Married to the Prince Season 2 Episode 22 || 23 || 24



(Season 2).
Episode 22
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Next Day=In the kingdom=Mr Raul's mansion).
Mr Raul was dead. His body was throw in one of the storerooms in the mansion and his son was still tied up in a chair. Mr Blake walked down stairs with all his bags which his things were packed in. The four days he had given his daughter was over and he was ready to finally leave Ujani behind with his children. When he got down, he suddenly heard a loud painful scream from the library. He and his men gathered themselves in the middle of the living room and saw Max walking out of the library with his phone in his hands and tears in his eyes. Mr Blake left his bags aside and walked fast to him in confusion. Max just fell into one of the chairs near by weeping bitterly. Mr Blake bent down and took the phone from him.
'' Today is the day we are finally leaving, instead of you to call Cindy to meet us at the airport, you are here overreacting ''.
'' Cindy...
'' What? ''.
'' I was just speaking to Natalya dad. Cindy's friend. Cindy is dead! ''.
(Mr Blake fell back on the floor,speechless. His body language changed immediately).
'' My daughter... No. Impossible. Noooo! Not my princess.. Please no! ''. He wept his eyes out.
'' She died yesterday dad. Natalya said....she slipped from the palace's balcony and fell because she tried to kill Majid's wife ''.
'' No...Cindy why? This is just a nightmare. My daughter is not dead. I will call her now and she will answer, you will see ''.
(Mr Blake got up and started dialling Cindy's number on Max's phone).
'' Stop it dad! ''. Max stood up and angrily snatched his phone from his father. '' This is all your fault! Cindy's death is your fault and no ones. You pushed her here because of your selfish desires! And you made sure she was eager to marry Majid because he was a Prince! ''.
'' No son...
'' Yes. You were the one who made her obsessed with the Prince. If you had forbidden her from coming here,she wouldn't be here. Now my only sister... Oh god! I am cursed to be in this family. First it was mum,and now Cindy. It was supposed to be you! Cindy was just starting her life! What would you do now? What?! ''.
'' That royal family will regret this! I will avenge my daughter's death ''.
'' I don't want to be a part of any of your plans anymore dad! I am leaving. I am going to take Cindy's body and go back to London. Stay here and do what you want ''. He said and left the mansion with his bags.
(In the palace=In the temple).
The palace was mourning. Not everyone, but at least Majid alone was mourning. Cindy was dressed in all white and layed in a flower bed in the middle of the temple, with everyone seated around her. Her head was bandaged in white to cover the scar from her fall. White cotton was placed in her nose and she was covered in flowers o the bed from head to toe. Only her face showed for people to see. Her lip were dry and faded and her face was white and pale with her eyes closed. Lifeless and motionless. Majid sat closer besides her more than everyone. He was in real pain. He sat down with his knees under his jaw and he kept starring at her face while tears dropped out his eyes.
'' I am sorry ''. He whispered in tears.
(Queen mother walked closer to him and sat besides him and placed her hands on his shoulders).
'' Majid, this is not your fault. I am not saying she deserved what happened to her,but she tried to kill Rishi and your unborn children ''.
'' Because of me. It was all still because of me. Cindy is not a murderer. She acted that way all this while because I stopped loving her. So yes,it is my fault. I killed her ''. He buried his face in his hands and wept bitterly.
(Rishi saw Majid's reaction and got hurt. She was also in while like everyone else. She turned her head to look at Natalya who sat far away besides Cindy,also weeping her eyes out. Then she turned to Kushi).
'' I should have listened to you Kushi. I shouldn't have left the party. This is all my fault, if I had not left,she wouldn't be tired to kill me,and I wouldn't have pushed her ''.
'' You didn't push her. It is enough! She deserved what happened to her. At least,there will be one less burden off tour shoulders ''.
'' Do you think Majid will forgive me? ''.
'' Why will Majid hate you? He has no right. So did he expect you to stand there idly to be killed. Listen, it is normal that Majid is sad right now. He is human and the girl was his lover for many years. He will soon get over it and we will move on with our lives ''.
(Queen mother took her saree and wiped Majid's tears).
'' What would we do now? She does not belong to us. Will her family come for her? ''.
'' I called her brother. He might be in his way with their father ''. Natalya said and cleaned her tears. '' You guys should just be ready for anything ''.
'' I will take care of it ''. Majid said.
(There was a big noise outside the temple and everyone's attention was pushed there. They all got up and rushed outside the temple only to find Mr Blake and his men,creating chaos in the palace. He held a gun in his hands, shooting some palace guards. And when he layed his eyes on Majid, he stretched a gun at him).
'' Son of a bitch! You are a dead meat! ''.
'' Mr Blake, calm yourself please.... You don't have to do this ''.
'' No! ''. Rishi screamed, rushing in front of Majid and spreading her hands wide. '' You cannot kill him! He didn't do anything. I was the one who pushed your daughter, not Majid ''.
'' Just the bitch I was looking for ''. Mr Blake said and got the gun ready to shoot.
'' Rishi stop! ''.
(Max arrived in the palace too late in his car. He got down and rushed behind his father but Mr Blake pulled the trigger. Faruk came out of nowhere and pushed Rishi out of the way and received the bullet on his left shoulder. All eyes were astonished. Rishi fell in Majid's arms and as Mr Blake tried to shoot again, Max grabbed the gun from behind. Mr Blake had no idea it was his son and pulled the trigger. He shot Max in the stomach. Father and son starred at each other in horror. Blood poured out of Max's mouth and Mr Blake's world came crushing down on him. Max fell down dead. Mr Blake became weak and looked around him like he was calling for help. He pointed the gun on his own head and shot himself dead. People got their eyes off the horrible scene. They rushed to Faruk who was shaking like a chicken).
'' Oh my goodness! Why dis you do that?! Faruk! ''. Queen Dorah cried and Faruk went unconscious.
(Majid quickly used all the strength he had left to carry Faruk on his shoulders and rushed to his car with Jimmy and placed him at the backseat and entered together with Jimmy without a word and speedily drove away).
'' But where are they going?! ''. Queen Dorah asked in despair.
'' I think to the city hospital ''. Queen Sheena said. '' They know more how to take care of this accidents ''.
(The palace guards attacked Mr Blake's men and brought then under one umbrella and tied them up).
'' Take them to the dungeon! ''. The king commanded. '' And please, prepare this bodies for burial ''.
'' This is the most terrible day of my life! ''. Natalya cried. '' This place is curse. I should have gone with Maxwell. I have loosed everything. My boyfriend and my best friend. I have to leave this place now! ''.
'' Do you have money to go back to your country, and are you going to take the bodies of your people with you? ''. Queen mother asked.
'' What?! What money will I use to do that? They died here and should be buried here! Everything is Majid's fault so take responsibility! I am leaving ''. She said and left.
(Mumbai City=Doctor Malhotra's Hospital).
Majid and Jimmy sat down waiting impatiently for the doctor. And while he was waiting, he couldn't get the horrible sights out of his head. Jimmy dropped his arms around Majid's shoulders, comforting him. Jimmy's phone rang and it was their friend Maxwell.
'' We gonna talk later man. Majid is not you can't talk to him now. Just call in an hour's time. Cool ''. He said and hanged up. '' Should I go buy coffee for you? ''.
'' It's fine ''.
(The doctor walked out of the surgery ward and removed his nose make and both men quickly got to their feet).
'' Good news. Surgery was successful. No internal damage, the bullet just hit the outer part of his shoulder so it was easy to remove ''.
'' Oh thanks. So does that mean he can even be discharged today? ''.
'' No no...tomorrow is okay. He has to be under observation through the night to avoid any infections. But you can see him if you wish ''.
'' Yeah ''.
(The doctor left immediately to attend to other patients and Majid turned to Jimmy).
'' Wait for me here Jim. I will come back here so we find a hotel to sleep in ad go back to the kingdom tomorrow ''.
'' Right ''.
(He turned and entered the ward ad went to sit besides Faruk whose eyes were already opened. They smiled at each other and Majid held Faruk's hand).
'' Hello brother ''. Faruk said.
'' I don't want to talk about anything else Faruk. I just want to ask one question. Why? Why did you do that? ''.
'' What can I say? I cannot allow my nephews or nieces get hurt. Rishi is brave, but she forgot she was pregnant when she saw you were in danger. I had to step in the way to save you a way,I am also thanking you for saving my life yesterday ''.
'' What I did was nothing compared to this Faruk. I..I..don't know what to say ''.
'' You don't have to say anything. Just be safe and believe the fact that you are my brother, I won't think twice to save your life. Never... ''.
'' I won't. I have to go now. Today has being too much already. I am just glad it is all over. I will come back tomorrow to take you back to the kingdom. And don't worry, the doctors will feed you,I will have a word with them ''. He said and got to his feet and left.
'' Hahahaha... Idiot. Nothing is over brother. In fact, it is just the beginning of a war which I will win,and become king,and you end up dead ''. He said and layed his eyes on the television in the room only to see a news of attack on Diamond Hotel some days ago. He saw everything that happened and saw the people who ended up dead then realised his Dasthan and other guards were part. '' What?! So that means.... No wonder I haven't heard from him since. Charu escaped again? Or did she die? There was no news of her. I will prefer to think she died in the hands of Dasthan before he was killed. In any case, that is no longer my problem, what matters is now,in just a few weeks,there would be war between Ujani and the Jhansis, and Majid will have no choice but to lead the army to fight and save his kingdom. Then that is where it all ends ''.
(One Week Later \In the kingdom=Princess Rishi's chamber).
After everything, the royal family had no choice but to bury the foreigners in a traditional way. And after that,everything was settled down again. And in that one week,was the one week Majid had ignored Rishi until this day when he entered her chamber in the moment she was dressing up on the bed. She pit on her saree and Majid stood at the door with his hands at his back. He cleared his throat and she realised he was inside. She went closer with a smile and turned around in front of him.
'' How do I look? ''.
'' Nice ''.
'' Mmmm... Okay. What is happening? ''.
'' Rishi don't have to act like you are not mad at me okay? I get it. I made a mistake, but it was out of respect for Cindy ''.
'' You always have a way to justify your mistakes right? Instead of a simple sorry? ''.
'' No! Of course not. I am sorry. Please forgive me. It is all over now,she is buried and gone and you are my life. Let us just forget about everything and move on ''.
'' Alright. I am always an okay person, so okay. Let's move on ''.
'' But you didn't have to be jealous you know. You are my wife, and you should have understood what I was going through ''.
'' Understand it without you even speaking to me? Majid, stop that behaviour of yours okay? I don't like it ''.
'' Okay Queen mother ''. He opened his arms and landed them on Rishi's body in a tight hug. '' I repent. No more ignoring you or not talking to you. Never. Only loving you and our babies ''.
(In the court room).
Everyone was gathered in the room,waiting for the king of Jhansi. Since they had spent one week in Ujani after their daughter's wedding with Faruk, they gave notice to the royal family of Ujani of their departure the next day and the king wanted to confront him and get everything over with before it was too late. The Queen mother, Queen Sheena, Queen and even Queen Salma were present in the court. Everyone was quiet until king Siamak entered the court followed by his guards. He could feel could feel cold eyes starring at him from all sides of the large room. He went closer to the king and took his seat besides him. The king cleared his throat and adjusted to his seat and faced king Siamak.
'' What is it Shakher, why do I feel something is wrong here? ''.
'' Because there is something wrong. And before you go tomorrow, it is better to talk about it now or never ''.
'' Okay. I am all ears. I hope it is not serious though ''.
'' We shall see how serious it is after seeing this ''. The king said and faced the entrance. '' Bring it in! ''.
(Two guards entered the court room with a paper wrapper in their hands, covering some knives. They got to the front of the Kings and bowed down, then layed down the wrappers an I  opened them up to reveal the knives with blood stained on them. King Siamak opened his mouth in shock when he saw the knives of his kingdom that way).
'' What...
'' Are you shocked Siamak? Are you shocked we found them? ''. The king asked.
'' What do you even mean Shakher? ''.
(Queen Dorah and Queen Salma smiled wickedly as their plans were about to go completely down).
'' This knives were found on the same day of fasting in my garden Siamak! Oh,and how surprising it is that they were the same knives used to kill the palace maids on that same day! ''.
'' So? What are you insinuating Shakher? ''.
'' I don't know Siamak. You tell me. Is it not suspicious that,after Majid refused to marry your daughter, you have calmed down so much and not said anything about the embarrassment you faced from the other kingdoms because of that? ''.
'' Excuse me Shakher! ''. Queen Salma shouted and got to her feet. '' What did you expect us to do? Majid does not love Ragah. Can we force him? ''.
'' But you can exactly take revenge on us by poisoning our water to kill our subjects and kill two of my palace maids? ''. Queen Dorah played along and shouted angrily.
'' Wait a minute... Shakher, you think I am responsible for your kingdom's misfortune? I cannot believe this. Did you know that,my people are also dying from our waters? Have you heard me complain to you Shakher? ''.
'' Everyone has a way of ruling their kingdom Siamak. And if you didn't complain to me,you must have had your own reasons. But I am complaining to you because my people have had enough. If your kingdom does not stop those ugly acts,then my people will not take it lightly with you Siamak. It is just a piece of advice so you tighten your investigations. Keep your people sane ''.
'' I can't believe this! ''. He said and jumped into his feet. '' You are accusing me of all this and everyone is quiet right?! You and your people have decided to trample on my dignity isn't it? This is the last straw! ''.
'' The last straw of what Siamak? you have finally decided to show your true colours right? ''. One elder got on his feet in anger ranting. '' If you were innocent, you would have found a sensible way to handle this,and now see what you are saying... It totally gives you away! You are killing our people and you are guilty! ''.
'' We shall not stand for this! We are leaving now. And we are taking our daughter with us! I will not allow my daughter to be married in a kingdom who now takes us as their enemies ''. Queen Salma said in ange.
'' What? You know that is impossible Salma. She is Faruk's wife now. What do you think you want to do? Break a marriage and bring a curse on Ujani? ''. Queen mother asked,also standing up.
'' She is my daughter and I do whatever I want with her ''.
'' Don't forget she is not only your daughter now. She is also Faruk's wife now,and she is not going anywhere ''. The king said and got to his feet.
(The guards of Jhansi raised their weapons behind their King while the guards of Ujani did same).
'' You have stepped on the tail of a lion Shakher! I can't allow my daughter to be here. I don't want to be a family with you anymore, and if you won't allow me to have my daughter, I will take her with force! ''. King Siamak said in anger and commanded his guards to go get Ragah.
'' Stop them! ''.
(The king commanded and tons of Ujani's guards rushed to their front, pointing swords and spears at the Jhansis. The rest of the family rushed into the court room).
'' Father! What is all this? ''. Princess Ragah screamed.
'' You will not get away with this embarrassment Shakher! You have realised other elders from all the other kingdoms are here and have decided to disgrace me like this! I hereby pronounce an endless war. I will not rest until your kingdom falls! ''.
'' This is preposterous father! You are overreacting. This is my in laws place and you are the ones who made the Ujanis my new family, and now see what you are doing. Please father, drop your words. Take back your words! ''. Ragah cried.
'' Take a year to prepare Shakher...because this will be a war to the death! ''.
'' Take all the time you want Siamak. If war is what you want, war is what you will get! ''.
'' Father... War? What? If you guys have a problem, then can't you find a more peaceful way to solve this? ''. Majid asked.
'' There is nothing to solve with this traitor! ''. The king screamed. '' Now get out of my kingdom Siamak! We shall meet on the battle field! ''.
'' You have accused me of the unimaginable Shakher. And it is unforgivable. I am not going to forgive you. Ujani and Jhansi is now pronounced enemies! ''. He said and removed a sword from his garment and raised it up. '' War to the death! And who ever survives in this war,will possess both Jhansi and Ujani as their subjects and he will rule both! ''.
'' So be it! Get out. May your guilty conscience judge you for this! ''.
(Queen Salma gave Queen Dorah a secret thumbs up and embraced her daughter).
'' We shall soon be together again dear. I promise ''.
'' Please mother, you and father should not do this ''. Ragah cried. '' War is going to take innocent people's lives ''.
'' The Ujanis brought this upon themselves ''. Queen Salma said and left the place with king Siamak.
(Rishi quickly embraced Majid. The king and the others sat down. Ragah went closer to Faruk who pretended to be worried and hurt about the situation. She held his hands tightly, trying to say something but couldn't find the word).
'' Everyone heard what king Siamak said. He is going straight to Jhansi to prepare his army by now ''. The king said.
'' What do we donow? Oh goodness please tell me this is not happening. We have not had any war in thirty years,and now..another one is coming to destroy everything ''. Queen mother lamented.
'' I hereby order that we start preparations immediately! I have chosen the two people to stand in my stead to fight for Ujani. Majid and Faruk! ''.
'' What?! No! ''. Rishi shouted in horror and faced the king. '' Not Majid! Please your highness. Majid can't leave me ''.
'' Majid is the future king princess Rishi ''. Queen Dorah said. '' This time, it is not even the king who will choose him. Lord Hanuman will. Because it is every king's responsibility to fight for his kingdom in times of war. That is why he needs an heir,because anything can happened ''.
'' How can you say that Queen Dorah? Majid knows nothing about fighting! He fights with his hands not swords! He can't go to any war with ruthless soldiers from Jhansi ''. Princess Lakshmi said.
'' I do not like this. But this is custom. That is why the king must be ready for anything. I am too old to fight. That is why Majid and Faruk would start training at the royal army school tomorrow. By the end of this year,the Jhansis would attack from the deserts, we must be ready. I am sorry you have to face this my sons. Forgive my incompetence of ruling. Court is over ''. The king said and got up.
(Majid was speechless. Everyone started leaving. Rishi cried).
'' Majid say something! ''.
(Majid del to the ground. Everyone had left,leaving them alone).
'' Majid....
'' I will do this Rishi. You heard them. It is my fate. I will accept my destiny...
(Season 2).
Episode 23.
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(In the evening=Queen Dorah's chamber).
She was the happiest woman in the world now because she knew what she had done behind everyone's back. She had won all the loyalty of the palace guards. And they knew exactly what to do when the war starts. She knelt down in the middle of her chamber as usual and chanted hard. Gust of winds blew from the outside into the chamber and her father's spirit appeared. They sat to face on the floor. Both laughing at the signs of their victory.
'' Now is the time to use the poison I gave you Dorah. The king must die soon for Faruk to possess his possession ''.
'' Yes father. Exactly. The king made Majid the crowned Prince and so he doesn't deserve to live. He cheated Faruk his eldest son and so he doesn't deserve to live ''
'' Good. Now I came with a good news. It seems that everything is working on our side. I found out that Lord Hanuman was helping Queen Meerah in her revenge. So listen to what I have in mind. I need your a little of your blood to shut him up. You practice black magic and it is lord Hanuman's abomination ''.
'' It is not hard. I will give you my blood. But father, please, keep in mind that if we don't get rid of Queen Meerah before the war,then she will sabotage it all ''.
'' I checked all I needed to check and the next full moon is tomorrow evening Dorah. If we do not get Majid's blood by then,we will loose to Meerah ''.
'' Majid and Faruk will start training tomorrow. I will make sure Majid gets hurt tomorrow and Faruk will find a way to get the blood ''.
'' Yes. Do that. Because if Meerah is not arrested, she will not allow the poison to work on the king. But for the mean time,just go ahead and try your luck with the poison ''.
'' Yes father. I will do everything you instruct me ''.
(Prince Majid's chamber).
Sushim entered with a box which was covered and he bowed down and placed it on the bed besides Majid who was lying in bed in the deep thought. He didn't even realise Sushim waa in the room and Sushim cleared his throat.
'' My Prince? ''. Sushim bent down and tapped on his leg. '' Prince Majid...
'' Sushim! ''. He panicked and sat up. '' You are here? ''.
'' My Prince. Oh my goodness what are you thinking? Please can I be of any help? ''.
(Majid signed and scratched his eyes as if he just woke up from a deep sleep).
'' Can you stop me from going to the war Sushim? ''. Tears fell oh of his eyes. '' Can you stop them from taking me away from my Rishi? ''.
(Sushim's eyes started becoming teary as well and he quickly wiped it away and sat down besides Majid).
'' My Prince. You don't have to go to the war if you don't want to. You have a lot of money and power. You can leave the kingdom with your wife and start your life elsewhere ''.
'' And what about family? Grandmother, my mother...father? What about them? Will they be safe here? Won't the Jhansis attack them? ''.
'' Well....
'' Will I not be a coward and a traitor to my own people? As a king I must put my life at stake all the time. Why did father choose me to be future king? Why did my mother die and left me Sushim ''. He cried like a baby and Sushim cried as well. '' How can I run away from destiny Sushim. I can't. A year by this time,I would be either dead or alive. And what will become of my wife and children ''.
'' My Prince, let me tell you some things that happens during war. It is very difficult for the king to die. Because as he fights, his back is always watched all the time. He is still protected on the battle field. People who dies mist are the war soldiers, because the opponents are supposed to attack the soldiers more to get to the king ''. He took the box and placed it in front of Majid. '' This is your training amour my Prince. You will wear it tomorrow at the royal army school. I will always be there to watch your back my Prince. I am also part of the war soldiers. We shall come back alive. And we will conquer the Jhansis and take their kingdom for ourselves ''
'' Thank... Thanks. You can leave now ''.
'' Dinner will be served ''.
'' I am not hungry. Just let me be tonight. Don't allow anyone in. Not even Rishi ''.
'' Yes your Highness ''. He said,bowed down and left.
(Next Day=Prince Faruk's chamber).
He starred at himself in the mirror after putting on his royal amour uniform and smiled. He then imagined himself on the throne of Ujani and ruling Jhansi at the same time.
'' My body trusts me now. After everything I did...taking the bullet for his wife and everything, he is going to kill anyone who says any bad thing about me ''. He looked on his bed and carried his sword in his hand. '' This is the same sword I will use to kill him in the battle field ''.
(His chamber door threw wide opened and Queen Dorah entered with a small bottle in her hands and closed the door).
'' Are you ready sin? ''.
'' More than ready. I am so excited for today mother. You,I have being living here all my life and I have being studying the great warriors in the army school since I was a kid. I have more experience than Majid will ever have. I will pass all the training tests and the fighting contents ''.
'' That's my boy. In fact,make sure Majid gets hurt today ''.
'' What? But this is just a training. Not a competition ''.
'' I need his blood for something! Just make it seem like an accident and you didn't mean to hurt him. Just make sure to get his blood in this bottle ''.
(She handed the bottle to him).
'' I don't understand mother. How will I do this? ''.
'' This is not just any bottle. It has the power to keep blood. Hold it well and make it secret. The entire family and inhabitants of the palace will be present at the royal school to study your training. And I have planned with the teacher to make sure you and Majid compete at each other today,when that happens,just make sure you cut his wrist or somewhere you can use the bottle to face to get some blood it to me ''.
'' What are you using it for though? ''.
'' Just shut up and get to the school and do what I said. We are so close to our goal Faruk. I cannot wait to see you rule over Ujani and Jhansi. Only if Queen Salma knew what we have also planned against her ''.
(They both laughed crazily).
(Prince Majid's chamber).
He was already dressed up in his amour uniform too and was also looking in the mirror and took a deep breath. He started thinking whether he was going to survive the war when it arrived. He was a city boy who had fun all his life and did what he wanted without control and suddenly, one trio changed his life forever. He started buttoning the armour and he couldn't because it was sowed in a traditionally curvy way. His chamber door opened and Rishi entered with his breakfast, she closed the door behind and went inside until she reached the bedroom and placed the food on a small golden table besides the bed. She turned to him,facing her already. They both starred at each other in the awkward silence and she noticed his amour was not buttoned. She went closer and started buttoning it for him. His eyes kept starring at her as she buttoned his amour and tears quickly rushed out of her eyes as she buttoned. He was also in real pain to see her that way but kept quiet. She finished buttoning and turned to leave without a word but he caught her left hand and pulled her to him and embraced her tightly. She hugged him back in uncontrollable tears. They both embraced until they went down on their knees together, weeping.
'' If you are going to start ignoring me too Rishi, who will I get my strength from..huh? ''.
'' I don't want this Majid. I don't want this to happened. Please don't do this Majid. I will die if you leave me ''.
'' I don't want to leave you either my love. But you can see it is my destiny. Rishi, what would people think of me if I run away. It will haunt me forever ''.
'' Why did they pass this cruel judgement? Don't they understand they are going to separate a father from his children? Many fathers will leave their families for this war...Majid, you can't do this. You know nothing about this ''.
(He sat on the floor,wiping his tears away and she sat besides him).
'' If I don't fight, our children will suffer. The king of Jhansi hates us now. If he is victorious in this war then....he will rule over Ujani as well. And guess what,he will make our children his slaves. Is that what you want? ''.
(Rishi shook her head and wrapped her hands around him).
'' Can't anything be done? ''.
'' No. Nothing. I guess if I had stayed here all my life then...I would have accepted this so easily. But it is all so new to me and it is difficult. But I will do this. I won't back down. I am not a coward, and my forefathers were warriors after all, I should do same ''. He said and got to his feet and helped Rishi up. '' Shall we eat? ''.
'' Majid...
'' Please. Eat with me at least. I am not hungry but I know you won't let me go without eating. So it is either you help me eat something small,or I eat nothing at all ''.
'' Is that supposed to make me laugh? ''.
'' Yes? ''.
(They both laughed together and walked to the bed to eat).
(The royal army school).
It was like a royal park with green grass everywhere. Partly grass and partly sand. There were amenities hanging everywhere hanging everywhere and most of the servants were seated and the royal family as well. Ready to watch the training. Majid arrived there with Rishi, holding hands together. They both had never gone there and was surprised to see the decorations of swords, bows and arrows and spears with polished stones and other weapons everywhere around the tall walls of the school. Faruk had already arrived and was standing on the training grounds with seven teachers and instructors. Majid turned to Rishi and kissed her softly on the lips and left her then went straight to the training grounds. Her heart skipped a beat and she was still standing where Majid left her,watching him until Queen mother arrived at her aide and took her hands and pulled her away to sit with the others.

'' Good morning princes. Welcome to the royal school of armies. I think you received the revision book of what the school is all about last night. And I hope you read it ''.
'' I read it all last night ''. Majid said and Faruk nodded.
'' Good. Now,since this kind of training is towards war,we must start practice soon because even though the war has not started yet,the Jhansis can attack at anytime. We can't trust them all. And if they attack, you must be ready to defend. You need to prepare your hearts and mind for this. Please, is any one of you is having second thoughts about this,then they should speak out. Because when the training starts,there will be no second thoughts about this ''.
'' My heart and mind is ready. I am ready for this ''.
(Majid's mind was completely far away and Faruk tapped his shoulders).
'' Majid! What are you thinking? ''.
'' My Prince, are you okay? Are you ready for this? ''.
'' Yes sorry. I was just thinking....I mean,can we get this thing started already ''.
'' Sure my Prince. Please, you two should be on your feet's ''.
(They both got on their feet and two army officers arrived with two different swords in their hands. They looked the same but one looked completely new and sharp and they handed it to Majid and the other one to Faruk. Majid felt the heaviness of the sword but took courage and held it manly).
'' First of all,we are going to teach it is exactly to hold a sword ''.
(The teachings went on and on and on and it shocked Faruk that Majid learnt so fast. The royal family so fast. The royal family were very impressed and Faruk waa jealous about it but didn't show his anger. After learning how to hold a sword and sway it around when fighting, Queen Dorah gave the secret signal to the leader of the teacher and he nodded).
'' Now that you two are doing well in this training, it is time to test your strength and fighting skills ''. The teacher said.
'' What?! But teacher, that is not the next move to take. Their fighting skills is even supposed to start by next month...

(Season 2).
Episode 23 continuation.
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
'' What?! But treachery...that is not the next move to take. Their fighting skills is even supposed to start by next month since they haven't gotten to anywhere ''. One of the teachers said.
'' are you going to teach me how to do my work in the royal school now? Have you even realised yet that....this training is not just any training but a training for a war which would determine the future if Ujani? ''. The teacher said and angrily.
'''s enough, we will do whatever you say. Just say what we should do next ''. Majid said.
(The teacher called two if the qualified warriors of the kingdom to the grounds who were also in amours and fighting swords. They pointed their swords at Majid and Faruk).
'' You four should remember. This is just training and testing, and not real fights. You just have use real swords,because that is what you will use in the war. Prince Majid was fast enough to even fight to the extent of making his own opponent fall. The people clapped and Faruk frowned and rolled his eyes to look at his mother in the crowd,she gave him a thumbs up secretly and he intentionally lifted his sword as if he was going to easily attack his opponent and then in his own fortune, he cut Majid's shoulder. Majid's shoulder. Majid screamed in pain and fell. Every mouth was opened. Rishi's heart skipped a beat and touched her chest. She quickly got ti her fee and rushed from her seat away from her seat away from her seat away from the people, followed by the others. Faruk quickly rushed to Majid, panting in horror. He quickly removed the bottle given to him,and as if aiding Majid, he placed the bottle under the bleeding shoulder while the blood fell into the bottle. Majid touched his shoulder tightly. When Faruk realised everyone was coming, he closed the bottle and hid it in his amour. Rishi got to him and quickly tore her saree and used it to quickly tie up the wound. She wrapped her hands around him in tears).
(In the evening=Prince Majid's chamber).
He was finally properly taken care of by the royal doctors and he was left alone with the Queens and his wife.
'' Mum, can go to bed now. I am no longer feeling the pain I promise ''. He said.
'' Oh son. I can't take this anymore ''. Queen Sheena wept. '' This war needs to stop ''.
'' But it can't. Can it? ''.
'' We wrote a truce letter to the king of Jhansi this afternoon. And it was written by his daughter,Princess Ragah and signed by her. We have asked him to come to terms with peace again. We are waiting for his reply ''.
'' I hope it works. I can't allow Majid go through this! ''. Rishi said in anger and left the chamber.
'' Rishi! ''.
'' Leave's normal to be angry. Until King Siamak gives us a befitting reply,you will wait for some few days to heal and continue training ''.
'' Does a warrior king rest grandmother? ''.
'' Majid...
'' I will continue training tomorrow. I am determined to do this. They gave us just a year to prepare. And a year doesn't waste time in coming. Don't worry about me. It is my fate to live or die ''...
(Two scenes=Queen Dorah's chamber and The great mountains of Ujani).
It was so cold in the night and it was full moon. Bats and scary birds roamed around the kingdom from the mountains. Wolves screamed from the forests and Queen Dorah sat in the middle of her chamber with her crystal ball in her laps, watching her father do incantations and chant at the top of the mountains. He summoned the spirits and chanted hard. He lit woods of fire and threw pepper again. And in their customs, pepper was used to summon stubborn spirits. The wind blew so hard but the fire refused to go off. Thunder stroke haphazardly. As he chanted, black smoke rushed out from the fire and Queen Meerah appeared in front of him,on too of the mountain. Looking angrier as ever. Queen Dorah panicked. Queen Meerah pointed a finger at the man.

'' You! How many times did I warn you not to mess with my son?! ''.
'' I summon and imprison your spirit! Guess what Meerah? While you were busy harnessing more powers from the forest,I was also busily finding a way to imprison your spirit here in the mountains so you will never be a bother to us again! ''.
'' I cannot be stopped. But also guess what? I can stop you! ''. She raised her hand up and there appeared fleek of violent fire with a spear in it ''.
'' I have Majid's blood here! ''.
(Queen Meerah's facial expression changed and she was shocked).
'' How...
'' And I have summon your spirit into this fire. The incantations are over ''. He said and opened the bottle with the blood. '' Once I pour the blood in the fire,you are forever gone! ''.
'' No! ''. Queen Meerah threw the fire spear at him and as it chocked his chest, the bottle fell from his hand and fell into the fire and chains from nowhere grabbed hold of Queen Meerah and a cage fell over her. She screamed in agony as she couldn't escape. Queen Dorah's father shouted in pain as he caught up in fire and burnt up,with no ashes or trace of him. Queen Dorah shouted in sorrow as her father disappeared forever.
'' Father? Father came back please ''.
(Queen Meerah was shut down and she was stuck on the stone at the top of the mountains and was motionless. It was like she turned to salt. Queen Dorah saw this and laughed out loud).
'' My father sacrificed himself for me. To hell with you Meerah! As long as you are out of my way now,I am free to do what I want. I will not let you down father. Faruk will be king. By hook..or crook ''...
(Season 2).
Episode 24.
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Next Day=In the mountains).
The days Bhavna had spent in the mountains, she had learnt well how to cook all the high priest's favourite meals. The man was too old and wretched now and needed all the love and support. Even though many of the windows had lived in the mountains with him,Bhavna was his favourite. She was a home made woman,respectful and humble. She cooked the best foods for him. What he loved most was that,she was a peace maker and confident and brave as well. She never picked any argument with her co widows who also lived in the mountains and that made him realise his next successor. After Bhavna finished cooking his favourite meal,she arranged them on a tray and walked out of the kitchen of stones and walked to the back of the mountains were there was the tent room of the high priest. She bowed down and entered the tent. The man was so weak and even breathing was difficult for him. She helped him sit up and washed his hands. When he started,it was difficult to even feed himself. Bhavna stopped him from eating and washed her own hands.
'' Don't worry. I will feed ''.
(The priest nodded with a smile).
'' Bhavna dear,you look happier today ''.
'' Yes priest ''. She smiled and fed him. '' I am happy that my daughter is pregnant. I got the news last week. Oh priest, I will be a grandmother soon. It feels amazing ''
'' Yes. It is always nice to welcome a new member into a family ''.
'' I cannot wait to see her. The sad news is that,the Jhansi kingdom was declared war against Ujani ''.
'' Yes. I heard about it. They brought the news to me. Please I am begging you, do not interrupt me until I am done ''.
'' Oh goodness priest. This statement of of yours puzzled me ''.
'' It is a good news to me. But it may not be of interest to you. Again...but,the lord Hanuman chose you long ago the day you arrived here to be the next priest of the mountains in my stead ''.
'' What?! ''. She became breathless and took a cup of water. '' Priest..what? Me? Impossible...but priest, how worthy am I to find favour in the eyes of the lord ''.
'' are favoured. God does not choose the most beautiful or richest people...he choose the meek in the heart and courageous minds. That is why I have thought you all the things you learnt in the past month. About gods and spirits. About the mountains and forests. You also see things in the spirit. You have grown in might and wisdom. Please take this into consideration. I have a little time left on earth. Please ''.
'' Priest, don't say that. How will I do this priest. How would I do this without you? ''
'' I am still here for the mean time. I will send for the head priests from the kingdom to convert you. So that after me,you will be made,head priest. Trust me,you will do great. And you will be proud. With this position, you will have a lot of power. And you can leave the mountain to go and visit your family anytime you want. Think about it ''.
(In the kingdom=Royal Palace=Royal Kitchen).
The maidens were almost done with all the preparations of the royal morning foods. They were almost done. They were almost done. Priya was now the leader of the maidens and she supervised them. The king's meal was separated from the rest and it was fresh and ready. It was completely covered and ready to be served. His handmaiden carried it from the kitchen after all the guards stood there for the maids to taste the foods they have prepared before letting the maid take the foods away. And the rest of the maidens took other foods away. On the way to the king's chamber, the maid met Queen Dorah on the walkway and she bowed down.
(The King's chamber).
'' Is that the king's food? ''.
'' Yes your highness ''.
'' I am going to his chamber. Give me the food,I will take it to him ''.
'' But my Queen...
'' Are you questioning me? ''.
'' Please no ''.
'' Now do as I say and get out of my spirit! ''.
(She took the tray of the foods from the maid and she quickly left. Queen Dorah smiled wickedly and looked around her. She took our the poison her father gave her and placed the tray on the floor. She quickly opened every single bowl and poured a little amount of poison into the foods. After she was done,she his it in her saree and carried it up).
'' Majid and Faruk are training by now and the Queens are all present at the school. It is good I pretended to be sick to be able to execute this plan of mine. Now king Shakher I come ''. She said and walked to the King's chamber. '' Tell the king I am here to see him ''.
'' No your highness. Please you can enter since you are bringing his food ''. The guard replied and opened the door for her to enter.
(She entered and the door was closed. She went closer to the king's bed were he held a sack of fifty gold coins. When he saw her,he got up and bowed his head with a smile).
'' Queen Dorah, how come you are the one serving me this morning? ''.
'' Haha...I guess because, it has being very long since you and I spent some quality time together. So I decided I would take this opportunity to come here ''.
'' I thought you said you weren't feeling well. Any way,please you can put the food down ''.
(They both sat down and she served him. He placed the gold coins on a table and started dishing out).
'' What is the money for? ''.
'' Mother said she thinks it will be a good idea to compensate the King of Jhansi with money and a lot more treasures. So she said to start arranging some money and valuables to gift then tomorrow ''.
'' But has he replied to our letter of truce? ''.
'' No. We just sent it yesterday Queen Dorah.... I think we should wait a little while ''.
'' I also think if they wanted peace with us,they would have already replied our letter your highness. Anyway, in everything, I hope everything turns out well ''.
Seconds turned to minutes, minutes turned to hours,hours turned to days,days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. As months rushed fast,Queen Dorah had already won the trust of all the palace guards and most of the war soldiers with gold coins. And she did all this secretly. She and Queen Salma secretly exchanged the letters from Jhansi to Ujani and vice versa. And the Jhansis never replied the Ujanis letter but rather, they caused chaos in Ujani by repeatedly sending killers to take the lives of more people in Ujani and also poison more waters. So as the months went by,the people if Ujani made complains after complains to the king. Apart from that,Ujani seemed like it was really cursed and nothing good came out of it. The king's health and strength began to fail. The kingdom as a whole was in great despair and that alone angered the princes and the entire royal family. People called the king incompetent and it was the last straw for Majid. He saw how people weep over their children's death due to the water poisoning and others weep over their wives and husbands due to the attack from the Jhansis. This and many more,he thought of the future of his own unborn children's future and that gave him the vigour to fight. So through the months, he never joked with his training. He trained so much and even got secret lessons from Sushim. He grew in power and in might and strength and he could now fight like a king and a defender of his people. And Queen Dorah's evil against the king was never known. Even though he was dying, she never stopped poisoning him and she made sure she wouldn't be caught nor suspected. Bhavna was also ordained as the next mountain priest which brought a little joy after the mountain priest's death. And they thought lord Hanuman had abandoned them but little did they know Queen Dorah's father had done before he disappeared forever.
(9 Months Later=Princess Lakshmi's chamber).
The king, on his sick bed agreed to Princess Lakshmi and Raj's marriage so the preparations were underway and she was super excited. Different kinds of sarees and jewelries were brought to her chamber to choose from. She called both her sister in laws who were already married to help her choose from. They happily sat on the bed and chose. Rishi looked more beautiful than ever in her last month of pregnancy. Her stomach wa about to explode. She tried her possible best not to spoil the girl's moment..
'' I can't wait for that day to come Lakshmi. I am extremely happy for you now that father has decided to make Raj the commander of the palace guards ''. Ragah said.
'' Yes. That means after our wedding, Raj would be able to live in the palace with me. Everything will be great ''.
'' After your will just be three months later when...when... ''. Rishi sobbed.
'' Oh Rishi! I thought you said you wouldn't mention the war! ''.
'' Lakshmi don't you understand? Majid is leaving! He is going to war which is a fight to death. There I zero percentage that he will come back to me! ''.
'' Faruk is also leaving but I am not crying about it Rishi! ''. Ragah said coldly.
'' Well maybe you don't love Faruk like I love Majid! ''. Rishi snapped angrily.
'' Girls it's enough! Oh goodness...why are you two doing this? I am also hurt here. They are both my brothers and I love them equally, and they can both die or live. But they are doing it for our future. Don't you get it? We are all hurting. Go and ask Queen Dorah and Queen Sheena how they are feeling about their sons leaving soon. That is why I have to get married even before they leave the kingdom. Because they might never see me again. And you are both fighting here,is this not the time you are supposed to pray hard? ''. She said frowning and crying.
'' I am sorry Lakshmi. I don't hold any grudges against you Rishi, if that is what you think. Because Majid chose you over me ''.
'' Majid didn't choose me. He chose the foreigner over you so don't put the blame on me. I was chosen for him. He didn't choose me,but he loves me now. And I don't see why you are angry ''.
'' I am not angry! ''. She said, weeping. '' I am just so angry that is through my own people. My own parents and kingdom, through them that we might loose our men. They have unforgiving spirits and they didn't even think of my own safety...
(Rishi groaned and held her stomach).
'' Rishi? ''.
(Her water broke and her entire body was wet. She screamed in discomfort and they realised the time had come. She held her waist and they helped her up on her feet. Ragah rushed outside and started screaming for help. Lakshmi held Rishi tightly and helped her outside. Everyone in the palace gathered quickly, especially the royal doctors. The news reached the royal army school and Majid rushed like flash from the training grounds into the palace).
(The labour room).
Majid refused to stand outside and insisted to stand in the room and watch Rishi give birth and no one was going to stop him. Indeed, no one could stop him,he entered the room with the rest of the family. The royal doctor and her assistants had gotten everything ready for delivery. Majid quickly got to Rishi's side and kissed her sweaty forehead. He held her hand tightly and was shaking. The doctor raised Rishi's dress up and placed her legs strongly on the bed. Majid pushed away the pillow from Rishi's head and he took the position, laying her head on his laps.
'' Okay...take a deep breath princess. Calm down and take all the breathing you can get. Just relax yourself and listen to my voice...give me water ''.
(One of the assistants fetched a cup of water and the doctor poured it into her hands and robbed it).
'' I can't! This hurt...please make it stop now! ''. Rishi cried.
'' Start now. Push! Push calmly please...push! ''.
(She tightened her grip on Majid's hand and pushed with all her might. He caressed her hair and blew air in her face and she forced a refreshing smile. Then continued pushing).
'' The head is are doing a great job princess. Please go on. Push ''.
(Four hours later, there was a loud cry of two strong babies in the labour room. The Queen mother's eyes lighted up with joy and content. She went closer to the royal doctor and checked the babies).
'' Congratulations Prince and have just created two strong and beautiful girls ''.
(Majid got to his feet. His hands shaking and tears in his eyes. He went closer after the babies were cleaned and covered in clothes. He starred at them both in Queen mother's arms. They were so tiny and identical. He knew deeply that,his time to spend with them was very short. Tears fell out his eyes and he took the first baby in his arms. She was just a photocopy of him. She was fast asleep, and he turned her to Rishi. He wiped his tears and placed her at Rishi's right hand side).
'' Rishi...this is Marish ''. He said and smiled in tears, as she knew it wouldn't be long and he would be gone.
(Majid turned away and took the second baby from Queen mother. She had her eyes opened widely. She smiled and pulled her tongue as if she waa teasing her father. He laughed and placed her on Rishi's left side).
'' And Meerah ''. He said and Queen mother teared up.
'' Those are beautiful names you two. Marish and Meerah. May the Lord bless this two. And may he bring back our happiness again ''.
(In the garden).
Kushi later entered. And as she waa entering, she looked around and made sure no one was looking. She got into the beautiful garden and looked around to see the person she went there to meet. A hand covered her eyes and she turned and pushed the person away. She frowned at him and he also frowned. They stayed that way for a little while and both laughed at each other. She rushed to side and embraced him. Kushi and Shiv had being seeing each other for the past months ever since they developed love for each other. And so for the same passed months, Faruk's plans against Majid and Rishi had never being successful because anytime he asked Shiv to do something against Majid, he would go straight to tell Kushi and they would both sabotage Faruk's plans.
'' Rishi gave birth to girls. Two girls! I am finally an aunt! ''.
'' What? Oh goodness. Girls? ''.
'' Why? ''. She asked angrily due to Shiv's reaction.
'' No no...sweetheart, it is not what you think okay? I am just saying...Princess Rishi gave birth to you you know what that means? That means, Prince Majid does not have an heir yet. And I truly believe in my heart that Prince Faruk is planning something wicked to get himself on the throne ''.
'' There is nothing we can do right now. After the war,Prince Majid will come back and have a baby boy with Rishi and then everything would be okay ''.
'' How sure are you that Prince Majid will come back? ''.
(A complete and awkward silent fell between the two for more than an hour).
'' Why are you asking me that Shiv? Is there something I need to know? ''.
'' You know if I knew something, I would tell you. But I don't think Prince Faruk has nothing in his mind ''.
'' Whatever it is,you are his thrusted guard and he will tell you everything. That is why no one must know we are together. If he finds out,he will kill you. I don't want that ''.
'' Don't worry, no one would know. At least, until Prince Faruk is gotten rid of ''.
(Prince Majid's chamber).
He held Marish in his arms while Rishi layed on the bed with Meerah. He opened the windows and natural fresh air entered and they enjoyed the moment with their babies. Foods and fruits had being served for Rishi. She was weak and exhausted. Majid's room was filled with swords and spears. It looked scary. And half of the bed was filled with armours from the war soldiers. He saw how Rishi felt uncomfortable in the chamber now that things had chamber now that things had change.
'' You wanna go to tour chamber? ''.
'' It's okay ''.
'' I have to back to training now. It's just one month more for us to finish training, and I will be given qualification as a war soldier...finally ''.
'' Can't you spend this moment with me here? ''.
'' I will come back in the evening. But this is more important as it is to secure our future ''.
'' A future without you in it? ''.
'' What are you even talking about Rishi? ''.
'' Don't you get it?! Why does it have to be you who should do?! Only wicked people like your brother should go and die in war like this one! ''.
'' My wicked you called him, saved your life some months ago remember? In fact, he took a bullet for you and our girls! Have you ever considered that? ''.
'' Majid? ''.
'' No! You should also remember that,if not for him,you and the babies would be dead! If I calculate all the bad things he has done,what he did for you has covered it all. So a little gratitude wouldn't hurt Rishi ''.
'' Gratitude? Are you going crazy? Majid...why are you acting blind now? Who told you Faruk saved my life? He just made sure to fool us by pulling that....
'' I am leaving Rishi. All this arguments will not change anything about my destiny. Don't let us have problem because of your actions. I want the last three months...I want my last three months here to be of happy memories, else your attitude is just killing me! ''. He said and angrily left.
(She called him back but he didn't get back and she held her babies in her arms with a frown).
'' I have to be strong for the three of us now. Whether I like it or now,the war will happened. So I should be vigilant and not let myself be fooled like Majid. But I will not sit for him to trust his brother ''.
(3 Months Later=War between Ujani and Jhansi).
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