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457 The Darkness (2)

(Regaleon’s POV)”,

I was on top of Tempest while he was flying in the night sky. The moon was already high above the sky and is illuminating the land down below.

I saw the wyverns running in a heard towards the city of Tarmac. I was thinking about the people of the city, especially Alicia and the children.

“Do not worry Regaleon.” Tempest said. “I am sure they will be fine. They know how to handle this kind of situation.”

“I know. I am sure that Alicia had been warned and are now preparing for the sudden invasion of the wyverns.” I said. “But I cannot help but worry for my family. I am a husband and a father after all.”

“That is one thing that I will not understand. Because we sacred beasts does not have family.” Tempest replied. “But I can understand the worry you are feeling, at least. Because I always worry about you, my master. You are the closest to what I have as family.”

“Thank you, Tempest.” I replied with a smile. “You are also an important part of my family.”

“How is your wound?” Tempest asked. “Can you fight in that state?”

“The pain is managable.” I replied. “I do not have any choice but to fight in my condition.”

“I will bavk you up.” Temepst said.

I smiled because of my sacred beast familiar worrying about me. I looked at the distance and saw torches lighting up along the walls of Tarmac.

“They have prepared for the attack.” I smiled. “As expected of my wife.”

“The wyverns had arriver at the wall.” Tempest said. “The fight had started outside the walls.”

“Let me see what is happening, Tempest.” I said.

I looked in Tempest’s sight and see what he is seeing. I saw my imperial knights together with soldiers of Tarmac fighting the wyverns. I also saw William outside the wall fighting. Snow was also there in her tiger form using her brute force and magic to put the wyverns at bay.

“Why are William and Snow down there?” I asked in panic. “They should be with Alicia. Don’t tell me she is down there?” I felt my heart racing fast.

Tempest’s vision surveyed the surroundings below and saw the knights and soldiers fighting the wyverns, but I cannot see Alicia anywhere.

Temepest’s vision then swept on top of the wall. Archers equipped with charged lightning arrows were firing down from above. Their move was very effective as wyverns were falling one after the other.

 While Tempest’s vision was sweeping the walls, that was when I saw Alicia. She was wearing men’s clothes and shouting instructions to the archers up the wall.

‘She looks… hot.’ My thoughts were going itno a direction I did not anticipate in this kind of siutation.

“It looks like she is doing well leading the soldiers on top of the wall.” Tempest said.

“It looks like it.” I replied. “Let us go faster Tempest. They might need our help.”

“Of course.” Tempest replied and sped up.


(Alicia’s POV)

The wyverns have already reached the city wall. Just as they were running towards our troops, the floor gave way and sank. Many of the wyverns were caught of guard and fell in the crack that opened in the earth’s surface.

In the preparations earlier, I had instructed earth magic users to make a trap found few meters away from the wall. They made it that the earth was hallow from beneath the surfaces, making it sink when a heavy force or object walkd past.

“Yeah!!!” The men yelled with joy when many wyvernd were caught in the trap that we made.

But our few moments of joy was crashed when the other wyverns saw the huge gap. The wyverns jumped high and used their wings as a glider and glided towards the defensive line of our troops down the wall.

“Brace yourselves!” I shouted to the troops down below.

The men tightened their hold with the weapons. When the wyverns arrived at the defensove line, the men screamed and charged.

“Ahhhh…!” The men yelled with their spirits held high.

The battle started outside the walls. The Tarmac soldiers were using their weapons together with the lightning mana stones that were given to them, while the magic users used their magic againsts these creatures.

“These creatures are fire resistant!” Someone shouted from the battlefield.

“Focus your magic energy in your weapon!” One shouted. “You can at least strenghten your weapons and wound these creatures!”

The wyverns had such thick skin that normal weapons are of no use to them. But our troops are learning fast in the fight. They are making use of their knowledge wisely in order to survive.

“Archers!” I called out. “Take aim!”

The archers pulled their bow and aimed down the wall.

“Fire!” I yelled.

The archers released their arows and it rained down the unsuspectef wyverns.


The wyverns that were hit with the arrowd got electrified and shrieked in pain. Their shrieks were deafening in the ears.

“Strike them down!” William yelled.

Soldiers moved fast and strike down the wyverns that were struck with the arrows. The wyverns die as they were struck by the weapons of the soldiers.

“Your majesty, the lightning arrows worked!” Arnold said with amazement.

“Yes, thanks to you.” I said.

Arnold had a good idea just before the battle began. He thought of attaching the lightning mana stones on the arrows and let them activate once the arrow hit the target.

Thankfully the lightning arrows were very effective in battle against the wyverns.

“I think we can do this.” I said to the troops on top of the wall.

The troops were working hard to fight off the wyverns that were attacking the gate.

“Your majesty!” Someone from the wall yelled out to me. “You have to come and see this!” He said.

I quickly went to the soldier that called out to me.

“Here, your majesty.” The soldier gave me the telescope he was holding. “Look over there.”

I took it and looked at the direction that he was pointing. What I saw gave me a shock. Wyverns were flying this way.

I looked a little bit closer at the wyvern in the center and saw what seems to be a man riding it. I was shocked to see that it was Raymond Forger, the eldest son of Count Forger. But Raymond looked weird. If I did not look much closer, I would not recognize him. He seemed to be possessed.

At a distance I saw a light flying behind the wyverns trying to catch up. I immediately knew who it was.

‘Leon, you are alright.’ I thought and sighed in relief. I am sure that Regaleon was on Tempest and was trying to catch up to the flying wyverns.

“Men, raise your arrows and shoot the flying wyverns!” I shouted.

The men was surprised to know that there are flying wyverns. But they believed it once they saw the flying wyverns closing in.

“Fire at will!” I ordered when the flying wyverns were at a distance that arrows can reach.

The wyverns started to fall down from the sky one by one while being electrocuted by the lightning arrows.

I stood beside Arnold and patted his shoulder to call hos attention. He looked at me with a confused look.

“Your brother, I believe is possessed.” I whispered to me.

“What?!” Arnold said out loud.

“You will see.” I said and gestured towards the flying wyverns coming in on us.

When the flying wyverns were nearer where the naked eye could see, Arnold was surprised. He also recognized Raymond even if he had a different look from what he usually looked.

“T-This cannot be…” Arnold was shocked. “B-But how?”

“I am not sure, but I have a feeling that the possession might have occurred when he had gone to take care of the wyverns in the forest.” I said. “As you have said, he came back differently.”

“I know b-but…” Arnold was still in denial.

“For now we do not have a choice but to stop him.” I said.

The wyverns that were flying around Raymond were blocking the arrows that were flying toward him. I had a feeling that I need to stop him at any cost.

I focused my energy and the temperature around me started to drop.

“I-It is getting cold.” Arnold said while rubbing his hands.

Not long, I conjured ice spears that were floating around me.

“Whoa!” Arnold said with amazement. “This is the first time I saw magic upclose.”

“I am sorry in advance if I ever injure Raymond.” I forewarned Arnold.

I let my ice spears fly towards Raymond’s direction.


The wyverns defended Raymond once again with their own bodies. The ice spears shattered on impact with their think skin but it also had hurt the wyverns.

“No!” I said because I was not able to at least stop their advancement.

“Fire!” Arnold orderd. “Do not let them pass by!”

The archers fired towards the flying wyverns but they also retaliated. The wyverns started to attack the troop that were on top of the wall.

“Waahh…” Men started shouting after the wyverns attacked.

Some of the men were pushed down and fell of the wall. Others were bitten. I made more ice spears and hit as many wyverns as I can. But Raymond and some wyverns were able to pass by the wall. I saw their direction going towards the Forger’s manor.

“Alphonse and Aerith!” I realized at once. “Snow!” I called out.

Snow headed my call and ran up the wall to where I am.

“Let’s go to the manor at once.” I said.

Snow lowered her body and I climber to her back. Once I was seated in place, Snow started to climb down that wall swiftly towards to the Forger manor.

458 The Darkness (3)

Snow was running at the fastest speed she probably could.

“Be sure to hold on tight, Alicia.” Snow said.

“Hmm…” I nodded.

I held on to her fur as hard as I can. Snow was navigating the streets of Tarmac as if she knows the place well. I believe she had been navigating these streets in her cat form since we have arrived.

I looked up and saw the wyverns flying.

“Snow, there they are!” I pointed out.

“Yes, I know.” Snow replied.

Snow used the buildings in the vicinity as stepping stones and climbed swiftly. We were now traveling in the rooftops.

I conjured myself an ice bow and arrow. As I have heard, if I focus my magic power on a weapon then I can at least pierce thru the tough skin of the wyverns. I shot one arrow and hit a flying wyvern on its wing. It fell down on the street in an instant. The other wyverns saw us pursing them.

“Well, that got their attention.” Snow said.

“Raymond is getting away!” I pointed.

“Then we need to deal with these ones first.” Snow said. “Ice breath!”

Snow’s ice breath was able to freeze up to three wyverns in our way. I quickly followed her up with ice arrows, shattering the wyvern’s frozen bodies. A wyvern jumped in our way.

“Get out of the way!” Snow yelled.

Snow used her claws and scratched the wyvern.


The wyvern screamed in pain. Snow then used her sharp teeth to tear the wyvern apart. Blood showered down the houses and streets below us.

Snow resumed following the wyverns that are accompanying Raymond.

“Oh no, we are nearing the manor.” I said with dread.

I was correct all along. Whatever it is that is possessing Raymond right now is after my twins. I can feel the dark and dreadful aura in the Lycan settlement much stronger around the possessed Raymond. Whomever it is that sent those wargs to attack the Lycan settlement is behind these wyverns as well.

“Snow, we cannot let them near the manor!” I said. “They are after my children.”

“I know.” Snow replied. “I will not let them!”

Snow quickened her pace. Just before the Forger manor was a flowing river. Raymond and the wyvern that was accompanying him were just atop the river. That was when I thought of something. I have an affinity with water magic even if it was not that high, and with a body of water nearby I can channel my water magic to a much higher level.

I concentrated on the river’s flowing water and made it burst to the top making huge water pillar. The water pillar hit the wyverns and Raymond in an instant.

“Thankfully, there is a body of water nearby.” I said. “Snow, use your ice breath!”

Because I was focusing on my water magic, I have let Snow be the one to freeze the water.

“Sure thing!” Snow replied.

panda (nov)el Snow then use her ice breathe and froze the water pillar that have caught the wyverns. The wyverns were caught up with the frozen water and were screaming.


Their screaming was painful in the ears. I conjured ice arrows and once by one aimed for the wyverns’ heads. When Snow and I closed in, the wyverns were all dead, but Raymond was not where he should have been.

“Where is he?” I asked and looked all over the place.

At the corner of the frozen water pillar, I saw Raymond standing. Up close I can see the change in his appearance. It was like he was a whole different person with such dark aura surrounding him.

“T-The chosen one… the ch-chosen one…” Raymond muttered. “Must kill… the chosen one…” He started to walk towards the Forger manor.

“No… I will not let you!” I instantly jumped off Snow and took my sword out. I held it with one hand and charged towards Raymond.

“Alicia, no!” Snow yelled out to me, but it was too late.

My sword pierced thru Raymond’s shoulder. The feeling of piercing thru human flesh made me cringe. But what happened next made me goosebumps. Raymond who should be reeling in pain was unfazed. He slowly faced my way and I saw his eyes were all black. I took a step back with the fear with the aura he is emitting.

“One… chosen one…” Raymond muttered with a dark ominous voice. “Chosen one…”

“W-What are you?” I asked.

The aura all over his body blasted out as if a tornado had just been made. I braced myself and used my arms to shield myself from the blow. When the impact of the wind lessened, I realized that Snow was in front shielding me from the blast.

“Snow…” I called out to her.

“Hang in there tight.” Snow said.

The powerful wind subsided, and I took a peek behind Snow’s big body. The man who should be Raymond looked nothing like Raymond at all. There standing was a man with long black hair flying with the wind. He was wearing an all black attire. Everything about him felt very ominous.

The man looked my way and the all black eyes were still there. But rather than be in a daze like before, he was in full control. Dread filled all over my body and I was not able to move.

The man looked at his body and started to stretch out his arm and hands.

“Hmmm…” The man said. “It feels… different. Oh well, might as well use it until we do what we came here for.”

The man looked at the direction of the manor and was about to move. I was not about to let him go and hurt my children. My body was frozen in fear, but I willed it to move. Maybe because of my maternal instincts I was able to move and found my voice.

“Stop! I yelled at the man.

The man stopped in his tracks and turned back to look at us.

“Oh, look at that.” The man smirked sinisterly. “It looks like the descendant of my sworn enemy is right here before me.”

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