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C54 [part 1]
Chapter 54 [part 1]

< — The Taran Duke’s Family Doctor — > (4)

TN: Vision = secret manual.

Hugo hated that she was sick. People opened their mouths left and right, telling him her condition wasn’t normal. Like a parrot, the only thing the doctor Anna said was that she was looking for a cure. Indeed, the old man’s medical skills seemed to be different from other people.

“I have no intention of meeting this doctor. Not only do you dislike the idea of me meeting him, you also don’t want to either. Am I right?” (Lucia)

“…You’re right.”

“Could this doctor have harmed you in the past? Is there a reason to have someone you dislike so much around you?”

There were several complicated reasons why Hugo kept Philip alive. The biggest reason was that he owed him his brother’s life.

“I owe him a life. My brother survived several times thanks to him.”

Of course, there was a secondary reason. Philip knew all of the dirty laundry of the Taran Family. The existence of Philip made Hugo not forget the darkness he had inside. Until the day Philip died, Hugo had to live with the discomfort of his soles treading on sand.

Hugo put up with this as punishment towards himself and atonement towards his late brother. However, no matter the reason, if Philip was ever judged to be dangerous, Hugo would not hesitate to eliminate him.

However, for now, to him, the old man was nothing more than a mere doctor. When the old man opened his mouth, he was infuriating with his ‘bloodline this’ and ‘bloodline that’ but the old man was truly acting according to the will of the late Duke, and as his family had done for generations.

When it came to continuing the lineage, as long as Hugo didn’t cooperate, that was the end of that. And as for meeting Damian, Hugo had completely blocked off that path. So in the end, the old man was just clinging to life.

“I see.” (Lucia)

Lucia’s doubts were dispelled and she felt reassured. The benefactor from her dream was not a bad person.

“But you said he knows the cure.” (Hugo)

“Yes, but you do not trust this doctor. Will you able to trust him with my treatment?”


An old man who was nothing more than a mere doctor. Even though Hugo belittled Philip this way, he still felt somewhat uneasy. He wouldn’t be relieved at all if he left his wife’s treatment in the old man’s hands. But Philip’s medical skills were true. The old man wasn’t one to say he could treat something when he couldn’t.

“To be honest, I know the cure.” (Lucia)


“Well, I missed the chance to tell you at first. And after that I was angry at you telling me to treat it at all costs so I didn’t tell you. What I mean is, I don’t need the doctor’s help.”


Hugo felt both relieved and absurd. His feelings were complicated. The more he knew about her, the more mysterious she felt. His wife was mild and gentle. But at unexpected times, she broke off that mold and threw him off balance.

“I am not sick. I have no problem in my daily life and my health is fine. I can treat it at any time and not treating it is of my own will.”

“Is it because of me? Because I said I don’t want a child…”

“I understand where you’re coming from. So it’s fine. We can take our time and think it over. If you don’t want to then I don’t want to either. But I won’t treat it without telling you first.”

‘But…your body isn’t the problem.’

Hugo couldn’t bring himself to tell her she couldn’t have a child.

‘If she knows, she might leave me.’

He felt like he was slowly sinking into a muddy pit with depths unknown.

‘Why was I born with this body?’

Until now, he had thought it was fortunate that he couldn’t leave a descendant behind. But now, he realized it was a curse. A curse that did not allow him to have a normal family with the woman he loved like other people could.

He recalled the face of his brother telling him that there was a woman he wanted to marry. If his brother knew his son was born, would be still be happy after learning the secrets behind his son’s birth?

He would. If it was his brother, he would accept it and think only of the happiness in the future.

Rather, Hugo envied his brother. The guy fell in love without knowing it was his stepsister and died without knowing till the end. If he had to perform the sickening act of feeding his blood to someone else, Hugo didn’t want a child. He felt like the moment he did that, he would really become a monster.

It was already too late to use this method with her anyways but even if he could, he didn’t want to.

“You can do as you like.” (Hugo)

Her treatment was completely out of his hands. Hugo couldn’t tell her to treat it or not treat it. He didn’t want to give her hope of getting pregnant by telling her to treat it, and he didn’t want her to think he was against having children by telling her not to treat it.

“Come here.”

Hugo spread his arms. Lucia gave a small laugh and stood up from the sofa to walk towards him. When she got within his reach, he pulled her into his embrace.

She fell onto his legs with a thump and Hugo wrapped his arms around her waist and nuzzled his head in her ample breasts.

“Anything else happen?” (Hugo)

“No. Ah…there was a letter from Damian.”

“…A letter comes every day.”

“It’s not every day. It’s once or twice a month.”

Once Damian became the topic of conversation, Lucia’s eyes began to twinkle. Hugo was still not pleased by her excessive attention to the boy. But as time passed, he became more understanding of their mother-son bond and was more forgiving.

“What did the boy say?”

“He said he’s doing well.”

Lucia began to bombard him with details of Damian’s Academy life that she’d read from the letter. Hugo chuckled as he remembered the report he received some time ago. It said that the boy wore the red scarf she sent him every day until the weather got warmer.

“You said that when you saw Damian for the first time, you felt like you were seeing me, right?”

“Yes. It felt like I was seeing you as a child.”

Her as a child. How would it feel to see a little child that was the very painting of her childhood? How would a child without evidence of his cursed blood, without black hair or red eyes, look? Hugo’s chest tightened.

He could give her an abundance of wealth and power but he couldn’t give her a child. What if this hurt her later on? What could he do if she implored him to have a child? Hugo felt as though he was wandering an eternal maze with no way to get out.

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* Dirty laundry = dirty secrets.

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C54 [part 2] - < — The Taran Duke’s Family Doctor — > (4)
Chapter 54 [part 2]

< — The Taran Duke’s Family Doctor — > (4)

“Anna, your employment contract has been terminated. You will be given a temporary employment contract for the time being.”

Jerome’s tone had a certain edge to it. Anna replied weakly and looked through the document on the table one by one. She then signed a lifelong confidentiality agreement to keep the events from her time as doctor a secret.

“You have broken our trust. You will not be allowed to go out until your temporary employment is over and contact will be limited to a minimal amount of people. You are forbidden from meeting the doctor.”


“Even after your employment period is over, you will be watched to see who you meet with. This will last until we are sure that you will adhere strictly to the contract of confidentiality you have signed. I suggest you don’t act in any manner that would create doubts.”

Living under surveillance with no known end. Anna realized how much of a mistake she’d made. Until she came to the Ducal House, she had little to no experience with treating nobles. She had no idea of the rules of the noble world and the habits of those living in it.

When she lived under the Duke, no one dared to treat her carelessly. They were all amicable and a few of her superiors treated her with respect. But she didn’t conduct herself cautiously as a noble’s doctor and was complacent. She would probably find out later, just how much she had been treated with generosity and humanely.

“If possible, can I meet Sir Philip one last time? He has taught me a lot. I would like to give him my last greetings.”

“I will ask Master.”


Philip knew something had gone wrong when Anna didn’t contact him for a day, and when she didn’t find him till the Duke returned, he knew it had completely gone astray.

When one looked at the Duchess’ current situation, one could assume that the Duchess would be desperate for a child. Hence, Philip thought that if the Duchess knew there was a cure, she would jump at the opportunity.

He couldn’t tell where things started to go wrong. Anna came to see him about ten days after the Duke returned, looking rather crest fallen.

“Milady refused to meet you, Philip. By now, his Grace the Duke has probably heard of the situation and knows everything. Don’t worry. I explained it well.”

A failure. Philip had already guessed so but when it was confirmed, he became frustrated. How come? How could he stop here when his goal was right in front of him?However his face did not reveal any of his internal anxiety.

“Anna, you are going through such a hard time because of me.”

“No. I was the one who was thoughtless. Sir Philip and I cannot meet anymore. I will also be quitting my post very soon.”

“Oh? Then Anna is receiving all the punishment from this. I feel bad, this happened because of me.”

‘This is the worst.’

To think Anna would be resigning as from her post as doctor. That meant his access to the Duke would be completely gone.

“It is a position more than I deserved. Everything is going back as it was.”

“When you told the Madam, you should not have said I was the Duke’s doctor. If his Grace the Duke says not to meet, the Duchess cannot readily agree to do so.”

“One cannot meet you and avoid the eyes watching you anyways.”

“Well, that is true.”

Philip appeared outwardly convinced but inwardly he clicked his tongue. What an inflexible woman. Because there were eyes on him, the best chance was when the Duke of Taran was absent. If the Duchess was firmly decided on seeing Philip, no one other than the Duke of Taran had the authority to stop it.

Of course, the Duke would hear of it later but if it means he could talk to the Duchess, Philip would do whatever he could.

“So, what do plan to do after quitting? If you quit, even to the Ducal House it’s a great loss of talent.” (Philip)

“Talent you say. I couldn’t find a cure for Milady and did nothing but prescribe headache medicine once or twice a month. On the contrary, I was over compensated.”


Philip’s eyes lit up momentarily.

“Migraines, it’s a common symptom among women.”

“Ah yes. It is a common symptom among women indeed.”

A touch of madness appeared in Philip’s eyes but disappeared as fast as it came. Anna didn’t discover anything.

“I know a very good prescription for headache. Perhaps you can call it compensation but I give it as a gift. The effect is really good.” (Philip)

“Isn’t that also part of your family’s vison? Such a precious thing…”

“I have no intention of making a living through medicine but Anna cannot live like me. If a good medicine can be of use to many people then it’s a good thing.”

“Ah. Philip. Thank you so much. Even till the end, you take care of me.”

“The prescription will be sent down in a few days. This time, the prescription will have all the herbs listed so you don’t have to worry about that part.”

Anna went back and a small smile spread across his lips as he mumbled to himself.

“Well then, shall I make a drug for headache?”

Never losing sight of even the smallest chance. This was Philip’s way of life.

Philip never did anything that would cause people to be suspicious of him. If he seemed even the slightest bit dangerous, the Duke of Taran would not have spared his life. The Philip that the Taran Duke knew was merely a stubborn and foolish old doctor.

The allied relationship between the Taran family and Philip’s family was a relationship at knife’s-edge. So the method of survival Philip chose was to lower himself.

Without Philip’s family, the Taran bloodline could not continue but Philip never tried to use that fact. The alliance between the two families could only last in the past because their interests aligned.

For generations, many lunatics headed the Taran family. Most seemed fine on the outside but inwardly they had a few screws lose. The late Duke was also something else. The only way Philip survived was by humoring the late Duke’s feelings. Compared to the late Duke, the current Taran Duke’s nature was rather clean.

The medicine to neutralize the mugwort’s efficacy was a final product made through repeated experiments filled with trial and error. The small treatments used before the final result were all written down in the notebook passed down from generation to generation.

‘Since the Duchess knows the vanilla scent…it has to be removed.’

Of course, the efficacy would fall. It would also take twice as much to neutralize the mugwort’s efficacy in one to three years and the possibility of pregnancy would also fall significantly. The rest was up to the heavens.

However, the heavens had never betrayed Philip before. It wasn’t a lie to say he knew a very effective medicine for headache. There was certainly such a medicine in his family’s vision.

All he had to do was make a new drug by mixing the prescription of the headache medicine and that of the neutralizing medicine. It may take some time but his talent in medicine was acknowledged by even his late father who was stingy with praise.


Sometime later, Anna got her hands on the prescription for the headache medicine. Philip left Roam not long after she received it. As always, the eyes watching Philip followed him till he had completely left the city of Roam then they withdrew their surveillance.

Anna looked at the prescription in wonder.

“So one could combine herbs this way. How revolutionary.”

She tested it on herself when she got a headache. The effect was beyond expectations. Usually when one took medicine for headache, the feeling of heaviness in one’s head would continue for a short while but when she took this medicine, her head felt clear and light like waking up in the morning after a refreshing sleep.

Anna began prescribing the medicine to women in the castle that complained of headaches and their reaction was no different from Anna’s. Sometimes the women that suffered from frequent migraines would flock to Anna to ask for a month’s worth of medicine.

When Lucia called Anna in for a headache, Anna brought in the new drug.

“Anna, the medicine this time works really well.”

As Lucia’s periodic migraines tended to increase her irritability, Lucia truly admired the quick calming effect of the medicine.

“If you like it, I can make a sufficient amount before I leave.”

“I’d appreciate that.”

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*Do I want to strangle a certain someone? Why, yes I do.

C55 [part 1] - < — To the Capital — > (1)
Chapter 55 [part 1]< — To the Capital — > (1)

Spring passed and summer arrived. It was the second summer to greet Lucia in her stay at Roam.

Day to day was peaceful and calm. Yesterday was like today, and today led to a tomorrow-like-today.

In this summer, the heat was in full swing and while they were having dinner at the end of a peaceful day, Hugo began to speak.

“His Majesty has passed away. Prepare to go up to the Capital.”

Lucia involuntarily dropped the fork in her hand. She had completely forgotten.

‘No. I might have subconsciously wanted to forget.’

Deep inside, she might have desired to shove everything away and live in this bubble, no matter what happened in the world.

“Are you okay?”

“…Yes. I was a little surprised. Since it was so sudden.”

Lucia was not surprised at the death of her father. The paused hand of the clock had begun to rotate again. From now on, the hectic future she saw in her dream would begin to unfold. Lucia didn’t know that she would dread it this much.

The Queen was incapable of having children. In other words, all of the King’s children were illegitimate. Hence, no one could argue legitimacy and anyone could become the Crowned Prince.

The King had as many as twenty sons but when the King passed away, only five of these princes were alive, including the Crown prince. In contrast to this, the King’s twenty-six princesses were mostly alive.

The princesses were able to survive as they had no rights to the throne but on the other hand, the princes had to kill each other to get closer to the throne. While Lucia led a calm life in her small detached palace, a bloody battle raged in the courts.

In the midst of this, the Crowned Prince admirably emerged as victor but even so, he couldn’t completely overpower the other competitors. In order to keep them in check, the Crown Prince needed to strengthen his forces and for that, he needed the Duke of Taran.

The final winner was the Crown Prince. And at his vanguard, the Duke of Taran.

Lucia didn’t know the details of the complicated political struggle but she could guess that Hugo would be getting very busy in the future. He was definitely not idle in the fief but what he had to deal with was relatively simple.

He had meetings, monitored the territory and went on inspections from time to time. The people he met were limited and his actions could be predicted to an extent.

Unlike what Lucia prepared herself for, he had been a faithful husband. Perhaps the northern customs and manners had influenced him. The customs of the northern people differed from that of the Capital’s in many ways.

The liberal tendencies of unmarried men and women were the same but in the north, one was mostly faithful to one’s spouse after marriage. However, there were many things that would tempt him if he went up to the Capital.

Xenon was a country with liberal sexual customs. In particular, the Capital was the most open. Even after one was married, there was no obstruction.

Regardless of the fact that he was a married man, the capital was overflowing with girls ready to throw themselves at him. Lucia felt uneasy. There were too many variables in the Capital.

‘He might grow cold if we go up to the Capital. There are so many beautiful women…’

“…it. Are you listening?”


Lucia was startled out of her wits and dropped the knife in her hand this time.

“Are you really okay?”

“Ah…yes. I’m sorry. I was thinking about something else…”

“Something else?”

“Ah…the suddenness. I was wondering if Majesty’s health was not as good as it used to be.”

“I heard it was not usually good. Against the advice of the court, he didn’t refrain from excessive carnal pleasures and alcoholism.”

This was her first time getting an insight into the personality of the King. She felt embarrassed, as if her dirty linen was being exposed to her husband. Her father brought death upon himself with his debauchery.

Just like in the dream, Lucia’s relationship with her father did not improve at all but she felt no regret.

“When will you be going?” (Lucia)

“I plan to leave first thing at dawn. I have to hurry, so I cannot go with you. Be careful on the way, my wife.”

“Alright. I will leave as soon as I’m ready.”

When they finished dinner, Hugo took her hand and they walked out of the dining room. The servants were momentarily dazed because their eyes were trained on their masters but afterwards they outright ignored it. The servants had grown accustomed to the generous skinship of the ducal couple so, if it was to this extent they didn’t give it another glance.

Lucia suddenly felt somewhat embarrassed. She thought they were going to the garden but he took her to the terrace and hugged her tightly. She returned the hug, wrapping her arms around his back.

“Hugh? Why all of a sudden…”

“You don’t like this in front of the servants.”


If he knew she didn’t like it, it would be better if he didn’t grab her hand without notice or kiss her cheek where people could see.

The nice feeling of hugging him was short-lived. It was summer after all.

“It’s hot.”

Hugo sighed and released her.

“Can’t you just endure a little longer without screaming, ‘it’s hot’?”

“But it is hot.”

“What a cool-headed woman.”

He grumbled and she burst out laughing. He watched her with a gentle gaze then pulled her by the waist and kissed her on the cheek.

“Why were you so distracted during dinner? Is something wrong?”

“No, just…felt a little complicated. Thinking of leaving this place made me sad.”

“Do you want to stay back instead?”

His words were very tempting. If she really could, it would be nice.

“Don’t be ridiculous. There are so many things you have to do when you get to the capital. You said you asked His Highness the Crown Prince to help with Damian’s matter.”

“You sound like you’re saying I should go and work because of the boy.”

“It’s only natural for a father to do something for his son.”

“Will the boy even know of my troubles later?”

“Of course. Damian is not an ignorant child.”

‘Even so, the boy is still chasing you all over the place’, Hugo muttered to himself. These days, Hugo had been curious about the contents of Damian’s letters and when he finally took one to read, the contents made his lips twitch. It was a basically report on everything that had occurred from morning till night.

“Is all well with Damian?” (Lucia)

“He keeps you updated, doesn’t he?”

“There must be some news you’ve gotten lately.”

Just as before, Damian lived in the Academy without revealing his identity. ‘Shita’ was not a position anyone could get with just skills alone. A good background was also needed. However, there was still a lot of time so Hugo was just watching the situation unfold. He had no intention of interfering in a matter of accommodation.

Boys had to be brought up powerfully. Perhaps because Damian was young, with uncertain status, outstanding skill and an unfriendly personality, there were many greedy people around him. There were also troublemakers looking for fights and these would only increase as the boy grew older. The boy had to capable of dealing with all of this.

“He’s doing well, of course.”

A few days ago, some troublemakers picked a fight with Damian. There were many opponents so a few blows were exchanged but that wasn’t the problem as far as Hugo was concerned. Nothing was broken nor was he crippled.

‘No matter how many opponents, to be hit by such lousy kids is just…’

Hugo was unsatisfied. Sure enough, Damian was his brother’s son. If it was him, he would have gotten rid of those fools without anyone knowing. When he told Damian, ‘don’t kill people at the Academy’, he meant ‘it is troublesome to take care of, so deal with it inconspicuously’. The boy didn’t seem to have understood him properly.

“Enough about the boy, be careful on your way. And be careful of the heat while you’re in the carriage.”

“There are many people to take care of me so why worry.”

Lucia leaned her head on his wide chest. As time went by, his affection grew more romantic. She could guess that he liked her to a considerable degree. But despite that, her uneasiness did not decrease.

The capital was filled with his past lovers, seductive beauties that fell for his charm, and even the woman that was his wife in the dream. There was no room for her feet(1).

‘I’m afraid you’ll leave me.’

Lucia had thought that it would be fine as long as she loved him. She had thought that she could stand in the center and love without reliance or burden. But now, she could only wonder if such a love exists.

She was gradually waking up to her arrogance. Perhaps it may exist somewhere but such a love was impossible for her.

Translator’s Corner:

It means it’s very crowded.

*’Sitha’ is changed to ‘Shita’

C55 [part 2] - < — To the Capital — > (1)
Chapter 55 [part 2]

< — To the Capital — > (1)

Lucia sat in the study reading a book then closed the book and stood up as she could no longer endure the stabbing pain in her stomach. For a while now, she felt a stifling ache inside.

Even during dinner, it was hard for the food to go down her throat. In any case, her stomach seemed to be disagreeing with her so she called for a maid.

“Bring me medicine for indigestion.”

Digestion medicine was a household medicine so there was no need to go out of the way to call a doctor. However, even after taking the medicine for indigestion, she still felt nauseous. After writhing in pain and finally throwing up, she felt much better.

“Milady, are you okay?”

“Yes. I feel much better after emptying my stomach.”

Hugo was busy preparing to leave on the morrow so Lucia sent word that she would be sleeping first. There was a lot to prepare and pack up for tomorrow so she decided to go to bed early.


Hugo left his office when it was almost midnight. As he was suddenly going up to the capital, he had to a lot to work to finish up. There was no end to his work but since he had to ride to the capital at daybreak, he had to get some sleep.

‘Why did he have to die in a summer like this?’

What was worse than the hot weather was his worry than a long carriage journey in this hot weather could ruin her health.

‘Couldn’t he have lived one more year before dying? That old fool. He should have thought of his health and played in moderation.’

It was a shameful death that made people speechless. Dying in the summer and now of all times. Hugo could only feel dissatisfied. To some extent, Hugo was beginning to settle into life in the north.

Once he went up to the Capital, he didn’t know when he would be able to focus on the north again. If he just let things be, he would end up with idiots that try to do the exact same thing like the idiots he killed last time.

Well, it was good either ways. If that happened, he could just kill them too. His worry was more on the variables that would appear once he went up to the capital.

He wouldn’t be able to keep his wife within his fences anymore. The mere thought of rogues approaching her made his head hurt. He hadn’t gotten her heart or even her childhood name yet.

He quickly finished his distracted bath and went into her bedroom as usual. He saw her figure lying on the bed and moved to lie down next to her. He was about to take her into his arms when he heard a feeble moan. It was a small sound of distress.

He sprang to his feet and turned on the lights in the room.


He raised up the thin blanket and turned her body over to face him. Her body felt hot to the touch. He placed a palm on her forehead and felt her forehead clammy with sweat and her body burning with a fever. He immediately pulled on the rope to call the maid.


He called her name several times and patted her cheek lightly but there was no response at all. Flustered, he lifted her from her waist and took her into his arms. Feeling her body sink down powerlessly, Hugo was filled with terror.


Feeling the maid come in, Hugo didn’t bother to look and just yelled frantically.

“Call the doctor!”


The maid took off in a hurry. Those deeply asleep in the castle were rudely awakened by the fiery tempo.

Hugo placed the cold towel on her forehead and the maid responsible for waiting on the Duchess sat on her knees beneath the bed. Hugo interrogated the maid and the maid explained the condition of the madam from around dinner with all her might.

“After dinner, Milady threw up everything and said she would be going to sleeping early.”

“You should have called a doctor then. Is this how you serve your madam?”

“I-I am sorry.”

The Duke’s fierce rebuke and frigid tone chilled the maid to the bones. The maid’s voice trembled pitifully. It wasn’t just her voice but her entire body was trembling.

Anna, who had run all the way from her bed, came into the bedroom. She immediately got down the symptoms from the maid.

“Milady has to regain consciousness before she can take medicine. One has to wipe her down with a towel to bring down the fever.”

“She was fine until after dinner.” (Hugo)

“It seems to be acute indigestion.” (Anna)

“If it’s indigestion, why this sort of fever?”

“Indigestion can cause the body to ache as well as high fever.”

Anna turned to the maid.

“Did Milady complain of a headache?”

“A headache…? No, she did not.” (Maid)

“Does indigestion cause headaches too?” (Hugo)

“Milady has frequent migraines so I’m just confirming.”


In an instant, the atmosphere turned prickly. Anna flinched.

“What do you mean frequent? How often?”

“…About once or twice a month. Milady was given medicine whenever she suffered from migraines.”

“This is new to me. Why don’t I know about this?”

“Milady said there was no need to inform Your Grace as it is a common ailment suffered by many.”

“When did this symptom start?”

“Milady said she often had headaches since she was a child. You don’t have to worry too much, Your Grace. Migraine is a common condition and Milady’s migraines are not on the harsher side.”

Anna’s explanation did not do much to change the atmosphere. The Duke’s silence was frightening.

Around when Anna began to break out in cold sweat, maids came in with a large pail of water and dozens of towels.

“All of you withdraw. I’ll do it myself.” (Hugo)

Hugo lay Lucia down on the bed and removed her nightwear. He dipped the towel in water, squeezed then proceeded to carefully wipe down her sweat-filled body. Her entire body was feverish and the every part he touched felt hot enough to burn.

‘How did you get such a high fever?’

Hugo knew that the prolonged state of unconsciousness while burning with a high fever was dangerous.

‘Migraines, huh?’

According to the doctor, it was a common symptom and nothing to be worried about. But Hugo was angry that he didn’t know about this ‘nothing to be worried about’ symptom.

Every time this happened, Hugo felt like there was an unbreakable wall between them. He hoped that one day, she would open her heart to him but waiting for that day was tedious.

He suppressed his irritation and anxiousness and continued to change the towels to cool down her body.