Chapter 24
As I laid there, I tried calling for Crystal or Sapphire
but no one could
hear me. I needed this wood out of me, so I could
go after my
brother. I needed to kill him so he couldn't get his
hands on my
Crystal, I can't let him take her away from me.
“Please let me go find him.”, I pleaded. Sapphire
just wouldn't listen
to me.
“I need to find Casper, I need to know that he's
okay and I need to
tell him how I feel about him.”, I thought.
While Sapphire had her back turned I tried to make
a run for it, but
by the time I reached the door behind the curtains,
she already had a
hold of my wrist.
“LET ME GO!”, I screamed.
“No. You'll let me go first, so that I can make sure
it's safe.”, she
I agreed and slowly followed her out from behind
the curtain. I
couldn't believe what I was seeing, there was ash
and bloodied
bodies laying all over the ballroom.
“How could he have done this? This is the work of
a real monster.”, I
We made our way through the ballroom and out into
the hallway,
and I could tell there had been fighting out here. I
couldn't tell if
either of them were dead, since there was no ash or
I followed after Sapphire afraid of what I might find.
The whole way from the ballroom, I couldn't help
but wonder if
Casper had managed to kill Jasper. I knew he was
very capablethe of
doing so.
As we rounded the corner I could just see past
Sapphire, and I knew
instantly that it was Casper. I began to panic and
my heart felt like it
would beat out of my chest. “He's dead, he's
dead!”, I just kept
saying over and over to myself. I began to walk
faster trying to get
around Sapphire, because I needed to check for
“He's not dead.”, she told me blocking my path.
“He's not?”, I asked.
“No he isn't, you have seen how Vampires die. Does
it look like he's
a pile of ash to you?”, she asked me.
She's right, he can't be dead and with that, I pushed
Sapphire out of
the way and ran straight to Casper.
Leaning down beside him I asked, “Casper can you
hear me?”
“Wait.”, Sapphire said. She reached down and
pulled a piece of
wood from his chest.
That's when he started breathing again, it was like
he had been
winded. He tried to suck in as much air as
“Can you hear me?”, I asked again.
“Of course I can hear you, I'm not dead.”, he replied
with a lopsided
Even all cut up and bruised, he still looked like a
“Can you get up?”, I asked.
“Yep, just give me a minute.”
“Okay.”, was all I said.
While I waited for Casper to get up off the floor, I
thought of telling
him how I felt, but I didn't. I didn't want to ruin
things by telling him,
so I decided that I would keep it to myself. If he
liked me in anyway
he would have told me by now, at least I hoped he
would have. I still
didn't know what Sapphire meant when she said I
was his, but it
couldn't have been in a romantic way I was sure.
Casper finally stood up, but needed some help from
“Are you sure you're okay.”, I asked unsure.
“I'm fine, I just need to feed and then I'll be
alright.”, he said.
I didn't want to think of him drinking blood, but at
least I knew it
wasn't straight from a human. I knew he used blood
that he gets
from the blood bank. I followed him and Sapphire
into the kitchen.
“I'll call the cleaners.”, Sapphire said. Then she
carefully helped
Casper into one of the chairs.
“Thank you.”, he said as he sat down.
Sapphire walked out of the kitchen to call the
cleaners, and I sat at
the opposite end of the table amazed at how weak
Casper looked.
“Would you mind getting me the bottle from the
fridge please?”, he
asked me.
I didn't hesitate even though the thought grossed
me out, but hey I
eat so I guess he has too as well. That's one thing
I can never see
myself doing. I'll never be turned, just the thought
made me shiver. If
I didn't turn I wouldn't have a life with Casper. I
knew that I would
grow old and he wouldn't age at all. I pushed the
thought to the
back of my mind, while he quickly downed the
bottle I had given
“Do you need more.”, I asked.
“No, that was enough.”
“Did you kill Jasper?”, I had to ask. I needed to
know if he would be
coming back.
“No, he got away from me this time.”, he replied in
an angry tone.
I didn't say anything else, I just sat there at the
table. I need my
brain to switch off for just five minutes. I knew that
wasn't going to
happen though, because I still wasn't safe.
“Why did he do it?”, I asked.
“It's all he knows. He's been a monster since the
death of our
mother, and he always will be.”
“Will he be back?”, I asked fearfully.
“Yes. He said he wont give up, and I believe him.”
“What does he want?”
“It doesn't matter, because he won't get it.”, he
When Casper spoke those last words, I had a
feeling I knew what he
was after. It's me, he wants me!
“It's me, I'm what he wants!”, I said aloud.
“He won't get you, so there's no need to worry.”, he
“There's a chance that he could.”
“No. No chance at all, I won't let you out of my
sight. I'd give my
own life to make sure you lived yours.”
That's when the tears started, and I couldn't hold
them back. I went
from being abused by Casper, to being treated like
a queen. Now I'm
wanted by his monster of a brother, when the hell
did my life get so
“He will never lay a hand on you, I promise. I'll
watch over you night
and day, I can't have you taken away from me, I just
can't. I don't
want to lose you, don't you understand that? I will
not let anyone or
anything hurt you ever again.
“Okay.”, was all I could say between sobs.
We sat in silence as I calmed down and all I could
think of where
those last words. He said he didn't want to lose
me, and won't let
Jasper take what's his? What does he mean by all
“The cleaners are finished.”, Sapphire said as she
walked back into
the kitchen.
“Thank you.”, was all Casper said.
“I'm going to bed, are you sure you're okay?”, I
asked Casper.
“I'm a Vampire, of course I'm okay. I'll walk you up
to bed.”, he said.
He then stood from the table and held out his hand.
I gladly accepted his offer and placed my hand in
his. We didn't
speak walking to my room, but the silence was
comfortable and
actually pretty nice. For once I didn't have a
thousand thoughts
flying through my head. We arrived at my door, and
I looked up into
his beautiful green eyes.
“Are you going to bed as well?”, I asked.
“No I've got a few things to do, but I 'll be in my
room if you need
me.”, he said. He leaned down and kissed me on
the forehead, then
walked towards his door.
I opened my door and turned the light on, softly
closing the door and
walking towards the bathroom.
“I need a shower.”, I thought.
I went and turned the water on until it was at the
right temperature,
and I undressed and stepped into the shower. The
bathroom filled
with steam, making it nice and warm in there.
After about thirty five minutes in the shower, I
decided to hop out
and dress for bed. Once dressed I went in to brush
my teeth and
comb my hair. Once I was done I went and curled
up in bed.
“ No please don't kill me.”, I pleaded.
“ Now why wouldn't I kill you? It would break my
precious little
brother's heart.”, replied Jasper.
“ No. No. No please I love him don't take me away
from him, it will kill
him as well.”
I can't let him kill me, if he kills me then Casper will
die as well.

Chapter 25
I could hear Crystal talking in her sleep and I tried
not to listen in.
When I heard her scream out for me, I was in her
room with a
second. There was nobody there, and she was still
sound asleep.
“Crystal wake up.”, I said.
She didn't respond so I softly shook her.
“It's just a dream, come one wake up.”, she still
didn't wake up. So
this time I shook her a little harder, hoping it would
“Crystal!”, I nearly shouted.
She started to stir and soon opened her eyes. She
was panting fast
like she was struggling to breathe. I grabbed her
shoulders to try
and help her calm down.
“You're okay now, your awake.”, I said.
“Oh my god he got me!”
“Who got you?”, I asked even though I knew what
she was going to
“Jasper”, she whispered.
“He won't get you, I promise I won't let him hurt
you.”, I said.
I would protect her at all costs, I wouldn't let my
psychotic brother
get near her. I'll go without sleep if I have to, I don't
need it anyway
it just passes the time. I will be glued to her day
and night if I have
“He will! I know he will!”, she said sobbing.
“No he won't, I'll kill him before he ever gets the
chance.”, I said as I
pulled her trembling body into my arms.
She placed her head on my shoulder,and all I could
think about, was
how good it felt to have her in my arms like this. I
started rubbing
small circles on her back, and whispering in her ear
that everything
would be okay.
She cried for about another hour before drifting off
to sleep. I softly
and slowly laid her down on the bed, and sat in the
chair by the
window. I'll watch over her, I won't let him get near
“I will not lose my soul mate because of my crazy
ass brother.”, I
said to myself.
As the hours slowly passed, I thought of how I
could possibly tell her
that she's my soul mate. That we are destined to
be together. No
matter how hard I thought, I just couldn't figure out
a way to tell her.
I admit this Vampire is scared of getting his heart
broken again.
“Casper. Casper please find me.”, I heard Crystal
I walked over to the edge of the bed and sat down.
“Ssh I'm right here.”
I grabbed her hand and held it in mine, and I sat
with my back
against the headboard. I held her hand tightly so
she knew I was still
with her.
She hadn't said a word in the past three hours, and
the sun would be
rising soon. I knew she'd wake up shortly, she
always seemed to be
an early riser. I'd stood up and was walking
towards the door when I
heard her whisper, “I love you.”
I stood frozen on the spot, did she just say what I
think she said? No
she couldn't have, could she?
“No I really do love you Casper.”, she said out loud.
I turned to face the bed only to realize that she was
still asleep.
Could it be true, does she really love me? Or is it
just another dream?
I couldn't help but ponder this as I left her room to
go shower and
get dressed.
I walked back into Crystal's room to find she was
already up, and in
the shower. I took my seat back in the chair by the
window and
waited patiently for her to finish. About thirty
minutes later I heard
the water turn off, and could hear every movement
she made.
“Hi”, I said as she walked out. I didn't want to
startle her.
“Good morning. How did you sleep?”, she asked
“Not too bad, yourself?”, I asked.
“Okay I guess. I couldn't stop dreaming about
Jasper hurting me
and taking me away.”, she replied. I could see the
fear and
uncertainty in her eyes.
I have no idea how I can prove to her that I will not
let Jasper get to
her. I'd give my life for her's no questions asked.
The last thing I remember was falling asleep in
Casper's arms, I wish
I would have woke up in them.
I woke in the morning and quickly jumped in the
shower, the dream I
had last night had me a little hot and bothered. I
mean the dream I
about Casper, not the one of his brother trying to
kill me. If I had to
dream all the time, I'd like to dream of Casper and
all the things we
could do to each other.
Crap there I go again! I hopped out of the shower
and dried myself
off. Then I quickly got dressed and walked out of
the bathroom. I
was shocked when I walked into the bedroom and
heard, “Hi.”
“Good morning. How did you sleep?”, I asked him.
“Not to bad, yourself?”, he asked.
“Okay I guess. I couldn't stop dreaming about
Jasper hurting me
and taking me away.”, I replied.
The thought of being taken away hurt so much. I
didn't want to
think about it, but every time I closed my eyes
that's all I could see. I
was afraid of the pain Jasper would inflict on me,
before finally
killing me.
“He won't touch you I promise.” Casper said for the
tenth time.
I didn't say anything else, I just walked towards the
vanity and sat
down. I started brush all the knots out of my hair,
when I was done I
put it up in a ponytail.
“I'm going to need a haircut soon.”, I said.
“Sapphire can cut your hair, or even April when she
gets back.”,
Casper said.
“Great! I'll let Sapphire cut it, I don't want to wait till
April gets back.”
It's been four months since I was taken away from
my friends, and
family, but now I know I've gained new friends.
Sapphire and April
had become my friends over the time I'd been here.
My feelings for
Casper were only getting stronger.
“When will my parents finally give up looking for
me? It's been four
months already.”
“Well as long as they think you're alive, they will
probably keep
looking for you. If they think that your dead,
however, they would
stop believing that they might find you.”, he replied.
Tears burned in the corners of my eyes, and I
couldn't help but feel
bad for my family. I was ripped away from them
without a word, but
if none of this had happened I wouldn't have met
“I need them to think I'm dead, I can't let them
keep searching for
me thinking I might be alive.”
“Okay I can make that happen, are you sure this is
what you want?”,
he asked.
“Yes, it's what I want.”
With that he stood and walked out of the room, and
closed the door
behind him. I didn't have anything to do today, so I
was going to
spend it in my room. I laid down on my bed and
thought of all the
things back home. I missed the smell of mum
cooking, and the hugs
from my dad. I missed my best friend and all my
other friends too.
No matter what, they always knew how to make me
I was sad because I knew I could never go back
there, but if it meant
I could stay with Casper I'd be okay. I knew I would
miss them, but I
also knew that I would be happy here.
As the hours slowly passed, I wondered where
Casper had gone. It
was early morning when he left and it's now
evening, and I still
haven't seen him around. I decided I would search
the house and
see if I could find him. It wasn't hard to find him, he
was in his
office like I thought he would be. I knocked on the
door and then
opened it, there he was sitting behind his desk
looking at me.
“Can I come in?”, I asked.
“Of course.”
I slowly walked into his office and took a seat on
the lounge, and I
have to admit that it was really soft. I could sit here
all day long. As I
sat there for a minute, I wondered what he was
planning for my so
called death.
“How will you make my parents believe I'm dead?”,
I asked.
“I will put your blood and hair all over a cabin in
the forest, along
with some of your ripped up clothes. It will look
like a bear or some
other animal attacked you. I need you to go get
some of your hair
out of your hairbrush, and some old clothing you
have here.”, he
He seemed to have everything all planned out, so I
left to do as he
I walked up to my room and grabbed hair from my
brush, and some
old skinny jeans and a t-shirt. Then I walked back
down to his office
and saw that he had an iv stand set up. There was
a bag in his hand
with a long tube that had a needle on the end. I
really hate needles,
so I started to get nervous.
“I won't take a lot just enough to make it look real.
I'll also take
some from the fridge as well.
“Why do you wanna use my blood at all?”, I asked
“To make the scene look real, if I use some other
blood and they do
a DNA test, they will know it's not your blood.”, he
So I sat in the chair next to the stand and held my
arm out. I didn't
want to look as he swabbed the area with an
alcohol pad, and
inserted the needle. So instead, I stared into his
beautiful green eyes
and admired the vibrant color of them.
It didn't take long for Casper to take what blood he
needed. Once he
was done I was a little light headed, so he picked
me up and laid me
down on the lounge.
“You need to rest for a little while, I'll be back in a
He left the room and I started to close my eyes, as
I could feel
myself getting sleepy. Before I could fall asleep, I
felt Casper softly
touch my cheek.
“Sit up so you can drink this.”, he said. As I
opened my eyes I could
see Casper holding a drink out for me to take.
I sat up and took the drink out of his hand and
gulped it down in one
“Thank you.”, I said as I laid back down and started
to drift off.
I wasn't completely asleep yet, when I heard Casper
walking around
the office...