Chapter 26
I couldn't believe what I'd just heard, as I stared
deeply into
Casper's eyes. He loves me! He actually loves me!
He didn't speak
and nether did I, I was still very aware of my hand
in his.
“I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that, I thought you
were asleep.”, he
mumbled as he looked at the floor.
He went to release my hand but I held onto his
tighter. I knew I
couldn't physically hurt him, so I used all my
strength and grabbed
him as tight as possible.
“Don't go.”, I finally managed to say.
He didn't release my hand and took a seat next to
“Why did you say those things?”, I asked him.
“I thought you were sleeping, otherwise I never
would have said
“Who not?”, I questioned him.
“Because I didn't know how you'd react.”, he replied
I didn't know what to say, I've argued with myself
for the last few
weeks, about the fact that I love him. Although for
some reason, I
just couldn't bring myself to say those three little
words. So instead
I just said,
“I like you too.” Great, that made me feel quite
stupid. He declares
that he loves me, but I'm too chicken to say the
words back.
Just then Sapphire came running into the room.
“Casper, you have to come quick! I just received a
phone call that
father is very sick. We need to leave for England
now!”, she said.
“That can't be.”, he whispered.
“What does this mean?”, I asked fearfully.
“If he dies, I take the throne and for that to happen,
I have to be
married.”, he replied. He soundedvery worried, I
don't think I've ever
heard him speak like this.
“You'll become king?”, I asked.
“Not unless I'm married.”
I didn't know what else to say, so I stayed silent.
While Casper was
arranging a flight to England for Sapphire and
himself, I walked up to
my room and laid on my bed. If Casper's father
dies, Casper will
have to get married and take the throne. I know he
said he loved me,
but I can't stand in the way of him taking the throne
where he
Just as I started to nod off, there was a knock at
the door.
“Can I come in?”, Casper asked.
“Of course, it's your house after all.”
“Why aren't your bags packed?”, he asked confused.
I looked at him like a complete idiot. Why would I
be packing my
bags, it's not my father who is sick. No that I could
go be with my
father anyway, but I still don't see why I need to
“Why would I need to pack?”, I asked.
“You seriously don't think I'd leave you here alone,
now do you?”, he
asked incredulously.
Honestly I thought he was going to, he didn't tell
me to pack. So
therefore I didn't assume I was going with them.
“Actually yes, I did think I was staying here. You
didn't tell me to
pack, so I didn't.”, I replied.
“Well you are going, so hurry up and pack a few
things. We will get
you more stuff when we get to London" he said.
I ran around the room like a chicken with my head
cut off. I was
trying to figure out what to pack, because I had no
idea what the
weather was going to be like in London. I threw
some jeans,
jumpers, and some shirts into a suitcase Sapphire
gave me. I also
included some dresses and skirts, along with bras
and panties.
I walked towards the stairs with my suitcase in
tow. I didn't make it
very far when Casper grabbed the suitcase from me,
and had it down
stairs within a split second.
“Come on, it's time to go.”, Casper said in a rushed
I practically ran down the stairs, and followed them
out the door.
Then I remembered that I didn't have passport, so I
couldn't leave
the country.
“I can't go, I don't have a passport.”, I said to the
two very impatient
Vampires before me.
“It's okay you don't need one, it's a private jet for
the royal family.”,
Sapphire said.
“I'm not a Vampire or a member of the royal
family.”, I said.
“Come one just get in the car, everything will be
fine. You're our
guest you can fly if we want you to, and with Jasper
still out there
you go where I go.”, said Casper.
I did as I was told and got into the car. Sapphire
sat in the back so I
could sit in the front with Casper. We haven't had a
chance to talk
since I told him I like him as well. That can wait
though, all Casper
needs to focus on right now is his father. Not my
childish reply to
his confession of his love for me.
Then I remembered Casper was meant to plant
evidence of my
death, so my parents wouldn't keep searching for
me. I didn't want
them to keep trying to find me, because I knew I'd
never see them
again. So I didn't want them to keep hoping for
something that
would never happen.
“What about the cabin?”, I asked him.
“It's already been taken care of. By the time we're in
London, your
parents will think you're dead.”, he replied.
“Okay.”, was all I said.
I took a trip down memory lane, thinking of all the
things I've done
with my family and friends. Thinking of all the
things I'll miss out on.
Will Kiara get married, and have kids? Will Aaron
finally settle down
with just one girl? Will my parents ever be happy
again? I want them
all to move on with their lives.
Casper drove like a maniac, not once did he sit on
the speed limit.
We drove into a private entrance at the airport, and
pulled the car to
a stop. We all climbed out and followed Casper to
the plane.
“What about the bags?”, I asked.
“They'll be put on the plane before we leave.”, said
We walked towards the plane, and I have to admit I
was a little
scared. I've never been on a plane before. My heart
pounding and I guess Casper could hear, because
he grabbed my
hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.
“Everything will be okay.”, he whispered in my ear.
“I know. I've just never been on a plane before, so
I'm a little
scared.”, I said with a light giggle.
We boarded the plane and took our seats, and it
was actually really
nice inside. The interior was a pale cream color
with black trim, It
even had a mini bar and a large plasma screen TV.
“Put your seat belt on, we will be taking off in five
minutes.”, said
Within fifteen minutes we were in the air. The
takeoff scared the
crap out of me, but Casper grabbed my hand and
held it tightly. I
knew the flight was going to be a long one, as
Casper said it would
take about fifteen hours. So I relaxed still holding
Casper's hand and
drifted off to sleep.

Episode 27
***CASPER'S P.O.V***
I held her hand the entire flight and I could tell that
she was still
scared, even while she was sleeping. I can't believe
the silly girl
thought I'd leave her behind, I would never leave her
on her own.
We should be landing in about one hour, give or
take a few minutes.
I really hope father is okay, I love him and don't
want anything bad
to happen to him. I'm also not ready to step up and
be king, I'm not
ready for that kind of responsibility.
I also don't want to have to marry somebody else, I
want to marry
Crystal. It's too soon though to even think of asking
her, we haven't
even been out on a date yet. When I confessed my
love for her, I
could tell that she was definitely shocked. I needed
to tell her
though, even if it was while she was sleeping. I
didn't know she
would wake to those words.
She said she likes me but that's not the same a
loving someone. If
father dies, I will be made to marry straight after. I
don't want to be
forced to marry at all, but if I have to I want it to be
Crystal. I don't
want anybody but her, I never will never want
anyone else.
The pilot announced that we were making our
descent, so I went
ahead and woke Crystal. She looked so peaceful
and I didn't want
to wake her, but I had no choice as she needed to
put the chair back
“Crystal, it's time to land”, I softly told her.
She mumbled some gibberish before finally opening
her eyes.
“Hello.”, she said with a sleepy smile.
Gosh she looked and sounded so cute when first
waking up.
“Well hello there.”, I replied smiling.
When she sat up she had bed hair going on, or
should I say chair
hair rather. I couldn't help but let out a small
chuckle. She looked at
me weird and when I ran my hand through my hair,
she mirrored my
“Great my hair is a mess.”, she said.
“You look beautiful.”, I said looking at her
It was the truth, she'll always look beautiful to me.
We got off the
plane and headed towards the car that was waiting.
Sapphire got in
front while Crystal and I climbed into the back.
“I've got to remember to keep a very close eye on
some of the
Vampires at court, as not all of them have them
same diet as us
royals.”, I thought to myself.
“We should arrive at court within twenty minutes
Prince Casper.”, the
driver said.
I didn't answer I just gave a slight nod of my head,
letting him know
I'd heard him. The car ride was pretty quick and no
one spoke at all.
I knew Crystal was nervous and scared because I
didn't reach for
her hand this time, she reached for mine.
I was a little worried about what I'd see when we
arrived, and finally
got to see father. When we arrived I got out while
still holding
Crystal's hand and walked into the palace. As we
father's room, I could tell Crystal was even more
“Now don't be afraid, father won't hurt you.”, I told
“I know, I trust you.”, she said.
I stood at the door and just as I pushed it open, I
heard machines
beeping. I saw nurses running around all over the
“NO, GET OUT!”, screamed one of them.
“No, that is my father!”, I growled at her.
“Oh I'm so sorry Prince, please forgive me.”, she
said while
“What's going on?”, I asked.
Nobody would say anything and it pissed me off,
so I finally lost it.
“WHAT'S GOING ON?!”, I screamed.
Finally one of the nurses said that father's health is
very bad right
now, and that they just needed some room. They
wanted us to exit
the room and said they'd call us in shortly.
We did as she asked and walked out of the room,
besides I could
hear from outside the door anyway. From what I
was hearing it
didn't sound too good at all, and I kneeled down on
the ground with
my head in my hands.
“Father's dying.”, I spoke sadly.
That's when I felt Crystal stand in front of me, and
pull my head
towards her stomach. She held my head pressed
tightly against her.
It was about an hour later when the nurse walked
“I'm sorry sir, but there was nothing we could do.”,
and with that she
turned and walked away..
I couldn't believe it Casper's father was gone and he
didn't even get
a chance to say goodbye. It's been a week since
we arrived here,
although it doesn't seem like it. Today the former
King's ashes were
released by a small pond on the palace grounds,
where he spent the
majority of his time right before he died.
Casper wasn't his usual self lately, he reminded me
of the once
scary him I knew. I didn't want to see him like that
again, so I tried
to keep my distance. When I wasn't with Sapphire I
was in the room
I was given when we arrived.
There was talk all over court about the big wedding
that was going
to happen within a few weeks.
“I should have told him that I loved him.”, I thought
to myself.
Instead stupid me had only said I like you, hopefully
he knows that I
truly do love him. I want to be with him, because I
really do love him
with all my heart, and it will be devastating to see
him with someone
If he does marry someone else what will that mean
for me, I mean
my family and friends all think I'm dead. I saw on
the news that they
found a lot of my blood, hair and torn clothing.
They think I was
attacked by a bear and tried to hide in the cabin.
The police are still
searching for my body, but they told my parents to
expect the worst.
Casper was still trying to figure out how and why
his father died, and
from what I've heard Casper thinks he was
poisoned. So he has
been searching the house to figure out what could
possibly have
caused all of this, but for the past week he keeps
coming up with
nothing. He is stumped and has no leads, and it's
pissing him off.
I got tired of just sitting in my room, so I decided
to go for a walk. I
had a ton of places I could explore, but Casper
requested that I stay
with Sapphire. That was perfectly fine by me, but I
hadn't seen her
all morning. So I opened the door and walked to
my left, because I
knew that was the way to the main entrance.
As I reached the entrance and was walking out the
doors, the
guards were looking at me funny. By the time I had
reached the
gates, I heard Casper from behind me say,
“Where do you think your going?”
“I want to go for a walk and I don't know where
Sapphire is, and I
was bored since you've been so busy lately. I got
sick of staying in
my room, so I thought I'd come outside for some
fresh air.”, I
rushed out.
“Where would you like to go?”, he asked.
“Anywhere other than inside the palace, I just want
to explore”, I
“Okay, I know of a place. Come.”, he said and I
followed him to the
“Where are we going?”, I asked a little curious.
“To a place my father used to take me.”, he said.
The drive was peaceful and didn't take very long,
maybe around
twenty minutes. I was too busy looking at all the
beautiful buildings,
and the landscape. I was so mesmerized that I
didn't realize Casper
had been speaking to me.
“It's just around the corner.”, I finally heard him
“It's so beautiful here, I wish I had come to London
under better
circumstances.”, I said.
He didn't say anything so I kept my mouth shut,
until he mentioned
that we had arrived. He stopped the car and we
both got out. We
were at some sort of lake, and it was breathtakingly
“This is the most beautiful place I have ever seen.”,
I said in awe.
“It is really beautiful here, but I can think of
something even more
beautiful.”, he said looking directly at me.