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Chapter 814 Distract me [2/3]

The truth was that she was actually not sure how she was not already passed out. No, she was sure she did pass out after her earlier release, but she was awakened immediately. She thought that it must be his intense emotions coming through their connection that forcefully awakened her at that moment.

Once he discarded his trousers, he took her one hand again, maintain their contact before he jumped into the water first.

He turned and looked up, lifting his other hand to invite her to come to him.

Alicia nibbled on the inside of her lips before she bent over and moved to jump down. He caught her waist so easily, like she weighed nothing at all.

She felt her feet landing on top of his and their completely naked bodies brushed against each other. The contact created sparks with every move like it always does. But something had changed in her. Somehow, she managed to keep her mind clear despite all the tempting friction that was igniting between them. For the first time, she seemed capable of making her body behave and obey her will. Was it because she felt sated after that…

The reminder of that experience had her face burning in awkwardness. How could she be daydreaming about it out here in the rain?

"Cold?" he finally spoke.

Alicia quickly shook her head but that was more like her, trying to clear her mind. "I'm fine. The water is actually warmer than the rain." she replied as she started to cup water in her free hand and splashed it to her face, trying to cool the heat in her cheeks. The water was cool, but when compared to the freezing rain, it gave a nice comfortable and refreshing feeling as she splashed it into her face.

However, her knees gave way after standing on her own for a while and she wobbled where she stood.

Ezekiel pulled her against him in an instant, causing her heartbeat to thud faster and harder within her ribcage.

She felt him leaning against the stone without removing his arm that was curled protectively around her waist. But Alicia was quick to distract herself and used both her hands to scoop up more water and continued washing her face. She was desperately trying to ignore that intense gaze he had trained on her.

"You're not going to ask me anything?" his deep voice echoed. She could tell that he was finding it weird that she was not coming at him and bugging him for more details or information.

Alicia stilled for a moment before she faced him. He looked… so much more handsome in her eyes. She knew he always was. Even when she had perceived him as an enemy previously, she still could not help but admire how impossibly good looking he was. But now, he seemed to have become even more handsome by the minute, if that was even possible. And looking at him in the dark was just… what a living temptation. And as her eyes traced the droplets of water that were dripping down his hair, falling onto burnished skin that was like top grade marble… she swallowed hard. The visual impact was truly over the top!

She blinked a few more times again at him and cleared her throat, returning her attention to the words he had just said to her. She had a gazillion questions right now. This man was already full of secrets previously. But now, he seemed to be filled with even more that her questions about him might never really end at all even after questioning him for a long time. But she did not want to ask him anything right now. Maybe tomorrow… just not now. Now, he belonged solely to her.

"Tomorrow. I'll definitely ask you tomorrow. So brace yourself, Ezekiel." She said before returning her attention to the water again.

To her surprise, she felt his fingers gathering the heavy mass of her darkened hair that was getting soaked with water. He slowly brushed them to one side. Every feathery touch of his fingers sent shivers zinging crazily down her spine. She could feel his gaze boring on her back.

Then he suddenly shifted and hugged her from behind, his forehead leaned against her shoulder blade. Alicia could not help but catch her breath at the intimacy of his actions. She could feel his warm forehead pressing into her spine just below the nape of her neck. The warmth that contrasted sharply with her chilled skin caused her body to shiver and goosebumps broke out all over her upper back.

"Say something Alicia, anything…" his voice finally came out sounding a little weak, yet it still brough out some strong reactions in her body.

"Ez… zekiel… I am trying my very best to behave…" she seemed to choke out, her soft voice might as well be a whisper in his ears. "I don't want to make things even harder for you than it already is. And I… I don't want to pass out here. I don't want to sleep while you're still in pain. I don't want to... take my eyes off you. I want to stay with you... awake... at least until your pain stops."

He stilled at her words.

Then he went on to pin her harder against himself instead of putting even an inch distance between them.

The feel of his hardness rising and branding a smouldering imprint on her behind nearly made her wiggle and grind her bottom to rub lasciviously against him… a there goes her slightly clearer mind... now she was so close to losing her teetering self-control.

All she could picture in her mind right now was to jump him and have her wicked way with him right here in this little private lagoon, out in the open. She couldn't how wild her mind had become. She didn't even want to imagine how she'd be right now if her body was not so damned weak.

"Then distract me Alicia… because right now, even the coldness from the waters are being useless."