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Chapter 271 Good poison

Vincent’s fingertips had only brushed the curve of one of her breasts, but it was enough to stir something so deep in Eve’s chest that it started to spread through her body before coming to settle between her legs.

His eyes moved up to meet her blue ones, which now held a look of anxiousness and a hint of vulnerability in them. And the more those emotions came forth, the more it provoked him to unwrap more of her emotions as he wanted to see them all. Only for him to see.

“You knew something like this would happen, didn’t you, my Eve?” Vincent questioned her with a heated gaze. “Or are you perhaps testing my control and patience, but you know I have none of those.”

Eve’s mouth and throat had turned dry to respond to him with words. Her chest softly heaved, breathing in and out, and because his fingers stayed close to her bosom, every intake of breath brushed the curve of her soft mound.

“I wanted to give you my blood,” Eve replied, but Vincent’s eyes darkened while a slight smile was on his lips.

“And here I thought I was the sly one out of us two unless you are the sheep who was tricked by the wolf,” Vincent’s hand came to place on the side of her body while his thumb settled right below her breast. “If blood is what you want to offer me, it is what I shall take,” he whispered to her.

He lowered his head, and soon Eve felt him sink his fangs into the swell of her breast.

The flesh was as tender as when Vincent had sunk his fangs into the inner thigh to drink her blood. A soft hiss escaped from Eve’s lips when she felt the sting. One of her hands held the edge of the bathtub while the other came to settle on his shoulder.

As gentle as Vincent was with his words and the way he had held her until now, his fangs and mouth were far from it. He sucked the upper side of the swell of her breast, drawing blood into his mouth, and at the same time Eve’s fingernails gripped and dug into his shoulder, spurring the pureblooded vampire not to let go but drink more from her without letting a drop go to waste.

While Vincent’s mouth moved against her tender and delicate skin, Eve’s body started to turn hot.

Vincent pulled his fangs away from her tender skin, and at the same time, he licked on the spot where he had bit, running his coarse tongue. An uncontrollable shiver ran down Eve’s body. Not done tasting and drinking her blood that was only turning more tempting on his taste buds, once again he bit into the top of her swell, this harsher than the previous one.

Eve’s nails were leaving an evident mark on his shoulder which Vincent didn’t mind.

It wasn’t his bite that elicited reactions from Eve, but his mouth sucked on her skin, arousing her emotions and feelings of neediness, leaving her gasping for air. The continuous sucking and releasing of her skin ran a current down to the tips of her toes, but those weren’t the only tips that demanded his attention.

But Vincent didn’t touch her where she wanted, and he continued to taunt her.

Before Eve’s blood, Vincent had tasted enough blood from others, but the woman in his arms created a hurricane in his mind that didn’t settle. Thinking about her was enough to raise and stir his senses into a high that he couldn’t come down from.

A whimper escaped from Eve’s lips when Vincent sucked harder, and the room filled itself with her laboured breathing.

In the beginning, it was only her blood that had intoxicated him. But now, it was the whole of her and Vincent didn’t mind drowning himself in her. For another person, it would be hard to understand how he felt right now with Eve. He pulled her impossibly close to him, wanting to eat her until there was nothing left of her, so that it was just him to know that she breathed and existed. It was a poison that the two of them had willingly drunk, taking it little by little until they saw no one but each other.

Grabbing control of his thirst, Vincent retracted his fangs and this time when he ran his tongue across her skin where he had bitten her, he didn’t stop there. Instead, his tongue languidly travelled from the swell of her breast up to her collar and then the column of her neck.

Eve’s heart hitched, breathless, as she stared at Vincent’s eyes, which had an entranced expression. Their parted lips, as if attracted like magnets, before their lips touched, ready to combust in each other’s arms.

Unlike yesterday at the Lowe’s residence, there was no one to disturb them and they had all the time in the world, and they continued to kiss.

Vincent’s emotions were set ablaze, while he let Eve catch fire along with him. His lips moved against hers, wanting to devour her and leaned forward. Eve moved back until the two of them were submerged in the water in the water tub, and water splashed outside the bathtub.

Eve knew not every relationship between two people was like hers and Vincent’s.

A vampire and a mermaid.

When they pulled away from the kiss, Vincent stared into her slightly blue and gold eyes. He asked with passion, “You okay?” Eve only nodded as she wasn’t able to form any words. “I remembered something I need to speak with Briggs about. I will be back soon.”

“Okay,” Eve whispered.

Though they had gotten into the bathtub to take a bath, it was only Eve who actually took a bath as Vincent stepped out of it earlier than her, letting her take her time. While Eve took minutes to compose her erratic nerves that felt like a bolt of lightning had hit her, Vincent had finished drying himself and slipping into a pair of dry trousers. He stepped out of the room to talk to his coachman, while locking the door behind him.

When Vincent returned to the room, unlocking the door, he noticed Eve’s head on the pillow with her hair spread like the sun’s rays. She was fast asleep, breathing softly through her lips, and he stared at her guardless, innocent, serene face.

He pulled the blanket and tucked her in it, making sure she wouldn’t feel cold.

Chapter 272 Activities at night

As the hours in the night continued to pass, the candles melted until they couldn’t burn any more than they already did, while the only light came from the fireplace, where the burning flames of the wooden logs had started to dim.

While Eve continued to sleep in the bed, Vincent sat on the edge of the window. One of his legs folded and rested next to the windowpane, and the other was placed on the ground. He took a drag from the cigarette, where its end burned brightly before ash started to cover it when he blew the smoke. Against the sound of the snow and the wind whistling outside, he noticed a carriage leaving the inn, and after a few seconds, someone screamed in the inn.

The scream woke Eve from her sleep and she sat up in the bed, anxiously looking for Vincent. She saw him wearing his shirt and buttoning it before he walked towards the door. She asked him,

“Did you hear someone scream?”

Vincent gave her a nod and instructed, “Wear your coat. We will be leaving this place soon.” He turned the knob of the door and said, “Stay here and don’t step out.”


“Why don’t you get dressed, little girl? Get ready to leave from here and don’t intercept whatever happens,” Vincent offered her a charming smile, and he stepped out of the room.

Eve quickly got out of bed and picked up the clothes she had left earlier to dry.

In the meantime, outside the room, Mr. Briggs stepped out of his room and met Vincent. They heard a commotion on the ground floor, while some muffled sounds came from one of the rooms as if someone was being thrashed.

[Music Recommendation: Wake up – Rage Against the machine]

“Check all the rooms here and I will look at the ground floor,” Vincent ordered, and the coachman quickly bowed and obliged.

“Yes, Master Vincent.”

The scent of blood was heavy in the air and drifted more from the lower ground. When Vincent made his way down the stairs, he felt something slippery on the floor. It was blood, and as he walked, there was more.

“AHH!” The inn’s owner screamed in pain while some sat next to him on the ground.

“How rude, to kill someone who gave you shelter in the inn,” Vincent remarked, and the person who had hurt the inn’s owner’s blood raised his head, while the light from the lantern fell on the predator’s face.

The person was the werewolf who had earlier looked at Eve and said, “My apologies for waking you up from your peaceful slumber. Allow me to put you back to sleep.”

A slight smile appeared on Vincent’s lips and he said, “No need to apologise. My hands have been itching for quite some time since yesterday, and you seem to have created the perfect opportunity.”

The inn’s owner desperately tried to crawl away from the werewolf who had attacked him, while placing his hand on his bleeding neck with a shocked expression. The werewolf’s golden eyes stared at the vampire a few steps away from him and laughed,

“You appear to be more proud than what people speak about,” the werewolf wiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve. “Vincent Moriarty.”

Vincent turned extremely pleased and said, “I see you have business with me.”

Footsteps were heard approaching and the other three werewolves appeared in view, their eyes all yellow, while claws grew from the tips of their fingers, ready to tear open the vampire in front of them.

Soon the werewolves attacked Vincent, swiping their claws in the air and one of them came close to scraping Vincent’s face, ready to kill him.

Vincent caught hold of one of the werewolves and threw him to the wooden walls that created a hole.

Outnumbered, one of the werewolves got to Vincent and bit into his hand, ready to tear off his arm. But he caught the werewolf’s hair at the top and used his knee to kick the werewolf’s face. He threw the person through the main door, and the werewolf’s body slid out in the cold. But that didn’t stop the werewolf, and he was back to attack the vampire.

The inn’s owner tried to move and get out of there to call the head of the town, but every time he made an effort, hands, legs or people crashed on or next to him. He didn’t know if there was a feud between the vampire and the werewolves, but if they wanted to, he wanted them to continue fighting outside his inn and not damage his things here!

“Get all the customers here! Kill them all!” The first werewolf commanded the others, and one of them answered,

“Macaw is on it, he should be down in a minute.”

“Let us get this done quickly!” Said another person.

The werewolves had come to the inn two days ago, waiting for Vincent to arrive. They had been keeping a note of where he was, and knowing he had visited Berkshire and would return through this town, they had made all the arrangements.

When one of the werewolves ran towards Vincent to attack him, the pureblooded vampire dodged the attack from not just him but another werewolf and he swiftly caught hold of one of their necks, while swinging his leg in the air and kick another werewolf.

Vincent tore the werewolf’s head off the body, and blood splattered on the ground while a few drops fell on his clothes and face. Touching the blood on his face, he rubbed it between his fingers and said,

“Considering I don’t know you, who are you working for?”

Vincent was aware that just because the puppeteer sent werewolves didn’t have to mean that the person behind was a werewolf and it could be a vampire.

Soon the werewolves, who were in their human form, transformed into werewolves. By appearance, the werewolves only resembled similar to wolves by face, ears, snout, and tail. These werewolves looked ragged and scrawny, standing on their hind legs.

“There was no need to transform if you are shy to talk about it,” Vincent stated, and when one of the werewolves jumped on him, he threw them out of the inn. The other two werewolves growled and snarled while fighting with him and soon they were outside the inn and in the open.

At the top floor, Eve heard the continuous sound of things breaking and, somewhere felt the entire building shake.

Outside Eve’s room and in the corridor, Mr. Briggs caught sight of dead bodies in the rooms which were occupied on the floor. He looked for the culprit who had killed the people, knowing he was somewhere here. He held a silver dagger in his hand, while the other hand held the lantern.

As Vincent and the other three werewolves, who appeared to be nothing less than assassins, had moved out of the inn’s building, it had turned the inn silent.

Not knowing what was going on, Eve picked up her trunk and stood in front of the room door.

The person Briggs was looking for had crawled over the roof of the inn and now was in front of the room’s window Eve was in, without her knowledge.


Chapter 273 Red snow

The werewolf hanging in front of Eve’s window pushed the window upwards and stepped inside as if he had done it many times before. He enjoyed inflicting horror in the people’s minds before taking their lives.

He stood behind Eve, who had her back facing him. And even though the man had stayed quiet, Eve shivered because of the sudden cold air in the room and she frowned.

When the werewolf neared where Eve was, she heard the creak in the wooden flooring, something she had started to pick up after walking on the lake’s icy surface. She gripped the trunk in her hand and swung it with as much force as possible, such that the trunk smacked the man’s face. The person staggered and fell.

Eve felt the muscle on her arm pull because of picking up the trunk suddenly and swinging it.

“You stupid bitch!” The werewolf cursed and got up on his feet, tasting blood in his mouth. “You knew I was here, but you weren’t scared?” because he didn’t hear her heart race.

Eve looked for something to defend herself with, and the werewolf laughed, “What an interesting human, you should make a run so that I can chase you and not fight me.”

She wondered what the werewolf was doing, causing unnecessary trouble in the inn. By the traces of blood around the person’s mouth she reminded herself to not to let him taste her blood. Because one drop would be enough to spur the werewolf to rip her into pieces.

“Go back to wherever you came from and go as far as you can,” Eve threatened the person.

“I like a feisty stupid woman, who thinks she can threaten me by such foolish words,” and he raised his hand to show her his bloody fingers that belonged to the people he had killed. He took two steps towards her, his yellow eyes staring at her and laughed schemingly, “Do you think the vampire you are with will save you? How will he save you when he will be thrown behind the cell, or worse, die.”

“You are here for Vincent?” Eve was surprised about it, but also surprised that this person had been following them. She asked him, “Why? What did he do to you?”

“What are you going to do knowing it when you are going to die?”

Eve held her hands in front of her chest and closed her eyes.

“That’s right,” the man took another step towards her and snickered, “It is time to pray for forgiveness in this life,” the werewolf mocked, watching her, whom he found to be pretty for a human, making him wonder if she was the vampire’s bed partner.

Over the years, Eve’s looks had turned so refined and finesse that the man couldn’t help but want to touch her before killing her.

But before the werewolf could touch Eve, she had raised the water present in the water tub and tried to create sharp stakes, but the pressure and fear had ended up turning it back into water, splashing on top of him. The werewolf turned startled, not expecting for something like this to happen.

Taking this opportunity, Eve turned her hand into a fist and punched the man’s face, but it backfired, and she screamed in pain. Hitting someone’s face was more painful than she had thought it to be.

When the man caught hold of Eve, she concentrated and raised the water back in the air. This time trying for something smaller, by turning the water into small nail-like ice and let it pierce his back. “What the hell…!” The werewolf shouted, and noticing the woman run out of the room, he tried to chase her.

Mr. Briggs, who heard the loud footsteps in the corridor, noticed Eve and a stranger following her. He quickly followed them and pushed the silver dagger into the werewolf’s back, stabbing him several times, while the werewolf stopped and pushed the coachman between him and the wall, going front and back several times until the lowly vampire fell on the ground.

The werewolf then caught hold of Mr. Briggs’s neck, squeezing it.

Noticing Mr. Briggs in pain, Eve raised her hands for the water on the floor to rise, and this was enough for the werewolf’s concentration to break as he didn’t expect a human to hold such powers unless this woman wasn’t a human.

Mr. Briggs got his hold back on his dagger and ran the silver weapon right into the werewolf’s chest. When the coachman pushed the man away and to the ground, Eve gathered the fall water and turned it into a sharp object that looked like a spike, and she pushed it into the werewolf’s thigh, nailing him to the floor.

“ARGHH! I will fucking kill you!” The werewolf glared in pain as if running the silver knife into his chest wasn’t enough.

“Ms. Barlow,” Mr. Briggs called Eve, who didn’t look as shocked as the werewolf and he politely said to her, “Why don’t you go down and I will bring your luggage? I will handle things from here,” he added with a bow.

Eve looked between him and the groaning werewolf, before giving him a nod and made her way down the staircase, where blood was splattered on the ground. She noticed the inn’s owner leaning against one of the walls, while he stared at the wall.

“Excuse me, mister, are you alright?”

Receiving no response, Eve touched the man, the person slid to the side and fell on the floor. He was dead because of the amount of blood he had lost. Hearing a crash outside the inn, she quickly stepped out of the building and entered the snow covered land.

Snow continued to fall, and the mist in the atmosphere didn’t reduce. Eve’s eyes fell upon two werewolves baring their sharp, dirty teeth at Vincent, and blood on him. They were a little away from the inn and where Eve now stood.

The two werewolves relentlessly tried to attack Vincent. It was two against one.

When one of the werewolves’ mouths clamped on Vincent’s right forearm, Eve watched Vincent kick the werewolf’s stomach. She had hoped for her vampire to win, but when the werewolf tore Vincent’s arm off his body, her face turned pale.

Eve felt her stomach drop in horror.

Vincent’s torn hand was thrown to a side, and the remaining blood drained from her face. She hadn’t expected for things to turn worse. When she started to run towards where they were, Vincent warned, “Stay where you are. Don’t intercept.”

But his arm… Eve thought in her mind.

Blood dripped from his severed right hand on the snow-covered ground, turning it red where Vincent stood.

The two transformed werewolves turned themselves back to their human appearances, staring at Vincent with a mocking smile. Eve clenched her hands, not knowing what was on Vincent’s mind. She didn’t expect the werewolves to be stronger than a pureblooded vampire, whose separated arm was on the frozen ground.

“Would you rather die, or take the blame of killing every single person in here? We’ll make sure you are still alive, just to the point where you cannot escape from here,” said one of the men.

“We were told to keep him alive,” the other werewolf reminded his fellow werewolf.

“Of course, to frame me you will need to keep me alive,” Vincent clutched his shoulder, from which blood continued to drip.

“Still acting as if you are the smart one, when you are missing half your limb. Some of you pureblooded vampires think you are in a higher position than us,” said the first werewolf, and turned to look at Eve. “How about I take her with me, just so that she isn’t lonely.” The person started to walk away from Vincent and towards Eve.

While the other werewolf caught Vincent by his collar and said, “It is always good to see people at the top fall to the ground. Milady will be pleased to know that you have been dragged in the same dirt that you set up for someone.”

“Lady? Who are you talking about?” Vincent’s eyes narrowed slightly. “She must be pretty for you to work for her. Don’t be shy in sharing some more information.”

The werewolf growled, and replied, “You will know soon once you start rotting in the dungeon,” and he laughed at the end.

Noticing how the man was unwilling to give out more information, Vincent said, “I guess I have no more use for you.”

This had the werewolf narrowed his eyes, as the vampire had made it seem that he had trapped them. Vincent used his left hand to run it through the werewolf’s chest and pull out the heart. Still in pain, he remarked, “I am already rotten to rot in the dungeon. A pity that you were unwilling to chat.”

The other man, approaching Eve, heard the scream and noticed his fellow werewolf fall on the ground. His eyes widened, noticing the vampire holding his fellow person’s heart. He growled and snarled, before running back to attack Vincent.

But before the werewolf could come closer to Vincent and swing his hand, Eve regained her thoughts and sat on the ground. Spreading her palms on the snow-covered ground, she created a wave-like ripple on the land in such a way that the werewolf lost his balance. This gave Vincent an advantage; he ran his left hand through the man’s chest and crushed the beating heart with his fingers.

“Don’t we make a fantastic couple?” Vincent questioned Eve, while she had a worried look on her face. “Also good that you listened to me. Had to get the informati–“

A second later, he swayed because of the loss of blood and fell backwards on the ground.

“Vincent!” Eve screamed, running to where he was. Coming to where Vincent lay with his back flat on the cold ground, she noticed his closed eyes. “Vincent?!” she panicked. She then heard him groan in pain.

“Bastard had to rip my good arm,” Vincent cursed in annoyance.


Chapter 274 Warm even in the snow
Music Recommendation: Just stay- Hyolyn

The snowstorm had finally stopped, and when the wind blew again, it gently pushed the mist in the air away from where Vincent lay flat on the snowy ground, while Eve sat next to him. The cold temperature was catching up to them, but neither moved to get up from where they were.

Eve looked at Vincent with a worried look on her face. He hadn’t stopped bleeding from the wound he had received, and the snow on the right side of his body turned redder every minute.

“This was more tiring than I thought it to be,” Vincent murmured. Closing his eyes, he said, “Let me take a quick nap, mind lending your lap for me to sleep?”

Eve responded, “We must fix your torn hand back to your body. Let me get it and heal you.”

She got up from where she had been sitting on her knees, which had turned numb because of the cold. Walking to one side of the snow, her eyes fell on Vincent’s hand, frozen above the snow-covered ground. For a moment, her head felt dizzy because she hadn’t expected to see any severed body parts of Vincent when he had left the inn’s room earlier.

Carefully picking it up, Eve returned to where Vincent looked like he was taking a nap.

Eve hoped her mermaid abilities would come to help. She placed his severed hand next to him. She started to concentrate and use her ability to heal him, and several minutes passed, but she couldn’t attach his severed hand back to his body. Instead, she was greeted with more blood on the snow.

When Vincent didn’t make an effort to move or respond, she called his name in concern, “Vincent?”

“Mm, I am still alive,” Vincent hummed before opening his tired eyes to look at her. She noticed the shadow underneath his eyes were turning darker than the time she had last noticed, as if fatigue was quickly catching up to him. He said, “One cannot heal and fix something so big. It is impossible for you when you are still in the beginning stage.”

“W–what do we do then?” Eve looked around the deserted place, where it looked like no one was in the town or they were in a deep sleep. She would have suggested travelling to the next town, but with the snowy weather, she didn’t know how long it would take for them to reach and find a physician to close his wound.

“You should get inside the inn. I will be fine,” Vincent suggested, his voice as soft as the snow and his eyes slightly droopy. Eve shook her head. He closed his eyes for a moment, before opening his eyes, and asked, “Are you opposed to the idea of us being together now that you refuse to offer your lap? One arm vampire isn’t as attractive as two arms.”

“I would never do that–“

“Like one arm man? I understand that yo–“

“No! I will take you one arm or one leg,” Eve confessed, and she stared at Vincent for a second more. She got up and sat behind his head. She placed his head on her lap, letting it rest there than freeze on the ground.

Now that his head rested on Eve’s lap, a content smile appeared on Vincent’s lips, as if ready to spend the rest of his life like this. The pain in his shoulder didn’t stop, but everything turned bearable with her next to him.


Eve didn’t know if he was playing with her by stressing her now, but this wasn’t a time to joke. She was worried, while they stared at each other. She heard him ask,

“Are you cold?”

Eve shook her head, “I am not. Are you?” But Vincent was a vampire, so the cold temperature wasn’t harsh to him compared to the effect it had on her mermaid body.

Instead of answering her question, Vincent said, “If we were both ordinary people like humans, we would have had a tragic story. Me dying in your lap, and you shedding tears that was only salt water without any pearls.”

A crooked smile appeared on his lips that led Eve to furrow her eyebrows further, and he used his left hand to touch his right shoulder and the remaining arm still there. He groaned in pain, his face contorting when he turned to his right side, picking up the severed hand and placing it where it was meant to be.

Soon Eve curiously noticed the way the severed arm started to attach itself back to Vincent’s arm where blood had been dripping from a few seconds ago. When she looked closely at it, it was as if there were invisible needles and the skin behaved like threads, sewing in and out until it was completely attached to the way it originally was.

Vincent’s earlier severed hand, the fingers stretched and a mischievous smile appeared on his lips. He said, “But we aren’t ordinary people to have an ordinary story, do we, little girl?”

Eve was relieved that Vincent had an ability she had never seen or heard of before him. She sighed, “You could have told me that it would go back to how it was.”

“And miss seeing you worried for me?” Vincent asked her, and even though he had fixed his hand, he didn’t make an effort to get up and rather enjoyed comfortably resting in his lover’s warm lap.

Eve wanted to glare at him, but she was too tired to do it, and she continued to stay in the same position, being his pillow. When she looked towards the inn, she saw Mr. Briggs stepped out of the inn, carrying her trunk and bag towards the carriage without being bothered that Vincent was on the ground. But it wasn’t that the coachman wasn’t worried, it was just that compared to all the other times, this time, his master had the person he cared for and cared back for him.

“What are we going to do about this place?” Eve asked him, because innocent lives had been sacrificed while the werewolves had tried to set Vincent up for a rampage murder.

“I will speak to the town’s head if he is still alive or inform the nearest authorities. You can go with Briggs, I will catch up with you soon,” Vincent suggested and Eve gave it a thought and agreed. As he had wings, he could fly back and catch up to the carriage.

“Okay,” Eve responded to his words and heard him hum. She ran her fingers through his silver hair, pushing it backwards, where he appeared to be at peace. Out of curiosity, she asked him, “Do you always get attacked out of blue?”

“Sometimes,” Vincent hummed, barely bothered by being attacked and he smiled.

“You have made too many enemies,” Eve pointed and Vincent didn’t deny it.

“Mm someone isn’t impressed with me. You either eliminate or be erased from here. Makes you envy the ignorant who are blessed, while the ones who know barely survive above the surface of the water,” listening to the words from Vincent that Eve was already aware of, she wondered who had sent their men today.

Eve wondered how strong Vincent was, and as strong as he appeared to be, what was his limit. Because as easily as he had fixed his arm, she knew he had pushed himself today while fighting the werewolves and was tired now. After all, he hadn’t been in great shape when they had met at Berkshire.

After some time, Mr. Briggs drove the carriage from the place with Eve inside it. Vincent stayed back to fix things here.

Hours passed before Vincent joined Eve and Mr. Briggs in the carriage after he was done dealing with the deaths in the previous town they had stopped at. Now inside the carriage, the pureblooded vampire sipped blood from the fourth pouched bag.

Sensing Eve staring at him, Vincent stopped drinking and asked, “I am sorry, do you want some?”

Eve shook her head, “No, thank you. I am good.” She asked him, “What did the magistrate say about the deaths?”

“He will be sending the werewolves’ bodies for identification. First to Woodlock as that is where the werewolves are concentrated and then to the Council. I need to find the person behind it,” Vincent’s lips twitched in a nonchalant tone and slurped the blood from the small pouch.

“Anyone you have on your mind?” Eve asked. But Vincent didn’t know who it was and he shook his head.

“No clue yet, but the closest related suspects are Sylvester and Walsh. They are the only recent ones, and considering how Walsh isn’t aware that I had a hand framing him, that leaves Sylvester. Someone he works for, and someone who believes he is important enough to send werewolves after me,” Vincent stated, and licked the corner of his lips.

His eyes subtly narrowed, while he ran his tongue across his fang. If he were being followed and kept an eye on, it would mean that it wouldn’t be too far when Eve would be part of the same game he was part of, as she was important to him.

Chapter 275 Back to Meadow
When Eve and Vincent finally arrived at Meadow, the carriage was driven to Dawson’s residence. Deep in thought, Eve stared outside the carriage’s window as she remembered what had happened between her and the townsfolk. She felt Vincent place his hand on her hand and she turned to look at him.

“Hold your head high, there is nothing you have to be ashamed or fear about. You don’t have to look down and walk because it wasn’t you who committed a wrong, but the others. Don’t care what others think, it will hurt less,” Vincent assured her, and Eve returned his words with a smile.

It wasn’t that Eve feared being looked down on, but it was that things couldn’t go back to the way it was before. Like the weather, the warmth of the people now felt empty and cold. If it weren’t for Eugene, whom she knew was in the house, she would have felt the town to be foreign.

As the carriage continued to move, Eve’s eyes fell on the roofs of the houses with hay, and her eyebrows furrowed. She asked, “Won’t the hay get wet once the snow melts and keep the houses cold for a longer time?” Right now, the hay might be protecting the house from the sun’s rays, but the snowfall was a step away from the lands in the East. It was only a matter of time before it experienced snow.

Vincent had used his other hand to support his face by placing it beneath his chin. “It will help them to enjoy Winter better,” he replied in an uncaring tone.

Eve looked away from the window and looked at Vincent with a question in her eyes. She asked him, “Did the council approve it?”

“Not exactly. It was someone from here, who proposed and wanted equality of status in terms of benefits,” Vincent’s eyes held mischief in them.

“My house too?” Eve asked him, and she saw one side of his lips pull.

“Yes. It is on top of your house,” he responded, staring at her. “But you don’t have to worry about it. You will be staying here for less than a week. We’ll need to take away any important items and things before the reconstruction of the house starts.”

Eve stared at him before giving him a nod.

“Allie will be very pleased to know that you will be returning to teach her after your vacation. I have other important things to attend to, will you be alright by yourself in my absence?” Vincent asked her, straightening his back, and he raised his hand to hold the piece of her hair and tuck it behind her ear.

Eve nodded, “Eugene is there in the house. I will be fine.” She knew Vincent had paused his work for her and had other matters to attend to. She assured him, “Don’t worry about me.”

Mr. Briggs pulled the horses’ reins to stop it right in front of the house and jumped on the ground to open the carriage door.

“It seems to be the hardest thing to do,” Vincent leaned forward and kissed her lips.

Eve cleared her throat because Mr. Briggs stood at the door.

At the same time, Eugene, who was inside the house, felt a slight headache forming in his head after hearing the sound of the carriage stopping in front of the house. He had been trying to evade the vampiress from stepping inside the house, and every time she showed up at the door, he felt as if his soul was going to leave his body.

He slowly walked towards the front of the window and took a peek. When his eyes fell on Eve stepping down from the carriage, his eyes brightened, and he quickly opened the door.

“Miss Eve!” Eugene exclaimed out of pure happiness at seeing her here.

“Eugene,” an unbridled smile appeared on Eve’s lips.

Mr. Briggs brought down Eve’s trunk and bag from the back of the carriage, taking it inside the house and placing it in the living room. On seeing Vincent, Eugene offered a bow to Eve’s employer.

“Everything going well here?” Vincent questioned the human.

“It has been extremely quiet here, Mr. Moriarty. Though I believe it is only in front of me and words still pass behind my back,” Eugene answered.

Vincent’s eyes shifted from the human to look at the house next to Dawson’s residence, the Edwards house. He noticed the slight movement of the curtain behind the window, and his eyes subtly narrowed. Turning back to Eve, he said, “I will see you later, Eve.”

Eve nodded, “Please be well yourself.”

She watched Vincent get inside the carriage, while Mr. Briggs offered her a bow and climbed on the driver’s seat, driving the carriage away from there and Meadow.

“I thought you were planning to stay in Berkshire with Lady Aubrey, Miss Eve. Did the vampire convince you to return?” Eugene asked Eve, while she noticed a few people stare at her from the corner of their eyes, but they didn’t dare to speak to her or look at her directly.

Eve looked away from the few townsfolk and started to walk towards the door’s house. She replied, “Yes, he did. How have you been doing?” She inquired. “I am sorry for leaving without meeting you.”

Eugene quickly shook his head, “Please don’t be, Miss Eve. I am glad that you took a little break away from here. You needed it. Me… I have been trying to keep myself alive,” he nervously chuckled.

“What do you mean?” Eve frowned.

He waved his hand, and once they entered the house, he closed the door, and Eve noticed another bolt added to hold the door. He said, “Miss Hooke has been visiting, looking for you. She seemed quite confident that you would return.”

Eve had been in a hurry to protect her heart and thoughts, that she had failed to write to Rosetta or Noah. The only difference was that she had met Noah before leaving for Berkshire. She responded, “I will go meet her. Thank you, Eugene.”

But not later than an hour, Eugene heard another sound of the carriage that stopped in front of the house, and with a little peek, he saw the spoiled vampiress step out of her carriage.

The terror was here, thought Eugene. Rosetta Hooke was back.