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Chapter 441 The Forger Family (2)

The dinner was more on Count Forger highlighting his eldest son’s achievements. It was obvious that even his wife and second son looked shy at what the count was doing.

Regaleon on the other hand was keeping neutral face. His reply to the count’s remarks were brief and did not hold any confirmation. He did not confirm or deny any of the count’s compliments about his son.

“I see that your son has been a good help in your work here in Tarmac count.” Regaleon said after the count’s praises of his son’s talents.

“Oh, yes he is your majesty.” The count said with a proud smile. “He has been a big help with managing the city’s businesses.”

“I think that is why you have the pleasure of engaging on your hobby at collecting such rare products of art.” Regaleon said with a little hint of sarcasm.

“Ahhh… yes of course.” Count Forger has caught his majesty’s sarcasm and was caught off guard. “The city has been getting additional money due to the trade we have been making with merchants. The products that the city has been producing has been popular nowadays.”

“As I remember count, this city has been afloat because of the farming lands.” I said.

The first thing I did when I became an empress is to learn about every city and how they contribute to the country of Grandcrest when it was still a kingdom. As I remember, Tarmac did not have such rich products like what some rich city has like mines and minerals that they can trade. The city is also not a tourist destination with its location. The city was small compared with the other border cities but at least they have farming lands in the vicinity and the products from that had let their city at least thrive.

“Y-Yes… yes the produce the last few years had been abundant.” The count hastily replied. He wiped a stray sweat from his forehead nervously.

“It is because of the long lasting peace that you and your majesty has given to us made the people work even more hard.” Raymond interjected. “I have also been helping my father with my own project that is in its starting stages. It has been a big contribution in the additional budget of the city. The city people are being given paying jobs aside from working in farmlands.”.

“Yes, yes. That is correct.” Count Forger backed up his son’s words. “Hehe, my son is really a blessing to us. His intelligence is something that is of value, your majesty.”

“I see that you have been also working hard, Raymond. I am happy to hear that you have been helping your father improve the city’s finances.” Regaleon said. “I am happy that you have outgrown your rather troubled times in the academy. I remember you as one of my underclassmen and that you did not have such a pleasant time in the academy.”

“It is an honor you remembered me your majesty.” Raymond smiled brightly. “It is you have given me the courage to stand up, your majesty. Your words back then made me think that if you want to be acknowledged you need to have power above all else.”

I was surprised with what Raymond had said. It looked like Regaleon and Raymond had an encounter in their academy days. I was instantly curious as to what Regaleon had said to him.

“I am surprised you still remember that.” Regaleon replied. “It was a long time ago and we were still young back then.”

“How can I not remember your majesty.” Raymond said and looked at Regaleon like he was an idol. “You, the weak one of all the princes that were fighting for the throne had crushed all of your brothers and took the throne for your own. It was something that will be carved on my mind my whole life.”

It looked like Raymond had put Regaleon up on a pedestal. He was his role model.

“I would like to hear that little project of yours.” Regaleon said. “It looks like it is something promising.”

“It looks like we have such a good conversation going. Why don’t we continue this conversation in the tearoom with some cup of tea?” Elena said.

“That is a splendid idea, Elena.” Count Forger replied, but before he can invite us to some cup of tea the butler silently approached him.

The butler whispered to the count’s ear and he nodded with every word.

“It looks like I cannot join you in the tearoom.” Count Forger said to us. “Something came up that me and my eldest son is needed.”

“No need to worry count, I was about to decline your invitation as well.” Regaleon said politely. “Me and my wife would like to get some rest. We have been on the road for a while and would like some rest.”

“That is correct count and countess, we would like to apologize.” I added.

“Oh, you do not need to apologize your majesty. It is I who should apologize.” Countess Elena replied. “I should have known that you would like to have some rest after a long voyage.”

“Then if I can excuse us, your majesties.” Count Forger said. “Me and my son would take our leave.”

“Yes, please.” Regaleon replied. “Have a good evening, count.”

“Have a good evening as well, your majesty.” The count stood up and walked outside the dinning room with Raymond behind him.

“We would retire for the night as well, countess.” I said.

“Of course, your majesty.” The countess replied.

Once we stood up, the countess and the other two children stood up as well and bowed.

“Please rest well, your majesties.” The countess said.

When we were about to leave, I noticed that the second son Arnold was looking at Regaleon as if he wanted to say something, but he was not able to. It looks like he was contemplating to approach us or not. Arnold did not approach until we have exited the dining room.


Regaleon and I were alone in our quarters when we have come back.

“Are we alone?” Regaleon asked.

Regaleon was asking someone other than me. From the shadow emerged a person cloaked in black. This person was a young man. The man was hiding half of his face with a black cloth to conceal his identity.

“Yes, your majesty.” The man in black said. “We have searched the room for any surveillance devices such as magic stones, but there is none.”

“That is good.” Regaleon ordered. “Send someone from your team to follow Count Forger and his son. See what they are up to. I can feel that it is not something good.”

“Yes, your majesty.” The man in black replied and disappeared in the shadows.

When Regaleon and I became emperor and empress, it was necessary to form an elite group that would be like our shadow us everywhere we go. This shadow group was selected from the special army of Atlantians Dimitri leaded before. They would serve as our bodyguards in case any danger befalls us. They have helped us plenty in the attack in the Lycan settlement, mainly as our children’s guards. That is why those creatures were not able to get near the twins before Alphonse released the fire wall that shielded them.

“So, you knew Raymond in his academy days?” I asked Regaleon.

“I remember only briefly. He was different then than he is now.” Regaleon replied. “I remember saving him once from his bullies.”

“He was bullied in the academy?” I asked in disbelief. “But he does not look like someone who can be bullied.” I stated.

“That is why I told you he was different from he is now.” Regaleon replied. “He was more like a nerd back then. A meek and aloof boy from a small city in the border. He was picked on by the more prominent kids from a big noble house.”

“I see.” I nodded. “But what did you say back then that made him change? He looked at you as if you were his role model.”

“Hah. It was a long time ago and those times were dark.” Regaleon sighed heavily.

I knew about Regaleon’s youth. How he needed to be strong, that he did many things that he was not proud of.

“My mind back then was on how to survive and what I only knew is to kill or be killed.” Regaleon added. “It was also like that in the royal academy. My brothers before me had many noble families by their side and I was always on edge. It was not only bullying I was concerned about but also assassination attempts.”

“I know about your dark past Leon.” I said. “But what did you say to Raymond that made him change drastically as you have said?”

“I remember it was when I saved him from the bullies at the back of one of the academy’s buildings.” Regaleon replied. “I looked at him in contempt. His weakness irritated me because he was being targeted thru that weakness, so I told him… I told him that ‘If you this to end, then you have to build power. With power, no one will ever look down on you ever again. With power, you can do anything, even let them kneel before you and lick your feet.’ That was also the last time I saw him because I was about to graduate.”

“Well that was something heavy and dark indeed.” I said.

“I was young back then. All I knew was how to survive.” Regaleon smiled sadly. “But I changed when I met you, Lili. You changed me.”

“I know Leon. You do not need to explain yourself for what you have done back then.” I replied. “But your words looked like it stuck on the young Raymond. I am just curious as to what they are doing to have their luck in life like this.”

“We will know by tomorrow morning.” Regaleon replied.