Angela Episode 13 & 14

(The Garden of thorns)

writer: *Cristiana Crisella*
Chris quickly rushed to his mom’s room to
explains things to her.
”mom, am not going anywhere, i have to do
everything to save her, please mom just help me
this for once.”
”Chris the worst part of it is that you don’t know
her, i mean this a serious case of kidnap..
”mom, you’re a lawyer i guess you can be of help
in any way let try to help Angela,”.
His mother looked at him with a mixed feelings.
”so you mean we gonna give them the money
they asked for, isn’t that much,”
”mom, don’t talk that way, you have enough, dad
have more than enough money to pay the
kidnappers, i really want us to be smart in this,”
he said.
Angela was still in her room, she moved
towards the door and was glad the door was not
locked she quickly went downstairs, trying to
opened the main door, but
caught by one of the guy.
”you can’t escape from here, because my boys
has surrounded the whole house, now get back,”
he yelled at her.
”please just let me go, what wrong have i done,
why will i have to pass through this,” she
”too bad! we just need the money from anyone
that want you save,”
”that too much, you can’t get that from anyone,”
she spat on him.
”no one does that to me and get free,”he slapped
her then dragged her back to her room.
”you’re are going nowhere until we get this
money or else you’ll forever remain here,” he
yelled then locked her door.
Angela stared at the huge room, it looks so
beautiful but feel bad and so uncomfortable she
knew it will be so hard for anyone to get that
huge money, she thought of escaping but no
way, the door is always locked up and no other
means to go out.
Elsa was glad when she saw Chris at school as
she quickly went to him.
”Chris, i’ve talk to my mom, she said she will
gonna be of help, and give what she has, you
know we can’t let Angela to stay long in that
place today is the third day and before the end
of today she might be killed if the money is not
taken to them,”.
”Elsa no need to get so worried, glad my mom
has decided to help me out and also my dad,”
”what! they decided to help? she asked as her
face brighten up.
‘sure, my mom was able to convince my dad
about that, no police will be involve in this
because am scared they might hurt Angela,” he
”thank you so much Chris we need to do
something to free her from those kidnappers,”.
Angela was still in her room but could heard a
noise, it seems they guys are having party
downstairs, then suddenly one of the men
”just be glad, your friends will pay the exact
ransom you ask for, this calls for special
celebration,” he laughed as he walked out then
locked the door.
They were all gathered at the sitting room, Suzan
and her friends also came alone.
”job welldone guys, at least we gonna be rich
and mind you we’ll collect the money and kill
her,” said Suzan.
”kill, Suzan but we’ve not agreed to kill anyone in
this all we needed is money and they have
agreed to bring the money this evening,” said
”we have to kill her, i know Chris must be in love
with her and we can’t allow that since she refuse
to bring us much money from him she claim to
be a good girl
right! once Angela is with Chris that means she’ll
gonna be more richer than us and we can’t allow
that happen,” Suzan explain.
”i think Suzan is actually making some sense,
but Angela is our friend,” Karen added.
”she’s not our friend but she WAS once our
friend,” Suzan yelled.
”but.. we can’t kill Angela that will be so bad of
us, i can’t be a murderer,” Jane cut in so scared.
”shut up Jane if you’re not interested you also
back up, just leave and die in poverty, my
decision is final once we’ve get the money we’ll
gonna realise Angela then you guys will shut her
to death,’ Suzan concluded then left.
”oh gosh! poor Angela,” said Jane so worried.
”are you in or out? Karen asked her.
”am in..” Jane replied almost trembling.
”let celebrate.. guys,” Karen laughed as she
picked two wine glass and filled it up with wine
then gave Jane.
”thank you,” Jane replied sounding so nervous.
They played a loud music, got drunk and dance.
Jane quickly picked up the key to Angela door
and quickly rushed upstairs to her room.
Angela was shocked to see her.
”are you behind this? please Jane let me out of
here,” she cried.
”i really want to help you Angela but i might end
up risking my own life. Suzan and Karen want
you death, they want to kill you so you need to
leave immediately,” she whisper to her.
”what! Suzan is actually behind this, she’s such a
”you need to leave before it too late,” Jane
suggested she quickly opened the window for
Angela looked down through the window it quite
far from her.
”but Jane i can’t jump,”
”you have too and you need to be fast am going
downstairs to opened the small gate for you at
the back yard,” Jane hurriedly left while Angela
looked through the window, it was so far and she
wonder if she can jump down, and she had no
other idea to do that she quickly looked down
and saw Jane already outside.
”be fast Angela, Suzan will soon be back,” Jane
”huh! is too far Jane but let me try,” she shout
back as she quickly jumped down with her eyes
closed, she found herself on the ground and
slowly opened her eyes.
She felt a sharp pain on her ankle.
”you need to leave,” Jane help her to stood up
and dragged her to the gate.
”just go, run i just remembered something i need
to disconnect the cctv, i forgot their a cctv
camera in your room,”
”what? won’t they caught you, you just have go
so we can call the police,” Angela suggested.
”you should go, i will do something about the
CCTV,” Jane assured her.
”thank you so much Jane, believe me they will
all pay for this,” Angela hugged her so tight.
”you have to go,” Jane quickly return back to the
house while Angela ran as far as her leg could
carry her in the bush.
Jane return back home and went to the control
room to check if she can do something about the
CCTV, she was shocked to see Suzan in their
seeing all that happen.
how dare you betrayed us,” Suzan yelled at her.
Jane said nothing as she quickly ran out while
Suzan followed her.

(The Garden of thorns)

writer: *Cristiana Crisella*
”guys, Angela has escape we need to find her
immediately,” Suzan shouted at the drunk guys,
Karen was already asleep as she wake her up.
”Angela has escape all because of Jane,”.
They all quickly stood up when they heard
Angela has escape and they all ran out in search
of her.
”we need to get that brat that let her escape,
Jane is such a foolish person,”, Karen yelled as
they went through the bush.
”anyone here? you better show yourself,” one of
their guys said.
Suddenly they sensed someone who hide behind
the tree and quickly went over their, it was Jane
she couldn’t move she fell on the ground hitting
her head so hard on a
”you betrayed us Jane, where’s Angela? Suzan
shouted at her.
”i don’t know, please forgive me,” she pleaded
but Suzan shoot her without pity and order her
guys to buried her their.
They searched everywhere but couldn’t find
”i guess we need to leave here before we get
caught,” Karen suggested and they did exactly
as they said because they knew if Angela has
escape the police might
go in search of them.
Angela was so weak as she crawl to the main
road, she looks so dirty and hungry but was
fortunate to be carried to the hospital by the
security men around the
Immediately Elsa and Chris were inform about
that and they quickly arrived at the hospital.
Angela was placed on drip, she was asleep and
her leg by the ankle was already wrapped with a
bandage, she got a fracture when she jumped
out through the window.
That was such a great news for Chris and Elsa
when they heard she’s still alive but they felt sad
seeing her in that condition.
”what actually happen? the security men asked
”she was kidnapped three days back, the
kidnappers ordered for a huge ransom, today was
the date line and we were about to meet them at
the venue given to us for
us to give them the money, i can’t believe
Angela was able to escape,” Elsa explained.
The next morning Angela was awake but felt a
sharp pain in her head and leg, she look so pale
and her face has swollen up, she was glad when
she saw Elsa and Chris
by her side.
”Angela,’ Elsa breathe out feeling so happy.
”you’re such a strong lady, i thought i will never
see you again,” said Elsa in tears.
”Angela,” Chris stare at her closely. ”she must
have suffered in they hands of those kidnappers,”
he thought.
”did they touched you in any way? hope nothing
bad happen to you? he asked so worried.
‘i managed to escape through the help of Jane,”
she said in a low tone.
”Jane! who is she? Elsa asked.
They doctor walked in and examine Angela.
”this not the right time for questions she really
need some rest,” the doctor said.
*Later in the evening, Angela got a little bit
better and managed to sit up she told them all
that happen.
”i just hope they did not hurt Jane, but while i
saw running in the bush i heard a gun shoot i
don’t know if that was Jane they killed,” She
said in amidst of
”Suzan will gonna pay for this believe me
Angela,” said Elsa.
”you’ve suffered a lot but not this time Angela,
am not gonna let anyone to hurt you again,”
Chris assured her.
”thank you so much for trying to help me out, it
a good thing i escape safely and yet no money
has been given to them, i really appreciates”,
Angela was so
grateful for their concern.
Angela was placed on diet and pain relief to
enable her quick recovery.
Just after two weeks of her stay at the hospital
she was discharged back but she has to walk
with a crutches because of her leg. This time
Elsa insisted she stay
with her because her mom would gladly accept
that. They have also reported to the police about
what happen and Suzan is WANTED, her poster
has gone all round the
state, at shoppings and club, parties and so on.
And not only Suzan but together with Karen and
their men.
It another new day, Angela opened her eyes
and found herself on a large beautiful bed, she
opened her eyes slowly and discovered she was
in Elsa’s room. She has been
staying with her for the past three days now.
Elsa’s mother has been so nice to her and has
decided to take care of her and sponsored her
education at all cost
together with her Elsa. Angela felt so happy
about that, she sees them as her own family.
”Elsa,” Angela called out as she stood up with
her crutches.
”you need to becareful Angela, if you need
anything just tell me first,” Elsa quickly rushed in
she was already dressed in her uniform.
”thank you so much Elsa for treating me like a
sister,” she smiled.
”you’re my sister Angela and i love you so much,
now you need to take your bath so we can have
breakfast,” Elsa walked her to the bathroom to
take in her bath and
in few minutes Angela was already dressed and
they went downstairs to eat.
Elsa mother was already dressed for work.
”you girls should take care of yourself,” she smile
as she hug them.
”thank you so much Ma’am i really appreciate
your effort,” said Angela.
”Ange’, you can call me mother i’ll be okay with
”really, at least i will have someone to call a
mother,”Angela hugged her passionately while
Elsa was so happy seeing them like that.
They quickly have their breakfast and went to
Angela walked with crutches to the class with
Elsa beside her but then Fiona went closer to
”so sorry poor Angela, i guess this might be the
consequences of what you did, for you to be
kidnapped by your prostitute friends, this
something we need to look
into it,” said Fiona as she laughed but Angela
ignored her because she wasn’t ready for her.
”we gat no issues with you Fiona you’re nothing
but a bad luck,” Said Elsa as they walked away
with Angela.
”Hey Angela,” Chris quickly came to her and
carried her in his arms.
”Chris what are you doing? she asked.
”i don’t want you to stress yourself, i will take
you to the class myself,” he smiled.
Elsa picked up her crutches while Chris take her
to the class and all eyes was on them, Fiona
was so much angry when she saw that but Chris
was even happy about that
also Angela, she just wish he will be in love with
her, her arms were wrapped around his shoulder,
he took her to the class and keep her gently on
her seat.
”make sure you take care of her,” he said to
”of course i will,” Elsa repiled with a grinned.
.Later during break Elsa and Angela walked to
the cafeteria but Angela went to check on the
Mr. Matt, her friend, she knows he will be so
worried about her especially
when he heard she was kidnapped she went to
the school garden but then she heard something
which break her heart.
”we actually know who Angela is, she’s a bar
dancer, she wears teensy, weensy short clothes,
she dance infront of random men for money, so
have nothing to do with
her personal life,” a familiar voice said.
”Angela is cheap, she’s tacky, she’s of no good
and i guess that was actually what attract Greg
to her…
When Angela heard tears were already formed in
her eyes, she moved closer and was shocked to
see it was Chris talking. ”what on earth will make
Chris say such a thing about her, afterall he was
actually right”, she thought as she struggle to
hold back more tears from her eyes…

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