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Chapter 471 Time To Lose Your Pride
Marceline sat on the bed in her secluded room, her posture looked proud and refined even though she had been left in this horrendous place for two days. Her face was rigid, and she refused to eat or drink the food offered.

She couldn't believe her entire family had decided to let her spend the rest of her years in the House of Purgatory. Anger bubbled and coursed in the vampiress's veins, but the longer time passed, the more she came to realise that her words fell on deaf ears. But her stubbornness increased the hunger she now felt and she bitterly waited for the guard to come in front of her room and bring her food.

When she heard footsteps approaching towards the room, her eyebrows drew, and a hint of relief passed her expression when she noticed it was the guard, carrying a tray of food and a glass of blood.

"Where are you going? Serving the food to the room next to mine when you haven't served me?"

But the guard disappeared from her sight without pausing or even looking at her. The audacity of this lowly guard… Marceline's eyes narrowed. Hunger mixed with her anger, she pushed herself from the bed and made her way towards the room's door gate. Holding the iron rods and pushing her nose and part of her centre face through the gaps so that she could have a better look at the ends of the corridor.

"You there!" Marceline called the same guard, when he walked past her room once again. "I am talking to you! Don't you have ears?"

What was going on in here?! She was Marceline Moriarty, the daughter of a wealthy and high-positioned Viscount!

"You think my father will be pleased if he hears about how you are treating me here?! He's a Viscount and he will punish you all!" Marceline shouted.

"Shut up, already!" Came a coarse voice of a woman from the left side, who Marceline assumed to be coming from the room next to hers. "Some of us are trying to eat in peace. I hear another word from you, I will snap you into two halves."

For a moment, Marceline turned quiet. But then she thought, how can the woman even harm her when she was locked in the room. Being used to getting her way and always being on the upper hand, she responded imperiously, "If you want, you can cut your ugly self. I am talking to the guard, not you." 

She heard a chuckle from one side of the corridor outside the room, but not knowing if it came from the left or right, her red eyes moved around before the person who had chuckled walked to the front of her room.

It was a decently tall man with blonde hair, his eyes downturned and a sly smile on his lips. He said, "If I were you, I would watch my words, young miss of the Moriarty family."

Marceline glared at the man, who appeared to be around her own age. He didn't wear expensive clothing, which had her assume that he came from a lower family than hers. Not to mention, there were scars on his wrists, which were all healed.

"I was not served my share of the food and blood for the hour. I am hungry," Marceline stated in a haughty tone. "Where is it?" She demanded.

The man stared at her with his green eyes and replied, "If you weren't served, there's only one reason. You must have refused to eat or drink the first two days."

"I am not refusing now," Marceline frowned.

"Yes, maybe you aren't refusing it now, but if an inmate of the House of Purgatory refuses to eat by showing arrogance and pride as if you are from a superior place, you will be denied food for the next two days. So maybe think carefully next time you display your arrogance."

"What?" Marceline questioned, a deep frown appearing on her face as if she wasn't able to comprehend the logic. "I demand my food right now! I cannot be treated as if I am a vermin like the rest of the people here. I come from the—"

"The Moriarty family. Yes, we all heard about it, there's no need to yap about it. But you are part of the vermin culture, so get used to it. No matter what big name your family carries outside these high walls of the House of Purgatory, once you step inside, it is better for you to drop it right there, than cling to it. Right now to most of us, you are just a woman who keeps shouting," the man said to her with a smug expression. "Trust me, it is better to keep a low profile, than bring attention to yourself. If you think you were a hyena, there are vultures in here who will peck and tear you apart. So if I were you, I would stay quiet and behave. Don't think the guards aren't marking your bad behaviour."

Marceline couldn't believe this, and while gripping the iron rods, she tried to tone down her voice and said, "Please bring the man in charge of this place! I would like to talk to him! I will not send away the food untouched again! I wasn't keeping well and I couldn't eat it!"

"Sure, liar," the man said to her, his green eyes taking in a quick look at her, and he said, "You will step out of the room, it isn't like we are a pet. Be on your good behaviour and the guards will let you out, and you will be able to join the buffet in the hall, rather than be stuck in here." Saying this, the man left the front of her room as if Marceline had bored him.

The young vampiress's body shook in anger and frustration. She couldn't believe the plight she was placed in. All these years, Marceline had prided herself on being a member of the Moriarty family. For crying out loud, she wasn't some average vampiress but a pureblooded vampiress!

Chapter 472 Finding A Known Face
Marceline's stomach growled, keeping her awake even during the hours of the night when she was supposed to be sleeping. With a lantern that burned in her room and a pot made of mud, which had water in it, she stared at it while running her hands on her stomach. The room was barely a room, with a divider for one to take a bath or do other necessary things.

There was no mirror, but there was a cupboard to place all the clothes one owned. There was a small table and a stool. But the room didn't have a fireplace to heat in this weather. There was

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she hoped her parents would come to rescue her from this mad pace, which was no less to an institution for the crazy members of society, who were unfit to walk among the sane.

According to Marceline, she had always been nice to people even though she didn't like them, she tolerated them even though they were beneath her. Yet look where her life had ended now, she thought to herself. She wondered if she wrote a letter to her father if he would come to collect her and bring her back to the mansion.

She quickly sat upright on her bed. Going to the desk that was present, she pulled out the parchments and ink, before she started to write a letter to her father. 

'Dear father,

I hope this letter finds you well. I know I have committed many mistakes in the past, but my childish innocence led to those actions. I only wanted to be loved, and to be part of the Moriarty family still as I have been until recently. I miss you, mother, little Allie, terribly. I regret my actions, and the more hours passed, the worse I feel. Please forgive me, I will never do anything as such. I promise to be good, and I have been, haven't I? When the council members asked me regarding Lady Camille's death, I helped our family. Please, father, show me mercy and take me out of this place. I feel suffocated and trapped.

Your loving daughter,


Marceline quickly folded the parchment and decided for the right time so the guard could take it and send it to her father. But the vampiress was not sorry for the harm she had brought to Eve, and knowing it was because of that person that she was in this place, she despised her even more.

"She is deceiving everyone along with Vincent," Marceline muttered.

When the next day arrived, Marceline woke up feeling hopeful as she carried the letter she had written to her father in her dress pocket.

"It is time to eat," she heard the loud voices of the guards, calling the inmates of the House of Purgatory, and soon one of the guards appeared in front of her gate.

Not knowing if she would find another time later with the guard, Marceline quickly made her way to the front of her room and spoke to him in a polite voice, as he unlocked the gate,

"How long have you been working here?"

The guard stared at her, noticing how normal Marceline appeared as a person. As normal as any other person in this place, as everyone liked to behave like they were mentally sound until they got tired of it and behaved like their true selves.

"Seven," replied the guard.

"You like working here? I was thinking if you could help me take a stroll around to know where I can and cannot walk. To know the rules of course," Marceline wanted to befriend the guard, but the guard only glared at her and responded to her,

"The guards are here to keep people like you in line, not to act as your servants."

The guard had dealt with enough people like Marceline to know the tricks and schemes one came up with. Marceline quickly said, "No no, I didn't mean to offend you, Sire. I have a request to ask from you." She took out the folded parchment from her dress pocket and stretched her hand towards him, "Please have this sent to my father. I promise that is all I wanted. Just this one letter to reach my father."

The guard briefly stared at Marceline and then took the folded parchment from her.

"When will you send it?" Marceline asked him.

"Letters go out only on Saturdays and also you receive on that day. Not earlier than that," the guard replied before he reminded her, "The food is served down the hall. Follow the rest and you will find it."

Marceline nodded and offered a false bow that meant nothing. It would take only a week before her father would come for her, the vampiress thought to herself. She would think about how to fix her image once she was out of here. She had done it once, she could do it again, the vampiress thought to herself.

When Marceline stepped out of her room, she made sure that her footsteps were firm and that no one knew about her disability. She wouldn't let anyone ruin the reputation she had built for herself and would make sure to stand above the rest. With that thought, the vampires made her way to the hall where food was served.

On entering the wide and big room with a high ceiling, she saw three long tables, on top of which were food and blood.

"Finally," Marceline let out a sigh of relief. Even though the food wasn't fresh, she needed blood in her body.

But when she started walking towards the table, she noticed a lot of people's eyes falling on her. Her movements slowed down for a moment before she continued to walk forward with her chin up.

Before Marceline's hand could reach for food, someone caught hold of her hand, stopping her from reaching for the glass of blood. Turning annoyed, she turned to see who had dared, when her eyes slightly widened on seeing who it was.

"I didn't believe it when they said a woman was shouting and telling she was a Moriarty," said the woman, who had a scar on one side of her face.

"Delia…" Marceline whispered the name of the woman, whom she once knew. How could she forget… that the woman was here. The reason Delia Tallon was in here was because of her. But a few years had passed, and while Marceline's life had moved on with merriment and respect, it wasn't the same for the woman who stood in front of her. "It is so good to see you, Delia!" Marceline offered a sweet smile as if thrilled and excited to see the human.

"You have some nerve to smile in front of me," Delia's eyes narrowed, before she raised her hand and punched Marceline's nose with force.

The people in the hall hooted, liking what they saw as they were all troublemakers, while some were depressed from living in the House of Purgatory for so long that they didn't care. Marceline stumbled backwards and covered her nose with her hand, which oozed blood.

Chapter 473 Past Deeds Catching Up Fast

Marceline felt her hands turn wet because of the dripping blood from her nose. "What is wrong with you?!" she demanded in shock.

It resulted in the woman named Delia punching Marceline one more time and the young vampiress lost her balance with her wooden foot, to end up falling flat on her bottoms.

Some people in the hall had moved aside to give the two women space.

Marceline looked back and forth and shouted for help, "Where are the guards? Guards! This woman is crazy!" On another note, how could this human's punch hurt her this much? Was it because she hadn't drank blood for a long time now, and it had resulted in her body to turn weak?

But no guards appeared to help her, and she glared at Delia with her bloody nose, "Why are you hitting me? I just told you I am happy to see you!"

"It is because of you that I am here, and you dare say that you are happy to see me?" Delia questioned Marceline, feeling her knuckles numb yet throb. "What did I do to you!? You were lonely and I was your friend. I was kind to you, and you turned on me, you bitch!"

Marceline tried to feign ignorance and save her face by saying,

"I do not know what you are talking about, Delia. This is just some misunderstanding that we can sit down and talk. Yes?" Maybe if the woman was looking the other side, she would punch the human back this time, the vampiress thought in her mind, while she carefully stood up.

Delia looked furious and said, "You lied to me. You betrayed and broke my trust." And Marceline rolled her eyes as if she didn't know what the woman was talking about. The human said in anger, "When Arad wrote letters to me, I thought he loved me, and I loved him back. I opened my closed heart to him and my soul... only to realise that he never wrote any letters to me. It was you, who wrote the letters to me in his name. You acted as if you were my friend, while exploiting my emotions and lying. As if that wasn't enough, you couldn't see me happy and when I was thriving in society, you circulated false stories that I slept with men, writing the same to my family and you knew they would never tolerate it. They were ashamed and left me here. And you dare ask, what you did?"

Marceline kept a straight face and responded, "I never did such a thing, Delia. It isn't my fault that Arad turned into a coward and decided not to meet you."

The human clenched her hands, turning it into tight fists, and she did it first before Marceline could land a blow at her. Marceline fell to the ground for the second time.

"Argh!" Marceline felt her face throb in pain.

"You are a liar through and through," Delia stepped forward, bending down, she pulled one of Marceline's legs, which was the wooden leg, and it came out.

"Stop it, you crazy woman!" Marceline shouted with her eyes wide.

When the human woman realised it was an artificial leg, she stared at Marceline before breaking it in half and threw it across the other side of the hall.

"You bitch!" Marceline turned hysterical, where her poised composure slipped and her true self came out.

"You are so used to pulling down others to keep yourself at the front, it is time for you to sit back. Don't you ever dare to play with anyone's emotions and trust," Delia stood up and then added, "I doubt anyone will ever hand their trust to you, for the vile and cruel person you are."

Delia left the place, reaching the other side of the table, before she started to eat her meal. Marceline felt the continuous eye on her, making her uncomfortable because of her state. When she tried to get up by using the help of a nearby bench, one person pushed her hand and went back to sit on the ground, hearing snickers pass around the room.

Marceline noticed the blonde man, who sat at the end of the table whom she had met yesterday. The person held a sneer mixed with a smile when their eyes met, before he went back to eating his food.

"I thought she was here by mistake, but look at that. She seems to have quite some reputation," one of them mockingly laughed.

"Aren't we all like that, people with masks? To think she was calling herself to be a Moriarty, what a shame," said a nearby woman with a gruff voice. "I have seen her brother, mhmm. He's a handsome man."

"Are you planning to sit here all day? Move!" Someone commented from behind, and Marceline quickly moved to one side, while her face turned hot as people continued to bad mouth her before ignoring her.

Marceline took a lot of effort as every time she tried to stand up, someone came to push her or make her trip. Not to mention, it was hard to walk with only one leg. But the reality of not having a personal physician here to fix her leg turned her angrier.

Everyone knew she had lost her leg.

"Calm down," Marceline consoled herself. "Only a little more time." Only a little more time before her father would come here and take her out of there. Then she would be the one laughing at these idiot women and men.

She hopped until she finally came to the place where her broken wooden leg was lying on the ground. But it was further broken into two more pieces, and she wanted to scream her frustration out! How could this happen to her? She was a pureblooded vampiress!

Far away from the hall where the people were having their food, which was moderately better than what was served to their rooms, the guard who had taken the folded parchment from Marceline, entered the room to the higher person in this place.

"What is that?" Questioned the man behind the desk with a dull expression on his face. His black hair covered part of his golden eyes, while the other side of his hair was combed back.

"Another letter from one of the occupant," the guard informed the man and handed the letter to him.

The Head person took hold of the letter, turned it around, and said, "This is a recent occupant. Marceline Moriarty." He didn't bother to look at the contents inside it, and handed it back to the guard and said, "You know what to do with it."

The guard nodded, taking the folded parchment, he walked to the fireplace in the room before throwing it into it like the many other letters he had been handed to give to the family members.

"Sire, why not tell them that they aren't allowed to write letters?" The guard asked because the occupants were unnecessarily wasting their time and ink.

"Because it is more fun and torturous, making them wait for a hope that will never come," the Head person of the place answered with a sly smile.

Chapter 474 What Was Passed Down
Eve and Vincent continued to stand in the cellar room, with Timotei in front of them, who right now pleadingly looked at Eve, so that she would continue with their earlier plan of turning him into a vampire in the future.

In some gaps, when Timoteo and Vincent shared stares, it made Eve wonder if perhaps the black cat had mistaken Vincent for someone else. What if it was someone else in the past family? She asked herself.

Eve bent down and touched Timotei's head, before running it on his back. The black cat tilted its head and purred, "What are you doing?"

"She's trying to see if she can find any memories connected to you from your past," Vincent was the one to answer, while Eve had closed her eyes, trying to pick anything. But all she could see were things that took place in his current and existing life.

Eve turned to look at Vincent and shook her head, "There's nothing in here and he's harmless."

"I told you, I was just hiding my majestic self. What has this world come by not trusting an innocent cat like me?" Timotei questioned them.

Eve said to Vincent, "Maybe I need his previous skeleton to connect to his memories. The current body is given in this life. Maybe if we look for his skeleton we might be able to piece in the puzzle faster?" She then turned to look at Timotei and asked him, "Timotei, you need to remember where you died."

"You ask a very odd question, that sends chills down my body, Eve," Timotei shivered.

"I don't think it will be easy to find a dead cat's skeleton after these many years. But," Vincent paused for a brief moment and said, "Timotei was not an ordinary cat, he was a cat that belonged to the royal family. And most of the royal families treasure even their pet's graves."

"Of course, I was a very important person," Timotei commented as if there was no reason for it to be not true. "People never sat on me, or threw me out of the window or into the burning fireplace. I used to sit on a velvet cushion."

"The royal castle is up in the North, and we'll need to travel there for it," Vincent said to Eve. "Let us see if there are any other portraits in here which might be helpful," he said, turning his gaze to the boards of family paintings. "Scratch another portrait, and I will lock you up here as one of the antiques of the mansion," he said to the black cat, who quickly nodded.

Eve ran her fingertips across the objects in the cellar, but there wasn't anything worthy of information here they could use, and some were empty. As if, with time of catching rust and dust, their memories had eventually faded.

Vincent said to her, "Once we get back to Skellington, let us travel up to the North. In the meantime, let us see if my grandfather or grandmother knows anything about it. You will be travelling with us, Timotei."

"Of course! I wasn't going to have it any other way, considering how I am the key to all the answers... wait, what is the question?" Timotei asked with curiosity, but Eve and Vincent had already started to make their way out of the cellar for the black cat to follow them quickly. "Wait for me!" He looked back to see if any rodent followed him.

When they stepped out of the cellar and returned to the open area where there was abundant light, Lady Ravette and Strix were taking a walk, whispering something while they smiled at each other. On noticing the young ones, Strix remarked,

"Oh, look, the children are back from their little exploration. Found anything interesting?" He asked Vincent.

"Nothing that caught my interest, but I did have a question about the great aunt Gretchen," Vincent responded as they walked towards the elderly couple.

"What do you want to know about her?" Strix's eyebrows slightly furrowed in question.

"Did she ever tell why she tried to kill the males of this family?" Vincent asked, while Lady Ravette's eyes fell on Timotei, who walked close between Vincent and Eve.

Timotei might have lost some of his past memories, but he hadn't forgotten this old vampiress throwing him in a pyre of fire! What did he do? He tried remembering before going 'O'. He had thrown one of her valuable items on the ground for it to break... Those were some good times, he nodded his head. He would have broken more of her things if he knew that she was going to evaporate him in the fire.

Vincent's grandfather replied, "It had something to do with breaking the curse. In the Moriarty family, word was passed from generation to generation, and to her, on what she was destined to do."

"Does this curse go back to the time when King Gauntlet had forcefully captured the sea goddess Nerhys?" Vincent asked, and Strix nodded, which had Eve's eyebrows slightly raised.

"Yes, it is a story our people have heard at least once. Don't know where Gretchen or the other women heard it, but they felt the need to stab their male siblings. Which was why it turned into a little horror, when children were born of different sex than their siblings."

Lady Ravette said, "I remember her shouting that the curse would be broken by stabbing the dagger."

"Ah, yes the dagger. How could I forget," Strix said with a nod. He continued to explain, "She told that the male had to die for the curse to be put to an end. Until then, there would be pain passed down with death, illness and what not. That people wouldn't be happy." With a thoughtful look on his face, he said,

"This is also why Kind Gauntlet's predecessors don't sit on the throne anymore or live in the castle. After tragedy struck, people who were still alive decided that they would stay away from the place, and it would keep their children safe."

"But it didn't end the curse, did it?" Vincent asked, and his grandfather's eyes met his.

"No. It didn't. What we know are only little bits and pieces. There is something you might be interested to look at. Let me show you," Grandpa Strix asked them to follow him, and everyone walked to one of the lounging rooms. He pulled out a drawer and showed them a dagger, which was made of a red stone. "Gretchen used this when she tried to attack me."

Vincent took hold of the dagger and turned it in his hand, "Did you test it on someone?"

When Eve's eyes fell on the dagger, she felt her eyes prickle before her vision turned clear.

Strix nodded, "I did. The vampire died like he would have with a regular wooden stake. With Gretchen in the coffin and Holy Oak isolated, I don't think there's anything to worry about."

But it didn't seem as simple as grandpa Strix said, who looked like there was nothing to worry about. Vincent asked. "You don't mind if I keep this dagger in my possession, do you?"

"Go ahead. It is all yours. Good riddance," Strix laughed.

Chapter 475 The Other Side
Music Recommendation: The Inexorable Advance of Mr. Delaney

As Eve and Vincent walked through the corridors of the magnificent mansion that now belonged to them, the pureblooded noticed Eve rubbing her eyes for the fourth time and he asked,

"Did something go in your eyes? Let me take a look at it."

They paused their footsteps and faced each other. Vincent held Eve's chin, bringing her face closer, and he stared into her bright blue eyes. But there was no dust particle that he caught in her eyes. She said,

"I don't know why but my eyes have been pricking for some time as if there's something in there and there was a slight burn."

Vincent leaned in closer and blew air into one of her eyes. He then did the same to her other eye before pulling away. He asked her, "How about now?"

Eve blinked her eyes and then nodded, "Better." Her vision felt clearer now. She then asked him, "Do you think the other bloodlines from King Gauntlet children who might be alive, might know anything about the curse and how to break it? Maybe we can ask them if we don't find Timotei's skeleton."

"There's only my family, the vampires and the Sullivans who are the werewolves of that bloodline," Vincent hummed, dropping his hand back to his side. "And the last time I checked, Noah appeared to be like any other werewolf. I didn't sense anything from him, and he seems to have had a clean record."

Eve's lips set themselves in a thin line. After Vincent recently informed her about the Sullivan family being connected to the Gauntlet family, she turned worried. Because that would mean that Vincent and Noah would be facing each other, and only one would survive at the end.

"Maybe I can touch his hand and know if he has any ability like yours? Or maybe I could talk to him and ask?" Eve asked Vincent, but Vincent shook his head.

"You won't find an answer to something that has been carefully hidden for years, Eve. If Noah does have an ability and is the last kin to that bloodline, then he has done an excellent job in hiding it. The man has too much self control," Vincent said to Eve, and they continued to walk in one of the corridors of the mansion.

"I hope it doesn't come to the point where you both will be forced to kill each other…" Eve said in a worried tone, while her eyebrows furrowed. She murmured, "The curse seems to always want to balance things out, doesn't it? First it was out of the two brother's only one would survive, and then we hear that the Moriarty women kill their brothers."

"If you ask me,I think there was some sort of misunderstanding many years ago and the same misconception has been passed down the generations, creating chaos and fear, when in truth there's nothing to worry about. I don't think the curse that the sea Goddess Nerhys left on the Gauntlet's family, branched into a second curse," Vincent explained, walking towards the balcony and they both stepped into it, noticing the blanket of trees and the hills that was there on this side of the mansion.

Eve wondered how things were back home. Hoping everything was well and peaceful, considering everyone was where they were supposed to be.

Hours passed, and soon night fell upon the place.

It was midnight, where everyone had gone to their rooms to rest, and so did Vincent and Eve, who now comfortably slept on the cushioned mattress of their room. Vincent's arm was stretched for Eve to use like a pillow, with a blanket covering them.

On one of the nearby trees was an owl, who sat on the branch with its eyes wide. Its hoot could be heard along with the soft rustling of the leaves, that brought a whisper of warning with the chill, to only be obstructed by the thick walls of the Moriarty mansion.

In the room and the stand on which Vincent's coat hung, his pocket glowed as if someone lit a candle, but nothing caught fire. The glow came from the dagger that was placed there.

Careful footsteps made their way towards the stand before standing in front of the coat. The person's hand reached for the pocket and pulled the dagger from there, which glowed even more as if it was responding to its rightful owner. The glow finally disappeared, settling back to its darkness.

The person carried the dagger in hand and walked towards the bed. The person's eyes fell on the bed, holding no expression, while clutching the dagger.

The person carefully climbed on the bed without making a sound and hovered in front of the person. Raising the dagger in the hand, the person used all the force to pierce the dagger into the chest where the beating heart laid.

But before the dagger could pierce Vincent's chest, he caught hold of the person's wrist, who was none other than Eve. She hovered above him with her eyes completely golden.

"Eve!" Vincent called her name, but she didn't respond and only stared as if she was in a trance.

As if realising she had failed in her attempt, the expression on her face twisted and she opened her mouth showing the jagged teeth. She tried to pull her hand away from Vincent's grip, wanting to strike at him again.

"Wake up!" Vincent raised his voice, but that didn't work, while he tried to keep the dagger away from him. "It seems like we should leave this mansion, as you seem to be taking over grandmother's qualities." 

Vincent noticed how Eve wasn't herself, this was the siren's side that wanted his blood. She was strong, but he was stronger. He flipped their positions such that Eve's back was pressed against the bed, while he was on top of her, with his hands holding her hands down.

"I will bleed you until the very last drop of blood for what you did," Eve spoke in a heavy voice as she struggled to use the dagger on him.