Married to the Prince Season 2 Episode 25 || 26 || 27

(Season 2).
Episode 25.
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(3 Months Later=War Time).
The entire Ujani kingdom had gathered in the palace and outside. Everyone brought to the palace, the lord of their houses. The temple in the palace was opened widely for people to enter to bring gifts to the princes. War soldiers had filled the palace compound, all set and ready. Horses were settled and covered in metal amours. Wives,mothers,children and family members of almost all the war soldiers all arrived in the palace, weeping and lamenting as their men were going into the land of no return. The king, in his weakness sat in the temple with the town priests,waiting for the princes to arrive and pray for them. The bags,lights, foods,lanterns, weapons and horses were all ready for their departure and news came to them that,the Jhansis were packed and on their way from their kingdom to attack Ujani.
Waterfall Hill Where Faruk Pushed Majid To.

(Prince Faruk's chamber).
His heart was thundering so fast as he starred into the mirror. He held his sword very tight and imagined himself fighting on the battlefield. Queen Dorah quickly entered the chamber with something wrapped in a cloth.
'' Faruk ''.
'' Mother ''. He answered and turned to her with a confident smile.
'' That's my boy. Be courageous because you are going as Prince, but will come back as king. Make sure you do everything I have told you and remember everything at the right times ''.
'' I have everything in mind mother. I hope Queen Salma has spoken to their war soldiers ''.
'' Hahahaaaa...yes she has. That stupid woman, she thinks we are her enemies in crime ''.
'' But we are going to betray her so badly...what was her plan mother? ''.
'' It is king Siamak who is leading his soldiers to the war. And the plan was that,when Ujani and Jhansi clothes, the Ujani soldiers will pave way and loose protection over Majid. And then the Jhansi soldiers can finally pin down Majid for you to finally kill him. Then after that,she can finally write a letter of solace to King Siamak and end the war. But no,that is not what I want. King Siamak must die as well. He has to die for you to take over Ujani and Jhansi at the same time. So do well and kill him as well. So that after you become king of Jhansi and Ujani, Queen Salma will be a nobody to us. We can even kill her as bonus ''.
'' Excellent mother. Because when she finds out I killed her husband, she will turn against us. So after her death in my hands, her daughter is all mine and her people will be our slaves ''.
'' That is more like it ''. She said and unwrapped the cloth she was holding and it was a knife, carved like a snake. It was a little knife of a unique manner. '' Take this ''.
'' What do I do with this? ''.
'' I took a lot of time to make this knife Faruk. Ever since the war was pronounced, I started making this knife for you. This is what you would use to kill Majid ''.
'' What about my sword? ''.
'' Forget about that sword! This knife will protect you in the fight until you kill Majid. Because it I not all of the soldiers I and Queen Salma were able to deceive and buy. So be extra careful. So take it..take it now! ''.
(He took the knife and wrapped it in his amour and embraced his mother).
'' I will miss you mother. You are the best. But I will make sure Majid will be dead before the war even ends ''.
'' And I will make sure the king is dead before before you arrive. The crown will be waiting for you. But you better be careful of Sushim. You know he's a war soldier and is going to the war as the sole protector of Majid, make sure he doesn't stand in your way. I can't believe this Faruk. After twenty six years,my dreams are finally becoming reality...enough of this. Let us go to the temple now,everyone is waiting ''.
(Faruk put on his head amour and held hands with his mother with a smile and they both walked out).
(Princess Rishi's chamber).
She sat on her bed,starring at her babies in their little beds. Every blink of her eyes came out tears on her babies clothes. Her eyes were all red from crying the whole night. She was in a white saree as all the ladies of the royal family were to wear white. She HD vermilion on her forehead nd her hair was down. She had Majid's sweatshirt on the bed and she squeezed it on her chest, releasing all the pain and sadness. Her chamber door opened and she quickly got to her feet. Majid passed by the curtains and entered the chamber. He was in a war uniform but not in his amour because he held the amour in his hands. He went closer and placed the amour on the bed. Rishi's eyes were somewhere else but his eyes were on her. His eyes were dull and sleepy. Looking sadder than she was. He starred at her for a while and bent down to check on his babies. He carried Meerah in his arms and she delighted.
'''s daddy baby. You look so beautiful this morning ''.
(He kissed her lips and inhaled her sweet body scent in him and break down into silent tears and out her back in the bed and carried Marish).
'' Hello there sweetheart. My baby,my big little princess. Daddy came to say goodbye pretty, my sunshine... Take care of your sister and....
(He raised his head and looked at Rishi whose face was wet with tears. He kissed Marish and put her besides Meerah. Then walked closer to Rishi. But she quickly turned her back at him).
'' Rishi... Rishi it is time to go. I just...Ri..Rishi, won't you say anything to me? ''.
'' What do you want to hear Majid? ''. Her voice was shaking so much,tears overtook her entire body. '' Are my words even important to you? ''.
'' Rishi ''. He was broken...
(Season 2).
Episode 25 continuation.
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
'' What do you want me to say Majid? ''. Her voice was shaking so much,tears overtook her entire body. '' Are my words even important to you? ''.
'' Rishi ''. He was broken.
'' Is this the promise you made to me? That we would never be apart? How do I live now,tell me. How? ''.
'' Rishi am gonna come back I swear ''.
'' What assurance can you give me Majid? What? You are leaving and I don't know if... ''. She quickly turned and faced him,looking him in the eyes,and she saw the intensity in his eyes. '' Tell me how I will breath ''.
'' Breath for me. Do you know why u haven't worn my amour yet? Because I wanted to hug you Rishi. I wanted to hug you and feel your heart beat. To feel our hearts beating together. Because this metal amour won't allow that. Rishi, can I get that hug,please my love? ''.
(She hesitate for a minute and threw her arms around him,hugging him tightly).
'' Majid please stay with me ''. She wept.
'' I have trained for a year Rishi. I promise you,I know what I am doing. I know I can do this,I can fight now. The Jhansis are our enemies now and if we don't stop them,they will make us their slaves and kill us like animals. I don't want that future for Meerah and Marish ''.
'' Promise me. Swear to me ''.
'' I swear. I will come back. Just keep waiting for me ''.
(Then suddenly, there was a loud bang on the alerting metal).
'' It's time ''. He said and locked lips with Rishi. Kissing her as if it was the last. She kissed him back with passion and tears).
'' Majid...swear to me...swear you will come back! ''.
(He looked down at her for a while and looked around the chamber. He spotted a small blade in the drawer close to the bed and went to take it. Rishi's eyes opened widely and before she could say anything, Majid quickly slit his right palm open and blood came rushing our and dropping on the floor. He raised his hand up with the dropping blood and landed it on Rishi's head. The blood rushed down Rishi's nose and lips,looking into her eyes with pain,he stepped much closer to her).
'' I swear to you,I will come back Rishi. I swear. Let this blood be my assurance to you. I leave...I leave you in peace baby. Take care of our girls...promise? ''.
(She embraced him again and quickly tore part of her saree and tied up his wound. She cleaned her face off the blood but her hair was wet with it. She carried Marish while he carried Meerah and they both stepped out).
(Palace Temple).
All the women whose husbands were going to the war held a plate of flowers and wet vermilion with flowers in their hands,praying to the goddess. Rishi gave the baby to Kushi and quickly went to take her position with the wives, while Majid gave the baby to Raj and went to stand in front of Rishi like all the men did. They wine the plated around the men's face and dipped their thumbs in the vermilion then smeared it in their foreheads. Tears fell out their eyes as they did this for their husbands. Rishi's hands shook while doing the ritual because she knew and felt this might be the last she faced him Majid like this. He plate was about to fall and Majid grabbed her hand still while she performed the ritual. She everything was dine,the king got up and blessed them all and Queen mother gave each of the ten thousand men some sweets,including the princes.
'' Just as this sweet brings smiles to faces when it is eaten,may you be victorious and bring smiles to the face of Ujani. Go and BRI the head of Kung Siamak! ''. She said courageously but in tears.
(Princess Ragah wept helplessly and all the men went out in line,with their weapons and belongings, followed by the women. They got in front of the palace and all starred up the far away mountains which the desert was also far behind. Majid wore his amour and metal helmet. He looked stronger and manly more than ever. He had trained all the many months and was taller and his muscles were bigger and visible. He was the hottest soldier among them and that only made the ladies faint. The Ujani soldiers rode speedily away on their horses to start the fight. The families and other left the palace in tears. Majid turned to the royal family, but his eyes just landed on Rishi. She had covered her mouth with her hands in tears. He went closer to his babies and kissed them for the last. Faruk hugged his wife and got into his own black horse and his mother nodded. Majid turned his back to get on his horse when Rishi quickly rushed to his back and embraced him from there,burying her face on his back and weeping. Sushim faced the Queen mother and touched her feet. And she placed her lips behind his ears).
'' Take care of Majid please ''.
'' I will do that with !y life your highness ''.
'' Make sure you keep an eye in him every step of the wat. I am scared. I feel this war was planned ''.
'' Don't bother yourself your highness. If Majid is the rightful heir to the throne, no one can take that away from him. Not even death. We shall all come back alive ''.
(Majid turned to face her and she removed his necklace from her neck).
'' This belongs to you Majid ''. She said while sobbing. '' You will Ned this now,more than me ''.
'' I don't need this Rishi. What if I don't come ba... I mean...well,I mean,my destiny is my destiny. This necklace will make no difference. And besides, Meerah and Marish will need you to wear this to protect them instead. Keep it ''.
'' Majid please take this! I need you back here alive! ''. She screamed and Queen Dorah frowned, praying for Majid to reject it.
'' No Rishi. I said keep it. I promise you I will come back. I swore on your head with my blood,didn't I? ''.
(Rishi remembered and loosed her guard,embracinghim tightly. He moved away from them all and got in his horse. Sushim also got in his horse and saluted the royal family. Rishi didn't know what to do. Her tears never dried and she felt helpless. Majid winked at her with a painful smile and he also nodded at Jimmy and Raj. Lakshmi waved at them all and away,they rode their horses fast away)..
(5 Months Later).
In this whole months,Queen Dorah kept poisoning the king until he couldn't take it anymore. He was weakened and ni one knew what was wrong. He had to be fed, bath and clothed. Queen Sheena took very good care of him,but Queen Dorah bribed the king's maid to keep poisoning him. And the war also when on very well for Ujani, even though half of their soldiers loosed their lives. The Jhansis created a new strategy. King Siamak wasn't dead yet. And there wasn't going to be an end to the war until he or Majid was dead. Each kingdom camped themselves in the deserts in the night and attack in the mornings and sometimes even attack at nigh till morning. This went on and on and in for months.
(The Palace=The king's chamber=In the evening).
The king layed on his bed. He requested for some juice and Queen Sheena left to fo and make it for him. Some minutes later, Queen Dorah entered with that same juice. She closed the door and went closer and sat besides the king.
'' Where is Queen Sheena? ''.
'' Queen mother called her. So she asked me to bring the juice instead ''.
'' Have you heard anything from.. ''. He coughed so much that it turned to blood. ''
Have you...
'' Your highness please...calm down. Please, I will bring some tissue ''.
'' No...this happened in the afternoon. I am dying Queen Dorah ''.
'' Yes. And you will finally meet your ancestors tonight. I didn't want to do this because I loved you so much. But you cheated Faruk and made Majid your heir ''. She thought to herself.
'' Have you people heard anything from the war? ''.
'' The commander of the soldiers sent a letter that Ujani waa close to victory. They are taking the fight far your highness. They said some of the Jhansi soldiers and their king himself were hiding far away from the battlefield. They are hiding close to some waterfalls. So our soldiers would be attacking from there. Please, take your juice ''.
'' Thank you ''. He sat up and took the juice and took a sip. '' How is Majid and Faruk? ''
'' They are absolutely fine I guess. They have got hurt a lot but,you already know how war goes ''
'' I want it to end ''.
'' Me too. But until they get Siamak, that won't happened ''. She said and got to her feet with a wicked smile. '' And that is why I have given Faruk a magic knife to kill Majid so the war ends ''.
(The king poured out the juice in his mouth out in shock. The glass slipped out of his hands and fell on the floor. He starred at Queen Dorah in shock).
'' You? Queen Dorah....
'' Yes sweetheart. Oh Shakher, what did you think? That I will sit silent for Majid to come back and be king? The rightful heir to the throne of Ujani! Faruk, because he is your first son! But no,you had to made sure that your favourite Queen's son became the king and not the Queen who gave you your first son! ''.
'' But Queen Dorah, why...why... ''. He coughed and this time,Tue blood which came out of this mouth was thick and black. Blood dropped out of his nose as well.
'' Hahahaha...what did you think? I wasn't a fool Shakher. And that is why I killed Queen Meerah as well! I killed her! She died because of me,not because she gave birth to Majid. I also planned all those attacks that nearly led to Majid's death with Faruk. And it is also true that I do black magic. Yes! And I am the cause of all the misfortune Ujani has being through. That is not all,it was I...I was the master plan behind this war. It was all to kill Majid to pave way for Faruk. It was I who poisoned the Ujani water. All of it was me and no one else! I used black magic to do it all. Faruk also his Queen Meerah's chamber keys in Savitri's daughter's uniform to frame her because she was threatening me I'd things. She was my accomplice. We set the lion free from the dungeon and made it attack Majid. Hahahaha... It was so enjoyable to see you all suffer! I really don't have time to tell you all my sins...just die. But you should know,Queen Salma was my accomplice. We planned the water poisoning together and brought the fight between you and your childhood friend Siamak. Now you both will die a painful death. How pathetic! ''.
(Tears rushed down the king's eyes as he was dying. He couldn't shout or do anything. Queen Dorah quickly rushed to his side and took the glass from the floor. The king grabbed hold of her hair with his last strength and she slapped him hard. His head hit the bed's head and off he died. She quickly rushed out of the chamber).
(Prince Majid's chamber).
Rishi and her twins were on the bed while Rishi starred at Majid's picture portrait, weeping. The girls crawled all over the bed but her mind was only on Majid. She missed him more than anything the world. She touched the bed and felt his presence and his touch.
(Prince Faruk's chamber).
Ragah arranged all of Faruk's clothes on the bed and wept. She was already six months pregnant. She took one of his garments and smelled it with passion and remembered their first night together while weeping.
There was suddenly a painful scream in the whole palace and the king was pronounced dead.
(In the mountains).
Bhavna was dressed in priest clothes and holding her priesthood rod,she climbed up the mountains to pray with her assistant. When she got up there,she was shocked to see burnt wood and other black magic stuffs scattered there.

'' What?! ''.
'' My you know what this means? ''.
'' Are any of the windows performing black magic over here?! ''.
'' I don't know my priestess. But black magic has not being heard of in Ujani since fifty years ago. And also,this is shocking because it looks like is was done like some months ago. Not very long ''.
'' Let us check this out...anyone who did this will be severely punished! ''.
(They went closer and bent down,checking through the things).
'' This is strange. No one has ever come to the top of the mountains. It was only the former head priest who often came here to pray. But he never complained of finding something like this...I don't understand ''.
'' This may be why Ujani is going through crisis. Someone is performing black magic and that has made lord Hanuman abandon us. This is preposterous and I am reporting it to the Ujani priests tomorrow! ''.
'' Oh my goodness! ''. The assistant shouted as her eyes landed straight on a strange image.
'' What is it? ''.
'' Tha...that... ''. She said pointing straight.
(Bhavna raised her head and behold, she saw a statue in a cage. A statue which was covered in dust and cobwebs. And it looked like a woman. And her legs and hands were chained and they couldn't make out what it really was. Bhavna went closer to the cage and starred at the statues face closely and was puzzled).
'' Queen Meerah?! ''. She thought in shock....

(Season 2).
Episode 26
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Next Day=Royal Palace=Temple).
The entire land of Ujani was in mourning, yet again. This was the worst day of their lives. Men and women were all in white,gathered in the temple and the palace as a whole. The king was layed on a bed of high platter. Clothed and covered all over his body in white and grey. The entire bed waa made in gold. Queen mother's face was grieved with tears and she had completely changed totally. The entire priests of the kingdom had surrounded the king,performing the last rituals. Queen Sheena had cried so much that she couldn't cry anymore. After the ritual, the Jimmy offered to perform the burning ritual in place of Majid. After burying the king. Queen mother took his ashes in a pot and handed it to seven strong messengers in front of the temple.
'' Give it to Majid and Faruk to page their respects to their father ''.
'' Yes your highness ''.
'' They don't know their father is dead,so find a sensible way to tell them. And make sure they discard his ashes in any lake they come across ''.
'' Mother, do you think it is good to tell them this,now that they are at war? Will that not destruct them? ''. Queen Sheena asked.
'' They will have a problem with us when we don't tell them. It is better this way. Shakher is... ''. Queen mother wept and Rishi wrapped her arms around her in tears. '' Shakher is gone now. I just pray Majid comes back soon and takes his place as the king,and Rishi the Queen ''.
'' Tell Majid I love him with all my heart. And Faruk too,we are praying hard for them ''. Queen Sheena said...
'' Out journey is very far your highness. We shall take our leave now ''.
'' Make sure Majid performs the last rites since he is the king now. Let him discard his father's ashes ''.
'' Yes your highness. We shall see to that ''. They said,bowed down and left.
'' The time is getting close. My victory is right here. I hope Faruk performs that rite. Because is he who will become king in just a few days ''. Queen Dorah thought and laughed in her head.
(3 Days Later=In the windedness. A place of no where=In the desert, far from home=Getting to evening).
The fight was tough but Sushim made sure to be faithful and protective over Majid. Swords and arrows were thrown all over the Ujanis camp and fighting point. Majid on his horse fought like a man and killed almost fifty men. Blood splashed all over his body and he was already looking like a gladiator. Some Jhansi soldiers threw arrows at him,one of it pierced the back of his shoulders, making him fall from his horse, hard into the ground. Sushim quickly attacked those men with his sword and went down from his own horse and quickly got over to Majid.
'' Retreat! Retreat now! ''. He shouted and quickly carried Majid at his back.
(Faruk threw a big smoking pipe at the Jhansis which contained lits of dark smoke,making them rush away from the battlefield. Sushim placed Majid on his horse and got over his own horse and rode both away into the forest. Followed by all the Ujani soldier left and Faruk to their camp).
'' Bring! ''. Sushim shouted.
(They all looked dirty and ruthless. Majid was layed down on a plantain leaf. He groaned in real pain,his face,covered in wounds and blood. They removed his armour and poured water in his wound,he screamed out loud, making all the birds in the tree fly away).
'' This is bad. We need a new camping place my Prince ''. Sushim told Faruk.
'' We will leave this place in the evening. We shall find a new place near some waterfalls. Because we are running out of water ''.
'' We must also find the hiding place of King Siamak. He just wants to hide in the woods and send more soldiers to kill the ones we have that when we are helpless, he would finally attack ''.
'' This fool doesn't know am going to lead us to where the Jhansis are even stronger. I am sending you exactly to King Siamak's hiding place you fool. And I am killing Majid and Siamak together there and going back home as king ''. He thought to himself and rubbed the place the small knife is hiding.
'' Prince Majid is looking bad. He is having a fever ''.
'' Am okay Sushim ''. Majid said slowly. '' It just hurts too bad. I...think we don't have time to rest Sushim... No time ''.
'' The Jhansis be retreated now my Prince. Please, let's just wait for now ''.
(The messengers from Ujani arrived on horses and with a lot of weapons on them. They got down and bowed down. Majid sat up,his face looking red from stress).
'' My princes ''.
'' Who are you people? ''. Prince Faruk asked with a frown and pointed his sword at them.
'' We mean no harm! We are messengers from Ujani and we have a message. We have journeyed for the past three days to find you ''.
'' there a problem? ''.
(The faces of the messengers and the leader removed the pot from his horse's saddle and straightened it).
'' What is this? ''. Majid asked.
'' The king's ashes ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' The king has died your highness ''.
(Majid and everyone else quickly got to their feet. He held his wounded shoulder in pain. Faruk smiled at the corner of his lips and later burst out in tears).
'' Ni! This can't be! Not father! ''. He bent down. '' Majid this is impossible! ''.
(Majid blinked his eyes and tears fell out. All the soldiers dropped their weapons and fell on their knees. They all placed their right hands on their chest boldly as a sign of their respect to the king).
'' My father is dead? Why? What happened? ''.
'' He vomited blood your Highness. That is what the royal family told us. And he died four days ago and Queen mother gave us his ashes to give to you two to pass tour last respect so that Prince Majid discards the ashes since you are the king now ''.
(Majid stretched his hands and took the pot on his bosom and wept on it).
'' Rest in peace father ''. He and Faruk said together.
'' That means,we can't find a new camp until we have our last night with father Majid ''.
'' No problem. We will sleep here tonight and I will discard the ashes tomorrow morning in the near by lake so we can find a new camp after that ''.
'' As you wish your highness ''. Sushim said.
(Majid raised his head and starred at the messengers sternly).
'' is my wife? ''.
'' She is absolutely fine your highness. She and. The little princesses too ''.
'' And my wife? ''. Faruk asked.
'' She too is fine with the pregnancy. Everyone in the family is okay. They are just waiting for the war to end to be reunited again ''.
(Prince Faruk turned and starred at one of the soldiers and nodded to him. He also nodded back).
(Ujani Kingdom=Royal Palace=In the garden).
Rishi was shocked as she starred at both Kushi and Shiv,holding hands together. She caught them red handed,kissing passionately.
'' have to let me explain ''.
'' Kushi, what have I being missing out? You are now making out with my husband's enemy's accomplice? ''.
'' He has changed I sweat! ''.
'' Changed? Have you being betraying me all this while? ''.
'' What are you even saying Rishi? No! Rishi...I will never do that. How can you think that of me? ''.
'' Why wouldn't I think that of you? You are kissing him! I can't believe this ''.
'' Shiv has changed! ''.
'' People like them never change! An accomplice of Prince Faruk? Oh please ''.
'' He was the one who told me that Prince Faruk was planning to kill Prince Majid on his wedding day. He was the one who turned the chandelier roles elsewhere so it wouldn't hit and kill you and Prince Majid! ''
'' So that was Prince Faruk's doing? ''. Rishi was shocked.
'' Yes. Please Rishi don't hate me ''. Kushi cried. '' We love each other. You told me I would understand what you felt for Prince Majid when I also fell in love. Now am I love so don't take it away from me ''.
'' It is your own decision Kushi. You are grown,do what you want. I hope he doesn't turn you into a monster too ''. She said and left.
'' I don't think she will ever like me ''.
'' She will. She has a good heart. One day,she will approve of us ''. They embraced each other like no one's business.
(Far Away in the deserts=Ujani's Camp=At night).
All the soldiers were asleep including Faruk. But except Majid. He had folded his arms on his chest as he slept on a leaf,starring at the moon in the dark sky with no stars. Lightening passed in the sky. The cold wind passed on them to the south and came back. Rishi's smiling face appeared in the sky to him. He was missing her. It was almost six months away without her and it was killing him. He felt her touch and kisses and yawned. His father's ashes in the pot was on his bag under a tree. He quickly fell into a deep sleep. Some few minutes later,one of the soldiers got to his feet and went closer to Majid with a sword...
(Next Day).
The sun didn't come up. It was rather cloudy and the weather was dark even though it was morning. Majid and the other woke up from their sleep and washed their mouth with some mint stick. They arranged themselves and said goodbye to the messengers. After the messengers left,the soldiers took their bags and untied their horses. Majid went to where his bags were and realised his father's pot was missing. He shouted in anguish and they all surrounded him.

'' This is impossible my Prince... Are you sure you placed it here? ''.
'' I did! I swear. I saw it before sleeping. This can't be. I have to discard the ashes ''
'' But who has done this? ''.
(Faruk took out his sword in anger and thunder stroke loudly. He stretched his sword at the soldiers).
'' You people should speak up now! Where is my father's ashes?! Speak up! ''. He shouted.
'' We don't know Prince. We would never do anything with it ''. They said as they searched among them and realised one if them were missing. '' Where is Binduzah?! ''.
'' Yes...where is Binduzah? He is not here. Strange! ''. The leader of the soldiers shouted.
'' The pot is not here,and Binduzah is also not here? What...I don't want to think what am thinking. But am actually thinking it ''.
'' What are you saying Sushim? Time is going! I need to discard my father's remains now! The Jhansis could attack at anytime! ''.
'' Is Binduzah a traitor? I mean,what would he even do with the ashes of the king? ''.
(Suddenly, ten thousand arrows from nowhere just fell in their midst,killing twenty soldiers at once, and they all scattered, falling aside, blood everywhere. Thunder stroke and heavy rain poured out from the sky. Some of the arrows pierced into trees and one of them had a paper attached to it. Sushim helped Majid up and Faruk took the paper from the arrow and read what was in it and he was shocked).
'' We have to get out of here now my Prince! It is not safe here! Let's go soldiers! ''. Sushim shouted.
'' No wait! ''. Faruk shouted and handed the paper to Majid. '' The Jhansis have father's ashes. They have being working with Binduzah all this while. They said if we want the ashes,we should search for them under a rock behind some waterfalls ''.
'' What? This is...
'' Strange. This might be a trap Prince Majid! ''. Sushim said.
'' Even if it is,we can't allow them to have father's ashes!... Majid? ''.
'' You are right Faruk....
(Suddenly, they heard heavy noises of ruthless Jhansi soldiers rushing to their camp through the forests. They quickly got on their horses. The Jhansis threw more arrows at them and they quickly rode fast away out of the forest. The horses run so fast,they were soon out of the forest and they saw hundreds of Jhansi soldiers standing far away with swords in front of a rock. The Ujani soldiers were left with fifty now. Plus Majid, Faruk and Sushim. Majid took a deep breath. In the middle of Sushim and Faruk and the soldiers behind them).
'' Finally...that is their hiding place. The king of Jhansi's hiding place ''. Majid said.
'' This will be our last battle. There is no turning back. Life or death,we must take father's ashes, and kill the king of Jhansi ''. Faruk said.
'' This is when destiny writes the fate of Ujani ''. Sushim said.
(Majid frowned. His chest, shaking with anger. He raise his sword up high as the rain became heavier and heavier. And Faruk touched his amour pocket, where he had kept the small knife).
'' The time has come ''. He thought to himself and smiled.
'' Are you ready?! ''. Majid shouted and the soldiers shouted back in courage.
(The Jhansi soldiers from the forest arrived behind them with swords. They were totally surrounded by the Jhansis).
'' Fight with the others Sushim. Faruk and I will go for the pot ''.
'' But my Prince I...
'' That's my order. The soldiers here can't fight alone. We shall meet after this is over. And go back home ''.
(Sushim's eyes became teary since he didn't want to leave Majid alone with Faruk).
'' Yes my Prince ''.
(Majid and Faruk rode their horses fast away while Sushim and other soldiers fought fiercely. The two got closer to the rocks closer to the dangerous waterfalls which fell from enormous rock,deeply into the ground. The soldiers, protecting the Jhansi king attacked them on the way. Majid jumped down from his horse while it was riding and fought back. Faruk also threw arrows at them,killing them one after the other. More soldiers came out and Majid dodged,and killed more. Faruk got down and fought behind Majid. Finally, all the Jhansi soldiers were killed and Majid left one alive. Holding him by the neck).
'' Where is your king?! ''. He asked angrily while placing sword under his neck.
'' He...over there! Behind that rock! ''.
(The soldier led Majid and Faruk behind the rock and an arrow from nowhere pierced Majid in his back and he loosed hold of the Jhansi soldier, but Faruk killed him as he tried to run. They turned and saw the King of Jhansi holding the pot and a sword. Majid fell on one knee in pain. Weakness took over him. The king of Jhansi laughed and walked closer to Faruk, they both stood tall behind Majid while the rain fell hard and heavier).
'' You are lucky you are married to my daughter Faruk. I don't want to cause her pain. So I am sparing your life ''.

  • (Faruk smiled evilly and got the small knife out of his amour and stabbed the Jhansi king deeply. He quickly snatched the pot from him and walked him to the cliff of the waterfalls. Majid slowly turned his back and forcefully took the arrow out of his back and groaned in pain. The rain,washing his blood away into the waterfalls. He was shocked to see Faruk killing the king. He slowly got up and started walking weakly behind Faruk).
'' You...Faruk, how could you...
'' You are shocked right? The war is over now,and am going to be king over Ujani and Jhansi! Yes Siamak....all of this was the plans of my mother and I ''.
(Majid's eyes opened widely in shock as he heard that,standing behind Faruk).
'' My mother has always dreams of me,sitting on the throne! I am like this because everyone cheated me! My family. All of this,just so I could be king. Your wife and my mother planned all the poisoning in Jhansi and Ujani, just so there would enmity between you and my father. My mother killed Queen that I could become king, but my father chose stupid Majid instead, so when he came back from London, I had to do all could to kill him,but he wouldn't die. The only way was to make a war ''.
'' married...
'' I don't even have any feelings for your dumb daughter! I don't have time for this. Just die! ''. He said and removed the knife from the king's stomach and pushed him away. He fell off the cliff,down the very tall waterfall and disappeared in the waters. Weakness took over Faruk and he laughed crazily. He held the pot tightly and was about to open it when Majid grabbed hold of his hand from behind. He was shocked. He slowly turned and saw Majid's angry eyes. Hate and anger consumed him. Majid took the pot from Faruk in anger.
'' What did you say again Faruk? My mother died in your mother's hands? ''.
(Majid angrily, with all his strength, hit Faruk in the face with the pot,making it to break into pieces and the ashes sprinkled into the waterfalls, Faruk fell into the ground filled with water. Blood oozed out of his mouth and nose, and a big cut appeared under his eyes to his lips. Majid pulled him back up to his feet and grabbed him tightly).
'' I said.... say it again Faruk! Did your mother take my mother away from me?! ''. He screamed and lifted his knee up and hit Faruk's abdomen and hit him hard on his lips and again, he fell into the water. His blood mixed with the water. He quickly took the knife from the water and held it hard. As soon as Majid lifted him up again, he stabbed Majid deep into his heart,through his chest. Majid gasped in pain. Blood quickly rushed out of his mouth.
'' Yes brother. My mother killed your mother. And now,I am killing you. You can peacefully go and join your mother while I take over your throne...and better still, your hot wife ''.
'' Ri...Rishi ''. Majid whispered as he loosed breath.
(Faruk heard noises rushing towards him. He turned and saw the Ujani soldiers riding fast on their horses towards them).
'' Goodbye brother. Greet father for me ''. He said and pushed Majid over the waterfalls with the knife in his chest. Majid disappeared in the deadly waterfalls.
(Faruk himself fell unconscious on the ground. The soldiers quickly arrived there and got down from their horses. Sushim quickly removed his clothes to jump into the waterfalls but the soldiers pulled him back).
'' No! Prince Majid! ''. He screamed. '' Leave me! I promise the Queen mother to protect him! No he can't die...he can't! ''.
'' I am sorry Sushim! Can't you see? We loosed him! Prince Majid is gone! That is a waterfalls of death ''.
(They all looked around, blood being washed away by the fierce rain. Sushim break down on his knees in tears while the others attended on Prince Faruk).
'' I am too late. I am useless! Just useless! I am better off dead! ''. He said and took out his knife but the soldier snatched it from him.
'' Are you crazy?! You have a wife and children! What would they do! There is nothing we can do Sushim. Nothing. We have to protect those who are left. We should go back home with Prince Faruk. He is all that is left. Prince Majid is dead ''.
(Thunder storms stroke heavily in the sky)....


(Season 2).
Episode 27.
Written by Adelaide Asamoah Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Ujani Kingdom=Royal Palace=Princess Rishi's chamber=Night Time).
She quickly panicked out of a bad dream,screamingout Majid's name when waking up. She touched the necklace in sweat and it burned her badly. She groaned in pain. It burned her chest and she quickly took it off and threw it on the floor. Her breath became on easy and she stepped down from the bed and wore her sleepers. She went closer to the babies bed and checked on them. They were fast asleep but suddenly,they both opened their eyes together and started crying loudly. They cried so hard that it woke people up. She carried them both in her arms and they were still crying. Thunder stroke loudly and their cries became louder and louder. Lightening spreader in the sky,appearing in her room. Queen mother and others quickly entered the chamber.
'' Rishi! We heard the babies. Ri....
'' Majid ''.
'' What? ''.
'' I...I had a nightmare ''. She sobbed and gave the babies to Queen mother and Queen Sheena and rushed out.
(Palace Temple).
Rishi arrived there and fell on her knees in front of Lord Krishna and placed her hands together in tears. Rain started falling heavily. The royal family arrived in the temple, the babies were still crying and everyone was confused. Queen Sheena went closer to Rishi and lifted her up.
'' I have to pray now mother...please! Something is not right! ''. She cried.
'' Rishi,listen to me,it is late in the night please! Stop this and wait till morning ''.
'' No! I had a nightmare. I heard Majid calling my name in the dream! But I didn't see him! ''.
'' Rishi....the girls need you for now. So please calm down. Let us go back to sleep now ''.
'' The necklace burned my neck! This has happened before...please, leave me to pray... Kushi, take care of Meerah and Marish ''.
(They all left the temple, leaving her alone. She lighted a candle on a plate and lifted it up at lord Krishna's face and raised one leg up. She stood on one leg with her eyes closed in front of lord Krishna, praying).
(Far From home=In the wilderness).
The soldiers rode on their horses,leaded by Sushim. Faruk was awake and had already created unbearable scene about loosing his brother in tears. He rode a little faster and got besides Sushim's horse.
'' Are you okay Sushim? ''. He asked but Sushim said nothing. Only his face telling a story of regret for not following Majid. '' I feel worse than you Sushim ''.
'' Really Prince Faruk? Are you sure that is how you are feeling? ''.
'' What are you trying to say? ''.
'' Nothing really. I just wonder how I will face Queen mother. Fave Prince Rishi ''.
(Faruk sobbed and cleaned his tears).
'' That waterfalls was deep Sushim, there was no way we could find him. We tried. Majid, he is dead. He couldn't survive the war ''.
'' I promised he wasn't going to die. Forgive me your highness ''. He wept on his horse while Faruk smirked then cleared his throat.
'' I should have being the one that died! ''.
'' I still don't understand how this happened Prince Faruk. Your explanation and everything seems...very very confusing ''.
'' What are you even trying to say Sushim? What other truth do you want to hear again? Majid and I caught King Siamak. And he tried to throw an arrow at Majid but I got in his way and he hit me with the pot containing my ashes. He gave me this scar! ''. He said angrily and pointed at his face. '' Then Majid got in the way of me and him,but he stabbed Majid with a small knife, and luckily, I stabbed him too and they both fell from the cliff into the waterfalls. I tried all I could but Majid died before he fell off ''.
'' We should have got his body to go and bury back home ''.
'' But that didn't happened. The war is over now ''.
'' Yes it is over. But we will never be happy again. Never ''.
'' You are right Sushim. You will not be happy again because I am your new king ''. He thought to himself and smiled wickedly.
(Next Day=Ujani Kingdom=In the temple).
The sun was out and shining. Rishi was still on one leg with the other leg up and holding the plate of lantern. Tears streamed her eyes and she was sweating. Her legs were shaking and she was tired. Queen mother and Queen Sheena entered the temple in distress, watching from behind. There wa suddenly shouting and screams outside the palace. Queen Sheena turned her back and Priya entered and bowed down in happiness.
'' Your highness! The war is over. They are arriving from far away with the priests of the kingdom! ''.
(Rishi loosed balance and fell on the floor with the plate. The lantern light quickly went off and they all rushed outside ''.
(In front of the entrance).
The royal family stood in front of the big gate,looking far away at priests, leading men and horses to the palace. The priests were all in white,and so was the people of Ujani who were following behind. Queen Dorah smiled. Princess Lakshmi and the rest were confused. Rishi and the Queens got there in a haste and stood in front of the rest. As the people and the priests got closer, they heard wailing and cries. Prince Faruk and Sushim got down from their horses with their swords. Sushim got closer to the Queen mother, bowed down and placed his swords in front of her on the floor and Faruk also dropped his sword which was filled with dry blood. The soldiers left ere just twenty five and they all fell down on their faces. Rishi's face was blank when she realised Majid was absent. Sushim couldn't look at the Queens face and his chest kept moving heavily up and down.
'' Su....
'' Forgive me your highness ''. Sushim said in a heavy and painful tone.
'' No ''. Rishi whispered.
(Sushim walked in front of Rishi and fell on his knees in tars. Queen mother screamed in agony and tore her saree,close to striping herself naked but the servants quickly held her together. Queen Sheena collapsed and was quickly rushed into the palace. Princess Lakshmi mourned and buried her face in Raj's garment in tears. Rishi just stood there still like a statue, looking on the road without moving or saying a word).
'' No! Lord no!!! Not again and not Majid! No! Sushim tell me you are not serious! ''. Queen mother shouted.
'' It is true your highness ''. Priest Chanakher said. '' Last night was dangerous. Senseless storms stroke and the lanterns in the palace all went off at the same. I wanted to fo and pray and understand why that happened. But they arrived this morning in sack clothes to thank the Lord for a successful war. But also,to announce Prince Majid's death ''.
'' You made me a said you would protect him you fool! ''. Queen mother angrily grabbed Sushim up to his feet and slapped him hard. '' You assure me! My Majid cannot be dead! No! Majid! ''.
'' This is impossible! Faruk, how could you stand there for your brother to die! He is supposed to be here to sit on the throne! ''. Queen Dorah shouted in fake tears and hit Faruk. '' I won't accept that our Majid is gone. Never! Where is the proof? Where is his body?! ''.
'' He...I did all I could. Forgive me. I just...I don't...
'' Where is my father? ''. Ragah asked with no hope. '' Is he dead? ''.
'' He fell into a deep waterfalls...a deadly waterfalls with Majid. We never saw Majid again ''. Faruk said and Ragah break down.
'' Forgive me...I should have never convinced your father to make you the crowned Prince! Never never never ever! ''. Queen mother lamented on the floor.
'' King Siamak stabbed? Majid in the heart and.. ''. Faruk sobbed and looked at his mother with the corner of his eyes and she smiled softly.
'' We have sent a message to the rest of the kingdoms. They will arrive here tomorrow for a mass funeral for all the lost soldier, including Prince Majid ''. Priest Chanakher said.
(Rishi's memory quickly cast back on the first day she met Majid. The day she was chosen as his wife. All their silly moments and their wedding day. When Majid saved her from the kidnappers. Their first night together. Embarrassing themselves all the days,the fun they had together and the sadness they shared. Ad the day she gave birth and the times they spent with their girls. Kushi walked closer to her in tear and touched her hand).
'' Rishi! Snap out of it! ''.
(Rishi panicked and got out of her thoughts and looked at Kushi. Then she laughed. Everyone turned to her. She pushed Kushi away from her and scratched her head crazily and scattered her hair on her face. As she laughed crazily, tears run down her eyes. Queen mother got to her feet and held Rishi tightly).
'' Forgive me my dear. Please...just, it will be fine. Majid is still here with you ''.
'' Majid? ''. Rishi asked strangely as if she didn't know what was happening. Then she laughed out loud again and quickly wiped her tears away. '' Why am I even crying. Hahahaaaa, can someone join me to dance to our Lord? ''.
'' Rishi...grandmother, what is going on with Rishi! ''.
'' Guards! ''.
(Two palace guards bowed down).
'' Hurry! Go to the mountains and get Bhavna! Tell her to prepare herself because Rishi is going mad! Run! ''.
(The guards bowed down and took to their heels away. Rishi pushed the Queen mother away and started running fast after the guards. Three other guards chased after her and grabbed her on the road, as she fell,she laughed out loud and threw sand at them).
'' Will you dance with me or not? Huh,huh? Hahahaaaa, why did the lights go off? The dance will be boring now! ''. She said and started making herself dirty on the floor.
(The guards bowed down and carried her up and started walking to the palace).
'' Take her to Majid's chamber! ''. Queen mother shouted. They left and she touched her chest and break down in tears.
(Everyone wept at once, including the people of the land).
'' Glory to Queen Meerah! ''. One man shouted.
'' Glory to her! ''. They shouted back.
'' Glory to King Shakher! ''.
'' Glory to him! ''.
'' Glory to Prince Majid! ''.
'' Glory to him! ''. They shouted in tears.
'' What do we do now your highness? ''. Priest Chanakher asked.
'' I have given up priest. I no longer have hope. Nothing is more important anymore. Lord Hanuman abandoned us ''.
'' Don't say that. Ujani won the war. So as of tomorrow, the war soldiers in front of Ujani's gate must divide themselves to go to Jhansi and claim it for us ''.
'' I will take care of Majid... No. He can't be dead ''.
'' We didn't get Prince Majid's body. So that means, we will do the mass burial without any bodies. The news will be sent to the families of the soldiers who also didn't survive the war ''.
'' We are also going to have to think of the throne ''. One of the priests said. '' Prince Majid was supposed to be the king. Now that he is gone, only one person is left ''.
(Queen mother's funeral expression changed into some cold hearted witch. Then she quickly realised that, Faruk might be responsible for Majid's death).
'' And who is that person qualified? ''. She asked in anger.
'' Well...Princess Rishi gave birth to girls,that means, Prince Majid doesn't have an heir. And that leaves us with Prince Faruk. I am sorry for saying this at this moment of sadness your highness, but you know our customs. The throne can not stay empty for more than a month. If that happens, the royalty stone shall be taken away from the Samrat family and given to another family ''.
'' Enough! ''. Queen Dorah said. '' Can't you see she is in pain,and you are talking about the throne? Ujani has lost its crowned Prince! Aren't you ashamed of yourself?! After the burial tomorrow, we shall think of our next move and announce to the kingdom ''.
(Queen mother angrily dashed into the palace with Princess Lakshmi and the others. The people left with the rest of the priests and the guards were about to close the gates when Bhavna arrived there with a horse. They bowed to her and she rode the horse into the palace).
(Prince Faruk's chamber).
Queen Dorah had took some herbal ointment from the royal doctors to treat Faruk's scar on the face. She sat besides him on the bed and started cleaning the wound. Maids entered and bowed down with a grand royal foods and drinks. They served and left.
'' That idiot! What did he think? That he will be king? ''.
'' You can't imagine how I enjoyed when the life got out of him mother. He looked me in the eyes and died. Then I pushed him into the waterfalls. He is dead...the water itself contained many rocks in it,and forests around it. It is a land of no return ''.
'' That is it my boy. That is it. Now my dreams are finally a reality ''.
'' Yes. We shall attack tomorrow, and I will sit on the throne,and the king of Ujani and Jhansi! I have lots of surprises for the entire family and the kingdom as a whole. They have no idea ''.
(They both laughed).
(Prince Majid's chamber).
The entire family had gathered in there while Rishi was unconscious on the bed. Bhavna grind some herbs while crying herself. She smeared the herbs on Rishi's forehead and the back of her ears. Kushi entered the chamber with the babies and gave one of them to Lakshmi. Queen Sheena sat on the floor, looking around the chamber. Suddenly, one of Majid's picture portrait fell from the wall and crashed into pieces on the floor loudly. They puzzled and Rishi quickly woke up from her sleep,sitting up in sweat. She turned to the other side and saw her mother.
'' are here? ''.
'' Are you okay? ''.
(Then everything suddenly started coming back to her. She then remembered everything).
'' No! No no no no...please tell me I was dreaming! No...Majid! Majid, where are you? Where is he? He has started those silly jokes of his again right? ''.
(She said and quickly jumped out of the bed to run out but her mother took her shoulder and faced her).
'' Rishi please...we can't do anything about....
'' No! Mother, I can't live without Majid by my side. I can't do this anymore. The pain is too much ''.
'' Have you forgotten you are a mother now? What would Majid think of you now wherever he is? ''.
'' My Majid is here. He is not dead. He made an oath with his blood. His blood! I have to go and look for him right now, he might be needing my help by now.....
'' That is enough Rishi. I brought you up to be a strong woman so....
'' Majid is around here somewhere. You can ask mother, just....
(Bhavna loosed it and slapped Rishi hard,making her fall. Everyone was shocked. Rishi came back to her senses and screamed the loudest).
'' Get out! All of you,get out! It is your faults! I begged you not to let Majid go! ''.
'' Rishi please...
'' I am left alone now. I have mo one. Oh lord! Get out...I said leave. Get out,all of you! ''. Tears blinded her eyes.
(They all left the chamber in regret, leaving her alone. She quickly closed the door and locked it. She fell down behind the gate,going crazy. She was breathless. She got to her feet and went closer to the drawer, she opened it and threw it against the wall,crushing).
'' Liar! How could you break your oath! Why did you say you will come back....back to me! ''. She sobbed, her eyes all red. She looked up and removed one portrait and hit it hard on the floor, crushing that also. '' I hate you! I hate you...oh God! ''.
(She break down in weakness towards one broken portrait. She swam her hand on it and the broken glass cut her palm. Blood painted Majid's face on the portrait).
'' Come back...come back to me ple...please ''. She fainted...
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