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That is not his role (Chapter 161)

Shin wanted to help her, but if he helps Sumire, it would mean supporting her with Yuhi. As much as he liked Yuhi now, he was still friends with Atsuro first. It would not be right of him to intervene like that. He watched as Sumire slumped her head on the table again.     
She looks so helpless right now. This was the first time he was seeing her this way.     

His gaze fell on the bracelet in her hand and blinked. It seems like she is still wearing it. Shin assumed that she would take it off since he did not give a proper explanation.     

The main reason he got her that bracelet is indeed to protect her, but he also wanted to give her a present. He was busy abroad last year, so he did not buy her anything for her birthday.     

His thoughts broke off when he felt Sumires gaze on him. "Tell me something Shin, did Ru tell you anything?"     


"About me...did he tell you that he liked me?"     

Shin blinked when he heard her words. Now, this was a question he did not expect. Then again, even though Sumire is dating Yuhi now, she is still in love with Mamoru. It is different from his one-sided crush towards her.     

"He told me everyday how he wanted to see you, how he wanted to hug you all the time." Shin trailed off and sighed at the memory. "It was so annoying when he sulked and moped around when we had so much work to do."     

Mamoru did not trust many people regarding this issue. Shin understood that he was the only one who actually knew all the details. But the others said that.     

Sumire laughed. "It seems like he caused you trouble."     

Shin nodded. "He did." He trailed off. "This isn't what you wanted to ask me, is it?"     

"Did Ru know that I loved him?     

At that comment, his eyes widened. Shin figured she had something to ask, but he did not think it would be this. It seems like this is one of the things she regretted the most. "He didn't."     

Shin did not want to lie to her. If he said yes just to appease her, she would not be happy either.     

"I see, mmm, of course."     

"You loved him?"     

Sumire nodded. "Yes, of course, I fell for him. I mean, who wouldn't? He was so kind, friendly, and treated me very well. How could I push him away? I wanted to. I knew that I was only using him to get over Yuhi. But I wonder when did I start having feelings for him?"     

As a scientist, the study of humans should interest him. It does interest him; however, he does not want to study Ibuki Sumire. Her complicated thoughts and her emotions, he does not want to dive too deep. That is not his role. His role is only to protect her and ensure that she is safe from that organization's hands.     

Sumire does not know yet, exactly how dangerous this investigation into Mamoru's death is. The organization Mamoru looked into was involved in those illegal crimes and those with supernatural abilities. The latter is a bit concerning.     

A research facility that exploits and conducts experiments on those with abilities. Shin clenched his fist as a vague memory appeared in his head. Is it possible that it has something to do with that place?     

It does not seem like Sumire has any memory of it yet. The first time they met was actually when they were children; they met in that facility. Is the facility from their childhood and this recent one the same?     

If so, then he has to pay special attention to the events from now on. He cannot risk her getting hurt in any way.     

"Are you free after school?" Shin asked.     

Sumire blinked. "Free?"     

"Accompany me for a bit. I will give you more details."     

The only way for her to protect her properly is this. He needs to keep her close and within his sight. If he keeps her well informed while doing this then nothing should go wrong.     


The rest of the day seemed to go by quickly. Maybe it was because he did not openly participate in the ceremonies, but he did not have much to do. Shin spent most of his day reading up on some academic papers. Yuhi seemed very reluctant to let Sumire go but Hino was waiting for him at the gate. Something about important work that Yuhi could not miss out on.     

His gaze fell towards the brunette hair girl who was beside him. He went ahead and asked her, but-- going out with her like this...does it not seem like a date?     

Shin shook his head as they crossed the busy road. Still, didn't something like this happen in the past before too? Back then she was the one who grabbed his hand and led him along.     

'Aren't you having fun?! If this isn't exciting, I'll show you another place.'     

Even now the image of that carefree girl remained in his mind. To think something like that happened in the past. But now he noticed that there was no longer any trace of that bright smile. She was looking around with curiosity in her eyes. But Shin got cold vibes from her.     

He heard rumors that she didn't usually go out anywhere with guys. But this was the first time he saw it with his own eyes.     

"Hey, this isn't a date or anything weird. So…"     

Sumire blinked and nodded. "Oh, right. So you're not taking advantage of me?"     

Was she actually behaving coldly because of that?     

Shin sighed. "Why would I do that? You said it yourself, that me and Yuhi are close friends--" His sentence fell short when she suddenly appeared in front of him.     

"So if you two weren't friends you would have made a move on me?"     

He felt his cheeks colour at her words. His heart beat sped. 'Made a move…?' Just how he had such crazy thoughts in his head. Shin started to seriously consider her question.     

Sumire laughed softly as she backed away. "Sorry, sorry, that was a bad joke."     

A joke huh?     

Words and numbers (chapter 162)

Gallery - Tokyo - 14:00     

When she suggests to go to the art gallery. Shin didn't think much of it until they got separated. Just when he was about to surrender, he spots brown hair leaning against the wall.     

He blinks and rubs his eyes. He isn't seeing things is he?     

Shin walked over to confirm it.     

Sumire.. it really is her. .. Their gaze meets and she immediately turned the other way but she didn't get very far. No sooner did she stop leaning against the wall, she yelped in pain.     


"What are you doing?"     

"You see, my shoes broke. So I was leaning on the wall just now to support myself. But when I saw you I had this urge to run away."     

Hah? What the hell is that? "I don't remember doing anything to make you run away from me." Shin sighed when he saw the look in her eyes. "Let's go over there."     

It didn't take long before he sat her down, and got some medical supplies out.     

"Shin, do you. ..really not like that person. anymore?"     

"Up until middle school, I liked her a lot. Even now when I'm left alone with her those feelings tend to emerge. However, right now there is someone else I'm interested in. That person already has somebody they love a lot, so I am not planning on confessing or anything. However, leaving them alone wouldn't be good too. When they are alone they are so reckless."     

Wait wait what is he doing giving out details? What if she figures it out? No no, not even she's that smart. His thoughts break of when she reaches over and pats his hair.     

"That must be difficult, your sure hanging in there. I'm sure that girl will at least notice how much you care about her. "     

That would be nice sounding words and all; if it wasn't coming from the source of his problems. Geez, for someone so intelligent. How does she not understand that so many guys like her? Sure there are those who hide it quite well.     

"Today why did you agree to go out with me? Weren't you supposed to be practicing with your friends? "     

"Yeah, were taking a break. I wanted to see the painting." Sumire laughed. "You coincidentally asked me out too."     

"There, done."     

"Thanks a bunch Shin! You even fixed my shoes."     

"It's a temporary fix. "     

"Still, thanks."     

She seems so cheerful...     

"Don't stand up yet though. It probably still hurts." Sumire nodded. Hearing a beeping sound he turned to the black hair girl beside him. ..     

Huh? What? Shin blinked. 'She looks flustered and shy.' That's completely unheard of. Ibuki Sumire is a strong and confident woman.     

What did the message say? He only catches the ending, since the entire message couldn't be displayed on screen. But its enough for him to understand.     

From: Yuhi     

If, I were to tell you all that in person     

would it make you happy?     

Since when did their text messages include proper declarations of love instead of senseless flirting? But huh, if its like this; then there is no need to worry. Even if some other person steps in, these two will be just fine from now on. Although this really rubs salt on his wound, it can't be helped.     

From the very beginning, he never expected anything to come out of this love. Seeing her this happy, he's glad that he never confessed to her.     

It's a good thing that he didn't say anything.     

"Shall we get going?"     

Sumire nodded and stood up. She still seemed unsteady while walking, so Shin kept a close eye on her.     

There are loads of people here. What's more, why does she keep looking at him? 'Yuhi, you have to put a leash on your girlfriend - she can't just keep staring at guys for long time and expect the other party not to be affected.'     

Rather what's with her staring at him?     

"Shin, did you get taller?"     

"Huh, I suppose so." Shin replied vaguely.     

Sumire laughed. "How strange. Even though we used to be the same height before. I guess we really are high schoolers now."     

"It's a bit too late for you to be realising that. " Though he doubted Sumire thought that way back then. After all, she's no longer sticking like glue to that person anymore.     

"How have you been doing recently? On that department. You haven't been submitting any papers recently."     

"I haven't had the time. Though I have the luxury to express my intelligence freely unlike mother did..."     

"Yet your entering the national exams?" Shin noticed her entry, since she often checked the list out.     

Lila nodded.     

"What's your plan?"     

"To get first place."     

His sweat dropped, what's with that confidence? But then again, she could probably do it; overtake him. Even though she has been busy recently, she's probably been studying whenever she gets the chance. Even though its not enough for her to produce papers, in her own way she has been putting in a lot more effort.     

"I have to ask though. Between words and numbers which one do you like better?"     

"That's a good question. But in the end I like them both equally. Words and numbers, in my eyes they are both so very beautiful. Though unknown words and numbers can be similar to the unknown. I still want to explore the world of literature and mathematics, even in a foreign language and formula. That's why I am working on my language."     

"Working on it?"     

When does she have time to do this? Isn't she busy with investigating the cases?     

"I know it is frustrating looking words in a dictionary and formulas in books. But I think every single word and number is important. Nothing moves me more then a word that holds so much meaning that it shines and sparkles. A world like that is the sweetest in the world. "     

That's right. From the very moment he met Ibuki Sumire she was already like this. Someone filled with confidence whenever she talks about anything associated to her dreams.     

When he first met her, he really was envious. By that point he reached the limits of his research; and though he was being given so many opportunities in the science field. It felt as though something was missing.     


Different meaning (chapter 163)

The reason why he agreed to come here to the gallery was because he wanted to look at the painting again. He was here when the painting first came out and stared at it like he did now. But even now he was having a hard time understanding. Shin looked at the painting carefully.     
Despite teaching in an art school for so long, he still could not understand the messages students portray in their work. Yet there was one painting that stood out to him, the piece Sumire did at the recent festival. There was something different about it than the others.     

Shin thought he would finally be able to understand and that was the reason why he came here. But it seems like that is not the case here.     

He wanted to understand what other people saw in it, because he hadn't quite figured out what he saw in It himself. It isn't long before he notices his aunt; who approaches him. "This really captivates you, doesn't it?" she asked.     

Captivates? Shin did not understand what she meant by that.     

"I don't understand it," Shichiro said.     

His aunt seemed puzzled at his words and Shin further explains.     

"I don't understand what is so special about this painting. I am only interested in this because of you and her."     

"Do you need an explanation?"     

Shin puzzles over this for a moment. "I don't know. But I do know I wont be able to understand her like this."     

"I see, but you won't get an answer." His aunt said.     

"It's normal that you won't see it the same way as us."     


"Your not them, you think and act differently. You are not that person so you will never see it like they do. While artists portray different emotions and feelings behind their works. There will always be a handful who interpret it differently. What it means to me, that girl and you will be different."     

"But isn't there supposed to be more? More information?" Shin did not like this response of hers.     

His aunt sighed. "You need to stop looking at things from a logical point of view."     

From: Sumire     

Sorry Shin! But I saw Yuhi.     

I will make it up to you.     

Shin did not bother replying and closed his phone. The words the girl said about numbers and words replayed in his head. It seems like he still lacks something fundamental as a human. The stuff his aunt said, even though she is no art expert, it must be something common.     


Yuhi did not think that Sumire would find him. He did not intend to tail her, it was an accident. He just happened to have work in this area. So he snuck out to have fun with her but-- Is his girlfriend really okay? Maybe it's just his imagination but there is this pink sparkly aura around her.     

Hino mentioned it before but this is the first time he saw it. Even though she was so embarrassed just now. No rather, in the end he was the one being embarrassed.     

"Yuhi look look, this fabric is really pretty." Sumire pointed to the fabric they were selling at one of the stands.     

Not as pretty as you. But even if he has gotten softer, that's still far too cheesy for him to say.     

"Hey remember we're looking for purple and not royal blue."     

"I know I know. You're making my dress for the next stage so it has to be purple. But looking around for other materials isn't bad either. "     

Well she makes a point there. It's not like he's going to have time to go material shopping later on. Her dress is a his priority though, the rest of the winter line can wait.     

"So Yuhi, today your not going to go sneaking of somewhere. "     

Oh dear, she knows after all doesn't she? What happened earlier today. He thought since she was all cheerful when she came out to     

Although she was still showing enthusiasm towards fabric shopping. It was clear as day that she was bothered.     

"Sumire. Hey your mad huh."     

"I'm not mad."     

"You really are."     

"I'm not. It's just, Yuhi you're too careless. Even though you promised to be with me forever." She trails off. "Gah forget it, you'll be leaving soon anyway so it's not like me saying this now will have an impact."     

Promise to be with her forever huh? Indeed he's said it to her so many tines already; one would think it would have lost it's effect and meaning by now. But from the looks of it, she is treasuring them even now.     

Sumire clearly sulky still about him leaving.     

'If you want to be selfish Sumire you can.'     

Yuhi wraps his scarf around the brunette. "I won't be reckless anymore. So don't sulk okay? Aren't we on a date?"     

"Dummy, I'm always worried about you when we're apart."     

"I know that."     

He knows all too well, because whenever they see each other she always calls his name cheerfully.     

She holds onto him so very tightly. It's okay Sumire, he won't die. He won't throw away his life anymore.     

"I feel like your playing me at times Yuhi."     


As she told him the reason why, he is rendered speechless again.     

What the hell? Really, why is it that she can say such things like that so easily? Isn't it enough that wherever she goes the place always ends up smelling like sunshine.     


What is she doing tilting her head in such a innocent and pure manner like that? What's with this girl, why is it that even now she makes him act so strange. Damm, he wasn't expecting this at all when he asked her out.     

"Don't look at me now." Yuhi felt the heat creep up on his cheeks. This is humiliating, why is he behaving like a child for?     

Don't look, since he is making an uncool face.     

"Is Yuhi embarrassed?"     

"Yeah.. So don't--" his sentence falls short when she tilted his head to face her.     

"Your so red."     

"Stupid isn't it normal? After hearing something like that. " Rather he's starting to sympathise with Ichinose, it's no wonder you find it difficult to talk to her. She says the boldest things after all.     

"So this is Yuhi when he's embarrassed.."     

Hey hey at least listen to what he is saying.     

"Can I, take a picture?"     


No matter what (Chapter 164)

He doesn't usually use crude language around her. But even if she is cute. Having photograph evidence that he pulled such an expression is a no. Who knows what would happen if it were to land in the wrong hands?     
"B--but...this is rare. I don't think I will see it again before you leave."     

Yuhi cursed. If she uses that against him, then he can't say no. "Make it quick."     

Yuhi however, noticed that she did not take her phone camera out. "What are you doing?"     

"I took a picture with my heart's lens, so it's okay now!"     

Hearts lens.. What the heck is she? Is she human? He's pretty sure that there can be no human that's this cute in existence.     


He walks over to a nearby vendor and buys something before returning to her. "For me?" he nodded, and she smiles brightly, "Thankies, Yuhi. "     

"You're easy to please, huh?"     

"Since I'm hungry, do you not want some Yuhi?" He doesn't respond and hears her continue to hum happily. Really, she knows how to mess up his rhythm.     

"Oops, I got cream on my hand."     

Yuhi reaches over and licks the cream of causing her cheeks to turn a rosy red, as he gently cups her cheek before pressing their lips against each other. He nibbled and sucked on her tongue, the flavor of the cream tasted sweeter than he thought.     

"That was a nice feast," he mumbles once their lips parted from each other.     

"Dummy... But I liked it so."     

Yuhi scratched his hair awkwardly. Does she like kissing? He should make a note of that. He relaxed when he felt her rest her head on his shoulders. "You okay? You seem stressed recently." Yuhi muttered.     

"Well, all of this stuff is quite overwhelming. I never saw humanity as normal, but even then, I did not think there were this many secrets in the shadows. Tell me, Yuhi-san, is what do you think their aim is?"     

"Their aim?"     

"Forcing humans to evolve and gain supernatural abilities?"     

Yuhi blinked when he heard that simple explanation from her. She understood it right away? She only investigated recently. How come it is like this now?     

"You know Yuhi. I don't think it is right to force people to do anything. But how many people think that way? Others always assume that their opinion is correct; they do not think to listen to others. When others make their mind up, it is difficult to change their minds. Even if there is evidence to support a claim that goes against their belief, they will not change their mind."     

"Don't concern yourself over it too much, Sumire. I know it is difficult for you to watch this kind of thing, but--" His sentence fell short when she lifted her head from his shoulder and stood up.     

She walked over to a nearby tree and placed her hand in the center. "You know whenever I see large trees like this. I wish I could communicate with nature."     

"Communicate with nature?"     

Sumire laughed. "Yes, it would be nice." She trailed off. I can hear the sound of the wind. Its a comforting and peaceful sound. Recently there's been so many natural sounds in this land. Maybe its because no new incidence has happened since last time. But the beauty of the land stands out recently. This place is completely different from Star Town, but I am growing to like it.     

"Your right, it reminds me of home."     

"A huh. It's really beautiful."     

Yuhi wanted to tell her that she is beautiful too, but he saw the flash of pain in her eyes. He wonders if he can get rid of the pain in her eyes? Is it possible for him to make her happy?     

The current Sumire is still in so much pain. She is holding back her feelings and going through so much inside.     

Yuhi said nothing but grabbed hold of her hand. All he can do is hold her like this.     


Iro Road High School Main Building Rooftop     

Thinking it through, perhaps he was the one who sought the warmth of another person. Back then, he spent endless days hunting down individuals with not a single care in the world. There was nothing for him to do and so the only thing he could do was hunt. Even long before he hq found him, he wandered endlessly by himself. Hunting and fighting - that stream of red endlessly staining his hands. But never once had it been his own.     

He was similar to that of a monster, no matter how many times he hunted down individuals and fought, he would not get tired. When Aki had discovered his abilities, Yuhi hesitated to accept. He wasn't the kind of person who liked being bound by rules and a single leader, after all.     

Whenever he was around her, he always felt a sense of ease. All the troubling thoughts he ha would dissolve in one go. They would often spend a lot of time with each other for a long time. Discussing music solely, but even so, he felt as though the connection he has with her was still stronger than the rest.     

Yuhis' gaze fell on the person in his arms and blinked. When did she get here? He paused when he saw the tears in her eyes. He brushed his fingers against her eyelids, wiping her tears, but she woke up.     


"Mm, what's wrong? Nightmare?"     

Sumire buried her face in his arms, and he blinked. She is acting a bit weird today. No, it was the same thing yesterday too. After they got back, she did not talk much. Yuhi lifted her face up and kissed her forehead, nose, and eyelids. "Don't cry anymore, Sumire. I am here for you."     

Even if the world abandons her, he will stay by her side no matter what.     


Cruel Creatures (Chapter 165)

"Yuhi-san, don't laugh at me."     
Yuhi chuckled. "I just find you cute when you cry." He patted her back. "Are you okay?"     

Sumire deeply sighed. "I read some unsettling news on the net again. I know rumors are just rumors, but why don't people leave me alone?"     

Rumors? Yuhi frowned. "I will get Hino to take care of it, don't worry about anything. Just focus on your comeback."     

"Well, alright." She pulled some documents from her bag and started to read.     

Yuhi silently watched her for a few minutes. "Is there anything else you want to talk to me about?"     

"Anything else?" Sumire trailed off. "There is actually. If I want to kiss you, can I do it, or do I have to make the atmosphere, right?"     

What is she talking about now? Since yesterday, it feels like she is messing with him more? But if she wants to kiss, then why would he complain? He likes kissing too. Yuhi wrapped his arms around her and pushed her down until she laid down on the roof.     

For a moment, he only stared. There was something prettier about her today. "Did you put some makeup on?" Yuhi finally noticed. He thought there was something strange. Her lips looked more luscious than normal.     

"Yes, do you like it?"     

She does look prettier, but he prefers her natural look. Yuhi brought his lips to her ear and told her that. Sumire laughed softly, and he looked away. "Well, that's that- so--"     

Yuhi pressed his thumbs across her lips. "Let's kiss."     

For the next few minutes, they do nothing but kiss or rather make out heavily. Yuhi does not realize how passionate it got until he hears a beautiful sound through their lips. It seems like he won't be able to hold back eventually. Sumire is beautiful -- and she gets prettier as each day passes by.     

He recalled that serious talk they had and sighed deeply. What was he thinking acting like a gentleman for? He already touched her twice, isn't it too late to say such fancy-sounding words? Still, Yuhi understood that he wouldn't be able to do it.     

What Sumire needs right now is somebody who can heal her. Somebody who can help ease her mental scars and pain. He is no better than her and is emotionally weak at times.     

A hum of approval escaped his lips when he felt her hands run through his chest. She eventually broke their lips apart. "Yuhi-san, what about class?"     

"That was only the first bell." He kissed behind her ear.     

"Mm, I don't think we are that far from the classroom, either."     

Yuhi chuckled. It seems like he isn't the only one who wants to skip class. Yuhi kissed her forehead gently and held her hands. "A bit more? Tell me if it is too much."     

Her gaze softened. "Alright."     


"Hey, Sumire."     

"Yes--" Yuhi swooped down and kissed her cheeks. "Yuhi.."     

"If you do change your mind, tell me." He mumbled. "I know I said all that stuff to act cool, but I want to hold you. I am serious about that."     

At that comment, a pained smile appeared on her face. "Right, mmm. I will make sure to tell you. We should go to class now. We are late, but I have a good excuse."     


"Mm. Nakara-sensei gave me this pass. He said I could use it whenever we have leads on the investigation that require me to go out."     

His sweat fell. "So, you're using him?"     

Sumire laughed. "Well, he was the one who offered, and I don't want you to get in trouble, Yuhi-san."     

"Hm, I see." Yuhi trailed off and thanked her by kissing her lips again. He does feel bad for Shin, but one less rival is good for him. The two of hem exited the stairwell and eventually arrived at the corridor.     

He wonders what is going on in her head right now. "Ah--! There's a piano?"     

Yuhi looked at the direction she pointed at and spotted a half-open room. It was one of the old storage rooms; indeed, he could see a piano at the corner. It was an old upright piano but a piano nonetheless. How odd, he hasn't seen that here before. But then again it is impossible to know about every room in the school.     

"Want to continue skiving?"     

Sumire laughed. "If your okay with that, Yuhi-san."     

Yuhi nodded. It was a stupid question to ask, of course, he would be okay skipping. It is not like attending class will help him. Besides, he wants to spend a bit more time today. The two of them enter the room, and Yuhi closed the door.     

He watched as Sumire walked over to the piano. "Can you use it?"     

"Mm, it's old, but it is well maintained."     

A well-maintained piano in the art building? Now that is strange. He should speak to the president about this later.     

"Say Yuhi-san, do you think I am cruel?"     


Sumire nodded. "Yes, cruel. You see, I cant forgive it when somebody deliberately harms me. I end up with twisted thoughts. I want to see those people break down. I want them to suffer just as much. But such thoughts are too cruel. Many things in this world happen unintentionally. Just because one person causes you pain, it does not mean everybody else will do the same. But I cant forgive can't."     

Yuhi could sense the bitterness in her tone. After this, he should check out those new rumors on the net. No matter how strong she is, words can be a double-edged sword. It can harm and break somebody down. What did she read?     

She lightly touched the piano keys, not playing. "I think humans are cruel creatures. No matter how kind a person is on the surface, there is a monster inside them in the end of the day. This monster will emerge when their normal world turns upside down. When the things they know are no longer the same. If society evolves and evolved humans with supernatural powers emerge, what will happen to the normal people? Will they accept this?" Sumire sighed. "It's obvious what will happen. A riot, a massacre, humanity as we know it will be on the verge of collapsing."