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Chapter 491 I Know What You Did
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The sky was clearer than usual, giving out an orange and yellow hue as hours started to move towards the time of evening. The carriage that had left from Woodlock many days ago had finally returned. The wheels moved continuously on the hardened snow.

But before the carriage reached Sullivan's mansion at the entrance of the town, an older man stepped in front of the moving carriage, forcing Kieran to pull back the reins of the four horses of the carriage. The older man appeared to be weak and looked malnourished.

"What's the matter, Kieran?" Noah asked, who was sitting inside the carriage.

"It is an old man. Let me get him off the path, Sire," Kieran said to Noah and jumped down from his seat.

When Kieran reached the old man, the man pleaded, "Please help me. I need help! My young daughter fell and needs to be brought to the physician."

"Why didn't you speak to the magistrate of the town? Surely, they would have helped you," Kieran said with a frown. "We can drop you there."

But the old man shook his head with tears in his eyes, "No! There's no time for it! She needs to be taken to the physician now!"

By now, Noah stepped out of the carriage and looked at the pitiful man who appeared to be in a terrible condition. The old man turned to Noah and beseeched, "She fell from the tree and isn't in the condition to walk. I am too weak to carry her to the physician and have been waiting for help but no one stopped. Please, Sire. Let your coachman help me."

"Let us go and help her then," Noah decided even though he was tired from his long journey.

Kieran, knowing how Noah had barely been sleeping since they had been releasing the sirens and the mermaids from the captured ponds, said, "Duke Noah, how about I help the man and you can go ahead to the mansion to rest? I will make sure the help is provided," he assured his employer.

"I wouldn't want to impose on your health, Duke! Just your servant will do! Just a helping hand!" The old man folded both his hands in front of his chest.

"Alright, it would be best for you to take the carriage along with you and this person. I can use a little walk. Report to me once you return to the mansion," Noah said to his coachman, who offered a bow before quickly taking leave from there with the old man.

As Noah started to walk on the hard snow, a carriage that moved from the opposite direction approached him and stopped next to me, gaining his attention. The carriage door opened, and it was none other than his uncle James riding in it.

"When did you return, Noah? And where is your carriage?" James questioned, looking left and right but not seeing the carriage anywhere.

"Something came up and I decided to walk. Where are you headed to?" Noah asked, and James waved his hand as if inviting him, who said,

"Come in, I found a very good place in the forest. Isolated and hidden even from the witches which has a clean pond. Let me take you there. Come on," came the little excited voice from the older werewolf. "It is for the ones that we capture in these towns. Word has it that there are mermaids and sirens living in the houses and families we are unaware about."

Noah, who was about to refuse the ride because he could barely keep himself awake and wanted to get some rest as the ride in the carriage had kept him awake, got inside the carriage. He wanted to know where his uncle even heard about such news and what he was planning to do with it. It was better to keep his uncle close. That way, keep Eve away from harm.

The carriage door closed, and the carriage moved away from Woodlock.

As the carriage rode, Noah noticed how his uncle looked happy, as if he was one step from reaching his goal.

Noah nonchalantly asked, "How did you find the secluded pond? I thought all the areas have been noted by the Council and the ponds will be the first ones to be checked."

"Not this one, Noah. This one has been under my eye for so long," James turned away from the window and looked into Noah's eyes. He said, "I prepared the pond myself, and it is guarded better. Much better than the ones that were attacked and destroyed. News reached me that the other reservoirs in which the sea creatures were placed were destroyed like the previous ones. Someone seems to be targeting me, or targeting on freeing the sea creatures. Any idea on who it might be?" He asked the question.

"It's why there has been a delay in my return," Noah's face didn't give away what James was looking for, and he said, "I think there's someone with a very good ear, who has been following you and destroying the ponds."

James nodded, "That is true, someone with a very good ear or someone who is around us, isn't it?"

When they reached the place, they stepped down, and the two of them walked away from the carriage and towards the secluded pond that James spoke about.

Noah asked his uncle, "Where did you hear about this rumour about the creatures hiding in the society? The last I heard the guards had made a thorough inspection on finding the creatures and even captured a fair share."

"Just something that I caught wind of. You know how when we catch the whole lot of sand in our hand, some escape and I just believe there might be the sirens and mermaids in our very town. Or maybe the others that are located near to Woodlock," James replied as they continued to walk, and he said, "I realised that the creature we are looking for was probably never in the lot that was captured by my men. If the creature was there, she or he would have killed the guards. Such is the power. What do you think about it, Noah?"

"Sounds like a good theory, Uncle James," Noah responded, while he felt a slither of worry starting to crawl under his skin. "But the creature can be anywhere. History says she died in the North, then shouldn't she have been born there? Or perhaps near the sea?"

James waved his hand and replied, "Place of death doesn't matter. The water and the wind can move things and I have a strong inkling that we are very close. Especially with the golden moon approaching us."

When they entered the big cave, Noah noticed how there was no path farther from it, and he turned to meet James's eyes and asked, "You missed the location?" 

James nodded, staring at Noah, and said, "I seem to have been missing a lot of things, Noah. I was hoping maybe you could fill me in with it. On how you are involved with the butler's death or how you have been freeing the sea creatures that were collected by me."

Chapter 492 Betrayal By Blood
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The forest was quiet, and not a single rustle from the leaves nor a chirp from a bird was heard. Right now, in the cave James had led Noah to follow him, the two men stared at each other without blinking away.

James said to Noah with a soft chuckle, "I have been wondering who has been keeping a close eye on me, only to realise it was you who was doing that. You were the one who was pouring water on my work. Why? I thought we both were on the same page, or is it that you have turned back the page?"

Noah could tell by the look in his uncle's eyes that the man had discovered the truth and was curiously waiting to hear why he did what he did. After a good pause, he replied,

"The sea creature you are looking for is not there in the lot where you are looking for, they are better off in the sea than staying in ponds."

James asked, "Is it because you know where the sea creature is? Where has she been all this time?"

Noah hadn't known in the beginning except that Eve was a mermaid. But when one of the councilmen, Mr. Hart mentioned sitting with a golden-eyed woman, he put two plus two together.

"Or is it that you are helping the young Moriarty in reaching the sacred sea creature?" James continued to question before disappointment came to fall on his face. "What happened to being part of a family? That we have to always stick together through thick and thin?"

"I didn't know you were trying to trace what I do and don't," Noah answered calmly before adding, "You and the others enjoy keeping me on a leash, don't you?" A bitter smile appeared on his lips.

"It is only because we care about you. About the family members but you have betrayed us. Betrayed me," James stated with a smile dying on his lips. He said, "If you had reported about the missing butler, I would have never known. Let us talk this through so we can come to an agreement rather than go in circles?"

Noah was never one to make a slip, and his one little mistake had cost him to fix it. He said, "If you wanted to speak about it, we could have done it in the mansion. You wouldn't have brought me to this place in the name of the pond."

"You have been so eager to destroy my treasures, I wanted to see if you would be interested in this place," James replied, but Noah could already start to guess why he was brought here. Far away from the mansion or the town, in an isolated place to be questioned. "Why did you kill the butler, Noah?"

Noah's fingernails grew into claws, and he answered, "He had sinned too much and I thought it was time we had a different butler. Too much of known information is never good, you never know when it might be leaked."

"Even after you knew I loved that one? You cost me a loyal butler," James noticed Noah's claws and said, "There's no need for us to fight each other. We are family by blood, and you wouldn't want to do something that you would regret. What happened, Noah? Everything was going just peacefully."

Noah smiled at his uncle's words and said, "What's the point of holding peace when things aren't peaceful?"

"What do you mean?" James asked with a slight frown.

"You have spent your life looking for the sea creature, tearing some of them away from their family. It is time you quit it. The last time you tried to meddle with one directly, one of your eyes turned blind," Noah replied in a collected voice.

Noah had withheld from saying anything before, but this man before him was far gone and was only going to turn worse. He wasn't going to let James hurt Eve, not when he was there. He would tell her... the truth.

"Unfortunately that is not possible. You should know it better than anyone, and my lost eye can be restored by that creature. It would be wise to stand next to me, than against me," James's words showed an evident threat. 

"You already know my answer," Noah responded within a heartbeat. "Which is why I advise you to stop this madness."

"This madness... you don't know the past like I do, Noah. I remember fragments and as I connect with the story that I know, it makes my blood boil because the last time I was very close," James walked towards Noah and placed his hand on the young werewolf's shoulder. "Noah, you are my weapon. You always have, and it is time to use that weapon. Not put it down and discard the future that shines ahead of us. Join with me, even your mother would be pleased. It is your mother's wish."

Noah's eyes narrowed, "Don't drag mother into this matter."

"She's the one who awakened me, Noah. Not I, but she is the one who is driving this plan to make sure our family stands at the top. I would hate for you to disappoint us," James coaxed Noah, but Noah pushed James's hand from his shoulder and said, "There is something you also need to know. Something important that we have hidden from you."

Noah hadn't retraced the claws in his hands and said, "I cannot help you with your goals anymore."

When Noah turned and started to walk out of the cave, James said, "You are my son, Noah. Mine and not Jeffry's son."

Noah's face hardened upon hearing these words, and his footsteps stopped. He knew James slept with many women, but he hadn't expected the man to sleep with his mother... or for the uncle to turn out to be his father.

His father had always been Jeffry Sullivan, not this vile man. He said, "It cannot be true."

"Why would I lie about something so important, Noah? Haven't I always looked out for you as my son?" James's voice lowered as he said those words.

When Noah turned to face James, did the older werewolf push something sharp into Noah's stomach. The pain was excruciating.

Noah's eyes moved to James's hand that held a dagger which was now stuck to his stomach, and when James pulled it out, it made Noah gasp in silence. James stepped backwards and he said,

"Don't worry, Noah. I won't let you die soon, and we will still have a few minutes to talk with each other. The dagger is coated with a poison that takes effect slowly but surely."

Noah felt blood ooze from his stomach. But that didn't stop him from going after James by grabbing his neck. All this time, his family had always spoken about being for each other and stuck through the worst time, which was why he had believed that James would never harm him. But he had placed his bet on the wrong person.

"I followed you until now without any question. But I will kill you before you bring any more harm with your actions," Noah's fingernails dug into James's neck, but the man didn't move and stood there calmly.

"Do you understand what being your father means, Noah? You should listen before you die, it would be a pity if you didn't know the entire truth and listen very closely," James was quick enough to take the opportunity of Noah being in pain, and he punched the same place where he had wounded his son.

Noah winced, feeling the poison starting to spread in his body as his knees gave away and he fell on the snow-covered ground with drops of blood falling on the ground.

* *


Chapter 493 It Was Destined Time
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Drops of blood started to fall on the snowy ground, turning it red in front of Noah. The young Duke held his stomach in pain and pulled away to look at his hand covered in his blood.

Noah Sullivan was a smart man, he had grown up to be like that, but there was folly as he had been raised by the Sullivans, who had always instilled in how important family was. They were supposed to lean against each other and always stand united. And it was the folly of his thought to think that James wouldn't do anything to him.

The poison had begun to make its effect quicker than expected, and he had no antidote against it.

"Why?" Noah asked the older werewolf, who stood before him with the bloody dagger in his hand.

"It was bound to happen, son. If not today, then before the golden moon," James replied calmly as if it didn't matter that he had run the dagger into Noah's stomach. "It was always the plan, and your time was always limited."

Noah's fingers clenched in the prickly pain he felt running beneath his skin. He asked with a chuckle, "My death was planned? Was I being raised as a sacrificial lamb until now?" There was bitterness in his voice because he had finally decided to take control of his life, only to be told that he was destined not to have control.

James said to Noah, "Don't be upset about it, Noah. Some of us when we are born, we come with a purpose. A purpose to fulfil and reach the height of greatness, while some not so much. Then there are ones who help in helping people reach their goals. Like you."

Though in immense pain, Noah tried to keep a straight face without letting his expression change. He said, "It was a good lie. You caught me off guard with it."

James clicked his tongue, shaking his head, and a slight frown appeared on Noah's face when the older werewolf said,

"It wasn't a lie. You are my son. Mine and Hilda's son. Which is why I take this opportunity to make use of you now. You have been a key, Noah. A key I have preserved and waited for a very long time." 

"You turned out to be more of a bastard than I thought you were," when Noah tried to to stand up, but he only ended up coughing blood out of his mouth, which dripped from the corner of his lips.

"That's no way to talk to your father. I taught you better than that," James looked at Noah with a hint of disappointment, yet there was a slight amusement in his eyes. He said, "Don't move. This is a poison I got from a witch, and it is quite strong without an antidote. I wanted to tell you that I was your father. I, James Sullivan and not my brother Jeffry Sullivan. But not like this, but in a much better way."

"And father doesn't know anything about it," Noah murmured with disbelief in his tone. He couldn't believe something so big had been hidden for so long. It wasn't this man in front of him that disappointed him, but his mother had hidden something so important from him. Something that he should have known. "Why? Why her?"

James took two steps away from Noah as if recollecting the past and said in a distant voice, "When your mother was betrothed to your father, I had to make sure that everything would go according to my plan. Since I found out about our strong lineage that leads up to the time of King Gauntlet, and knowing I was the youngest of them, I waited for the right time. But something was missing in me. Don't blame your mother, she's been in the dark for so long that she has no other way but to follow me."

Noah, who had come to learn about the lineage by himself by reading about it in the available books, asked, "You could have killed father if you wanted to be the one to be the last descendant. You already were the last descendant," as Jeffry was older to James.

James pursed his lips, slightly irritated, and said, "If only it was that simple. But you see, even though a person is the youngest, it doesn't guarantee that you are the destined one. And though I felt it in my very bones, at the same time I knew that what I felt wasn't completely mine."

He continued, "I couldn't have Hilda giving out litters of babies, where I would have to keep an eye on every single one. So I decided what better way, that use my own blood to keep an eye. Knowing I could keep control and not have her more than you, but under the right medications for her," the older werewolf explained as if it was the most logical thing to do.

Noah could not stand long on his knees and fell backwards, taking the support of the wall behind him that hit his head and back with impact.

His stomach felt like it was trying to pull something out from him, and as much as he tried to bear the pain he felt now, it was turning intolerable, and he tried to pay attention to what James was saying. He said,

"So you decided it was better to kill me. Because I am a threat to you."

Noah could tell James would have killed him even if he hadn't tried to free the mermaids and the sirens from the ponds. It was because James was scared to hand the power and control to him and wanted it for himself.

James stared at Noah and then slowly nodded, "Maybe. I mean why would I try to jeopardise something that I have been waiting for until now? I have fragments of memories of being Erasmus Gauntlet, and though I feel the power, I believe there are missing pieces passed from Jeffry to you which belong to me. It is only right that I take it now."

Chapter 494 Let Down By Family
Noah wondered if the power was in him because he hadn't felt anything, which was why he was unable to stop James from harming him or the poison from spreading in his body. He tried to use the power, bring it forward, and heard James chuckle in humour.

"It is of no use, Noah. Your body, it is weak. It has always been weak and I know this because I made sure the little ability would stay dormant in you," James held a kind expression on his face, which didn't match his actions.

James reached to where Noah sat, leaning against one side of the cave's wall. He then placed his hand on Noah's shoulder and asked, "Didn't you ever wonder, why you have bursts of anger? Calm yet like a sea that is ready to swallow the entire ship? It is time I took back what belongs to me." The older werewolf pushed the dagger one more time into Noah's stomach and a yellow ball of light escaped from Noah's lips. James brought the ball of light and swallowed through his mouth. "You were a good son, but you are of no use to me."

Noah gritted his teeth and asked, "Did our relationship mean so little to you? We are related to each other by blood and we have spent more than enough time with each other."

There were good memories in Noah's mind, where he had spent his time with James that held smiles and laughter. All those things were nothing but lies...

The family he was part of, the family he had tried to protect since from a very young age, were nothing but deception for a goal he wasn't part of and would never be there to witness until the very end. The mother he loved had lied to him and his father, holding a relationship with his uncle, who was supposed to be his biological father.

"You don't have to do this, Uncle James," Noah tried to persuade the man, hoping he would change his mind. "Let the world live in peace, without any more pain or destruction. The last time the two brothers fought with each other, it didn't just ruin the bloodline, but every member of the family died who were directly related in the first name of the family. And I will tell you this, that the person you will be fighting against isn't someone easy and he will kill you."

James's eyes narrowed, not liking that Noah was taking the vampire's side, and he sneered,

"You should be begging for your life. So that I end you right away, not praise and warn about me losing to the young Moriarty. Tell me what you know about him." 

And when Noah didn't respond, as his body was losing energy, James quickly grabbed Noah's neck, ready to pierce his sharp claws into it.

"Go ahead," Noah taunted the man. "You are used to taking things by force, that is all you are capable of."

James pushed Noah back, which had the young werewolf collide with the wall again. He glared before responding, "I would have ripped your head off your body, but I don't think your mother would be pleased about it. Nor do I want someone pointing the blame on me. I am your dotting uncle, who will grieve for your death."

Noah's movements slowed down. He said softly, "I hope when time comes, you can grieve for your own death, James. For ruining families. Time always collects its debts...that were left behind in the past, and yours is only to come with heavy price...."

James laughed at Noah's naive words, saying, "Only time can tell that, and I won't let it happen. Only the missing sea creature and everything will reach its intended goal. A pity that I had to kill you, but I am your father. Made of me, and you should know it hurts to see you like this now."

Noah's mistake was that he had believed his family. Believed that they weren't going to be out to get each other. All he wanted in his life was to have a balance of peace. He had tried to balance it, placing himself at the back while the others were in the front, without caring for his own feelings. Even during the times when his heart wanted something else. He had kept his family's interest before his.

He wanted to protect them, and protect Eve from any harm falling on her.

James said, "It seems like the poison has spread to your senses as if you are heavily drunk and cannot do anything but stare. It is called nightingale. Stare until you feel a pang in your chest and then it is a forever sleep."

The older werewolf put his arms around Noah, hugging him, and he whispered, "I will take good care of your mother like I always have. And everything else that you held dear." He then pulled away to look at Noah and said, "Your burial will be grand. I promise you that." Saying that he stood up and left the cave, while lighting a cigar.

Noah had sacrificed many more things than he could count. He had grown up in a strict and disciplined family, only to realise there was no disciple but shame.

When Eve entered his life at such a young age, he was entranced by the young girl. He had tried to find her, and though on finding her, he couldn't do anything but stand aside, knowing he could never give her what she wanted. Knowing his family would kill her. Instead, he had chosen to love and protect her from afar, yet he had failed in something simple. He felt anguish in his heart.

His eyes had begun to turn hazy before James left the cave, and his ears turned numb as if it couldn't pick up the slightest whisper of the air that breezed towards the cave.

Noah felt regret.

Regret for a lot of things, and the ache in his heart continued to brew with the passing seconds that were headed towards his end. He knew Eve belonged to someone else, and she would be protected. But he had hoped to do a better job, and the only thing that had stopped him from ending James was that he was his family. They were related by blood, thicker than he had thought but not enough to keep James away from stabbing him.

Chapter 495 Wanting To Hold On A Little Longer
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He wished he could see Eve one last time. To leave after seeing her... but he knew it was his wishful thinking. Yet simultaneously, the heart wanted what it craved, even though he had accepted it long ago...

Noah's thoughts went back in time, as his mind tried to move through flashes of the memories he had made until now in his life. And he paused it where Eve resided before her marriage. It was one evening when he was travelling back towards Woodlock and had found Eve sitting on a small bridge all by herself. He couldn't miss her long golden blonde hair that looked nothing less to the rays of the sun.

'Stop the carriage,' Noah ordered his coachman.

'Here, Sire?' Kieran confirmed by turning behind to see through the little window where Noah nodded, whose eyes were looking outside the window.

'Yes, stop at the side and wait for me,' Noah ordered. Before the coachman could open the door, the young Duke had already opened the carriage door and had made his way to where the young woman sat on the little bridge with her legs dangling in the air.

He noticed she wore a formal dress and held a scarf in her hand, staring at the horizon with a hint of sadness. He asked her,

'Enjoying the scenery?' Noticing her body jerk, he apologised, 'I didn't mean to startle you.'

When Eve's eyes fell on Noah, the earlier sadness marring her face dissolved, and a bright smile appeared on her lips. And he caught that little shift in her mood, knowing he had caused it, and it brought a tranquilness that nothing else could compete in the world.

'Duke Noah!' Eve was ready to stand up from where she had been sitting when Noah waved for her to be seated.

To Noah, Eve was that window in his darkened room that brought light. The only light he had.

'I wouldn't have known there was good scenery in here if I didn't catch you sitting here. A little far away from home, isn't it?' Noah inquired politely before he crouched and sat down on the edge of the bridge along with her, but with two steps of the distance between them.

He could tell that his action took her by surprise.

Eve smiled before a sigh escaped from her lips. She said, 'I needed some time alone... to think about it.'

Noah turned to look at Eve. The side fringes of her hair blew to the side, coming to hover in front of her face, and he clenched his hands tightly, watching her tuck her hair behind her ears. He asked her genuinely, 

'Is there anything that I can help you with?'

He noticed her pursing her lips as if wondering if she should tell him. He doubted it was because she didn't want to share it with him but because she didn't want to burden him with her life. But then she said it,

'I started applying for the job of being a governess and I have failed in the last three of them. Failed in them quite badly.'

'I doubt you could be bad in anything, Genevieve,' Noah spoke in such confidence that brought a slight awkward smile on Eve's lips.

Eve said with an embarrassed face, 'Today in one of the houses when I went to get interviewedI, my umbrella flew from my hand and hit the lady's lips.'

Noah stared at Eve before a chuckle escaped from his lips which he hid behind his hand and then said, 'There's always a first time for everything. Next time you will learn to hold the umbrella tight. We should probably get you another umbrella.'

'No, not at all,' Eve shook her head, rejecting the idea of parting from the purple umbrella, and she said, looking him in the eye, 'It was a gift from you when we were at the fair. And quite an expensive one.'

'It is something you could use everyday,' Noah had seen her previous umbrella on the verge of breaking and thought it was something she could use.

It was always the women from the high society who often carried colourful and delicate umbrellas in their hands, while the ordinary women often carried the dull black umbrellas with them, and by giving the umbrella to Eve, he had already assumed and given her the courage to step into the high society. To be part of it.

Noah said, 'The first employment is always hard, but I am sure you will land a decent family to work with. Who will appreciate you and your work.' He paused and then suggested, 'If you don't mind, I could always--'

'I will be okay by myself. I mean I appreciate your kind thoughts, but I want to do this without anyone's help, Duke Noah,' Eve smiled at him warmly, and he returned the smile.

'I wish you the best, Genevieve,' Noah wished her from the bottom of his heart. With the sun setting, he offered, 'Let me drop you at your town.'

Eve nodded. She didn't see any point in refusing it when she could use the ride. Not to mention, Meadow came before Woodlock. It wasn't the first time she had taken a ride in his carriage.

Noah was the first to get up swiftly on his feet, and noticing Eve holding her purple umbrella in one hand, he offered his hand in front of her. Her blue eyes fell on his open palm before she unhesitatingly placed it in his. He held it firmly, somewhere, not wanting to let go and wanting to hold it a little longer. But he let go anyway, knowing it was for the best.

He was satisfied with the way things were...

At least, that is what Noah had thought back then.

Right now, in the cave, Noah's vision was not just blurry, but it had darkened, and he felt something crawl and grasp around his heart, making it harder for him to breathe. His lips moved with the inaudible name 'Genevieve' uttering from it, before the poison stopped his heart and breathing.