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Chapter 461 Who Woke Up?
Vincent and Eve's room was warm enough to fade the questions Eve had on her mind when they stepped inside the room. She couldn't help but sit in front of the fireplace and on the floor, her hands stretched forward as her palms heated up.

The walls of the room were bluish-grey. The many candles stand in the room, creating light, while shadows followed the light.

Vincent sat on the edge of the bed, untying the lace of his shoes and watching Eve in front of the fireplace. It was good to have her this close to him, to have her for this and every other life that was there to come. She appeared to be at peace, and he could sense her emotions through the bond he had left on her.

Once he removed his shoes, he removed his coat, while making his way to where Eve was, he draped his coat around her shoulders to give her that extra warmth her body needed. She smiled, turning and looking at him, who stood next to her. She raised her hand towards him and asked,

"Will you sit with me?" 

Vincent took her hand and sat next to her on the wooden flooring. He said, "How are you doing today, Mrs. Moriarty?"

Eve's heart fluttered. She replied, "In peace. How about you?" To think he was hers as much as she was his, brought a warmth that the fireplace couldn't light in a person and had to come from within a person.

"Fantastic," Vincent answered and watched Eve, who went back to look at the fireplace. He said, "If you like this place, maybe in the future we can stay here for as long as you want. Even raise our family here. It will be a fresh start, and we can have your family over too. You won't have to worry about any memory following you."

"What about the coffins in the mansion?" Eve asked him, a tender smile forming on her lips at the thought of their future together. There was so much to look ahead, and she was excited about it.

"I will have them thrown from the cliff. We don't need extra space being taken in the mansion," Vincent replied connivingly, and Eve laughed at his words. "Or have them sent to Skellington."

"It sounds tempting, Mr. Moriarty," Eve hummed.

"It does, doesn't it?" Vincent responded. He felt Eve lean against his arm, and he supported her weight. "We should head to bed if you are tired. Carla was right. The journey was after all long and you didn't rest as much as you needed to."

Eve shook her head, a little stubborn as she wanted to spend time with Vincent. They had such busy days recently that this felt like an actual vacation that they needed.

He said, "I have other ideas if you don't want to sleep. The walls aren't soundproof, but I promise you that no one will dare to wander near the room. Especially when they know we only married recently."

Eve turned away from the fireplace and stared into Vincent's red eyes, that brought calmness and assurance to her messy life. Her lips drew close to his, and he closed the little distance between them. The kiss brought a tranquillity in her life that she didn't know she had been looking for, and to think it came from a person like Vincent, and life was indeed strange, she thought in her mind.

When she pulled away, her closed eyes fluttered open and looked into his eyes. She said, "I think I would like that."

"To be heard screaming my name or I taking you, my beautiful girl?" Vincent teased her.

"The latter," Eve replied, though she had noticed calling out his name had only turned the man more aroused than he already was.

Vincent stood up first and then gave his hand to Eve before they headed towards the bed, leaving the coat on the wooden floor.

That night, Vincent took his own time to love Eve tenderly. The cold weather created the perfect catalyst for them to seek out each other's heat, wrapping themselves in it as they made love to each other.

Vincent consumed Eve, and she let him conquer her as she had never surrendered in front of anyone before. Her thoughts were transparent for him to read, her emotions and feelings stirred by him, and her body responded to every touch that left a fire in her.

To the couple, no one exited before or after them, and right now, it was just them wrapped in one corner of the mansion as they continued to love. It didn't take long for Eve to come apart, and Vincent followed with his release, with the walls of the room capturing the moans and sighs of the two lovers.

In the mansion's dining room, Timotei was more than content with the food that the servants had served him a while ago. He could get used to this life. Almost could get used to it, as his eyes were still on wanting to turn into a vampire. Now spread on the dining room like a sacrifice, he rubbed his soft belly.

"Mmm," he purred.

His stomach full and his will to move too weak, Timotei fell asleep on the dining table.

After several hours, when the sun was about to rise in the sky, the black cat was woken up by the servant's murmurs and the sharp voice of the housekeeper in front of the dining room, who demanded with contained anger,

"Who dared to step inside the chambers?"

"I didn't go near that place, Miss Carla."

"I cleaned the corridor outside yesterday morning, but I didn't step inside."

There were murmurs from the servants, and one of them asked, "Did something happen?"

"Someone entered the sleeping chambers and pushed the coffin on the ground," Carla replied sharply, and the servants looked horrified. She knew it couldn't be the newlywed couple, and it was someone else. "Whoever it is, they better step forward."

Timotei softly growled in annoyance. Which peasant dared to wake him up from his deep slumber? He pushed himself up from the table's surface and decided to sleep elsewhere, where no one would come to disturb him.

Chapter 462 Out Of Coffin
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When the following day arrived, Eve and Vincent left their room and made their way down. As they climbed down the stairs, the housekeeper stood at the end of the stairs with a troubled expression.

"Why do you look like the cat has caused trouble in the kitchen?" Vincent remarked, and his words weren't far from what had occurred.

"Good morning, Master Vincent and Lady Genevieve," Carla offered her deepest bow to the couple, before she raised her head and informed, "There has been a little situation since last night. I don't know how to tell you about it. This morning when I went to fix the table inside the chamber that you said, I found the table and the coffin broken."

And as calm as Carla appeared, Eve noticed the hint of worry in the old housekeeper's eyes.

"The servants claim that they weren't the one who broke it. They know better than to enter the chamber that is solely for the family," Carla further said, that had Vincent slightly narrow his eyes, and he asked with a bright smile,

"Are you insinuating that Eve or I were the ones who pushed it?"

"I would never dare it, Master Vincent," the housekeeper quickly answered. She said, "I fear that maybe the coachman's words were true. About the werewolf he saw last night." She also knew it wasn't the newlywed couple because the young master was aware of the gravity of the situation and the kind of people who slept in the underground chamber inside the coffins.

Carla had been left with the responsibility of taking care of the mansion and the coffins in the chamber, but last night it had broken under her watch.

It took Eve and Vincent less than a second to question whether the 'werewolf' had caused the mishap in the underground chamber.

Vincent asked, "Hopefully you were able to place the coffin and the person back to its original place?"

Sharp sound of shoes clicking against the marble floor was heard from a distance. The housekeeper's back stiffened, and her face slightly paled.

Eve realised the reason the housekeeper looked troubled wasn't that the coffin was broken. But it was because someone out of the three sleeping Moriarty family members had woken up from their coffins.

The answer to the question of who had woken up wasn't far as the sound of the shoes got louder and louder with every passing second before the person showed up in front of them.

"The pain of being betrayed by the people you trust is the deepest. One would think that they would be able to keep me away from my family, but it was only time before I woke up."

There stood Vincent's grandmother Lady Ravette Moriarty. Her stern face held wrinkles because of her age, and her grey-black hair was partitioned in the middle, that was tied into a bun. Her downturned eyes looked small, while she slightly glowered at the people in front of her.

"Looks like grandmother is awake," Vincent remarked, before offering her a bright smile.

Eve didn't understand how this woman had woken up. After all, if she remembered correctly, it took more than just breaking the coffin. One had to pull out the wooden stake pierced through the people's chest. Unless... it was there only for show, she thought to herself. Or someone helped her...

"Grandmother Ravette, what a pleasant surprise to see you awake," Vincent greeted the old woman.

The old vampiress stared at Vincent with a hint of grimace on her face. She said,

"Silver hair that belonged to the human my son married. You must be my grandson." She walked towards where they stood, every step of the woman carried a weight that increased the heaviness in the atmosphere. The housekeeper quickly moved away to keep a good distance between them, while her eyes were trained on the marble floor.

"Vincent, you have grown into a fine pureblooded vampire. How handsome and those dark eyes." The woman opened her arms and hugged her grandson. "Still not a hugger?" she hummed as they pulled away.

"I don't remember you being a hugger yourself," Vincent remarked with a smile. "How was your sleep? Any good dreams that you would like to share with us?"

"As pleasant as it was, it is good to see that your grandfather has been put in the coffin after what he did to me," Lady Ravette responded with a slight smile that appeared on only one corner of her lips. Her eyes then shifted to look at Eve, her red eyes examining Eve from head to toe. 

"This is my wife, Genevieve. The love of my life," Vincent introduced Eve to his grandmother. "Eve this is Ravette Moriarty. My paternal grandmother."

"Another human? It seems like the men in our family for some reason end up falling for humans," Lady Ravette responded with the same smile, noticing Eve offer a bow. She said, "Though it is a man's responsibility to protect his woman and his family, I hope she knows how to protect herself?"

"Better than she appears to be," Vincent assured his grandmother.

"Why don't you step aside, so that I can take a better look at her myself, Vincent," Lady Ravette pulled out her gloves from her hands.

Vincent didn't leave Eve's side and said, "Isn't it a bit too early to be getting into the fun part when we have so much to catch up to? I don't think you would like to be put back to sleep, when you have only woken up."

"Then is that a no?" Lady Ravette questioned, raising one of her eyebrows and she asked Eve, "What do you say, Genevieve? Sparring with each other is a tradition that has been passed down through generations. Don't worry, I won't kill you," but the smile on the woman's lips said otherwise, and she continued, "Not unless I feel you are unworthy of my grandson."

Chapter 463 A Fight Of Welcome
Until now, Eve had never fought with any person. She knew a time would come, when she would have to be ready, when she would face the man who had killed her mother. One had to go through the small trials before facing the bigger one.

"Okay," Eve agreed to Vincent's grandmother, taking upon the woman's proposal to have a friendly spar.

If things went out of hand, there was Vincent in the room. When her eyes moved to look at him, she noticed the pride in his eyes for her, which gave her courage.

"Let us fight with each other, Lady Ravette," Eve offered the elderly woman a bow.

"I wonder if it is arrogance or confidence that speaks," Lady Ravette responded to Eve's words and said, "You can pick whatever you want from here to protect yourself against me, while I will not use anything except rely on myself. Do you agree?"

Eve nodded to the vampiress's words, "Agreed."

The vampiress was old and had only woken up from her long slumber, how hard would it be to tackle her? Eve questioned herself. But the woman was a vampiress, and if she gave Eve the upper hand, that only meant the vampiress underestimated her that she was a mere human. What crazy family member tried to fight a new person in the family? Eve realised it was too late to question it, because this was the family she had married into, and now it was hers as much as it was Vincent's.

Vincent said, "Let me take a comfortable position so that I can view it better."

The housekeeper turned surprised by the lack of worry in the young master's words and demeanour as if his human wife would be able to defend against Lady Ravette.

"You know, Vincent. Even your grandfather was in love with a human, and she died," Lady Ravette said to him, while taking her position in front of Eve with five steps distance between them,

"So you weren't his first choice?" Vincent added salt to his grandmother's thoughts.

But Eve noticed that Lady Ravette was unfazed by her grandson's words. She said, "It doesn't matter if you are first or second. What matters is who gets to live and survive. It is only unfortunate that he has to sleep in that coffin, and will never be able to come out." She raised her hand and showed the key, "I will not let him."

Eve wasn't sure if it was good that Lady Ravette insisted on keeping the key with her so that no one would dare to wake her husband, who had put her in the coffin. Vincent leaned against the railing of the stairs and said,

"Who woke you up?"

"I hope it is your happiness of seeing me that speaks now, grandson," Lady Ravette said, "I had a little help from my loyal servant, not like this one here," she looked at Carla in annoyance, "It is amusing that all thought a stake could keep me in the coffin—"

"You were crazy enough to hit Marceline when she was young. And haven't you tried killing mother on several occasions? Poisoning her too?" Vincent asked in a nonchalant tone.

"Marceline needed to be educated about a few things, as she belongs to a pureblooded family. I wanted to see if she was smart or weak. It would have been a painless death. Some people need change, but she died elsewhere…" Lady Ravette said, "What I didn't expect is Carla to join the conspiracy in putting me to sleep," she turned her gaze to look towards the housekeeper, who continued to look down with a frozen expression. "But that's fine. Let bygones be gone, as I am here now." She then turned back to look at Eve and said, "If you win against me, I will forfeit and accept you to be part of the family."

"Nobody is looking for your acceptance, grandmother," Vincent chuckled, and the older vampiress continued staring at the human standing before her.

Lady Ravette spoke her own tune without heeding thoughts to what Vincent said, "Did your father tell you that when they were trying to put me to sleep, someone dear died. Your aunt."

"You don't seem very sorry about her death," Vincent pointed to her.

"I am not," the vampiress said in a dull voice. "The blame goes to your grandfather, who tried to shut his wife in the coffin. Our daughter's death must have hurt him."

Eve slightly tilted her head as the tone of words sounded similar to the person they had left behind in the House of Purgatory. Until now, Eve kept wondering how Marceline had turned out the way she was, because of Viscount Eduard, Vincent and what she had heard about Lady Katherina, it appeared as if Marceline was a mismatch. But looking at Lady Ravette, she finally understood where Marceline got her characteristics.

Her blue eyes looked around the place, searching for water or any liquid that she could use to manipulate. But there were only pillars here.

"Ready for the duel, Genevieve?" Lady Ravette asked Eve, taking a stance. "I would give you three passes, but life isn't fair and this is a battle of pride and keeping yourself in the family. If you leave a scratch on me, I will never come at you."

"That's fine, Lady Ravette. I am thankful for your generosity in using anything here to my advantage," Eve responded politely. 

On the far end, Eve's eyes fell upon the sword hooked on the wall, but it was on the vampiress's side. She then heard Vincent remark,

Before they could start, Vincent spoke loudly, "Be careful about not leaving this space. We don't want to damage anything, especially not the fountain at the front. Isn't that right, grandmother?"

"Everything in this place is precious and cannot be replaced," Lady Ravette haughtily replied. "It is why we will finish this duel quickly."

When Eve blinked and opened her eyes, the next moment, Lady Ravette stood right in front of her with her hand raised and claws drawn out.


Chapter 464 Second Out Of Coffin
Eve quickly rolled to the other side as she had expected someone to say start and not start without any notice. Soon she had to defend herself from being hit by Vincent's grandmother, who continued to test and push her.

When Eve almost attacked the woman, Lady Ravette dodged it. They moved across the floor, fighting and continuing to land a blow at each other. While Lady Ravette moved, she failed to realise that the chamber key from her pocket fell and slid away.

Carla's eyes fell on the shiny object, and she carefully moved towards it before picking it up and running towards the underground chamber. She knew that if there was one person who could stop Lady Ravette, it was the woman's husband, who was sleeping in the coffin.

Lady Ravette was ruthless as she caught Eve's hand and turned the mermaid around, before throwing her to one of the nearby pillars. Eve winced, feeling her muscles ache.

"So weak," the older vampiress commented. She walked to where Eve lay on the ground with her body aching.

Eve didn't even have time to get the sword and then she remembered Vincent's words. The fountain. If he had mentioned it, it was only because he thought she could use her abilities and didn't have to hold back. She raised her hand when the wind breezed into the halls. Drops of water started to be picked up from the fountain, moving towards Eve's hand that she had raised right above the floor's surface.

"You have to keep an eye on your back if you don't want to be stabbed. You didn't last three minutes, how pathetic," Lady Ravette remarked when she reached Eve. She turned to Vincent and said, "It doesn't look like this one will survive long. I might as well finish her to save you the building misery for the future. Not to mention, you don't seem that fazed with what happens to her."

"Do you remember how father reacted when he found that you tried to poison mother?" Vincent asked in a calm voice.

"He despised me and swore to keep my grandchildren away from me. How is he now?" Lady Ravette questioned Vincent about her son. The last time she saw her son, he refused to talk to her, and it would be a lie if she said it didn't hurt her sentiments.

"The same as before," Vincent replied, and he then said, "What I meant to say is my lack of concern isn't because of the lack of attachment towards Eve. But because I know she will break through."

His grandmother softly harrumphed and said, "Don't tell me you are only words, Vincent. I will be very disappointed."

When Lady Ravette turned to look at Eve, the young mermaid apologised, "Forgive me." And she kicked the woman's leg such that it had the vampiress fall on the ground. Eve quickly scrambled on top of the vampiress, whose eyes widened on seeing the golden flecks in the human's eyes that were earlier absent.

"You aren't a human…!" Lady Ravette remarked in astonishment.

With only Vincent, Lady Ravette and Eve in the place, the water droplets that Eve had gathered turned into a strong dagger, which Eve quickly placed on the woman's chest. Lady Ravette gasped, feeling the sharp ice-like dagger press on her chest while still in shock. If the tip was sharp, it would have pierced through the woman's chest; but it had a blunt end.

"No, I am not a human," Eve replied with eyes that had turned into an intense gold.

Timotei, who was enjoying his slumber, heard clatter and thud sound, making him frown. Why was it hard for people to let him sleep in peace? Was it too much to ask after he was done saving people and bringing happiness?

"If only I had a servant, I would have told him to check on what's going on," the black cat remarked, as it got up and scratched its back with one of its hind legs. After letting out a yawn, he finally jumped from the bed, before making his way out of the room and through the corridors.

On the front side of the mansion, Lady Ravette looked surprised and intrigued by her grandson's wife, who sat on top of her. Eve then took the dagger away, which splattered on the ground with one snap of her fingers.

"Bravo!! Isn't she amazing, grandmother?" Vincent asked the older vampiress, who was on the ground.

Eve stepped away from Lady Ravette before offering her hand to the woman. Lady Ravette was too proud to take help from anyone, especially one who had dared to look down at her, but at the same time, she hadn't expected something like this. She took the young woman's hand and got up.

"I didn't know we were going to use tricks," Lady Ravette responded with an arrogant face and then said, "But I am in awe, that she pulled something in thin air. I guess I cannot go back on my word, and will have to accept you into the family."

Eve smiled, "Thank you, Lady Ravette."

"But it never hurts to watch your back," Lady Ravette added in a nonchalant tone. 

Soon they heard two pairs of footsteps. One was a harsh one, and the other was a much quieter one that followed the first pair of shoes.

Soon enough, Eve caught sight of Vincent's grandfather, who looked slightly sleepy, and he held a deep frown on his face. When his eyes fell on Vincent and Eve, he looked a little confused before it dawned on him who the silver-haired young man was.

The old vampire's hair was neatly combed backwards and was the opposite hairstyle of what Vincent often wore. He wore a crisp-looking brown suit that looked ironed, and his face held almost the same wrinkles as his furious wife.

But before the old vampire could go and greet his grandson, Lady Ravette appeared in front of him, and everyone heard a slap echo through the place. The echo came from Lady Ravetta slapping her husband on his face.

Eve's eyes widened, and she watched Vincent's grandfather raise his hand to his jaw and rub it. She heard the vampire say,

"Your hands are as strong as they used to be."

"How dare you put me to sleep, Strix? I am your wife!" Lady Ravette demanded from her husband, who looked unfazed.

Chapter 465 I Will Put You In The Coffin!
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The old vampire smiled at his wife and said, "You were so angry that time, that I thought you needed some time to calm down. What better than the coffin I built for you and me to rest in."

Lady Ravette caught hold of her husband's shirt, crumpling it in her hand as if she wanted to mince her husband in the same style, "You built it for when we die, not to force me to hibernate without my will," the old woman glowered.

"That's enough anger now, Ravetta. I joined you for hibernation right after I put you and that's how much I love you," Vincent's grandfather tried to console his furious wife.

"Why don't you get back inside the coffin and I will believe it," Lady Ravette's eyes narrowed as she continued to glare at her husband.

Strix didn't look offended by his wife's angry words. Instead, he picked up one of her hands and kissed the back of her fingers, "So much love for me, I can feel it coursing through your veins. My lovely Ravette, I did what I thought was best, won't you forgive me?" He kissed her fingers again while looking at his wife.

Lady Ravette looked like she would tear her husband's head off his body if she were given the chance or maybe the shirt. Her hands even went to his neck, curling it.

But something unexpected happened, and Eve blinked when the old couple embraced before they kissed each other. She heard Vincent remark next to her,

"Grandmother was lying when she said there was a human who died when it came to grandfather. She was the human, who died and turned into a vampiress."

Eve's eyes widened at his words. She hadn't expected that. She asked in a low voice, "Shouldn't she be sympathetic about humans then?"

"It is like this. Once you get the taste of power, position, money and other things, you will want to keep it rather than have someone else sully and bring unhappiness. I heard she was always like this, even before she was turned. She was stronger than the average human, and couldn't wait to be a vampiress."

After a few seconds, the old couple pulled away from each other's embrace. Lady Ravette murmured to her husband while they deeply looked into each other's eyes, "I am still very angry at you and would like to have you in the coffin by my hands."

"All in good time, dear. Who better to me there than you, my wife," said the old vampire.

"Better," Lady Ravette glared and said, "I lost a lot of time with my grandchildren."

Strix let go of his wife's waist and took a step forward to take a better look at his grandson and the woman standing under their roof. He said to Vincent,

"Look at you all grown up. You were so small when I last saw you and now you have grown."

"Thankfully, some of us grow and don't stay young," Vincent remarked, and Strix nodded with a smile. The older man placed his hands on his grandson's arms to hold him, watching the silver hair.

"You make your mother proud, Vince. To carry her in your appearance and memories," Strix stepped forward and hugged his grandson, patting his back. Vincent raised his hands and hugged back the old man, who seemed happy to see him. "Oh, how I have missed you! Where is Eduard and Annalise?" He stepped away from the hug.

"They are back in Skellington and they would be ecstatic to know that you both are finally awake," Vincent responded to his grandfather. 

Strix then looked at Eve and said, "The last time I remember, my granddaughter had black hair... and was not a human."

"The girl is not a human, Strix," Lady Ravette corrected her husband, walking to where they stood and standing next to him.

"Oh, dear, that is exactly what I said. Marceline was not a human," Strix said with a frown. "This is not my granddaughter."

Vincent put his hand around Eve's waist, bringing her close, and this had his grandfather frown as he stared at them. Vincent said, "This is my wife, Genevieve or Eve. Your granddaughter-in-law."

Strix looked offended, "What happened to waking us up when it was time for our grandchildren to get married? I thought I was quite clear with it. I am going to have a word with Eduard about it," he then looked at Eve and said, "She's as pretty as the flower or the moon, isn't she? Which family do you come from, Genevieve?"

Eve offered the man a respectful bow and replied, "A family who has had excellent governesses."

Lady Ravette's eyebrows raised, and if it were a human, she would have something to comment on, but she had seen first-hand that Eve was no ordinary human, and there was more than what met a person's eyes. She said, "She's not a human."

"No?" Strix looked at Eve.

On the other hand, Carla frowned, and she was somewhere relieved. Relieved that her mistress hadn't tried to kill this woman to turn her into a vampiress. But she wasn't a human?

Vincent said in a low voice, "It is a secret, and we would very much appreciate it if you kept this to yourselves."

"But you didn't tell what she is," Vincent's grandfather looked curious, as if wanting to get to the bottom of it.

As pleased as Lady Ravette was with Eve's ability and skill, a quick frown made its way to her face. She said, "Please don't tell me that she's a witch..." She raised her hand to press her forehead.

"Vincent has always been an odd boy when he was young, but I don't think he would pick a witch as his partner," Strix looked at his grandson and said, "You didn't, did you?"

Vincent clicked his tongue and replied, "I did. I just couldn't resist Eve's witchy charm and fell head over heels for her."

Lady Ravette pursed her lips, while her husband leaned towards her and whispered, "Don't go offing her now. Our grandson has been a little prankster since he was little, who enjoys yanking people's chains."