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Chapter 61

Music Recommendation: Father finds the children- Ben Frost

Eve was surprised to see Vincent standing in front of the entrance door.

He wore a dark grey coat with fur around the collar and the lapel fold. His coppery brown eyes looked slightly darker because of the fallen night in the lands.

“Mr. Moriarty, what are you doing here?” Eve was surprised to see him here at this hour of the night.

Vincent wore a serious look on his face, and he said, “I received word that there is an unknown creature hiding and living in the town of Meadow. I have come here to see it and capture it.”

Eve, Eugene and Lady Aubrey turned alert when they heard the words from the vampire. The skipping of their heartbeats was camouflaged with the little commotion happening outside the house and in the town.

“Unknown creature?” Eve asked him while questioning if he was waiting for her to come out with the truth.

“Yes. I was hoping you could help me…” Vincent’s voice drawled, his eyes not looking away from her even for a second. “My men are busy searching for the creature, and I thought I would rest my feet and have a cup of tea here,” a crooked smile appeared on his lips. 

Eugene and Lady Aubrey let out an internal sigh of relief when they heard Vincent’s words.

Eve nodded and stepped backwards, “Please come in.”

Vincent stepped foot into the Dawson’s humble house and looked at the furniture and things there. Lady Aubrey, standing in the living room, offered him a bow, and he returned it.

“I am Aubrey Dawson, Genevieve’s paternal aunt. Please have a seat,” Lady Aubrey introduced herself to Vincent.

“Good evening Mrs. Dawson. A pleasure to meet you. I heard quite a lot about you,” said Vincent, and the elderly woman subtly raised her eyebrows. “Just like you sent your servant to look into the Moriarty family, I had to make a little background check about the governess I was hiring. I hope I am not interrupting anything,” his eyes fell on the half-written parchment, ink bottle and quill resting on the table.

A slight nervous smile appeared on Lady Aubrey’s face while she tried to be hospitable to the vampire in their house. She politely answered,

“We weren’t doing anything important that cannot be resumed later. Eugene,” she turned to Eugene, who quickly nodded and disappeared into the kitchen.

Eve and the others could hear the continued commotion coming through the windows and doors that they hadn’t caught on earlier. She tore her eyes away from the window and met Lady Aubrey’s eyes, who offered her a look of worry, which quickly disappeared when Vincent turned to look at them.

“If I may ask, what creature are you looking for, Mr. Moriarty?” Lady Aubrey inquired who stood next to Eve. Eve watched how Vincent made himself comfortable on the chair in their living room, placing one leg over the other.

“Word has it that there is a siren living amongst the innocent and kind people of Meadow,” said Vincent, looking to the side where the fireplace burned logs of wood. “It seems like someone fell under the charms of the creature, which is why there was a recent death of the cattle in your town.”

When the incident occurred, everyone in the town believed it was a witch’s work who had slaughtered the cattle for her own benefit. But now that the truth had been found, it left Eve and the two humans in the house speechless.

Though a siren and a mermaid were both creatures that belonged to the water and had similar features, they were not the same. While the mermaids believed in peace and kept to themselves, the sirens lured men and women, not sparing even children who came in contact with them. They mercilessly killed and ate the humans.

“I thought it was the magistrate or the head guard’s duty to look after these things,” said Eve, and Vincent offered her a conniving smile.

“Indeed it is, but unfortunately, not all men are responsible and sharp in doing their work and that is where I step in. Have you seen or heard anything about it?” His eyes pierced through the two women, and his smile started to fade.

Lady Aubrey shook her head and answered, “We haven’t. We would have been more alert, if we knew that a creature like that lived in this town. Is the siren really here?” A trickle of fear ran down her spine as she asked this. “I don’t think any person has died.”

“Which you aren’t aware of, Mrs. Dawson,” responded Vincent, “A whole family has not returned to their house for nearly two months now. A lot of people believe the family moved towns because the man was elbow deep in his debts, but I find it to be a very convenient reason. Especially after the skeletons of the family were recovered.”

The outcasts were not welcomed nor allowed to live like the other

Chapter 62

Eve took deep breaths, and so did Lady Aubrey and Eugene to appear calm and unsuspicious so that they wouldn’t be caught before the guards even searched the house. One skip of their heartbeat was enough for the vampire in here to find out.

Vincent finished drinking his tea and placed the empty cup on the table. Pushing himself up, he walked to where the head guard stood with his men in front of the house. He licked his lips and remarked,

“Looks like the guards have a terrible eye when it comes to searching for odd and suspicious things.”

Seeing Vincent here, the head guard appeared submissive, bowed his head, and said, “Our apologies, Mr. Moriarty. We have been keeping a close eye on the people entering and leaving the towns, but it never came to light until a while ago. We will get the bitch in front of you in an hour.”

The smile on Vincent’s lips fell, and his eyes narrowed, “You had more than a day and you will find the creature in an hour? Seems like you know who the siren is, Septimus,” his lips twisted, annoyance clear in his eyes.

The head guard apologised again, “You have my word, Mr. Moriarty the siren’s head will be brought and placed at your feet,” he kept his head bowed, and when he lifted his head, his eyes fell on the humans who stood in the house. Septimus’s eyes narrowed on seeing Eve.

Vincent, who noticed this, looked between them and questioned the head guard, “It seems like you are familiar with my governess.”

“Not very well, Sire. She had an issue a few days ago when we caught the witch from here,” responded the head guard.

Lady Aubrey turned to look at Eve with a stare. Vincent chuckled, “It wouldn’t be her if she didn’t. Now continue looking for the siren and stop wasting my time.”

“Yes, Mr. Moriarty,” the head guard bowed his head and took one step forward, only to be stopped by Vincent’s hand.

“This house is clear. Get to the next house and I will go see if I can find the creature as you and your men have been dawdling,” Vincent ordered them. The head guard didn’t dare to raise questions at him and only obliged. The head guard spared a look at Eve before leaving Dawson’s residence. He then turned to Eve and smiled, “I shall see you at the mansion, Ms. Barlow.”

Eve, who had been counting seconds, bowed her head, “Yes, Mr. Moriarty.”

But before Vincent could turn and leave, his eyes fell on the jar of biscuits, and he said, “You don’t mind if I take it, do you?”

Right now, if Vincent Moriarty had asked Lady Aubrey for her house, she would have readily given it to him. She quickly nodded and took the jar of biscuits from Eugene to give to the vampire. She said, “It was a pleasure to be able to serve tea to Genevieve’s employer, Mr. Moriarty. Please come visit us again whenever you want.”

Vincent turned around and stepped out of the house without bothering to exchange another word with the people there. Eve followed him a few steps behind him until she reached the gate and saw him walk away.

Eugene turned to Lady Aubrey and said in a hushed whisper, “That was a close one, Lady Aubrey. I was sure we were going to be caught today. I was planning to dissolve the salts in the water, but then I realised Miss Eve has some of it in her room.”

Lady Aubrey let out a sigh of relief, and she shook her head, “God saved us today, Eugene. We were lucky that Mr. Moriarty was the one supervising the search, else we wouldn’t be breathing now.”

“Do you think there’s a siren living here?” Asked Eugene, and Lady Aubrey stared into space.

“I don’t. Everyone looks the same and it is hard to differentiate the creatures unless they reveal themselves to us. Just like the vampires,” explained Lady Aubrey, and she touched her forehead, as a light headache had formed with the rise of tension in the room. “I wonder who the siren is.”


A high-pitched scream erupted from somewhere that brought many men and women out of their houses to see where it came from. But more importantly, curious to see the creature who had been living amongst them.

“They have caught the siren,” whispered Eve, and she stepped out of the gate, following the other fellow people. Lady Aubrey and Eugene followed like the rest, making their way to the centre of the town.

When they reached the place, a crowd had already formed, and Eve went to stand in a better spot to see what was going to happen. The guards caught hold of a fellow woman and man, who had been married a few months ago.

“Is that the siren?!”

“I spoke to her yesterday and she had invited me to her house! She would have killed me if I had entered her house!” Said another woman in shock.

“Kill her!” shouted some of the people.


The woman who had been caught screeched, making everyone wince and cover their ears. She stopped screaming when one of the guards punched right into her stomach to quiet her down.

“You have been protecting a siren in your house! Do you know your sins?” the head guard questioned, and an iron collar was put around the woman’s neck so that they could drag her from here.

“You have got to be wrong, my wife is not a siren!” The husband of the woman nervously tried to convince the guards. “She could have hurt me, but she didn’t. She’s innocent!”

Eve was standing on a drum in one corner, away from people. She looked at the woman trying to wriggle out of the guard’s hold. In an effort to escape, the woman’s features were slowly being revealed, starting with the jagged teeth bared at everyone.

“How would you like to pay for your sins, by putting every other people’s lives out here at risk?” demanded the head guard, glaring at the man.

The husband suddenly looked scared on seeing his wife’s original form, and he turned speechless as if he had never seen her like this before. He sputtered, “I—I, this isn’t my wife. She cannot be my wife! Take her away from me!”

“What are you doing standing there all by yourself, little girl.”

Eve gasped at the sudden voice, not expecting Vincent to be here. She saw him pull out a cigar box from his pocket and light the end of it.

She asked him, “What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be there?”

“My work here is done. There’s no reason to stick around with the others,” Vincent took a drag from the cigar and blew the smoke out through his lips, which dispersed in the air.

“What are they going to do to her?” Eve’s eyebrows knit together. Vincent climbed on another barrel, right next to the drum she stood on, letting his back lean against the wall.

“Locked in the dungeon. Interrogate her on what she’s been doing here and if there are others with her,” replied Vincent, the expression on his face calm as he stared at the siren who was going out of control while the guards were having a difficult time handling the siren.

Eve turned her gaze away from the scene and turned to Vincent, “And if she’s innocent?”

“Do you believe sirens are innocent, little girl?” A smile cracked on Vincent’s lips, and he said, “It’s like telling us vampires don’t consume blood. You will see.”

And the next moment, Eve and the others saw the siren attack the human, her husband, who had been next to her—chew his arm off his body. Blood spilt from his arm, and he cried in pain.

“Take the human away!” spat the head guard. The other guards pulled the siren by the iron chain to keep her still. The siren’s hands were bound behind her back, making sure she didn’t move. As it seemed like the creature was turning wild and wouldn’t be compliant, the head guard ordered. “Give me the sword!”

Eve watched the siren continue to struggle. The creature’s eyes held blood thirst in there, which then fell on Eve. The siren stopped struggling, and her lips moved—

The next moment, the head guard severed the siren’s head from her body, and soon the lower part of the siren’s body turned similar to a fish’s tail.
Chapter 63

Music Recommendation: The Burnt Orange Hersey theme- Craig Armstrong

When the siren had opened her mouth, there was a glimmer of cunningness in her snake-like eyes as if she knew Eve was not a human and was ready to tell her secret. For a moment, it had Eve’s heart stumble in her chest, fear forming in her own eyes, which disappeared on seeing the siren’s head being severed from her body.

“Was she your friend?” Vincent casually questioned her while taking another drag from the cigar and blowing the smoke from his mouth.

“We have exchanged a few words in the past. Pleasantries,” replied Eve, softly gulping at the sight of the dead body that the people of the Meadow now surrounded.

Eve watched the guards catch hold of the dead body, and the head of the guard caught hold of the siren’s head, where her eyes had turned opaquely white and her jagged teeth clearly visible.

“I am sorry for your loss,” and though Vincent offered his sympathy, Eve could tell he didn’t mean it. “Was it your first time seeing someone being severed?”

“Yes,” answered Eve. “People of the Meadow aren’t used to death like these, Mr. Moriarty.”

“Mm, I can tell. It is why there is so much difference,” he exhaled the smoke from his mouth, and because of the wind, the smoke drifted in Eve’s direction.

Eve asked him, “What do you mean?”

“The lower-class aren’t used to seeing death the way the higher-class see it. It might be because of the time that we hold,” Vincent pushed himself to stand straight and stepped down from the barrel drum he had been standing on until now.

He continued, “For the people with lower power, they find it unfair that life is being controlled by the people in authority. While some are sheep, some try to resist and go against it. I know you will argue that the siren might be a creature who was someone’s wife, a friend, but when they feel threatened, they will kill you. Just like what happened a minute ago.” 

Vincent was right, thought Eve to herself. But at the same time, he was wrong. She wouldn’t argue with him about it, especially when she knew that the siren was going to reveal what she was. The siren had never noticed it before, but today seemed like a different day.

“Was that the reason you were at the river that day? To catch the siren?” Eve asked him.

When Eve placed her foot on the edge of the drum, ready to get down in the same way as Vincent had, the drum shook. She flailed her hands before jumping on the ground while placing one of her hands on the wall. She saw her employer standing in the same place as before, who had made no effort to move from his spot to help her.

“You seem to be getting better in not falling flat on your face or bottom,” remarked Vincent while looking at him with disbelief.

Did this man ever help anyone?

“Mr. Moriarty!”

A man called Vincent from a distance. Eve turned and noticed a lean man with a thin moustache quickly making his way to where she and Vincent stood.

“The siren is dead, Sire! What do I inform the council about it?” the man asked Vincent.

“I will speak to them. After all, they did give me the case. File the report on what happened,” ordered Vincent, and the man nodded. “Tell the head guard to search the remaining houses which hasn’t been cleared. I don’t need unfinished work here.”

“Yes, Sire! I will pass the message to search the rest of the houses searched right away. I think it would be better to have all the houses in the other towns be searched too. Just to make sure,” said the man, bowing his head at Vincent as he left the place.

What happened today was only the beginning, thought Eve to herself. They would need to hide the salts in a better place where no one would ever find out. But it was already hidden.

Eve looked in the direction where the crowd had gathered and slowly dispersed as the guards left. The siren’s blood was on the ground, mixed with the puddle of water near it.

“Did you see how that thing tore the man’s hand?”

“I thought I would never see a siren, but to see it look like that, how terrifying!”

“It would be best to get home before the sun dips down in the sky! Come quick, child!”

“Stay away from the waters,” said another person.

Eve heard the townsfolk speak to each other as they started to walk back to their homes.

As much as Eve was not particularly fond of sirens, she didn’t like how humans twisted their tongues. Most were sheep, whose emotions could easily be swayed, and they wouldn’t look back if they were to find who she was. It was hard to entirely blame the people who belonged to the higher society when people in the lower society were no less to them.

The world that they lived in was filled with greed and hunger, which wasn’t for food but other things.

Vincent took another drag from his cigar, watching the human who now stared at the place where the siren had been killed a few moments ago.

Eve asked, “Have you met any other sirens before this?”

“Yes,” replied Vincent, and Eve turned to look at him. “My work is to handle some of the cases that the people of the Council are unable to work on and needs my expertise.”

“I see,” murmured Eve, and then she asked with a curious gaze, “Is it true… of what they say about vampires?”

“That we like to suck blood from people and then kill them?” Vincent looked amused, noticing Eve pursed her lips, knowing that was not what she intended to ask.

“About the pureblooded vampires. That they hold indescribable power…” Eve’s voice trailed. If Vincent was working for the council, where they took his help, that only meant that he was someone of importance.

For a few seconds, they stared at each other in silence.

“If I told you, where would be the mystery? You should go and get some rest. We wouldn’t want you to be late for your class with Allie tomorrow.”

Eve bowed her head, “Goodnight, Mr. Moriarty.”

“Night,” hummed Vincent, his red eyes glowed that turned Eve wary, and she quickly walked back to her home.

That night, Eve didn’t sleep well. She dreamt of being captured and dragged by the official guards. She woke up with sweat covering her body. Having trouble getting back to sleep, she pushed the blanket aside and made her way down the stairs.

When she reached near the kitchen, she noticed light coming from there. It was Aunt Aubrey, who wore a shawl around her shoulders and poured tea for herself.

“Having trouble falling asleep?” Asked Eve, and Aunt Aubrey raised her gaze.

“Looks like I have company. Do you want some tea?”

Eve shook her head and said, “I will have some milk.” She made her way to pick up one of the bottles in which milk was stored. She poured it into a utensil, letting it heat under the fire. She said, “Feels like the town is back to its usual state, doesn’t it?”

“Indeed, everyone has gone to sleep except for the ones who are worried,” replied Aunt Aubrey in a soft voice. “Which is why I had to lower the brightness of the lamp.”

“Did it never worry you, Aunt Aubrey? Of being caught? For keeping me,” asked Eve, and she turned to look at the older woman, who took a seat on a chair resting in the kitchen.

“Worry,” hummed Lady Aubrey, holding the teacup. “I was very worried when we first got you here. But I remember Mr. Dawson, who once told me that an outcast had saved his life.”

Eve’s eyebrows knit together, whispering, “Sometimes I wonder, if it would be better if I live somewhere else, far away.”

It was only because her presence was not only a threat to herself but also to the lives of Lady Aubrey and Eugene. Sometimes kindness costed way more than being coldhearted.

Lady Aubrey understood how worried Eve must be after seeing what happened tonight. She said, “You don’t have to go anywhere. This is your home, Eve, and do not worry about us. We have survived so far, we will survive again.”

Eve didn’t know what she would do if something bad happened to either of them. They were the only people she knew and who were her family.
Chapter 64

Lady Aubrey took a sip from her teacup, letting the warm liquid slide down her throat while looking at Eve, who stood in front of the stove, watching the milk heat up.

“Before the siren was beheaded, she—”

“I saw,” replied the elderly woman. Having protected Eve all these years, the woman had turned sharper when noticing where people were looking.

“Until today, she never realised it. Do you think something happened that let her know?” Eve picked up the warm vessel of milk, and poured it into a glass.

Lady Aubrey asked her, “We don’t have much information about mermaids or sirens. The local library in the town doesn’t have anything about it, does it?”

Eve shook her head, “Not a word about any creatures.”

The higher society held back all the information to themselves, while keeping the lower class in the dark.

“There’s a personal library in the Moriarty mansion, but I have never stepped foot in there,” stated Eve because those places were off-limits for a commoner like her.

The following day, the people in Meadow didn’t stop talking about the siren whom they had seen last night. It was all the people could talk about, and some even added untrue things to the story.

Eve made her way to the Moriarty mansion. When she reached the mansion, she noticed Lady Annalise standing in the hallways with her husband, talking to each other in a low voice.

She bowed her head, but before she could quickly walk away from there, the vampiress stopped her.

“Ms. Barlow.”

Eve wondered if the woman was going to pick on her again. She politely asked, “Yes, milady?”

“No greeting? I wonder what manners are being taught to my daughter, when you show none of them yourself,” commented Lady Annalise with a soft mph.

“Miss Allie already has excellent manners, Lady Annalise,” Eve replied before she bit her tongue.

Senior Mr. Moriarty placed a hand on his wife’s back, and Lady Annalise sent a small glare at the lowly human standing in their grand hallways. The man said, “Your teachings are appreciated, Ms. Barlow. My daughter Allie seems to be doing well under your guidance. She seems to be able to write better.”

Eve bowed her head, “Thank you, Mr. Moriarty. I only wish to help Miss Allie as much as I can.”

“Eduard, dear. I hope you haven’t forgotten your promise to me,” Lady Annalise stopped her husband and reminded him about something, who smiled at her.

“I never do, but you shouldn’t forget yours either,” at the man’s words, Eve wondered what promise they were talking about.

“I have kept my word,” replied Lady Annalise, putting up a polite smile when her eyes moved from her husband to look at Eve. The woman’s lips twisted in a smile, and she stated, “Ms. Barlow, there is a ball in three days. You will be required to attend it, if Allie needs assistance or company. Consider this to be a gracious invitation from us which not many are fortunate to receive.”

Eve turned pale on this unexpected invite from the woman. For a moment, she had believed that the woman would tell her not to attend the ball after hearing Lady Marceline’s invite.

She quickly bowed and apologised, “Forgive me, milady, but I have already mentioned to Lady Marceline that I won’t be able to attend the ball that day.”

Lady Annalise had not invited the human because she wanted to. In fact, she preferred this woman stay out of this mansion and would never step foot in here again. The only reason she had extended the invitation was because her husband had promised to speak to Vincent and convince him to replace the governess in less than six months.

And now, this ungrateful human was refusing her invitation. The vampiress glared at Eve.

“That wasn’t a question but an order,” Lady Annalise’s words were firm, and she said, “A governess’s job is not just in the piano room. I believe you already know that, as you seemed to speak something along those lines a few days ago. Unless you are accepting it yourself that you are unfit for the job. What do you say, Eduard?”

Senior Mr. Moriarty was taken aback by his wife’s invitation to the human, as their guests were from higher society.

“There seems no harm as she is Allie’s governess. I should get going now,” said Mr. Moriarty before kissing his wife’s cheek and he said, “I will see you later.”

Seeing Senior Mr. Moriarty turn and leave in the direction where Eve had come, Lady Annalise turned to walk.

“Lady Annalise! I have a sick person in my home,” Eve rushed to the woman’s side.

“What an ungrateful human, and irresponsible,” Lady Annalise’s words almost came in a sing-song voice. “What are you doing here then, instead of looking after the sick?”

“I apologise but—”

The vampiress turned and took a step towards Eve, who subtly took one step backwards. The older woman’s eyes narrowed, and she said,

“I have been kind enough to invite you, and if you have other priorities, then it is best that you quit your job right now and do what you find to be more important. Vincent might have hired you, but don’t think you can turn down and behave rudely with the Moriarty’s. We don’t take it too kindly,” the woman offered her a small smile that didn’t reach her eyes and walked away from there.

She heard voices from the end of the hall, and then she saw Vincent walking with the butler next to him as they spoke about something. Even if Lady Annalise had threatened her, Vincent would save her!

“Good morning, Master Vincent. There is something I would like to talk to you about,” said Eve, going up to him quickly. When his eyes met hers, she said, “I have been invited to attend the ball by Lady Annalise.”

“What a lucky woman, you must be ecstatic,” remarked Vincent with a bright smile, and Eve shook her head.

“No, I won’t be able to make it that day. Please,” Eve pleaded in hope.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Barlow, your blood is not going to be suck dry that day. We have other people for that,” replied Vincent with a crooked smile, “It is very rare that the vampires drink blood from the guests. Relax.”
Chapter 65

Eve didn’t know how this happened. One moment she had been safe, where Lady Annalise despised her presence in the mansion, and the next moment she was ordered to attend the ball.

“Master Vincent, please,” Eve pleaded with him because she had never attended a ball, less a ball hosted by the family of night creatures.

Vincent stared at her, “Something the matter? Unless you have suddenly acquired a sense of fear towards my kind,” he hit the bull’s eye.

“It’s not that,” Eve denied, and her words caught Vincent’s curiosity.

“What is it then?” His cold coppery eyes stared right into hers. When Eve took a second more than the response time he expected from her, he said, “You should be happy that the woman decided to invite you. Word has it that my dearest mother has decided to not complain about you for the next few months because of some sort of agreement. These are your days of peace, Miss Barlow. Yet here you are worried.”

Eve blurted, “I do not have a suitable dress for the ball.”

On hearing Eve’s words, Vincent’s lips curled. His eyes held mirth in them that looked at her cooly, “I hope you haven’t spent all your earnings in the inn’s of Hollow Valley. I am sure you already have a decent dress, considering you don’t look homeless. If I am not wrong, you must already have one which was given by someone?” He gave her a knowing look. 

It seemed like nothing went unheard or unseen by Vincent regarding what happened in the mansion, even though he wasn’t in the mansion that day and hour when Lady Marceline had given her gowns.

Vincent’s eyes crinkled before he dismissed her, waving his hand, continuing to walk with the butler following him as they headed in the direction of the main entrance.

When Eve reached near the piano room, she heard music coming from inside the room. When she got nearer, she noticed it was the little vampiress who was playing it. On missing a music note, she suddenly stopped in frustration.

“You should continue playing because not everyone notices the errors,” said Eve, who was leaning against the side of the door while watching the little girl.

Little Allie’s head turned to the direction where Eve stood, and she shook her head before quickly standing and bowing her head.

Eve smiled at the little girl, and she stepped inside the room. She placed her things on the table and made her way to where the pianoforte sat with the young vampiress on the bench.

“You don’t believe it?” Asked Eve, and she took a seat next to the girl. “Not everyone knows how to play the piano forte, and if you continuously play, no one will notice it.”

“I am scared,” whispered Allie, her shoulders stiff. The little girl didn’t make an attempt to look at Eve and continued to stare at the black and white keys. “I will be asked to play during the ball…” these were the most words the little girl had ever uttered to her until now.

The girl was worried of failing and bringing shame to herself, but more importantly to her family, if she was to fail to excel. Eve didn’t brush the girl’s worries as if they were not important. She tried to embrace it and said,

“How about we start from the beginning then? I am sure it wouldn’t be too bad if we were to learn only music for today,” she offered Allie an encouraging smile, who turned to her with slight astonishment before agreeing with a nod.

Eve played the keys on the right and Allie played the keys on the left side of the instrument.

Eve moved her fingers slowly so that the little girl knew where to place her fingers, and when Allie looked up at her, she nodded that Allie was doing it right. For Allie to speak so many words with her, she must be very nervous, Eve thought to herself.

After practising for two hours, Eve said, “You are concentrating too much on the keys, Miss Allie.”

The little girl turned to look at Eve with a small frown, not knowing until now that it was a bad thing.

Eve softly chuckled, “It isn’t bad, but while you are concentrating on the keys, worried about your mistakes, you forget to enjoy the piece that you are playing.” She placed her fingers back on the piano keys and suddenly started to play to create beautiful music before slowly halting her fingers to stop the music. “When you are doing something, pour your heart into it and even if you make mistakes, no one will notice it but will enjoy the music along with you.”

She placed her hand on Allie’s head, who looked like a little puppy that was trying hard. She said,

“If it helps, I will be there in the room attending the ball with you.”

Allie looked surprised and after a few seconds said, “Don’t…”

“Don’t?” Eve repeated the word.

Eve had been worried because the little girl had told don’t the day Lady Marceline had given her the invitation as well as her gowns to wear.

“Don’t… wear those shoes,” Allie’s eyes were fixed on the keys.

Eve was more than taken aback by what the little girl actually meant. Her eyebrows subtly furrowed and she asked, “The one which Lady Marceline gave me?”

Allie turned to look at Eve and nodded, “They will tear easily.” It was not about her attending the ball, Eve thought to herself.

This was probably one of the first times where Allie turned to look at her and speak without hiding her face.

Eve was happy about the little progress that they made, and when Allie was going to say something, the little girl’s eyes turned wide. Allie quickly closed her mouth and faced the piano keys again.

Suddenly Allie looked vulnerable, and her small hands clenched into fists on her lap.

Not knowing what happened suddenly, Eve asked in concern, “Are you alright, Miss Allie?”

“D-don’t look at me…” uttered the little girl.

The hostility in the room returned to the same way when Eve had first set foot into this room. The little girl didn’t speak nor did she look in her direction right now.

Eve didn’t look away from Allie. Instead, she asked, “Is there something that I can help you with? Do you want me to fetch the butler or someone from your family?”

Allie’s eyes widened and she quickly shook her head.

“Okay, I won’t. How about I get you a glass of water?” asked Eve in concern, as she couldn’t offer her blood for the girl to drink. Receiving no response from the little vampiress, she stood up from the bench and poured a glass of water. She offered it to the little girl, “You will feel better drinking it.”

The little vampiress reluctantly took the glass of water and took a sip from it.

Hearing the faint clicking sound of shoes against the floor outside the room, Eve turned to look at the door, wondering who was passing by in the corridor.