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Chapter 351 A Being Of Two

Under the water, Eve caught sight of the colourful fishes that swam below and next to her, a smile spread on her lips as she continued to swim.

Wondering what Vincent was up to, she surfaced above the water and swam towards the river bank. She placed her forearms on the river bank and looked for him.

Vincent had removed his thick black coat and had rolled up his sleeves until his elbow. Eve saw him raise the axe and chop the wood into two halves. He must be cutting them for fire, Eve thought in her mind.

Even though Vincent did something that a lower-class man would be doing, the pureblooded vampire didn't look poor because of his appearance and those red eyes. He chopped the woods with ease, and she admired him from a distance. A soft sigh escaped from her lips. He was too handsome that, at times, she found it unbelievable that a person like him existed. But then, to balance it came his craziness, she thought, and a small smile appeared on her lips.

As if sensing her gaze, Vincent turned and looked at her. He asked her, "Is the water not up to your liking?"

Eve shook her head, "It is good."

Vincent collected the logs of wood that he had cut in his arms, carrying it to the cave. After a minute, he stepped out of the cave and went to where she was with towels in his hand. The water covered Eve up until her chest, and her dampened hair spread over her shoulders, letting him see her delicate shoulders.

"You should enjoy it before the snow starts to fall again. Within a few days the weather is going to turn harsh and soon most of the water bodies around us," Vincent advised her, and he watched Eve's fluke waver under the water. He knelt with one of his knees touching the ground, leaned forward and pressed his lips on her wet forehead. "I will watch you."

Eve felt warm at Vincent's gestures and thoughts, which made her smile, and she moved her hands away from the ground and immersed herself below the water's surface.

Just as he promised, Vincent watched her from where he sat. He didn't want the shadow of darkness to cloud her heart and instigate it to switch to a siren. Though he had sworn to protect and love her however she was, precautions didn't hurt. With the Hookes who planned to have a soiree to announce the wedding, he didn't want to cause a ripple in the calm water.

He watched his beautiful mermaid dive in and out of the water as if playing with the other fishes. He murmured, "What do you think you are doing..."

It had been a long time since Eve had let go of the fear of having to watch her back. Now that Vincent was here, she could let go of the worry. When she surfaced back and turned to look at him, she noticed him not there anymore. A slight frown appeared on her forehead, and her blue eyes turned worried as she reached for him.

But Eve didn't find Vincent to be anywhere.

Suddenly something sharp touched her bare back and she gasped. She heard Vincent's voice behind her, "What if someone kidnapped me, you would be in trouble." She turned and noticed him raise a stick in his hand.

"Anyone who wants to kidnap you has a death wish," Eve muttered. She caught sight of his bare chest and strong shoulders, realising that she had failed to notice the pile of his clothes that he had left on the ground next to hers.

Vincent and Eve stared at each other in each other's eyes in silence. As it wasn't their first time being naked in the water, the mermaid didn't seem as embarrassed as she was in the past.

"You didn't tell me what you wanted for your wedding. How you want it," Vincent remarked, and Eve shook her head. 

"Just a simple one do. For a person like me, who thought I would always watch others marry, while I stand at the back, I don't want much. Just you will do," Eve answered, feeling Vincent's steady gaze where he failed to blink like before. "How do you want it?" She asked him.

"I never dreamt about my wedding, my Eve. Not until you were able to manage to sneak into my heart. I am thinking of something big, for the whole world to know that you are now mine. It will also avoid having to kill people who would thoughtlessly try to harm you," Vincent's eyes slightly turned darker, and he moved closer to Eve as they kept themselves afloat above the water's surface. "Will that be okay with you?"

Eve breathed out the fog, feeling under his spell. She responded, "The killing or the wedding?"

A crooked smile appeared on his lips, his fangs in sight and the corners of his eyes crinkled, "Both. You know, I am fairly a sane person, but people often have a knack to step on my nerves."

"You don't tell, Mr. Moriarty," Eve answered, narrowing her eyes a little. After a few seconds, she asked him, "Everything will go well, won't it?"

"More than well. Forgive me for the discomfort in between. Bear with it a little," Vincent assured her, and she nodded.

He had taken the blame for Lady Camille's murder away from her and on himself; it was the least she could do. How many women or men were willing to sacrifice themselves for their partners? She couldn't forget the day when the siren had been captured by the guards of Meadow and the siren's human husband had abandoned her. Life wasn't easy for outcasts.

'And then in the sea of people, I found you', Eve murmured in her mind, while looking at Vincent, 'Shining like a bright pearl, and all I could see was you, and no one else'.

Vincent asked her, "Did you try turning yourself to a siren?"

Eve shook her head, "I don't think it is possible to switch between mermaid and siren."

"I would agree but your gold eyes say otherwise," Vincent stated, and Eve looked down at the reflection of her eyes in the water. As the water wavered, she couldn't take a good look at it and only saw golden specks waver. "There have been a few cases where mermaids turned into sirens, similar to how vampires or werewolves turn into rogues. But you being a special case as your mother gave her siren blood to you, it might be different for you."

Eve looked beneath the water at her mermaid body. She was unprepared to see her siren side.

"You will know your siren side is taking over when your gold eyes turn into snake-like slits," Vincent informed her, and said, "If you can control both the sides, who knows, you might be able to fuse things you need and turn into another being of the sea."

After a few seconds, Eve asked him, "Once the Hooke thing settles down, do you think we can take a trip to the sea?"

"Anything you want."


Chapter 352 In The Cave

Music Recommendation: Andrei- Martin Phipps


After spending more time together in the water, they finally stepped out. Vincent covered her body with the towel he had earlier brought from the basket. He used another towel. They both dried themselves before wearing their clothes.

As the weather was cloudier on this side of the land, it left a shadow on the forest and the land. Vincent had spread a blanket on the ground, while he placed the logs of wood that he had earlier chopped.

Eve asked him, "What would you have done if I refused to come out with you today?"

"I didn't doubt that you would refuse me," Vincent responded and rubbed the two stones against each other in his hands for a spark to erupt, and soon the logs of wood caught fire, emitting warmth in the cave.

Water dripped from the ends of Eve's hair, and when she went to pick up the towel, Vincent took hold of it. He said, "Allow me."

"You are worrying me by being too gentleman-like," Eve told him, not knowing if the pureblooded vampire was up to something.

"Is that your way of saying that you prefer a non-gentleman me? I wouldn't want to worry you," he teasingly smiled and sat down on the spread blanket before patting the gap between his legs that he parted.

Eve walked to where he was and carefully sat between his legs, which he pulled up with his knees facing the cave's ceiling.

Vincent put his arm around Eve's waist and pulled her closer to him, noticing her warming up along with the heat in the cave. He then placed the towel on her head and gently rubbed it, making her close her eyes. After five minutes, he said,

"There, it's all dry and you won't catch a cold."

"Thank you," Eve murmured, feeling very loved and cared for. A soft sigh escaped from her lips when Vincent's cold lips pressed against the back of her nape.

"Out of the river you smell like heaven, and the sweetest delicacy that has been seasoned with a hint of fire," Vincent whispered in her ear while his chest pressed her back. "Are you hungry?" He asked her. Eve felt her pulse rise with the way his voice had lowered, "I had Alfie pack some things you might like, you must be tired after the swim."

Saying it, Vincent leaned to where the basket of food was, grabbing it, he placed it near them. When the basket's lid was opened, Eve took in the delicious smell of the meat and other items that drifted up to her nose. There were small pieces of roasted steak, slices of bacon, and freshly made bread with a few more things to go with them. She smiled and said, "This is like a picnic. My mother and I used to do this... whenever she had time and wasn't at work."

At the memory of her mother and the sacrifice that was made for her to live, Eve's eyes lowered as she stared at the burning logs of wood.

Vincent put his arms around her, holding her close to him. He said, "She did the best she could."

"She did," Eve whispered, and she was finally resting in peace. With a slight worry about their future, she asked him, "You will always stay by my side, won't you?"

When Eve was young, she had always believed that her mother would be there with her, that they would move to a place where people didn't stare at her or her mother in disgust. Her younger self had believed that she and her mother would spend more time with each other, where she wouldn't have to share her mother with her mother's work time. But things weren't as one often thought they would be. 

Vincent loosened his arms around her and had Eve turn the upper half of her body to face him. He noticed her glistening eyes, and he said, "I vow to have you next to me. In life or death. In any form, and I won't leave you. You will always have me. Every part and piece of my soul. Asking me such a question, silly girl," he hugged her, gently stroking the back of her hair.

Eve hugged him back, trying to let go of the slight tremor of uneasiness that had slipped into her mind.

The pureblooded vampire could feel his mermaid's emotions, and he pressed his lips on the side of her head for more than three seconds. 

Several seconds passed, Eve's breathing turned calm, and her body relaxed in Vincent's arms. Suspecting, he quietly pulled away from her and noticed her closed eyes. She had fallen asleep.

"Sleeping like an innocent angel. You must be more tired than I thought," Vincent whispered, letting her sleep in his arms. He closed his eyes, allowing himself to rest in bliss, while the fire from the burning log of woods crackled in the cave.

Far away from the forest and in Skellington, Marceline, who reached the front of the Moriarty mansion, stepped down from the carriage. She ordered, "Don't park the carriage. I will be going to Hollow Valley soon."

"Yes, milady," her coachman bowed. He noticed his vampiress mistress had trouble while walking, but he didn't dare to utter a word about it. Who knew if he would only end up getting scolded for it? It was better to stay tight lipped.

Before Marceline stepped inside the mansion's entrance, she noticed the bright light and couldn't help but be pleased. She muttered under her breath, "Finally something good is happening. Soon," all she needed was to wait to hear about the rotten leg of the person.

As she walked, her back turned straighter than ever, with her face lifted and her eyes holding the same arrogance and spark. On her way, she met Alfie, who bowed at her. On noticing the young vampiress walking unevenly, he apologised,

"Forgive me, milady for asking, but is your foot alright? Would you want me to call a physician?" he asked, half in concern and half in curiosity about what she was up to until now.

Marceline glared at the butler, knowing he was her brother's loyal servant. Without answering, she was about to walk towards her room when one of the servants arrived and informed her,

"Milady, Lady Aurora told me to inform you that she will be waiting for you to join her to Hollow Valley."

And if Marceline had the time to change her clothes, maybe she would have noticed the colour of her foot that was slowly changing, where the curse she had placed had backfired and her foot would only turn worse with every passing hour.

Marceline huffed, before muttering, "Seems like I will have to change my clothes later." She then ordered the butler, "Get me my coat. This one is dirty," she raised her hands, and Alfie quickly came to stand behind her and helped her remove her coat. He then picked up another coat of hers which was in the coat stand, and helped her to wear it. "Shoes," came the next order.

If there was one thing the vampiress liked to do, it was to show the servants their place, who thought they could measure to her or to her status.

Alfie fetched her shoes and returned, helping the vampiress remove her shoes. But it was when it came to helping her wear them, that Marceline felt a sting in her foot and she kicked the butler with the sharp end of her other black shoe.

"Did you forget how to do it? Gently now," the vampiress glared at him, and Alfie silently buckled her shoe before standing up and stepping away.

"Forgive me, milady," Alfie apologised, and heard her harrumph. The butler was sure that he had taken extra care in buckling her shoes.

Marceline Left the mansion in her carriage. Upon reaching the Wright's mansion, the Wright's butler went to inform the Marchioness about her. Soon Lady Aurora appeared out of the mansion, wearing another dress that looked expensive than the last one. In the young vampiress's mind, the Hookes were the right alliance for her family.

"I thought you wouldn't be able to make it, Lady Marceline," Lady Aurora made her way to where Marceline and her carriage stood.

"I would never miss an opportunity to spend time with the Marchioness, milady," Marceline smiled.

Lady Aurora smiled and said, "To save time, how about we use your carriage, as it seems already here." Marceline nodded, and when she went back to climb the carriage, she could feel the ache returning. Seeing this, the Marchioness asked her, "Are you alright?"

Marceline offered a polite and kind smile that she had mastered and replied, "It is just a little twisted foot. Nothing to worry about," and she used all her force in stepping inside the vehicle before taking a seat.

Lady Aurora joined her inside the carriage, and soon the carriage left for Hollow Valley.


Chapter 353 Ploy For The Governess

Music Recommendation: RV: 297 "L'inverno": I. - Antonio Vivaldi

Marceline's coachman stopped the carriage at the centre place of the town Hollow Valley, where one could effortlessly notice the young vampiress making her entrance. Getting down from his seat, the coachman quickly reached the carriage's door and opened it, while he bowed.

Soon Lady Aurora stepped out of the carriage, followed by Marceline. The people of the high society who were visiting Hollow Valley noticed the two women in their expensive dresses. They couldn't help but talk among themselves.

"I didn't know the Hookes were close to the Moriartys," one of the passersby from afar whispered.

Then came another remark from the onlooker near their carriage, "For the highly positioned Marchioness to be riding along with a young lady like Marceline, they must know each other very well. People of similar status do move together."

As the murmurs continued, both Marceline and Lady Aurora seemed pleased hearing the remarks that fell on their ears. Lady Aurora commented, "Once the announcement of Vincent and Rosetta's marriage is made public, they will understand what is going on." She smiled with her eyebrows raised in arrogance.

"That is true, and I cannot wait for the union of our two families. Everyone will envy us. Knowing two powerful families are coming together," Marceline happily smiled, and she turned to look at her coachman, where the glimmer in her dull red eyes reduced. She ordered, "Stay here, and wait for us."

"Yes, milady," the coachman bowed and watched the two vampiresses take a stroll through the town's streets.

Slowly sunlight started to fall upon the town and the nearby lands. The snow that had spread all around the town melted the ice, and when the sun went back to hide behind the clouds, it started to harden the surface.

Every time Marceline caught the sun's rays, she couldn't help but smile. And on noticing this, Lady Aurora inquired, "Something good must have happened with you, Lady Marceline. You have been smiling for quite some time now."

Marceline turned to look at the Marchioness, "Some happiness comes with patience and when it bears fruits, the joy is unexplainable, milady. I have always wanted my family to be purely with the members who are vampires. I do not want my brother making a mistake like how my father made."

The Marchioness was excited herself, looking forward to the wedding. Even though they wouldn't have full access to the Moriarty's wealth, but with Rosetta's wedding to Vincent and how much people of the high society value their reputation, the Marchioness knew that the Moriartys wouldn't let them sink and would pull them up, if not with goodness, but out of obligation.

"I am sorry about your mother, Lady Marceline," Lady Aurora offered sympathy that only came from the tip of her tongue. "It must have been hard for you and your family."

"It was…" Marceline answered, taking the sympathy offered, "It is so hard to lose a mother at such a young age." She then asked, "Were you able to send out the invitations to all the people you want to invite? Forgive me for not being able to assist you earlier."

"That's fine, you are here now and that is what matters, isn't it? And yes, I have sent out all the invitations, made sure all of them were written by me and sent by my butler. I didn't want any mishap taking place," Lady Aurora responded, and as they continued to walk, she noticed Marceline slightly wobble and said, "The snow is slippery, please be careful." 

Marceline was more than happy to be building a solid relationship with the Marchioness, and she smiled. But internally, she could feel her sprained foot bothering her. It was as if it was swelling and couldn't fit into her shoe anymore as it felt tight. A sliver of pain passed through her face, and she covered it with a smile.

With seconds that passed by, the pain in her foot only worsened every time she took a step forward. To keep her mind off the pain and bear with it until they returned to the mansion, she asked, "Lady Aurora, earlier you mentioned about helping the lowly human." This was something that was on her mind. She couldn't harm the governess, but that didn't mean Lady Aurora couldn't do it. 

The smile on Lady Aurora's lips widened, making Marceline curious. The Marchioness said, "I thought it would be rude to leave the human unmarried, after all, she must have told some of her people on how she's getting married. I have an excellent match for her."

Marceline's eyebrows raised, and she asked, "Who is it?"

Lady Aurora stopped walking, and looked ahead of her as if her eyes caught sight of someone. She remarked, "There he is!"

Marceline turned to follow the woman's line of sight, and when her eyes fell on the man, she looked taken aback. She murmured, "Henry Quintin."

The man came to where they stood, offering a bow each to the ladies and kissing the back of their hands,

"Good afternoon, Marchioness. Lady Marceline, it is so good to see you two here. You both look lovely."

Marceline had a distaste towards this man because some time ago, he was wooing her, and after Eve entered in their lives, he had started to woo the lowly human.

"Henry here mentioned his interest in Ms. Barlow when we were speaking, and I thought, why not help them get together. This way, no one will be left out and everyone will get to live happily, what do you think, Lady Marceline?" Lady Aurora asked with a smile and her eyes brightened in wickedness.

Marceline's lips twisted, and she nodded, "I think you are right. Causing harm would do no one good. We should see that every person is compensated in one way or the other." She turned to look at the human man and remarked, "I thought you lost your interest after the soiree as I didn't see you invite our governess again," her words were soft and polite.

Like many other men who had come across Genevieve Barlow, Henry Quintin wanted to have her for himself, but the young woman was inaccessible with her prude self even though she came from a low background. He offered the same smile as many people and answered, "I thought the lady's interest lay somewhere else, but I was wrong. Lady Aurora has been kind enough to lead me to another opportunity, and I thought to woo the lady once more."

"It must be nice, to not feel ashamed with the first rejection," Marceline was still slightly bitter that she was cast aside because he wanted to woo Eve.

The truth was that the young vampiress didn't want to see Eve joining the high society as if she was part of it. She preferred to see the human in the low class, where she could easily trample on the lowly being and no one would know.

Henry continued to smile and responded, "If the woman is worth it, I don't see a reason why I should stop myself from wooing her until she submits to my confession."


Chapter 354 Be Careful What You Wish Upon Others

Music Recommendation: RV: 315 "L'estate": III. - Antonio Vivaldi


Lady Aurora lightly chuckled and remarked, "It is good to see that you are so passionate about the woman, Henry. This will make it that much easier. And without question, we expect you to attend the soiree that is going to be held in the Moriartys mansion the day after tomorrow. I have sent you the invitation, but I would still like to personally invite you," Lady Aurora let him know, and Henry bowed in gratitude.

"You are too kind to do that, milady. Thank you," Henry thanked her.

In the meantime, Marceline had trouble standing on her foot that she had earlier twisted. It was itchy, and all she wanted was to scratch it. She had been standing with the support of her good foot.

Henry, who noticed the disturbed look on Marceline's face, asked her, "Lady Marceline?"

Marceline quickly schooled her expression and smiled. She felt like she had started to sweat, and she said, "I would like to take a look at the gowns that are here."

"I have some things to buy too. Join us, Henry," Lady Aurora persuaded, and though Marceline didn't know what the man would do by tagging along with them, the Marchioness needed someone to pay for the things she would buy. And who better, if not the one she was offering her favours to?

Marceline and her company walked into the shop that belonged to Mrs. Russo. The young vampiress looked around the place when she heard Lady Aurora remark, "This place looks less shabbier than I thought when we were outside. Mm, this dress is pretty, isn't it?" She walked towards the mannequin wearing it.

Marceline's eyes fell on the gown, and her eyebrows furrowed, "I think I have seen this dress before." Where did she see it?

"The woman must have imitated the style from somewhere," Lady Aurora whispered, and at the same time, Mrs. Russo entered the room to greet the customers.

"Good afternoon, ladies. How can I help you?" Mrs. Russo politely asked them with a friendly smile.

"This dress..." Marceline pointed at the mannequin.

"Unfortunately, that one is only for display. It isn't for sale," Mrs. Russo answered. "Would you like to see new dresses that might be to your liking?"

Marceline nodded, and soon Mrs. Russo's assistants started to display many different and expensive gowns. The young vampiress picked a gown that she fancied and decided to try it in the other room. Once she was all by herself, she removed the dress that she wore.

The vampiress stared at herself in the mirror, proud of how beautiful she was and she turned her body. When she was about to wear the chosen gown, she noticed something dark green on her stocking and her face scrunched in disgust.

The dirt on the ground must have stuck to her leg when she fell on the forest ground. She scowled in disbelief. Not wanting to walk around with this dirt, she pulled the door slightly ajar and ordered one of the lady assistants who stood outside, waiting to help her,

"Get me new stockings. Clean white."

"We have only cream ones, milady," the assistant woman answered.

"You don't have a white one? Fine, get it," Marceline didn't have time to pick a colour and it wasn't like anyone would notice it with shadows.

The assistant woman left from the front of the room for a moment before returning with the cream stockings. pan(da-n0vel.c)om

"Milady, here they are."

Marceline's slender and pale hand sneaked through the door's gap, snatching the stockings from the assistant woman and the door closed with a light thud. How embarrassing it would be if someone noticed the dirt on her stockings and an icky green too!

Soon the vampiress started rolling down the stocking with green dirt on it. When she pushed it further down, she wondered if the dirt had passed through the fabric and touched her skin. But then her eyes widened when she removed the entire stocking off her right leg.

"... w--what is t--that..."

After a second, Marceline screamed in shock, "AHHHHHHHH!!!"

People, not just in Mrs. Russo's shop but also outside it, who were outside the shop and walking on the streets heard Marceline's scream.

Mrs. Russo quickly rushed to the trial room with a frown. When her eyes met her assistant woman, the person shook her head and said,

"She wanted a white stocking, but as we didn't have one, I gave her a cream one."

Mrs. Russo wondered if the stocking didn't fit the wealthy vampiress that had the vampiress scream. This was something she had often seen in her shop. Especially when the women couldn't fit into the dresses and gowns. She knocked on the trial room door and asked,

"Milady, is everything alright?" 

But Marceline was in shock to hear what was being said from the other side of the door. She stared at the mirror that reflected her beautiful self, but when her gaze moved to her leg, which had no stockings on it, it didn't look like it was part of her.

The young vampiress's usual pale and dainty leg had turned hideous. It had turned bloated and slimy with a green texture as if it had an infection and boils on some side.

What the hell was happening!? Marceline screamed in her mind. She tried to remove the rest of the stocking from her leg, and noticed her slimy skin stick to the flimsy material that belonged to the stocking.

"AH!" Marceline winced in pain as her skin peeled out and her lips parted in an inaudible scream. She banged the wall next to her with her face contorted in misery. She pulled back the stocking because of how tender her leg felt.

How could a simple twist in the ankle cause this?! She had--

"No..." Marceline whispered in shock. The witch... she had cursed her! "That bitch!" The witch had done something wrong!

Outside the room Marceline had occupied, Lady Aurora appeared, while Henry stood at the beginning entrance as it was rude to step further in. Lady Aurora demanded from the seamstress, "What is going on? Is something wrong?"

"The lady hasn't responded," Mrs. Russo bowed as she answered.

Lady Aurora stepped in front of the door and knocked on the wooden surface, "Lady Marceline, is everything alright? Do you need help?" She then turned to look at the seamstress and chided, "Don't you know that the young lady would like assistance while wearing the gown?"


Chapter 355 Petrified Vampiress

Music Recommendation: RV: 315 "L'estate": I. - Antonio Vivaldi

The seamstress wasn't impressed with how the Marchioness spoke to her, and she offered a tight smile, "Please allow me to attend to the lady."

Marceline, amid her life crisis, heard the voices from the other side of the door, and when the doorknob turned, she quickly held it tight.

"I am fine! I don't need any help!" The young vampiress snapped. The last thing she needed was for anyone to see her hideous leg!

What was she going to do?! She had been excited to receive her defanged fangs back in her mouth, but instead, the condition had worsened, and her leg would soon start to rot!

The curse was put by the witch, and she would get her to undo it. Marceline wore back her dress and fixed her expression before stepping out of the room with a tight smile. She noticed everyone staring at her because of her earlier scream and tried to laugh it off, "I thought I saw some strange insect in there."

"Oh!" Lady Aurora laughed along with her, not knowing that internallyMarceline was losing her mind.

Marceline then said, "I don't think the gown suits me. I think I will wear something that I already have."

They walked back to the front of the shop, and the Marchioness replied, "That's fine. I have to take a look at a pair of shoes, maybe you can take a look at them too?" Smiled the older vampiress, and Marceline felt dread mar her mind.

Marceline only smiled. Because she wanted to visit Palavista to meet the witch, but she and Lady Aurora had come together to Hollow Valley in her carriage. She couldn't leave the woman so suddenly when not even an hour had passed since they had arrived here. Lady Aurora was a Marchioness, and she didn't want to upset the lady, but only if the young vampiress knew of the financial crisis, the Hookes were in.

Marceline politely said, "Forgive me, milady, but I think something is wrong with my foot, and I need to rest it." She hoped the Marchioness would pick up the hint so they could return to Skellington.

But instead, Lady Aurora's eyes furrowed. She asked, "What happened?"

"I know of an excellent physician here in Hollow Valley. Let me bring him to you," Henry Quintin suggested.

"How kind of you, Henry!" Lady Aurora praised, as she didn't want to leave Hollow Valley yet, and at that moment, Marceline wanted to strangle the human.

Marceline shook her head, putting up her innocent act. She said, "Please, I wouldn't want to burden you with something so trivial. It must just be the weather that is acting up my leg. Why don't we instead go take a look at the shoes that Lady Aurora wants?" She offered a pleasant smile, and Henry was slightly blown away by how kind the vampiress was.

"It would be no burden at all, milady. I wouldn't want you to be in pain," Henry tried to show his gentlemanly side.

"Mr. Quintin is right, Lady Marceline. Or would you perhaps like to rest your foot?" Lady Aurora proposed, and Marceline nodded.

"Yes, that would be better. I am sure with little rest, it should be good," Marceline smiled at both of them, while all she wanted was to cry and meet the witch.

She had found a virgin human that had turned the witch younger and the witch dared to curse her Marceline Moriarty. Rage spread in the young vampiress's mind.

Henry didn't pester and then asked, "Shall we?"

And the three of them walked to one of the shoe stores before the manager and his assistants swarmed them. After all, the two vampiresses visiting his shop were of high status and he would like to leave a good impression so that they would return to buy more shoes.

Wanting to show how chivalrous he was, Henry took the lead and ordered, "The Marchioness and Lady Marceline would like to see the finest pair of shoes that you have to offer."

"Of course, sire! Please take a seat. Would you like to drink something?" The shoe manager asked.

"That's fine," Lady Aurora's chin was raised.

Marceline said, "I am not looking for shoes, just for the Marchioness." Even though the tightness of her shoe was bothering her, she didn't want anyone to notice how fat her leg had turned.

The entire time, Marceline felt pain shoot up her foot, and she clutched the chair she sat on, while trying to control her breathing. She couldn't forget the way her foot and above her ankle looked.

Lady Aurora more than enjoyed getting things, as Henry Quintin paid for the Marchioness to keep her in his good grace. After a little more shopping, where Marceline had to behave as if she was fine when her foot was hurting, the shopping ended, and Henry took his leave from there while the two vampiresses got into the carriage to return to Skellington.

On arriving at the Wright's mansion, Marceline was forced to step down from the carriage to see Lady Aurora leave. Lady Aurora remarked, "I had a lovely time with you, Lady Marceline. I will see you soon."

Marceline offered a tight smile in agony and replied, "It was my pleasure, milady."

In pain, she climbed back inside the carriage and sat, while her coachman closed the door and climbed into the driver's seat. When Marceline noticed Lady Aurora and her butler out of sight, she ordered,

"Adams, take me to Palavista."

"Now?" The coachman asked. Had they not visited it just this morning?

"Did I tell you later?" Came the snarky reply, and Marceline ordered, "Do what is being told."

"My apologies, milady. Right away," replied her coachman and then drove the carriage towards the forest.

Once the carriage arrived at the edge of the forest, Marceline didn't wait for her coachman to open, and she pushed the carriage door open, which smacked the servant's head, and he held his nose.

The young vampiress hurriedly made her way towards the witch's den. Upon reaching the place, Marceline shouted,

"Where are you hiding?! You better come out and fix this right now!"

Anger flared in Marceline's eyes, and she demanded, "How dare you curse me and make my leg rot. You don't know the family I am from, they will burn you alive!" She threatened.

Marceline walked inside the den. Noticing the witch not there, she stepped out and looked for her. In frustration, she shouted, "I am not in the mood to play your games, so you better come out and take your curse back right now."

Dragging her bad foot, which had begun to rot, Marceline searched for the witch. Hearing a sound coming from behind a large tree, her eyes narrowed, and she pulled the dagger she carried with her.

Walking around, Marceline said in an irritated tone, "Didn't I tell you th—"

Her words froze mid-sentence when she saw a bird perched and pecking. It wasn't pecking at the tree, but at the witch's body, who was nailed to the tree. Panic struck her mind, and she lost colour in her face. She shook her head,

"No no no! This can't be happening!! You can't be dead!"