✍️✍️✍️✍️ The Forgotten Princess Chapter 445 Full Chapter ✍️✍️✍️✍️


445 The Second Son of the Forger Family (2)

We were riding the Forger family’s carriage with Arnold inside. The sceneries are definitely different in the day compared to when we passed by last night. I can see the houses more clearly on the way to the heart of the city.

“The houses around here are quite luxurious.” I said to Arnold. “The city is quite faring well I see.”

“Well, the ones that are living in this part of the city are mostly the ones working in the government and their families.” Arnold replied.

“Basically, they are working for your father.” Regaleon said.

“Yes.” Arnold replied. “You are correct, your majesty.” He seemed quite disappointed in some way.

The inside of the carriage fell silent for quite some time after the initial conversation. Not long, we have arrived at the heart of the city, the business district.

“Oh, we are here.” I said with a smile.

“Would you like to go down the carriage and look around, your majesties?” Arnold asked.

“Yes, please.” I gave a generic smile.

“Stop the carriage.” Arnold told the driver.

The carriage stopped at the roadside and Arnold opened the carriage door and got down first. Regaleon followed and offered his hand to me. I took it and he helped me down the carriage as the gentleman that he is.

“Be careful in your step, my love.” Regaleon said and it made me smile.

“Thank you, my love.” I replied.

The people around and those that are passing by does not mind our presence that much. It would be because we are wearing normal noble’s clothes. In these clothes we looked like a normal noble couple being showed around by the second son of the count’s family.

The business district is like any business districts there is. Stores of many kinds are seen to answer the needs of the people. The people around looked well with no problem that could be seen at first glance.

At the streets that we were passing by, we saw different kind of vendors selling fruits, flowers, accessories and many more. They looked quite happy while doing their own businesses. Even the people buying looked like they are living well.

“I am happy to see that the people of Tarmac look quite happy and content.” I said while looking around.

“Our family had always taken care of the citizens of Tarmac.” Arnold replied. “Even before my father had started… his ‘business’, the family made sure that the people can fare well in living here in Tarmac.”

“The Tarmac family had always been a good vasal as I remember.” Regaleon said. “I remember your grandfather when he comes to the capital on business. He was a very humble old man. Always wearing a smile.” 

“Yes, my grandfather was quite humble.” Arnold had a smile on his face. “He was good to all people, including me.”

 “It looks like you are quite fond of your grandfather.” I smiled seeing him have a genuine smile since we the first time we met.

“Yes. When I was young, I remember he was good to me.” Arnold replied. “He always a smile on his face and played with me when other children won’t.”

“Other children won’t play with you when you were young?” I asked out of curiosity. “And why is that?”

Arnold’s face that was bright when talking about his grandfather started to sadden once again.it was like he was reluctant to answer.

“Arnold…” Regaleon called out. “I believe you wanted to accompany us in our stroll because you want to tell us something.” He said to Arnold in a whisper that only we can hear.

I looked behind us causally seeing that no one other than our guards are following us.

“You are correct, your majesty.” Arnold replied in a whisper as well. “But it is not safe to here to talk, your majesty.”

“Yes, I can see that.” Regaleon replied causally. “I believe we can deal with those pests that has been following us.” 

I was surprised that Regaleon knew someone was following us. He really is at another level to sense such things. He must have gained that ability since he has been targeted by assassins since he was young. I am not an experienced fighter and so I cannot sense such things. I am amazed with the new things I learn about my husband.

Regaleon said that he would deal with the people that were tailing us. Maybe he would ask his shadow guards to deal with them, but I thought that the count would get alerted if the people that are tailing us does not report back to him.

“But won’t we alert the count if the people that are tailing us just vanishes?” I asked in a soft voice.

“There are many ways to vanish in a place filled with many people.” Regaleon smiled. “And is easiest with magic.” He winked at me.

“Arnold, do you know any café where we can rest?” Regaleon asked. “It is quite hot out and me and my wife would like to take a rest and drink something cold.”

“I know of a good place, your majesty.” Arnold replied. “It is this way.” He showed us the way.

We arrived at a decent looking café. The café was filled with many customers in this time of day. We entered and once we were there, Arnold chose a table not too far from the window. We take a seat and order some snacks and refreshments. A few minutes went by when our orders came.

“I would need to excuse myself.” Regaleon said. “Would you like to come with me, my love?” He looked at me with meaning. I knew that he had something in mind.

“Yes, of course.” I replied. Regaleon offered his hand and I took it.

Regaleon and I walked towards the back of the café where the rest rooms were located. We both go inside in our respective rest rooms. Inside there was no one at first but then one door closed door opened. Someone inside that came out with the same dress I am wearing. I then realized that the girl was one of our shadow guards.

“Your majesty.” The female shadow guard bowed. “His majesty has ordered me to replace you. He also told me to give you this to wear. His majesty will be waiting for you at the back.” She handed me a black hooded robe.

“Thank you.” I replied.

The female shadow guard wore a ring and her appearance changed into mine. As I remember, Regaleon had this ability where he can infuse his magic into accessories and the one wearing them will have a different appearance. William used this when he was with me in Jennovia when I was there as a hostage.

I wore the robe and concealed my face. I silently walked outside the rest room and towards the back of the café where the lady shadow guard told me Regaleon was waiting.

Once I opened the door, I saw two hooded robes waiting. One turned around and slightly opened his hood, it was Regaleon.

“Let us go my love.” Regaleon had his hand reaching out for me and I instantly took it.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“I would like to take you to the edge of the city, your majesty.” Arnold, who was the other hooded person replied. “It is a place that is different from here.”

“Lead the way.” Regaleon said.


We arrived at the edge of the city where it was a lot different than the central and business districts. This area was the area I first saw when we first arrive. It was dark and looked desolate, even in this time.

“When we passed thru here, I thought it was desolate because it was getting late.” I said while looking around. “But now we are here at this time, I can see it not just desolate but the area looks quite poor.”

“These areas are now called the slums, your majesty.” Arnold replied. “This is where the less fortunate resides. But back in my grandfather’s days, it was not like this. Our city was not wealthy, but at least there were no slums back in those days.”

“Tell me everything Arnold.” Regaleon said. “Including your story.”

Arnold looked hesitant at first but seems to get the courage to talk.

“I believe you can see how my father praised my brother, your majesty.” Arnold started. “It was the opposite to me. That I because he… he believed that I am not his son. He believes that I am a bastard, a son my mother conceived with her affair from her old flame.” He exhaled. He seemed to be carrying a huge weight that was lifted off when he said those words.

“Oh my.” I was shocked at first but then comprehended the count’s actions towards his second son.

“You believe that the count’s beliefs are false?” Regaleon asked in a neutral tone.

“Of course it is!” Arnold raised his tone because of his emotions.