' What are we going to do now? Will we sit for Faruk to rule as king forever? The past one moth has being hell ''. Lakshmi said. '' He treats Raj like a filthy rag,making him do all his stupid work ''.
'' Shiv,has Faruk not even spoken to you ever since he returned? ''. Rishi asked.
'' He has. The only problem is,he doesn't ask me to do works for him like he used to. I think I have to do my possible best to gain his trust again ''.
'' Please, be careful my love. I don't want to to go wicked with that monster again! ''. Kushi said.
'' Don't worry. I don't want to see him on the throne. The only problem is,even if he us removed as king,there is no one in the Samrat family anymore to take the throne ''.
'' There is ''. Lakshmi said. '' But that is not important right now. We have to focus on bringing Faruk down! ''.
(A palace guard arrived in the royal school and bowed down to the princesses).
'' What do you want? ''. Rishi asked.
'' The king has asked for Shiv your highness ''.
'' Okay...let's go ''. He turned to them in discomfort and left with the guard.
'' I will prefer to see Faruk's sin with Charu to sit on the throne than to see Faruk himself on it ''.
'' Ragah is also pregnant Lakshmi...remember? ''. Kushi asked.
'' Who cares? Jeed is Faruk's first son. And when we bring him,Faruk will be in SK much trouble with the Jhansis. It is against their customs ''.
'' So why don't we bring Jeed then? ''. Kushi asked.
'' It is too dangerous for noe. He is just too little to know anything and I don't trust Faruk and Queen Dorah! They might even find out that Jeed is coming here before we even plan to bring him ''.
'' So...all of you have accepted Majid is dead? ''. Rishi asked with teary eyes.
'' Rishi listen, I a! His sister....but the truth has already being said. It's being one month since the war ended. Faruk has being made king. We are all under his control. Mid Majid was alive,wouldn't he be here? I have mourned him for one month,praying to the lord for all of this to be a bad dream,but...
'' Please accept the truth Rishi. I don't think he wanted to die either, and....
'' He swore with his blood Lakshmi! This love is too intense to die! Else I will never worship God again and I don't mind going to hell for it! Look,please you two should take care of the girls,I have to go and pray now ''. She said and quickly walked out of the school.
(On the terrace).
Faruk sat on a golden chair with maidens massaging his feet and shoulders with oil. One maid also stood by bia left side with grapes and apples on a golden tray,and he kept eating them one after the other. Ragah weakly arrived there,holding her waist and walking on swollen feet. She arrived there and stood in front of him. Faruk raised an eyebrow, starring at her quietly. She cleared her throat as she thought he would let the servants excuse them,but he didn't.
'' I need to talk to you ''.
'' Go ahead ''.
'' Alone....I want a private moment please ''.
'' This are trusted servants, so you !at speak. But if you don't, then you can leave ''.
'' Hm. I want to ask for permission to go see my mother in the dungeon please ''.
(Faruk chuckle and got to his feet).
'' You want to go and see your mother? Is your mother important to you than what we spoke about last night? ''.
'' But Faruk! How do you expect me to know the baby I will give birth to? ''.
'' I am the king noe. So keep on mind that I need an heir! If you don't give birth ti a male child, just keep in mind that she will be killed! ''.
'' But how do you expect me to change the gender of our child Faruk? It is out baby! ''. She cried and tried touching his face but he hit her hands away.
(Queen Dorah quickly arrived there and frowned).
'' That is enough Faruk! And you are not going to kill anyone! Whether a male child or female, it will still be your child,your blood. My grandchild ''.
'' You can go and see your mother now. But if you gibe birth to a girl,you have less favour in my eyes. And I will marry a second wife and put you beneath her ''.
(He said and Ragah left. Queen Dorah got ti his front and looked at him from head to toe and smile).
'' Who would have thought my dreams would come true? ''.
'' Do you need anything mother? ''.
'' Yes dear ''.
'' Please sit down ''.
'' No. It is about the last time's conversation. When are we going to fall the court and make that declaration? ''.
'' Tomorrow. Tomorrow, I am planning on getting married again. And I have found the perfect person to mother, I am doing the preparations for both the announcement of my new wife and our declaration ''.
'' Can't you tell me who your new wife is? ''.
'' You will know on that day of announcement ''.
(Shiv arrived and bowed down).
'' Your Highness, you called for me ''.
'' Yes...please mother, can you excuse us? I will tell you everything later. And the rest of you! ''.
(All the servants left Queen Dorah and Faruk faced Shiv).
'' I need you to do a special job for me ''....
(Palace Temple).
Rishi decorated the temple with flowers and lanterns. She lighted fire on a candle and placed it on a golden tray. She went in front of lord Krishna's statue and raised the candle up to her fave. She raised one leg up and closed both eyes. For about one about,she opened her eyes.
'' I know you are listening to me ''. She broke down into tears with one leg still up. '' I just need a sign. I need a signal, just a little sign that my live is not dead. Everyone has accepted Majid's death,but I will never accept it! ''.
(She said and strong gash of wind blew and out off the candle light. She was astonished. She placed her leg down and lighted the candle again. She again lifted the candle up and the strong wind came again).
'' If you are a real god who has compassion on her subjects, then do something! If you dare break your promise to me,I will never come here again to give you offerings! Never! I will disown you and never worship you again...never! ''. She shouted and the wind couldn't stop blowing. But she still wept. '' I need him...please. I need my Majid back,I don't want anyone but him. Show me he is alive and I will never go away from you. Show me any sign. Let your rod Falk,or a flower from your head fall. Any sign! ''.
'' Rishi ''. A voice called out and she turned her back.
'' Queen mother. I was just....
'' I have heard everything ''. She said and walked closer to her. '' Rishi...enough is enough! Stop this and start giving your full attention to Meerah and Marish. They are the ones that need you ''.
'' But...
'' I have being seeing you waste your life away ever since Majid died! Even I who is his grandmother has accepted his death. What more do you want?! How do you want your daughters to grow? In the memory of loosing their father in the war? Faruk is king now! They are ruling over us now. I have accepted it,do same! We always don't get what we want okay? Majid is dead! He is gone and not coming back! ''.
(The plate slipped from Rishi's hands and the candle light went off. She held her tears back and walked away from the temple. Queen mother break down into tears and went closer to the statue).
'' She wanted a sign. But what can stop the inevitable? It is what it is ''.
(She cleaned her tears and quickly, a strong gash of wind blew all over the temple and Lord Krishna's heavy rod fell from the too of its raised hand and landed in the vermilion powder,making it sprinkle all around the altar. The wind couldn't stop blowing. Queen mother was deeply shocked).
'' What? Oh goodness.... A sign? ''. She quickly remembered Rishi's words. '' I believe in you Lord Krishna. Please show me a sign as well. Tell me,is my Majid alive? ''.
(Queen Sheena entered the temple and as soon as she got behind Queen mother,, all the strong tall pillars lifting candle on top of them started falling and destroying things in the temple. The wind that started blowing was angry and threw bo Queen mother and Queen Sheena down onto the ground. The pillars were fifteen in the temple and they kept falling one after the other. The last one was heavy and it quickly fell in front on a big tray full of vermilion powder, throwing all the vermilion on Queen Sheena and Queen mother. The chaos stopped and the wind suddenly seized. Both the Queens got to their feet).
'' What was all this?! Oh goodness, this might be a bad omen,mother, look at all this mess! This has never happened before. This is a bad....
'' No! This is the best chaos that has ever happened in the palace Sheena ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' Majid is alive! Our Majid is still alive ''. She said and embraced her tightly.
'' What?! ''
'' Rishi was here. She asked for a sign from lord Krishi and she got it. I also asked, and this happened Sheena! This is the sign! ''.
'' Mother... Oh mother are you sure? Is it...
(They both embraced happily).
'' We have to fo to priest Chanakher tonight and tell him this. But we have to keep silent as well. No one must know...come...
(They both left the temple and told some servants to go clean the temple).
(In the dungeon).
Ragah arrived there and the guards excused them. Queen Salma was looking wretched and exhausted. When she layed eyes on Ragah, she quickly got up and held the metal bars separating them. The lions roared angrily and she held her ears in fright.
'' You brought this upon yourself mother. I told you not to start the war ''.
'' You have never come to see me here Ragah. How could you? I am your mother! ''.
Faruk prevented me! He is king now! He is lore over every king in India because he now rules over the two most powerful kingdoms.... All thanks to you and father! ''
'' You do not know how I regret my actions. Forgive....
'' No! I will never forgive you! As a wife,the best thing was to talk sense to your husband to make peace with his friend, your bad advice led him to the war and he loosed his life init ''.
'' You are ignorant. Your husband and his mother are the real devils! Dorah is a witch! ''. She told Ragah her aide of the truth and she was more than disappointed.
'' So all this,just to get revenge on Majid for rejecting me? Now you have made me fatherless and Rishi a widow. But Faruk will pay for this ''. She turned to leave.
'' I am hungry please! ''. Queen Salma cried.
'' If you didn't care about innocent lives,why should I care about you? ''. Ragah said coldly and left the dungeon.
(In the evening=In the kingdom=The temple).
Bhavna and Chanakher sat down,holding hands together tightly in front of lord Hanuman's statue and chanting, there was a lighted fire around them,they chanted with eyes closed and the wind blew around in a scary manner. Thunder stroke and the lights went off together with the fire and they both opened their eyes at the same time.

'' What did you see? ''.
'' Many things. It is time to set lord Hanuman and Queen Meerah free ''....

(Season 2).
Episode 29 continuation.
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara (Daisy Cartel).
'' What did you see? ''.
'' May things priest. It is time to set lord Hanuman free ''. Bhavna said and stood up. She took a knife from the altar and slit her palms. Chanakher did the same thing. They went closer to the statue's feet and made their blood fall on it's feet and immediately, the sound of a heavy rain was heard. Then suddenly, priest Chanakher was possessed and waa raised up into the air. Then Bhavna quickly bowed down and closed her eyes.
'' Bhavna! A good hearted and faithful servant of my land ''.
'' Lord! I am listening to you. Please speak up to my hearing ''.
'' The only way to set Meerah free is to look for the blood of her enemy. Let her spirit thirst for vengeance again. Remind her of the reason why she needs to be free. And that is the blood of her killer! ''. The spirit left the priest and he fell to the ground and stood up weakly.
'' Oh Lord,what happened? ''.
'' Lord Hanuman is free and he possessed you ''. Bhavna said happily. '' We finally know a way to set Queen Meerah free! ''.
(Queen Meerah, Queen Sheena and Lakshmi entered the temple with two heavy clothes on their heads to prevent the rain from wetting them).
'' Good evening... Bhavna,you are here? ''. Queen mother asked in surprise.
'' Yes your highness. It is a long story. But,why are you all here? ''.
(The Queens looked at each other in discomfort).
'' You can trust Bhavna just like you trust me your highness. She is also here for a good course ''.
'' Okay priest! I don't want Faruk to realise we are out of the palace before he sends some stupid guards to look for us and question us. So I will just make things short and simple ''.
'' Okay ''.
'' Majid is still alive ''.
'' What? Have you seen him? Any messages or....
(Queen mother told them everything that happened earlier and they were amazed. They in turn,told her the whole truth about what Savitri told them and how lord Hanuman has being revealed).
'' I knew it! That witch! She will pay for taking my Meerah and Shakher from me! I swear on the short time I spent with my husband! ''. Queen mother snapped. ''
So what do we do now Bhavna? How do we get Dorah or Faruk's blood? ''.
'' It is just impossible mother! Those two have fifteen guards with them,everywhere they go. They even enter the toilet with them ''. Queen Sheena said. '' And right now,only Queen Meerah's freedom will bring Majid back to us ''.
'' Yes. We don't know where he is. Maybe a far away place we don't even know. We need him back. Rishi is dying slowly. Oh goodness! ''.
'' If Faruk had a make child,we could have used that child's blood. Because a male child is his heir,and a strong bone from him ''.
'' But Ragah has of given birth yet. She will give birth next month! So do we have to wait till next month? ''. Queen Sheena asked.
'' No mother. Faruk has a son ''.
'' Huh? ''. Queen mother was shockest. '' What are you trying to say Lakshmi? Are you serious? ''.
'' Yes,yes grandmother ''.
(She told the! The whole story about how Faruk raped Charu and made her pregnant and everything).
'' I am no longer surprise at any evil the mother and son would do. But this is amazing. We are going to need Jeed and get his blood ''.
'' I don't know if Charu agrees mother. But I will have a word with Jimmy tomorrow so we can bring Charu and Jeed here the day after ''....
(Season 2).
Episode 30.
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Royal Palace=Prince Majid's chamber=Bathroom).
Rishi sat on the bathroom floor names,with the opened shower beating her entire body and weeping helplessly. She remembers each and ever member of the royal family's words about Majid's death and couldn't take it. Then memories of Majid and her in the bathroom followed. She couldn't take it anymore. She quickly closed the shower and got out. She wore a bathing robe and walked to her own chamber, she met Faruk on the walkway. He starred at her from head to toe. He imagined her wet body and hair all over his own body and craved for her so much at that moment. The sweet scent from her body drove him crazy. She frowned and looked aside.
'' Good evening ''.
'' I don't want to talk to you King Faruk! So leave me alone! ''.
'' Wow...that was harsh. But all of this attitude of yours will change after tomorrow's announcement ''.
'' What ever you do,that is your own people! ''. She walked passed him but he grabbed her hand and turned her, and she as she turned, her hair fell on his face, wetting his face with floral water. He smelled her hair and she was shocked. She pulled herself away from him immediately.
'' You are here all alone Rishi. Be humble to me. I am the king now. Not my late brother ''. He said and walked away,entering into the king's chamber.
(Rishi was so flabbergasted. She was confused and also left for her chamber).
(Far Away=The Krishi Tribe=Chief's Home).
It was late in the night and the whole town was quiet. In the chief's home,herbalists were filled everywhere. In one of the empty rooms of the big house of precious stones,Major was layer on a big mat filled with sheets. He was stripped off his clothes and was put on with their traditional shorts. His upper body was not clothed. He was cleaned up nicely and his hair was combed backwards. The wound on his chest was covered with green grinder herb and was covered with a leaf. He was deeply unconscious but was breathing. Sindoora sat besides him with a bowl of warm water and a clean rug,massaging his shoulders and arms. She smiled when she starred at his face.
'' Isn't he the most handsome man you have ever seen? ''. She asked the two servants standing besides her.
'' Yes Sindoora. He is indeed handsome. I wonder where he came from, and what happened to him. He hasn't even opened his eyes since we found him ''.
'' I think he got hurt pretty bad. But the herbalist says he will be fine. It looks like he is healing fat. He looks better than yesterday ''.
'' Yes. I wish he opened his eyes so we could ask him where he came from....or his family ''. One of them said.
'' Yes,so that we can help him return to them ''.
(Sindoora frowned at the sound of that).
'' girls should shut up already! All that will be done when he's awake. But I don't think he has a family ''.
'' Everyone has a family Sindoora. But any way,all that would be done when he's awake right? We just have to wait ''.
(Next Day=Ujani Kingdom=Royal Palace).
The bell banged loudly and everyone in the palace and the entire kingdom were summoned to come to the palace. Faruk was in his crown and royal attire, and so was Queen Dorah. They stood on the royal balcony while everyone else was down on the compound. The royal family stood at the too while the servant and subjects stood down on the large compound and outside the palace as well. Everyone's face looked confused as they wondered why they summoned. Rishi was in a normal saree and her hair was down,with her children playing besides her on the floor. She only kept her eyes on them.
'' Good morning people of Ujani. You are not here by mistake but for a good reason ''. The spokesperson shouted at the top. '' His royal highness, King Faruk would like to make an announcement to us all. Please, let us pay heed to him. Thank you! ''.
'' What I am going to say I'd not just am announcement but an order and declaration. I have spoken about this with my mother. And I am making black magic legal in Ujani and Jhansi! ''.
(The people were astound. Some were pissed,others were murmuring and some others were glad because they themselves performed black magic in secret places).
'' What?! Impossible! This is a taboo Faruk. You cannot do that! You can't! ''.
'' You have being talking too much this days grandmother...and I am sick and tired of you! Guards,hold her! ''.
(The guards hesitated for a moment and grabbed hold of Queen mother).
'' Leave her alone! Why are you doing this wickedness? How could you? ''. Queen Sheena also shouted.
'' Oh gosh....the woman who also jumped from servant to royalty also thinks she can talk. Grab her now! ''.
(Queen Sheena was also grabbed hold of).
'' Faruk,leave my mother alone now! I hate your nonsense and I am already getting fed up of your insolence! ''. Lakshmi shouted.
'' Don't push me to throw you into the dungeon little sister. I am not your favourite brother Majid okay? ''.
'' And you will never be him! He is still in everyone's heart even after death. Do you know were you will remain in us? Our butts! ''
(Faruk loosed it and slapped Lakshmi hard on the face. Raj tried to react but Rishi secret held him back. Queen Dorah was just enjoying this special moment. Faruk turned back to the people who were all looking at him with hate).
'' The second announcement is that,I am getting married again. The king is to marry three wives, so I am getting married to a second wife ''.
(They all were silent and Ragah's heart skipped a beat. Even though she hated him now for killing her father).
'' And I have found the woman who has captured my heart and mind ''. He turned to his right and pointed at Rishi. '' Rishi! She us to become my second wife! ''.
(The shock was too much for one day. Even Queen Dorah was shocked. Rishi suddenly became weak in her knees).
'' You must crazy Faruk! That is your late brother's wife! Are you !ad or trying to be mad?! ''. Queen mother screamed at him.
'' Never. Never! I only belong to Majid! My body,my heart,my mind,my soul....only belongs to Majid. Read my lips...Majid. Maybe you didn't hear it right...Majid!!! ''. Rishi roared in tears.
'' Oh is that so? He is dead! Read my lips,dead! He is not coming back because he's a ghost now! I killed him and saw him die! He loosed his breath in my hands before I threw him off that cliff into the deadly water ''.
(Everyone else touched their mouths in astonishment).
'' Yes Rishi! Majid would have survived the war. He fought a good fight. He even killed many people than I did. But at the last round, I wouldn't be a fool to see him survive and become king. Why should I, the eldest son stay quiet for my little brother to be king? Never! So I ended him,and took my rightful place. And you are going to be my wife,whether you like it or now! ''.
'' Never! You would have to kill me first ''.
'' Hahaha... No. I wouldn't kill you. No way. Guards! ''.
(He shouted and one of the guards pushed Rishi aside carried Marish in his arms and handed her to Faruk. Rishi's face became blank. She tried to get closer, but Faruk took a sword from one of the guards and pointed it at Marish's neck. The girl cried out loud. Lakshmi,
Kushi and Ragah covered their mouths with their mouths).
'' No! Don't do this Faruk please...why? I never did anything to you! ''.
'' Well,you are too beautiful to be it's your choice. By the count of three...we are getting married tomorrow. Everything is made ready so it's up to you to accept or your daughter dies. Three,
'' Fine! Give me my daughter! I agree! Let's get married now if that's what you want! But give Marish back! ''.
'' Excellent! ''. He said and gave Marish back to Rishi and she took Meerah as well,hugging them on the floor in tears. '' Anyone who does not attend this wedding shall be out to death! Whether rich or poor,sick or must come. You can all leave now! ''.
(Everyone left to their various homes,Faruk and his mother left with the guards with Queen mother and Queen Sheena. Lakshmi quickly followed them to the dungeon. Ragah and Kushi bent down towards Rishi).
'' We will survive this Rishi. Please, just calm down. Everything will be...
'' Nothing will be fine! How dare Majid leave me like this? Will Faruk even have the balls to talk if Majid was here? Oh God! How can I survive this marriage? I hate Faruk so much...too much,how can I marry him? I can't begin to imagine his hands on my body! ''. She wept.
(In the dungeon).
Queen mother and Queen Sheena were thrown into the dungeon by Faruk's orders. The metal gates were locked and Lakshmi arrived there in distress and help the bars. Queen Salma was just watching them quietly and shamefully.
'' Lakshmi, have you spoken to Majid's friend? ''.
'' Yes mother. There is a problem, he is going to leave the kingdom tomorrow. He doesn't want to be under Faruk's ruling. So he is leaving and never coming back. I told him everything, but he didn't believe in such things. And he also said Jeed has blood problems and so Charu wouldn't allow him to come for the ritual as he is still very young ''.
'' What?! What kind of friend is he? He is not even Jeed's father! ''.
'' But he is a better father than Faruk would ever be grandmother ''. Lakshmi cried. '' What do we do to release Queen Meerah now? ''.
'' How long did Jimmy said we have to wait? ''.
'' He said if Jeed maybe gets a little older. He never said when. I begged him but he refused. I also understand him mother. Charu has being through a lot with her pregnancy, I don't think she will want to put her son's life in danger now ''.
'' So that is it? We have loosed this battle? ''.
(They all fell into total silence).
(The King's chamber).
'' What is it now? ''.
'' What is the meaning of all this Faruk? Is this the surprise you wanted to give me? What is coming over you? How dare you choose Majid's wife for...
'' If you are here for that,then you may leave mother. That girl is what I want ''. He said and got up. '' She drives me crazy mother! Her face,her hair,her body...
'' Enough! She is still Majid's wife and your enemy! ''.
'' I am protected mother. She will be afraid of me for one reason. I have the power to take her children away from her. Just like I took Majid. So don't worry and support me. Because whether you like it or not,I will marry her tomorrow. And it is coming on for real ''. He said and left the chamber. Queen Dorah couldn't believe this.
(Next Day).
The royal wedding came to pass,that Faruk and Rishi were joined together as husband and wife. Bhavna couldn't say or do anything. She advised Rishi to do everything in her power not to give herself to Faruk, but she never told her about Majid or Queen Meerah,as it was to be kept a secret until everything started working out. Rishi was ordained, the ideal Queen of Ujani and Jhansi even though she didn't appreciate the title. On the night of their wedding, she rushed into Majid's chamber with her daughters and locked themselves up to prevent Faruk from getting a chance with her.
(1 Week Later=The Krishi Tribe=Evening=Chief's Home).
Sindoora never stepped a foot from Majid's side ever since he was layed on that mat. She held a white and clean rug with warm water and didn't stop massaging him and applying herbal ointment. She caressed his soft face and smiled. The two servants entered with some food and fruits.
'' Sindoora,you haven't eaten since morning. Please eat something now before your father comes from the meeting ''.
'' I don't want to keepmy eyes of him. I don't understand why he has not opened his eyes since we saw him. But he is still breathing ''.
'' I think it is because he suffered a lot from the stabbing and drowning from the water ''.
'' When will he open his eyes? ''.
(Majid shook his hand slowly opened his eyes. The girls panicked. His vision was blury and he was weak. He blinked his eyes and yawned. That was when he felt the pains of the stabbing. He coughed and Sindoora quickly caressed his face).
'' Sshhh...slowly, relax dear. Relax. You are fine now...
(Majid tried sitting up and the three girls helped him sit down,resting his head on the wall behind. He starred at them strangely in confusion. His bearer had grown a little and he looked thin and wretched. His vision was still blury. He slowly scratched his eyes).
'' Hurry! Go and call everyone! Call mother and father and everyone else! Tell them the stranger woke up,hurry! ''. Sindoora said and the two girls rushed out.
(Majid's vision finally became clear and he saw Sindoora's face clearer. He was frightened and had no idea where he was).
'' Who are you? Where am I? ''.
'' Calm down, all your questions will be answered soon okay? ''.
(Everyone suddenly entered the room in excitement. Majid got scared and his breathing uneasy. Sindoora poured a cup of water for him to drink. After that,he felt a little better, starring at everyone on the room, one after the other in confusion).
'' Where am I? Who are you all? I don't understand ''. He said and held his head in pain.
'' How are you young man? ''. The chief asked.
'' I feel okay....I guess ''.
'' We found you almost two weeks ago,at the bank of our river. You were very hurt and at the verge of death. We don't know what happened, but we took you in and you have being unconscious for,I don't know how long ''. The chief said.
'' Yes. Please, now that you are awake, can you tell us who you are? Or where you are from? ''. Sindoora asked with a smile.
(Majid looked down,as if he was trying to remember what happened, but he couldn't. He forced his mind to recollect what ever that happened but it wasn't revealing anything. Fear overtook him and he looked at the people in front of him).
'' I...I don't know ''. He said.
'' Excuse me? ''. Ashok asked in surprise.
'' I don't know who I am. I can't remember ''.
'' Are you sure? Not even your name? Please try to remember. We can't keep someone's treasure here ''. The chief said.
'' I swear sir,I can't remember anything. Nothing at all...I...I don't know. What is happening? ''.
(The chief turned to the herbalist who was nodding).
'' It sometimes happens chief. A woman from the next town had a daughter who suffered this same situation. The child couldn't recognise her own mother after falling and hitting her head terribly hard on a table ''.
'' Oh goodness. What type of sickness is this one called? ''.
'' It is not actually a sickness. It's a memory loss. And some suffers it permanently while others suffers temporary. Give the boy sometime, I think he might remember things soon ''. She whispered to the chief.
'' Are you sure? ''.
'' What do you think? ''.
'' Well...he doesn't look like a bad person to me. And if indeed, he can't remember his past,I can't let him go. That will be wicked of me. I will keep him for now. At least until he remembers ''.
(The chief turned to Majid and the rest).
'' Father, what do we do now? ''.
'' Well,he is going to need our help,so never mind. He can stay ''.
(They all cheered in happiness as they had got a new member in their tribe. Sindoora took the tray of food and placed it in front of Majid).
'' It is okay. Don't be afraid, you are one of us now ''.
'' One of you? But....who am I? ''.
'' Your name now,is Abhishek. When you regain your memory in the future, you can tell us everything, okay? Are you hungry? ''.
(Even though he felt uncomfortable, he nodded. Everyone else excused them while Sindoora fed him).
The days went very fast. Majid recovered from his wound, little by little and became stronger by the day. And in Ujani, Faruk kept ruling in selfishness and wickedness because Rishi refused to give herself to him. Ragah gave birth to a girl and Faruk punished her by starving her for weeks, and refused to see the face of his own daughter. Queen mother and Queen Sheena never freed from the dungeon, but Lakshmi and the maids always brought her food. Queen Dorah lived in happiness. Charu refused to impose her son,Jeed into any danger again, and always changed the subject when Jimmy brought it up for her to take Jeed to Ujani for Bhavna and the priest to take his blood to free Queen Meerah. Queen Salma, due to starving loosed her life and was buried. Ujani and Jhansi was now the foundation of black magic. Meerah and Marish grew up to be the two most stubborn girls in the palace and kingdom as a whole. One had her father's temper and the other had her mother's trickish behavior. In all,they all tried to survive under the ruling of Faruk.
(6 Years Later=Ujani Kingdom=Royal Palace).

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