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Chapter 236 Question

"Is... Alicia sick, Abi?" Elle asked and then blushed in the next minute as she belatedly realized how silly her question might be. Do witches even get sick? She had learned that vampires do not get sick. Not like how humans do. Thus, she was not sure about the witches. But they should have spells and magic to cure themselves, right?

"She's not sick." Abi answered. There was no mocking or teasing manner in her voice at all as she answered Elle's question seriously. "Alicia used to be very powerful. She is the most powerful vampire and witch. But something happened to her a few years ago. She lost most of her magical abilities and even until now, her strength and magic are still deteriorating. We believe that she'd only regain everything once the gates open again."

"G-gate...?" Elle echoed, tilting her head and furrowed her brows a little as she did not understand it. She was completely curious about what gate Abi was talking about.

A soft knock on the door followed Elle's one word question and the kids appeared when the door swung open. Alexis, Alice and Azy all stood at the doorway, looking at her.

"Hello, Princess Elle." They greeted in chorus. Gladness flashing across their clear adorable eyes as they surveyed her with concern while moving into the room and getting closer to where she was. "We are so glad you are finally awake." Alexis continued.

Elle smiled at them. Her heart just never ceased to be melted by these three adorable kids.

She opened her arms wide and they excitedly, yet still very carefully, rushed forward and hugged her one by one.

"It seems that I have made you guys worry about me." Elle said, smiling widely at them. "I'm doing great now. Aunt just needs a little more rest and I would be as right as rain."

The kids rejoiced at what she had said. Alice even asked if they could bring her out of the house to their hideout again, and Elle nodded happily. If there was a chance, Elle would definitely love to stroll around in the beautiful Black Forest with these three again.

After talking to them for a while, Elle could no longer hold back her constant yawning every few minutes as she spoke. Though she tried to hide it, Abi had noticed it and ushered the kids out of the room, telling them that Elle needed to rest now.

"See you later, Princess Elle." Alexis said and they waved at her before they shut the door after they went out.

Elle was still smiling as she stared at the now closed door.

"I'm so glad, Azy looks to be alright now." She uttered.

"Yes." Abi replied. "He's doing so much better now. Though, we still really need to watch over him, closer than ever. You should really rest first, Elle. We'll continue our chat once you're no longer feeling tired and dizzy."

While Abi stood to change the flowers that were placed in the vase, Elle quietly looked out of the window. She had noticed the black tattoos on Azy's arms. Those were tattoos that were completely the same as Sebastian's. In fact, it seemed to be an exact replica.

At first, Elle had thought those were normal tattoos that he had gotten for himself when she saw it on Sebastian initially. But now she realized that those tattoos might not actually be normal after all. Because the last time she was here and remembered interacting with the boy, Azy did not have those tattoos on his arms. It was as though they magically appeared on his skin. Could it be that those tattoos appeared during that time? When Azy was screaming that night?

Elle so badly wanted to ask Abi about it but she refrained from opening her mouth. Maybe she should ask about those tattoos another time. For now, she had a burning question that she must ask first before Abi leaves the room so she could rest.

"Do you know if Sebastian will come here tonight?" she asked, her eyes were hopeful as she looked at Abi.

"I'm not sure." Abi replied. "I'll call my husband later and ask how it's going over on their side. Or do you want to call Sebastian to ask instead?" Abi offered.

Before Elle could respond, Abi had already grabbed a phone and handed it over to her.

Abi had already pressed on a button Elle guessed was his number on speed dial, but Sebastian did not answer her call.

After a second try, Elle returned the phone back to Abi, feeling disappointed that the call did not connect.

"He must be busy. We'll just try again later." Abi comforted her and Elle just nodded rather listlessly.

Once Abi left, Elle quickly fell asleep and when she woke up, it was already twilight. Still, Sebastian was not there in her room. She tried calling him once again, but he still did not pick up her call.

After freshening up, she joined the ladies and kids for dinner downstairs in the dining room.

"I spoke to Alex." Abi told her once the kids left the dinner table. "He said he'd be here tomorrow. He didn't meet with Sebastian yet today, but he informed he was on his way to where Sebastian is a while ago. I'll let you know some news once he calls me back."

"Thank you, Abi." Elle replied. Trying her best to keep her expression neutral.

"Don't worry, dear. Everything will be alright." That was all Abi could comfort her with for now.

"Can I ask you a question, Abi?" Elle spoke after a few minutes of silence.

"Of course, dear."

Elle hesitated for a moment and glanced at Alicia and Abi who were seated across from her for a moment before she finally asked. "Why was... Sebastian locked in an... underground prison for... for seven hundred years?"

Her question made Abi look over at Alicia and Elle instantly understood that the one who could give her any answer was no other than her sister-in-law.

Chapter 237 Salvation

Before anyone could say anything, Abi heard Alice calling for her, so she left, leaving Elle and Alicia alone together in the room.

The silence was heavy for a long while and somehow, Elle could tell Alicia must be weighing her options on whether she should answer that question or not. Elle could feel that the topic was something hard even for Alicia. So she just looked down and waited patiently. She did not want to pressure Alicia at all to answer her.

"Elijah…" Elle started in a soft voice. "He told me his story. On why he hated Sebastian so much. He said that it was Prince Ezekiel who had driven his mother insane until she… she killed herself. And then… he told me Prince Ezekiel had tried to drive him insane too. All because Prince Ezekiel couldn't accept that Elijah was the one the prophetess saw in her vision to be king of vampires one day."

Slowly, Elle looked up at Alicia. "Abi had told me about Prince Ezekiel. So, I am in doubt of Elijah's story. I don't know anything… it was Elijah who told me that Sebastian had been locked in a dungeon for… for seven hundred years. I just want to know… something."

Elle's voice trembled a little with emotion when Alicia reached out and touched her hand gently.

"I can't say anything about Elijah's story because my husband and I never had the chance to talk about him." Alicia said. "But… about Sebastian being locked in the dungeon… that was true."

Elle's eyes circled wide. "F-for seven… hundred years?!" she stammered as her heart quaked. Unable to even fathom how it was possible for someone to be imprisoned that long.

When Alicia nodded with sadness in her eyes, Elle's heart squeezed so hard within her. Her throat ached so bitterly that she could not speak. How… why…

She wanted to deny it. She wanted to not believe that it was true. That it was just an exaggerated story. But now that Alicia was confirming it personally, her heart was like a glass cracking nonstop. She could not even imagine why someone would get locked up for such a long period of time.

"Sebastian was a teenager when he was first put into the dungeon." Alicia continued. Her gaze remained trained on the window. "He didn't age while he was in there until his release ten years ago."

"W-why?" Elle's voice croaked. "Why must he suffer like that? Why was he even locked up for that long? Why didn't Alexander or his other family members let him out?" Her eyes were brimming with unshed tears as her throat felt swollen from the emotions she was trying to suppress.

Alicia stared at her. She had seen it in Elle's eyes ever since the first time she saw her. This lady loves Sebastian. She could tell from the first sight of her that she was the one who had brought life and light back into Sebastian's eyes. She believed that this lady was Sebastian's salvation.

Knowing Sebastian, Alicia knew that he could never tell his story to anyone. Not even to Elle. Perhaps, one day, but with all the damage inflicted onto Sebastian, Alicia doubted he could open up to her any time soon, or at all. She understood that his past was just something too hellish and heartbreaking that she could see where he was coming from and would not even blame him one bit if he wanted to keep it a secret even from the most important person in his life. If she was in his shoes, she was not even sure if she could ever talk about any of it. To speak of those memories and relive that trauma once again.

However, Alicia had been in Izabelle's shoes before. And Alicia believes that Elle must know, even if it was only a little of it. She must know at least a little of his past so she could understand Sebastian more. She also believes that if Izabelle knows, she would be able to sympathize more and help him. Alicia believes Izabelle has the power to support and hold Sebastian together. She believes that Izabelle could embrace all of Sebastian's broken pieces and darkness. She just had the gut feeling that this young lady could.

Izabelle must know now. She could not be kept in the dark anymore, especially now that Elijah had started to make his move in feeding her stories that she believed were certainly twisted and skewed to his own point of view.

Alicia knew that she could not count on Sebastian right now. Even if she could talk to him about it, Alicia felt that Sebastian would not be able to do it. Not just yet. She was the only one who could tell Elle right now.

"Long ago, my husband, Sebastian, and their two sisters were imprisoned by a deranged witch queen." Alicia's hand on her lap clenched into tight balls. "They were used as… subjects for that witch's experiment. For years… they… my husband and Sebastian were… physically, emotionally, and sexually assaulted…"

Elle immediately remembered Sebastian's rules, his reactions when he was being touched and kissed. She remembered the monster he had told her about and her heart and entire being shivered uncontrollably.

"Even after the experiment was finally completed… Sebastian was being left with that witch queen. That deranged monster didn't let them go and wanted to have Sebastian all for herself. My husband, Prince Ezekiel had an awakening and with his tremendous power, he had managed to end their misery and had killed the witch. But because of that same tremendous power, my husband was put into grave danger. Sebastian had sacrificed himself to save him. It resulted in him losing his… sanity. Ezekiel had to lock Sebastian in the dungeon to prevent him from wreaking havoc and destroying everything. My husband had tried everything to find a way to release Sebastian from his madness. Sadly, it had taken a long time… seven hundred years to be exact…" Alicia sighed and looked up sorrowfully at Elle.

Silent tears fell from Elle's eyes as Alicia trailed off.


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Chapter 238 Busy

That night, Elle only managed to catch a few hours of sleep. The other time was spent staring off into space as her mind wondered about the things concerning her husband.

She had asked everything she had wanted to know. And though Alicia could not answer all of her questions, Elle knew Alicia had tried her best.

The conversation with Alicia broke her heart over and over again. But she was still thankful to her sister-in-law for revealing all those awful secrets to her. It was better for her to know and share in the hurt along with Sebastian than be kept in the dark and let him shoulder all that pain alone. She had always known that Sebastian had a dark past which was the cause of all his traumas. But the reality had still struck her like a tsunami. It was darker than what she had ever imagined. Too dark and extremely twisted that she could barely handle it even just listening to it. It was a hell no one deserves to ever go through. And yet… it happened to them, to Sebastian.

Her heart ached so much that all she wanted was to immediately run to Sebastian and hold him tight in her embrace. She was willing to do anything and everything to help him heal. She might never be able to make his deep scars disappear, but she would anyways be there for him. She would be right by his side and would never leave him nor forsake him. No matter what it takes, no matter how hard it might be, she would do it. Even if it means that she could at least ease even a faint ray of light into his pitch-black darkness.

When Elle woke up, her eyes were swollen. She had asked for an ice compress but Alicia offered to use magic. Having Alicia using magic on her was something Elle still could not get used to. It was still so surreal no matter how many times she has seen it happening right before her eyes.

At breakfast, Elle was planning to insist on leaving the Black Forest. It was because Sebastian was still not answering her calls at all.

Elle had a gut feeling that Sebastian was doing this on purpose. That he was trying to avoid her.

If she had not found out about his story from Alicia, Elle might be feeling all dejected and heartbroken by now and she might have even started overthinking again. But things are different now. Even if it was true that he was trying to avoid her, Elle would not just sit here, looking totally lost and crying like a heartbroken teenager.

She needed to speak with him. They needed to talk. The sooner the better. And it should not wait anymore. She must go and see him now, before… before things escalate down south.

But before she could express her intentions to Abi and Alicia, Alexander arrived.

Upon hearing Alexis yell from outside that his father was back, Elle's heartbeat raced and she even moved so quickly, her chair made a loud scraping sound when she pushed it back and stood.

She rushed towards the main door before Alicia or Abi could even say anything. All she wanted was to see Sebastian. Nothing else mattered to her at that moment. All she wanted was just to throw herself into his arms and hug him tightly, as soon as possible.

However, her smile faded as she halted at the threshold. She looked around once more but there was only Alexander standing outside. He was back - alone. Sebastian was not there with him.

She knew before she could even ask because of Alexander's expression.

Elle walked towards Alexander, nonetheless. Though she nearly stumbled from her wobbly knees, she tried her best to keep at least half of her composure before him.

"Why is… Sebastian not with you? Please tell me he's alright." Elle asked him. Her voice came out sounding so emotional.

"He's alright, Izabelle." Alexander replied slowly, causing her to feel relieved. But not better.

"Then why…"

"He's in the castle right now and well… busy." Alexander seems to find it hard to explain.

Alexander's response made Elle's eye twitch. She did not know why, but she felt as though Alexander had something that he could not say to her.

Clenching her fists, Elle swallowed hard and decisively met his gaze. "Is he really in the castle?"

"Yes. I left him in his study and I believe he'll be in the castle for the entire day."

"Thank you for letting me know." Elle then turned and saw Alicia and Abi by the door. She paused for a while and calmed herself before she approached the two ladies. "I'm… leaving. I need to go to him. I don't think I'll ever see him anytime soon if I just stay here and wait." She then flashed them a helpless smile.

Abi held onto both her hands with understanding brimming in her eyes.

"We understand, dear. We definitely would not force you to stay when you want to leave." Abi smiled gently at her and Elle just hugged the lady tight. She truly loves this woman with all her heart.

"Thank you!" Elle whispered and Abi hugged her back.

"But we need to have you fully guarded, okay?"

Elle nodded as she pulled away. She would not be that foolish and na?ve to reject a bodyguard or even a few of them.

"Lucas and Kyle are waiting at the entrance." Alexander said. "We had kind of seen this coming, so I had them stand by the entrance."

"We'll escort the princess to the entrance, dad." Alexis butted in and the three kids stood before them with bright, enthusiastic eyes.

The adults could only agree and the kids rejoiced that they had relented and allowed them at least this.

Not too long after, Alexander, Abi and Alicia watched as Elle and the kids left the house.

Once they were out of their sight, Abi faced Alex. "What happened?"

Alex sighed heavily. "Well… I tried to force him to come but I eventually gave in. It's better for Izabelle to go see him instead."

"But what if he ends up avoiding Elle again?" Abi's brows furrowed as she thought of how stubborn Sebastian can be.

"Don't worry." Alex sighed once again, causing Abi to look slightly worried. She knew Alex would not have these reactions if things were not already at the serious stage. "Izabelle will definitely find him there."

Chapter 239 Someone

As Elle and the kids emerged from the entrance of the forest, Elle saw Prince Kyle leaning against the black car that was parked at the side of the road.

The prince was drawing from a cigarette held elegantly between his second and third finger, puffing out the smoke as though he had all the time in the world. His head was tilted upwards and his eyes were closed. The breeze was gently blowing and fluttering his dark brown hair. For some reason, Elle thought that the prince looked kind of... desolate.

But when he opened his eyes, turned around and saw them, a warm smile flashed across his handsome face.

"Uncle!" Alexis called out and the prince quickly killed his cigarette, throwing it to the ground and grinding it with the heel of his boot.

He fist-bumped Alexis and then Azy followed by Alice. One glance and Elle could tell they had done that very same pattern so many times before. It looked so smooth and natural. The four of them certainly had a very close relationship despite the age gap between them. From there, Elle could tell that Kyle must be a good uncle to them.

"How's your mom, Azy?" Kyle asked Azy after their adorable way of greeting each other was done.

"Aunty is doing a little better." Alexis responded on Azy's behalf, and Kyle rubbed the top of Azy's head fondly, as he flashed the boy a gentle smile.

"Don't worry. Your mom's very strong. She'll definitely get better soon." Looking at the reassuring and confident smile that curved across his uncle Kyle's face, Azy nodded at him.

"I've already noticed this before but..." Alexis butted in, tilting his head curiously at his uncle. "Why is it that you always stop here at the entrance whenever you come over, uncle? Why don't you just go all the way inside since you are already here?"

Kyle blinked at his nephew's perceptive question and then rubbed the back of his neck, looking rather troubled as he thought of how to answer the boy without telling him lies..

"Is there something you don't want to see inside? Or do you have some bad memories related to someplace inside?" Alexis continued while Alice and Azy looked up at him with their wide grey eyes.

Izabelle also could not help but look and blinked her eyes at him with the same curiosity.

"Well... you could ... say that." Kyle could only respond, laughing helplessly. He was surprised at how on point the boy's questions were.

Alexis glanced at Azy and when the boys returned their combined gaze to their uncle, their eyes were narrowed. "Could it be that, it's not something, but actually a 'someone'?"

Sighing, Kyle reached out and put his arms over both the boy's shoulders. "You both are truly becoming a carbon copy of your fathers." He mumbled as he led the boys back to the entrance. "Didn't I tell you guys to stop playing detective concerning your uncle's private matters, hmm?" After saying that, Kyle squeezed both of them slightly.

"Oh, come on, uncle. We're just normal kids and being curious is part of it." Alexis retorted and Azy nodded in agreement.

Kyle replied something to them but Elle did not hear it anymore. After hugging Alice, the girl ran after Azy and Alexis. And as soon as the kids waved goodbye at Elle, she and Kyle stood there and watched them return into the forest.

After a short while, Kyle sighed and faced Elle. "Shall we go, Princess?" he politely asked as he opened the car door for her.

Elle nodded and soon, their car was leaving Whitefalls.

It was a quiet trip. Elle's mind was completely occupied with the thoughts of Sebastian. She did not start any small conversation to fill the silence and Kyle and Lucas also tactfully remained quiet, purposely giving her the space to think and contemplate on her private matters in peace. Thus, the silence was not awkward. Or they were just focused and alert and did not want to get distracted by anything.

To her relief, they reached Queza without any trouble. She had been afraid and uneasy when they were crossing that forest where they had been ambushed by Elijah previously but thank god, nothing happened this time.

But now that they were approaching the Reigns castle, Elle's heartbeat started to race. She longed to see Sebastian but at the same time, she was nervous of what might be waiting for her once she met him. She could not help but think of the worst case scenarios no matter how she tried to remain and think positive. That there was nothing for her to worry about and even if there was indeed some problem, she knew that they could fix it.

When the car stopped and she finally stepped out of the car, Elle unconsciously took a big, deep breath to steady her nerves.

Kyle escorted her inside the castle until they reached the staircase leading to Sebastian's bedchambers and office.

There was no one else lingering in the corridors. No maids or even the guards. Rion and Raven who were usually around were not there as well. Did he send everyone away?

She halted right before their bedroom door and took another deep breath before knocking softly. Hearing no answer from within, she courageously pushed the door open. But he was not there.

Elle stood there quietly, looking around. The bed was made. It was as though he had never slept on it at all since they left that night. However, she could see that the couch was not the same. One look and Elle could tell that he had slept there. But why? He hated sleeping on the couch so why...?

Stepping out of their room, Elle headed to his study. She remembered Alexander said he had left him there.

As she reached the massive door of his study, Elle did not know why her heartbeat started beating so hard and racing so fast that she had to halt and put her hand over her chest to help herself calm down. For whatever reason, this did not seem to be a simple nervousness anymore.

But whatever it was, Elle forced herself to move towards the door and pushed it open.

Chapter 240 Not Anymore

A little unease gnawed at Elle's inside as she looked at him. At her husband who was half-sitting there on top of his desk with his back facing her. The window was open and the rain had started falling.

Contrary to what she had been thinking in the car, Sebastian did not look disheveled. At least in what she was seeing at the moment. He was impeccably dressed as always and his hair was combed nicely. The sight of him looking seemingly better than she had been expecting should have made her feel relieved. But no matter how she wanted to feel that, something else was unspooling so powerfully in her stomach.

Sebastian did not turn to look at her. He did not stride towards her to hold her. Nor did he say or do anything to acknowledge her.

Instead, he blew out a puff of smoke, seemingly nonchalantly. The smell of his cigarette filled the room. It had been long since she last saw him smoke.

Lately, he seemed to have stopped smoking. She had not smelt any signs of cigarettes on him, his room and study included.

The silence between them was heavy. Unbearable. She could not remember if she had ever felt like this before with him but right now, she felt that it must be the first time.

The silence between them was never this unbearable before.

Elle clenched her fists, trying to gather her composure. She must at least say something to get the ball rolling. She needed to know what... was going on.

So she called his name out oh so softly. "Sebastian..."

Sebastian barely stopped himself from completely ruining his composed fa?§ade. He had prepared himself for this. And yet... just hearing her voice calling his name almost made his body stiffen.

His chest felt so tight. So unbearably tight.

When he felt her enter the room... When he picked up her scent. When he heard her heartbeats and at last, that voice that he had been dying to listen to... he felt like the sun had finally risen. The golden illuminating light was back in his world again. And despite all his preparations and firm decision, he barely managed to stop himself from turning around, grabbing her and holding her close to him. All he wanted was to feel her body pressed against his. He longed for her so very much. In fact, he was dying to look at her and itching to hold her in his arms again.

But he could not. He must not anymore.

Izabelle. His Izabelle. His light. His woman. His wife. He does not deserve her anymore.

He always knew that Izabelle was too good for a monster like him. A man like him does not deserve someone like her. But he had wanted her so much he had forced that reality out of his mind and heart. Now just look at what he did.

He had hurt her. Nearly killed her with his own two hands. No matter what anyone else would say. No matter how much he tried to justify it, no one could ever change the fact that he had hurt her. He nearly killed his own wife. He had laid his hands on the woman he had vowed to protect and would have given the whole world to. Even if he was not in his right mind... even if someone, even she herself, would call it an accident, none of that mattered in the end.

The result was still the same. He had nearly killed her with his very own hands. And he would never forgive himself for it.

All he wanted was to protect her. All he wanted was for her to never get hurt. To never bleed and get bruised. But he knew now that his wish was not possible.

He had known this before. When he had first met her that night. When she literally offered herself to him with that marriage, he knew she would only get hurt in the end. And not just emotionally. Sebastian had known that she could get hurt physically too. Just for the reason that she was married to him. He knew that his enemies would target her, and possibly use her against him, especially with Elijah. But at that time, he had told himself nothing would happen to her because he did not care much about her.

That was true. His enemies would not have cared about her at all had he... had he not gone crazy for her. Had he not...

But he f*cking did and he thought he could do anything and everything to protect her. And it was maddening how he ended up being the very one who did it - who hurt her with his own hands. How... just how did he not manage to stop himself and realize that it was her? How could he not have snapped out of that nightmare before he struck her? How?

The darkness in his mind smirked at him and said, 'because you're a monster'.

Right. He always knew he was. He had deluded himself that he could even be... normal or at least decent enough for her and that they could perhaps live a close to a normal life. It seems that was too delusional of him.

He was terrified that this would happen again. If he would not let her go now, she would only get hurt. And worse was that... she might...

Utter fear felt like iron chains wrapping around and squeezing his heart and neck. Because he knew it was not impossible. As far as he remembered, he had never... ever... managed to keep anyone he held dear safe. He had never even managed to... save a single one of them. And he was always, one way or another... the cause of their demise.

If he does not let go of her now, he would definitely... lose her too.

Steeling himself, his cold, unfeeling voice echoed out. "I've signed our divorce papers, Princess Izabelle."


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