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Chapter 921 Risk it all

"Then… we don't have a choice, do we? We already could not do anything to help Zeke. We'd be damned if we just stood around and watched again as we allow his woman to die!" Alex stated.

"What should we do then?" Kyle looked at both Alex and Zeres with a grave and worried face.

"Zeres and I will launch an attack." After Alex laid out the plan, he faced Zeres. "She's powerful so we really need to attack her as though we intend to harm her, Zeres. Don't hold anything back… this is also for her sake as much as for ours. Don't hesitate to injure her if needed. Injuries still can be healed. But once she's gone, that is it. You get it, right?"

Zeres did not respond for a couple of seconds before quietly nodding. All of them were reluctant but they all knew that there was no other choice. Alicia's aim was set on reopening the gates. She even seemed unaware of their presence at this point. All that was in her mind was to rescue her beloved husband. With that intensity of determination, she had probably even gotten blinded by her overwhelming power right now. So they could only expect her to blindly attack them the moment they tried to stop her. Just by looking at her, they could tell that she was not going to let anyone intervene or stop her.

Another wave of her intense power crashed over them, and the silvery lights now turned fully scarlet. "Damn it! Now!" Alex yelled as they saw the darkness started swirling in that familiar fashion again. She really had the chops to open it!

Alex and Zeres attacked in sync just with a look at each other. Alicia turned towards them even before they could reach her. Her powerful magic pulsated from each of her palms, one shot aimed at Alex and Zeres each. Dodging her fatal attack with his fastest move, Alex's hand shot out and caught her wrist and held it captive. Alicia turned to him when Zeres suddenly appeared to her right, catching her off guard and gripping onto her other hand.

"Stop, Alicia!" Alex shouted at her.

"Alicia, please! You're going to die!" Zeres begged.

Her scarlet eyes welled. She heard them. She was aware. Her body trembled but her insane power did not subside in the least. "Let me go, please…" her voice was soft and weak and filled with nothing but pain. "I am already dead… Ezekiel is the only reason I am still here, alive. Without him, I… I don't think I can accept it. So please let me go…" she smiled at them. "Please let me follow him there."

Zeres shook his head. "No, you can't… you can't Alicia. Kiel didn't take you with him because he never wanted you to follow him there. Can't you see he wanted you to –" Zeres tried reasoning with her, but she cut him off.

"No!" she yelled. "Ezekiel didn't have the chance to take me, Zeres! I knew something went wrong! Something must have gone wrong! So, I'm going to go after him. He needs me –"

"You're not a demon, Alicia!!!" Zeres' gripped on her wrist tightened even harder. "You'll die before you can even do anything for him!!!" He shouted at her, not bothered to be kind with his words anymore. He just wanted her to snap out of it.

Alicia shook her head, refusing to listen to Zeres. "Let go… don't force me to harm you both…"

"I'm sorry Alicia, but I'm with Zeres. We're not going to let you harm yourself. Zeke will never forgive us if we just stepped back and let you do this. Not under my watch." Alex's voice was not loud, but it was beyond serious. Alicia did not say anything anymore.

She knew she was being irrational. She knew that if she were in their shoes, she would have done the same. However, this was her decision. For the first time ever, she just wanted to do this selfish act. Without any care about the implications. She just wanted this for herself!

She was aware more than anyone else that this was dangerous. But for him, she was willing to risk it all. No… this was not just for him. She knew this was more for herself.

It was unspeakable. The pain in heart was unspeakable. It was a pain she knew only Ezekiel, could soothe.

They say that the hardest decision was whether to let go or to hold on, but right now, Alicia did not think so. Because letting go never was an option for her. She would not let go. Never! She would not give him up. He had made her so powerful… so she was going to use this very same power to bring him back into her arms again. No matter the risk that was involved.

Just as Alex and Zeres thought that she was finally coming back to her senses, Alicia caught them off guard. Her power pulsed, stronger than ever that the two men who had loosened their grip on her were thrown away from her. The scarlet color of the magic coming from her turned a deep dark crimson as her blood mingled with it.

The dungeon trembled as though it was shaken by an earthquake. Dark energy pulsated once again and before Alicia could turn towards the still slightly opened gate to finally force it fully open, someone had suddenly embraced her from behind. A familiar embrace. A pair of arms she thought she had lost.

Everything seemed to come to a halt. Her entire being became rigid. And her heart skipped a few beats at the feel of him, hugging her.

"Alicia…" Ezekiel's gentle voice echoed in her ears, seeping through her aching soul. Then large fat droplets of tears fell and formed a river flowing down the beautiful curves of her cheeks.


Chapter 922 I'm sorry

"Are… are you real?" Alicia's voice cracked in her uncertainty. She did not turn back to look at the person hugging her from behind, fearing that he might be nothing but a hallucination borne from her desperate desire of seeing him again. She was certain she had not managed to open the gates yet!

"I am, Alicia." His low-pitched and raspy voice sent life surging into her dying heart. "Turn around. Look at me, my wife…" he whispered as his hand slowly moved to hers.

Alicia trembled and her tears burst out in a renewed flood when she turned around to face him. Seeing that familiar and beloved face looking back at her, she shot her hands out and desperately touched his face. He was real. He was…

Her body froze, finally seeing the thick swirl of shadows right behind him, coming out from the now partially opened gate. They were akin to large tentacles made of smoke and he seemed to be tied to it or was he connected to it? But before she could ask him about it, his lips parted to speak.

"I'm sorry…" he kissed away the fat tears that were still flowing unrestrainedly from her eyes. Listening to him say those two words only caused her heart to break all over again. "I'm so sorry, Alicia."

She could not fathom any other emotions in his now pitch-black demonic eyes but the trembling of his fingers on her face and the shaking of his voice had told her all that needed to be said.

Shaking her head, Alicia forced her broken voice out. "No… please… please tell me you're not going to…"

"I came back to tell you to –"

"No, please… Ezekiel… don't!! Take me!! Take me with you –" Alicia seemed to have suddenly gone wild. Her hands dropped from his face to his arms, and she clawed at them, as though wanting to pull herself further into his embrace. As though she was trying to merge herself with him – into his flesh and bones, if possible. She did not want him leaving her again. Not when she had just gotten him back for a few moments.

He pressed down a searing kiss onto her mouth as he held her tighter against him. Her impossibly strong magic had already subsided after he had appeared, but she was still glowing like a goddess. At that moment, she was a literal light in the arms of darkness itself.

"I can't… you can't come with me, Alicia. I will never allow you to do that." He said apologetically once their mouth parted.

Alicia parted her mouth and drew in a breath to start her protest, but he did not even give her the chance as he quickly pecked at her lips again, silencing her. Then he tightened his hands that were around her, shaking his head as he looked deep into her eyes, cutting off her protests even before she could make them known.

She broke down and sobbed again. "Why? You said everything will be alright… you told me to trust you! I can't bear losing you… I can't, Ezekiel."

"I failed. Forgive me for failing, Alicia." He whispered in her ear. He kissed her head many times over. Everything in him ached so bad.

When he got swallowed and taken away earlier on, he was filled with nothing but shock and disbelief. He had asked himself why. Why? Why did he always fail when it comes to the people who were dearest to him? He could do literally anything for the whole world, for everyone, but why could it not work when it comes to himself and to the ones that he cared about the most? He had failed Sebastian and now… he failed Alicia too. He had wondered if this was how the universe is telling him that he was just like everyone else. Everyone fails. That no matter how powerful he became, and no matter how perfect his plans were made, some things would still not go his way. And that no matter how long he prepared and no matter how hard he tried, he would still fail.

"I did everything I could, but it seems like it's not enough." He continued helplessly, his voice trembling and brittle. He had planned to use the demonic power which had been stored in Sebastian to force the gates close. He was certain that his power would be enough, but he was wrong. It had shocked him that he himself did not live up to his own expectations. He had asked himself what had gone wrong, but he could not find the answer. But when Alicia tried to open the gate again and her powers had reached out to him, he had realized one thing he had missed. He missed to consider that he could have left a piece of his demonic power in Alicia. He had sensed not only vampiric and witch magic in her, but a touch of something demonic the powers that she wielded too – which was supposed to be impossible. Unless… unless his wife was… pregnant with his child!

That realization had hit him hard as he had not expected that to happen. It was proven how hard it was for a vampire royal to get a woman pregnant. A male Reign could take many years to sire a child and that was why even after hundreds of years, there were only five children sired by his father.

This had come out as huge blow to him. At the same time, the realization that Alicia was forcing the gate open had scared him to his core, knowing she could die in her attempt. Not because she was not strong enough, but because of the price she had to pay for performing such a forbidden act. He would never allow her to risk herself. Never.

And that was why he had forced his way out with everything he had to stop her from going down that path. He had barely managed due to the help of her magic already creating a tiny opening where he had capitalized on to open it up. But even with all that, his return to her would only be for a moment. He had been chained to the other side already. And the gate will close again and this time he could no longer come out even for a moment.
Chapter 923 I promise

"Take me Ezekiel…" she gripped him hard, holding to him like letting go would kill her as she begged him to bring her along. "Don't leave me alone. Please…!"

With her sobbing and trying to speak at the same time, Alicia could hardly breathe when he cupped her face in his hands and made her look at him. The tender way he held her face, his eyes deep and dark only indicated to her very clearly what he was about to say to her. And her heart bled even as her eyes hungrily drank up the view of her beloved person. That small and soft smile could only mean one thing… that he was going to say goodbye to her.

"Alicia… I believe you're already pregnant with our child." Ezekiel broke the news to her as gently as he could.

The world seemed to shake violently before suddenly freezing up for a moment. A moment that felt like an eternity to Alicia. She opened her lips. Then closed it before opening it again. But still nothing came out. She was still too shaken by the news.

He placed her hand on her lips and kissed it so tenderly. "Forgive me… I have to leave you and our…" his voice then broke, and he just gathered her lovingly into his embrace again.

Alicia cried. She did not know what else to feel at the moment anymore. There seemed to be a numb sensation that was spreading from the center of her, towards her extremities.

"You can't come along with me, my wife." He continued whispering into her ears. He could already feel the bonds that were as chains around him, pulling him away from her. "I can't risk you. And there is no guarantee if a non-demon could survive there. I still have no idea if that's possible no matter how powerful one is. But I will find out. I will find out everything."

Pulling away to look at her, he gave her a gentle kiss filled with promise. "Wait for me, Alicia. I promise I will come back to you and this time… I vow not to fail. And no… I will not make you wait for seven hundred years. I will do everything to come back to you as soon as possible. So don't cry…"

Her heart trembled and ached and broke all at once, but her tears had now stopped flowing down her eyes. This was enough for her. She would wait no matter how long. Waiting for him, knowing that he would one day come back to her side was… bearable. Losing him forever was not. She would wait… even if it ends up taking him seven hundred years. She would still wait…

Reaching out, she caressed his face as if memorizing every detail of him. Not that she had not already done that. She could feel it in her heart that this was it for them. At least for now. She had somehow felt the signs even from before, that this will not go well for them. But she had chosen to remain silent and not admit it. Even to herself.

She understood now that there was nothing that she could do but to continue trusting in him and believing in his capabilities. Her husband is the one and only Ezekiel, the powerful and renowned crown prince of the vampires. She would continue trusting that even in hell, he would somehow be able to bring about a miracle.

A pained yet understanding smile finally curved on her lips and then she nodded. "Okay…" her voice was hoarse, "… I will wait for you, Ezekiel. I will wait no matter how long it takes. So don't push yourself too much, okay? I don't want you to suffer anymore. I don't want you to get hurt. So don't do anything dangerous, you hear me?" she could not help but nag gently at him.

"I'll keep that in mind," he replied, a ghost of a smile flashed across his face. "Same goes to you, Alicia." His expression turned grave and worried. "Please never put yourself at any risk anymore. You have someone else to think for now."

Alicia nodded, wiping the quiet tear that fell from the corner of her eyes. "I promise, my husband. I will be careful from now on. I now have our child who need my protection and care. So please don't worry about me. You have also made me so powerful, remember?" she tried to laugh a little, though even that small action caused a gnawing ache to yawn like a black hole within her.

"And you don't have to worry about me as well. Nothing can harm even on the other side. You should know how capable your husband is, right?" Ezekiel stroked her hair fondly, savoring these last moments he would have with her. The next time he could do this would be a long time to come.

She could only smile at his absolute confidence. "Will you see your mother there?"

"I am not hundred percent certain, but I am expecting to see her."

"Can I get you to pass her a question for me?"

"Of course."

"I want you to ask her about your dagger. I want to know if there's a connection between these two things that we have."

He nodded. "Sure. I will ask her that. I also have another burning question for her that I had been wanting to know. I'm curious to know at why she sent me to that cliff back then."

"Oh right! I am also very curious about that matter!"

Then their eyes held, smiles fading, as the shadows behind him started to swirl even fiercer.

Zeke pulled Alicia back into his embrace again and his gaze fell to the men standing there, watching. They could not say nor do anything. Everyone was helpless. And since they could not help, they did not want to disturb whatever time he had left with his wife. His gaze landed on everyone and finally settled on Alex.