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C68 [part 1] - < — The Capital’s High Society[2]– > (4)

Chapter 68 [part 1]

< — The Capital’s High Society[2]– > (4)

TN: This chapter has brackets. The next chapter will not. Some people don’t really get what I mean so here is an example: “Who are you?” (Lucia). Instead of putting (Lucia), I will just keep it as “Who are you?”.

David came into the Royal Palace to meet his sister but heard that she was away for a while, attending to a guest. It was boring to sit down and wait so he went looking for his sister. When he heard that she was at the Rose Palace, he slowly made his way there.

Although David was offended by his sister’s rebuke some time ago, he did not want to be estranged with her. Even if she kept saying annoying things when they met, Beth was one of the few people that David was limited against. If his relationship was bad with his sister who was the Queen and mother of the future King, he was the only one that would suffer.

‘My sister still sees me as a child but it’s a matter of time. Someday, she’ll see me differently.’

In order for the King to carry out his important goals, there had to be someone that he could trust at his side and he(David) was the best of that kind. After the coronation, the King would start to do many things in earnest.

David was positively confident that he would be placed in charge of an important task. And in preparation for that time, David was diligently gathering young talents. He firmly believed that his efforts would come to light one day.

As he drew closer to the Rose Palace, he was swarmed with a strong fragrance. The Rose Palace was to be given to the most favored woman of the king and was empty throughout the lifetime of the late king.

‘When the coronation is over, the Rose Palace ought to become my sister’s.’

David had heard that a princess had briefly stayed in Rose Palace.

‘And that princess married the Duke of Taran.’

How great the influence of the Taran Duke. It was obvious the princess had begged to stay in the Rose Palace.

‘Princess my ass. Because one is royal family, one is called a princess. If one were nobility, one is just an illegitimate child.’

David wanted to belittle everything related to the Duke of Taran. Because he was distracted for a moment, he went on the wrong path and entered the garden instead of the entrance. David grumbled at the annoyance of retracing his steps.

Suddenly, the blowing of the wind intensified. The summer breeze was strong so the petals piled on the floor became a whirlpool and flew towards David. To protect himself from the wind, he covered his face with his hand and narrowed his eye.

When David was finally able to see properly, he discovered a hat that was blown to his feet. The hat was richly decorated with lace and was most certainly a noble lady’s. David picked up the hat and stood up, lifting his head.

And he froze.

The woman who was flustered because of her flying hat, turned towards David. The dress of the woman glistened like the surface of a lake bathed with sunlight. The sunlight seemed to pass through her white skin which was clear like it would soon disappear. Her exceptionally red lips stood out among the red rose petals in full bloom.

The atmosphere made by the fantastical view of the rose garden, the sweet scent of flowers, the sunlight and the soft wind, unbelievably suited the woman and for David, it was indeed love at first sight.

David held the hat and approached the woman. His heart raced like a teenage boy experiencing his first love. The face of his fiancΓ©e from long time marriage talks already flew from his mind. There was a maidservant next to the woman but the maid was completely disregarded.

David stopped a step away from the woman and courteously held out the hat.

“A hat with the heart of a beautiful noble flew to my feet so I shall return it. May I please be allowed to hold onto that heart?”

Lucia received the hat and turned her head sideways as a small laugh escaped from her mouth. How could one say such things without reddening in the slightest? Lucia was just laughing because it was her first time being hit by such a blatant man.

Lucia wanted to take a look around the spacious rose garden so she had obtained consent from the Queen and was taking a walk. A sudden gust of wind blew her hat away, surprising her, and when an unfamiliar man picked it up and approached her, she was even more surprised.

Lucia felt reassured since she was together with her maid and the handmaid placed by the Queen. She remember Jerome’s advice that she should never be alone outside the mansion.

‘So this kind of unexpected situation can happen,’ Lucia thought to herself.

“Thank you for returning the hat.”

Although Lucia laughed because the situation itself was strange, in David’s eyes, it looked like she was giving him a smile.

“Even your voice is beautiful. I am Count David Ramis of the Duke of Ramis.”

When David introduced himself, Lucia was able to recall memories from her dream.

The eldest son of the Duke of Ramis. Lucia had seen him several times at parties. He was not inferior to the Duke of Taran and went around with followers. There weren’t many occasions were the two men were at a party on the same day and at the same time but, on such a day, the crowd was divided into two.

Lucia did not see David in a very good light. He acted like a good person but he was arrogant. If the Duke of Taran’s arrogance was confidence without a care for others, David’s arrogance was to trample others beneath his feet.

It was purely Lucia’s subjective gaze. In the dream, Lucia liked and admired the Duke of Taran. In any case, Lucia always felt a sense of discomfort when she saw David’s smiling face. He seemed to be wearing a thin mask on his face.

Lucia had merely just felt that he was a bad person but then she happened to come across a scene of David’s. She had attended a very large ball and had secluded herself at a corner in order to rest and avoid the bustle of people for a while.

[What? Is that true?]

She heard a loud voice and when she looked, it was David together with some man.

[Did father really?]

[Yes. I’m afraid one’s intention…]

The distant sound of grinding teeth could be heard. And when Lucia saw David’s terribly distorted face, she was shocked and hid herself again. His murderous expression was completely different from his usual smiling expression. But the fact that there was no awkwardness was appalling.

After the men left, Lucia remained hidden for a while then she carefully went out to the hall. Her disturbed beating heart did not settle down for a long while. This happened some time before her marriage to Count Matin was over.

And after a considerable period of time, Lucia was again privy to news of the high society as a maid and heard that the Duke of Ramis passed away of old age and David took up his mantle. When she heard that it had been some time since the second son of the late Duke of Ramis died in an accident, she somehow felt strange.

Time passed since she quit her job as a maid and the last she heard of the Ducal Household of Ramis was by chance. She heard that the (new)Duke of Ramis attempted a rebellion and their family was wiped out. She didn’t hear what subsequently happened to the Queen who was from the Ducal Household of Ramis or the Crown Prince whom the Duke of Ramis had tried to establish as King.

“The moment I saw you, I thought the roses had turned into a person.” (David)

Lucia who was reminiscing about what might happen in the distant future was brought back to reality. Her memories from the dream overlapped and her impression of the man in front of her changed.

‘Maybe he’s acting this way because he knows who I am.’

She had doubts about his intention for approaching her.

“You overpraise.” (Lucia)

“It is not an exaggeration. I have never seen such a beauty. Will you please give me the honor of hearing your noble name?” (David)

It didn’t seem like he approached her purposefully since he was asking for her name. Lucia’s silence made David’s heart grow more impatient.

“I will not go somewhere and say something rash. I am blinded by your noble beauty. Would you like to take a walk with me for a moment? I am earnestly looking forward to having you open up a little bit as we take in the abundant scent of roses.”

David was an aggressive young man. He had no hesitation about boldly confessing his love to a woman that caught his fancy. In return, his passion cooled off just as fast as it ignited.

David was full of confidence as he had never been rejected by any woman. By nature, he liked things that stood out and he preferred the pure and elegant type of beauty rather than a beauty that was so gorgeous it suppressed him. The woman in the garden perfectly matched his tastes.

David was so absorbed in his feelings that he did not notice that there were eyes watching them. They were from the side that was close to the rear of the direction where Lucia stood.

Lucia could not see them but if David moved his gaze a little, he would be able to.

C68 [part 2] - < — The Capital’s High Society[2]– > (4)

Chapter 68 [part 2]

< — The Capital’s High Society[2]– > (4)

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‘Why is that child here…’

Beth watched her younger brother hit on the Duchess with a rather embarrassed expression. It was embarrassing to listen to and her face automatically grew hot. She never wanted to know how her brother seduced women.

After the Duchess left to the garden, Beth was busy instructing the maids to prepare the refreshments and the Duke of Taran showed up. Beth wondered if there was something urgent since he was looking for the Duchess and she hurried with him to the garden and was met with an unseemly sight.

Beth shifted her gaze to look at the Duke of Taran standing next to her. The usually cold expression of the Duke remained unchanged. Fortunately, he didn’t seem to be greatly angered.

‘How do I kill this fool?’

Beth couldn’t not even imagine that the Duke of Taran was currently contemplating her brother’s murder in his head.

As Hugo watched the scoundrel make a pass at his wife, he was thinking of a dozen ways to end him. Beneath the icy mask on his face, his eyes sparked violently.

A little while ago, Hugo was certainly in a very good mood. He knew that she was in the palace so he made his way to the Rose Palace and was looking forward to seeing her surprised at his appearance.

However, as soon as he entered the garden and saw such a scene, his mood instantly hit rock bottom. It was a fly was buzzing around a fragrant flower. The radiant flower that he had been hiding away in his bosom had now reached the point where its blossoming fragrance couldn’t be hidden anymore.

Hugo clenched his teeth in worry. Damn it. Why is she so pretty? She ended up attracting this kind of bum. It was enough for him alone to know how lovely she was. Not for some other bastard to come snooping around the fortune that was his wife.

Outwardly, Hugo’s expression was unchanged but inwardly, his blood was boiling and he was on the verge of exploding. He took some deep breaths and barely managed to control himself. He had to find composure. He couldn’t kill the brother-in-law of the King inside the palace.

‘What? Blinded by beauty? This bastard should really go blind then he can’t pull this kind of crap again.’

Hugo could no longer stand the sight of the man zealously trying to woo his wife. When the man asked her to take a walk with him, Hugo stepped forward.


Lucia was wondering how to turn down the persistent David’s insinuation of a date. When she was in the north, she should have learned from Kate how to reject a man’s courtship without hurting each other’s face(dignity). She hadn’t pay any attention at all because she had thought it was something unrelated to herself.

“That is difficult. She has a prior engagement.”

Lucia’s eyes widened when she heard that familiar voice that made her heart pound every time she heard it. Before she could say ‘ah’, he was right beside her. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her into his arms.

“Why are you…”

Lucia mumbled with a puzzled look on her face. His arm around her waist was holding her strongly.

“What business do you have with my wife?”

David was surprised at the sudden emergence of the Duke of Taran, he was surprised again at him naturally embracing the woman, and he was shocked speechless by the following words of the Duke of Taran.

“W…ife? Then, the Duch..ess?”

David’s eyes shook tremendously with shock. The woman who captured his heart in an instant already had a husband. It can’t be. David blankly stared at Lucia in disbelief. The sight of her nestled in the Duke of Taran’s embrace as though accustomed to it, shocked him all over again.

David’s gaze did not move away from her. Hugo wrinkled his eyebrows. It was a waste to even let the fool see.

Turn away! Hugo suppress the urge to yell and darkly called out to the man.

“Sir Ramis.”

When David’s gaze turned to him, Hugo was satisfied.

“Do not personally approach my wife like this again.”

And Hugo’s eyes were strongly saying: Get lost, greenhorn. It was a gaze that completely looked down on the other.

David was annoyed.

“You speak too harshly. It was just a momentary idle conversation. Marriage does not mean a woman becomes another’s possession.”

To Hugo, it sounded like he was saying he would make a pass at her again. The man was making great effort to die. Hugo’s scarlet eyes darkened sharply.

Should he just kill him and damn the consequences? He would have seriously considered it if she(Lucia) was not there. He couldn’t let her to see him killing people.

Usually, Hugo thought of David as beneath his notice. The sight of the man getting riled up alone was like an ignorant puppy so Hugo didn’t feel the need to deal with him as an opponent. However, with this incident, Hugo definitely marked David down.

If David knew, he would have been infuriated several times over. So far, he had been insignificant existence to the Duke of Taran, but because of a woman that David fell for at first sight, he had become a presence to be blacklisted, and that woman was the Duke of Taran’s wife.

“Ramis Gong must have great talent. Since he has a son who lives like he has an extra life.”

For the first time in his life, Hugo made a gentle threat.


David arrogantly faced the other.

However, in the face of Hugo’s fiendish bloodthirst, his throat was clogged and the words refused to come out. It was true bloodthirst that had reaped the lives of countless men. Even a courageous enemy general could only lower his tail. There was no way David could receive it upfront.

David went pale, shaking like a leaf and fell to the floor. Seeing this sight, the Duke of Taran raised his lips in a sneer. David felt dizzy as blood rushed to his head. Anger, shame, humiliation. The dark emotions that he’d felt throughout his life surged to their limit.

The Duke of Taran grabbed the wrist of the Duchess and pulled her to the rear of the garden. The two of them soon disappeared into the wall of rose vines.

David, who was on the floor, was stunned. He couldn’t understand why he was forced to this state. Beth approached her brother. She inwardly clicked her tongue at her brother who showed such an ugly behavior.

“Are you okay?”

“Sister! Did you not hear what that guy said? He threatened to kill me!”

“You don’t have to take it that far.”

Beth countered indifferently. Hugo’s bloodthirst was only focused on David so Beth did not feel the situation was that serious. She just thought that her weak brother could not withstand the Duke of Taran’s momentum.

“Didn’t I say you should regularly brush up on your training with the sword? Although the Ramis family is not a warrior family, it is easier to obtain the loyalty of the knights if one is be able to use to sword to some degree.”

“This is not a matter of swordsmanship! No matter how audacious one is, how could one make such a threat? Do you see this as something that should happen?!”

What threat? Beth was dissatisfied with her younger brother’s excessive statement. Actually, Beth had thought of it that way a little but because of David acting overboard, she ended up regarding it as not a big deal. She knew the character of her younger brother who thought that he was the priority in everything.

“You were at fault first. Did you not make a pass at the Duchess?”

“Did I know?!”

“Anyway, stand up already.”

Beth frowned at the pathetic sight of her brother sitting on the floor. David grit his teeth. He didn’t want to be like this either. What did she expect him to do when his legs gave out? After some time, he staggeringly got to his feet.

“Is that really the Duchess?”

“Yes. She came into the palace today and we had a meal together. So, do not be rude when you see her again next time.”

David’s shoulders sank down. He was really disappointed. He thought he had met his fated woman.

“Why didn’t you inform me that there was such a beauty? Since she is a princess, sister could have known first.”

“Now you’re saying all sorts of nonsense. Do you mean I am supposed to find out if the princesses are beautiful or not?”

Beth coldly cut off her brother’s whining.

“If there is nothing urgent, go back for today. I still have to attend to my guest.”

“…When you say guest, do you mean the Duchess?”

Seeing through to his obvious interest, Beth clicked her tongue.

“It seems you didn’t understand Taran Gong’s warning at all. Instead of engaging in this futile endeavor, go back.”

“Seriously? I’m speechless. Is there a law that a married woman cannot talk to others?”

It was, of course, rude to make a pass at a woman in front of her husband.

It was enough reason for one to apply for a duel. However, if there was no intention to ridicule and one applied for a duel with that reason, in Xenon’s aristocratic culture, it would be regarded as an act with no class and would draw ridicule.

The sexual customs of Xenon’s nobility was very liberal. The reason that one’s partner, whether it was the man or the woman, had a lover, was not enough grounds for a divorce. The culture was tolerant of the illegitimate child of the male as well as the illegitimate child of the female. Receiving a declaration of love after getting married could not even become a source of gossip.

In David’s opinion, the Duke of Taran’s actions were ugly. Restraining a woman was the action of country bumpkins.

“From the standpoint of a husband, if one sees a man approaching their wife in front of them, one will certainly feel bad.”

While Beth was talking, deep down, she was surprised. Taran Gong’s reaction was excessive. Anyone could see that it was the aggressiveness of a man that was overcome with jealousy.


To Beth, there was no word that did not suit the Duke of Taran as much as that one.

Translator’s Corner:

Gong: (general description) A type of honorific. It is a title(곡) given to a noble personage in a high position. It is usually a term of respect/honorific for a Duke. In this novel, it seems to apply to Marquis as well.

C69 [part 1] - < — The Capital’s High Society[2]– > (5)

Chapter 69 [part 1]

< — The Capital’s High Society[2]– > (5)

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Hugo held Lucia’s wrist firmly and dragged her away. His strides covered so much distance that even though he was just walking slightly fast, Lucia had to take quick running steps to keep up with him.

“Hugh. Did something happen? Why are you so–”

…Upset, was what she was going to say. He came to a stop and suddenly pulled her into a kiss. They were in the garden which was open at all sides and it was impossible to know when someone would come.

Lucia was alarmed and tried to push him away but his hold on her chin tightened. He kissed her lips roughly and her delicate lips became swollen and tingling. His hot tongue occupied her mouth in an instant, sweeping over her teeth and reaching deep into her mouth. At the violent kiss that didn’t even giving space to breathe, Lucia panted breathlessly and managed to follow.

He broke away, changing the direction and overlapping their lips over and over again. The kiss that continued till she was out of breath came to an end. At the finish, he gently licked her lips and his scarlet eyes radiated with lust.

“I am going to fire your designer.”

His desire still lingered so he repeatedly placed light kisses on her lips.


“Who said you should come out looking so pretty? It’s okay to have done it roughly!”

The person went to a boutique personally and obstinately acquired an expensive designer was now complaining. Lucia found his stubbornness unreasonable but she was happy at him saying she was pretty so she gave him a gracious sidelong glance.

When she saw herself in the mirror before coming out, she thought she looked rather pretty. Receiving a man’s aggressive courtship for the first time in her life and with her husband also saying she was pretty, her self-confidence increased.

“Don’t do that. Antoine worked really hard this morning. And it was you who said that my attire is a matter of family prestige.”

Hugo didn’t care about things like prestige. He just wanted to buy her a dress. Although he did not want her going around in scruffy clothing, he also didn’t want her to go around looking pretty. He was lost in contradiction.

“In addition, how could we leave in such a way? It is rude to Her Highness the Queen.” (Lucia)

“Is that important in this situation?”

“What situation is ‘this situation’?”

“Oh, I don’t know…that fellow was pursuing you!”


Lucia burst into laughter when she saw him fuming.

“It’s not like that. He just picked up my hat from on the floor.”

Lucia was not a fool so it wasn’t like she didn’t know what the situation earlier was. But there was no need for her to boast to him that a man asked her out on a date. She didn’t want him to misunderstand that she dirtied the honor of the Duke with unwieldy conduct.

“What do you mean it’s not? I heard everything. It was the typical way to make a pass at a woman.” (Hugo)

Lucia gave him a prudish glare and made a ‘hmmm’ sound.

“I suppose you know since you have more experience.”

Why did the topic go there? Hugo shut his mouth. At times like this, he wanted to give his past self a good thrashing for making him unable to say a word.

“Even if the situation earlier was like that of a man approaching a woman…” (Lucia)

It was not ‘like that’ but precisely the situation! (Hugo)

“Nothing comes out of it since I didn’t have that in mind.” (Lucia)

Hugo’s rising anger finally settled down. Her extremely calm reaction made him feel relieved.

“Why did you react so sensitively? Do not worry. I will not do anything that will damage the Ducal honor.” (Lucia)

“…It’s nothing like that.”

Lucia’s expression grew strange. Before she could think deeper about his words, she began to grasp her surroundings and her mind flew elsewhere. Her gaze was focused a little further away from him.

Hugo turned his head in the direction of her gaze. Because he had thoughtlessly dragged her to get her away from that bastard, he didn’t pay any attention to his surroundings. They were in middle of a section of the rose garden that was filled with yellow roses.

Of all places. Hugo’s expression distorted. He already didn’t like it when he heard that she was at the Rose Palace.

In the north, Lucia had failed to create a rose garden. Jerome had made every effort to stop her. He had diligently brought up reason after reason; that his master hated roses or whatever nonsense he thought up. Something didn’t add up but Jerome’s efforts were pitiful so Lucia decided not to make a rose garden.

However, seeing Hugo’s expression now, it seemed that he really did not like roses. Lucia acted like she didn’t notice and changed the subject.

“Her Highness the Queen is preparing refreshments. Do you have time to join us?”

“…For tea?”

Hugo did not have time. He had to go because the meeting would be starting soon. However, when he thought about it, would David not also be there? If that bastard was going to be there, he had to protect his position.

“Mm. That’ll be fine.” (Hugo)

The two of them began to walk out of the garden. Hugo wanted to escape from the damn roses as quickly as possible. At this point, he was extremely sick of roses. He didn’t know he would ever have such an intense emotion towards flowers.

The matter of David constantly weighed on Lucia’s mind. It was still a matter of the distant future and one couldn’t know if the rebellion would succeed but anyways, he had failed and died.

But Lucia was worried that David’s rebellion might have a slight negative impact on Hugo.

But what could she say to him? That she saw it in her dream? It was not something that would happen right away. But she wanted him to watch out for David a little. She didn’t think he was someone that was careless and would ignore the people around him.

However, from what she saw earlier, his attitude towards David seemed too disregarding. Lucia looked around. After confirming that no one was around, she lowered her voice.

“Hugh. This is a really useless question but please listen and forget about it. Is there a possibility that the Ducal House of Ramis will commit treason?”


It was a dangerous question. It was not a word that should be said carelessly. Moreover, in the palace.

“I was…thoughtless, wasn’t I?”

If it was another person that asked the question, Hugo would have ignored it completely. And he would be suspicious of their intentions and regard them as a target to be watched. However at his wife’s question, he thought about it seriously without the slightest concern.

Hugo recalled the Duke of Ramis. There was no such thing in the old man’s character. The old man was a sly politician that regularly addressed Hugo with honorifics even though Hugo was much younger. Kwiz was particular in his choices with people. He was not just keeping the Duke of Ramis close because the man was his father-in-law.

“He is a close adviser of the king and out of his three grandchildren, one will become king. There is no reason for him to ruin his flowerbed with his own hand.” (Hugo)

“I don’t mean presently. Um…that is to say, in the distant future where the Count Ramis that we saw earlier becomes the Duke.”


After David becomes the Duke. When Hugo thought of that time, he could not be certain that it would be as before. Right now, the man was acting big like an immature greenhorn but, after years pass, he would grow older and change into a skillful, scheming politician. Hugo also knew that the man was building a group for himself. If the man were to become Duke and gain greater strength then try to rise up with that force…

‘He will die in my hands before he can rebel.’

He had been careless and did not stamp out the embers. He had left it alone thinking of giving face to the Duke of Ramis and the king. Since the man was so ridiculous, Hugo held him in contempt.

However, after listening to her, he realized it wasn’t something to regard lightly. The man was the eldest son of the Duke of Ramis and would inherit the title of Duke. Hugo could not guarantee how long the aged Duke could hold onto that title. He placed David Ramis as a target to be on the lookout for in his mind.

“Why are you curious about that?” (Hugo)

“If it is difficult, you don’t have to answer. It was just that earlier, his gaze on you was a little…”

“Are you concerned? About me?”

“Is it a needless concern?”

“Not at all.”

Hugo lifted her hand which was in his and kissed the back of her hand.

“I’m glad that you’re worried about me but you don’t have to. I will take care of everything.”

As always, he was brimming with confidence. Lucia laughed silently. If it was this man, no matter what crisis approached, he would overcome it. The feeling of being surrounded and protected by a strong wall was cozy and comfortable. Her slight anxiety disappeared completely.

“I heard you asked the butler about the yellow roses.” (Hugo)

Although they had already left the garden, Hugo’s mind was continuously bothered by the abundance of yellow roses and he couldn’t ignore it.

“That is a matter from a while ago. I heard from the butler that you have taken care of it completely.”

Lucia smiled and tried to let it pass over. She didn’t want yellow roses to be the topic for long.

“In the future, do not ask the butler for that sort of thing, ask me.” (Hugo)

“What is ‘that sort of that thing’?”

“Whatever you’re curious about.”

“It’ll annoy you very much.”

“It won’t.”

‘If you have time to talk to some other guy, talk to me instead.’

Hugo was thinking childishly. Even his loyal butler Jerome had become some other guy. Such childish thought was something he had never had in the past and even though he was yet to say such things outwardly, he was confidently thinking like that.

Lucia smiled gently. His pledge that he would try to be a trustworthy husband was not an empty one. Traces of his efforts could be seen here and there. Every night, he briefly told her of his schedule the next day so that Lucia could roughly know where he was, what he was doing and why he was late.

She didn’t have doubts that he would meet another woman in secret but knowing his schedule, she knew he didn’t have time to do so and her heart felt at ease.
C69 [part 2] - < — The Capital’s High Society[2]– > (5)

Chapter 69 [part 2]

< — The Capital’s High Society[2]– > (5)

Translator: Miss Ruby

Unlike what Hugo was concerned about, David had already gone back.

On the palace terrace, the Queen and the Ducal Couple were having tea. Beth was acting calm but she couldn’t help but repeatedly glance at the Duke of Taran. She didn’t think a day would come where she would sit and have tea with the Duke.

“Did you resolve your matter of urgency?”

Beth thought that the reason for the Duke’s sudden arrival was because he had something important to tell the Duchess.

“Yes, it was resolved. I apologize for the rudeness from earlier.” (Hugo)

“No, I hope that Gong can generously overlook my brother’s rudeness to the Duchess. I admonished him sternly and sent him back.” (Beth)

Beth showed that she was siding with them but she could not exonerate David.

David was already firmly impressed in Hugo’s mind. In a very bad way. Hugo planned to order a thorough investigation that would shake out even the color of David’s underwear when he got back today.

Lucia gave him a strange look. Now that she thought about it, she didn’t hear his reason for coming here. She turned away from Beth and her eyes met with his for a moment.

Reading the question in her eyes, Hugo gave a very faint smile and slowly licked his upper lip. Lucia’s eyes widened as she blushed fiercely and lowered her head. She was reminded of the kiss from earlier and her heart was pounding.

‘This man seriously! Doesn’t he know where we are?’ (Lucia)

When she lifted her eyes and glared at him, he smirked and lifted the teacup to his mouth. His shamelessness and leisureness was really hateful.

“Duchess. Are you hot? Your face is red.”

“Pardon? Ah…No, I am alright.”

A handmaid came in and whispered something to the Queen. Beth made a gesture of understanding and sent the maid away then she looked at the Duke of Taran with an odd expression.

“Gong. His Majesty sent a messenger. He inquires why you have not come when the afternoon meeting is about to begin.”

“Did you have a meeting?” (Lucia)

You didn’t say that earlier! Why are you acting so carefree?! Because there were people around, Lucia kept her criticism to herself but her eyebrows rose threateningly.

“I shall be on my way.” (Hugo)

Hugo nodded to Beth and left the words ‘a moment’ with Lucia then he went out of the terrace. Lucia excused herself from Beth and followed after him.

Beth tilted her head slightly. The air between the two was unusual. Of course since they were a couple, Beth didn’t think they would be indifferent but unlike what she expected, the Duchess did not seem to have any difficulty with Taran Gong.

Beth acted like she didn’t see anything but she has seen the two of them exchanging frequent glances.


Lucia came out of the terrace and saw him standing, waiting for her. Why was he taking his time when he was summoned by the king? Lucia was reaching her limit. When she was about to ask why he asked her to come out, he suddenly approached her and hugged her waist.

Lucia was startled and hit his shoulder. When she saw the chamberlain that was waiting to escort Hugo tactfully turn away, her face flushed crimson.

“Oh seriously. What are you doing! They can all see.”

Lucia spoke with a heavily muffled voice and pushed against his chest with all her might.

“I’ll be late today.” (Hugo)

“I know. You told me yesterday.”

“Will you be going home soon?”

“Yes. After talking with Her Highness the Queen.”

“Don’t fall asleep. That way we can finish what we didn’t finish earlier.”


He grabbed her chin and kissed her. It was a short but deep kiss. Lucia was astounded.

Again, he kissed his wife’s cheeks that was as red as an apple then he released his hold on her. And walked away as if nothing had happened.

Lucia’s clenched fists trembled as she watching his receding figure. When he got home today, she would make sure to hammer it into his head not to do this again.

“K-hm. K-hm.”

At the sound of someone clearing their throat, Lucia was startled and turned around. At some point, Beth had arrived. How much did she see? Lucia was so embarrassed she wanted to faint.

‘From the looks of it…I don’t think it is an absurd rumor.’

Beth thought as she looked at the embarrassed Duchess who did not know what to do.

People focused on the rumor of ‘the beautiful Duchess’, and the part where ‘the Duke was completely enchanted by her beauty and dragged her to his territory’ was seen as an arrived conclusion.

Beth realized that the rumor’s assumed conclusion was more important that the premise.

She wondered how surprised her husband would be if she told him this. If she was the only one to know for the time being, it would also be fun to see her husband’s surprised expression when he learnt of it later.

C70 [part 1] - < — Duchess Vivian — > (1)

Chapter 70 [part 1]

< — Duchess Vivian — > (1)

The day of the tea party was drawing near. Jerome put together detailed information about the Countess of Jordan, who was the organizer of the tea party that Lucia was to attend, and gave Lucia this information.

The Countess of Jordan was thirty-eight years old. She raised 2 sons and 5 daughters with the Count and her eldest son recently held his social debut party on his 15th birthday. Out of the five daughters, it was an open secret that all except the third one were all illegitimate children. Because the Countess held a lot of interest in gardening, she liked to discuss about such topics and was skillful with music.

‘…Is one originally supposed to know such things before going?’

In her dream, no one gave the Countess of Matin any information about the high society. Lucia had started off with knowing absolutely nothing and attended all kinds of parties as she was ordered to.

‘Four of the five daughters are illegitimate children?’

Lucia had not known this. The Countess of Jordan as Lucia remembered from her dream was someone who had a fruitful family and vast connections. Lucia had naively thought that the relationship of the couple must be good since they had many children.


Meanwhile, a great storm descended on the calm days of the Countess of Jordan. The tea party that was originally planned for ten people had drawn the attention of many people.

There was a line of people mobilizing all sorts of connections and requesting to join. Some people had to be removed and some people had to stay. There was no way to keep it at just ten people. Unable to stand the troubled Duchess, her family advised her to completely change the tea party to a garden one.

The Countess usually only held small tea parties. Once in a while, after a long interval, she made up her mind and held one a party on a grand scale once a year.

Eventually, the purpose of the tea party had to be changed and it was to be attended by about 50 previously unplanned people.


“The tea party. Are you going?”

After a round of sex, the inside of the bedroom was filled with a strange smell and the atmosphere was sticky. Hugo ran kisses from her back to her neck and brought up what he had been wanting to say all evening.

“Yes. It is tomorrow.” (Lucia)

“I think it will be quite tiring.” (Hugo)

Hugo was not delighted when it came to any variables concerning his wife. He persistently rained kisses on her naked body that lay face down on the bed. He went down the line of her back, reaching to the curve of her behind.

“I didn’t realize people would be so interested in me.” (Lucia)

It was to the extent that it changed the scale of the tea party. Lucia was quite surprised by this matter. And she realized that the position of Duchess was a greater position than she thought. In order not to lose face for him, she decided that she would buckle up more and engage in social activities.

Hugo chuckled and bit her slightly jiggling, plump white buttocks. Lucia let out a short scream and made a fuss but Hugo looked at the bite mark left on her appetizing mound with satisfaction.

“It’s not something to laugh off lightly. Why don’t you cancel the occasion tomorrow and pick a different schedule to go?” (Hugo)

“That is not courteous. If I do that, terrible rumors will circulate about me.” (Lucia)

Hugo heavily leaned on top of her and deeply whispered in her ear.

“Then they will learn the price of carelessly running their mouth.”

Hugo truly meant his words but Lucia didn’t pay it any attention. To her, the rumors of high society were not something anyone could handle. She had never seen or heard of anyone trying to track down the source of a rumor because it was unfavorable. It didn’t occur to her that he might become the first person to make such an unbelievably foolish attempt.

“If I attend the tea party as arranged tomorrow, such rumors will not arise in the first place. I will not cancel.” (Lucia)

“…How stubborn.”


Hugo pushed his penis inside her as he pressed down on her from above. Her insides, wet from the fluids of their previous round, smoothly wrapped around his thing and swallowed it. But it wasn’t easy to enter her because she was lying down.

Hugo grabbed her hands, pulling them behind her and supported her waist.

“What time does it end?” (Hugo)

“It starts during the day…ah…so it should end before nightfal-…ah.”

Each time he rammed into her, it sent tingles up her spine. His hard crown continuously prodded her sensitive part. Lucia squeezed the sheets. His weight moderately pressing down on her made her more excited.

“If halfway, you don’t feel up to it, you can leave. You’re in a position that can do that.” (Hugo)



Her insides suddenly tightened causing him to stop moving and swallow his breath. As she reached her climax, her inner walls convulsed and tightly clamped down on his member. Lucia’s body shook tremblingly and slackened. When her tightness reduced to some extent, Hugo clicked his tongue.

“I haven’t even put it in a few times. Already done?” (Hugo)


Hugo snickered as he watched her ears turn red.

“At this rate, I will be using hands later on, my wife.”

When he moved his waist again, Lucia let out a scream.

“Wa-wait. Just a moment…ah…to rest…ang…”

He thrust in strongly.

“You want to be the only one to have fun?”

“Hk. Ah…you bother me…ung…everyday.”

“You have to say it the right way. I’m making you feel good.”

Hugo grabbed her hips, lifted her butt up and drove his length all the way in. The feeling of him hitting her deepest part was so electrifying that tears welled up in her eyes. His movements grew more and more intense. Every time he thrust into her, body fluids flowed down her thighs. And every time he entered into her, squelching sounds could be heard.

The sensation from her orgasm still lingered and as he pounded her without mercy, her sensitive inner walls stirred and clung tightly to his penis. Coquettish cries burst from her mouth.

“Ah! Haa! Ang!”


When he huskily called out her name, Lucia felt her body shudder with pleasure. Her insides squeezed, stimulating him and his movements became faster.

“Auu! Haa! Slow…slowlyyy!!”

Hugo took hard breaths as he conquered her thoroughly. His back muscles were stretched taut with force. Her spring did not dry and her vagina did not stop spasming. The feeling of penetrating her narrow walls and grazing against her insides filled him with thrill. It was not as much pleasure as when he came but the feeling of her flesh caressing his penis was good.

But above all that, the moment he thrust into her, he confirmed his possession of her and flew into ecstasy. Constantly and countlessly confirming, and confirming again, was not enough.
C70 [part 2] - < — Duchess Vivian — > (1)

Chapter 70 [part 2]

< — Duchess Vivian — > (1)

TN: Next chapter is LONG. Almost 5k words~

Fabian came into the ducal residence with a gloomy face and dark shadows under his eyes. He appeared like a ghost causing Jerome to flinch. Without greeting his brother whom he hadn’t seen in a long time, Fabian muttered low-spiritedly.

“His Grace?”

“He…is not around.” (Jerome)

“I heard he was going to the palace this afternoon.”

“He did not go to the palace. The Madam is going to a tea party today so he went to see her off. Just wait and he’ll be back.”

“What? A tea party?”

Fabian’s eyes gleamed and a sharp look came into his eyes.

“This subordinate is made to run around like this while you escort your wife to a tea party? I’m tired of seeing the back of my sleeping wife! I want to see the adorable faces of my kids properly!”

Fabian’s usual work did not shrink at all but with the work of gathering rumors and even investigating some greasy-faced bastard whether it was Dave or David, he ended up having to pull all-nighters, day in day out. Because Jerome and Fabian lived separately and their work differed from each other, they did not know the other’s livelihood very well. So, Jerome did not know about Fabian’s long night shifts.

“I guess the work is a lot. You get more bonus though.” (Jerome)

As far as Jerome knew, Fabian was not someone that would endure if he was not paid his due.

Fabian got even gloomier. That was the problem. His income had sharply increased in proportion to his working hours but his wife liked that better. She hummed in excitement at the increased income for the children’s educational expenses.

“Since when did he become so mindful of rumors making everything so complicated?” (Fabian)

“Why? Did a bad rumor spread lately?”

Jerome’s face became serious. Was it a rumor about the madam?

“Rumors of His Grace are always bad! Is there a problem between the two these days? I mean, did any strife arise because of some rumor?”

“There has been no such thing.”

Jerome was first of all, relieved that it was not a rumor concerning his Madam. Then he thought of the couple that were his masters. The relationship between the two was very good. It seemed even better than when they were in Roam. After dinner in the evening, no one drew close to the bedroom on the second floor, not even for a second.

‘If one compares the time from before master got married and the time spent here, it is like heaven and earth.’

With just the addition of the Madam, the cold mansion now seemed like a house where someone really lived. The servants gossiped among themselves that it was their first time seeing a couple this affectionate after they have been married for over a year. Hearing that, Jerome felt happy as though he had been praised.

“Then, why in the world is he doing this? I am losing my respect for His Grace these days.” (Fabian)

Although Jerome knew that Fabian was making an excessive joke because he was in front of his brother, Jerome was a voluntary slave and devotee of the ducal couple of Taran. Brother or not did not matter.

“I have to advice you not to question your loyalty.” (Jerome)

“…you heartless brat. But this tea party. Is it not just for noblewomen alone?” (Fabian)

“Like I said, he went to see her off.”

“When did it become customary to escort a noblewoman to a tea party venue?”

There was no such custom. Jerome cleared his throat instead of giving a reply. When Fabian pointed out something he couldn’t bring himself to say, Jerome felt awkward for no reason.

Fabian lamented.

“Hoh-hoh. His Grace has completely changed.”

There were already signs from the time when Fabian had received the order to investigate into the character of the madam’s acquaintance’s fiancΓ©. It was also apparent that all the increases in workload recently was related to the Madam.

The Duke was a selfish person. Because Fabian roughly knew most of the work that the Duke handled and so, he often came in contact with the Duke’s selfish aspect. The Duke did not consider the interests of the family. He only considered that it would be good for him if the power and wealth of the family increased.

The two points seemed similar but were subtly different. If a problem arose that could not be solved at all in the family, the Duke would never sacrifice himself and would abandon the family without any hesitation. That person whose egoism was like a crystal was now changing with another person at the center.

Fabian was just being cautious of the changes in his master. After all, the trigger was a woman. The variable called a woman was too uncertain. He hadn’t seen many cases where a man that was completely charmed by a woman ended up with a good outcome. Even more so if it was a man who had a lot of influential or financial power.

Fabian could not share his worry with Jerome. It was obvious that he(Jerome) would go wild if he was told. Fabian then grumbled in a deliberately joking tone.

“At this rate, he will be chasing the madam around.” (Fabian)

‘That could really happen,’ Jerome thought but quickly realized that it was disrespectful to his master and quickly chased the thought away. And from the standpoint of a loyal and devoted butler, he rebuked Fabian’s impetuous remark.

While Fabian was being tormented at the mansion, the carriage carrying the ducal couple arrived at the Count of Jordan’s residence. As soon as it passed the open iron gates, the carriage stopped in front of the mansion.

Carriages of the attendees were arriving in succession to be in time for the party and there were many carriages that had already arrived. The noblewomen getting off their carriages all stopped at the appearance of the Duke of Taran’s carriage and focused their gazes on it.

Their eyes were full of curiosity. The door of the carriage opened and person that came out was not the anticipated Duchess. A tall man came down first. The woman began to whisper as they watched the black-haired man reach out into the carriage.

“That is the Duke of Taran, is it not?”

“It really is. Why is the Duke of Taran here?”

From inside the carriage, a hand wearing a white lace glove took the outstretched hand of the Duke of Taran and the appearance was slowly revealed. A lady wearing an ivory dress and a shawl embroidered with lace on her shoulder, came down from the carriage.

The obvious difference in physique between the man holding her hand and the woman coming out of the carriage made her slender frame stand out.

The woman gave a gracious smile and said something to the Duke and, unbelievably, the Duke of Taran gave a gentle smile in return. His attitude of holding the woman’s hand and kissing the back of her hand was filled with affection. They said something to each other and he kissed the cheeks of the woman. And again, they talked about something. It was the look of a lover that was reluctant to separate. Rather than the women, the reluctance was dripping from the man.

Eventually, the Duke of Taran entered the carriage and a servant closed the door. The woman turned and made her way into the mansion. The carriage stayed until the woman’s figure could no longer be seen, then it departed from the Count’s residence. The noblewoman were rooted to their feet and watched the entire scene from beginning to end with their mouths open.

Lucia glanced at the noblewoman who were standing there absentmindedly and went inside the mansion, brushing it off her mind. If they had approached Lucia and talked to her, she would have responded but since they were standing like they were frozen, it seemed like they were waiting for someone to come.

“Are my eyes deceiving me? Don’t tell me…one escorted the Duchess all the way here?”

It wasn’t someone else but the Duke of Taran? The following sentence was omitted but they all understood.

“…It also seemed like that to me.”

Someone replied to the question. It was the first time that they were seeing a husband escorting their wife to a tea party venue. There was no law saying it couldn’t be done but it wasn’t something that anyone did. Moreover, it was something done by the Duke of Taran. A short sigh could be heard from here and there, for reasons unknown.

One of the noblewomen promptly quickened her steps and went into the mansion quickly. Then someone else followed, and soon everyone was rushing to go inside. The shocking emergence of Duchess of Taran was more important than gossiping.

The noblewomen bundled inside and only the woman standing at the back of the group was left.

Looking in the direction of the carriage’s departure, Sofia’s eyes shook greatly. She could not believe the sight she had just witnessed.