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Chapter 136 Ultimate

Sebastian was extremely shocked at himself when the realization that he had just had sex with Izabelle face to face hit him. He was so stunned that his mind just blanked out for a moment.

That rule of his was something he had never once broken since the moment he had started engaging in sex again. He could not bring himself to look at anyone's face while doing it, because every single time, every woman beneath him who had been looking at him while he fucks them, just turns into the monster in his nightmare. Their faces changed, the color of their hair also changed into that... and he... he would completely lose his mind. His vision would go black and he would wake up with the woman under him almost broken. It had happened consistently with a couple of women who were brazen enough to sneakily break his rule despite his warnings to them even before they start engaging in sexual acts. Both of them had later on scrambled away from him in fear and never appeared before him again after that.

Since then, he had always been quite alert. There were still women who dared to break his rules when they thought that he was too much into the act to notice or realize it, but his instincts had been fast to adapt and he would always catch them off guard just in time. He had never let anyone succeed in triggering him for many years now. Until what had happened in the club earlier on.

He still could not quite believe he had let that happen. He failed to even catch that f**king hand before it slipped under his shirt! And it was all because of Izabelle. He was crazily distracted and had momentarily lost his entire senses at what she had told him.

And now this... when he parted her legs in his attempt to take her while watching her, something in him suddenly stopped him. Fear gripped his heart as he knew that something would happen, that the nightmare would come and he would see that hellish face in hers too. He would definitely kill if that happened! He knew he could never unsee it. So, he had almost pulled away when she had suddenly flipped herself around, baring herself from behind for him to devour.

The moment he took her, everything just got forgotten. She had consumed him whole - body, mind and soul, leaving no room for darkness and nightmares.

Holy f**k, what had this woman done to him?

He could hardly believe it went on well and he did not... and nothing happened! No nightmares occurred, just a pure dream and divine ecstasy!
It was the kind of heaven he had never even dared dream. A heaven he thought would never be possible for someone as dark and filthy as himself.

His head dropped on the curve of her shoulder and settled there. However, his eyes were wide open as he hid his face from her gaze.

There was only one thing in his head right now, and that was the decision that this woman who had f**ked him to bits and pieces... this woman who was the only one who just naturally pulled on his hellbound soul and gave him the taste of the heights of heaven... she belonged to him now and forever!

The only thing that had been stopping him was the worry that he would only drag her down to his hell and burn her along with him. But now that he had realized she was capable of dragging him up to her heaven where the both of them could frolic there together even for a while, Sebastian's fears and hesitation now dissolved like mist disappearing under the rays of the sun.

His eyes gleamed intensely and then he pulled away and met her beautiful and heavenly gaze. Her eyes were so clear and so blue, that they actually resembled the sky during the fall, when the skies turn a bright blue hue that uplifts the mood of everyone who would look up into the sky. It was these eyes so bright and beautiful, along with her smile, that he didn't want to change. He had been fearing that one day, those bright orbs would lose their shine and her smile would no longer reach her eyes. He knew that's an undeniable possibility. Because everyone he had cared about in his life so far got broken and lost their smiles in the end.

However, at this moment, he no longer cared anymore if she would get tainted if she continued getting entangled with him. The fear that her light and her smile would eventually be dulled by his very own hell, that she would only suffer with a man like him, was no longer enough to stop him.

He would selfishly bind her to him and take her along into his dark world and offer no escape. He would chain her to himself for all eternity.

Reaching out, he pinched her chin gently before lifting her face to look at his. His eyes were devil-bright as they burned with a whole new kind of intensity Elle had never seen before. "You belong to me now, Izabelle." He declared in a voice that sounded as though he was a god that was creating and passing an ultimate law that no one could ever go against or sever.

"No, you can never run away from me anymore. You are mine and only mine!" he added with a near-dangerous passion as his eyes glowed with an internal light that suddenly turned his grey eyes almost silvery white. "So, you better engrave that in your mind and soul from now on... because even if you scream, and cry and beg me to let you go..." he shook his head at her, "I will never let you go. Never! You hear me? Even if you try to escape, I'll come after you even if you run to the very ends of the earth and take you back into my arms in the blink of an eye." His thumb caressed the skin near her lips. "Are we clear on this, Iza?"

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Chapter 137 Logic

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Elle could not speak nor could she move. She was completely dumbstruck at his claims. All she could do was stare at him.

Lord... W-what in the world... what in the world was she hearing right now? W-was this even real? Could she really be hearing these words coming from his mouth? She knew she saw his lips move and then heard the words entering her ears. But somehow, they seemed to be quite unreal even as her mind processed what was being said.

Her heart began to thud hard within her chest. She was not quite sure what to think at the moment. Her body and mind were paralyzed and it was only her heart that was reacting so erratically. However, she could not even tell what was the meaning behind her erratic heartbeat. Was it happiness that she was feeling or was it a sense of danger? She was not sure ... she really could not tell. Perhaps because she was feeling both right now.

The look in his eyes made her feel like she was looking at her downfall and salvation all at once.

"Answer me, Izabelle." He uttered in a hoarse yet firm voice.

"I..." she managed a word. Her eyes still staring at him in utter disbelief. "You're... I..."

When she could not even form a coherent sentence, Sebastian palmed the side of her head, his thumb caressing her cheek gently. "Forgive me, but you don't have any choice on this matter. Your only choice is to stay with me forever, Izabelle."

Her eyes slowly widened. Lord... what... what was going on?

"And since I've already decided to chain you here to me whether you like it or not, I'm now going to reveal everything to you. There is no use hiding it from you anymore." He continued before she could even recover from another unexpected and mind-numbing confession he just made. No, she was not sure if she could even consider those words as 'confessions', because right now, a part of her was telling her that this was him, declaring his complete and selfish possession over her.

He draped his robe on her and then settled her on the fabric on the ground.

Elle tilted her head to look up at him, and she saw how he was still rock hard as he casually dressed himself. His eyes never leaving hers even for one second.

Her pessimistic mind did not allow her to believe that this was a confession of love from Sebastian. She could not... no, she would not believe that it was love. Her mind was telling her that what this was might probably be just, obsession. Her mind reasoned out that this was why she felt stuck at the border of whether she should jump up and down in happiness or take a step back and flee for her life.

Squatting before her, Sebastian slowly reached out and tucked a damp strand of her hair behind her ear. And then he quietly dealt with her dress, putting everything back into its proper place quietly, efficiently and gently while Elle just continued watching him wordlessly. Though her body was still and unmoving, her mind was the opposite. It was currently a jumble of thoughts zipping around, trying to logic things out as quickly as she could. He even gently combed her hair back and rearranged it as best as he could with his fingers, causing Elle's heart to flutter in the midst of her mind's doubts.

"I know this would be hard for you to digest, but you will eventually learn to accept it. Knowing you, it would be sooner rather than later." He told her once he was done with his tidying her up. "And don't worry because I will a���"

"Sebastian." She finally spoke, her eyes wandering about and could not just focus on his face. She felt like he was suddenly moving too fast without any breaks. It was just way too fast! This was a total 180-turn from what he had been behaving like from before and her mind was struggling to keep up with it. "Uhm... I... I think I need to a���"

He yanked her against him and the next thing she knew, he was scooped up and securely held within his arms.

"No... I told you, Izabelle. You don't have a choice." He reiterated that statement and then Elle gasped, squeezing her eyes close as her arms wrapped tightly around his neck. Her mind was reeling now as she felt that impossible thing happening once again.

"Open your eyes, Izabelle." His voice crept through her as she panted hard. "Open your eyes and see for yourself... this secret that you so badly wanted to learn about, baby." He coaxed and her heart felt like it was going to explode as she slowly opened her eyes.

Catching her breath, Elle scrambled to wrap her arms around his neck in a death grip. Oh lord! Just with a peek, she saw that they were on top of something high! Really high!

She heard his low chuckle against her ear followed by his voice. "Easy, baby. You're not going to fall or get hurt, I promise you that." He whispered reassuringly. "Lift up your head and look. Yes... that's my brave princess..."

Elle was holding her breath as she looked around to understand where they were at that moment. They were right outside of the forest already. An empty road was below them and she could see the bright lights shimmering through the night from the town. He was... oh lord... he was ... No, they were standing on top of a transmission tower by the road!

"Oh, my lord!!" she exclaimed breathlessly in shock. "W-what in the... let's get down, Sebastian! Lord, oh lord, Sebastian..."

He just chuckled, and then he jumped down, causing her to scream and her arms instinctively wrapped around his neck like a vice.

She felt like her heart had literally stopped for a moment. When she calmed down a little, she found that they were already sitting on a bench overlooking the town. His hand was slowly rubbing circles into her back, trying to coax her to calm down.

After a long while, she finally managed to pull away and looked up at him.

Their gazes met and...

"Yes, Izabelle. I'm a vampire."


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Chapter 138 Vampire?

Elle's lips parted and her jaw dropped.

But then, everything came flashing through her mind like a film reel that was playing at high speed. Different scenes popped up, lending weight to the claim of what Sebastian had just told her. What Elijah had told her, everything that she saw while at the masquerade party, the mind boggling cracks on their bathroom wall, Sebastian catching up to her with impossible speed even when she had a head start, and those strange changes in his pupils...

Elle had initially brushed all those bizarre things off her mind and convinced herself that they were nothing more than her seeing things due to tiredness and stress, and perhaps her usual habit of thinking too much.

However, with Sebastian telling her directly as it was, and looking back at the many instances that had been hard to explain, she could no longer tell herself that it was all only in her imagination. Now, even her logic could not even deny it anymore. In fact, if she plugged in the reasoning where Sebastian was a vampire, then every single thing that she had been finding confusing or almost impossible, was now perfectly explainable. It fell so perfectly into place that Elle felt it was as though a jigsaw puzzle had found its missing pieces and had it all placed back in the proper places.

"Va-vampire...?" she uttered almost inaudibly. The only thing moving as she continued to stare at him were her lips, and her faltering eyes. It was not as though she had never heard of this word before. But... she had never, in her wildest dreams, ever thought it would come up in a discussion between herself and her husband. Her mind suddenly felt sluggish as she tried to consolidate the fact that her husband, Sebastian Reign, was telling her that he is a vampire.

He nodded and when she just froze, he carefully and gently took her hand and brought it to his face. Cupping her palms on his slightly cooled cheek, he whispered to her, "Don't be scared... I'm not going to suck your blood or hurt you. You know that, right?" he asked her as he started planting light kisses over the back of her knuckles. "There is nothing for you to be worried about, baby. I promise you that. You believe me, right? Izabelle?"

His eyes were so intense as he stared into hers that in that dizzying, mind-numbing moment, the pleading look in his eyes was what pulled her out of the paralyzing trance. She then started to notice how gently he seemed to be holding her, how light his kisses on her hand were and how calm and warm his expression and aura seemed to be. Everything was the complete opposite of how his eyes looked right now. She could almost see the desperate emotions swirling violently in his eyes as he stared at her through the strands of those dark hair that hung over his eyes.

"Answer me, Iza... tell me... tell me that I don't terrify you. Tell me, baby..." his voice dropped so low it sounded so gently hoarse and deep. And Elle could also tell how much he wanted her to say those words. That she did not fear him.

Elle lifted her hands. Her fingers were slightly trembling, but she did not stop until they slowly landed on his face.

She stilled for a long while, not retracting her hand, just watching him like she was lost and did not know what to do or say or feel. Until her thumb moved in a small circular motion and caressed his cheek.

There was only one thing that she was certain about at this moment. And that was, she was not as terrified as she thought she ought to be at the fact that he was a vampire. She remembered the night when they met and it was still vivid to her how she felt and thought that he was dangerous and terrifying. Yet even then, she had never felt that kind of fear strong enough to make her run away from him, screaming bloody murder.

It was incredible and unsettling how she was feeling the same at this moment too. Her body was instinctively reacting just how some normal person would most probably react from learning about things this insane. But her heart... it was as if her heart was not capable of fearing this man at all. The fear was not there and only seemed to exist in her head.

Before she could even make a sound to respond, Sebastian broke the heavy silence once again. "It's fine if you're scared right now..." he covered her hand over his face, "... I'll prove to you that there is nothing you need to be scared about, now that you know I am a vampire, Izabelle."

He pulled her back into his embrace and wrapped her tightly against him as he continued whispering gentle reassurances into her ears. Whispers that slowly dissolved every tenseness in Elle's body and had made her shut her eyes in glad surrender.

The next time she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was a beautiful reddish hue of the sky. Blinking slowly, she watched the beautiful sky until she realized that she was cradled in someone's arms.

Her eyes widened with a start and found that she was still in Sebastian's arms and they were... still... on that very same bench they had sat on last night! Lord, they had slept out here?! Wait, did he even sleep?!

"W-why are we..." she trailed off, forgetting her words at the sight of his gorgeous face being kissed by the soft morning sun rays.

"I didn't want you to wake you up when you finally relaxed and fell asleep." he replied, causing Elle's lips to involuntary hang slightly open.

"Did... did you even get any sleep at all?" Elle asked, a little worried.

A small smile tugged at the corner of his lips and Elle had to bite her lip not to groan and curse him for being so unfairly handsome.

"Vampires don't really need that much sleep, Izabelle."

That statement had her turning still. Wait... that was right... last night...!

Chapter 139 That Place

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Standing under the warm pitter patter of the shower in the bathroom, Elle tried to calm herself. After they had both got up and stretched their limbs from the whole night sleeping on a random bench somewhere outside, she had been transported all the way back here to Abi and Alexander's house by Sebastian with his... oh, good lord! ... vampiric speed or whatever it was that he called it. All she could do the entire time was cling onto him and hold on for dear life as she saw everything around her whizz by in a blur. And it was then that she wondered if she was even sane or if she was still in the same world she used to live in. Perhaps... have they crossed over into the world of fantasy?

A disbelieving chuckle escaped her and she shook her head. Who would have thought that this was the secret he was trying so damned hard to hide?

Burying her face into her palms, Elle decided to stop thinking. She felt like thinking would only make her spiral faster into insanity at this point. So she had better just stop and just see what was going to happen next!

When she stepped out of their room, Elle was surprised to see Abi already standing out there. It was as though she had been waiting for her for some time already. She was smiling at her with that same kind and gentle smile that Elle loved so much.

Abi invited her for tea and the two of them headed outside to enjoy their morning tea in the open air.

Elle felt like Abi seemed to already know something, as she was being so observant of her right now.

"Sebastian told us you already know his secret, Elle," Abi soon said, causing Elle's hand to still in midair. "I understand what you're going through right now, so I am trying to support you the best I could." She smiled even gentler as she reached out and squeezed Elle's arm in an encouraging gesture. "I've been there before, Elle. So trust me when I say I understand."

Abi's last sentence had Elle looking at her with wide eyes. "You... you mean... A-Alexander is also a... vampire?!" Elle was taken aback at that revelation.

Nodding, a soft smile tugged at Abi's lips. She pressed her hand gently on Elle's forearm again as she gave Elle all the time she needed to process the things she was finding out. Both ladies kept their silence as they continued making their way to the outdoor gardens where their morning tea awaits them.

Just when Elle was about to manage a response to Abi's earlier comment, Alexander emerged from the door.

"Are you coming along with us, Elle?" he asked with his usual carefree and friendly manner as she approached them. It was not that she truly noticed how his aura is always calm and in control.

"W-where?" she replied almost immediately.

"We're going to the Black Forest to fetch the kids. I think you should come along with us for this short trip, Elle." Alex sounded as though he was certain that it would be best if she could go with them. "You're going to learn more about us, and this entire country if you see that place."

Elle turned her gaze to Abi. Her eyes were silently questioning if she should go along or not.

"I'd also love to introduce you to an amazing lady residing there," Abi told her. "And your adorable nephew is also there, by the way." she was smiling at Elle like she could not wait to have Elle meet with her nephew for the first time.

The door opened right after Abi spoke and Sebastian stepped out, immediately pulling Elle's attention away from Abi. No matter where he was, as long as it was within the vicinity of her viewing area, her eyes would always be automatically drawn to Sebastian.

Hearing Abi said 'your nephew' had Elle feeling really curious. She knew that none of the Reigns' princes she had met and even the princesses had children. The only children she saw and heard about in the Reign family so far were Abi and Alexander's twins, Alexis and Alice.

However, she had already known that there was one more boy, and he was the son of the eldest prince a��� the prince Sebastian had warned her about before to never ever mention about.

"Can... we go with them?" she asked Sebastian hesitantly. She remembered how he looked like he did not want to go to that place when Alexander mentioned it before. But she really wanted to go. To see what was in there. She had already learned about these unbelievable matters she still could not quite fully accept as reality. So she had thought that she might as well just follow along and find out whatever secrets that were still out there. She knew that there was no holding back anymore. "I want to... see the place, Sebastian." She added, catching and holding her husband's eyes.

"Come on, Sebby," Alexander butted in. "Didn't you want Izabelle to adjust and get herself familiarized with the new reality she has found out? Her going over to the Black Forest will certainly make her see more of the world she didn't know actually exists. And it is high time for you to visit your nephew as well, don't you think?"

All of them waited for Sebastian's reply. Elle could feel Sebastian's reluctance and she could not help but wonder why. Was it because of his nephew? Could it be that the eldest prince was there? But that could not be, right?

Elle could also somehow tell that Alexander seemed determined to have Sebastian go with them, making her feel even more curious. And before she could stop herself, words tumbled out of her lips as she looked at him with pleading eyes. "I want to go... let's go, Sebastian."


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Chapter 140 Peculiar Place

Alexander secretly sighed in relief when Sebastian finally nodded and agreed to their suggestion. And he could tell it was Izabelle's plea that had him relenting and giving in.

He had been trying to lure Sebastian to visit the Black Forest for a long time now, but the man was truly elusive. No matter how he tried, Sebastian would never give in. He had even tried a few times to trick the guy into coming - to the extent of using his children. But nothing had ever worked so far. So, now he was just glad that he did not need to do anything more than just saying a few words to convince Sebastian. He knew that this was all thanks to Izabelle! Without her, this was totally not possible. Convincing Sebastian was harder than getting a rock to sprout flowers!๐˜ง๐˜ณ๐˜ฆ๐˜ฆ๐‘ค๐‘’๐‘๐‘›๐˜ฐ๐˜ท๐‘’๐‘™.๐‘๐‘œ๐˜ฎ

"Well then, we should move now." Alex then said with a flourish and with that, the four of them immediately packed up whatever was necessary and left the house to head for their destination.

Elle still could not quite get used to this new method of transportation mode she had been experiencing. Running, leaping and jumping so powerfully that it more often than not seemed as though they were flying at a lower altitude, Elle truly felt that it was an eye opener for her. It was just all too surreal for her that she still could not help but want to shake her head and force out a chuckle.

When Sebastian stopped, Elle breathed out in relief and opened her tightly shut eyes. Seeing that Abigail was no longer cradled in her husband's arms, Elle hurriedly asked Sebastian to put her down as well.

Sebastian arched an eyebrow at her before slowly putting her down. But his arm did not fully let go of her waist, as if to make himself her very own anchor. It was as though he thought that perhaps she might be dizzy from the travels and that she would fall or stumble the moment he released her.

"Now, here we are." Alexander's voice pulled Elle's gaze from Sebastian. She blinked a couple of times before lightly clearing her throat in embarrassment for being caught staring at her husband.

When Elle finally looked at the couple, they were both looking to the area that was behind her. Abi met her gaze and said, "This is the entrance to the Black Forest, Elle."

Slowly, Elle turned around and what welcomed her vision made her lips to involuntarily part. There were two large, towering tall trees that somehow seemed to act like the pillars to the entrance. And behind those two trees respectively were rows of the same kind of trees, forming a long entryway into the Black Forest. The branches of the trees were long and limber, stretching upward to form a dense canopy over them. They were neither straight nor were they curvy, but just very organic and seemingly like arms that reached further inward to the depths of the forest. It was as though they were pointing all visitors to a certain direction. The entrance still had some light shining brilliantly through the spaces of the not so dense foliage, but further down the path, Elle could see how the light dimmed and cast a dark emerald shadow that was surprisingly not eerie but kind of faerie-like.

"W-wow... this looks so... so mystifying and... enchanting." Elle uttered in an amazed whisper. She felt like whatever it was that was further behind that entrance would be something that might rock her world once again. Her heartbeat raced with an unprecedented thrill and excitement and perhaps even a little fear of the unknown.

Once again, she was shocked at herself. She had not expected how well she was reacting to all these new experiences and not really freaking out. In fact, she was even getting quite excited to find out more. But perhaps, it did help that she had mentally reminded and psyched herself up not to think too much into the things that she would be seeing and just focus on all the new experiences as just one long and extremely realistic dream. Like perhaps how one would experience a fantasy movie in 5D.

"Alright, let's go." Alex said and they started to walk forward.

Elle glanced over at Sebastian and saw that his expression was quite blank as his gaze focused ahead of the entrance. His seemingly indifferent reactions right now made Elle's curiosity escalate.

Her grip on Sebastian's hand slightly tightened as the two of them followed after Alexander and Abigail.

As they moved forward, Elle started to feel some changes in the air. She could not quite explain but she felt like she was heading into some uncharted territory. Some kind of territory that was supposed to exist only in one's imagination and not in reality.

Now that she thought about it, she remembered how she always felt something peculiar about this country. Since the moment she had set foot in Viscarria, she had felt something different. And again, the reason for that was coming to light. It seems as though Viscarria was truly a different and peculiar place.

Right now, the feeling was even more intense. Everything felt really obvious now that even her mind was unable to defend logic anymore. It was unbelievable, but this place was... it was just not... normal...

It had gotten even darker as they moved forward. However, Elle did not feel a creepy feeling that she thought she should feel. Perhaps because she was with Sebastian and with Abi and Alexander too.

Or perhaps it was also because Abi kept glancing back at her and giving her a reassuring smile. "We're almost there, Elle. Once we cross the entrance, it won't be this dark anymore." She told her and gave her a small wink.

Elle nodded at Abi. She was truly glad that Abi was around.

"Here we are." Alexander's voice soon echoed and what welcomed Elle's vision next had her eyes stretching wide.