Angela Episode 11 & 12

(The Garden of thorns)

writer: *Cristiana Crisella*
Angela opened her window early in the morning
and quickly dressed for school.
”oh God, i just hope today will gonna be great!”
she said to herself as she quickly utter a short
prayer and left.
She trek to school as usual and felt a little bit
nervous, she thought about Greg, then Chris and
Fiona, she just felt like staying back at home but
she still
encourage herself to be strong and walked
straight to school.
”gosh! i wish today will gonna better than
tomorrow,” she smile to herself.
# DURING BREAK. Angela and Elsa went to the
cafeteria to have lunch together.
”so what about Greg? Elsa asked as she sip her
”i really don’t know but i feel like am hurting
Greg and i really don’t want to do so,” she said.
”so what you gonna do?
‘i really don’t know, i wish he will understand me
and that’s all,” said Angela.
Leam hurriedly entered the cafeteria and was
glad to meet Angela.
”Angela, you need to come right away,”
what happen? she asked.
”It Greg he just fainted,” said Leam.
”What! Angela was shocked to hear that as she
quickly rushed to meet him at the school clinic,
Chris was also their with him.
”what happen to him? when? please talk to me?
She asked so worried and all Chris do is to stare
at her she look so worried about him maybe she
loves him already,” he thought.
”he will soon be fine, it due to stress and much
thinking, he needed someone close to him,” the
nurse explain as she sat down.
”what! please Angela only you can do this,” said
Leam while Chris glare at him.
”what did you mean? she asked.
”Greg was really heart broken about how you
turn him down please Angela accept to be his
girlfriend for the main time so that he will be fine
again, Greg need you more than ever please do
that for us. Will you? he asked.
”no Leam he’s my friend i will still take care of
him,’ she said as she look at Chris and their eyes
”are you okay with that? she asked.
”sure Angela, i know he must be passing through
this because he loves you, am sure you will help
him because he’s still my friend,” said Chris.
‘thank you then,” he smile as she gaze at Greg
who was still unconscious.
They all stayed behind him until he regain back
his consciousness and was glad to see Angela
by his side.
”please Angela tell me you love me, i want you in
my life,” he muttered slowly.
”Greg believe me we’re friends and am gonna be
right by your side,” she held his hands so tight
and Greg smile to himself.
Shortly after when school was over Greg driver’s
has already arrived. Chris and Leam help him
walked to the car and suggest he should rest
much better at home.
Angela went to the rehearsals at the hall and
was glad to meet their patron Mrs. Sarah and
some others teacher their still. It just the ten of
them contesting for
Miss Royal Academy and Fiona was one of them,
they needed to be told about the predicament
and how it is been done.
Immediately after their Rehearsals Angela glance
at her wrist and the time was six o’clock pm, she
quickly picked up her bag and hurried towards
the gate when she saw Chris.
”hey, so how was Greg before he left? she
”you know when he saw you he felt much better,
i guess he will soon recover,” he smiled.
”that a good news well bye i need to go home it
already getting late and seems it may rained,”
she smile back.
”i will go with you,”
”no you can’t, what if something bad happen to
you? she asked
”don’t think negative, nothing bad will gonna
happen, please allow me do so,”
”okay then,” she smiled. They walked through the
path alone, only few people can be seen passing
by, they were quiet throughout but still have a lot
to tell each other until it suddenly rain. Chris
quickly held her hand and they ran to get
somewhere to stay in order not to get drench.
They stopped at the front of a closed shop and
waited till the rain was over as quickly rushed
home. Angela checked her time it was seven
o’clock pm and it dark already.
”thank you for bringing home, but what about you
how can you go home alone? she asked
”don’t worry about me, i will be fine,” he smiled.
”thank you so much, i really appreciate,” she
smile as she dropped her school bag on the
”okay then i have to leave, see you tomorrow,”
”thanks a lot,” she smile while he left.
Angela smiled to herself and felt so special.
Chris has his own way to make me feel special,”
she smiled to herself.
The next morning Greg was glad to see Angela
at school, looking so happy.
”thanks a lot Angela you’re such a caring
person,” he smiled handing a red rose flower to
”what this for? she asked.
”it a token of my appreciation from me to you, i
love so much Angela,” he smiled.
”thanks”, Angela could perceive the strong scent
in the flower.
”so i will like to invite you to my friends party in
town, am not asking you to go their and dance, i
only need someone with me please,”, he pleaded.
”but what about Chris and Leam, i really don’t
want to attend any parties again,” she looked
”please Angela we won’t stay late, ”.
”so how you feeling and you can’t even attend
party in this your condition,” she said.
”am doing much better Angela, please don’t turn
my request,” he stared closely at her.
. Everyone seems so happy, they place was
beautifully decorated and party light could be
seen. Angela was very surprise when she saw
her dancing team Suzan and the rest but glad
non of them saw her.
”Everyone was busy, some having fun, drinking,
dancing and lot more.
”care for some drink? Greg asked her.
”no Greg i don’t feel like drinking today, just
make it snappy i need to leave here
immediately,” she said.
They had good time together they party was so
fun and she could see her dancing group dancing
and that makes her smile.
”this such a very grand party, everything here
smells money,” she though within herself.
Greg was seated next to her but suddenly fall
down form his chair holding his stomach.
”are you okay? Angela asked her heart was
beating faster.
”I’ve told you not to come, you’ve not fully
recover remember what the nurse said you need
some rest,” she scolded.
”just take me to a room, please,” he managed to
”room! we should leave here immediately instead
so you can rest at home,” she insisted.
please am so restless just take me to the room,”
he said again and looks so helpless. Angela
supported him walked as she took him to the
next room.
”how you feeling now? i guess we should go
home now so you can rest so well,” she said.
”don’t worry abut me,” he clearly said as he
stood up looking more strong and pushed Angela
aside then hurriedly locked the door.
”what are you doing? i thought you were sick just
some few minutes ago?’ she asked her heart
beating more fast.
”i love you Angela and i’ve always admire your
sexy body,” he said licking his lips.
”this is all i want from you,” he laughed while
Angela stood up and slapped him so hard. ”open
this door or i shout,”
”shout if you can, no one will gonna hear you, the
music is played so loud and no one will even
care about that” he smiled
”are you that useless! she yelled at him while
Greg slapped her back then pushed her hitting
her head against the wall, he quickly remove his
shirt then moved closer to her.
”please Greg,” she said already crying.
”i thought you’re a good person please just let
me go, don’t hurt me please,” she cried.
”am not gonna hurt you my love,” he smiled and
moved closer to her touching her hair then down
to her laps.
please just stop it! I’ve never done this before,
please,” she cried.
”don’t tell me you’re still a virgin? he asked while
she nodded still in tears.
”really, he laugh. ”am not gonna hurt you then,
believe me Angela after this you will gonna love
me more than ever,” he yelled at her then tore
her dress, and kissed her, his mouth was on hers
avoiding her from shouting and held her both
hands so tight.
”why will i have to pass through this, why will my
life has to be this way! i would i end up been
raped,” she thought tears streaming from her
eyes uncontrollable.
She struggle so hard to push him away from her
but he was too strong than her. Greg kept
kissing her all over down to her legs then quickly
unzipped his trouser..

(The Garden of thorns)

writer: *Cristiana Crisella*
”get yourself off me,” she pushed him away from
her but Greg landed a heavy slap on her face.
”you can’t stop me from doing this, the door is
already locked no one will save you today,” he
Angela tried all she could to save herself and
was glad to see a knife on a tray with some
fruits on the table beside the bed she reached
out her hand to carry it
but couldn’t, she quickly kick him so hard in
between his legs and pushed him aside.
”believe me Greg am gonna kill you today,” she
quickly carried the knife pointing it at him.
”don’t be too stubborn Angela you can’t stop me
from doing this,” he yelled.
”give me the key, just open the door so i can
go,” she said in amidst of tears.
”no Angela, just drop this knife aside,”he quiickly
moved closer to her but she stab him on his
”i will kill Greg,” she yelled in tears and stab him
again. Greg was already in pool of blood and
Angela just realise what she did, her hand
stained with his
blood, he was already losing so much blood.
Angela quickly picked up the door key in his
trouser pocket and opened the door, she quickly
ran outside and people were surprise seeing her
blood stained in her hand and her dress tore.
‘please just help, i need your help,” she shouted
and quickly inform people around to see Greg
who was lying unconsious in a pool of blood.
Her friends were very surprise seeing that. But
then Suzan felt happy maybe she’s gonna rot in
jail for this.
Everywhere became crowdy and people move up
and down to see Greg, his friends quickly
informed his parents and rushed him to the
hospital while Angela was arrested
for attempt murder or even murder that what his
friends told to the police.
Angela was still at the prison in tears she
regretted ever following Greg but was still
grateful to God he didn’t succeed in raping her.
She wanted to explain to the
police what actually happen but no one want to
hear from her, she felt a sudden hatred for Greg
and wished him death wherever he is.
The next day, Elsa was worried not seeing
Angela at school also Chris he wondered why her
and Greg were absent form the school, he miss
her already and wanted to
know if everything was fine with her. The school
was just so bored to him without her. He just
received a call from Leam who is also not at
school and was told Greg
was in the hospital he told Elsa and they
immediately left the school.
”i guess Angela was with him,” Elsa thought.
They quickly arrived to the hospital and saw
Leam pacing up an down.
‘where’s Angela, what about her? Chris asked so
”she’s at the police station we need to help her,”
”what happen, did anything happen? Elsa asked
almost in tears.
”we need to rushed over their,” Leam suggested
leaving them in suspense, they quickly rushed to
the station to see Angela.
Angela felt good when she saw Elsa and Chris,
she quickly hugged Elsa so tight and cried in her
”what happen to your face, did someone beat
you? Elsa asked.
”speak up Angela, did you had a fight with
anyone? why are you here? why are you
arrested? Chris asked so worried.
”i was nearly raped, Greg wanted to raped me,”
she cried out loud. ”and i have no other option
than to stab him,”.
Chris was shocked to hear that and felt so angry.
”is that why he have to hurt you this way, i have
always knew his intentions towards you was so
wrong Greg will gonna regret ever messing up
with you,”. Said Chris in anger as he quickly left
and rushed to the hospital, walked straight to
Greg wards who was still lying in pains.
”how dare you? Chris bumped into the room and
quickly grabbed Greg, removing the drip
connected to him, and slapped him much harder.
”how dare you try to touch Angela, what makes
you think of doing that to her! he yelled as he
quickly grabbed Greg by the neck and slapped
him again until the
nurses came in and held Chris back.
”you need to leave,” The nurse suggested.
”he don’t need to be here, he just need to be
death, did you know what he did. Greg i guess
Angela should have stab you to death that what
you deserves,” he yelled then walked out.
Greg was still weak and couldn’t believe his plan
”how could Angela stab me so bad like this,” he
thought looking down to the side of his stomach
which covered bandage. The nurse quickly came
to his aid. While his parents were on their way to
see him.
Angela was release out of the jail that evening,
and Elsa suggested she follow her home, maybe
that would be much safe.
”that’s not necessary i will fine over here,” said
”Angela am so sorry about what happen, am
sorry for not coming to your aid, i am gonna
teach Greg a lesson he will never forget,” said
”it a good thing nothing bad happen. You’ve done
enough to me already, thank you so much Chris,”
she hugged him so tight.
”i just wish never to see that Greg, i hate him so
much,” she said disengaging from the hug.
”you need to stay in a safe place for now please
Angela i don’t want anything to happen to you
again, i can’t take the news of any bad news of
you again,”.
”I will be fine, please just allow me stay here, i
don’t want to be a burden to anyone nothing bad
will gonna happen,”
”if you insist, please Angela you need to be more
careful, Elsa hugged her.
”Angela take care cox i care,” Chris said staring
at her.
”thanks, at least i have friends who are so
caring, i really appreciates,” she said.
Fiona make sure no one was with Greg at
the hospital as she quickly went to checked on
him the look on her face was that of anger.
”how dare you Greg, why did you allow her to
stab you, i thought only you’re that smart,” she
”don’t scolded me, because i have always want
to have Angela for myself, on my bed, i don’t
need your money, am in a serious pain and
wonder how i still survived it, Angela will gonna
pay for this,”
Fiona eyed him with so much anger in her.
”you just ruin my plans, i wish you nothing but
death,” she yelled at him.
Elsa was so worried for not seeing Angela
through out at school. Chris was just restless
and immediately after school they rushed to
check on her only to find out her room was
empty some of her cloths were packed. She kept
a note for them on the table which was:
To whoever that will read this,
am going so far away, far away from everyone to
start a new life somewhere,
i know i might be homeless but i have to leave
for some reason.
what right does an orphan like me has?
Please don’t bother to look for me.
Angela Scott.
Elsa and Chris read the letter and was just
confused they immediately asked the neighbors
around and move around with her pictures trying
to search for her at the street but all was in
Angela eyes were closed in a dark room she
regretted ever leaving, that same evening she
packed her things to leave she was attacked at
the car park by some guys and was kidnapped.
Suzan was the main person behind the
kidnapped she want to use that opportunity to
get as much money she want from Chris, but she
knew definitely he will do everything to save her,
while Karen and Jane agreed to her idea.
.”don’t be too stubborn okay,’ the first guy
pushed her on the floor.
”please let me go, am just an orphan i don’t have
any family, so no one can pay the money you
requested for,” she pleaded but her cry fell on
deaf ears.
The day Chris and Elsa were still in search of
Angela but she later receive a phone call from
the kidnapper.
”we need $200,000 euro for you to get Angela
”what who am i speaking with and where’s
Angela,” Elsa was startled and was already
”she’s right here with us,” the caller laughed as
he moved closer and gave Angela the phone to
talk to them so they can be sure she’s with
”Elsa please i need you help, i shouldn’t have
leave..” she cried.
”Angela! she could hear Chris shouting her name
which made her cry the more.
”well we need that money in the next three days
or else we kill her,” the caller replied then hang
”the money is too much… what were they
thinking,” said Elsa.
”we need to do something, how could such
things just happen immediately to Angela, why
her, why will it have to be her! Chris was so
That same day he arrived home late in the
evening an his parents were so mad at him.
”Chris, don’t try to be a good person by helping
that good for nothing girl, just let her be,
concentrate on your studies instead.. his mother
”mom, she’s kidnapped and she need assistant,
am her friend i can’t let that happen to her,’;’
”shut up Chris don’t involve your self in this
mess,” his dad scolded.
”dad, she need our help,”.
”non of course will involve in this mess and mind
you tomorrow we will be leaving here to Paris,”
”for what, is that really necessary?
”not only necessary but very urgent and that my
final decision, get your things ready cos we are
leaving first thing tomorrow morning.. His dad
concluded then left.
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