Dakar has been enjoying himself, so full of himself since in his mind he had preseumed that he has won this war. Little did he know that the war was just about to begin. I have played my cards so well acting like Winlock, and since then he hasn't suspected anything, not even goof one of his most trusted guards had any idea of this great conspiracy I had put upon them.
Well, my dear sister was still rotting in the cellars. On few occasions she would be screaming her lungs out, shouting that Dakar should come and take her out of this hell hound she was in, that I was the enemy here, but that only seemed to infuriate Dakar more as he only sent his guards to torture her more.
Seeing all this was funny and comical, all I wanted was for all these to end so that I would go back to Damien. And all these would end tomorrow. Haven had managed to send a message to me here, she said I shouldn't lay hands on Dakar, that Dakar belonged to her. It still surprised me in how she had the power to reach out to me, and as for Dakar, I would gladly reserve him for the wrath of our Eliess, I don't think I would have a problem with that. And I think that Haven would best handle him well.
"Winlock? " Dakar's voice rings out in askance. Seriously I was getting tired of being called Winlock, I can't wait for all these to be over so that I would go back to my formal identity, the identity of Killian Asork and not Winlock Asork.
"Yes my lord. " my voice answers, dripping with loyalty and submission.
"Has the corpse of that traitorous king being burnt? " he asks and in my mind I was like, "O Dakar, only if you know. "
Dakar still thinks Damon is dead, and you wouldn't blame him for his stupidity since everyday he sees the dead corpse of King Damon not knowing that was a permanent illusion created by his one ally; Alaric. And to be sincere with you, that was probably the most comical thing here. Dakar thinking that the King is Damon, and him trying to bend the lightelves into being his slave and in his heart of heart, fulfilled over the thought that Haven can not, and never win this war.
O dear Dakar, just little time, just few hours and you will receive the shock of your life.
"Yes, his corpse have been burnt and there is nothing left of it, only his bones which of course has been reduced to ashes." I maintained my heartless voice, this is probably how Winlock would have replied to such questions and trust me, I'm keeping up a very good facade and act here.
"Very good. Make sure to tell goof to have the lightelves do all the labour in preparation for my victory ceremony tomorrow. You may leave. "
Dear Dakar, only of you knew that your victory ceremony tomorrow will be turned into death ceremony. And with that I walked out in search of Goof.
Knives clanged against each other. Fist smashed against another.
The whole arena and atmosphere was serene, but under that serenity was a raging storm yearning to be freed. We were all preparing for war, for a fight.
Damien was really a good fighter, he was practicing with Damon and I was so happy to see Damon happy. Alaric on the other hand was practicing sparring with Alice, since he had lost his powers the only thing he could depend on now was his fighting skills, and for the first time in a while I found out that I don't hate Alaric, in as much as I don't either support what he did, but I wasn't angry with him. I guess I was more angry over the fact that I lost my child.
And as selfish as it might sound, I might have done the same thing if Damon was found in the same compromising situation as Alive, I would have done anything, even if it means to sacrifice me.
I heard the strong patter of footsteps behind me, I on the other hand was practicing put some spells about elements.
Fire 馃敟 . Water馃挧 . Air 馃尓
"Eliess.. " came a greeting. I didn't bother to turn backwards, I knew instantly who it was.
"Micage. " he walks himself into a facing me position. I think this is the second time I'm making this observation but he really looked very handsome and well built.
"I have come to tell you something. " he says.
"Okay I'm all ears. "
"I can't go into this fight with you people tomorrow. In as much as I want my father dead, it still doesn't change the fact that he is my father. He might be a shirty dad, but I won't be able to look on and see him slaughtered. I really do wish you all the best of luck. " he says his voice dripping with such sincerity.
I was astonished, and awed.
Wow, such nobilty. He was really a noble person, I admired hi personality and courage that instant.
And I really understood why he was doing this. Nobody would stand to see any of his parents killed, and he did the right thing expressing his mind. Somehow my mind went back to the fact that he was supposed to be the king of the lightelves, if not for the fact that his father committed treason, but it wasn't mistaken the aura of a leader he possessed, although sometimes I noticed that he was good at locking up his emotions.
"Very well, I understand. You can stay back with Rapsy. "
"Thanks a lot. " he gave a curt bow and leaves. I got bored and tired of practicing, I felt full, right now what I want is to be cuddled by Damon. I smiled at the thought and made to leave. As I was leaving Alaric approached me,
"Haven, Damon asked that I call you. He is waiting for you to spar with you. " he said. O, Damon wants to practice sparring with me. How magnificent.
"Okay, " I said simply. I was about to by pass him when I stopped.
"O, and Alaric, " I started, his attention fully on me.
"I forgive you. "
And I left.
(The fight...... 馃敧 )
Spell book 
Everything was intact, and checked. The plan was simple, infiltrate Dakar's security system. Disable the guards, no harm shall be done to anyone except for Dakar, so we would use sleeping pills on them. And fight them off if the need arises.
Damon and the rest of the crew will hold down the guards, while I move in to Dakar's chambers and then finish me. Rapsy had warned me not to underestimate Dakar for once, he was much powerful than he gives out. Not like I expect anything less from the man that sold his soul to Amor the goddess of Darkness.
The plan is simple right, well maybe not. But this time around I was very much prepared. Today, no one will see the weak Haven that is from New York, no one will see that weak defenseless girl that can't stand for herself, no one would see that stupid mother that allowed her unborn child to be easily killed.
Today, every one will see the leader in me. The real Eliess.
I only had one more thing to do. And that was to take care of my sister Winlock. I strolled casually to the dungeon masking my expression that was probably looking murderous by now.
I passed through the now familiar pathway of the dungeon, with the guards curtseying on who they probably thought was Winlock. Foolish people.
"Sister, " I greeted mockingly on reaching her cellars.
"You ingrate, when I'm out here I would surely deal with you. I will make sure you pay dearly for what you have done to me!" I chuckled not amusedly at her regular threat. It was more funny seeing that she had my facial appearance on her. Well I would have to deal with that.
"Winlock, there is probably something you haven't realized up till now, and that something is the fact that your life line lies in my eyes, and I will be the judge of when you will die, and when you will not. " I said lowly, in a dangerous tone.
She seemed to remember her place and for the first few times, she was really afraid of me.
"That's right dear sister, you ought to be afraid of me. " it was as if a switch flipped through her brain and my stubborn sister was back.
"You idiot, I'm not and will never be afraid of you. " she said vehemently.
"Shut up!! " I growled at her, tired of her antics and babbling. "I have had enough." I continued, "Now it's time for business sweet sister, " I brought out the Gennie stone I had in my possession. It was a gift from my mother, the same mother of mine Winlock killed.
Her eyes widened in horror on seeing the stone.
"You and I know it will be a waste of time to kill you. Even if I wanted to do so, I know that mother wherever she is will never want that. And in as much as I'm not happy over the fact that I'm going to let you live, I believe that there is only one thing I can do to you to satisfy my taste for revenge for what you did to Damien and mother, " I paused slightly feeling overwhelmed with different emotions. Remembering mom was like opening a water dam that has been closed for a long time.
"I believe you know what this Gennie stone is for. " I continued.
"A Gennie Stine is only used to store the powers of a Gennie. " she said vehemently. I laughed at her...hard.
"You are right, but maybe you're also wrong. That's not the only function. Remember what mom told is when we were twelve, she taught us a spell which when performed with an authorized Gennie stone, can suck on someone's power and drain the victim of it all. " this time her eyes were as wide as saucers.
"Remember that we tried the spell but you didn't get it right, I was the only person who got it right, and up till today, I'm still the only witch who has ever gotten it right. And right now, I'm going to put it into practice. " I didn't give a chance to take in my words as I grabbed her hands from the bars that was acting as a barrier between the both of us. I held out the Gennie stone and muttered the Latin words...........
Lapis magnus lapis est. Potestatem educemus vobis, et postulantes ut rursus in potestate haec regnum quo non numquam attigit.
Which if translated in English means
"Stone of greatness, stone of power, we bring forth power before you, asking you to take back this power in realms where it can never be reached."
Black swirls danced around and erupted like a thousand shred of glass from Winlock and was swallowed by the Gennie stone. A piercing cry escaped her lips as she fell to the ground writhing in pain.
"You see sister, it really does pay to be evil. " I smirked.
"You're no different than me, you have embraced dark magic in your quest to babe revenge on me, and bet me, sooner or later you will be like me. I promise you that!! " she managed to scream in her painful state. I managed a mere shrug and left the cellars.
"Bye sister, enjoy my little gift of hell. "

(it is finished..... 馃専 馃寵)
We got to the dark monarch, we were the same team. Alice, Alaric, Damon, Damien, and then me. Rapsy had what we would call a non-interference policy, it simply meant that she is not supposed to interfere with the actions of others immortals around her, and that's why she didn't follow us.
We walked like ghosts in their territory, avoiding guards and ducking down to avoid security torch lights that were still flashing. I noticed that Dakar does not have tight security.
The plan was simple, they make sure I get into Dakar's chambers, and then they stay outside and make sure that no one comes in to interrupt us. Nobody was going to die tonight, there were also my people.
Okay, maybe our plan wasn't that simple.
We took a deep breath as Damien kicked the exterior door leading to another door which leads to Dakar's chambers. And that was when all hell broke loose, guards charged and poised in a fighting stance. Damon was already by my stone taking a protective stance, with Alaric taking another one besides me. I managed to roll my eyes even in the situation I found myself in, sometimes I just hate the way that Damon treats me... Like I'm some kind of egg. But then I know he does that because he loves me so much.
We argued and fought over my confronting Dakar alone, and trust me that argument didn't go down well. At last he accepted grudgingly, reminding me that he wasn't promising to not interfere, especially if shit goes down.
I think I can deal with that.
I planted a firm stare on the guards that created a boundary between us and the door I want' to get to. I took a deep breath counting to five as they came closer... Now is the time to know if the spell I have been studying would work, I would just take my chances, Damon had requested that I practiced it back home, but I was afraid because I'm not sure if it was irrevocable, I wouldn't want the person I love to be tied to my every words in obedience just because of some stupid spell.
And it blasted from me, my eyes widened opened probably a dangerous hue of electric blue. They were a total of around twenty guards as I compelled them, the words dripping out of my tongue Latin.
"Non convenire mihi omnia mea tua sunt audiens atque oboediens sit, et nunc, et semper faciam tibi dic mihi."
Which if translated in English means,
"You belong to me, your loyalty and obedience are all mine, and now you shall always do as I say."
The compulsion streamed out from the words I speaked like a slow current, and automatically engulfed them into its power.
"Yes Eliess, our loyalty and obedience belongs to you. "
"Now open the doors, " I commanded authoritatively.
And the doors did open. I gave one last look to Damon and went inside.
His dark figure was slowly reclined to a seat, it was pretty hard to tell what he was thinking since he was pretty cloaked, but today I'm determined to unmask, to get to see the monster beneath him.
"I know how much it hurts to have incompatible security Dakar, believe me I do. " Sacarsm dripped from my voice.
"You sure you do. " he said his figure turning in a facing position to me.
"I don't have time for long battle speech Dakar, let me make my intentions clear, I have come to kill you, and not beat around the bush. Maybe that way everyone would see the monster hidden beneath that cloak, and maybe that way, my unborn child would rest in peace. "
He chuckles. He had the guts to chuckle.
"You mean the soul of a powerful child that I sacrificed to win this war... O, and poor you that child turned out to yours, it was fun to have your trusted ally do the job for me, and it was more fun to have the miserable King die. Watching him die was one of my best moments in life. "
I almost lost it, I almost attacked him that instant but he beat me to it, he was already on his feet sending a punch to me with his gloves hands, but I was also ready because I ducked and rolled myself to the other side of the room.
"You know it's useless you weak Eliess, the prophecy stated that victory can only be yours if the bond between you and the king grows. You must be foolish if you ever thought that you could win over me, not after the sacrifice I made to Amor the God of darkness. " he said his figure advancing to me. I twisted myself jumping upright on my feet. I wanted to give a bad ass reply but a voice beat me to it...
"Or maybe you're wrong." Damon's voice rings out. O god, only if I could see the expression on his face, but the way his body went rigid was enough evidence of how shocked and surprised he must be on seeing Damon. This time it was my turn to laugh.
"You see Dakar, maybe you have been the stupid person all this time. Did you really think that my husband could be killed that easily? Or did you for once ever think that I would allow you to win this war? That the murder of my unborn child will go in vain? I promised you that day on those mountains that I would expose your face to the world, and that's exactly what I'm going to do right now. "
By this time Damon and I had him trapped.
"Winlock!! " he calls but it only made my smugness worse. A face bearing Winlock's spitting image shows.
"Yes Dakar? " the supposed Winlock answers. I couldn't help but notice the humour in her voice.
O Killian, such a good actress, this game was getting better than I had ever anticipated.
"Kill them all, now!" he orders. Killian's laughter filled the air and I couldn't help but imagine yet again how expensive Dakar's expression would be right now.
"I'm sorry your highness, but I fear that I can't do that. " voice dripping with sarcasm only ended up paralyzing him. He was standing like a stoic stone.
"Really Eliess, I knew you were powerful, but I never expected this from you. I never expected you would go so low as to compelling my most trusted adviser and bending her to you will. " his voice was edged with some hatred and the tension in the room was quite palpable. A knife could slice into it.
"No Dakar, you're wrong. This isn't Winlock , it's Killian. " and just then her face transformed back to her original image. Some guards dragged a limp body into the room and dropped the body on Dakar's feet. I noticed that they were the guards that the same ones I compelled.
The body turned out to be Winlock's body, she was lying on the floor looking completely different.
This drama was getting better than I thought.
"Dakar today, many souls seek vengeance. For what you did to Damien, Alice, Alaric, the lightelves in a whole, me and then my unborn child. And today I shall get that vengeance for them.
"You can do nothing!" his voice roared.
"O really, I don't plan on killing you, but I plan on doing something much worse than killing you. The bloods you have wasted, the families you have destroyed, and deaths that you have caused, tonight all their spirits are present here awaiting your fate, and trust me, I won't dissapoint them. That's a promise. "
I didn't give him a chance to speak as I motioned to Killian and the Latin words flowed out of her mouth like stream of curse, as her hands outstretched with the Gennie stone held securely in it.
Lapis magnus lapis est. Potestatem educemus vobis, et postulantes ut rursus in potestate haec regnum quo non numquam attigit.
Which if translated in English means
"Stone of greatness, stone of power, we bring forth power before you, asking you to take back this power in realms where it can never be reached."
Black swirls, so dark like the thick blanket of darkness danced out from Dakar's body, it was as if they were struggling with him, and his body held vehemently on the power not willing to let them escape. Killian clasped her eyes shut and drew onto the invisible current... Hard and after minutes of battling the power was finally sucked into the Gennie stone.
Killian fainted out of exhaustion of power and Damien was quick to catch her. I didn't notice that they were all in this room now.
"No! " Dakar's scream echoed through the walls, almost shaking the ground. The scream of a fallen giant. Alaric walked up ripping the clock covering his head out and what I saw shocked me.
It was all bones and skulls expect for his eyes that were a bright hue of red.
O! no, don't tell me that Dakar has been a walking corpse all these time. But it was indeed true. Dakar has really been a walking corpse all these while.
"Haven, " Damon called me softly. "Do it, end it all now. " he persuaded me softly holding my eyes with his.
I produced the Ruby circular compartment I had with me all these while. It was the shape of a small ball and had a black tip that looked like a small lid at the tip.
It was time, tonight I vowed we won't she'd blood, and this is me keeping to my promise.
"Lapis(power)." I muttered authoritatively. The most terrifying scream I have ever heard erupted from Dakar's throat piercing like a sharp black knife in the air and walls. His body was blurring and suddenly looked as if it was splitting up as it entered the ruby stone, the stone swallowing him.
Form today onwards, he shall forever remain in a ball.
Damon's wonderful hands engulfed me in a hug. "It is finished." he mutters in my ear, capturing my lips in a heartwarming kiss.
"I love you. "
"And I love you too. "

(happy days ahead... )
Things had fallen pretty much in place. Everything had gone back to normal. Here runs the list...
The lightelves were back with and we're pretty much happy to see their king and queen safe.
The darkelves were just... There. They didn't give trouble, they pretty much had to invite me for a collective heart rendered apology they said to me. And just know this, I couldn't stay mad at them, after all there were my people too and I ought to treat them as one.
Everyone had fallen much in love with the love of their lives. Alace (Alaric and Alice) were pretty much the couple in town, practically making out any public place you could ever think of... The couch, the hallway, the alley, the kitchen, even in godamn couch. God better help those two... But I would be pretty much lying if I said I wasn't happy them, very. And then comes Dallian (Damien and Killian), there were pretty much the power couple, occasionally having their couple fights but in other words there have been so cute.
We were back to the palace and the joy of that was pretty contagious, everyone was grinning from ear to ear. And everything seemed to have fallen pretty much in place except some things...
Killian have been occasionally having this temper tantrum, she would loose control and then the dark magic starts controlling her. Damien is the only one who is able to calm her down pretty much, but that doesn't make it feel any better. She had approached me to help her with the possible solution to the problem... Draining her of her powers. But I was afraid of doing that to her because it could have an adverse effect on her mentally. But Killian being Killian was pretty much adamant, she insisted that that's what she wants, these were her words and I quote, "I'm tired of this dark side of me using me. I want it all to end. "
So I accepted to help, but that won't be now, I don't want anything to kill this happy buzz we were having. And that leaves another one problem... The darkelves.
I have thought about something that will change some people life today.
"Are you sure about this? " Damon asks for the hundredth time. I can see that he has still not taking a liking to him, but anyways I don't expect him to like him.
"Yes I am. And if you approve of it, then I would go on the it. "
"You know I'm hundred percent solidly behind you. Anything you think is okay is okay with. " he mutters kissing me in my cheeks as I was straddling his lap.
O Damon, he could be so sweet at times.
And now I have summoned him to my office, to go on with the plan. The door creaks open revealing him.
"Queen Haven, " he bows slightly greeting me.
"Micage. Please have a seat. " I acknowledged his presence. I went straight to the point, hitting the nail on the head.
"I have a proposition for you Micage, one that could change your life. " I started while he listened in not interrupting me. "Since your father is incomparable to rule the darkelves, " I used the word incompatible intentionally since Dakar was not actually dead. He was simply in a ruby glass stone. His express didn't give anything away at all, if there was one thing I have noticed about Micage, then it would be the fact he is always locked up, he locks up his emotions making it impossible for one to read them and he does that pretty well.
"And sine the darkelves need a capable and able leader. I, with the prior authorization of my husband the king, have decided that you will be appointed the king of the darkelves.. " and for the first time the walls guarding his emotions broke down showing his pretty shocked face, but he gets himself together immediately.
"W.. Wha.. What? " he manages to blurt out after stammering.
"That's if you want that. " I continued raising my eyebrows at him. With Micage, you could never predict what his choice might be, he was a pretty confusing being.
"Erm... Can you give me time to think about this. I mean do you need the answer now? "
"No, you can take your time and think about it. If that's all you have to say, you're dismissed. "
With that he leaves.
I was walking through the hallways leading to the kitchen when I almost bumped into Micage.
"O, Micage. "
"Your highness, " he curtsied. "I have made up my mind. I will take up the offer. "
I smiled...
"Congratulations, King Micage. " I smiled and left to where I was heading to.
"You know honey, I still don't know why you don't like Micage. He pretty much took care of me after that war disaster. And he has a good heart, " I said truthfully tracing lines on Damon's chest.
"He's a son of Dakar, " he defended as if that was a reason enough. Maybe he was a reason, and now that he is pretty much going to be the king of Darkelves we won't have to see much of him and I have this feeling he is going to make a wonderful king.
It was a gut feeling, and I just knew it.
"You know what I wanna to do know, " he muttered in my ear, hot breath blowing my ear.
"Mmh, " I muttered incoherently.
"I want us to make babies now, I'm pretty much prepared for it. " he leaned in capturing my lips in a kiss.
Next I knew we were making hot scorching love, his body meeting with mine, thrust for thrust. And then we came and shattered into thousand pieces of delight and pleasure.
"I love you my queen, "
"I love you too my king. "
I was on the bed still sleeping, I knew it was already day break but I was just too lazy and wasted to stand up. I wonder how Damon got to have such stamina, yesterday night was just... I guess you don't wanna hear the gory details.
"Mommy, please wake up. " slender fingers prob me on the shoulder. I turned to my princess beholding her beautiful face and crystal blue eyes.
"Good morning princess, "
"Can you help me reach the milk. Jason has kept it far away from me again, just because he is taller than me. "
"O my poor thing. Don't mind Jason, he is only playing with you but I hope you know he loves you. " I held her cheeks in my hands gently, ruffling her very long black hair that was just like mine.
"I know he loves me, " he says sullenly, eyes liting up. "But right now mom, I'm really hungry. "
"Okay princess, what if I make toasts and you take it with tea. How is that? "
"That would be awesome mom. "
"By the way, where is Jade? " I asked.
"Probably painting her nails, " I almost laughed. Jade and Jason were two things, full of life and just so bubbly. They will be celebrating their tenth birthday today and Damon was planning something big for them. No mincing words, but Damon is really spoiling my kids. I mean look at Jade, she has everything done for her, her laundry, dishes, everything.
And although she is a sweet girl I'm getting tired of Damon turning into some sort of kings and queens... Well not like there aren't kings and queens. I chuckled at the pun of the words.
"Jade where are you, " I called on her as I started making toasted bread for my little princess.
"Mom just a minute, I need my nails to dry. " I rolled my eyes, she was such a girl.
"Emily, how would you like your toast? " I called her real name this time.
"I would like it with fried eggs and tomatoes. " she replies nibbling on her finger. My little princess was just there years, and she was just a princess. Perfection adored her.
"Here you go." I served her breakfast. The door opened and Jason was quick to be at my side.
"Mom, " he plants a kiss on my cheek.
"Jason, how was football training today? " he was quite tall for his age, and was definitely well built, a copy of his father.
"It was fine mom."
"You hungry? "
"No, I'm good. "
"Happy birthday son, "
"Thanks mom. "
"Please can you tell your twin to get herself down here before I whip those pretty ass of hers, and maybe cut of those nails she has." I said mustering my very serious face.
"Mom, you know you can be quite scary at times, " he chuckles leaving. I smile, that was one thing I loved about Jason, he was a rare gem, and I know he would make a wonderful king.
"Mom, " Jade plants a kiss on the both sides of my cheeks. Did I ever tell you guys that I can never remain angry with my kids, there were just a rare gem.
"Mom, I need your help on something? "
"What's that hun?"
"We have history quiz next week, and I still don't get the history of the war of sides. You know, that war where you defeated Dakar, the skilled king? " she says smirking.
"Mom, hope you kicked his ass well for killing our elder sister? " she says smirking. That was another thing I loved about Jade, she knew me well and knows how to cheer me up or bring me out of my angered state.
"Well, yeah, I really did kick his ass. " I mused while she smiled on. Now that's my girl.
"Happy birthday sweetheart. "
"Thanks mom. I plan on throwing the biggest party ever today, and I don't want any Darkelf in attendance unless I chop off his balls. " she sassed.
The darkelves don't have any school for the mean time, King Micage was still renovating it so they had to school here for the mean time. But from what I heard the school will be completed very soon and they will go back. Micage has been a good leader, he took upon developing some infrastructures and facilities and I have been so impressed with him.
But as a king he needs a queen to rule by his side. But what I don't understand is to why he hasn't found his mate yet. Micage is a pretty closed up person and doesn't indulge into discussions like this. But I once asked him the reason why he doesn't have mate and his simple answer was that he hasn't found her... Well may the goddess be with him.
"Jade, don't be rude. Those people are also our people. " I mused, admonishing her.
"But they killed our elders sister. " she retorted back. I was beginning to regret why I told them about what happened.
"It's all in the past, Dakar was the person who did that, and your mom kicked his ass pretty much. Now go to your room and pack your dirty clothes. " I said trying to get her out. She frowned her face and marched to her room.
I left out the part of Micage from the story, they both loved Micage as their uncle and pretty adored him so much, Alice and Micage had a pretty girl who is six years by now and she was cute little thing, very outgoing like Alice. Her mothers reflection.
馃晵 Fast-forward 馃晵
The sound of music filled the air, the party has started and Jade and Jason were having a good time with their friends and classmate. Damon as usual spoilt them by throwing an extravagant birthday party. Did I forget to mention that Blake and his mate, Cory had a son that was around twelve years. They had him immediately after the war while I convinced my two lovely twins three years after the war. The boys name was Hayden and I noticed that Jade had a huge crush on him. It worried me to death because Jade would one day find her own mate later in the future, and the relationship she had with Hayden was unhealthy and will bring complications.
Hayden was handsome, yeah, I agree, but really, Jade needs to let go off him now before it becomes late. Jade has the notion that Hayden would be her soulmate in the future, and I really hoped for that since Jade has taken a liking to him and Hayden was a nice boy.
... One can only hope.
Damon crosses his hands on my waist.
"Mrs. Lockert, you worry too much. " he says following the trail of my eyes as it lands on Jade and Hayden that were dancing.
"Don't worry, they might be mates in the future okay. " he tries to cheer me up.
"I hope so." I said letting go off my worries. One thing I know for sure is that no matter what, if Jade finds her mate and is someone else other than Hayden, the mate bond could be stronger than whatever flimsy crush she had on Hayden.
"Mommy, daddy. Can I take a selfie with you both. " my eyes widened when I saw Emily with an iPod.
"Who gave you that? " I questioned a little bit angry.
"Daddy got it for me as a present." she answered meekly. Damon flashes me a guilty glance.
"Mom, dad also got me and Jason a mac book pro laptop. " Jade adds joining us.
"Damon you're spoiling these kids. " I said exasperated. Damon sighs while Emily gives me a puppy face. Jade on the other hand was twisting her fingers and flashed me a sullen look.
How can I say no to them when they are all acting like this.
"Okay fine, but you all have to use them wisely. "
"Thank you mom!" the both choroused.
"Now let's take this selfie. " Damon starts.
"Did I miss anything? " Jason asks joining us.
"No you didn't, we are about to take a family selfie. " I said while we all positioned our faces closely, with Jason hugging me from the side, Jade hugging her father her head resting on his neck, and Damon carrying Emily up with his other hand while she held the IPod with her tiny hands.
"Selfie... " her tiny voice rings out while we all smiled to the camera laughing as Jason was making funny faces.
Everything was perfect. With my family, and then my extended family. Alice and Alaric and their cute son Hayden, Killian and Damien that were expecting their child. Yeah, Killian was pregnant and I finally performed the spell that sucked her dark powers, she is living happily now with Damien, they got married two years ago although not having any power was pretty much a burden. But she was coping.
Is this a happy ending, I really hope so, but even if we face great darkness in the coming future, I know that together we will overcome it.
Here comes the End of His Dangerous Queen , Written by Jane Smith, Physients/Physinews Media does not own the copyright © Of this Story it was Published for Entertainment.. Please Check for the Next Story Line....
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