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Chapter 438 Border City (1)

Due to the attack that happened on the Lycan settlement, Regaleon and I have decided to alter our course. We do not know of these creatures called wargs were really targeting our children, but it would be best to be careful just in case.

Rather than going to the large city of Dublith, a city in Grandcrest that borders Alvannia, we chose to go to a small rural city that has access to Alvannia as well, a small city called Tarmac.

It was an abrupt decision, so we sent a few people from our group to inform the noble that oversees the city. The city of Tarmac is governed by a count's family, Count Forger. I have only seen him a few times at the assembly of nobles that is held every year at the capital city. This assembly is arranged when Regaleon had took the seat of the king of Grandcrest and now it is made on a larger scale when he was made emperor of the whole continent.

"Do you think it is okaywith the Count Forger and his family?" I asked Regaleon. "We are just coming to Tarmac on such short notice. I am sure they are scrambling to get prepared for our arrival."

"I am sure they are all over their heads by now after getting the news of our arrival." Regaleon replied. "But as one of my subordinates under me, I am sure he knows how to deal with this impromptu visit."

"I see." I said.

I am not the kind of person that judge people with my first impression on them, but I cannot help but have some kind of dislike with the count. The first time I met him in the assembly after I seated as empress, the old count was in his late fifties. He had that look of an old man with a sweet smile, but I had some feeling of dislike towards him that I do not know where is coming from. He was very respectful and polite in our every meeting so I just shrugged my feeling aside, because now that I am an empress, I cannot just judge people on my feelings alone.

"You seem to dislike the count." Regaleon said unexpectedly.

"What?" I was taken by surprise by what Regaleon said unexpectedly. "How did you know?"

"I am your husband Lili, of course I can tell." Regaleon chuckled.

"And I thought I have masked my feelings good." I said and held my cheek. "I think I need to do better to hide any disdain in my facial expressions."

"Do not worry about that because you have done well in hiding it." Regaleon replied. "I just knew because I can feel it too. Call it an intuition between husband and wife. I am sure you can feel it too." He smiled.

"Come to think of it, I guess I have." I nodded in agreement and smiled.

I am happy that our connection as husband and wife is better than others.

"Your majesty." William, who was on horseback, was outside our carriage window. "We will be arriving soon at the borders of Tarmac. My subordinates that went ahead to inform Count Forger had sent a message that the count is preparing for our arrival in haste."

"That is good to hear." Regaleon replied. "Once we arrive let your subordinates rest in the quarters the count will provide. Do not mind and get the rest you will need. I am sure the count's people will be waiting on us."

"I understand your majesty." William replied promptly. "I would like to thank you on behalf of my subordinates." He bowed respectfully.

"It is nothing." Regaleon nodded. "We all need a good rest after our ordeal."

"Leon is right." I added. "I saw how our people looked so fatigue in our stops. Camping outside and guarding as well can really take a toll on a person's body. You all deserve a good rest."

"You need not worry your majesty. This is our job and guarding you and we are proud to be of service to you." William smiled politely. "I will convey your orders to my subordinates. I will take my leave, your majesties." He nodded and Regaleon replied with a nod as well.

William rode his horse to the front of our convoy and replayed Regaleon's orders. Looking up at the sky, it is starting to have a tinge of orange hue. The sun is about to set.

"Will we arrive at the borders before the sun sets?" I asked while looking outside at the sky. The events of that night were looming again in my mind.

"Do not worry, we will arrive soon my love." Regaleon replied and I nodded with his reassuring voice. His words gave me the peace of mind that I needed.

Alphonse and Aerith were playing with each other at the opposite seat of the carriage. They were behaving well as if they are not one year old babies. It was like they have knowledge beyond their years that gave some tinge of sadness.

Alphonse looked my way as if he felt my gaze upon him and his twin sister. He smiled happily and stretched out his arms wanting to be carried into my arms. My heart squeezed slightly with his gestures. It was as if he felt my sadness with their mature gestures.

"Mama... mama..." Alphonse called.

"You want to go to mama?" I asked with a smile. I carried him in my arms and sat him on my lap.

"Hehehe..." Alphonse laughed out happily while playing with my platinum blonde hair.

"He really liked your hair, Lili." Regaleon smiled. He looked at us lovingly. "I think he thinks it is beautiful."

"Your hair is beautiful too." I stroked his raven black hair. "You have your father's hair that is shiny black." I smiled to Alphonse lovingly.

"Papa... papa..." Aerith who was left alone at the other seat started to cry out to Regaleon.

"Do not cry my little princess." Regaleon carried her into his arms. "Of course, we will not forget about you."

Alphonse and Aerith started to play with their toys while seating on our lap. We looked at them lovingly.

'This is my family.' I thought and my heart felt warm. 'I will do anything to keep them safe.'

Thinking about the attack at the Lycan settlement gave me something to worry about. The voice that was heard that night was someone who wants me dead and wants to take my babies. When we had our taste of peace something like this shows up and it made me feel on edge every single time.

"We are entering the city gates your majesty." William called out to inform us.

I looked outside to see rows of houses and buildings come to our view. I do not know if it was just because dusk has just fallen but seeing the outskirts of the city felt a little dreary.

"How long until we reach the count's estate?" I asked William.

"Some thirty minutes from here, your majesty." William replied.

"It is that war into the city?" I asked.

"Tarmac is much smaller than the Dublith where we would have gone, but this city is still big in size due to having one of the roads going in Alvannia." Regaleon replied. "Having a border gate can make businesses flourish due to trading."

"I see." I said.

When we were getting more closer to the heart of the city, the views changed. The old dreary look of houses and buildings became more lively and bright. They became larger and more grand looking.

Not long we came across a gate that looked very grand. The gates opened for us, and the guards welcome us with a bow on our crossing.

"Your majesty, we have entered Count Forger's estate." William informed.

I looked outside the carriage window and saw how grand the count's estate was. The road was well lit with lamps. I can see the gardens that were illuminated with the lamps were tended very well, unlike the dreary outskirts of the city.

"I never thought that count's estate was this huge." I said to Regaleon.

Regaleon was also silent looking outside. I can see he was in deep thought as well.

The carriage pulled to a stop after some time crossing the gate.

"We have arrived your majesties." William informed us.

William came down his horse together with the other guards. He opened the door of our carriage while the other guards lined up.

"Thank you, captain." Regaleon replied courtly with the presence of other people other than our own group.

Regaleon stepped down the carriage while still holding Aerith in his arms. He then extended his hand to me and helped me down while I was also carrying Alphonse.

"Thank you, your majesty." I replied to Regaleon courtly.

When I looked up, I saw Count Forger's house. It was huge and grand and more of a mansion, not typical for a count. Count Forger's personnel were all lined up at the entrance in two rows to greet us.

"I greet the sun and the moon of the Great Astley Empire." Count Forger who was standing at the center greeted us courtly and bowed. "Welcome to my humble home, your majesties."

The count's family was behind him, his wife, and children. He had three children, two sons which was the eldest and the middle and a daughter who was the youngest. I saw them bow as well after the count's greeting.