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Thieves of the palace( Chapter 81)

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Though the remaining servants hadn't done anything and weren't the ones who had fled from the palace, they felt a sense of fear with how tense the atmosphere inside the room had turned. Anastasia and the others heard the distant sound of the bells coming from outside.      

Mr. Gilbert cleared his throat to speak to the servants when Queen Maya motioned for him to stop, and she took over to address the maids,      

"Maids and other servants. Something unacceptable happened in the palace, where two servants went against the palace rules, which have been reiterated thoroughly. They will be punished with their lives for disrespecting the king."    

Silence hung heavily in the background of Queen Maya's voice as she stared at the servants. She said,      

"I would like to know if Yaretzi or Philip ever mentioned their plans to leave. Anyone? Or if anyone else is harbouring such plans like them? You can tell me and I will forgive you."      

The servants looked at each other in silence without a word. Queen Maya then said,      

"Yaretzi stole my daughter's necklace. A beloved necklace which was given to her by King William. How shameful to steal something, and all of you know we don't take it well when it comes to thieves. To ensure that the palace environment remains peaceful, the guards will check every one of you, from your room to the clothes that you have worn. You have nothing to fear if your intentions are pure and you haven't lied to us."    

Princess Niyasa ordered the servants, "Each one of you will be taken to your room and checked. Only then can you go back to your work."      

At the back, Gabriel said in a lowered voice, "What do they expect to find? The stolen necklace?"      

The only thing Anastasia had to worry about was the magical dress that she hadn't used since she returned from the old palace. She watched the servants being called one after another, followed by four guards who turned their rooms upside down without leaving even a handkerchief unchecked.      

"Milady, a gold coin," one of the guards said, pulling out a coin from a man's trousers.      

"Look who is wealthy here," Queen Maya clicked her tongue in distaste.      

"It was a gift from the late king, my Queen!" The servant explained.      

Queen Maya's lips twisted before she said, "Don't you know that servants aren't allowed to have gold coins? If the late king gave it to you, you should have given it back to Norrix. Instead your greedy self kept it. Servants are only allowed to have copper coins. Not silver, not gold, because they belong to the people of status." She snapped her fingers.      

One of the guards came and dragged the man out of there, while the servant beseeched them that it wasn't his fault. At the same time, Anastasia and Theresa's faces turned pale. It was because they were in possession of one gold coin that was given to them by Charlotte. Anastasia had never heard of anything like this, but neither had the other servants.      

"It is easier to know if something is stolen when it wasn't meant for you in the first place. Next!" Princess Niyasa shouted, ready to take her anger and humiliation out on the servants here. She couldn't believe this was happening for the second time, where her maids were making a fool of her. "If you have a gold coin, you might as well step forward and take the punishment for stealing."      

When Theresa was about to turn to look at Anastasia, the younger woman caught hold of her hand, while standing behind the others. Like Theresa, Anastasia's heart was racing, and she could feel her vision blurring from the stressful situation they were in.      

"I have to tell them," Theresa said, for only Anastasia to hear.      

Anastasia moved her hands in front of her, saying 'Charlotte gave it to me.'    

Theresa also used her hands to respond, 'And you gave it to me, so it is mine to take the blame for.'    

They didn't know how they were going to be punished, but Anastasia didn't want Theresa to take the punishment. She couldn't believe a single gold coin would put them in trouble. Even after death, Charlotte was causing them trouble, she thought in her mind.      

Anastasia responded to Theresa, 'Give it to me. You have done so much for Mary and me. This is the least I can do. Please.' When Gabriel walked to the front, Anastasia pried open the older woman's hand and took the cold metal into her palm.      

"What is going on there?" Queen Maya demanded, her gaze drawn to the two maids who were acting suspiciously. "Both of you take a step forward," she ordered Anastasia and Theresa.      

When Princess Niyasa's eyes fell on her sister's maid, it was as if her anger multiplied, and she ordered, "Search this woman. She must have stolen from my kind sister."      

Before one of the guards could check Anastasia, Theresa tried to be brave and said,      

"Queen Maya, the gold coin was received by a—"    

"Did I say that you could talk to me? Who do you think you are?" Queen Maya's blue eyes narrowed, looking down at the lowly servant. "Speak only when you are questioned. Otherwise, it is best to remain silent."    

Anastasia signalled Theresa to stay quiet when the older woman was about to open her mouth again.      

"Search her!"      

The guard stepped forward and instructed her, "Hands away from your body," and when Anastasia obeyed, the man placed his hands on her shoulders before beginning to see if she was hiding anything. She bit the inside of her cheek when his hands moved to places that made her uncomfortable. He then ordered, "Open your palms. Now."      

Anastasia clenched her hands tighter as if readying herself. She then finally opened her palms, where the gold coin was present.      

"Well, well. Another thief in here," the queen remarked, "Let us see how many more things you are hiding, shall we?"      

Mr. Gilbert wore a perplexed look on his face. He had known the mute girl to be sincere and never knew she had earned a gold coin. When did she receive it?    

"My Queen," Mr. Gilbert began, trying to find out why Anastasia would have a gold coin, but Princess Niyasa glared at him.      

"You have been keeping thieves in the servants' quarters, Norrix. You should be punished too," Princess Niyasa interrupted, immediately shutting him up.      

Anastasia could feel everyone's questioning gaze on her, ready to smear her as a thief. Then suddenly she felt Princess Niyasa push her back and demand, "Which is your room? Start walking; there are other servants we need to check!"      

Anastasia dragged her feet before stopping next to the door, and soon the guards began to look through her things. All the folded clothes were left to scatter on the ground, and so were any other things placed neatly at the side of the room. When the guards didn't find anything, they turned to the princess, and one of them informed her,      

"There's nothing more in here, Princess."      

But Princess Niyasa was not done, as she didn't believe the lowly maid and she stepped inside, looking around the room. This had happened last time too, and she was sure the maid was hiding something. She questioned,      

"And what is that?" when her eyes fell on a small clay pot.      

Anastasia followed Princess Niyasa's line of sight, and her eyes widened, and she quickly stepped in front of the pot to protect it. She shook her head and moved her hands.      

"I don't know what the hell you are talking about. You have been putting the stolen coins in there, haven't you?"      

Desperate, Anastasia raised her hands in front of her to stop Princess Niyasa from stepping forward. Mr. Gilbert came to see what was going on in there, and he said,      

"Princess, she is telling us that this doesn't have any coins in it. You can shake it and you will hear nothing."    

Princess Niyasa's glare shifted to the servant, and she stated, "I can tell why the other servants have difficulty following orders when you yourself cannot follow what my mother just said. Don't speak unless asked."      

Anastasia protectively stood in front of the clay pot and clasped her hands together, pleading with the princess to spare it.      

[Music Recommendation: Loneliness- Haximum]    

"Did you even turn deaf that you didn't hear me?" Princess Niyasa harshly slapped the maid across her face, and Anastasia fell to the ground because of the force.      

"Niyasa!" Princess Emily had arrived at the servants' quarters in time to see Anastasia being hurt. "What do you think you are doing to my maid? You cannot lay your hands on my maid!"      

"Your precious maid had trouble following my words. Tell me, sister," Princess Niyasa turned to Princess Emily and asked, "Have you been giving out gold coins to the servants? Because some have them in their possession. Or did you forget the palace rules?"      

Princess Emily's eyes met Anastasia's, who pointed her finger at the younger princess and showed her the coin. She frowned before saying,      

"Niyasa, you were the one who gave her the coin."      

"What rubbish! It looks like your maid's lies know no bounds," Princess Niyasa remarked, glaring back at Anastasia, and she then picked up the clay pot resting on a stand. Bringing the small pot next to her head, she shook it. She then murmured, "Nothing in here."      

Anastasia let out a sigh of relief, her shoulders relaxing that the younger princess finally knew she wasn't lying about the cla—    

"Who knows if you put cotton inside to keep the coins from rubbing against each other and making noise?" Princess Niyasa asked, and the next moment, she released her hold on the clay pot for it to smash on the floor, and the ashes inside created a small smoke as they dissipated into the air.    

Seeing the grey ash spread on the ground, Anastasia's world stopped as she stared at it. No… no, this couldn't be happening, she said to herself, as her eyes began to water.      

"Is that ash?" one of the guards asked.    

"Not only does she steal coins, but she seems to be stealing ashes," Princess Niyasa raised an eyebrow at Princess Emily, while she trampled on the dust. "She should be punished for—"    

"How could you…" a whisper of words interrupted her.      

Princess Emily's eyes widened, knowing exactly whom the voice belonged to. Her younger sister looked around, and Niyasa's eyes grew wide, as did the others', who until now believed the maid to be mute.    

Anastasia's lips trembled. This was all she had left of her sister. The last of her, and she asked in the same whisper, "How could you break it?"