Married to the Prince Season 2 Episode 10,11 & 12

(Season 2).
Episode 10.
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Princess Rishi's chamber).
'' Your mother asked me to say good by for her. She has left the palace ''.
(Rishi kept silence while opening the smaller gifts).
'' So...what's going on now? Look,she finished applying the herbs ''. He said and raised his shirt to show her the scar but she didn't raise her head to look at him. '' Rishi? Oh I get it now,you ain't even gonna talk to me now. Is this your way of revenge? Then it's not nice at all ''.
(He said and laughed out loud but Rishi said nothing and kept on opening the gifts).
'' Alright am sorry. I needed a little Aline time with your mum to tackle some issues and I needed to excuse us but you were proving stubborn and needed to he tamed and that was why I shouted okay? ''.
(The silence was now beginning to become awkward and irritate Majid).
'' Rishi? I apologized already...what now? Are you silent mode now? Alright cool,then am gonna leave now. When you decide that you wanna talk to me,an gonna be in !y chamber or...anywhere else ''.
(He turned to leave and as he was getting closer to the door,he realised Rishi never called him back. He didn't hear her voice and he was shocked. She was actually and really mad at him. He was craving to hear her voice. He intentionally held his tummy and groaned in pain).
'' Ouch! My stomach hurts! ''.
(Rishi quickly raiser her head to look at him standing close to the door and bent down. He used the corner of his eyes to look at her,and and he made it seem more serious. She quickly rushed to his side and held him).
'' Are you okay? Majid! Oh goodness...what do I do now? ''.
'' Wa...water please ''.
'' Come first ''.
(She helped him up and she placed his hand behind her waist while she placed hers on his shoulders and walked him to her bed. She scattered the gift away away,making space for him. She layed on the bed and quickly turned to her cooler to pour him a glass of water. He looked at her and smiled badly like he had win a lottery. She turned to him and he quickly stopped smiling. She raised his head and made him drink the water. But he still kept on the sick face and she put the cup away).
'' What do I do now? The wound is already healed,so how can the scar hurt you like that? Must it be the effect of the herbs? ''.
'' I don't know ''.
'' What do I do now? ''.
'' Kiss me? ''.
'' What? ''.
'' Please kiss me. The pain will go if you kiss me I swear ''.
(Rishi then realised that he was only pretending. She madly got up and
Majid also got up and held her hand).
'' Rishi am sorry. I will never shout at you again I promise and I swear. Please please! ''.
'' I don't want to listen to it okay? Just leave me! ''.
'' I won't. Besides, I am the man,and if I say forgive me,you must forgive me. I control since I found the ring and everything ''.
(They both laughed as they found it funny. Majid pulled her into a hug).
'' I am really sorry baby....I won't do that again ''.
'' Promise? Do you swear it? I cried ''
'' I make an oath to hurt my baby girl again. I promise ''.
(They both sat down on the bed and started opening the gifts together, starring at each other as I'd it was their first time).
'' So,what did you talk about with my mother? ''.
'' About your father ''.
'' What about him? ''.
(She took a heavy pink box. She started removing the parcel from the top).
'' It is kinda awkward but it is better you know what they have being hiding from you all this while? ''.
'' Don't act awkward... It is not that serious. You don't have to worry your head about this at all. I am here for you ''.
'' What is it? ''.
(She unwrapped the box and opened the top. Just then,a black cobra jumped out towards her face and wrapped itself on her neck and raised its head towards her. Majid got up and stood still. Rishi had no time to scream out of fright since it all happened so fast. Her eyes were opened so widely and was sweating. Majid was focused on the snake and gave Rishi a protection ad assuring look).
'' Ma...oh my God. Oh my gonna die ''.
(The snake tried opening its mouth to devour Rishi but Majid's elephant necklace on her neck lighted up to its face and blinded it. Preventing it from striking and biting. Rishi shivered like a chicken. Her heart was the most heaviest).
'' Rishi control gonna take care of this...don't talk ''. He said and turned to leave.
'' No! Don't leave me Majid. Please please ''. She wept her heart out. '' I am scared please....
'' I know sweetheart... I will be back. I will take care of this...don't move from there. Just stay still ''. Majid quickly left chamber.
(Rishi rested her head on the bed's head and starred into the cobra's eyes while the cobra starred back at her,unable to bite. She closed her eyes very hard. Her hair and body were all wet and she was covered in fear. The snake just wind its head back and forth at her,looking for a place to bite but the necklace was strong enough,preventing the tragedy. Majid entered the chamber some few minutes later with Sushim. He held a gun in his hand. He walked closer to Rishi an behind the snake who wrapped itself around her neck. He carefully pointed the gun at the snake's head. His hand shook,as there was a possibility the bullet would touch Rishi. Rishi opened her eyes and nodded at him. He pulled the trigger and blood splashed into Rishi's face and body. The snake was down on the bed,dead. Sushim quickly carried it out and she got up. Majid held her close and tight. Squeezing her into the tightest hug. Her weakness had become visible now. She loosed herself in the hug as the blood on her face dried off on Majid's white shirt).
'' It's okay now. We are okay now sweetheart ''.
'' How can this be? How can someone do this Majid? ''.
'' Come on...let's wash this blood off ''.
(He carefully walked her into the bathroom. He removed his shirt and dropped it. He walked her under the shower and opened it. They both went under and blood covered the floor. He got Rishi out of her dress and washed her fave off the blood. He could see she was still shaking in his arms. He dropped his fave down to her lips and kissed her. As he WS withdrawing from the kiss,Rishi pulled his head back and kissed him more deeply. He grabbed her waist with two strong arms and pulled her in more closer. They were both wet and he turned off the shower while still kissing her. He carried her effortlessly and went back into the bedroom, kissing her,with her hair all over his face and body. He bent his knee down on the bed and placed her on the bed. He wiped her chest with his tongue and she pierced his back with her fingers. He raised the bedsheets to cover them and she pulled him to her,unhooking his golden belt,removing his wet means and pulling down his boxers as quickly as she could. He went crazy and scattered the gifts away from the bed and took over. He kissed her like a hungry lion and she welcomed it seductively. She proved to him that he wasn't the only bad one. His head made way down her stomach and played her belly button with his tongue. She placed her fingers in his hair and he pulled it down her abdomen and down there. She gasped and moaned loudly. Her legs started shaking as if it was the first time. He held her smooth legs while still while he mysteriously drew ecstasy on her face with what he di under the bedsheets. He pulled his head up and she was drooping wet and in pain. He carefully penetrated and covered her mouth with his right han as he sacked her nipples and thrusted gently. She cried his name but her voice wasn't heard as his hand covered heat himr mouth. He pulled his head up from her breast to her neck while thrusting and she squeezed the flesh of his shoulders. Her fingers, once again, her fingers cut through his skin and blood dripped out. He groaned in pain s he heard the pain,but he wasn't stopping this for anything in the world. His strength got stronger as his veins and muscles became visible in his body as his thrust got stronger and faster. Starring at her face,she got his hand away from her mouth and gasped for breath).
'' Ma...Majid! ''.
'' Yeah? ''. He answered slightly in a way which his breath was cutting off because he was thrusting hard inside of her.
'' Urrrggghh! It's yur..hurting. Ple..Pleeeeeeeeeeease.. Aaaaah ''.
'' Shhhh, relax,am gonna stop ''.
'' No.. No...don't.. I...ouch! Yes Majid.. Yes! Oh goodness! ''.
(Feelings got heightened and his arms grabbed hers,pressing them tightly. They both let the moment slip away and moaned together. Majid sweat from his face to his chin and fell on her lips. Majid fainted over her, embracing her tightly as her breast pressed against his chest. Their heartbeat started slowing down. He rolled off is her and slept besides her,holding her still. He caressed the line at her back. Her head fell on his chest and he breath through her hair).
'' So...what were you saying Rishi? ''.
'' Nothing ''. She giggled.
'' I have got something to tell you. I don't think this is the perfect time but I don't want to hide anything from you. Your mother was scared to tell you,but am gonna say it anyways ''.
'' What is going on? ''.
(Majid slowly told her the whole story. Rishi quickly raised her head and looked at him).
'' What?! Oh my God, I can't... My own father? ''.
'' Yes. And that is what led to your kidnap that night. So now you know the whole truth. Please don't cry or hate your father.... I don't think he knew what he was doing by then ''.
'' Mmmm... Don't defend him. He did. I am scared of what might happened later on. Queen mother will be so ashamed ''. She cried.
'' I already told her and my mother everything and I made ten understand that it wasn't your we are okay now ''.
'' Majid has told me this. I am sick and tired of hiding this truth. I will tell him now ''. She thought to herself. Majid yawned in a sleepy mode. She looked up at him and he looked up at him and he looked down at her,smiling. She felt really guilty and kept her head down.
'' Heeey... What is it? Why the sad face now? ''.
'' Majid, there is something I want to tell you now? ''.
'' Okay...go ahead ''. He said and yawned, then closed his eyes.
'' It is something I found out not long ago. I really don't know where to start from...but I have to try. Majid... Queen Sheena is not your biological mother. The truth is,your mother died when she gave birth to you. Her name is Queen Meerah. I a! So sorry my love... Please don't be mad at me....
(There was total silence between them. Rishi raised her head to see his face and he was far gone into the sleeping world. He heard nothing that she said. Rishi pulled away and sat up on the bed with tears,streaming down her eyes and starring at him).
'' After forcing the truth out,this is what I get? Oh Lord... Help me with this secret. If I have become part of this, he will never trust me again....never again. Even if it's not my fault, because we are married and am not supposed to hide anything from him ''.
(In the servants dinning room).
Kushi intentionally joined the other kitchen maidens to go serve foods to all the servants in the dinning hall. Which obviously shocked most of them because she always ate with Rishi. The kitchen maids stepped out of the kitchen including Priya and Kushi.
'' You are going to join us all to eat today? ''.
'' Yes Priya, why are you so surprised anyway? I am a servant here too ''.
'' No you are not. You are more like princess Rishi's best friend so everyone treats you like one of the royal family ''.
'' Look,I am hungry okay. And besides, Rishi is with Prince Majid at the moment, I had to excuse them ''.
'' Mmmm....okay. It's nice of you to join us anyway... we are almost there ''.
'' Lord give me strength and the perfect acting face to keep this an in my grip ''. Kushi thought to herself.
(They arrived at the large dinning hall and entered. The entire room was full with servants. The maids with their faces covered with veils as tradition demands and the guards in their royal demanded and the guards in their royal uniform. Kushi felt so uncomfortable as there were many people but she had to do this. She walked behind Priya,holding bowls of toasted flat bread and they started serving. She rolled her eyes to were the guards had gathered and spotted Shiv sitting among the others and chatting. She and Priya walked towards them and she confidently served them toasted bread while Priya served the vegetables and other foods with other maids. Shiv raised his head to stare at Kushi while she starred back at him. He was shocked that she didn't look scared at all but in full confidence. Kushi took some cups from a basket near by and started arranging one each in front of the guards they stood in front. She took a pot out of the basket and started pouring juice in each of th cup. She intentionally dropped the pot on Shiv's cup,making it all pour into his clothes and space. He gasped and quickly got to his feet. All eyes on them).
'' What is this?! Are you blind? ''. Shiv shouted.
'' Oh goodness, am so sorry...I was...was...
'' It's okay Kushi. And you Shiv, have you realised this is Kushi? She is princess Rishi's sister and you don't talk that way to her! ''.
(Kushi starred at him with an evil smile and he quickly realised the look and frowned).
'' You intentionally did this,didn't you? ''.
'' But why would she do that?! ''. Priya cut in.
'' Oh shut up Priya! Don't get involved. Now I have to go change. Serve my food,I will be back ''.
(He walked away and went out. Kushi took a bite of one of the bread and dashed outside. She got out and found place empty. She looked to her left and right and there was no sign of Shiv anywhere. She quickly started walking towards the guard's chamber).
'' Oh goodness I am going to enter into the guards chamber. Into a lions den because of that fool. I wonder how I should act when I get there,since it is forbidden and everything ''. She opened it,looking behind her and entered. She closed the door and got closed the door and got closer to the many rooms. Shiv opened one of the doors and stepped out. They bumped into each other at the door way and both fell on the ground, with Kushi falling on top of him. He didn't realise it was her at first so as they fell,he grabbed her waist strongly so she wouldn't fall over and get hurt. Then he opened his eyes and realised it was her on too of him.
'' You?! ''.
'' Urrrmmm...
'' Are you following me or what? Hey girl...get off me ''. He said in aged.
(He pushed Kushi aside who started breathing faster and faster, gasping for breath as if her asthma had come. In absolute fright,he bent down and held her up).
'' What's wrong? You have asthma? ''.
(Kushi nodded her head fast and held her chest hard).
'' Wa...wa...
'' Water? ''.
(She nodded fast and Shiv who knew that he would be in absolute hot water if she died on him. And Prince Faruk would not anything to save him,he took to his heels to get water. Kushi stopped acting and just laughed her head off).
'' Oh wow....he looks like someone who actually has a heart. I might be able to break through by all means. I am going to make him do what I want. Let the game begin....
(She heard someone approaching back into doorway from outside and she went down again, breathing fast and coughing through it as well. Shiv entered the doorway and quickly got to where she layed and sprinkled water all over her face. He did this repeatedly and finally, saw that her breath was going down. He helped her sit up and watched her closely as she cooled down for a while).
'' Oh gosh,I thought you were going to die on me ''.
'' Is that the best thing you can say you fool? ''.
'' What did you expect? Do you think I care about your or something? What are you doing here...huh? Are you following me or what? ''.
(Kushi got to her feet and beat off the dust from her dress and turned to his frowning face).
'' I didn't know where I was going. I was lost. It's all you need to know..but..
'' But what? ''.
'' Thank you. You actually saved my life right now and am grateful ''.
'' I didn't save your life,dumb girl. I saved my own life from getting into the hands of the royal family. Else they might accuse me of your death. When I have nothing at all to do with it ''.
'' Oh are you sure? I could have told told Queen mother. Make up a story and tell her you have being following me everywhere and is threatening me and you know,your master Faruk would have done nothing to save you,you know why? Because he cares less about you and also,he would get. New guard and friend any day and any time soon,after your death ''. She cunningly got into his head.
'' So why haven't you accused me yet? ''.
'' Because my mother didn't raise me up to be a scam and evil monk like you okay? I have no evil intentions against anyone and that is why I am not afraid of tomorrow. Where as you,you are evil and you better watch your back. Prince Faruk will turn his back on you one day ''.
(She said and walked away. Leaving Shiv to start thinking deep and feeling sorry for himself).
(Queen Dorah's chamber).
She entered the secret room where her father's statue stood. She chanted as usual,making her father appear. And this time,he didn't look confident like he used to.
'' Is everything alright father? ''.
'' Your doom is getting close Dorah ''.
'' My own doom? But father, I have everything under control here. It won't be more than a week before we get rid of Majid, kill the king,and then Faruk takes over every ''.
'' Oh are you sure? Because this has never happened before. I was harnessing more powers from the mountains in other to arrest the spirit of Ujani's god. The stupid Hanuman threatened me that Queen Meerah will soon be free ''.
'' Oh no! ''.
'' You forgot about that pot didn't you? You forgot that there is a bigger problem than getting rid of Majid. If Meerah becomes free,just remember she is ten times stronger than you and I put together ''.
'' So should I stop revealing the truth about his mother to him? ''.
'' Yes. The book will appear in Majid's chamber and he himself will find it out himself. I will take care of that. After he finds the truth,that is when I will start controlling him. He has given his protective necklace to his wife because she loosed hers. It will be easier to possess him now. Then when I enter his body...I myself will get into that chamber and bring the pot ''.
'' What will we do with it then? ''.
'' We will take it deep into the mountains to tie her spirit for good. So that she can never be found nor be a threat to us ''.
'' Oh father wow! You are a genius so why that face? ''.
'' I feel like Faruk will be king start the attack on the king like we planned in the past. This is the beginning of the end ''.
(They laughed maniacally)....

(Season 2).
Episode 11.
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Clara).
(In the evening=Princess Rishi's chamber).
They were both so happy that Kushi pulled through with her acting towards Shiv after Kushi explained everything to her. She took a little box from under their bed and handed it over Kushi.
'' I have have kept the pot in here to make it safer. We are just one week away from Prince Faruk's wedding and we must take this to the priest Chanakher tomorrow evening okay? ''.
'' Why not this evening? We have nothing doing ''.
'' Majid asked me to go to his chamber now ''.
'' You two are just jot giving we around you any space at all. You are literally spending all the days together ''.
'' Kushi my dear friend, when you reach there,you will understand ''.
'' Look at this idiot who I used to fool with yesterday treating me like a child now ''.
(They both laughed and Rishi left the chamber while Kushi took the box inside the dressing room).
(Prince Majid's chamber).
He was drying himself off from the wetness of his evening bath. Jimmy has returned in the afternoon with his cars and television he wanted and everything was fixed for him. After drying himself, he went into his dressing room. Rishi entered the chamber and closed the door behind. She wore a heavy saree in the colour of green and had left her hair down,just like Majid wanted it. She looked around and was surprised at the new renovation as there was a television,am air condition and some other modern things she had never laid her eyes on before. She just quietly sat on the bed and Majid's phone suddenly beeped loudly. She turned her head and looked at the screen but there was a lock on it which she had no idea why the phone beeped or how it was used. Majid came into the bedroom and took his phone. He bent down and kissed her hard on the lips and lift himself up to wear his night shirt checking on his phone.
'' What is all this new things in your room? ''.
'' You won't understand ''.
'' Then teach me. You didn't grow up here obviously and I want to learn a little about where you were brought up ''.
'' Like seriously? Because there is nothing really special about London. Just the freedom and too much fun. You can't force people to do what they want over know what I mean? ''.
'' Like you were forced to marry me? ''.
'' What the fuck?! Rishi what are toy trying to do now...argue with me? ''.
'' I am just asking a question ''. She said innocently.
'' Well it wasn't that nice of a question okay? So please...don't repeat that statement ''. He said with a little anger in his tone.
'' I am sorry...I am...please,just move from there ''.
'' The marriage was arranged alright. But are we crying now? ''.
'' No...
(The phone beeped loudly again and he checked it. Suddenly, there was an awkward silence in the chamber as Majid realised it was another message from Cindy).
'' They? What the...I know her far too long,she just wants my attention am sure ''. Majid thought.
'' Are you okay? ''. Rishi asked.
'' Yeah...
'' Err Majid,I am just going to sleep by your aide tonight right? ''.
'' Why do you ask? ''.
'' Well...I don't know why you called me to spend the night with you,that's why ''.
'' Stop being so formal and everything, you are my wife for demn sake! This is what husband and wife must do. Sleep next to each other, kiss,hug,cuddle, smooch and have lots of sex baby...
(He crawled towards her on the bed and laughing together, he layed on her on the bed and he threw the phone aside and effortlessly tore her saree in strips).
'' Majid! ''. She groaned as he tore her dress.
'' Whaaat... you have a lot of it in your wardrobe... This is just a piece of cake darling ''.
(He got the saree off her body and there was a light short dress under. He could see her flesh underneath that garment and it drove him insane as if he was seeing her body for the first time. He smelled her scent and as he breath against her skin,she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him down to her. He chuckled and kissed her neck. He kissed under her chin while he removed that same shirt he just put on).
'' Majid..Majid wait...
'' What now? ''.
'' Please...just don't hurt me this hurt..I swear ''.
'' Yeah baby I know it hurts, that is why we must do this every second of every day so you get used to it. You will realise you will be the one asking for it ''. Majid laughed as he said that,making her laugh also.
(As he was in the mood and she was also ready and was about to proceed, his phone beeped loudly again and again. His face turned red out of fury and got off Rishi who sat up on the bee,looking at his back. Hw took his phone and switched it on).
'' Majid,who is it? Why do you look so serious? ''.
'' Cindy. I don't know what she wants from me. And I don't want to be a monster by throwing her out of the kingdom myself ''.
'' What is she saying...why didn't you tell me you have being hearing from her? ''.
'' Bit I just told you. And also,I have not ' being hearing ' from her like you make it sound. She has being texting me but I don't reply her ''.
'' I don't understand anything you are saying Majid and I honestly don't care to understand! I just want to know this...why does tour feeling change towards me when it comes to her? ''. Her voice shook and tears fell out her eyes freely. '' If you still live her secretly..just say so! And let me know,maybe I am your second best,and I can know my place ''.
'' What? No. I don't live Cindy! Rishi, you better stop thinking of this kind of thoughts before you make your jealousy create problems for us ''.
'' I am not jealous! ''. She screamed at him and wiped her tears.
'' Oh yeah? Oh really.. means,you don't care right? You won't care if my second marriage takes place soon right? ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' Or have you forgotten? That the king is supposed to marry three the future king? ''.
(She folded her arms with a frown and turned her back at him. He chuckled and turned his phone off. He then relaxed on the bed. Rishi realised her silence is going to cause her own problems so she turned her face to look at him who was already starring at her).
'' You don't dare tell me that again. You can not talk to me any how you want Majid! I don't even feel your live anymore...why are you playing with my feelings? ''
'' Oh Lord come on. Rishi,stop being a child already. I truly do love you. Can't you see it in my eyes? You are the love of my life okay? I love you....
'' So what about the two wives comment? ''.
(He pulled hr close to lie with him on the bed and caressed her hair).
'' No matter how many wives am gonna marry Rishi, you will be my soul. You are my one and only Queen. And our son,will be king after me ''.
'' are already thinking of a son? ''.
'' see? That is why we must make love more...come on baby,where did we stop? ''.
(She laughed out loud as he rolled on top of her and covered them with bedsheets. But a little far from them,there is a table drawer near one of the couches in the room and on that table, a book suddenly appeared on top of it. A big book. Which contained the history of Ujani and their strength and their kings and queens with their children. The drawer in the table opened up mysteriously, controlled by a great force. The book fell into the drawer and shut itself closed).
(In the palace gathering house).
This small house is where most parties and celebrations were held. It had not being opened for a while and that was the room Queen Dorah had chosen for Faruk and Princess Ragah to get married in. In this night were the good minds were asleep,that was when the devils were also plotting. Prince Faruk disguised himself into a guard and entered the room with Shiv and two other guards. They put on their lamps and slowly got to the middle of the room. Under the big chandelier hanging at the top of the roofing. They looked up they big light and smiled. Prince Faruk looked into his garment and took out a knife and handed it to Shiv.
'' Do your job ''.
(Shiv felt different in his body and a little guilt. Wondering whether to take the knife or not).
'' He has used me for far too long. And he won't even help me when I need him. I will end up being the dying dog! ''. He thought to himself in anger.
'' Shiv ''. Faruk shouted. '' What are you thinking? I am royalty and I am supposed to be sleeping by now you idiot! But I decided to follow you here so you don't make any mistakes this time. My plans must take seed this time around. Now take the knife! ''.
'' Yes my Prince ''. He replied and took the knife. '' What do we do first? ''.
'' There is a big rope holding the lights up. It has being joined to Lord Parvati's statue behind this wall ''. He pointed at the wall where there was an incense burning with trays of lanterns. Looking like an altar. '' Go with this guards and cut the rope. It is a strong and heavy rope so you will need their help ''.
'' What happens after I cut it my Prince? ''.
'' It will make the chandelier weaker from hanging at the top. So at my wedding, we are going to arrange for the crowned Prince and his wife,or anyone he prefer to dance with...go under the chandelier to dance,that will be the dance floor. Then as they are dancing,you,Siv...and the other guards would go behind the walls and set the cut rope free from the statue, and the chandelier will come crushing down on my beloved brother Majid..then RIP. He is gone...and won't exist anymore ''.
'' Oh my goodness. Prince Faruk is ruthless. I am starting to feel bad. And I have realised that I don't want Prince Majid's blood on my hands. I need to ask for help from someone. Because if Prince Majid dies and there is an investigation, I will be caught. And when am caught, I know for sure Prince Faruk will betray me and leave me to die ''. He thought hard.
'' Now go Shiv! time to waste...hurry! ''.
'' Yes my Prince ''. He and the other guards left.
'' My mother will be proud of me now ''. He said,smiling.
(Next Day=In the kingdom=Mr Raul's mansion).
Both brother and sister stood waiting for their father to answer the call to ask him about their discovery. Cindy was not really concentrating on that but busily trying Majid's three numbers but there was no answer. It was actually switched off. Their father finally answered Max's calls and his voice came through.
'' Hello Max ''.
'' Hi dad...Cindy is here ''.
'' Oh my princess. Put her on the phone,I miss her ''.
(Max handed the phone to Cindy).
'' Hey sugar ''.
'' Cindy my dear. How are you? When were you planning to call me? ''.
'' When I got a good news dad. But all my dreams are shattered ''.
'' That is not why we called him Cindy. Can you just tell about what we found? ''.
'' There is something you should know dad. The house I am currently living in,belongs to the man who took care of Majid. And we saw,your picture here ''.
'' What?! ''.
'' A picture of you and the man. It looked like an old picture... we were dumbfounded and we wanted to ask you about... What relationship do you have with an Indian man? His name is Mr Raul ''.
(Mr Blake kept silence for a long time on the phone. His face,burning with rage).
'' You found Mr Raul? Finally! After fifty years searching for that son of a bitch! I am coming to India and I will make him pay for betraying me ''.
'' What? ''.
'' Mr Raul is the man who betrayed and stole my hard earned gold from me...the man who made me hate Indians with passion. My greatest enemy. He is the reason why your grand parents died Cindy. My father spent all his money to get me travel abroad to deal with gold. I traveled to many countries and met Mr Raul in Japan...where they harbour gold and other resources. We made a deal to work hand in hand a partners and export gold from around the world, on the condition that in the end,we will all have fair share of the profit. But that bastard betrayed me. He poisoned me when the deal was set and stole all my gold including the money we made together for twenty years of working hard. I was rushed to the hospital and almost died,my father was already diagnosed with cancer and when he heard about the news,he died. My mum died of thinking and I was arrested and put behind bars for five years because the company found out that Mr Raul and I were making secret deals behind their backs. But Mr Raul was no where to be found so I received the punishment alone. When I got out of jail,my life was completely destroyed. I had to beg on the streets to make ends meet. Luckily for me...I got hired a sa driver for one of the most distinguish ministers of London. I was loyal to him. His daughter and I fell in love and he decided to support us and introduced me into politics. That was why he left everything to me and his daughter after he died. We got married and I earned a place in the government of London and we made a family, she gave birth to your brother and you. But I have never forgotten my thirst for revenge if I ever found Mr Raul. Now,karma has finally found him for me ''.
'' I can't believe this. And we are staying in his house? ''.
'' Keep staying there. Don't go anywhere. I will be there in three days. I will be there in three days. And do not tell a soul about my arrival. I will bring men with me to attack his riches ''.
'' Okay then. See you soon ''.
(She hanged up).
'' We must act all normal not to let anyone suspect ''. Max said.
'' Don't worry. I am concerned with Majid than our father's revenge. He can take care of himself. All I want is to get back with Majid and let's all go back to London ''.
(In the palace=Princess Rishi's chamber).
Kushi had gone for her breakfast from the kitchen and was walking to the chamber with the food on a tray. She felt someone following her and she hurried in front of the chamber and opened the door when Shiv came out of nowhere and grabbed her and locked from the inside. Kushi knocked him with her elbow and she put the food on a table in front of her. She picked a glass of water and threw it on him.
'' Heeey...relax! ''.
'' You tell me what you are doing here dog?! ''.
'' Just relax! I am only here to talk. Not hurt you ''.
'' Oh of course,and that is why you grabbed me with force right?! Get out now before I shout ''.
'' I just want to talk so relax! ''.
'' I don't want to hear it! ''.
'' Even if it involves a murder conspiracy against Prince Majid? ''.
'' What?!.....
(Prince Majid's chamber).
He was the first to open his eyes. He pulled the bedsheet aside and got up. He took his night shorts from the floor and wore it,and walked closer to the window to draw the draw the big curtains. He suddenly remembered Cindy's message about his family, hiding from him. He turned to his bed and starred at his wife sleeping peacefully. She opened her eyes and yawned. It was bright in the morning and they had slept for so long. She quickly sat up and smiled at him. She took her light dress from the floor and placed it on.
'' Majid... can you ask someone to get me a saree from my chamber? ''.
'' Yeah ''. He walked to the door and opened it. There was Sushim, standing there and he asked him to go get a saree for Rishi. He bowed down and left. Majid entered back.
'' How are you today? ''. Rishi asked as she walked closer to him to check his scar. '' The medicine is working fast. The scar is disappearing little by little ''.
'' Yeah. She says I should repeat it today too. Will you do it for me? ''.
'' Of course. Why now? ''.
''But I have to bath first. Will you bath with me? ''.
'' Yes. If you want ''.
'' Why wouldn't I want that? ''.
(They both went to take a batha nd returned to the and returned to the bedroom. Rishi's new saree was already lying on the bed. They dressed up together and Majid layed down and she applied the medicine on his scar. But Majid couldn't stop thinking of Cindy's message last night. Rishi's could see his mind wasn't with her. Some maids entered and washed Majid's feet and served them breakfast and left. They started eating and Majid decided to keep his mind away from his thoughts and concentrate on his beautiful and lovely wife).
'' Are you going to teach me about foreign stuff now? ''.
'' Why not? What do you wanna know? ''.
'' That thing on the wall ''.
'' It is called a television. The remote is in the drawer...I will get it ''.
(He got up and walked to the drawer and opened it. And there it was. The big history book of Ujani. Live and coloured)....

(Season 2).
Episode 12
Written by Adelaide Asaf Clara (Daisy Cartel).
(Prince Majid's chamber).
Majid took out the book,confused because he had never seen it before. He placed it in top of Tue drawer and took out the remote. He turned and faced the television and switched it on with the remote. Rishi finished eating and covered the remaining food on the tray and placed it aside. She pulled Majid closer to her and looked at the remote. The television came on and there was a news on it from the city.
'' So how did you switch it on? ''.
'' I pressed the red button at the too...see? ''.
'' Yes ''.
'' It is the same place you gonna press if you wanna switch it on ''.
'' Well...okay boss. So what else are you going to show me? ''.
(He was about to say something when his phone rung loudly. He took it and walked to the drawer and answered it. He placed it on his ear with anger and whispered).
'' What the fuck is wrong with you Cindy,I swear you don't want to see the beast in me okay? ''.
'' Majid listen...
'' I have kicked you out of my life so...let it stay that way ''.
'' At me at the river ''.
(Majid looked down at the drawer and opened the book).
'' Meet you there for what good reason...what were you talking about last night in your message? ''.
'' You will be very interested to hear it from me in person Majid. It is not something you can take on the phone ''.
(Majid starts thinking deep whole looking into the book and scrolling through and suddenly sees something very shocking. His eyes narrows as he saw pictures of Queens and pictured of babies under them).
'' What the fuck? ''. He hanged up the phone and looked closely at the pictures and names. '' Queen Gayatri, the mother of Prince Shaker. Queen Kara,the mother of Princess Rowa and Princess Kazia. Queen Dorah, the mother of Prince Faruk....Queen Sheena, mother of Princess Lakshmi... ''.
(Majid's lips shook and he begun to sweat. He bit his lips hard and tars drained out his eyes freely as he saw the last name in the corner of the book).
'' Que.. Queen..... Queen Meerah, mo..mother of Prince Majid the crowned Prince??? ''.
(Rishi was busily watching the television and trying hard to learn about the remote on her own. Her mind was completely on it and had no idea Majid had discovered the truth. Majid was totally broken,betrayed and anger consumed him at once. He quietly placed his phone on the drawer and angrily took the book in his hand and dashed out of the room like a mad man. And Rishi did not even realise).
(Princess Rishi's chamber).
After Kushi heard the whole conspiracy, she totally loosed her appetite and was absolutely stunned. All the time she and Rishi were celebrating, Prince Faruk was also busily plotting. She became weak in her knees in fright and sat down.
'' Why are you even telling me this? Why should I trust you? ''.
'' If you don't trust me,it is up to you,you can start trusting me after Prince Majid's death ''.
'' So it is true...then why are you betraying Prince Faruk? ''.
'' Listen girl...
'' My name is Kushi! ''. She snapped.
'' Whatever. Listen,I really took what you said in good ears yesterday. And to be honest with you,I am tired of Prince Faruk's disrespectful behavior towards me. We have being friends since childhood and all he does is make me his servant and nothing else ''.
'' How will I know this is not one of your evil plans ''.
'' I have told you all I have of him for now. Save him when the time comes. Else he will die ''. Shiv said and left the chamber.
(Queen mother's chamber).
She had dressed up after she finished her breakfast and was getting ready to meet the king in Tue court room for a meeting about the poison which keeps infecting their water bodies. More than fifty deaths had being reported for the passed two weeks. All due ti the fact of the poison which is spreading wide into the waters of Ujani. Majid suddenly barged into the chamber like a mad man. His eyes all red and full if anger. Queen mother quickly turned in astonishment. When she realised it was Majid, she smiled and opened her arms to him. Most of the servants gathered at the door in fright as they had first saw Majid angrily waned to Queen mother's chamber. His hair was all over his face as his chest moved up and down in anger.
'' Sweetheart, are you okay? ''.
'' How could you look into my eyes for the past eleven months I have being in Tue kingdom and lie to my face? ''.
'' What? Majid,are you sure your head is working fine? ''.
'' I should ask you that question ''. His voice sounded more heavier and manly and anger followed.
'' What?! ''.
'' What is this?! ''. He raised up the book and opened it to exactly were the truth lies and pointed it to the Queen mother. And she was stunned. Her eyes begun to tear up.
'' Ma..Majid ''.
'' What is this Queen Gayatri?!!! ''. He screamed and she panicked.
'' Majid where dis you.....
'' Where dis I find the truth of all your lies and deceit? ''.
(Queen Sheena and the other royal members arrived at the door in confusion as they had seen the servants standing there with their hands on their mouths in shock).
'' What is going on? ''. The king asked.
'' Majid...I can explain this please. Calm down grandson ''. Queen mother tried getting closer to him but he pointed a left finger at her in fury.
'' Don't dare! Don't try to come close to disgust me!!! ''.
(The king got angry and turned Majid to his face. He threw his hands and gave Majid a dirty slap which stunned everyone).
'' Shaker stop! ''. Queen mother shouted.
'' Majid is too spoilt mother! That foreign culture of talking to their elders anyhow has clouded his head too much! ''.
'' It is our fault that he is acting this way! He just found out the whole truth and I don't understand ''. Queen mother cried. '' Majid has found about Meerah! ''.
'' What?! ''. Everyone shouted.
(Queen Dorah and Faruk smiled evilly behind everyone a a sign of victory. Queen Dorah gave her personal bodyguard a sign and the guard nodded and left. The ong who was facing Majid now was feeling weak and regretted laying his hand in him. His face was guilt up while Majid lips shook like he had a fever. His whole hair was messy and tears streamed down his cheeks).
'' Son...I...I am sorry...son,I can...
'' When were you people ever planning to tell me anything about this at all? ''.
'' Majid please listen to us. We were doing it for your good.. ''. Queen Sheena who was in tears tried touching him but he pushed her hands away and that killer her. '' Son please...
'' I am not your son! Don't call me your all are liars! You made q fool out of me,making me think I had a mother who I could rely on,what right did you have to choose who to be my mother... Where's my biological mother?! ''.
(Lakshmi was extra shocked as she never knew about this truth. Queen mother was going to cry while Queen Dorah and Prince Faruk were enjoying this).
'' Majid please am sorry for lying to...
'' Don't come close to me! None of you should. How long would I have being kept in the dark. You all do not care about the outcome of your actions because you care about is yourselves. I am disgusted to have you a a family...where is my mother?! ''.
'' She is dead ''. The king answered in a low tone like a whisper.
(This hit Majid hard in his chest).
'' Yes. She died the day she gave birth to you ''.
(The book in his hand slipped to the floor and he just looked nowhere and his breath and his breath was heavier than ever. He starred at Queen mother more as he had put his whole trust in her and he felt disappointed. Queen mother could read the story in his eyes and she just placed her hands together in front of him).
'' Please my love. Let us explain are getting all this wrong...
'' Majid..your mother was Queen Meerah, yes. And I was Queen Meerah's handmaiden. She trusted me. And I served her right. Your mother was the most beautiful and kindest creature and....
(As Queen Sheena tried her best to calm him down,Majid said nothing but walked passed them with his head hanging down, he left the chamber with them following him and trying to talk him out of his anger).
'' Majid forgive me. Be angry at me alone please, I was the one who made Sheena your mother, don't vent your anger on them Majid ''.
(Prince Majid's chamber).
He arrived at the door were Sushim was confused but opened the door for him and he entered in fury.
'' Do you need anything my Prince? ''.
'' Don't let anyone that clear?! ''.
'' Y...yes my Prince ''.
(Sushim closed the door shut and Queen mother and the rest arrived. She couldn't hold back her tears).
'' Sushim....
'' I am sorry your highness. The Prince had warned me not to let anyone in. I am sorry ''.
'' Come mother. Let us think of how to solve this problem. We have a big problem at hand now. Come ''.
(The Queen mother noddle sadly and they all left. Majid arrived in the bedroom were Rishi was so happy she had being able to control the television by herself without Majid's help. She realised he had come I to the chamber and happily went closer to him with the remote).
'' Majid! You won't believe I turned the television to different channels. And there are so many nice things on it. Who is the teacher now? ''. She mocked him.
(Majid weakly sat on his bed with tears streaming freely. Rishi was shocked and placed the remote aside. She bent down and held his face to hers but his eyes looked at different direction. His eyes were all red and she could see a mixture of sadness, anger and disappointment).
'' My love. Majid what is it? Are you hurt? Does the scar hurt...what is it? ''. She asee helplessly but Majid just kept mute for a long time. She also started weeping as he wasn't saying anything to her. She quickly embraced him tightly and that was when Majid freely wept on her shoulders. '' Please stop keeping quiet and tell me what is worrying you Majid. I can't stand it when you act this way. I am your wife and I exist. You can tell me everything ''.
(Majid break the embrace and stood up. He walked closer to his drawer and picked up his phone and switched it on. But there were no messages from Cindy anymore. He turned and faced Rishi who was looking curious).
'' They have being lying to me all this while Rishi. My own family, has just touched me with my allergies ''.
'' What? ''. Her heart skipped a beat.
'' I know that I don't have a mother. I have never had a mother till now. My mother died,and they !ade her handmaiden my new mother ''.
(Rishi became breathless and took two steps back from Majid. Her face guilt up and not looking surprised at all since she already knew the truth and kept quiet).
'' Can you imagine what am feeling right now? Calling someone ' mother ' for twenty five years. And you realise they weren't even your heart is just burning up. All the people I trusted...that is what I got paid back for...for trusting them ''.
(Majid looked at Rishi for a while. She also couldn't get her eyes from his face because the guilt was now controlling her. And she couldn't pretend. Majid begun to realise something much more painful).
'' You don't look surprise at all ''. He said.
'' I....
'' Did you also know the truth? ''. He asked in a shaking voice. Wishing in his head for Rishi to say no.
(Her breath became heavier, wishing for death to take her at that moment. Tears fell out her eyes and Majid swallowed saliva).
'' No... ''. He whispered.
'' Majid I can explain this. My love listen to me...
'' Rishi.. I...what?! I..I trusted you Rishi. You too? ''.
'' No no no you don't get it. I found out not long ago I swear Majid please,try and calm yourself please I...
'' How could you do this to me?! ''. He grabbed her in anger,pressing his fingers deep in her flesh and she groaned in pain.
'' You are getting it wrong. Ouch! You are hurting....
'' You also looked me in the eyes. After all the special moment we've shared together and never once in your life did you decide to tell me the truth ''.
'' Majid.. I tried. I swear. I tried to tell you the truth. Please, I love you and I can never, ever hurt your feelings Majid. I was tied up....
'' I trusted you! I thought we were not supposed to hide anything from each other. I told you what I hated,and you did it to me. You did it to me Rishi! ''. He pushed her away from him.
'' Majid don't be like this please. It's not my fault ''. She wept her head off. '' I wanted to tell you. Every time we were together Majid. My heart knows,God knows I wanted to tell you. But Queen Sheena stopped... Majid I was hurting all the times we were together. I wanted so badly to reveal the truth to....
'' Get out ''.
'' No...Majid I will just die. I am sorry ''. She fell on her knees and hugged Majid tightly around his waist. '' Don't do this to me Majid please. I can't stand your anger towards me... I will never hide anything from you again I swear and promise. Majid you are the only one who makes me happy in my life,what do I do without you? Where do I go? I will even disrespect the Queens secret and tell you. She told me not to tell you that was why I kept my mouth shut...I didn't want to hurt you or her. I will not make that mistake again Majid please please please ''.
(As she wept till her eyes were almost swollen and her lips were about falling off because too much tears. Majid bent down and pulled her up in anger).
'' Of course it won't happened again. Because I want nothing to do with the king,Queen Gayatri, Queen Sheena... And I want nothing to do with a liar and deceitful person like you ''.
'' Please don't treat me like Cindy. I love you so much...and everything happened so fast...I was not intending to hide...
'' You know what? You are absolutely right. I am not gonna treat you like Cindy, because you are worse! You are a liar and a supporter of evil minds. Gosh,I would love to hate you right now. But don't worry, because in time,am gonna hate you! ''.
'' Don't hate me please. Then just kill me. Please don't punish me like this Majid. It wasn't my fault ''.
(He held her hand and forcefully started walking her to the door while she pleased. He opened the gate to his chamber and pushed Rishi out like garbage. She fell hard on the ground and Majid shut the door at her face. She rushed to the door and started banging it and begging him to open the door. She looked at Sushim who was quiet and looking elsewhere. Rishi had shouted on top of her boys,bringing attention from some servants and royal family).
'' What is going on? ''. Queen mother asked.
'' Rishi say something! ''. Queen Sheena said.
'' What should I say mother?! That Majid hates me. He just looked into my eyes with am expression I have never seen before. I told you I couldn't hold the secret of Majid's mother and you told me that is should keep it a secret. Now he has taken what he is feeling right now on me! I should have just told him everything. He wants nothing to do with me. Oh God! ''. She break down and fell on her knees.
'' Servants! Go back to work ''. Queen mother shouted.
(They all rushed away and Queen Sheena bent down towards Rishi but she got up and looked away).
'' He threw me out. I just want him to listen....
(Rishi felt dizzy and collapsed on the floor. And with great fear from everyone, they rushed her to the royal clinic. Sushim knocked the door a thousand times and wanted Majid to know what just happened but he didn't get a response. He tried opening the door but it was locked from inside).
(The palace clinic).
Rishi was still unconscious. But the family had gathered around her and the royal doctor and her assistants stood around her, checking her temperature and other things.

'' I will never forgive myself for this mother ''.
'' This is not the right time for regrets okay? No one is at fault but me. I was so scared to tell him ''.
'' Did you hear what he told me in your chamber? He has forbidden me from calling him my son. You know how much I enjoyed raising him. I can't stand stand the pain they are both going through. All because of our mistakes ''.
(The royal doctor finished checking on her and smiled. She turned to the Queens).
'' How is she doing Divya? ''.
'' The princess has taken seed ''.
'' What? ''.
'' Princess Rishi is pregnant. And when we checked, it is two weeks old ''.
'' Oh my God! Mother... ''. Queen Sheena turned to Queen mother in tears of joy.
'' Congratulations Sheena. You are going to be a grandmother ''.
'' And you also,a great grandmother ''.
'' Thank you Meerah ''. She placed her hands together in happiness. '' You have made this miracle happened. This is the only news which make Majid to forgive us ''.
'' I should go to the palace and tell Majid. He should be here with his with his wife ''.
'' Yes dear. Go now. I will stay here for now ''.
(Queen Sheena left quickly)....

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